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This is David Bay, Director of Old Paths Ministries.

And this is the Cutting Edge, a radio program dedicated to warning and informing God's people. We are committed to the study and exposition of the inerrant, inspired and authoritative Word of God. The views expressed belong to us, and are not necessarily shared by this station.

The moral bankruptcy of our society is well-documented. But, few people understand why we have become morally bankrupt. However, when we look at society through the Biblical eyes of God, we can easily see why we are facing the unprecedented troubles of today. This study of America through the eyes of God is what we will always try to do here; stay with us for some eye-opening truths.

As we begin our most important study today, we would urge you to get several blank sheets of paper, a pen or pencil, and a One Dollar bill turned over to the back side. If you have a compass handy, and a ruler, grab these instruments as well.

We have spent much time in the past year chronicling and lamenting America's inexorable slide into Satanism, both individually and nationally. Many times, our souls have cried out, "What is happening to this formerly Christian nation? How could we have strayed so far away?" The answer is simple, but shocking, as we understand the Scriptures. We are going to share with you today the reality of the supernatural struggle for America's soul, beginning in the late 1700's, from the perspective of a former Satanist Illuminist Doc Marquee. We will be quoting from his book, "Secrets of the Illuminati".

But, before we can begin, we must first examine the Scriptures to ensure that the information Doc shares with us is Biblically correct. God has revealed in His Word that there is, indeed, a mighty struggle constantly being waged for the heart and soul of nations. Turn with us to Daniel 10. Daniel records that, in the third year of Cyrus, King of Persia, Daniel decided to fast and pray, in great mourning, praying that God will give him greater understanding of the many visions of the end of the age which God had revealed to him. Daniel fasted and prayed for three weeks without receiving an answer. Finally, on the 24th day of the first month, Daniel received his answer as he was walking on the bank of the great river, Tigris. An angelic being in full glory appeared to Daniel to give him the answer to his petitions. We can see the angel's simple answer in verse 14, where the angel informed Daniel not to worry so much about his visions of the Great Tribulation, because these prophesied events were "many days" in the future.

However, the greatest insight which this chapter affords us is in our understanding of the Supernatural battle constantly raging between God and Satan. Look with me in verses 12-13, as the angel informs Daniel, "...from the first day that thou didst set thine heart to understand and to chasten thyself before thy God, thy words were heard and I am come for thy words." In other words, God had given His answer to Daniel's prayer on the very first day that Daniel had prayed. God had commissioned this angel to go to Daniel immediately with His Divine answer. And the angel set out immediately as commanded. Then, why did it take him three weeks to travel from Heaven to earth to talk with Daniel? We know that angelic travel is instantaneous; therefore, the angel should have been talking with Daniel on that very first day. The angel himself gives us the answer, in verse 13, "But, the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me one and twenty days..." This angel was attacked by hostile supernatural forces as he was attempting to speed to Daniel's side. Since this angel was directly commissioned by God to deliver this message, we can assume that he was empowered with great power; however, the hostile forces against him were powerful enough to temporarily stop him from getting through to earth. Further, we know that the only hostile supernatural force pitted against God is Satan and his demons. Therefore, these hostile forces are very powerful demons battling God's angelic forces.

And we are given the identity of these forces: they were from the prince of the kingdom of Persia. Since we know from verse 1 that Daniel's prayer and fasting was occurring in the third year of the rule of King Cyrus of Persia, we know that this hostile prince must have been the demon commissioned by Satan to influence to King of Persia, whom we know to be a pagan, King Cyrus. The power of this demon was then revealed in the last portion of verse 13, as this Godly angel revealed that, in order for him to successfully get free of this demonic attack, he had to call for help from one of God's generals of the entire angelic host, Michael, "but, lo, Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me; and I remained there with the kings of Persia." This word "remained" should be translated, "was not needed there with the kings of Persia". In other words, once Michael came to the battle, he not only freed this angel to continue on to Daniel, he also provided enough power that this angel was no longer needed to battle the demonic host.

Let us look for a minute at who Michael the archangel really is in God's universe. He is identified here as "one of the chief princes" of God's angelic host, but he is also much more than that. In Daniel 10:21, the angel tells Daniel that Michael is the guardian angel of the nation of Israel, an identification strengthened by the scene in Revelation 12:7. In this passage, a final and climactic war breaks out in Heaven between God's angels and Satan's demons. In this battle, the archangel Michael led God's angelic host to victory, as they cast Satan and his demons out of Heaven to the earth. Daniel 12:1 gives us a parallel view of this great battle. This battle is so intense that Michael has to "stand up" to lead the host of Heaven to victory. This is a powerful picture of Michael having to take direct control of the war, rather than directing it from his normal position of sitting on his seat of authority.

