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This is David Bay, Director of Old Paths Ministries.

And this is the Cutting Edge, a radio program dedicated to warning and informing God's people. We are committed to the study and exposition of the inerrant, inspired and authoritative Word of God. The views expressed belong to us, and are not necessarily shared by this station.

Our society is deteriorating, and Bible-believing Christians are ill-prepared to face that deterioration. This radio program is dedicated to preparing God's people to meet the challenges of the Day, and to encourage obedience to the Word of God in being separated from worldliness and false doctrine.

The moral bankruptcy of our society is well-documented.

Few people understand why we have become morally bankrupt. However, when we look at society through the eyes of God, through the Bible, we can easily see why we are facing the unprecedented troubles today. This study of America through the eyes of God is what we will always do try to here; stay with us for some eye-opening truths.

In our seminar, we show clearly that the planners for the New World Order have intentionally targeted our precious children with the boldly-stated goal of changing their value systems. After all, the children of today become the parents, teachers, and leaders of the nation tomorrow. If their young minds can be captured for Satan today, the nation will belong to him tomorrow.

This frightening possibility brings to mind Jesus' stern warning that anyone who causes a little child to lose their faith in Him would suffer eternal punishment. (Luke 17:2). In the seminar, we show that this conditioning is now occurring in many areas of our society, so that no one can be fully insulated against it. However, on today's program, we will look at the area of children's toys and TV advertising to see how our children are currently being programmed to accept the values of the New World Order.

The retail Toy business is, indeed, big business, totaling over $5 billion in 1991. The Toy Industry as we know it today began in the early 1930's, during the depths of the Great Depression. Manufacturers realized that parents simply did not want to deny their children Christmas gifts, even in times that were very, very difficult. Parents would save all year long for the Christmas gifts for their children.

Since Toys occupies such an important position in the lives of Americans, it is logical that the planners of the New World Order would target this area as a means by which their values could be imparted to the fertile, active minds of children.

Let us begin our discussion by examining what really happens when a child plays with a toy, any toy. In their minds, children become one with the toy, interacting with it and assuming the properties of it. If the toy is a figure, the child imagines that he possesses all the powers and abilities of the figure. If the toy is a Western gun set, the child imagines himself as being a cowboy or gunfighter. If the toy is a spaceship, the child imagines he is the captain of the ship, and assumes all the characteristics of the captain. Whatever the toy, the child interacts with it and with its characteristics. This understanding is critical because there is no more effective way to teach a child than by having him or her interact with an object, or by role-playing the scene.

In today's American culture, how does a child know what characteristics a particular figure or toy is supposed to possess? In most instances, comics and TV shows vividly display the characteristics, powers, and abilities which a character is supposed to possess. None of this is evil in and by itself; the evil only comes in when and if the powers and abilities of the character in the comic books and/or on TV are evil. Let us examine this phenomenon more closely by first examining some statistics about TV and movies. This information comes from Christian author, Phil Phillips', Horror and Violence: The Deadly Duo In The Media, and from Phillip's first book, Turmoil In The Toy Box. As you consider these statistics, please carefully consider how your own precious children are being impacted.

  1. Children are watching violence at a rate like NO OTHER GENERATION IN HISTORY.
  2. Violence has increased 720% since 1982.
  3. Film can "create" violence far more severe than is found in reality. For example, how many of you have actually ever witnessed a murder? Yet, all of us, and all of our children have witnessed many murders on TV and movies, murders that can be shown in vivid detail and color, and even in slow motion.
  4. Constant exposure to violence creates an insensitivity to violence in reality. Human beings simply cannot watch violence repeatedly and not be affected, no matter what the conventional wisdom of the world says to the contrary. Of course, the Apostle Paul, writing through the influence of the Holy Spirit, warned us of this 1,900 years ago: "Whatever is true..right...pure...lovely...admirable -- if anything is excellent or praiseworthy -- think about such things." (Philippians 4:8 NIV). This phrase, "think about such things" literally means "fix your minds on them". But, American children are not fixing their minds on these type things; rather, they are filling their minds with violence, murder, and the occult. This situation is becoming so serious because "NO OTHER GENERATION IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND SINCE CREATION has gained a major portion of their `socialization' from a machine". Of course, the machine of which Phil Phillips is speaking is TV and movies. Phillips continues:

"The cultural values that (TV/Movies) are teaching: Nothing is off-limits: sex outside marriage, euthanasia, homosexuality, abortion, drugs, child abuse, alcohol consumption, rape, murder, and now cannibalism." I want to add one other set of values which TV is teaching our children -- occultism, Satanic occultism. Our children are watching occultic meditations, seances, and rituals that would normally be observed only by a member of an occultic coven.

