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This is David Bay, Director of Old Paths Ministries.

And this is the Cutting Edge, a radio program dedicated to warning and informing God's people. We are committed to the study and exposition of the inerrant, inspired and authoritative Word of God. The views expressed belong to us, and are not necessarily shared by this station.

The moral bankruptcy of our society is well-documented. But, few people understand why we have become morally bankrupt. However, when we look at society through the Biblical eyes of God, we can easily see why we are facing the unprecedented troubles of today. This study of America through the eyes of God is what we will always try to do here; stay with us for some eye-opening truths.

We have been concentrating so much in recent months on topical programs that we have not taken the time to peruse breaking news. Much has happened which is driving the world to the beginning of the New World Order. We will be examining some of these events today.

Let us start by reviewing the beginning of cooperation between the false religious leader and the political leadership of the New World Order. The United Nations was conceived in 1947 as the embryonic Global Government which would ultimately be controlled by the Anti-Christ when he appears. The Bible clearly foretells, in Revelation, that the Anti-Christ, called the Beast, would cooperate with the False Religious Leader, called the False Prophet. We see this prophecy most clearly in Revelation 13. Verses 1-10 prophecy the appearance of Anti-Christ, described as a beast coming up out of the sea with 10 horns and seven heads, and supernaturally embued with power from none other than the dragon, Satan himself. We see that the Beast is allowed to exercise dominion over the entire earth for only 42 months, during which time he will wage war against the saints of God and win. Perhaps the most significant revelation of the Beast is that he will be worshipped by the inhabitants of the earth (verses 4 and 8).

But, then verse 11 introduces an entirely new personage who acts in conjunction with, and in support of, the Beast. "And I beheld another beast coming out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb and he spake as a dragon." Scholars have almost universally held that this person is a false religious leader, because of the prophecy that he will look like a lamb. This is a reference to Jesus Christ, the "Lamb which taketh away the sins of the world". In other words, this false religious prophet will look like a Christian leader and will be considered as such by the peoples of the world. However, we can know the true Satanic nature of this leader by the descriptive words, "...he spake as a dragon". This descriptive verse also means that he will also be empowered supernaturally by that dragon, Satan.

Verse 12 then identifies the mission of this false religious leader. "And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast..." This false religious leader will possess the same Satanic power as the first Beast, whom we know to be Anti-Christ, and he will be working hand-in-glove with Anti-Christ to accomplish their joint goals. This Second Beast, the false religious leader, is critically important to the plan of Anti-Christ, because he is the one who erects the statue of Anti-Christ and commands the entire world to worship it or be killed. It is the false religious leader who commands that everyone on earth take a mark in either their forehead or their right hand without which they cannot buy or sell anything.

This Second Beast, the false religious leader, is prophetically and practically very important to the scheme of Satan during the reign of Anti-Christ. Bible scholars have given this person the title, "False Prophet". Who might this False Prophet be? Biblical indications seem pretty clear that this False Prophet could very likely be the Roman Catholic Pope, as we have reported several times on this station. But, we have also reported that the guiding spirits of New Age leaders have reported that the Roman Catholic Pope will be instrumental in carrying out the program of the New World Order. But, we can turn to Roman Catholic authors to see that the Pope is thoroughly involved in the drive to the New World Order. Roman Catholic Jesuit professor at the Vatican's Pontifical Biblical Institute until his retirement, Malachi Martin, has written a very interesting book entitled, "The Keys Of This Blood". Martin argues in this book that the drive to establish the New World Order is being engineered by three worldwide forces:

  1. Pope John Paul II
  2. Russia and her worldwide Socialist forces. At this point we need to point out that a lot less has changed in the former Soviet Communism than we are being led to believe.
  3. The Western Capitalistic nations, led by the United States.

Martin's thesis is that these three forces are competing against one another for the establishment of the New World Order; in reality, these three forces are cooperating to establish such control. Martin's insight into the inner workings of the involvement of the Roman Catholic Church in the drive to the Satanic New World Order is very illuminating. In his book, the San Jose Mercury News is quoted as saying, "He (Martin) is one of the people most knowledgeable about the inner workings of the Vatican currently writing about the Church." Since we have no reason to doubt this to be true, especially since this quote was used by Martin himself to promote this book, this information clearly shows that the Roman Catholic Church is completely involved in the creation of the End Time and Satanic New World Order, even as she is also presenting herself as the only true Church of Jesus Christ and the Pope as "Christ's Vicar on Earth". But, why should we be surprised? Remember our Biblical quote above, that the False Prophet would "look like a lamb, but speak like a dragon".

