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This is David Bay, Director of Old Paths Ministries.

And this is the Cutting Edge, a radio program dedicated to warning and informing God's people. We are committed to the study and exposition of the inerrant, inspired and authoritative Word of God. The views expressed belong to us, and are not necessarily shared by this station.

The moral bankruptcy of our society is well-documented. But, few people understand why we have become morally bankrupt. However, when we look at society through the Biblical eyes of God, we can easily see why we are facing the unprecedented troubles of today. This study of America through the eyes of God is what we will always try to do here; stay with us for some eye-opening truths.

We have stated many times on this radio program that the occultic plan was to reelect George Bush as President and to stage the appearance of Anti-Christ during his second term. Remember the occultic prophesy, communicated in 1492 to the leader of a Spanish secret society: "The leader who faces the obelisk shall introduce the world to the man who will introduce Anti-Christ". This prophecy was dealing with a political leader who would deliberately face a major obelisk at a critical time in world history. Occultists all over the world would then know that the successor to this political leader would be the one to introduce the world to Anti-Christ. Then, in the late 1700's, the guiding spirits of the occultic secret societies communicated that the new America would become the new Atlantis; in other words, the new America was destined to assume the leadership of the drive to institute the New World Order. From this time forward, occultists looked to American leadership, specifically the President, to fulfill this prophecy.

And the United States of America has the world's tallest and largest obelisk -- the Washington Monument. Every President from George Washington to Jimmy Carter took their oaths of office from the East side of the Capitol Building; however, on January 20, 1981, President Reagan insisted that the Inauguration Ceremony take place from the West side of the Capitol. A quick look at a map of Washington, D.C., shows that, when President Reagan addressed the crowd to give his Inaugural speech, he was facing that great obelisk, the Washington Monument. Occultists the world over clearly knew the significance. They knew that the occultic plan to produce Anti-Christ was nearing its completion; they knew that Reagan's successor was to be the President to be in power when Anti-Christ staged his appearance. President Reagan took his second oath of office from the traditional East side of the Capitol as did President Bush. The plan called for only one President to face the occultic obelisk.

However, as we have stated repeatedly, God's Plan is the one which will prevail, not Satan's. Even though the New World Order Plan called for George Bush's reelection, God's power prevailed to thwart Bush's second Administration. For reasons only God will know, He caused Bill Clinton to be elected as America's 42nd President. This undoubtedly caused much consternation among the occultists around the world. They were asking among themselves whether Clinton was willing and capable of carrying the torch of the New World Order. Clearly, Clinton had to signal to these powerful New World Order occultists that he would, indeed, carry forward the Plan to produce Anti-Christ. Clinton flashed two important signals designed to reassure:

  1. During his acceptance speech, Clinton stated that one of the most important influences in his life was his college professor, Carroll Quigley. Professor Quigley is renowned for his ardent support of the New World Order.
  2. Clinton decided that his Inauguration would also be from the West side of the Capitol, so that he also faced the obelisk, the Washington Monument. This action was a clear signal to every occultist in the know that Clinton was willing and capable of carrying the Plan forward.

One of the fundamental truths which I learned in the study of history in both high school and college was that, if people do not learn the facts of history, they will be doomed to repeat the mistakes of history. Since most people do not learn history from one generation to another, history does have a nasty habit of repeating itself. And history is repeating itself in America as we are on a parallel path with Germany in the 1920's-1930's, as that country progressed gradually into Nazism. Later historians would ask the question, "How could the country of Martin Luther become the country of Adolf Hitler"?

This very good question prompted the unparalleled study of history in the years following the conclusion of World War II. One of these studies was written by a renowned psychiatrist, Dr. Robert Jay Lifton, in his book, "The Nazi Doctors". Dr. Lifton systematically showed how the Nazi holocaust, which ultimately killed over 18 million people, actually began in the early 1920's, as doctors and nurses began to kill people under their care, people whom they felt no longer had "quality of life". Certain doctors and nurses were killing several types of people in their institutions:

Let us pause here for just a moment. We have devoted several radio programs on this subject of gradually changing the hearts and minds of people to a practice which we have always considered objectionable. We have named this process the "Six-Step Attitudinal Change Plan". Under Presidents Franklin Roosevelt to George Bush, American society has gradually been conditioned to accept many formerly objectionable practices as normal and healthy. In so many instances, the door to such objectionable practices has been opened either most of the way or just a crack. We have seen this action occur in many areas:

1. The Slaughtering of the Innocent Unborn

2. Euthanising People Who Want To Die Rather Than Face Life In Their Present Condition. So far, the people whom Dr. Kevorkian has killed have all requested to be killed. And other cases of euthanasia have occurred where the family has made the decision to kill their "loved" one. And no doubt, this will be the case for some years to come. However, the time will arrive when the decision to kill will pass from the individual to the family to the State. Dr. Lifton chronicles this exact progression in Germany prior to the point where Adolf Hitler assumed power. At this point, in 1933, Hitler stepped into the ongoing euthanasia process and committed Federal Government resources and manpower to the effort. Obviously, the number of people killed between 1933-1938 dramatically increased, and the stage was set for the Holocaust to begin.