Thus, we can see several critical aspects about this supernatural struggle:

  1. God's forces are constantly battling Satan's demons for the control of the nations of the world.
  2. God has assigned one of His most powerful angels, Michael, to the position of Israel's guardian angel. By inference, we see that:
  3. Satan has probably assigned his most powerful demon as the personal guide of the nation(s) currently antagonistic to Israel, in this case, Persia. We see, in 10:20-the entire chapter 11, a prophesied succession of Gentile kingdoms antagonistic to Israel, culminating in the final Anti-Christ at the End of the Age.
  4. Again, by inference, if Satan has assigned his most powerful demon to be the personal guide to the Gentile nation most opposed to Israel all the way to the End of the Age, does it not seem logical that he would assign other demons to be the guiding spirits of other, lesser nations, throughout history? Of course, that is logical, and we believe it to be the case. We believe that Satan assigns his demons in relation to the importance of the nation to the history of the world. In other words, Satan will assign a more powerful demon to the more powerful and influential and power nation, while assigning lesser demons to nations of lesser influence.

Finally, we know that, just as God works through His Church in every age, Satan also works through his organization, or church. Satan has always worked through his many occultic groups throughout history; however, since the time of Babylon, Satan has reserved special power and influence to his many Secret Societies. We have shown in past programs how Satan has been working through his many Secret Societies to move the world into his final kingdom, the New World Order, which is nothing more nor less than the seven-year kingdom of Anti-Christ.

Since May 1, 1776, the leadership of the drive to this New World Order has been exercised by the Masters of the Illuminati. Occultic author, Elizabeth Van Buren reveals in her book, "Secrets of the Illuminati", that beginning in the mid-1700's the guiding spirits of English secret societies began to inform their adherents that the new nation taking shape in the North American Continent were destined to lead the world into the New World Order. Therefore, the leadership of these Secret Societies were admonished to spare no effort or expense to establish this new continent as a new and reborn Atlantis, as a most powerful occultic nation. Of course, history records that the government of the United States of America did arise from this new continent and did grow to unprecedented power and prestige. The New World Order simply could not have been possible had it not been for the leadership of the United States.

History further records that, from the beginning, there was a dramatic struggle for the soul of the United States. Beginning in the mid-1700's God caused a great revival, now called the "Great Awakening" to explode throughout the land. This revival caused a high proportion of Americans to become born-again Christians, and raised up many pastors to be leaders, both spiritually and politically. However, Satan was also powerfully active. He caused many secret societies to be established in the Thirteen Colonies. Some of these secret societies were powerful, and we quote from a New Age book, "America's Secret Destiny", by Robert Hieronimus:

These three societies successfully attracted most of the American Revolutionary leadership, men such as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson, just to name a few. All but a handful of representatives to the first Congress were also Freemasons. And these men had an occultic vision for the United States; however, they knew they had to keep this vision secret, because the very Christian populace which they were leading would not tolerate open, blatant Satanism. Therefore, these leaders secretly set the foundation for the New World Order in the late 1700's, so that, when the time was propitious, the leadership at that time could powerfully act. Furthermore, this foundation would secretly act to consistently and gradually move the United States into Satan's kingdom.

With this background, we are going to study how Satan set the foundation for America to gradually become more and more occultic, until she openly assumed her role as THE leader of Satan's kingdom, the New World Order. As we begin this study, remember the principle that Satan did assign one of his most powerful demons as the "guiding spirit" of the United States of America, thus beginning a most intense supernatural battle between God and Satan for control. Also remember God's repeated prophecies that He would gradually remove His National Restraining Power as the world progressed toward and into the Great Tribulation Period.

In our study of Satan's battle over the leadership of America, we shall be using Doc Marquee's book, "Secrets of the Illuminati" extensively. Since Doc was a practicing witch and a member of the Illuminati for 20 years prior to his conversion, he has unique insight into the world of the occult. Much of what he shares in his book is simply what he was taught as a Third Level witch and as an active member of the Illuminati. Listen carefully to what he has to say about how Satan systematically laid the foundation for his eventual control of this country. At this point, take your blank sheet of paper and your One Dollar bill, turned over to the back side, and prepare to take notes.

Satan needed to accomplish two critically important objectives in the late 1700's if he were to control the eventual flow of history of the United States of America. First, he needed to establish the most powerful foundation possible and, secondly, he must establish it in secret. For this purpose, he turned to symbols. To the occultist, symbols are most important, for several reasons:

* Symbols communicate great occultic information and power to the trained initiate or adept, while simultaneously hiding such knowledge and power to the person who is not part of the occult.

