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This is David Bay, Director of Old Paths Ministries.

And this is the Cutting Edge, a radio program dedicated to warning and informing God's people. We are committed to the study and exposition of the inerrant, inspired and authoritative Word of God. The views expressed belong to us, and are not necessarily shared by this station.

The moral bankruptcy of our society is well-documented. But, few people understand why we have become morally bankrupt. However, when we look at society through the Biblical eyes of God, we can easily see why we are facing the unprecedented troubles of today. This study of America through the eyes of God is what we will always try to do here; stay with us for some eye-opening truths.

As we have shown on so many occasions, the Plan for the New World Order parallels Biblical prophecy so directly that one can only conclude this new order is the world's title for the Biblical "Tribulation". Several months ago, we aired a program which showed the many instances in which this parallel was occurring. Today, we want continue this theme, by discussing one critically important area in which Biblical prophecy will be fulfilled.

This area is Economic Reorganization. First, let us examine the relevant Biblical prophecy.

In Revelation 13:16-17, Jesus Christ foretells, "And he (the False Prophet working on behalf of the Anti-Christ) causeth all, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads; And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name."

Normally, Christians focus upon the taking of the Mark of the Beast when they read this passage, but today, we want to focus, instead, upon the specific economic organization which such a passage implies.

First, we see the prophecy that the economy in the Tribulation period will not be a free enterprise which survives only because it caters to the collective will of independently free consumers, as our system does now; rather, Government will control every citizen consumer to such a degree that no one can buy or sell if they do not possess the proper governmental approval, which in this case is the Mark of the Beast.

Secondly, we see that no one is exempt from this type of control. The rich and the powerful will be just as much under the control of the government as the poor and helpless.

Thirdly, we see that governmental control will probably extend even to the point that government employees will be making decisions as to what is produced, when it is produced, and in what quantity it is produced.

This is the prophesied economy of the Tribulation Period. It will entail the most draconian control measures the world has ever seen. Most Americans, certainly those who did not live through the Great Depression, will find this concept hard to believe, since we have seen an ever-increasing level of material prosperity in our lives, and we naturally want our children to see it in their lives also.

However, the planners of the New World Order have a different concept. And they have a title for this new economic plan, called the "Redistribution of Wealth". When fully implemented, this Redistribution of Wealth will impact us more terribly than any other single event in world history. However, we will also show that this redistribution has already begun, and we are the already economically poorer for it and realistically far less free.

Let us start with that all-important guru of the New Age, Alice Bailey, writing in her book, "The Externalisation of the Hierarchy". Writing in November, 1939, Bailey's Guiding Spirit began to address the "Economic Problem". "There are adequate resources for the sustenance of human life, and these science can increase and develop... Man is the controller of it all, and they belong to everyone and are the property of no one group, nation, or race. It is solely due to man's selfishness that...thousands are starving whilst food is rotting or destroyed; it is solely due to the grasping schemes and the financial injustices of man's making that the resources of the planet are not universally available under some wise system of distribution."

So far, we have little to fault Bailey in her description of the problem of hunger in the world, but Bailey is not discussing just the problem of hunger; rather, she is also talking about the distribution of all resources in this world, like minerals, oil, and natural deposits of all kinds. Further, Bailey's euphemism, "grasping schemes" refers to our system of Capitalism and Private Property. The New World Order will abolish both of these "evils".

But, Bailey continues with her solution to this problem. She says the nations must understand the need "for sharing, for a free circulation of all the essential commodities." Those of you who are familiar with the principles of Communism will recognize this Bailey statement as being synonymous with the Communist doctrine, "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need". We should not be surprised, for we have shown that Communism is simply a cousin system to the New Age Movement.

