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This is David Bay, Director of Old Paths Ministries.

And this is the Cutting Edge, a radio program dedicated to warning and informing God's people. We are committed to the study and exposition of the inerrant, inspired and authoritative Word of God. The views expressed belong to us, and are not necessarily shared by this station.

Our society is deteriorating, and Bible-believing Christians are ill-prepared to face that deterioration. This radio program is dedicated to preparing God's people to meet the challenges of the Day, and to encourage obedience to the Word of God in being separated from worldliness and false doctrine.

The moral bankruptcy of our society is well-documented.

Few people understand why we have become morally bankrupt. However, when we look at society through the eyes of God, through the Bible, we can easily see why we are facing the unprecedented troubles today. This study of America through the eyes of God is what we will always do try to here; stay with us for some eye-opening truths.

As we begin this program, we would like to take a few moments to thank all those who participated in our seminar this past Saturday, at the Holiday Inn At The Crossings in Warwick. The turn-out was excellent and most appreciated. Feedback was very positive and reflected what we have been saying all along on this radio program: The movement toward the New World Order has been progressing in a manner which is stranger than fiction, and it is apparently reaching its final stages. Again, we appreciate the participation of everyone who attended, as the seminar gives us the opportunity to present all our material in a systematic manner and to present some material which could never be shared over Christian radio, but which is critical to a proper understanding of the New World Order.

Events which transpired these past several weeks seem to indicate that we are moving ever more quickly toward the New World Order. These events span the spectrum of categories: Politics, Business, Religious Morality. A study of these events will quickly show that the values and the agenda of the New World Order are being vigorously pursued before our unsuspecting eyes, in our daily newspapers and magazines.

NEWS BRIEF: The Boston Globe, April 13, 1992, "Devising Reasonable Rules For World Trade", p. 15. American and the European Common Market negotiators have reached tentative agreement to limit government subsidies of the development of aircraft. This agreement would limit direct governmental subsidies to aircraft manufacturers to approximately one-third of a plane's total development costs, and would limit indirect subsidies to about 5% of developmental costs.

Thus, the European Economic Community could not heavily and directly subsidize the Airbus Manufacturer, nor could American companies, such as Boeing and McDonnell Douglas depend heavily upon sales to the U.S. Air Force. This agreement allows governments to participate in the early stages of complex, high-tech manufacturing areas, with money for research and development, and for startup capital. Then, once the operation was up and running, the government would step out of the picture. Nothing in this agreement so far is out of the ordinary or disturbing. But, there is one more aspect, and we will quote directly from the article to make our point: "The problem is that the world can sustain perhaps four or five major aircraft companies, but not 40 or 50. It would be ruinous and wasteful if every government tried to create an aircraft company. Here again, the solution is a form of managed trade...countries that buy aircraft typically negotiate 'co-production' agreements with aircraft manufacturers, so that some of the components are manufactured in the consuming country. That country then gets some of the benefits of the production - the jobs, technology, and engineering experience...Japan has negotiated such deals with respect to co-production of Boeing planes, and the U.S. has negotiated similar deals on domestic production of Japanese cars...It isn't exactly free trade, but it is hardly protectionism."

We are the first to admit that most of this article is not dangerous, nor does it contribute to the coming New World Order. However, the one aspect that is devastatingly powerful is the understanding that, in the New World Order, it is in the best interests of the world community to limit the amount of companies who can be manufacturing certain products. The New World Order is not Capitalism, but is economically Fascist. Capitalism is that economic system in which the Means of Production and the Distribution of produced goods is privately owned. No elected leader, even the President of the United States, can tell General Motors how many of any particular car it can produce. This decision is made by privately owned companies.

Fascism is the economic system in which the Means of Production is privately owned, but where the Government con-trols the Distribution System. The Government can tell the private manufacturers how much of what merchandise to produce and how to distribute it.

The planned economy of the New World Order is not Capitalism, but is Fascism. The planners of this new world economic system intend to have a member of their business fraternity as the dictator of the New World Order at all times, thus ensuring that every political decision will be advantageous to the business community. Thus, there will not be "four or five" aircraft manufacturers, but only one. Thus the private companies which are allowed to exist will not have to worry about any competition which would suppress their profits.

This is the plan of the economy of the New World Order. Thus, this agreement is highly significant because it is the transition period wherein the principle is firmly established that world governments can legitimately decide to limit the number of a particular type of manufacturer. This sets precedent for similar action to be taken in other areas as well. Speaking of precedent, consider this News Brief.

