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This is David Bay, Director of Old Paths Ministries.

And this is the Cutting Edge, a radio program dedicated to warning and informing God's people. We are committed to the study and exposition of the inerrant, inspired and authoritative Word of God. The views expressed belong to us, and are not necessarily shared by this station.

Our society is deteriorating, and Bible-believing Christians are ill-prepared to face that deterioration. This radio program is dedicated to preparing God's people to meet the challenges of the Day, and to encourage obedience to the Word of God in being separated from worldliness and false doctrine.

The moral bankruptcy of our society is well-documented.

Few people understand why we have become morally bankrupt. However, when we look at society through the eyes of God, through the Bible, we can easily see why we are facing the unprecedented troubles today. This study of America through the eyes of God is what we will always do try to here; stay with us for some eye-opening truths.

We have repeatedly stated that the New Age Movement, which is the primary mover and shaker toward the New World Order, is simply Nazism revived, albeit with the cloak of compassion and love rather than German Nationalism. Today, we will look even more in-depth at the comparisons between Nazism and the New Age Movement, and then will examine the surprising public revival of Aryanism, hard-core, Nazi style, in America. Hitler's feared occultic Wolf is back.

Let us now compare Nazism (NZ) and the New Age Movement (NA):

NZ: An offshoot of occultic practices and teachings.

NA: Based on occultic practices and teachings.

Occultic is probably not substantial enough of a term to fully describe this situation. Both Nazism and the New Age are based upon Satanism, upon the ancient Satanism of the Babylonian and Egyptian Mysteries Religions.

NZ: Taught doctrine of Aryanism and Aryan purity, and that the `New Age' would feature an Aryan mutant `master race'.

This Aryanism was racial first and spiritual secondly.

NA: Stresses doctrine of Aryanism and Aryan purity. This Aryanism is primarily spiritual, but as we will see later, is having the same result as under Hitler, namely, that people are again being judged according to their skin, with the white race again being touted as superior.

NZ: Hitler was an initiate of occultic practices: yoga, Tibetanism, hypnotism.

NA: Yoga, meditation, and hypnotism are again being widely taught and practiced. And, again, the result will be the appearance of the Christ after enough people have been conditioned to accept him. However, this time, the Christ will be a seventh degree adept, much higher in occultic rank than Hitler.

NZ: Worshipped earth as the Pagan goddess Mother Earth, or Gaia. They believed this planet was a living, breathing deity, and must be revered and worshipped.

NA: Mirrors Nazism perfectly in this regard, worshipping Mother Earth at least as fervently as did the Nazis. This worship of Mother Earth is the hidden agenda of the New Age Environmental Movement. Do not be deceived; the goals of the Environmental Movement extend far beyond the preservation of this earth's clean waters, skies, and earth. The Nazis would feel very much at home in this current Earth Movement.

NZ: Believed in the Law of Karma and reincarnation.

NA: Believes in Law of Karma and reincarnation. The Law of Karma teaches that every action and thought of every person who ever lived creates a fate in the next reincarnation which is either a good or bad fate. If a person does evil, or does not recognize his/her inherent godhead, they will suffer bad Karma in their next life. Entire nations can also experience good or bad Karma. The Aryans were continuously experiencing good Karma, while Jews were continuously experiencing bad Karma. This Law Of Karma was utilized to create the believable rationale for murdering Jews. Nazis taught that the only way for the entire Jewish race to completely and permanently erase their bad national Karma was for them all to be killed in this time frame, so that their souls could then be reincarnated as Aryans. Thus, all Germans could feel they were actually doing a favor for the Jews to kill them. Additionally, great good was being done for the German nation by "cleansing" out the Jews.

New Age leaders have already created this rationale for Christians in the New World Order.

NZ: Sought to institute a New World Order in which the Aryan race would control.

NA:Seeks to institute a New World Order, emphasizing spiritual Aryanism. However, the trend now is toward talking about racial purity, with all those terribly fatal consequences.

Nazism was hostile to orthodox and fundamentalist Christianity, seeking to replace the cross with the swastika.

NA: New Agers are hostile to fundamental Christianity and seek to replace the cross with swastika and rainbow.

Nazis instituted a program of quietly killing children with birth defects and mental patients.