These three factors label the Pope as the False Prophet. If this is true, and if we are as close to the End of the Age as we think we are, we should be seeing instances where the Pope is advocating political positions which are consistent with those of the New World Order in general and with the United Nations in particular.

And he is.

The Boston Sunday Globe, December 6, 1992, reported, in an article entitled "Pope Cites Duty To Intervene In Face Of Mass Starvation", that Pope John Paul II told delegates to a United Nations sponsored international conference on nutrition that the peoples of the world had a "moral duty to intervene in countries where people face starvation". This is hot news, because Pope John Paul II is advocating the position of the New World Order that national sovereignty is a thing of the past and must give way to international authority. As we have stated in past programs, interventions have been planned and staged so that this principle of intervention can be firmly and legally established. And the planners of this program have carefully chosen such instances as Somalia where no one can morally argue that these people do not need help. Just to ensure that no one missed the point, the Pope reiterated that traditional respect for a nation's individual sovereignty should not stand in the way of delivering badly needed "humanitarian" aid.

This position is clearly consistent with the boldly-stated United Nation's plan to abolish national sovereignty, replacing it with a global government backed by a permanent military. This support of Pope John Paul II for a political solution to the starving peoples of the world is one of the first clear instances of the political aims of the New World Order being publicly supported by THE major religious leader of the world. In other words, we are seeing here a melding of the aims of the worldwide political and religious leadership. This is a major development which is paving the way for the actual appearance of Anti-Christ.

Bill Clinton is now the President of the United States. And his first actions, both during the Inaugural festivities and his first days in office are both illuminating and frightening. We have warned during the last few months of 1992 that Bill Clinton was part of the plan of the New World Order and that he was no Christian as he claimed to be. Events thus far in his administration have proven our point.

Before we actually begin, let us first talk again about the Biblical teaching about deception at the end of the age. In Matthew 24, Jesus' disciples asked their Master, "...what shall be the sign of thy coming and of the end of the world." Notice that the disciples asked Jesus what THE sign would be that He is about to return. They were looking for one major prophecy which would accurately foretell the return of Jesus Christ and of the end of the age. Jesus gave them many more signs than just one, but we believe His first sign is THE sign the disciples were asking Him for, especially since this is the only sign which He repeated three times. Jesus' first prophetic sign was unparalleled spiritual deception, as He said, "Take heed that no man deceive you." Deception is the hallmark characteristic of the End Times. And we see this spiritual and political deception throughout New Age writings. Virtually nothing is really as it appears on the surface. The leaders of the New World Order take great pride in deceiving people, because they arrogantly believe they are the only ones who possess true knowledge. What they are planning, even the deaths of millions of people, is seen by these men as beneficial to the world as a whole. Therefore, they see themselves as the saviors of mankind. It is not their fault, they believe, that people are so stupid as to require this great plan to be conceived in deception. Our deception by these great thinkers and planners will work to our ultimate benefit. This is the thinking of the leaders of the New World Order, and it has been since the late 1700's when this plan was being conceived.

How thorough was this deception to be? Jesus said, in verse 24, that Anti-Christ and the False Prophet would demonstrate the ultimate deception. They will demonstrate such unbelievable supernatural signs and wonders that people will be completely deceived. The only people who will not be so deceived will be the "elect", those born-again believers which will be warned by the Holy Spirit, speaking to us directly and through Biblical prophecies.

This warning against deception is repeated in the book of Revelation, most succinctly in the passage we have already quoted, where the False Prophet will look like a Christian (lamb) but will really be Satanic in his heart. In other words, the False Prophet will be the ultimate "wolf in sheep's clothing". We believe that, while this prophecy is specifically targeted against the False Prophet, it applies equally to other leaders, even political leaders, of the End of the Age. Bill Clinton, for example, has always emphasized his Southern Baptist religious background. He was quoted as saying that he believes in the forgiveness of sin, which would make many believe he is born-again. During his transition, Clinton attended church on Sunday morning, and one could clearly see him clutching his Bible as he exited the church. During his inauguration, Hillary Clinton was photographed holding a very large Bible while her husband was preparing to take the oath of office. And newspaper accounts reported that Bill had this Bible turned to a specific favorite Scripture in the Acts of the Apostles. Bill Clinton is clearly attempting to portray himself as a "lamb", as a follower of Jesus Christ.