Bailey continues to say that the solution is "right distribution" among the nations of the world. However, she laments that the individual nations of the world are individually sovereign and might decide not to share with their neighbors. Therefore Bailey proposes an "Economic League of Nations" which would force all nations to share with each other. Bailey complains, "Some nations have had too much, and have exploited their surplus; other nations have had too little..." This statement is too simplistic, since it does not allow for the reality that many of the nations which possess great wealth achieved this wealth the old fashioned way, by earning it and by handling their resources wisely. Conversely, she ignores the reality that many of the poor nations are poor because they do not have the work ethic of other nations, nor have their leaders wisely handled their national resources. No, this simplistic statement sweeps all these critical realities under the rug, and assumes that the mere possession of wealth and material things proves your selfishness and your guilt of "exploiting" the poor nations. And the solution is simple: Forcibly take your wealth away and give it to the poor. Again, this is historical Communism. But, wait one minute, you say, this sounds suspiciously like President Clinton's rhetoric both before and after his election. And you are absolutely correct. Clinton and many of his officials have been sounding this theme constantly lately. And, it is simply and purely Communism by another name. But, why should we be surprised, when Communism is a cousin to the older ideas of the New World Order, and when we remember the five weeks Clinton spent in Moscow in December, 1969, learning something from the KGB. Make no mistake about it; The New World Order, Communism, and the Liberalism of Presidents from Franklin Roosevelt to Bill Clinton are identical. Do not be deceived, especially by political labels.

Then, Alice Bailey takes yet another turn in her tirade against the supposed "economic injustice" of the world. She begins to advocate that every nation change to a new, simpler type of lifestyle, a lifestyle which will consume far less resources than at present. She calls for a benevolent dictatorship which will "wisely" and "humanely" distribute the necessities of life. And no one will be exempt. Listen with open ears and mind, for you will be chilled to your core.

"This simplification and this wise distribution of the world's resources must embrace the high and the low, the rich and the poor...serving all men alike." Doesn't this sound suspiciously like the prophecy in Revelation 13:16-17, "And he causeth all, small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark..."?

Bailey's Guiding Spirit, Master D.K., wrote this Plan in November, 1939. Remember, the emphasis in this Plan is dual, embracing both individuals and nations. It literally calls for the forced redistribution of wealth from those nations who possessed it, to those nations who did not. The first practical application of this principle did not have to wait long to be implemented.

From 1939-1945, the major nations of the world were locked in the death struggle of World War II. Following the war, Europe lay in ruins, and once-proud people discovered themselves destitute. General George C. Marshall guided the reconstruction plan which would rebuild Europe completely, friend and foe alike. This plan, called the Marshall Plan, accomplished its high-minded goal of reestablishing Europe. However laudable the Marshall Plan was in its inception and in its results, the fact remains that New World Order leaders viewed this Plan as the first practical application of their "Redistribution Of Wealth", the taking of the wealth of the nations which have it, and the giving of that wealth to the nations which do not have it. And, as is always the case, the first application of a New World Order principle was in an area about which everyone could agree concerning the need, and it accomplished such success that no one could disagree too loudly. But, the stage was set for the next great Redistribution of Wealth plan; this one would be domestic within the borders of the United States, not international as was the Marshall Plan.

This next redistribution plan occurred in the mid-1960's under the guidance of President Lyndon Baines Johnson and was known as the Great Society Program. Again, the goals were lofty. President Johnson proposed this plan to eradicate poverty in America. No one could argue with that goal; however, the Great Society Program did not eradicate poverty because it did not change the hearts and minds of those people who did not want to work. Since the inception of this program, America has raised several generations of Welfare Families, families in which no parent had to work to support their children, families in which producing babies was the thing to do, since they received additional money for each new child. Johnson's Great Society Program was nothing more than a gigantic domestic Redistribution of Wealth program. And, it was gigantic. Since its beginning, the Great Society and its related programs have given away $3.2 trillion, without accomplishing any of its objectives. Yet, just last week, George Stephanopoulous, Bill Clinton's closest advisor, stated that, if America ever hoped to avoid further internal violence and bloodshed, it must begin to "invest" in its people. What double-talk!! No, what a huge lie!! We have spent $3.2 trillion since the late 1960's, only to see conditions among our poor deteriorate badly, and to see the number of poor increase dramatically. Great Society programs are a dismal failure.