NA: New Agers have advocated and supported legislation/the medical practices of euthanasia--death by starvation or termination of life-support systems. The very fact that a Dr. Kevorkian could assist in the killing of people without punishment is a very stern sign of the times. We are also seeing people killing their spouses and suffering little or no punishment. Even those who are sent to prison receive tremendous press supporting their actions, which serve only to convince many people of the righteousness and nobility of the murder.

NZ: Used euphemistic terms to disguise the horror of their plans. `Cleansing action' meant killing Jews and other `unfits'. Nazis used terms other than human to refer to the people whom they planned to kill.

NA: Call for a Cleansing action for those who are unfit to enter the New Age. They use non-human words to refer to those whom they want to kill. vegetables; organisms; lower consciousness;it; retardate;defective; etc. Guess which group is believed to be the most unfit to enter the New World Order? If you guessed Christians, you were correct.

Both Nazism and the New Age believed in the magical powers of crystals and quartz.

NZ: Believed the imagination could create reality more real than the world of sense.

NA: Believe the mind creates reality. This is the rationale behind Earth Day and the Harmonic Convergence events. If enough people, worldwide, concentrated on the same goal at the same time, they could literally create the reality they desired.

NZ: Only reality open to human beings was the actual physical experience of Willpower. No word was more on Hitler's lips than Will. Neitzsche wrote a treatise titled Will-To-Power.

NA: The main force which will produce the Utopia of the New Age is Will-To-Good and Will-To-Power. In fact, Bailey lists 20 different types of "Will-To" in her book, The Externalisation of the Hierarchy. All these types of "Will-To" definitely remind me of Satan's infamous rebellion against God, as recorded in Isaiah 14:12-14.

NZ: Believed in evolution, that man was responsible for his own evolution.

NA: The New Age absolutely holds to the theory of evolution but they have clothed this theory in the garb of psuedo-Scientific terminology, and are teaching it as fact in our Public School System.

NZ: Believed in the Pineal Eye or Third Eye. Used drugs to achieve transcendent consciousness.

NA: The New Age absolutely teaches the existence of the Third Eye, which is defined as a spiritual organ of intuition located between the eyebrows. A person receives this highly-prized Third Eye by going through the various levels of occultic teachings. Once a person's consciousness has been properly raised, their chakra center is opened and they receive their Third Eye. In the New World Order, all people will have a physical Third Eye in the middle of their foreheads.

NZ: Believed in the Akashic Record.

NA: Place much faith in the recovery and interpretation of the Akashic Record. This theory states that "a kind of permanent trace (is) left on the warp of space-time (..or on the collective unconscious by every thought, word, and known event that ever occurs." (Peter LeMesurier, "The Armageddon Script", page 216). This supposed trace can be recovered by a person who is properly attuned to the Universal Mind and who has been given the gift of psychic interpretation. Thus, many books and essays have been written as to what really occurred and what was really said by various people in the past. This deception has been used most often to reinterpret the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Rather than trying to refute the known Bible, psychics have merely created a new superstructure of fake Divine writings supposedly gained by a psychic reading of the lost Akashic Record. Of course, this new find always refutes the Biblical writings, and has led many away from the Truth of Jesus Christ.

NZ: Nazis were initiated into the Secret Doctrine of H.P. Blavatsky. Used its tenants to prepare for the Holocaust via the creation of the Satanic Thule Society.

NA: Initiates are taught principles of Secret Doctrine of H.P.Blavatsky. This Secret Doctrine, in conjunction with the Law of Karma, are paving the way for the planned coming Holocaust. This doctrine again provides the rationale for destroying all non-Aryan peoples. Its dramatic resurgence in this age, just before the implementation of the New World Order, is a most ominous sign.

NZ: Believed in White/Good Magic versus Black/Evil Magic. Further believed that each person voluntarily chose which path they would follow. When Hitler gained power, He deliberately chose to follow the Black Magic path, as shown by his reversal of the spinning arms of the ancient occultic Swastika.

NA: Believes in White/Good Powers versus Black/Evil Powers. The leaders of the coming New World Order refer to themselves as the Great White Brotherhood and they use, among other symbols, the Swastika, but they have the arms spinning in the opposite direction of the Nazi Swastika, in the good direction.