NEWS BRIEF: The Boston Globe, April 1, 1992, "Security Council Votes For Sanctions On Libya", Front Page.

The United Nations Security Council voted to impose an air flight and arms embargo against Libya because its government has refused to hand over for trial six Libyans who have been indicted in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. To put teeth into its resolution, the Security Council invoked Chapter 7 of the United Nations Charter, which allows the use of military action to enforce its demands. This article clearly states, however, that the chances of military action occurring is remote.

After Libya engaged in much diplomatic activity intended to sidestep the United Nations demands, the Libyan Government decided to take its plea to the World Court, which is the Judicial Branch of the United Nations. Hearings were held before the 16 justices of the World Court which resembled typical hearings before the United States Supreme Court. After hearing arguments from both Libya and the West on the issue, the World Court upheld the validity and the legality of the United Nations Resolution. Thus, Libya was ordered to surrender the six indicted Libyan nationals to the West for trial, thus surrendering their own national sovereignty in this matter.

No one is arguing that Libya is justified in refusing to hand over these men. The bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 killed 270 innocent men, women, and children. This act was totally despicable and cowardly, and the perpetrators richly deserve punishment. Libya is completely wrong in refusing to turn these men over for justice.

The problem with this scenario is that legal precedence is being set with this case, in legalizing the concept that the United Nations can force sovereign nations to take actions which violate their independent sovereignty. We should not be surprised, because under the coming New World Order, all nations of the world, including the United States will be forced to give up their independent sovereignty to the omnipotent United Nations.

In designing the specific cases which would accomplish this goal of setting legal precedent, plus the goal of conditioning the peoples of the world to this concept, the proponents of the New World Order wisely selected nations which were already considered to be outlaws. No one sheds any tears over Moammar Khadafy being forced to do the will of the United Nations. In the past year, the United Nations has been consistently forcing Iraq's Hussein to take actions that violate Iraq's independent sovereignty. Again, no one objected, because the facts of the case are so clear-cut and because Iraq is considered to be an outlaw. But, legal precedent is being set and people's attitudes are being conditioned that this is proper activity for the United Nations.

In the not-too-distant future, the United Nations will be voting to intervene in the affairs of larger nations of the world, including the United States. And when it does, very few people will see this action as being out of line. Of course, before the United Nations intervenes in the affairs of a major nation, like the United States, the plan calls for the world to be plunged into its most serious crisis ever, and for this crisis to set the stage for Maitreya the Christ to arise. Of course, this is the Biblical Anti-Christ, who will absolutely amaze the world by his personal claims and by his miracles. He is planned to arise at the height of world crisis and will be seen solving this crisis because of his power and wisdom. The peoples of this world, including Americans, will immediately accept him as being who he says he is, that is, Messiah. Maitreya will then assume control of the United Nations. Therefore, the Plan envisions that people will not object to the United Nations intervening in the affairs of individual nations of the world, for three reasons:

NEWS BRIEF: Providence Journal Bulletin, April 13, 1992, carried two political cartoons which depicted voter anger over the terrible mess in Washington, D.C. The first cartoon depicted voter anger over the House Banking Scandal and the second depicted general voter anger over politics in general. I believe political cartoons are an effective way to marshal public opinion, because they focus issues and emotions in a particularly powerful way. When done correctly, cartoons are more effective than the written word.

In this same paper, a political opinion column was written by Edwin M. Yoder, entitled, "Impatience and Politics Don't Mix". Yoder was speaking about the anger of American voters this year. He correctly stated that many voters were completely fed up with politics and politicians who were trying to continue to act as "business as usual". This anger was spilling over into a doubt that our system of government was also partly to blame. Yoder ominously states that "There is a gathering sense that the republic has fallen deathly ill", and that voters are in a mood to accept anything in its place. These are somber words.

Yoder attributes this anti-political mood to three factors:

  1. 1992 will see a deficit of at least $400 billion. Of course, many people remember Bush's assertion in the Fall of 1990, when he reneged on his "No New Taxes" campaign pledge and cooperated with Congress in huge new taxes. Bush was adamant in stating that these new taxes were needed to close the budget deficit. Another campaign promise down the drain and another instance in which painful actions did not accomplish the stated goal, because Congress simply raised spending.
  2. America now has a $3 trillion public debt that shows every sign of increasing. Everything we said above applies here as well.
  3. America has gone from the world's top lender to its top borrow, in a very few years.