Now, let us turn our attention to the two Great Seals of the United States of America, printed on the back of every One Dollar bill. Virtually every country in history has produced a national seal. These seals are carefully drawn with the objective of capturing the heart and soul of that country, and communicating its national objectives. Our Great Seals are no exception. However, even though they were created in 1782 and adopted by Congress on June 20, these two national seals were deliberately hidden from the public for 153 years, until 1935, when the Administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt began printing them on the back of the One Dollar bill. Why were these two national seals hidden for so long? Because the occultic leadership of this country felt the American populace was so thoroughly Christian that they would not tolerate such obviously occultic national symbols. In 1935, however, the Satanic guiding spirits who were advising the occultic leadership of that day felt that the American people had changed enough in their spiritual understanding that they would accept such occultic symbols. And they were right. By 1935, Americans had become so spiritually hardened that Satan could openly and freely pursue his New World Order agenda.

But, understand, these two Great Seals existed all this time and were being used by secret societies to move America into the occult. Now, you ask, how is this possible, and what inherent power could they possibly possess? As we tell you the story, remember that this is information communicated to all witches, like Doc Marquee, once they also become initiated into the Illuminati.

Let us begin with the story as to how these seals were created, as we use the information in Marquee's book, "Secrets of the Illuminati". "...while trying to design these seals in his home on June 17, 1782, Thomas Jefferson (a member of the secret society, Rosicrucians), was suddenly approached by a Being, cloaked in black. The Being presented Jefferson with a red velvet bag which contained two plaques. Turning around, the Being walked into Jefferson's garden and mysteriously vanished. The two plaques that were in that red velvet bag were the two great seals of the United States." We have discussed in past programs that both God and Satan have intervened in history to ensure that their programs were enacted. Therefore, we should not be too surprised to learn that Thomas Jefferson, who had already immersed himself into the occult through his participation in Rosicrucianism, would be visited by a supernatural Being, especially since this moment in history was absolutely crucial to the success or failure of Satan's plan. This story also tells us that these two Great Seals were supernaturally designed by Satan. Thus, we would expect that they would be unusually designed and supernaturally powerful. When you understand exactly how this is true, you will be mightily shocked.

At this point, draw a medium to large circle on your blank sheet of paper, and place your One Dollar bill at the top of the paper, with its back side facing up. While you are doing this, we need to instruct you how witches exercise power through their practice of the occult. "Witches must obey certain laws of witchcraft in order for the force to work for them...a witch's only force come through demonic contacts and obedience. A witch...cannot cause anything to happen -- it's strictly by the follow-up actions of a demon. If every procedure is properly done, a demon must obey any order or spell given by a witch...In order for a witch to conjure a demon -- and I mean a literal demon being summoned into our plane of existence -- a witch must first draw on the ground a circle with a nine-foot radius." This is why we wanted you to draw a circle on your paper. For you to understand this principle of witchcraft, it is not necessary for your circle to be of any particular size; however, a witch must ensure that his/her circle must be precisely nine feet in radius.

Now the witch draws a hexagram, a six-sided star, inside this circle. This hexagram looks very much like a Jewish Star of David, which is simply two equilateral triangles interlaced, one pointing up and the other pointing down. However, Satan's counterfeit hexagram does not interlace its two triangles; one triangle simply lays on top of the other. At this point, hopefully using your ruler, draw two triangles within this circle, laying one on top of the other, ensuring that one is pointing up and one pointing down. Also try to ensure that your two triangles fill up the circle on your paper. Your two circles now form a hexagram.

This nine-foot witch's circle, now drawn with a hexagram inside, is called a "demon's trap", because, when a witch utters the correct incantations, a demon must appear in our dimension and must perform whatever the witch commands him to do. However, the demon thus summoned, is angry and rebellious, not wanting to obey the commands of the witch. He must use his supernatural power as the witch instructs him; however, the boundary of the circle forms a protective fence for the witch, because, if the demon can ever escape the circle, he will attack and kill the witch. Therefore, the witch takes great care in ensuring that no portion of the outer boundary of the circle is smudged or broken. The supernatural power of the demon is literally contained within and channeled through, this demon trap.

Now, compare your circle with the hexagram inside with the two Great Seals of the United States. Both of these Great Seals are nothing more than a standard demon trap!! This means that demonic power can be repeatedly channeled through these two national symbols, on behalf of the entire nation!!

