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This is David Bay, Director of Old Paths Ministries.

And this is the Cutting Edge, a radio program dedicated to warning and informing God's people. We are committed to the study and exposition of the inerrant, inspired and authoritative Word of God. The views expressed belong to us, and are not necessarily shared by this station.

The moral bankruptcy of our society is well-documented. But, few people understand why we have become morally bankrupt. However, when we look at society through the Biblical eyes of God, we can easily see why we are facing the unprecedented troubles of today. This study of America through the eyes of God is what we will always try to do here; stay with us for some eye-opening truths.

We have repeatedly stated in our seminars and at the beginning of every radio program, that, once you know the objectives of the New World Order, and know how our leaders are attempting to bring it about, you can follow the progress toward its completion in your daily newspapers. One of the most repeated feedbacks we receive from our loyal listeners is that this assertion truly is correct. We can see the progress toward the End of the Age New World Order on many fronts simultaneously as we read our newspapers. This past week has seen many examples of this now rapid pace toward the New World Order, and we want to share these tidbits of information with you.

Before we get started, however, we want to share with you two key passages of Scripture which, when taken together seem to frame our proper understanding of the drama unfolding before us.

In Matthew 24:4, 11, and 24, Jesus warned that THE single greatest characteristic of the End of the Age would be unparalleled deception, deception so very good that it would deceive all peoples of the world except for those who were the "elect", which means those who have become born again. People living at the End of the Age would be completely deceived; they will not realize the importance of the events unfolding before their eyes, and they will think that their society is normal and healthy. Thus even though society may be crumbling down all around them, they will not recognize what is happening; they will have lost the Biblical anchor and reference points, by which men of all ages have been able to reach accurate conclusions about the significance and the value of events occurring within their society. People at the End of the Age will have totally lost this Biblical perspective.

This is why, at the appropriate time, Anti-Christ will be able to arise and convince the peoples of the world that he is God, to the point of people falling down and worshipping him, and taking his Mark. When the peoples of the world do worship Anti-Christ, such blasphemous worship will appear to be so very normal and desirable. And remember one other very critical detail: Biblical prophecy is quite clear that Anti-Christ will be initially aided by the lies of the False Religious Prophet, who will be quite bold in telling his followers that they should worship Anti-Christ. Thus, even the devoutly religious will be led astray.

God states the same truth to the prophet Daniel, as He finishes giving this beloved prophet the many prophecies concerning the End of the Age.

In Daniel 12:9-10, God prophesied, "Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end. Many shall be purified and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand ; but the wise shall understand."

God is saying here that those who are wise, those who love Him and follow His commandments, and who have accepted His way of Salvation, will understand the times in which they live. Those who are born-again will know when the time of the end is upon the world. How will they know this? Because their study of the eternal principles contained within God's Word, and their knowledge of the many prophecies concerning the end of the age. However, those who are saved will be assured that they will know when the End of the Age is upon the earth because the Holy Spirit, Who has sealed all of us for eternity, will be revealing to every saved person that the end is very near. And today, we find this phenomenon occurring in every true church in the world today. Born-again Christians of every nation on earth are receiving God's message that the End of the Age is near; this spiritual knowledge is prompting God's true believers to rigidly conform to God's commandments, to purify themselves, and to separate themselves from this sinful world.

This is not so with the wicked. As God predicted in this Scripture quoted above, "...none of the wicked shall understand..." The wicked are merrily going about their way, living lives in absolute abandon, not knowing and not wanting to know, that the end is near. The human heart is wicked beyond belief and has an unbelievable ability to be deceived into believing a comfortable lie. This condition goes a long way in helping us understand the condition of society today. However, one of the most important reasons that people cannot see what is happening to them is that they have been thoroughly conditioned by our Godless media into believing the lie. People today are so conditioned that, as author Chuck Colson stated in his book, "The Coming Darkness", that people "do not even realize the lights are out". Such is the condition of people in our society today. People are living through the most momentous changes in world history, not even realizing that such changes are occurring, much less understanding why they are occurring. Let us now examine some of the news of the past week, to see how rapidly changes are occurring, and trying to understand the significance of these changes.