NZ: Believed Germanic Messiah would..."fuse politics and religion into a crusade against...Christian world." Toward the end of World War II, Hitler's forces were beginning to kill Christians in his Death Camps.

NA: Believe the New Age Christ will fuse politics/religion into crusade against "those who cannot attune to the new [age]",i.e., narrow-minded Christians. In the plans of the New World Order, Christians will be rounded up and killed first. All world's religions are tolerated except those narrow-minded, dangerous, fundamentalist Christians.

NZ: Stated that "the masses had been tricked into believing that patriotism was the highest ideal." The highest ideal was one which went beyond national boundaries. Once this ideal had been achieved, all wars would stop and a millennia of peace would begin (Thousand Year Reich).

NA: No theme has been more pronounced by New Age leaders than the theme that national patriotism is harmful and should be replaced by a nationalism to the International Community.

NZ: Believed that "Supermen would reappear on the earth to awaken the German people ...and lead them in the conquest of the world."

NA: "Walk-ins" have now appeared to facilitate the move into the New Age. These are superior reincarnated souls who take over a body of one who wishes to depart. This will rapidly move the world along in its movement to the New Age. These "Supermen" will greatly add to the positive vibrations which are being given off in the world in support of the move to the New Age.

NZ: Lights, colors, circles, triangles, perfumes were merely aids to concentrating the will into a blazing stream of pure energy.

NA: The New Age Movement has elevated the theory of the spiritual and physical benefits of colors, lights, circles, and triangles to new heights. Dozens of books on these subjects can be found in any New Age bookstore.

NZ: Obsessed with the "Jewish problem" which required a "final solution", which we know culminated with the Holocaust. After all, the Jews were held responsible for the state of world affairs, primarily through their control and machinations of the international money supply. However, throughout the killing, great effort was made to carry out/preserve the "humanity in humanitarian methods..." To ensure that the killing was kept "humane", Nazi doctors directed the Holocaust from beginning to end.

NA: A.A. Bailey also concerned with the "Jewish problem", which is "responsible for the state of the world affairs at this time" (written in 1939). Bailey. goes on to state that "when humanity will have solved correctly the Jewish problem...then a great transmutation will have taken place."

She specified that this solution would have to be one which was "humanitarian". Bailey specifically depicts the Jews' influence upon the world through their supposed control of the "Magic Money".

NZ: Stressed outdoor life, natural foods, and an overall reorientation in living...claimed to live harmoniously with nature and biology. The Nazis were the first major group in the Twentieth Century to advocate, and practice, health food diets. Nazi Germans opened many health food stores and created many foods which were natural in every possible way. Specifically, they stressed the importance of vegetarian diets. Interestingly, our research into the world of the occult has revealed that one very common thread amongst the many occultic groups throughout the centuries has been this teaching on natural foods and vegetarianism. For some reason, Satan does hate human beings eating meat, probably because God authorized it.

Conversely, Nazis fought against the normal German diet advocating wholesale changes in the food industry. In all this diet debate, the pagan Nazis stressed that eating right helps place one in harmony with nature.

NA: The New Age Movement exactly mirrors the teachings and practices of the Nazis on this diet issue. This is one of the most obvious points of commonalty.

NZ: In the years before the Nazi State began its systematic murdering campaign, people were conditioned to accept the concept of murder with the simple technique of redefinition. Death was redefined as "mental death in various forms of psychiatric disturbance, brain damage, and retardation... these people were described as empty already dead." Further, the physical destruction of these type of people was construed as a healing process, as it would heal the German nation.

NA: In case you haven't noticed, a great redefinition of death is occurring in America today. Dr. Kevorkian is redefining how and under what circumstances death is to be administered, in his battle to legalize Euthanasia. Abortion advocates redefined what constitutes a baby, especially substituting neutral, lifeless words like Fetal Tissue, to replace traditional emotional words like baby. In so many different ways, traditional words are being eliminated or are being redefined. A entire book could be written on this trend in America today, but understand this one critical point:

America is on a parallel path with Nazi Germany culturally and spiritually; furthermore, the end result is the same, namely, the appearance of a Great One, possessed with occultic powers, to lead the world into the New World Order. Adolf Hitler was the Great One to appear from the German nation; Maitreya the Christ is planned to be the name of the Great One who appears soon.

