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This is David Bay, Director of Old Paths Ministries.

And this is the Cutting Edge, a radio program dedicated to warning and informing God's people. We are committed to the study and exposition of the inerrant, inspired and authoritative Word of God. The views expressed belong to us, and are not necessarily shared by this station.

The moral bankruptcy of our society is well-documented. But, few people understand why we have become morally bankrupt. However, when we look at society through the Biblical eyes of God, we can easily see why we are facing the unprecedented troubles of today. This study of America through the eyes of God is what we will always try to do here; stay with us for some eye-opening truths.

For over 4 years, we have been boldly declaring in our seminar that the New Age Movement is fundamentally nothing more nor less than a revival of Hitler's Nazism. These two movements are spiritually identical. In the seminar, we have identified more than 40 points of commonalty, and on October 10, 1992, we aired a radio program on this subject; however, we identified only 20 of these points of commonalty. Make no mistake about the fact, however, that the New Age Movement, which is behind the drive to the New World Order, is spiritually identical to Nazism. Presidents from Franklin Roosevelt to Bill Clinton have all been part of this New Age Movement and of its Satanic structure, although they have all been very careful to shield the general public from this information. Remember that we continuously warned you that President Bush was not the Family Values man which he purported to be and we continuously warned about the Satanism in Bush's past through the lifelong membership in the Skull and Bones Society. President Bush accomplished much in his four years in office to move America firmly into the Satanic New World Order.

Again, we state quite emphatically: The New World Order religion, also known as the New Age Movement, is spiritually identical to Nazism. Therefore, we should not be surprised to learn that, because the beliefs and goals are the same, America is on a parallel course to Nazi Germany in many respects. In past programs, we have identified some of these parallel paths, such as the increasing obsession with death, resulting in the death of innocent people whose only "crime" was that they were guilty of being handicapped in such a way that they were no longer enjoying a proper "Quality of Life". As death became redefined and more acceptable, formerly taboo actions, such as self suicide for those people who were terminally ill not only became publicly advocated but were described by the media of the day as being "heroic" and wonderful. The end result of all this, of course, were the death camps in which nearly 20 million people were forcibly put to death, quite against their will. Today's America is on this path with its emphasis on abortion and self suicide, made popular by Dr. Jack Kevorkian.

Of course, the most shocking understanding of all is that the religion of Nazism was a worship of Satan in the guise of German Nationalism; America's parallel path into a worship of Satan is occurring in the guise of global "peace" "harmony", and a caring for your fellow man. But, when you look at the beliefs and practices of these many seemingly divergent groups within the New Age Movement, they are practicing Satanism.

There are so many different areas of spiritual commonalty between the Germany of Adolf Hitler and the America of today that we simply cannot go into all of them. If you have not heard the tape of October 10, 1992, on this subject, we encourage you to write or call us to order one. You will not only understand the material in this program much more completely, but, when you ask for this tape, you will have a two-tape series on "America's Parallel Path With Nazi Germany".

Since American leaders since President Franklin Roosevelt have been following a spiritual belief system that was identical to that of Adolf Hitler, we should not be too surprised to learn that these leaders have been quietly maneuvering America into Germany's National Socialism using many of the same programs which Hitler and Mussolini used to finally move their respective countries into Fascism. Stay with us for some shocking news.

Even though American men and women fought and died by the hundreds of thousands to defeat the Fascist governments of Germany, Italy, and Imperial Japan, our leaders are now moving America into the same Fascist system of Economy and Government!! This is the subject of our program today.

When Bill Clinton was campaigning for President all through 1992, he declared on every opportunity that America was on the wrong path and that we needed to elect him President so that he could bring about the "bold change" which was so very necessary. Americans were so fed up with George Bush that they listened to this rhetoric and elected Clinton as America's 42nd President. Immediately following the election, public euphoria rose dramatically, as people generally expected the best of their new President.