NEWS BRIEF: The Boston Sunday Globe, April 25, 1993, an article entitled, "Death and the Doctor's Hand", reveals the shocking extent to which this society is descending into Nazism. This article reports that many doctors are today participating in "doctor-assisted death", with the encouragement of the incurably ill person, of course. This article reports that this practice has spread from doctor activists, like Jack Kevorkian, to "everyday practitioners" who work "quietly and diligently, in suburban offices and homes and at the region's major hospitals". It is very difficult to argue against an adult making a decision that he/she wants to die rather than to continue to face a painful and debilitating fatal illness. When these people turn to their doctor to request assistance in committing suicide, it is difficult to say they were wrong, or that the doctors who assisted them were wrong.

However, those of us who are familiar with history are chilled by the sequence of these events, occurring as it is against the backdrop of this nation moving into Nazism on a number of different tracks. This trend simply fits nicely in with those other areas in which we are moving into Nazism. In Germany, beginning approximately 10 years before Adolf Hitler gained power, certain German doctors began to assist in suicides of people who were terminally ill. Also, in that time, thinking moral people were troubled, but they found they could not effectively argue against this practice on the same grounds that we cannot argue today: If a rational adult suffering from a terminal illness decides that they want to end their life because, in their opinion, they no longer have a proper "Quality Of Life", they have that right. And, when many of them turned to their physician for assistance, the German general public "understood". But, history records that this beginning culminated some 25 years later in one of the most massive, and certainly, the most effective, genocide ever, popularly known as the "Holocaust". This slide is chronicled quite clearly in a book entitled, "The Nazi Doctors", by Robert J. Lifton. Lifton states quite clearly that the Nazi Holocaust could never have occurred had it not been for the conditioning of the German people by this Euthanasia campaign described above. Lifton lists several steps which occurred after the beginning stage of doctor-assisted suicides of terminally ill patients, culminating in the gas chambers and ovens of the Holocaust. These steps are:

  1. The beginning, as we have stated, is that people who were suffering from fatal diseases personally decided that they did not have proper "Quality of Life", and asked their doctor to assist them in committing suicide. These people were called "courageous" by the media of the day, as were those doctors who were assisting them. Doctor's murderous actions were portrayed as simply "helping" the poor, unfortunate person who was in so much pain and agony. But, no one could argue because each victim was acting under their personal initiative.
  2. Once the killing began under these circumstances, many doctors throughout Germany began to decide on their own when a person under their care was suffering such a decline in "Quality of Life" that they no longer "deserved" to live. Doctors killed such people as the handicapped, the mentally ill, and the mentally deficient, using a deliberate misapplication of medical technology, so that the uninformed simply believed that the cause of death was natural.

Thus, at this point, German doctors began killing people both publicly and privately. In public instances, doctors were acting under the orders of their patients, while in the private instances of death, doctors were simply deciding for their patients when to kill them, based roughly on the same model as the public doctor-assisted suicides.

3. The next step in the public medical suicides was that responsibility in deciding when a person should be put to death because of declining "Quality of Life" was expanded to include the family members of the victim. Family members are always pictured as having the best interests of the victim at heart, and can therefore be counted upon to make the best decision for them. Certainly, this was the picture painted by the sympathetic news and information media. However, we know this is not always the case. The family member may be quite persuaded by such motivations as greed for the money and/or property of their "loved one", or by a revenge motive. However, the German media of that day could be counted upon to present each case as "heroic" and "courageous", so as to build sympathy for the cause of public Euthanasia.

Clearly, as you can probably readily see, America has proceeded through these steps in the public doctor-assisted suicide campaign. As we have reported on this radio program some doctors, such as Dr. Wolf Wolfensberger of Syracuse University, are warning that American physicians have been killing handicapped and disabled Americans for many years, in ways which parallel the German historical model. Here, too, the media is always selecting those examples on which to report where no one can argue with the facts that are given. These victims and their families are always being portrayed as "heroic" and "courageous", thus further building up the public sympathy for public Euthanasia. But, still in Step 3, only the victim or their family members could make the decision to die.

