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This is David Bay, Director of Old Paths Ministries.

And this is the Cutting Edge, a radio program dedicated to warning and informing God's people. We are committed to the study and exposition of the inerrant, inspired and authoritative Word of God. The views expressed belong to us, and are not necessarily shared by this station.

The moral bankruptcy of our society is well-documented. But, few people understand why we have become morally bankrupt. However, when we look at society through the Biblical eyes of God, we can easily see why we are facing the unprecedented troubles of today. This study of America through the eyes of God is what we will always try to do here; stay with us for some eye-opening truths.

We have repeatedly stated that unparalleled deception is THE hallmark characteristic of the End of the Age. Mankind will fall victim to the most incredible series of lies and deliberate disinformation that the world has ever seen. This unbelievable deception will be so incredibly effective that Jesus Christ felt constrained to warn against it three times in Matthew 24. Bible scholars have always felt this deception will be primarily spiritual, taking the form of false teachers and false doctrine. Certainly, we feel this is a correct interpretation, and, we see just this very thing occurring repeatedly in our world today.

However, we believe this unparalleled deception is not limited to just spiritual deception. We believe Jesus also knew that the peoples living in the last days would also be deceived about many other matters as well. Certainly, unparalleled deception of the great masses of people would be essential if every facet of our Judeo-Christian Western culture were to be overthrown, and replaced by a Satanic-values foundation, simply because a great many people would mightily resist such a change if they knew where they were being led.

Therefore, Satan's guiding spirits, who have been leading this charge into the New World Order since 1776, have repeatedly instructed their human agents not to allow their people to know the truth about the ultimate political, economic, and spiritual destination. The guidelines were simple concerning the leadership actions designed to lead the world into the New World Order:

  1. Radical change is to be avoided until the very last stage. Rather, all change is to be so gradual that people living through these changes will either not be aware of the change, or are only slightly aware that change is occurring.
  2. All change is to be announced with such high-sounding motives that few people would realize their true intentions.
  3. All during this time, the Plan called for a great conditioning process to be instituted among the people. This effort was planned to instill the new value systems within the vast majority of the population which would allow the planned changes. This conditioning effort was aimed at all forms of media, public education, and at discrediting Fundamental Christianity so a new man-made religion could be established.

All thoughtful listeners understand that our society has seen just such mass conditioning. In fact, this conditioning is so complete and so thorough that Americans keep electing the very officials who plan their soon enslavement.

As far as the planned changes occurring very gradually with the highest-sounding motives, this has also successfully occurred. In fact, the success in this area is every bit as effective as the success in the conditioning of the population in instilling new values. Today, we shall talk about just such an area, where our leaders have been systematically leading us with the utmost care since approximately 1939, where the changes have been repeatedly announced with the highest-sounding motives possible, and where the changes have been excruciatingly slow. We are talking about the Disarmament Of The Nations, a required goal of the New World Order. In fact, disarmament is so critical to the success of the New World Order that we are safe to say that the it cannot be finally established until disarmament occurs. We are further safe to say that Anti-Christ cannot arise until this goal is substantially achieved.

In other words, disarmament is one of the most important goals possible. Political leaders in the world understand this goal and are actively working toward its completion. Behind the scenes, political leaders the world over are united in the goal of disarming the nations. But, why should we be surprised, because the Bible foretells just such a concerted effort among the political leaders of the nations of the world during the time of the end. Turn with us to Revelation 17:17:

"For God hath put it into their hearts to fulfill His Will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the Beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled."

In other words, God has put the purpose and thought into the minds of every un-Godly leader involved in the End Time scenario to act in harmony in surrendering their political power and authority to Anti-Christ. As they surrender their authority to Anti-Christ, the events which flow from this act will fulfill every one of God's prophecies. This is a staggering thought, because it means literally that the control over the nations of the world will be directly transferred to Satan's man, Anti-Christ.

Then, and only then, will God's judgments begin to fall upon this wicked world. We see when this occurs as we look at Daniel's prophecy in chapter 7:7-8, and 19-20. From the Fourth Gentile kingdom, which we know to be Rome, will arise a configuration of 10 nations, led by 10 rulers whom Daniel calls "Kings". In other words, the world will be reorganized into 10 nation-states, each one of which will be led by one powerful ruler. As soon as this 10-Nation kingdom is established, an eleventh horn arises; Biblical scholars have identified this eleventh horn as the prophesied Anti-Christ. Then, the next event of this prophecy is that Anti-Christ destroys three of the 10 nations.