So, Yoder is declaring that voters are in the mood for a change, a change to anything different.

New Age writers have repeatedly stated that America could not go into the New World Order with its present Constitutional System of Government. Zibignew Bzrezinski, in his book, "Between Two Ages", states that our American founders had created a system of government that will absolutely resist being incorporated into the New World Order. Therefore, our system of government has to be replaced.

When you stop to think about all our current problems, from our unbelievable deficits to the obvious greed and corruption of our elected officials, you have to attribute these problems to either the most inept leadership in the history of the nation or to a not-so-hidden agenda. Given the writings of New Age leaders to the necessity of changing governmental systems, and understanding that our leadership in the past 25 years has been the most highly-educated in America's history, I think you have to attribute these problems to deliberate attempts to sabotage. After all, any leader who understands our system of government and business will know how to destroy it from within. This is precisely what is now occurring.

And Yoder is now pronouncing that "the republic has fallen deathly ill". What happens to a person who is deathly ill? They die, and they are buried. This is precisely the plan concerning our present system of government . Enormous crises lie directly ahead of us. They will be partly economic and partly foreign. These deliberately-staged crises will be so intense that many Americans will follow the lead of anyone who seems to have an answer. With this in mind, I find it more than interesting that Mr. Yoder states that he can hear "the desperate cry for a political savior...". Other columnists have used the word, Messiah, to refer to THE ONE who can arise to lead us out of the mess

A savior, a messiah, the Christ, Maitreya the Christ. Can you hear his approaching footsteps?


Maitreya the Christ could not arise unless the population of the world generally, and Americans specifically, have accepted Paganism as their religion. This acceptance of Paganism will either be an outright embracing or as a veiled acceptance within established religion. Therefore, we should not be surprised to see Pagan Goddess worship being embraced by the American public at large.

NEWS BRIEF: Providence Journal, April 20, 1992, "Earth Day Extravaganza", p. B8, Kidsbeat Section.

Kidsbeat in the Providence Journal is written for kids. It reminds me of the Weekly Readers which I received when I was in school. This section was devoted to listing the many events in the Providence area which were related to the New World Order Earth Day nonsense. Clearly, Kidsbeat is aimed at young, impressionable children. The entire top half of the page is devoted to a combination picture and drawing. The earth is shown from outer space in a beautiful picture. Behind and around the earth is black space, with stars drawn in recognizable constellations. An artist has connected the constellations like one connects the dots. Immediately over the North Pole an artist has drawn the head of a woman, with her head being tilted down as if she is watching the activities occurring on the earth. The artist has drawn her arms extending around the earth so that her fingers almost touch at the South Pole. The effect is that the picture of the earth forms the chest area of her body.

This is a classic portrayal of the Earth Goddess as the occultists have worshipped her for centuries, and as the New Age adherents are worshipping her now. This goddess is being portrayed as watching over her own body, being concerned that the activities occurring on the earth might injure her body: activities such as pollution, Global warming, ozone depletion, cutting of rain forests, just to name a few.

At this point, we need to again reiterate that the many global problems supposedly facing us today are either being invented or are being greatly exaggerated so that people will be persuaded to accept a global solution, i.e., a Global Government which can force people and nations to take any action ordered.

Children are being told in school and on TV that the Earth is about to be ruined by man's activities. However, this nonsense is only part of the problem. The other very disturbing problem is that Earth Day has quickly developed into a new Pagan worship of the earth goddess. You see, occultists worship nature rather than the God Who created nature. They believe this planet is a living, breathing goddess who must be worshipped. This Earth Goddess is worshipped in almost every Pagan religion on earth. She is worshipped as the Hindu Kali in India; as the Buddhist Tara in India and Tibet; as Isis in Egypt; as the Black Madonna in Eastern Europe; as Mother Gaia in Europe (Mother Gaia is the Mother Goddess who directs Captain Planet in that cartoon). She is worshipped by a "thousand names" throughout the world.