We have just shown you conclusively that the current New Age Movement is not only Satanic, but is Neo-Nazism in as many ways as you want to count. In fact, if you count, we have just shown you over 20 similarities of beliefs and methods between Nazism and the current New Age Movement. Since so many millions of people are actively involved in an organization which is camouflaged hard-core Satanism, should we be surprised to discover that the actual practice of Satanism is dramatically increasing? Furthermore, since this particular brand of Satanism is Nazism, should we be surprised to discover that Nazism is also dramatically increasing?

Indeed, neo-Nazism is most definitely increasing. We do not know how many individuals are actually involved in this practice of Nazism in America; we believe the numbers to probably be as small as the number of American women who are official members of the National Organization of Women (200,000 women nationwide). However, we should be also be very concerned, because a dedicated minority can spearhead national changes far out of proportion to their actual numbers. We see this with Hitler increasing his power within Germany during the 1920-33 period, even though the number of his followers was very small. Indeed, most German citizens of that time period considered him to be a "far right-winged fanatic" who would go no where and accomplish nothing. A few years later, many of these same Germans were cheering their now beloved Fhurer, Adolf Hitler.

In this context, we were shocked to discover that neo-Nazism is very much alive and active in America today. One of their publications is a bimonthly newsletter called, "WAR: White Aryan Resistance". It is difficult for us to adequately describe this piece of trash to you, but we must attempt to do so, since this is one of the logical outcomes of this widespread growth of the doctrines of Nazism, as led by the New Age.

First, WAR glamorizes Aryanism to the point of worship. They clearly believe the white race is superior to all other races. To further this belief, they consistently print articles and cartoons which depict an idealized, utopian picture of the valiant white family. This utopian view of Aryan women, for example, can be seen in a poem entitled, "Our Aryan Flame". Aryan women are referred to by many emotionally laden words and phrases:

Aryan women are further depicted as putting their families first, as helping their men accomplish all life's needed tasks, and as valiantly tending to the physical needs of both husband and children.

Aryan men are similarly extolled as heroes and as manly beyond description. Every article and cartoon shows Aryan men at their best and their most heroic.

Second, this WAR newsletter literally declares war on all Jews, blacks, Hispanics, and homosexuals. The extent to which this war is depicted is startling, both because of its overt brutality and because it is so typical of Nazi propaganda. As we read WAR, we literally felt we were being transported back in time and space to the 1930's Germany.

We will give you some examples of this Nazi hate:

Then the Aryan sergeant goes on a one-man rampage. He blows up offices of newspapers, the Communist Party, and pornographic movie theaters, in the name of the White Liberation Army. The final act of carnage for the Aryan cause is the murder of a newspaper editor.

This entire cartoon story is so shocking in the way in which covert acts of violence are advocated and promoted in the strongest and most positive terms. Clearly, this Aryan sergeant is acting in the best interests of a society which just doesn't yet appreciate the validity of his actions.

* Anti-Jewish articles and cartoons abound. In fact, it is very clear that the Jew is the favorite scapegoat for the troubles of this nation. What is so shocking about this diatribe is that is seems to have been lifted straight out of Nazi Germany's archives. All the old Nazi stereotypes about the Jews are applied here. However, the WAR newsletter does introduce one new element: it promotes the lie that the Holocaust never happened. Jews and Jew-lovers have conspired to create this Holocaust"myth", using their words.

In short, this WAR newsletter could just as easily have been written by Hitler's ghost. This is so evident in the many pro-Hitler articles, the many references to "Uncle Adolf", and especially, to the many instances in which a fearsome looking wolf is dramatically depicted in the pages of WAR. This wolf symbolism is critically important, because Hitler often referred to himself as the "Wolf".Indeed, we know that the same Satanic spirit which was responsible for Hitler's attitudes and actions are responsible for this new movement.

But, this is America, and it is difficult to imagine such hatred here.

What we are witnessing is the spirit of Anti-Christ. It is here in America, today. As soon as the Holy Spirit removes His restraining influence, this well-organized organization will immediately leap forward to establish its own will and authority.

The time is very late.

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