4. Step four was the further expanding of those people who could make the life-an-death decision for the terminally ill. At this point, committees of doctors and other medical personnel, plus individuals from the local area, were empowered to make the decision as to whether a person should be put to death. At first, the decision had to be unanimous but the rules were later changed to allow the committee to decide by majority vote. The major change at this point is that the perceived role of the doctor changed, from simply a healer and a helper to an authority figure who "helped" when he decided to kill. Thus, the traditional role of the healer doctor was reversed, and "healing" became defined as killing those people who no longer had the desired "Quality of Life." America is now at this point, as many, many doctors and doctor-activists, are arguing that they are not acting as an executioner, but is simply helping by killing. This step 4 was a critical turning point in the campaign to begin the Holocaust, because, for the first time, the decision as to who would die, and when, was taken out of the hands of the victim and his/her family, and placed into the hands of the committees of doctors and nurses.

5. Then, abruptly, the rules were changed again, to allow the doctor in charge to make the decision for the individual. This was a significant change because the doctor was an authority figure. Thus, it was very easy to move into step 6,

6. Where the Government could make the decision as to who would die and when. By the time this stage was reached, Germany was well entrenched in Hitler's Nazism, and progress toward the Holocaust was unstoppable. However, all throughout the Holocaust, the Nazis took great pains to ensure that medical doctors made the decision of death. Even at the final stage of the automated gas chambers and ovens, doctors in their traditional white robes daily inspected the victims in row upon row, seemingly deciding on a "medical" basis who needed to die.

We are seeing a massive and sustained campaign designed to convince Americans that public Euthanasia is admirable and desirable. We began to notice this campaign in the late 1980's, but now the drum beat is growing dramatically. Dr. Jack Kevorkian is one of the point men in this campaign to condition Americans to legalize and normalize human Euthanasia. TV, movies, book plots, and magazines are all striking the same theme, and are convincing millions. The Boston Globe began a series of articles entitled, "Death & The Doctor's Hand", beginning with Sunday, April 25, 1993, which we have quoted above. Other newspapers throughout this country are also joining this campaign. All this media propaganda is not happening in a vacuum; rather, this propaganda is simply the practical application of the proven Six Step Attitudinal Change Plan, by which deeply-held views of an entire population can be changed. We have aired programs on this Attitudinal Change Plan, and have devoted considerable time to it in our seminar; however, for those new listeners who may not have been exposed to the Six-Step Attitudinal Change Plan, we need to repeat it here.

The Six Step Attitudinal Change Plan works like this:

  1. Some practice so offensive that it can scarcely be discussed in public is advocated by a RESPECTED expert in a RESPECTED forum.
  2. At first, the public is shocked, then outraged.
  3. But, the VERY FACT that such a thing could be publicly debated becomes the SUBJECT of the debate.
  4. In the debate, sheer repetition of the shocking subject gradually dulls its effect.
  5. People then are no longer shocked.
  6. No longer outraged, people begin to argue for positions to moderate the extreme; or, they accept the premise, challenging, instead, the means to ACHIEVE it.

The application of this Plan to public Euthanasia is quite obvious. The killing of human beings in America has always heretofore been governed by the Christian teaching that only God can give life, and only God can take life. Personal suicide was always taught to be self-murder, and should not occur. Even during time of extreme pain, the victim trusted in God to know what He was doing, not even contemplating suicide. Thus, when doctors, newspapers and other media outlets, and victims themselves began to publicly advocate this offensive practice, the public was shocked. But, the advocates of personal suicide continued to press their case, causing a sustained public debate. This debate also caused a hidden change to begin to occur in the hearts and minds of the general public: The offensive action began to become not so offensive. Gradually, people began to become convinced, that in certain circumstances, some people might be justified in committing suicide rather than to continue in extreme pain and disability.

Once people reach this point, the slide into the morass of general holocaust occurs fairly quickly, and will begin to follow the next steps which we have already outlined, until officials of the Federal Government, most likely doctors, will be making the decisions of life and death. And of course, by that time, the criteria as to who should die and for what reasons, has been dramatically expanded. Remember Nazi Germany, because America is being manipulated into becoming just like Hitler's Germany, on a very wide basis. Satan is behind it all.