And since it was created at the same time in which Johnson was committing America to a huge, hot war in Vietnam, the Great Society helped fuel one of the greatest increases in the rate of inflation in our nation's history. This, too, was a huge Redistribution of Wealth, and Johnson knew it would happen in precisely the way it did. His advisors told him he had to place wartime controls on the economy or the combination of Great Society and war spending would dramatically boost spending to the point where great inflation would be triggered. And it triggered a round of inflation which did not subside until after the recession of 1982. Between the actual expenditure of monies under Great Society Programs and the spending on the Vietnam War, Americans saw their personal wealth plummet dramatically. This planned Redistribution of Wealth worked far too well.

But, Redistribution of Wealth worldwide was planned internationally as well, and it would further pick America's pockets. In 1973, Arab leaders of oil-rich countries very suddenly became bold and decided to dramatically raise the cost of oil. The impact was immediate and terrible. Billions of additional dollars flowed from the pockets of the consumers of America, Western Europe, and Japan. All the countries of the world went into an economic tailspin. While the cost of oil has subsided greatly from the tremendously high original levels of 1973, they are still more than double what they were prior to the increase.

But, Redistribution of Wealth continued domestically in the form of hundreds of tax and spend bills passed by Congress during the administration of every President since Johnson. Have you ever wondered why Congress has consistently passed such frivolous spending bills? These type of laws were enacted because our New World Order Congress, and supporting Presidents, were absolutely committed to redistributing our national wealth. They were preparing us to enter the New World Order. Now you know why our taxes are always being increased, to the point where they are becoming prohibitive.

Even Reagan got into the act by helping Congress raise taxes again in the mid-1980's. Presidents Reagan and Bush have vetoed many spending bills, but enough spending legislation was passed to create huge Federal Government deficits. These planned deficits are nothing more than Redistribution of Wealth, your wealth.

And, the list goes on. ABC radio, New York City station reported on October 25, 1992, that a bill has been written, and temporarily tabled until after the election, which would dramatically raise taxes on the personal wealth left behind following a person's death. House Bill, H.B. 4848, would levy taxes on all estates worth at least $200,000, at a rate as high as 55%. If you are thinking most Americans would never leave behind $200,000 in assets, think again. If a person owns his own home, has a nest egg of any meaningful amount, and has a life insurance policy, they would easily leave behind $200,000. The widow and the family left behind would no longer be able to count on any more than approximately one-half of the assets their loved one had provided for them.

But, now the time has come for gears to be shifted into high gear as the world prepares to actually move into the New World Order. In 1981, New Age leader Jeremy Rifkin proposed a new level of wealth redistribution in a book entitled, "Entropy: A New World View". In this book, Rifkin argues that the world is using too many resources to create too many material things. Even though the New Age believes that no energy is ever lost, that it is merely converted from one form of energy into another, Rifkin was proposing a brand new idea, that when the energy is used the first time, it is weakened so that its subsequent use is less effective than the original use. Rifkin explains his view. "A human being, a skyscraper, an automobile, and a blade of grass all represent energy that has been transformed from one state to another...the energy they embody doesn't disappear. It is merely transferred back somewhere else into the environment." However, this transferred energy is weakened, Rifkin says, so that it is "no longer capable of conversion into work...Energy can only be transferred to a dissipated state." Therefore, Rifkin believes the world is currently producing too many material things which originally use too many resources. If the world is not to soon find itself in a position of running out of usable energy, Rifkin proposes that we must change our lifestyle dramatically. We must move into a State run economy which would regulate the production of all material things so the world will not run out of usable energy. This radically new view is the reason Vice-President Al Gore, and other extremist environmental groups, are panicking over the supposed inevitable environmental calamity. The issue is that our present lifestyle is causing too many things to be created which produces a dramatically lessened energy in the next level, when the material thing produced is changed back into energy, an unusable energy. Even though this view is ridiculous and not backed by any scientific evidence, extremist leaders, led by Gore and Clinton, are using its premises to propose the most radical changes possible.