We believe President Clinton may be the man who will also step into the ongoing process of euthanasia to commit Federal Government resources and manpower to the effort, and will begin to set the stage for the Bibically-prophesied worldwide Holocaust of the Great Tribulation. And Dr. Kevorkian, dubbed "Dr. Death" by some and "Jack the Dripper" by others, will have played a major role in conditioning Americans that Euthanasia is normal and healthy. At this point, Dr. Kevorkian has assisted 15 people to die, all with their consent. Dr. Kevorkian is preparing two actions which might have tremendous impact in furthering Euthanasia:

  1. Dr. Kevorkian is preparing to legally challenge the impending Minnesota law which prohibits any doctor from assisting any person to commit suicide. If Dr. Kevorkian succeeds in overturning this new law, every state in the Union will be very reluctant to enact similar legislation. Thus, the case for national Euthanasia will have just been legally legitimized. We believe that this scenario is what Satan had in mind all along. The tactic is brilliant.
  2. During Pat Robertson's '700 Club', 2-17-93, Robertson interviewed a reporter who had talked with Dr. Jack Kevorkian. Dr. Kevorkian would like to have Euthanasia Centers opening in all parts of the country. He is sending out mailers to doctors who are currently operating Abortion Clinics, asking them if they would be interested in converting them into Euthanasia Clinics!!

The fact of the matter is that these clinics, plus Planned Parenthood, will cease their reason for existence when the French abortion pill, RU-486, becomes widely available. Women will no longer need to go to an Abortion Clinic to get rid of their "unwanted tissue mass". They can simply achieve identical results by swallowing this little pill. And many doctors will lose millions of dollars of income. But, they will have nothing to fear if Dr. Kevorkian has his way -- these doctors will simply rename their clinics, will buy the necessary new machinery to kill adults, and will reopen as public Euthanasia Clinics.

As revolting as this scenario may sound to many of you, Dr. Kevorkian's action here is very much consistent with the plans of the New World Order to reduce the population of the world from its present 6 billion people to 2 billion by the year 2,000 A.D. To achieve this ambitious goal in just 7 more years obviously will require that the pace of killing be stepped up. The campaign for public acceptance of Euthanasia and its widespread use, is still in the stage of people making personal decisions to end their life. And the reasons being advanced are still medical, i.e., because said person is terminally ill and wants to end their suffering while they can still do so "with dignity". However, once public Euthanasia centers are set up and operating, who will argue when a person walks into the clinic demanding to be euthanised for nonmedical reasons, perhaps because he/she has just lost a loved one or because they have just lost their job? Immediately, an outcry would be heard that such a request must be granted. Then, America would be on a truly slippery slope to widespread killing.

And we have already seen instances where family members have made decisions to kill "loved ones".

We see these two paths occurring simultaneously. Thus, the stage would be set for the Federal Government to secretly step in to commit state resources to the Euthanasia effort, and later, to begin to decide who should be put to death and for what reason. This was the path in Germany leading to the Nazi Holocaust, and this is the approximate path which will be followed here. In this regard, watch Donna Shalala, President Clinton's new Director of Health and Human Services. This is one of those areas in which the door has been opened a little bit, and is now susceptible to being kicked completely open by direct Governmental action.

Another way to achieve the desired goal of a two-thirds reduction in world population in just 7 more years is to reduce conception. This course of action has been vigorously followed for the past 20 years, and is one of the major thrusts of Planned Parenthood. Contraception of all kinds is encouraged among America's teens in health clinics in our high schools. However, a new type of contraception to prevent conception is now under discussion; the debate over Norplant Implants. Norplant consists of six matchstick-size capsules that are surgically implanted in a person's arm. These capsules will slowly release a very low dosage of a synthetic hormone, levonorgestrel, the same hormone now found in several traditional birth control pills. Simply stated, Norplant means sterilization for as long as it is implanted within the body, and no one knows for sure that a woman who has had it in her body for five years will be able to conceive after it has been removed.