However, all was not well in this newly proclaimed Camelot. Voices of caution and of warning began to be heard. We were one of the first public forums in late 1992 that began warning about the hidden agenda of Bill and Hillary Clinton. On two different occasions and settings, individuals who were once deeply involved in Satanism came to us to warn us that they were convinced that Hillary Clinton was a high-ranking witch. She looked like a witch, she carried herself like a witch, and she talked like a witch. One of these individuals had been a high-ranking witch for over 20 years and had been initiated as a member of the Illuminati. He was absolutely adamant in his belief that Hillary was a witch, but he also felt that Bill was one also, although a lower ranking witch. When we sounded these warnings several weeks ago, many of you probably thought that we finally had gone over the edge. Yet, in the space of just a few weeks after we issued this warning, both Bill and Hillary gave us a very fearful look into their inner nature. Bill Clinton stated on nationwide TV that he wishes he could talk to the spirit of Thomas Jefferson about how to solve our nation's greatest problems, while Hillary was stating on another program that she has been in constant two-way communication with the spirit of Eleanor Roosevelt. This, my dear friends, is the occultic practice known as "Necromancy", a communication with the spirit of a dead person. Necromancy is forbidden in Scripture. The fact that our President and his First Lady are admitting their practice of Necromancy is shocking and very revealing. But, the most revealing aspect is that they have decided to drop the secrecy surrounding their forbidden practice? Why would they let the voting public in on their little occultic dirty secret, that they are talking with the dead via Necromancy? Because they must feel that the voting public is occultic enough so that they would not care if their top leaders were engaged in this Satanic practice. If this is, indeed, the reason, it loudly speaks volumes about the spiritual condition of Americans, in the eyes of our occultic leaders. They must be concluding that Americans are ready to move into the final stages of the New World Order. All last year, we were warning that the original plan seemed to call for these final steps to be taken in President Bush's Second Term of office. We have also been warning that, as soon as Bush was elected to his Second Term, he would turn dramatically on the issues, just as President Reagan did after his reelection in 1984. We felt strongly that Bush would take positions which would vigorously advance the New World Order and which would seem to be shocking departures from his previous positions on many issues. As soon as Clinton was elected last November, we have been warning that he was going to not only carry on the plans for the New World Order, he was going to accelerate these plans.

However, our warnings and our greatest fears have been realized as President Clinton, in the very short time he has been in office, has initiated programs which are extremely anti-Christian in nature. We will discuss the specifics of these actions in another program, but we just want you to realize that Clinton has been very bold in action during these first few months. His first action was to remove the prohibition against Fetal Tissue Research, thus allowing an economic incentive to be attached to the killing of the innocent unborn. Then, President Clinton announced his intention of officially sanctioning homosexuality by allowing them to serve in the military while being openly homosexual. Then, Clinton has dramatized his support of abortion in a way that will remove all restraints against this abominable practice, including the killing of infants up to the moment of birth.

All these actions are very reminiscent of the way in which Adolf Hitler acted from 1933-1939, as he systematically moved Germany into National Socialism (Nazism). For the remainder of this program, we will focus on this one issue - the way in which Hitler, and Mussolini in Italy, moved their countries into Nazism, and then to compare this historical record with today's events. Stay with us; you will be shocked and stunned.

Adolf Hitler and Mussolini strongly advocated a system of totalitarian government and economy known as "Fascism". I think it would be helpful if we examined the meaning of Hitler's Fascism and compare it with the Communism of Russia and the Capitalism of the Western nations, led by the United States. Each of these different governmental entities is comprised of three separate parts: Government, the Economy, and the predominate Religion.