But, his actions thus far show that he is not a Christian, that he is a wolf in sheep's clothing. In his first few days of office, Clinton took action in two areas which show his true colors. It is highly significant that Clinton has chosen two death-dealing issues as the ones by which he opens his Presidency.

1. He immediately signed an Executive Order which lifted the "Gag Rule" in abortion clinics which receive Federal funding. Former President Bush had issued this Executive Order to ensure that only doctors could counsel a woman on abortion, and then only after he had counseled her about her entire range of medical options. In too many instances, assistants who were not adequately trained medically were advising women to have abortions, even though no other avenue had been explained or explored. President Bush threatened to cut off Federal funding for these abortion clinics if any person other than a doctor advised a woman to have an abortion.

When Clinton was running his campaign, Abortion Rights advocates made it quite clear that this reversal of the Abortion Gag Rule was one of their top priorities. And Clinton made it equally clear to them that he intended to fulfill their wishes. The lifting of this ban will make it easier for a woman to be persuaded to have an abortion, thus dooming many more babies to die. We have already murdered over 30 million babies in the womb since the Roe vs Wade decision in 1973; currently, approximately 1.5 million babies are being killed through abortion every year. This figure will likely be much higher now.

But, Clinton was not finished with his death dealing measures. He acted to reverse Former President Bush's position on the use of Fetal Tissue to treat various adult diseases, such as Parkinson's Disease. The tissue of the bodies of babies who had been killed through abortion were being utilized in some instances to treat adults who were suffering from Parkinson's Disease, for example. Researchers have discovered that babies' tissue contains high concentrations of certain chemicals which have proven useful in the treatment of this disease. These high concentrations begin to dissolve soon after birth, until they reach normal levels in the bodies of normal children. Advocates of using this baby tissue say that, since the babies have been legally killed through abortion, there is no moral problem using their body parts in such a way as to "help" other people who are suffering a disease which can be cured with this tissue.

This argument comes to us straight out of Nazi Germany and should provoke tremendous revulsion from the American people. However, since most Americans are walking far from the Truth of the Gospel, they are not repelled the way they should be. Former President Bush simply stated the obvious when he acted to prevent the active use of baby tissue to treat diseases. In our system of Free Enterprise, two events become inevitable as soon as we allow an economic incentive to be applied to babies' aborted tissue.

Remember the September, 1987, issue of Omni magazine which foretold that Wall Street would soon understand the economic incentives in dying, and would act to fund companies which would supply this demand. The title of this article is "Redefining Death", and we encourage you to read it so you can understand how easily and quickly this type of scenario can unfold. Remember, also, that Omni Magazine is one of the major New World Order magazines. It envisions itself as being the Cutting Edge of societal evolution. Many issues first publicly debated within its pages have become public policy only a few years later.

Even Former President Bush understood the dangers of this Fetal Tissue research, which is why he acted to prevent it from becoming reality during his Administration. Now, Clinton has made it possible for economic worth to be assigned to the killing of babies within the womb. The result? Many more precious babies will die. And make no mistake about God's reaction. He has a special interest in the innocent, and will bring swift physical judgment upon any nation who wantonly slaughters them.

But, the slaughter of the unborn will escalate even further as a result of Clinton's next action. He has made it possible for the French drug, RU-486, to be marketed in the United States. This is the pill which a woman can take orally to abort her baby well after conception. In fact, some opponents of the use of this drug have called it the "Morning After" pill. A woman may take this pill the morning after a sexual encounter just to ensure that pregnancy does not develop. We will never know just how many babies will die because of the wide usage of this pill. We only know that it will be infinitely higher than current abortion rates. And we further know that God will note the number, and that our destruction will be hastened.