New Age writers also have recognized that Roman Catholic worship of the Virgin Mary is, in reality the worship of the traditional Pagan Earth Goddess. We quote two New Age authors, China Galland, in "Longing For Darkness" and Peter LeMesurier, in "Armageddon Script". Galland states this similarity repeatedly throughout her book, but LeMesurier states it in only one place, on page 246, where he states that the Virgin Mary is the "most recent mother-goddess". Understand, my Catholic friends, that these authors are not attacking the Virgin Mary; rather they are ecstatically reporting this phenomenon to emphasize that humanity is progressing rapidly toward one of the ultimate goals of the New World Order, the creation of the single religion, called the New World Order religion. This is the religion of Maitreya the Christ, the Biblical Anti-Christ. And all this, when accomplished, fulfills Biblical prophecy precisely.

Now, back to our Kidsbeat picture of the Earth Goddess watching over her body, planet Earth. This picture reveals the Pagan worship agenda of Earth Day. Christian parents, take a stand against this abomination. Deprogram your precious children, refusing to allow them to participate in any Earth Day activities, at school, in your community, or in your church. If your church participates in any way, shape, or form in Earth Day, you know you are in an Apostate and false church, no matter what the history or the written doctrines may be. Earth Day is a watershed event.

Now is the time to "come out from among them and be separate" so you will be spared their judgment from Jesus Christ (Revelation 18:4). Judgment that is very close at hand.

In the seminar, we pointedly remind our participants of a truth which the Holy Spirit revealed to the Apostle Paul almost 2,000 years ago in Philippians 4:8, that we are to fix our minds only on those things which are worthy. This advice is truly excellent, as scientists know today that human beings tend to move toward what they continually picture in their minds. They also begin assuming the personal characteristics of their favorite heroes, and begin to want to act out the things which their heroes do. In this regard, we raised the tremendous danger of TV in our culture today; it is so violent that many Americans, especially the young, are being desensitized to violence in general and are being toward personal violence in particular.

We quote some sobering statistics to support this alarm:

"The U.S. is the THE MOST violent" in TV programming.

Have we Americans developed a mind-set that is contrary to what the Bible teaches? One Christian author seems to think so:

"We have silently passed an amendment to the sixth (Biblical) Commandment: Thou shalt not kill, but it is perfectly all right for you to enjoy watching other people do it."

Current movies only too graphically portray this theme. The Oscar-winning movie, "Silence Of The Lambs", portrays a homosexual who is sexually perverted and a cannibal. Movie "critics" highly acclaimed this movie, and people viewed it by the millions.

Another movie, "Basic Instinct", a lesbian stalks and kills men who make love to her. Both the sex scenes and the

murder scenes are extremely graphic. Here again, the minds of the viewers are being subjected to the double whammy of a sex and violence dynamic duo. Why, then, do we wonder why America is being subjected to unprecedented murder and sexual abuse? People are simply acting out in real life what they have been viewing for years.

Young boys and girls have been so subjected with this steady diet of violence, murder, sex, and sexual violence that they are now passing through two stages:

  1. They have become terribly desensitized to violence and suffering in reality. Many news reports have stated that a young perpetrator simply didn't feel any emotion or remorse for his/her crimes. When they were committing the murder, they felt no different than if they were stepping on a cockroach.
  2. The final step is becoming obsessed with death, especially violent and macabre death. For years, we have seen this obsession with death evidenced in the Rock Music culture. Now we are seeing it in trading or collector's cards. No, we are not talking about baseball cards, although these new cards are patterned after baseball cards. These new cards are Mass Murderer/Serial Killer trading cards. (Rush Limbaugh program, 4/21/92). These cards list all the crimes which the murderer had committed, in explicit, gory detail which would make any normal person vomit.

These cards have just been distributed and already are selling very rapidly to children. In fact, kids in the state of New York are buying these cards so prolifically that the State Attorney General is seeking an injunction to prevent any further distribution. Again, why are we surprised? We have said repeatedly that people tend to move toward that which they repeatedly picture in their minds. And, God has said, "...all who hate me love and court death". (Prov 8:36)

Finally, why should we be surprised, when we understand that the goal of the New World Order is to reduce the world's population by 4 billion people in only 8 years? New Age writings make it very clear that anyone who does not worship Maitreya the Christ will be killed. Other New Age authors have threatened atomic war against any nation who does not worship Maitreya. This planned annihilation adds up to a far greater holocaust than Hitler ever imagined. It seems logical to me that Satan would need large numbers of men and women who would either actively support such mass murder or who would passively sit by and let it happen.

Welcome to the New World Order.

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