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This is David Bay, Director of Old Paths Ministries.

And this is the Cutting Edge, a radio program dedicated to warning and informing God's people. We are committed to the study and exposition of the inerrant, inspired and authoritative Word of God. The views expressed belong to us, and are not necessarily shared by this station.

Our society is deteriorating, and Bible-believing Christians are ill-prepared to face that deterioration. This radio program is dedicated to preparing God's people to meet the challenges of the Day, and to encourage obedience to the Word of God in being separated from worldliness and false doctrine.

The moral bankruptcy of our society is well-documented.

Few people understand why we have become morally bankrupt. However, when we look at society through the eyes of God, through the Bible, we can easily see why we are facing the unprecedented troubles today. This study of America through the eyes of God is what we will always do try to here; stay with us for some eye-opening truths.

Last week, we attempted to show some of the many instances in which forces which are totally un-Christian and some of which are blatantly anti-Christ, are poised as never before to take command of this country and this world once their restraints are taken away. We compared this restraint to a dog straining against his leash, attempting with all his might to break the hold of the leash so he could charge in the direction he wants to go. But, the owner restrains the dog with the leash, and forces him to go in the direction which the owner dictates. In this comparison, the restraint is the Holy Spirit, working through His church, and the dog represents the forces of anti-Christ. We called our study a snapshot of world history, that moment in our time when the Jesus Christ is poised on the one side, preparing to rapture His True Church while Satan's forces are massing on the other side, ready to burst forth upon the world scene the moment Jesus Christ removes the restraining power of the Holy Spirit working through the Church. Instantly, upon the removal of the Holy Spirit's restraining power, Satan's massed forces would burst upon the world, establishing his values and institutions, while sweeping away the last vestiges of the old Judeo-Christian structure. We believe this is the situation in today's world; if this is true, we should be able to see the forces of Anti-Christ massed with unprecedented force, ready to attack once the restraints are removed.

In so many instances, this is the situation in this country and this world today. We examined just a few situations last week, limited by time constraints. We examined such areas as Abortion, Infanticide, Suicide, Organ Donation, Fetal Tissue Research, all under the umbrella of Value of Human Life. Then, we studied how Christian Absolute Values are under attack as never before. Under this umbrella, we studied how murder is being redefined, how sexual activity is being encouraged in such a way as to deliberately disobey God's commands so that the Family as an institution is undermined. And finally, we studied how the Christian standard against the practice of homosexuality is under unprecedented attack. In every one of these cases, the dogs are straining at the leash, eager to attack once the restraints are removed. Also in every one of these instances, the true Christian church is providing the restraint. If the church were suddenly removed, these dogs would instantly attack and overcome all the feeble obstacles which might remain to establish their Satanic ideal.

Today, we shall examine even more instances where the forces of evil are straining against the leash.

1. Conditioning of our children continues unabated. We see this conditioning in public schools, which are teaching anti-Christian values more blatantly than ever before. Textbooks contain non-Christian values, with some themes containing actual Satanic overtones. We shared with you several months ago the new primary textbook, "Impressions", which had rewritten the "Twelve Days Of Christmas" in a witchcraft and goblin format that was very frightening to a young, impressionable child.

But, textbooks today also teach all the New World Order themes, especially in Social Studies, History, and Geography. Students are being taught the following lies:

* Evolution is still being taught, but the emphasis has changed. Traditional Darwinian Evolution is under attack today from many scientific quarters because science has repeatedly demonstrated that it is mathematically impossible for this incredibly complex world to have come together accidentally, through the process of sheer chance, even over the period of billions of years. Therefore, schools are teaching that "Ancient Astronauts" visited this earth several thousand years ago to conduct genetic tests upon the primitive ape-like creatures which they found here. These genetic experiments produced modern man. Who are these "Ancient Astronauts"? While most school children will not be told specifically, New Age writings make it very clear that these creatures were "E.T." type Aliens. These writings further state emphatically that these Aliens from outer space will help lead the world to the New World Order. Watch the tabloid's conditioning about Aliens; I believe this is a good barometer as to how close we are to the appearance of Anti-Christ.

Children are being further programmed to believe the lie that this world is facing environmental disaster. Remember the statement made in a book written in the mid-1700's about how the New World Order was to be achieved? This book made the statement, "When we come into our kingdom (the New World Order), our orators will expound great problems which have turned humanity upside down in order to bring it at the end under our beneficent rule." This is precisely the situation today. Since the world stands at the doorway leading into the New World Order, it is now time to expound such great problems which have turned humanity upside down. These great problems will have to be global in nature, so people will accept a global government as the solution. So, we are taught there is global warming, global cooling, global ozone depletion, global pollution, global deforestation, etc., even though there is little to no scientific evidence to back up these claims.