Thus, Clinton acted within the first few days of his Presidency to encourage the killing of the unborn within the womb. However, he took another death dealing action, as well, an action which has ignited a firestorm of reaction. Clinton seems determined to order an end to the official ban against homosexuals in the armed forces. The Joint Chiefs of Staff and members of Congress oppose this action because they believe it will damage the military effectiveness of the armed forces. Their contention is that the military cannot be fully effective if their morale and cohesion is damaged. And they believe that, when homosexual males actively pursue heterosexual males for sex, the heterosexual males will react in a tremendously negatively manner. In some instances, physical violence will occur; however, this will probably happen in only a distinct minority of the time. But, what will happen in almost every instance of a rejected sexual proposal is that heterosexual males will no longer trust their homosexual counterparts. This lack of trust will result in a military force which cannot fight as determinedly and cohesively as they might otherwise have done.

We believe the Joint Chiefs of Staff are entirely right in their stand. The military fighting efficiency will decline dramatically. But, we also believe that this is only the tip of the iceberg. As serious as this problem is, it is not the major problem. The major problem is that Bill Clinton is officially sanctioning the homosexual lifestyle. He is pronouncing to the world that the American Federal Government is officially recognizing that homosexuality is just as valid as heterosexuality. At this point, America has just become morally equivalent to Sodom. In Luke 17:28-30, Jesus says that one of the signs of the approaching End of the Age is that society will become morally just like Sodom was when it was destroyed. And why did God physically destroy Sodom? Because of its public acceptance of homosexuality. Every segment of that society believed that homosexuality was just as acceptable as heterosexuality, and that society permitted open and public homosexual sex acts. And Jesus is saying that one of the sure signs we are to look for that will signal the End of the Age is that society will again become like Sodom. This is the true horror of Clinton's actions.

But, Clinton's agenda in this area continues, as he has appointed several people to key posts within his Administration who are openly homosexual or lesbian. And he named 13 openly homosexuals to his transition team. America is rapidly becoming just like Sodom. God's physical judgment is not far away. We close this segment with a warning not to be deceived into thinking that Bill Clinton is truly a born-again believer. Jesus warned us to examine the fruits of a person's life to see whether they are truly saved. We see the first-fruits of Clinton's life to be most anti-Christian. His action does not match his meager Christian words. Do not be deceived.

As we have so clearly stated for the past several years in our seminar, American society has become obsessed with sex, both heterosexual and homosexual. This obsession is now pouring through every conceivable type of media: TV, Movies, Videos, Magazines, Newspapers, the Arts, in our school system. The situation has become so serious that we have been repeatedly issuing the alarm that Jesus sounded in Revelation 18:4, when He called out to His followers, "Come out of her (the evil system), My people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues". Another sign of the End of the Age, and yet too many Christians continue to watch too much of the moral filth coming into their homes.

But, the moral situation is becoming so bad even non-Christian authors are becoming alarmed. David Awbrey, the editorial page editor of the Wichita Eagle, wrote a column which appeared nationwide in January. His column was carried by the Providence Journal on January 19, 1993, and was entitled, "America's Obsession With Sex". He writes, "Seldom in history has a society been as sexually obsessed as ours. No other society has made sexuality its major form of entertainment, its primary source of self-definition, and its main cause of psychological dysfunction." This is quite an indictment of American society today. Let us quickly review what this secular author has just told us.

  1. America's obsession with sex has gotten to the point now where it ranks as being historically unique.
  2. No other society in history has made sexuality its major source of entertainment. This is a shocking statement and very profound in its implications, because history has recorded incredible societal sexual perversions in such societies as the Greeks and the Romans. Yet, this non-Christian editor believes, after he has surveyed the current American scene, that "no other society has made sexuality its major form of entertainment".
  3. No other society in history has made sex its primary source of self-definition. In other words, America, by its actions, has declared that we can be known and recognized by our sexual activities.
  4. This author recognizes that all this preoccupation with sex has produced significant psychological and mental dysfunction among its population.

This author concludes, "...the sex act is the main determinant of mental health, and good sex should be a human right. The ultimate sins are Puritanism, sexual oppression, and self-denial. The orgasm has become the highest level of enlightenment...Virtually no sex act between consenting adult Americans carries any social taboo. People routinely discuss their kinky sex lives in public, often before a television audience."

If this secular author is profoundly disturbed about all this, why are so many Christians publicly silent on this issue, and secretly participating? Remember Jesus' words, "Just as in the days of Sodom...so shall the coming of the Son of Man be". "Come out of her, My people".

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