Satan is very clever and quite able to deceive. The stark reality is that this area of public Euthanasia is just one of many areas in which America is leading the world into the planned Nazi Fascism popularly known as the New World Order. But, this week's newspapers contained shocking economic news which showed how close we are to moving into the Fascist economy of the New World Order. Before we look at this news brief, let us again define Fascism: Fascism is the type of economy in which private enterprise retains the control over the Means of Production, i.e., Factories, Mines all types of business, but the Government determines how much of any type item is produced, when it is produced, and how it is distributed. The Government also determines the level of competition within any particular type of industry, a point which is near and dear to the heart of any businessman because all businessmen hate competition. Competition drives prices down, thereby reducing the amount of profit possible. In the Fascism of the New World Order, there will be no serious competition within any single segment of the economy. There will be only one or two manufacturers of any type of product, so that they can charge whatever they want to charge, thus realizing unprecedented levels of profit for the owners. Welcome to the New World Order.

However, there is one serious flaw in this rosy scenario: once the Government gets into the act of dictating the economic future of the private sector, it can force the owners of private enterprise to take actions detrimental to the profits of the owners. Inviting Government to dine at the table of private enterprise is like inviting King Kong to eat dinner with you every night. King Kong is known to be unruly and BIGGER than everyone else at the table put together. Whatever King Kong wants, King Kong gets. But, do not worry, the captains of industry who are most interested in achieving the New World Order think they have the solution. As soon as the world is reorganized in their planned 10-Nation configuration, a SuperMan will arise and claim to be God, convincing most of the people of the world. However, these captains of industry know something that the rest of the peoples of the world do not know, namely, that this man, who is to be called Maitreya the Christ, is one of them deep inside his heart. He is planned to be so pro-business that he will constantly make pro-business decisions.

This has been the plan for the New World Order since 1776: a Fascist Economy, a Totalitarian Dictatorship lead by Anti-Christ, and a worship of Satan. In the Twentieth Century, three countries have developed this type of economy and government: Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany, Mussolini's Italy, and Imperial Japan, otherwise known as the Axis Powers of World War II. All three countries developed the typical Fascist economy, all three had pro-business leaders, and Germany, especially, practiced open occultic Satanism. Japan's religions are very occultic in practice, but are not commonly thought of as actual Satanism; however, they are so close to Satanism that the Nazis thought of the Japanese as "Spiritual Aryans". Since World War II, only Japan has kept the essence of Fascist economics and occultic religion, dropping temporarily only the totalitarian dictatorship. Both Germany and Italy were forced to completely dismantle all three elements of their Fascist economies.

And, Japan has prospered since World War II, with the Government and Industry "cooperating" to bring about one of the strongest economies in the world. Her economy has been so successful, that many American leaders have been sounding the clarion call that America should emulate Japan's success with almost no one sounding the alarm that Japan's model of success is Fascist. Of course, these calls to move America into the Fascism of Japan have coincided with other major moves to bring the entire world into the total Fascist model of the New World Order. During the campaign, Clinton and Gore repeatedly stressed their intention to target certain key industries for cooperation with the Federal Government. American voters listened to this Fascist rhetoric without understanding in the least what the true meaning of these statements truly were. Now that Clinton/Gore are directing the United States' Government, we should expect that they would attempt to bring this campaign rhetoric into reality. Consider this news brief.

NEWS BRIEF: The Providence Sunday Journal, April 25, 1993, "Clinton's Talks With Japan's Miyazawa Yield A New Tone That Smacks Of 'Managed Trade'", page F3.

"While President Clinton and Prime Minister Kiichi Miyazawa agreed to disagree, no one...could interpret last week's exchange on trade as business-as-usual...The taken with [the concept of] 'managed trade'-- the trade equivalent of affirmative action. President Clinton...wants Tokyo to guarantee that a minimum percentage of Japan's industrial needs will be purchased from U.S. suppliers." This is the heart of Fascism. Japan's Federal Government will force Japanese business to buy a certain percentage of their industrial needs from American business. Of course, as this occurs, Americans hungry for jobs will stand on the sidelines cheering mightily, not realizing they are walking directly into the trap of Fascism. Americans are being exposed directly to the Fascist concept of government taking a more and more active role in dictating to the private sector. And this Japanese charade is designed to simply convince Americans that this type of government/ industry cooperation is simply the most desirable way to operate both government and the economy.