And our precious children are being taught these lies in public schools as though it were scientific truth. Remember Adolf Hitler's infamous maxim, "Truth is not what is; truth is what people perceive it to be." Hitler also taught that, if you are going to tell a lie, make it as large as possible, because people are more likely to believe a huge lie than a small one. This Neo-Nazi movement called the New World Order is simply taking a page out of Hitler's textbook.

Children are also being taught New World Order morality in Health Classes, New Age meditation in Physical Education and relaxation classes, and New Age Situational Ethics. Our public education system is spiritually damaging children like never before.

Rock music is also making further inroads into the hearts and minds of our youth. The Rock music of the middle 1970's which seemed to be so outrageous and offensive is now being mainstreamed. It is presented as though it were as normal and natural as Apple Pie. Thus, even more children will fall victim to its Satanic values. And, of course, current Rock Music is just as evil as any of its predecessors.

Children today are still being plagued by alcohol and drug usage. They are literally blowing their minds and bodies. Finally, children today are the most sexually active generation of teens in world history. C. Everett Koop warned, in 1988, that this current generation might be the first in world history that is completely wiped out by sexually-transmitted disease. But, in the face of such evidence, the godless adults which are running our school systems and writing our textbooks are encouraging such sexual activity. They are teaching the lie that sex outside of marriage is normal and healthy, and are continuing the lie by teaching that condoms prevent the spread of AIDS. Of course, they do not prevent AIDS, because the AIDS virus is so small it passes through the material of which the condom is comprised.

Teenage girls are being counseled in health clinics within their high schools to get abortions once their sexual activity results in pregnancy. In many instances, high school counselors have assisted teens to get abortions without their parent's knowledge and approval. In the greatest irony of all time, parent's must approve their child receiving any kind of medication at the school, but need not be even notified that their daughter has received an abortion.

The dogs in public education are straining at the restraining leash today as never before.

2. Conditioning of adults is also continuing at a very high level. Adults are being led away by such devices as a love for materialism, which our mass media trumpet very loud and clear. They are being led astray by alcoholism, drug usage, and sexual deviancy, just to name a few. Adults are also under the greatest economic pressure ever. Both Mom and Dad must work in most families to provide a decent standard of living, thus putting even more pressure on the fabric of the family. Many children are literally raising themselves.

3. Technological advances continue apace which, once they are implemented, will fulfill many Biblical prophecies concerning the end of the age. We alluded to this in last week's program, but now we need to examine it in more detail. Satan has always wanted to control the world, but was always restrained by God. However, God prophesied that He would allow Satan to control the world very briefly at the end of the age. God uttered prophecies which told us some very specific things about the kingdom of Anti-Christ. As Satan was allowed to control the world for that very brief time, he had to do so in a way which fulfilled God's prophecies. And, he needed modern technology to fulfill these prophecies; Satan simply could not have fulfilled these prophecies with the level of technology which existed at the beginning of this century. For example, God foretold that the economy of the world would be global, and that the dictator Anti-Christ would control the population of the world so completely that he would force every person in the world to receive some kind of mark, either in their forehead or in their right hand, without which no one could buy or sell in the economy of the Anti-Christ.

Satan needed modern technology, and he has it today, and only today. Let us begin with the New World Order Plan, as we can easily see God's omnipotence when we examine this part of their plan. Author Bill Cooper outlines the plan to institute the economy of the Anti-Christ, in his book, "Behold A Pale Horse". Listen carefully to the step-by-step plan, a brilliant four-step plan:

"Eventually every individual element of the [economic] structure comes under computer control through a knowledge of personal preferences, such knowledge guaranteed by computer association of consumer preferences (Universal Product Code -- UPC -- zebra-stripe pricing codes on packages) with identified consumers (identified via association with the use of a credit card and, later, a permanent tattooed body number invisible under normal ambient illumination..." (P. 44).

Incredibly, this plan is very close to completion. Consider the implementation of all the steps listed by Cooper in this paragraph:

Before we move on to the next step, we need to inform you that the technology which makes the visible UPC codes work is the same technology which makes the invisible bar coding of the credit cards work. In fact, when you examine the bar code on the back of a credit card under a powerful microscope, you will see a series of ridges and valleys which work on the same premise as the UPC bar codes. Thus, the same technology which drives the visible UPC code also drives the invisible magnetic bar code of the credit card.

* Step 4, the final step, is a permanent "tattooed body number invisible under normal ambient illumination". When this step is taken, the Biblical prophecy of Revelation 13:16-18 will have been fulfilled. The technology is now in place for everyone to be marked for the purpose of buying and selling. And, as we show in the seminar, this computer technology operates on the basis of a numeric "666".