  1. The Government of both Fascism and Communism is totally totalitarian, while the government of the Western nations is democratic.
  2. The Economy of Fascism allows nominal private ownership of the means of production, such as factories and businesses. However, the Government can, and does, step in with massive regulation to dictate how many competitors there can be in any particular field and how many of any product can be produced. The Economy of Communism does not allow any private ownership of anything, especially the means of production. The "Community" owns everything in common, and since the people are represented by the "Dictatorship of the Proletariat", this means that the Central Government owns and controls everything. Finally, the Economy of Capitalism allows absolute private property ownership of the means of production, and allows production decisions to be made by the private owners of such businesses. Not only does the Federal Government not get involved in such production decisions, it is actively encouraged to never get involved. The historical evidence is now overwhelmingly in house as to which of these three systems is the most effective in production of quality product and which system benefits the individual citizen the most. The absolute and clear winner is Capitalism, even with all its faults. The least effective is Communism, with Fascism falling somewhere in between.

Before we go on, we need to state a very clear fact about the plans for the New World Order: they envision establishing an Economic System of Fascism. The reason for this is quite clear: under a Fascist system, only the elite few will be allowed to own factories, with the Government not allowing any competition. Thus, the existing factories can set any price they wish to set, thus creating huge monetary profits that defy belief. Hitler's Fascist system is the model of the coming New World Order.

3. The Predominate Religion of Hitler's Fascism was blatant Satan worship, according to the ancient paganism of the Nordic tribes. The religion of Communism is atheism, and the predominate religion of the Western Capitalist countries is Judeo-Christian. Again, the planned religion of the New World Order is Satanism.

In each of these three ways, Hitler's New World Order of Nazism is the precise plan for the current New World Order toward which the entire world is rushing headlong. To be sure, the terminology has been changed, and the public relations has become very sophisticated, but the goal remains the Fascism of Hitler's Nazi Party.

Therefore, we will study the specific ways in which Hitler moved democratic Germany toward his desired goal of National Socialism, better known as Nazism, and we will compare this historical record with what is happening in America today.

Adolf Hitler constructed his National Socialism on the strength of several giant pillars:

  1. Pillar number One was to call for a new national altruism, to volunteer for the "good of the German people". This program was established initially as a voluntary "compassionate" program, but it soon became mandatory. In 1989, President Bush began to talk about a new national volunteerism and he established his new Points of Light Foundation, partially funded by tax dollars. The purpose of this foundation was to call upon the public to devote their time and talent to "compassionate" and "caring" community service. Then, on November 16, 1990, President Bush signed into law the National and Community Service Act of 1990, which pays for volunteerism with tax dollars. Soon, this "voluntary" contribution of one's time, effort, and skill will become mandatory. We are beginning to travel on the same road as did Hitler's Germany in this important area.
  2. Pillar Number Two, which could not be established without Program Number One of Volunteerism having been instituted, is the concept that the "collective takes precedence over the individual citizen". In other words, the Federal Government has a legitimate claim on the time and the talent of the individual. Hitler first convinced the German people that they must volunteer, to return back to the collective nation some of what they had taken; then, he began to pass laws which began to mandate such "giving back to the collective". In 1990, Bill Clinton became chairman of the Democratic Leadership Council. The active think tank of this council is the Progressive Policy Institute (PPI), which published a highly touted book, "Mandate For Change". (Does this title sound like Clinton's main theme during his Presidential campaign?) This book advocates national collectivism which is straight out of Hitler's book. "Mandate For Change" proposes to establish a citizen's corps, which would emphasize that "the rights of citizenship carry reciprocal responsibilities", thus forging "a new and more productive relationship between government and the individual". This is Nazism. History shows that, whenever government gets too close to the individual, the individual always loses his freedom, precisely the reason our Founding Fathers carefully created a government comprised of checks and balances, and which was controlled by law, not by governmental edict. They knew the individual rights had to be upheld at the expense of governmental rights. This campaign to convince Americans that the collective takes precedence over the individual is simply a prelude to totalitarian government, a government based upon the Nazi ideal.
  3. Pillar Number Three is to revise our complex system of governmental grants for college with a single loan of $14,000 per student regardless of family income. The present system of grants, loans, and various requirements, which is just as complicated as government itself has made it, would be eliminated. On the surface, this proposal sounds at least benign if not good. However, as Ross Perot once said, "the Devil is in the numbers". Once you understand the details, you will understand that this proposal moves this country ever further down the road to Hitler's Nazism. Under this new proposal, a student would pay back the money he has borrowed either with money or with "community service". Of course, many young people will opt for community service, and the media will be right there to award them a hero's medal for their "compassion" an "courage". The real objective here is to firmly establish in everyone's mind the concept of universal community service as a duty which every individual owes to the "community". This service will eventually become demanded and we will all wake up one fine morning and realize that the "community" has become a most unfriendly government.