But, this article goes on to state that the concept of "Managed Trade" goes far beyond specifically dictating precise details of manufacturing. "Managed Trade" extends to how the currency markets are controlled. The article states, "The new political enthusiasm for managed trade, championed by White House chief economist Laura D'Andrea Tyson, has driven much of the free market-oriented economics establishment to embrace what is seen as lesser evils: managed currency exchange rates or managed Japanese domestic additional 5 to 10 percent appreciation of the exchange value of the yen with respect to the dollar would go a long way toward pricing Japanese products out of America and pricing U.S. products into Japan."

Thus you now know why the Japanese yen has been so dramatically increasing in the past two decades. Economists simply have seen this currency manipulation as the most effective means of moving America into the same Fascist orbit which Japan has been moving all the time. America has literally cooperated with Japan to give her access to our markets, while simultaneously allowing Japan to restrict our companies from doing extensive business with her, so that Japan will become the envy of the world economically. When people become envious of someone, they naturally want to copy that person. We are seeing the final stages of this plan today, as more and more Americans are becoming convinced that America must become like Japan if we are to survive. We are simply being manipulated and conditioned to accept, even welcoming, the Fascist system of the New World Order, a system embodied by Japan.

Another article in the Business Section of this April 25 Providence Sunday Journal reveals much of the tremendous progress made toward the ideal economy of the New World Order. Consider this News Brief:

NEWS BRIEF: The Providence Sunday Journal, April 25, 1993, "Made In The U.S.A. By Japan: Car Companies Are Pioneering A Global Manufacturing System", p. F1.

"The idea is to develop a world car at one plant and then export it from there." Wow!! This one sentence says it all, confirming what we have been saying all along. In the Fascist model, the Government will determine how much competition will be allowed in any particular industry. In most instances, there will be only one manufacturer of any type product. This article boldly confirms this part of the plan. Instead of having many, many models of cars from which to choose, produced by a myriad of manufacturers, there will be one manufacturer producing one "world car". If you are thinking that this is the essence of Communism, you are entirely correct. Remember that Communism is a cousin system to Fascism and to the New Age Movement. Most of the Communist ideals are taken directly from the principles of Fascism, with only minor modifications designed to hide the truth.

But, let us continue with our very revealing article. "In an age of multinational corporations, executives and global markets, Japanese car companies like Toyota and Honda Motor Company are pioneering the auto industry's first truly global manufacturing system. The idea is to perfect a car's design and production in one place and then churn out thousands of 'world cars' each year that can be made in one place and sold around the globe...They are moving..toward a global manufacturing that can be fine-tuned on a quarterly basis according to economic conditions in different markets."

This article gives us the basic essence of a Fascist economy: Managed global production of one car, made by one company, and produced in only certain areas of the world, most probably Japan, the United States, and Europe. But, as we move thoroughly into the New World Order, one ownership will emerge for the production of cars specifically, and for everything else, generally. You can see this trend toward greater size of business in every area of our economy. Small companies are being forced out of business or are being bought by larger companies. This trend is so far advanced that today even the banking and insurance industries are now consolidating.

Welcome to the Fascist system of the New World Order. And remember, to achieve this goal of controlled economic competition and markets, a totalitarian government will be required to force its will upon those people whose business is not chosen to survive, and to discourage anyone who thinks he can compete with the chosen business. But, of course, this coercion will be most effective if the peoples of the world do not see it as coercion, to gladly accept their new lot in life. To achieve this goal, the Plan calls for Anti-Christ to arise, with great signs and wonders, and to capture the imagination and the deep loyalty of the masses.

And the system which Anti-Christ will solidify will be the model of Adolf Hitler's system:

The world is proceeding toward this goal at breakneck speed, a goal which is nothing short of a revival of Nazism in all its forms.

Can you hear the clatter of Storm-trooper boots? They are being worn by today's Nazis, the troops of the New World Order.

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