This change, says Rifkin, will require a radical "new world view", and he urges draconian measures to achieve this new thinking. He says, "The radical change in world view required to make this transition will have to be accomplished overnight. There will be no time for polite debate, subtle compromise, or monetary equivocation. To succeed will require a zealous determination, a militancy, if you will, of Herculean proportions." (Ibid, p.186, Emphasis added).

Did you catch the key words here?

These are strong words describing a political change to worldwide dictatorship. Rifkin continues, "Without a fundamental redistribution of wealth, all talk of lowering energy flow and heeding our planet's biological limits will result in nothing but the rich locking the poor forever into their subservient status...If they do not voluntarily begin to make this economic adjustment, then others will make it for them." Before you mistakenly believe that Rifkin is out on a limb with this view, without any strong supporters, think again. Rifkin is considered one of the premier New Age leaders. Furthermore, Rifkin is considered by many Christians to be one of their own. Pat Robertson has interviewed Rifkin on his "700 Club" TV show, and in 1980, Robertson praised Rifkin's book which we just quoted above. And finally, Rifkin's proposals have been rewritten in popular language from a most popular man, Vice-President Albert Gore, in his new book, "Earth In The Balance". Gore simply presents Rifkin's radical ideas in a plausible format. Make no mistake about it, Rifkin's radical concepts are the heart and soul of the New World Order Plan.

Finally, Rifkin reveals the true spiritual nature of the plan he is proposing. He says, "The traditional wisdom, as embodied in all the great world religions, has long taught that the ultimate purpose of human life is not the satisfaction of all material desires, but rather the experience of liberation that comes from being one with the universe...All of the great teachers of traditional wisdom have embraced the values inherent to a low-entropy life. Buddha, Jesus, Muhammed...all led exemplary lives of simplicity, voluntary poverty, and communal sharing." (Ibid., p. 210).

Now, Rifkin has revealed the truth about the ultimate plans for the New World Order. You and your family have just been "volunteered" to change your lifestyle to simplicity, voluntary poverty, and communal sharing. Indeed, the New World Order envisions moving the world economy back to where it was 200 years ago. And, again, if you do think our current political leaders do not believe this, just read Gore's book, "Earth In The Balance", where Gore states that the internal combustion engine poses more of a threat to mankind than any weapon of war ever created (Page 325). Now ask yourself, what is the weapon which poses the greatest threat ever to mankind? Is it not the nuclear weapon? Of course it is, and Gore is saying that the internal combustion engine is a greater threat.

This is precisely the plan to achieve this "new world view" of "voluntary" simplicity, poverty, and communal sharing. This view is echoed throughout New Age literature. The powerful Club of Rome speaks of one of its plans for the future world in these words: "A new ethic in the use of material resources must be developed which will result in a style of life compatible with the coming age of scarcity." ("Mankind At The Turning Point", Mesarovic and Pestal, 1974, page 147, Emphasis added). And what does "Mankind At The Turning Point" propose as the solution? This book proposes to reorganize the world into 10 Super Nation-states, a plan we have repeatedly shared with you. This political national reorganization plan, when carried out, will fulfill the prophecy of Daniel's 10 toes and 10 horns. Now you can see how very close we are to the end of the age. The new European Economic Community is Nation # 2 in this plan and the proposed North American Free Trade Zone will create Nation # 1. Remember, most current politicians from both parties are fully in support of this change to the New World Order. It hasn't mattered who we elected President since Franklin Roosevelt.

How does the Plan propose to move into this new economic system? The demon Master D.K., writing through Bailey in "The Externalisation of the Hierarchy", states, "Today we are watching the death of civilisation... In all fields of human expression...deterioration had set in. Worn-out religious dogmas..the grip of theology..Old political schools..the educational systems...there is everywhere a cry for change and for those new forms in the religious, political, educational, and economic life...which will allow freer and better spiritual expression." So now we understand that this planned change will involve all areas of our lives and will result in the death of our current civilization. Master D.K. notes this change will not be easy, nor will it be readily accepted:

"Such a change is rapidly coming and is regarded by some as death -- terrible and to be avoided if possible. It is indeed death, but it is benevolent and needed...For the progress of the soul of the individual and the soul of humanity, death is inevitable, good, and necessary." (Pages 114-115, Emphasis added).