Norplant was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 1990, and is "being touted as a cure, not only for teen pregnancy, but also for welfare dependency, child abuse, and drug-addicted mothers". (Newsweek, 2/15/93, "The Norplant Debate", p. 37). Did you understand the staggering significance of that last statement? Proponents of national birth control are admittingly targeting teen mothers that are at the bottom of the economic ladder, and that involves a lot of nonwhite folk. Newsweek quotes a black minister in Baltimore, Maryland, as complaining that this proposed Norplant program is nothing more than genocide aimed at the black population.

Before you scoff too loudly, let me remind you that the New World Order is strictly a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant world. Blacks, Orientals, and Hispanics need not apply. Any person who is not a liberal Protestant need not apply, either. And there is a Nazi parallel here, too. History records that, when German doctors were contemplating killing those people who were living "lives unworthy of life", they began the Euthanasia process by sterilization. Dr. Lifton captures this initial drove toward sterilization in Chapter 1 of his book, "The Nazi Doctors". He stated that, in Germany, sterilization contributed mightily to the process of mass murder.

German doctors targeted several groups of people for sterilization; those individuals who were suffering from "life unworthy of life". Some of these conditions were:

However, while these hereditary conditions were publicly given as the reasons for the sterilization procedures, Nazi leaders were indirectly linking the project to a "racial cleansing". Physician leaders consistently called for "racial cleansing" or "racial hygiene" to be carried out against anyone who was not of the "Nordic race".

Once this insidious program began, it took several ominous turns: 1. Nazis began to refer to the Jews as a "race" that was obviously not Nordic, thus setting the stage for their elimination. And make no mistake about the writings of the New Age; they, too, talk extensively about the "Aryan race", about cleansing, and about the Jews as an undesirable element. 2. Nazi officials began to apply political consideration to their determination as to who needed to receive sterilization. They began to declare anyone who spoke out against them in any way as being "feeble-minded", and thus "eligible" for sterilization. Beginning in the late 1970's, writings began to appear which stated that anyone who has not achieved the proper "level of consciousness" should be considered dead. This attitude clearly begins to set the stage where anyone who is not properly attuned to the New World Order could be targeted for destruction.

As we end this topic, we need to make one point very clear: The Nazis attributed both their sterilization and euthanasia campaigns to the need to "cleanse" their society; in other words, they reverse the meaning of terms. Their sterilization and their killing became the "healing" agents of the German state. Evil became good, and good became evil. You can clearly see the same logic being applied by Dr. Kevorkian and his supporters, and in the Norplant sterilization device. America is clearly far down the path toward the final genocide of the Great Tribulation Period. We are clearly the generation which will see these things.

The entire program of the New World Order is progressing according to a Satanic spiritual basis. Do not be deceived -- the leaders of the coming world system are practitioners of the ancient "Mysteries" religion dating back to the Satanism of Nimrod of Babylon. And the Bible clearly foretells that this is to be the case. In other words, the ancient occultism of 5,000 years ago is to come back full circle, and will be the religion of Anti-Christ. But, the Bible foretells that, until Anti-Christ destroys the False Religious leader part way through the Great Tribulation, the practice of the old Satanic religion will occur through the deception that it is really Christian.

And we see this coming true before our eyes in the activities of the Roman Catholic Church. We have reported on this phenomenon consistently through our previous programs and we would be happy to share with you these programs if you would like to receive them; however, the startling facts we wish to share with you today about Roman Catholicism comes from a very unlikely and invaluable source. Doc Marquee is a former Satanist who was also initiated into the Illuminati. But, God had an important plan for Marquee's life. In 1979, the Holy Spirit led Doc Marquee out of Satanism/Illuminism and into the glorious light of Salvation through the atoning blood of Jesus Christ. Since his conversion, Marquee has been very active as an acknowledged expert in the occult. Marquee has given many seminars to police departments, training detectives to recognize signs in a crime scene which show that the perpetrators were occultic, and that, perhaps, the crime was committed as part of a Satanic ritual.

Doc Marquee has also written a book, which is being published by American Focus Publishing Company, entitled "Secrets of the Illuminati". While this topic has been explored before, no author has been able to bring a truly occultic angle to the discussion. In other words, Marquee looks at the plan to bring in the New World Order from the viewpoint of a former witch. In his book, Marquee includes a chapter entitled, "Is It Catholicism Or Witchcraft?" At the beginning of this chapter, Marquee makes a quite startling statement, "I must emphatically state that Catholicism and witchcraft are one and the same...there is no difference between witchcraft and Catholicism." Then, Marquee examines Catholicism and witchcraft from the vantage point of a former witch.