To see how these symbols are demon traps, look first at the left-hand Seal, the pyramid with the All-Seeing Eye.

+ The "A"of Annuit forms the upper left point

+ The "S" of Coeptis forms the upper right point

+ The last "O" of Ordo forms the point of the triangle pointing downward

When you link these points with straight lines, you have just created a standard demon trap within the circle of the Great Seal.

Now, look at the right-hand Great Seal, our Eagle. Here is how the triangle pointing upward is formed:

Now, draw your triangle pointing upward.

Here is how the downward pointing triangle is formed:

Now, link these points, and you will see that you have just created a hexagram within the boundary of the circle of the Great Seal, thus forming a standard demon trap. But, this Seal also contains a second demon trap!! Look at the 13 stars representing the original colonies of the United States. Notice that a circle is formed around these stars by the inside of the 28 guidelines around the stars. This is the circle boundary of this demon trap.

Now connect these three points, and you will discover you have created an upward pointing triangle.

Here is how the downward pointing triangle is formed.

When you connect these three points, you will see that you have just formed a downward pointing triangle, thus forming a hexagram within this circle, or another demon trap. This means that these two Great Seals of the United States contain three standard Satanic demon traps!! Of course, the number "three" is one of the most powerful and sacred numbers to the Satanist. The number three represents the pagan trinity and represents good counsel, intelligence, knowledge, and it "possesses authority in whatever pertains to Astronomy". ("The Occult Power of Numbers", by Heironomous, p. 41). But, perhaps the most important significance of these three demon traps is that they collectively have three complete hexagrams, each having six sides, thus forming a "6-6-6", the number of Anti-Christ!!

Thus, since June 20, 1782, the Great Seals of the United States contained three demon traps and the number of Anti-Christ, through which Satan's witches, operating secret societies and covens all throughout our country, could continuously call the most powerful demons in Satan's kingdom. Furthermore, since these demon traps represented the heart and soul of the country itself, Satan could powerfully work to change the direction in which this country was heading. Further, the very necessity of secrecy worked to Satan's advantage as well, since it hid the true nature of this activity from public view. Thus, Americans could be consistently be exposed to the most powerful demonic influences without any one being aware of it!!

And our examination of the occultism of these two Great Seals has only scratched the surface. There are many examples of occultic symbols and occultic numbers strewn throughout these symbols, but time does not allow us to examine them. But --

Is it any wonder that America is guilty of the crimes of which we have been chronicling all these many radio programs? Is it any wonder we have killed almost 30 million unborn babies since 1973, and are gearing up to kill infinitely more? Is it any wonder America has progressed through the standard three steps into Satanism? Is it any wonder that our leaders, especially in the Twentieth Century have been members of some occultic secret society? Is it any wonder that the standard values of Satanism are now obviously shared by the great majority of Americans? Is it any wonder that our bloodshed through murder is now rampant? Is it any wonder that the love for Jesus Christ is now very scarce and is getting more scarce?

We could go on for a great deal of time detailing our national sins, but you get the point. But, by understanding that America's national symbols have, from the beginning of our existence, been the most powerful of Satanic symbols, we can see why and how we are in the trouble we are. But, we also can understand better that God was absolutely correct, when he described the occultic spiritual condition of that Economic Babylon in Revelation 18:2. Listen carefully to what God is saying in this passage, just before He destroys this country in one hour of one day, in a method which sounds suspiciously like atomic bombs.

Revelation 18:2, "...Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird."

God is literally saying here that this Economic Babylon has become nationally possessed of every type of unclean demonic spirit. This national demonic possession is the cause of the national sins for which God is destroying this economic giant. We have stated repeatedly that the description of this country fits America like a glove, and only America, especially when it is tied into God's further description of the unique geography of this nation, a geography which forces the imported goods to be brought into that country primarily by seafaring ships.

But, now we know why America has become so demonically possessed. For 216 years, America, as a national entity, has been allowing all manner of demons to enter our national soul through our national demon traps, contained within our two Great Seals.

This is sobering information, indeed, and should further stimulate us into understanding the lateness of the hour, and the uniqueness of this age. If you have not accepted Jesus Christ as your Saviour, you must not delay any longer. And if you are a Christian who is participating in a liberal church that has strayed far from the absolutely narrow path described by Jesus Christ, you must now listen to Jesus' warning in Revelation 18:4, "Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues". The time is coming when God's final judgments will pour out upon this nation, and those Christians who have tolerated false teaching within churches that are denying Biblical doctrine will be caught up with the unbelievers in God's judgments.

"Come out of her, My people..."

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