Then, the final step will be completed. Community service in this area will quickly become universal education at the college level. And government will very quickly do to college education what they have already done to the elementary and secondary levels. However, this proposal will also destroy all private colleges, even those who accept no government aid. This destruction will occur when the Federal Government makes "community service" mandatory for any student to attend college. After all, students who can attend college without government loans can escape the "community service" requirement. Immediately, cries will go up that this is "unfair" and cannot be tolerated. Thus, the government can step in and enforce "fairness" by requiring all students to finance their college education with government loans repaid through community service. In other words, there will be no other way to go to college.

If this seems too farfetched, please understand that Hitler used this method of "community service" to move Germany from a democracy into Nazi totalitarianism, from an economy based upon private enterprise into one based upon Fascism. Hitler called for a new "national altruism" which he said would develop "a new social conscience". A constant nationwide barrage of propaganda and peer pressure among the German population developed a national feeling that anyone who did not "volunteer" was a shirker. Of course, this propaganda pressure to "volunteer" was done in the name of "compassion" and "caring" for your fellow man. But, Hitler's real purpose of this "volunteerism" campaign was political, to change the state of mind of the German people, to put the interests of the state before the interests of the individual. Hitler described "voluntary social sharing" as a means of "educating the German social people to national socialism". His Hitler Youth program for young people 18-21 years of age was similar to what is being proposed today, but after only two years of conditioning people to "voluntary" community service, Hitler threw off the mask and made the program compulsory for college entrance. Germany was then well down the road to Nazism; America is following the same path, accompanied by much the same rhetoric.

4. The fourth pillar of establishing Nazism in America is to get Congress to officially establish this program. Eli Segal, President Clinton's national service director, is already working with congressmen and senators to write the law which would make this program a reality. And, once again, the "Devil is in the numbers". The plan is for the government to forgive loans through "community service" which will average $8,000 per student per year of college for the required seven years of community service. On top of this figure we have to add the cost to the government of housing and feeding each "volunteer", and of providing medical insurance, administrative costs, and a small spending allowance. When you add these two figures, this program will cost the Federal Government $18,000 per year, or $126,000 totally, to repay an actual outlay of $56,000. Therefore, you know that the driving force behind this proposed program is not economics. Congress evidently plans to initially create this program in a small way, planning that only 50,000 students could "volunteer"; however, according to the well tested principle of "gradualism", once the program begins, it will be expanded and expanded and expanded, to the point where it can be made compulsory.

Before we leave this subject, we need to address two more issues concerning this subject. First, this program will require each college graduate to devote seven years of his post-college life to the Federal Government. This is a very long time, much longer than compulsory military service used to be. This means that careers will have to be put on hold with certain individual opportunities lost permanently. Thus, this program makes no sense from a personal point of view. Individual students are going to balk at complying, one more reason this program will have to be compulsory. Second, we need to ask what types of community service jobs might be created to fulfill the objectives of this program. According to Al From, president of the Democratic Leadership Conference, there is a "huge backlog of unmet social needs". Were you aware that America has a huge backlog of unmet social needs? I recoil at the very thought, because it smacks of socialism at it purest. Al From continues to expound on this program, and at least he is being honest about the program's true objectives. He boldly states, "These jobs are not just a way to pay for college -- this is a big idea with the potential to transform our society". Unfortunately, he is absolutely correct; this type of program transformed Germany in to a Fascist system of totalitarian government, and it will do the same here.