This is a very serious indictment. What are some of the effects of such long-term and continuous exposure to this type of mental bombardment? Phillips concludes:

5. "The U.S. is the THE MOST violent" Western nation. We do not need to be persuaded of the truth of this statement. All we have to do is recall the content of our daily newspapers, magazines, and TV News programming. We are literally seeing people acting out in their lives the values and the actions which they have been seeing on TV and movies for years. Robbery, extortion, murder, kidnapping, adultery of all types, and in the last decade, perversions of all types, are the standard in today's TV and movies. People today are just acting out these values and situations, and we are appalled. But, we should not be surprised, because psychologists now know that human beings tend to move toward that which they picture repeatedly in their minds.

But, the worst is still ahead of us, because repeated viewing of violent and perverted behavior is actually causing mental perversion in the minds of the viewers. Phil Phillips continues his report.

"Both children and adults have difficulty distinguishing between reality and illusion after continued, long-term exposure to TV and movies." This means that people who continuously view the standard diet offered on TV and movies are slowly losing their ability to distinguish between reality and fantasy. I believe this is one of the many reasons we are seeing so many violent and graphic "copycat" crimes of today. What is a copycat crime? It is a crime which is patterned after one already committed and vividly reported in the media or a crime which is patterned after a portrayal in movies or on TV.

Now that we have discussed the effects of continued viewing of TV and movies, let us return to our subject of Toys. We felt it important to lay this philosophical ground work of the effects of TV because most of the toys in today's market are advertised heavily on TV. In fact, many of today's toys were developed simultaneously with the toy itself, with the ultimate goal of using the TV show as the mass market means by which the maximum number of toys could be sold. Thirty-minute cartoon shows are literally 30-minute toy advertisements; however, since these advertisements are packaged as children's entertainment instead of advertisements, they are not bound by the complex rules of children's advertising. The results have been devastating, as children have been bombarded with the most anti-Christian, deviant, and occultic shows in our history. All this programming advances the aims of the New World Order, a society which will be Satanic from its core, and, whose plans, if carried out, will fulfill Biblical prophecies about the Anti-Christ and his worldwide society.

Let us examine now some of the toys which advance the kingdom of Anti-Christ because it teaches its values to our children.


Most of us think of the Smurfs as cute, harmless little blue and white aliens. However, the story line is full of occultism. Papa Smurf is cast in the role of a "White" Witchdoctor who is protecting his people by incantations and rituals and potions. Gargamel is cast in the role of the "Black" or evil witchdoctor who is always trying to cast some evil spell over the poor, helpless Smurfs so he can control them forever. In one cartoon screen several years ago, Gargamel is shown creating a Devil's Pentagram from lighted candles on the dirt floor of his house. Gargamel moved inside the Pentagram and carried out a ritual designed to defeat Papa Smurf and the little Smurfs. Your children have probably watched this most Satanic cartoon.


Everyone loves horses, but these are not your everyday horses. These horses can levitate, or fly through the air. Most people do not realize when they see someone or something flying through the air that this phenomenon is pure Satanism. Further, many of these horses are Unicorns. In fact, this TV cartoon so popularized Unicorns that we see them today in jewelry, clothing, paintings, and figurines. Many Christian families even own Unicorn representations in their homes. Do you realize the Unicorn has been occultic for thousands of years, and is represented in current New Age literature as being representative of the violent way in which the New World Order will be finally brought into existence? Occultic folklore has traditionally pictured the Unicorn as the destroyer of the old system, a necessary prerequisite for the New System to be established.

Did you know God utilized a Unicorn-type animal in His prophecy in Daniel 8:4-5, in depicting the final days' Anti-Christ? Do not be deceived: the Unicorn is not the sweet, gentle, and loving animal which is portrayed. Your children are being manipulated into believing a lie, and setting them up to accept the Anti-Christ when he arises.


This program was the most blatantly occultic program in history; yet, most parents had no idea of the meaning of the various activities and implements. He-Man led the forces of the "White", or Good Forces; Skeletor led the forces of the "Black", or evil Forces. He-Man and Skeletor were constantly battling over control of a demon-possessed castle called Castle Greyskull. When He-Man or Skeletor stood resolutely with feet far apart and sword lifted upward grasped with both hands, a beam of power, represented as a broad stream of light, would burst out of the Heavens. This light would travel to the tip of the sword, flow down the length of the blade, through the handle, and into the body of the warrior, giving him the power to accomplish his mission.

This scenario is classic Satanism. Yet, it was repeated countless times for our children's young minds to absorb. There are many, many more instances of occultism being graphically portrayed in the story lines of Masters of the Universe, but time does not allow us to fully develop this line of inquiry.

These three toy licenses clearly show the disguised Satanism to which children are being exposed, but all these licenses are no longer being aired. For the balance of this program, we will examine current licenses so we can see the occultism programmed into them. However, the emphasis has slightly changed; many licenses now are not so blatantly Satanistic, but are rather subtlety implanting the values of the New World Order into our children. Most of our current information will come from a Toy Industry Magazine entitled, The Toy Book, Spring, 1992. Since the International Toy Fair is held every year in February, this edition always previews the new toy licenses and/or the toys which will be receiving the emphasis of TV advertising.