Marquee identifies several critically important areas in which the practice of Roman Catholicism and witchcraft are identical. We will first list these areas of commonalty and then comment specifically upon them. These common areas are:

  1. The altar
  2. The golden goblet known as a chalice.
  3. Colored candles used in services
  4. The use of incense.
  5. The use of bells in the ceremony.
  6. Praying to statues.
  7. The use of Latin in services.
  8. The use of a golden scepter in giving a large blessing to the people.
  9. Common belief in Purgatory
  10. The common belief in the host.
  11. Common belief in the five elements.

Now, let us examine each of these areas of commonalty:

1. The altar in every Catholic church is prominently positioned at the front of the church. The "Mysteries of the Mass" are celebrated on and around the altar. In witchcraft, also, the altar is similarly used for three purposes:

The Roman Catholic altar also holds their tools of their magic, and they daily perform human sacrifice. Remember, we are looking at this subject through the eyes of a former high-level witch who is now a born-again Christian. This daily human sacrifice is performed according to the false belief in "transubstantiation", the belief that the priest magically transforms the wafer into Jesus' body and the wine into His blood. Marquee states, "In other words, every day Christ is being reincarnated and then sacrificed.. they perform daily their human sacrifice in which Christ is ...sacrificed for their sins." It is shocking to realize that the Roman Catholics are daily performing human sacrifice in a manner similar to that of witches throughout the centuries.

2. The Catholic Golden Goblet, or Chalice. "It is this cup that the wine poured into it becomes the...literal blood of Christ. When a witch does a human sacrifice, after the victim's throat is sliced open, the spilled blood will be collected in a chalice, just as the Catholics do, except the witch's chalice holds the real thing." In Satan's eyes, the Catholics are performing the same rite as the witches.

3. "Candles were introduced to the Catholic mass about 320 A.D. There is no Scriptural reasons for them, unless... you are a practicing witch. Below is a list of different colored candles a witch would use throughout the year. See if you can recall any of these colors used during a Catholic mass:

"Using these colored candles and the right spells, a witch can cause anything to happen...our Catholic friends are not only using these occult tools, they also pay for them when they go to various statues and light...candles."

4. "Incense is a constant tool that is used by priests. They will take a philter (incense burner), walk around the altar, and then wave it out toward the crowd with an invocation...Not only do witches use incense, but they will consecrate their altar and their fellow witches in the exact way the Catholics do..."

5. Bells are also utilized by both Roman Catholics and witches. The bells are actually baptized, and in both witchcraft and Catholicism, altar boys attend the priest in sounding the bells.

6. Witches were praying to images or statues for many centuries before Catholics began the practice.

7. "Until recently, most of the rites of witchcraft were said in Latin...why is it, when the witches stopped using Latin as much as they did, about twenty years ago, that the Catholic mass was stopped being told in Latin? Today, it is spoken mostly in American English, the same way in which a witch's mass is held."

8. "...when the Pope, Cardinals, or priests want to give a huge blessing, they will take out a golden scepter, or wand, dip it in holy water, and then wave it on the people...wands are nothing new in the occult. When a witch wants to direct his power he can do it by means of wands." He can also control the demonic forces at his disposal by using a wand to consecrate a circle with a pentacle inside. Holy water is also used by a witch to purify himself and his instruments, and the water is made holy in both witchcraft and Catholicism by mixing water with salt.

9. The teaching of Purgatory is not found in the Bible. According to Catholic catechism, Purgatory is described as "a logically deduced place. Since a Catholic could not go straight to heaven if he had sinned, and since he could not go to hell if he had not died in mortal sin, there had to be a place in between where he could be purified" -- Purgatory. However, the belief in Purgatory is "totally occultic in origin". Witchcraft teaches that after a person goes through Purgatory, he is reincarnated and is more powerful in his next life than he was before. After several reincarnations, he will become purified enough to live with the gods and goddesses, precisely the same end as the Catholics teach.

10. Both Catholics and Witches teach that the host becomes the actual body of their respective gods. To the Roman Catholic, the host becomes the actual body of Jesus Christ; the witch believes the host actually becomes the body of their pagan deity, "I.H.S. -- or Iris, Horus, and Semiramis". This concept is known in both circles as transsubstantiation.

11. Both witchcraft and Roman Catholicism teach that the universe is comprised of five elements: Spirit, Water, Air, Fire, and Earth. These occultic five elements are also found in the Catholic mass.

Doc Marquee's conclusion is inescapable and damning: The practice of occultism has come full circle from ancient Babylon to the Roman Catholic Church today. As Jesus counseled in Revelation 18:4, "Come out of her, my people, that you do not participate in her sins, neither in her plagues".

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