The dogs of the forces of Anti-Christ are now straining at this leash.

At this point, we need to point out one very interesting development concerning the marking of everyone in the world. Every translation of Revelation 13:16 records that the mark of the Anti-Christ will be placed on the right hand or on the forehead of every person in the world, except for the King James Version. The King James Version states that this mark will be placed in the right hand or in the forehead. While New Age writings abound as to the plan to mark everyone for the purpose of buying and selling, most authors do not specify exactly how it is to be done. However, the technology exists now for such marking to be done in the skin, just below the service. Veterinarians have perfected the technology to implant a programmable chip inside the skin of dogs and cats for the purpose of tracking them should they become lost. These chips, called Electronic Identification Transponders, are designed to identify animals instead of the normal name tags for dogs and cats or brands for cattle. These transponders are now encased in tiny glass tubes which are approximately the size of a grain of rice. Veterinarians are now using specially designed hypodermic needles to implant these devices; however as technology improves and as more transponders are built, both the size and the cost will dramatically shrink.

Proponents of these new transponders point out several inherent advantages over tags now being used.

The usage of this transponder device is spreading all over the world, as both the Pet and Animal Husbandry industries are proceeding full-speed ahead with this new and exciting technology.

The dogs of the forces of Anti-Christ are straining mightily against the restraints.

But, now let us return to the subject of population control. High technology is also making it possible for a future dictatorship to control its people to a degree not even contemplated in any previous age. But, we should not be surprised, as this type of unprecedented control is alluded to in the passage in Revelation 13:16-18, the passage which we have just been studying. This passage says that the False Prophet, acting on behalf of the Anti-Christ, will "compel" or force everyone in the world to take a mark without which they can neither buy nor sell. Only an absolute dictatorship, exercising unprecedented abilities of control over the population of the world, could exercise such finite control.

Think of the type of control over the people within the population which would be needed:

The government of Anti-Christ can also be expected to establish such a clandestine internal security force, but its capabilities would be sophisticated beyond any of its predecessors, with computer-aided technologies that will enable Anti-Christ to establish control unprecedented in history. This degree of control is an indispensable part of the reason he can force everyone in the world, both rich and poor, and small and great, to take a mark without which no one can buy or sell.

Do we see such technologies available today? Indeed we do. Consider the following lead story from "USA Weekend", dated August 28-30, 1992, entitled, "They're Watching You".

The author states, "Thanks to computers, even the most personal information about your life has become just another commodity, bought and sold with ease." Many examples were given. We will share only a few with you to prove our point.

* Actress Rebecca Schaeffer was murdered by an angry fan as she opened her door, responding to the doorbell. The investigation into her death revealed that her killer had tracked her through his computer in his apartment, many hundreds of miles away. "He spied on her through databanks that told him where she lived, her telephone number, whom she called, what car she drove, where she shopped." Further he accessed credit files and saw that Schaeffer had dinner at a fashionable Beverly Hills restaurant, so he imagined that he had been with her, and had experienced a most romantic evening together.

Most of us have had no idea that such private information could be so easily accessible to anyone with a computer with burning zeal and with the knowledge about how to access this information. But, the author lists many more types of private information which is easily accessible through an average computer:

There you have it, folks. Detailed intimate information about most adult citizens of the United States already exists in computer files, and is accessible to almost anyone who owns a computer and modem. Can you imagine the information which must be accessible to sophisticated government computers and their expertly trained operators? Only today, with our current computer systems throughout this country and throughout the rest of the developed world, is it possible to keep track of all the people in the world so completely that no one can buy or sell if they do not have the economic/religious mark in their right hand or their forehead.

Can you see the dogs straining at the leash?

We also see supernatural spiritual deception at an unbelievably high level. People are being deceived in so many ways that we simply do not have the time to really go into it during this program; however, next week, we shall examine this important subject in detail. Please tell an unsaved friend of this topic so they can tune in next Saturday. There is, perhaps, no more important subject, because people's eternal souls are at stake. Remember, the one hallmark characteristic of the New World Order/Great Tribulation, is personal deception. This deception would be so sophisticated that even the elect of God would be deceived were it not for the supernatural intervention by the Holy Spirit.

Remember also that we are engaged in the greatest spiritual battle the world has ever seen. Are you spending time in Bible study and prayer on a daily basis? Have you given your heart, mind, and soul completely to Jesus Christ, trusting in Him and Him alone, for your salvation? The time of Grace in this Church age is fleeting quickly; you cannot put off the decision very much longer, or you will be left behind during the Rapture. A Christian author has written a book on this subject, just released, entitled, "Get Right Or Get Left". I believe the title says it all. Completely give yourself to Jesus Christ today.

The dogs are straining at their leash.

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