One "unmet need" that Al From has in mind is a 100,000-man police force, a most chilling concept indeed. Why do we need such a large police force? No one has yet stepped forward to tell us, but history tells us that no totalit-arian government has yet formed that did not immediately move to establish a huge national internal security para-military force. Are we at last to have our own KGB? We can undoubtedly expect the creation of this force to be accompanied by a media propaganda campaign to convince us that such a massive police force is necessary to protect us from "spiraling crime". Mayor Dinkins of New York City has already adopted this strategy, immediately after taking office. He immediately expanded the city's police force dramatically, using just this same logic. And, of course, New York City will not experience any relief from crime, because the underlying concept is bogus. Crime is a moral issue, and can only be solved on a moral basis. This reasoning is simply an excuse to "transform our society", in the words of Al From.

5. The fifth pillar on which America is being moved toward official Fascism is economic planning, and again, we are moving on a parallel path with Hitler's Germany. For two decades now, we have been told by many business and political leaders that American business can never compete successfully against the Japanese unless we adopt their type of economic system where the government and business cooperate and coordinate policy. American proponents of this type of arrangement have labelled their plan as an "Industrial Policy". President Bush, that long-time, free-market Republican President, began immediately to implement this idea. However, he did so very slowly and cautiously during the first two years of his Presidency. Certain Bush cabinet officials expressed dismay that government could tell business what to do, nor could government favor selected business over others. This smokescreen simply provided Bush with the opportunity to set the mechanism in place to accomplish precisely this goal. In 1990, while decrying the "threat" of Japan, George Bush began to publicly change his position. On April 25, 1991, Bush announced a drastic step away from the traditional American free market economy and toward traditional Fascism. Bush selected 22 technologies which he said were "critical to economic prosperity and national security" that needed government "protection" and "assistance".

At this point, America became officially committed to the key concept of Fascism, that of governmental "guidance" to its private industry. Remember, Fascism is that type of economy in which all the means of production remains in the hands of private enterprise; the government simply assumes the role of telling private enterprise how it must run its business. And President Clinton has simply continued this policy. Both he and Vice-President Gore have repeatedly expressed enthusiasm for the "cooperation" between the Federal Government and selected private enterprise. Of course, once this Fascist type of government is fully established, the government will determine which private companies will survive and which will die. This is the economic reason Fascism is planned to be the economy of the New World Order. There will not be strong competition between manufacturers for available business. Those companies which government allows to survive will have a controlled monopoly, and can charge what they want to charge for their products and services, and they will be controlled by those businessmen who signed on to the New World Order long ago and who supported it fully.

6. The sixth pillar on which Fascism was established in Germany and Italy was massive government spending on welfare type programs. By the time the welfare state was fully established, a majority of the population was receiving some type of government support, thus ensuring their support for the continuation and expansion of the Fascist government. We do not need to convince you that this has already occurred in America, beginning with President Lyndon Johnson's programs in the mid-1960's.

7. The seventh pillar of establishing Fascism was a massive public service program, building the infrastructure, i.e., roads and bridges. President Clinton, of course, has proposed precisely this type of program.

And, finally, to finance all this government largesse, Hitler and Mussolini both ran unprecedented deficits.

Thus, you can see how American leaders, both Democrat and Republican, are precisely guiding America into Fascism, using the successful models of Hitler and Mussolini. Isn't it terribly ironic and sad that, despite the awful sacrifice of millions of Americans during World War II, our leaders are deliberately establishing Fascism in America today? But, we should not be surprised, because the spiritual beliefs of the New Age Movement have always been Nazi, and because the writings of New Age leaders has always stated that Fascism is the goal for the New World Order.

Time is very late, indeed.

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