This modern world hero is not really of this world; he is an alien whose mission is to prevent environmental pollution from occurring on earth. And who enlisted Captain Planet to intervene on the earth? Mother Gaia, the Earth Goddess whose life was being threatened by Industrial Pollution. Mother Gaia is the ancient Earth Mother whom occultists have worshipped for centuries. You see, occultists believe that our planet is a living, breathing entity, a goddess whom they named Gaia centuries ago. Therefore, our children have again been exposed to classic occultism.

Captain Planet immediately enlisted five earth children to alert him whenever an act of pollution is about to occur. The children each have a very special ring, with which they can signal Captain Planet and communicate to him the necessary details about the impending pollution. Then, Captain Planet acts as Superman, levitating through the air to stop the act of pollution before it can occur. When the children use the rings to signal Captain Planet, the cartoon shows a beam of light shining from the ring on their fingers. The cartoon representation is classic Satanism, with power emanating from the hand or fingers of the adept.

Further, Captain Planet is teaching children that this world's economic system is so polluting the earth that, if drastic action is not taken on an international scale to solve the problem, Mother Earth will soon be uninhabitable. Let us state at this point, that the planners of the New World Order are either creating or exaggerating worldwide problems so that people will accept an international solution provided by an international government. We see this occurring in the following areas:

We are not saying that these concerns do not contain an element of truth; what we are saying is that these concerns are being exaggerated to the point of outright lying so that people will accept a One-World Totalitarian Government as the solution.

We finally need to look at which organization has created the Captain Planet license and which is funding it: Ted Turner's Home Entertainment. Ted Turner is one of the most rabid New World Order promoters. He is the one who proposed changing God's Ten Commandments into man's Ten Suggestions. Turner has also exhibited tremendous antagonism toward Fundamental Christianity. Turner's CNN has become one of the premier channels by which the agenda of the New World Order is being promoted. And Turner wants the minds, hearts, and affections of your children.

Let us continue our examination of New World Order Toys.

* Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

These alien creatures are also fighting Industrial pollution, because they were changed into the mutants they are because of chemicals which were dumped into a river. In fighting industrial pollution, these Ninja Turtles employ the occultic art of Ninja in a most violent manner. Thus, our children are being triply impacted: they are being led to believe the lie of massive Industrial Pollution; they are being exposed to the principles of the occultic art of Ninja; and they are being exposed to constant violence, which hardens their minds, teaching them that violence is an acceptable solution to a problem.

* Walt Disney's 101 Dalmatians seems to be just an innocent, fun-loving group of puppies, but look again, this time more closely. The 101 Dalmatians story line contains a very cruel Black Witch, Cruella DeVil, whose name literally means Cruel Devil. She attempts classic witchcraft in her attempt to bring these puppies under her control. At this point, we need to point out that no one has done more since World War II to promote Witchcraft and Magic in our children's minds than Walt Disney. Cute characters, one after another, have been shown doing occultic, magical things to and for one another. Story line after story line have featured White and Black Magicians, concocting potions and creating spells, levitating objects, people and animals through the air. And it is made to appear so fun and innocent.

* The long-running and perennial favorite characters, Hanna-Barberra, have been purchased by New World Order Ted Turner. Further, Turner Home Entertainment has created Fish Police license. Therefore, these cartoon shows will contain all the standard lies of the New World Order of which we have been talking.

* Zen Intergalactic Ninja is coming to TV cartoons after a successful introduction last year in Archie Comics. This heroic character is occultic through and through.

Notan is being aided by earth men named Lord Contraminus, Garbage Man, and Smogger, whose sole mission in life is to completely pollute the earth.

This story line is one of the most blatant New World Order creations ever, and it will be impacting your children tremendously.

* Dungeons and Dragons role-playing games are back stronger than ever, having experienced nearly a 100% growth in 1991. As we state in the seminar, "DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS

(D & D) is not a is a teaching on demonology, witchcraft, voodoo, murder, rape, blasphemy, suicide, assassination, insanity, sex perversion, homosexuality, prostitution, Satan worship, gambling, Jungian psychology, barbarism, cannibalism, sadism, desecration, demon summoning, necromantics (communication with the dead), and divination." D & D literally is hands-on training for Satanism. Actual seances are performed; actual Satanic rituals and incantations are taught and performed.

Demon-possession is possible for the participants. If your child is participating in this role-playing Satanism, do whatever you have to do to get him out of it.

* Speaking of demon-possession, the Ouija Board is now being advertised on TV, and will remain on TV for the rest of the year. Many people who have been Satanists have testified that they began with the Ouija board. Make no mistake about the fact that this board does work, the pieces do levitate, because demonic power works through this game. I find it incredible that Parker Brothers would decide to spend the large amounts of money necessary to advertise the Ouija Board on TV all year long. This action is just one more sign of the times.

We feel this development of blatantly occultic toys and games is just one more indication of the approaching Satanic kingdom, the New World Order. And make no mistake, your children are the targets, with TV leading the charge.

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