Now we feel better, don't we? After all, if our civilization is to die, we will all volunteer to kill it or to be killed as long as we know it is for our overall good and will result in the establishment of "better" and "higher" values. Right? Not!!

Master D.K. further reveals on page 482 that the "Forces of Reconstruction" will rebuild the tangible world upon the newly envisioned lines, but that, first, these forces must totally destroy the old system. He reiterates this theme on page 518, when he states, " the destruction of the form lies hid the secret of all evolutionary growth."

It is very clear that the Plan for the New World Order envisions the total destruction of our current way of life, economically, politically, and spiritually. Thus, we hear repeated warnings about impending crises in all three of these areas:

  1. Environmental Crises have been trumpeted since the mid-1970's, and they have all supposedly been the result of our current technological way of life. Our technology is supposedly causing us to pollute our air, our rivers and streams, and our earth. We will die and die soon if we do not change our way of living. Gore's thinly veiled threat to the auto industry is just the beginning.
  2. Governmental Crisis: We have all been witnesses to the self-destruction of our current elected officials as they have consistently and massively failed in carrying out their responsibilities. We are at the point now where Americans could conceivably support the destruction of our current Constitutional system of Government under the right circumstances especially if the change is presented to us in the right manner and with high-sounding motives.
  3. Economic Crisis: We shudder at the enormous debt which our government has accumulated since 1960. This debt stands at $4 trillion and Christian author and economist, Larry Burkett emphatically states in his book, "The Coming Economic Earthquake", that this economy will fail sometime in the mid-1990's because we will then have to spend every tax-collected dollar just to service the debt. As we have stated before, our elected officials during these past 30 years have been very intelligent and educated men; and, they have persisted in accumulating this debt in the face of repeated opposition, an opposition which has accurately and loudly articulated their fears. But, if you understand the hidden agenda of the New World Order, you will understand that men who know how to run a Capitalist economy will also know how to subtly destroy one.

A planned crisis is brewing and will be deliberately triggered at the time in world history in which these occultists want to move the world into the final door of the New World Order. Of course, many of the planned actions to destroy the old system will wait until Maitreya the Christ arises, convincing the world that he is the supernaturally endued "Christ".

The possible form which this planned crisis may take is described by author Bill Cooper, in his book, "Behold A Pale Horse". On page 177, Cooper states, "It is true that without the population or the bomb problem, the elect would use some other excuse to bring about the New World Order. They have plans to bring about things like earthquakes, war, the Messiah, an extraterrestrial landing, and economic collapse. They might bring about all these things just to make...sure that it does work. They will do whatever is necessary to succeed. The Illuminati has all the bases covered...According to plans, many people are going to die between now and the year 2,000..." But, of course, we will all feel better, knowing that such death and destruction is for our "good". Thank you, Jeremy Rifkin!!

Enter Anti-Christ, called Maitreya the Christ.

This is the core of the plan to convince a panicked public that mankind has no alternative but to embrace a man who will claim to be Divine, and who will be demonstrating his "Divinity" daily through many visible signs and wonders. And, of course, he will claim to have all the answers to all the problems afflicting us. New World Order literature abounds, foretelling the arrival of just such a man. They call him, "The Christ, Maitreya".

The Bible says that just such an individual will arise and will deceive the entire unsaved world to follow him, to pronounce him God. The Bible calls him Anti-Christ. As we have repeatedly stated, we cannot ignore the fact that an organization has arisen which trumpets a Plan for world reorganization that fulfills Biblical prophecy to an unerring degree. In fact, many New World Order authors specifically call him The Anti-Christ.

Do not be deceived by the events unfolding before our eyes on a daily basis. We are being led, step-by-step, into the New World Order, which is nothing more than the Great Tribulation.

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