A parallel prophecy of this event can be found in Revelation 6, in the passage commonly known as "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse". This prophecy foretells that, as soon as Jesus Christ breaks open the first of the Seven Seals, Anti-Christ rides forth, quickly conquering the world diplomatically. And why is he able to so quickly conquer the world? Because of the activity behind the scenes by world leaders. They planned to reorganize the world into the 10 nations, and then to transfer their authority to Anti-Christ, in complete fulfillment of Revelation 17:17. At this point, the peoples of the world are completely deceived, as the vast majority of them accept him as God and worship him.

The next rider to come forth from Heaven is the rider of the Red Horse of War, whose rider is empowered to take the peace from the earth, so that men slaughter one another. And the Bible foretells that he is carrying a "huge" sword. This is the beginning of God's physical judgments upon this wicked and unbelieving world. This war is followed by the accompanying famines and death by disease, until fully 25% of the population of the world is killed. In the seminar, we carefully show why we believe this "huge" sword is atomic weaponry. However, this is shocking news to all New Age adherents, because they have been carefully taught that this New World Order will bring only peace and physical security, a goal to which man has been striving for millennia. Further, these same New Age adherents will point out that such a war scenario cannot occur, because the Plan does call for each nation on earth to give up their weaponry and their dependence upon conflict to achieve national goals. You see, the Plan calls for the elimination of both individual nations and their armies. Therefore, they say, it would be impossible for a war scenario as outlined in the above Holy Scriptures to occur. However, we have news for these very deceived people: it is precisely this New World Order Plan which will cause these prophecies to be fulfilled. Stay with us to see how this can be so.

The demon, Master D.K., writing through Theosophical leader, Alice Bailey, in the book, "The Externalisation of the Hierarchy", states that disarmament is absolutely crucial to the establishment of the New World Order. Writing in April, 1940, Master D.K. stated, "In the preparatory period for the New World Order there will be a steady and regulated disarmament. It will not be optional. No nation will be permitted to produce and organize any equipment for destructive purposes or to infringe the security of any other nation."

Certainly, no one can argue with the laudable goals as stated here. The goals are truly stated with high-minded objectives. However, as Presidential Candidate Ross Perot is fond of saying, "The Devil is in the details". Master D.K forgets to tell you how this will be accomplished. He forgets to tell his readers this security will be accomplished via an all-powerful United Nations, at the cost of personal freedom for every person on earth. No matter, for the peoples of the world will be so conditioned as to welcome this move, simply because they have been trained that the old system of individual nations and their military arms, are solely responsible for the many wars which have plagued mankind for thousands of years. These people will gladly exchange their personal freedom for their newly-found "peace" and "safety".

As we stated, Master D.K. wrote these words in April, 1940, just as World War II was starting. These so-called "fringe" ideas of the Theosophical Society did not have to wait long for official implementation. From August 9-12, 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt met with British Prime Minister Winston Churchill aboard the U.S.S. Augusta off Newfoundland. Both President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill were actively and knowingly involved in leading the world into the New World Order. New Age disciples consider these two men to be two most important links in the chain of leadership which will culminate in the New World Order.

On August 14, 1941, Roosevelt and Churchill released the results of their meeting by issuing an eight-point goal. This document, written in most high-sounding words, was called the "Atlantic Charter". It was one of the most important documents of the Twentieth Century, as it formed the basis upon which every succeeding President has based his continued support for the New World Order, and it formed the basis for the United Nations charter.

Therefore, this charter was a foundation stone upon which the edifice of the New World Order has been erected. We will not examine all eight points of this charter, but will zero in on the final point. After promising "peace" and "safety" in some of the previous points, Roosevelt and Churchill commit their governments to work for the complete disarmament of the nations. Listen carefully:

"Eighth...all of the nations of the world...must come to the abandonment of the use of force. Since no future peace can be maintained if land, sea or air armaments continue to be employed by nations which threaten... aggression outside of their frontiers...the disarmament of.. nations is essential..."

For the first time in history, the leaders of the Western world set the goal of forcing all nations of the world to disarm, giving up their weaponry to a higher global authority. This is a prime example of how this part of the goal was stated in such a way as to obscure the true meaning. Instead of stating the obvious fact that only a global dictatorial government could possibly force all the nations of the world to give up their weapons, Roosevelt and Churchill simply called for the establishment of a "wider and permanent system of general security". Not only is this statement ambiguous, it probably caused most people to simply yawn and go to sleep. This is the Plan.

However, from this point in August, 1941, the nations of the world were formally committed to disarmament. This call for disarmament was reiterated by both Eisenhower and President Kennedy. At this point, however, you may wish to stop me to say, "Wait a minute. If the plan was for disarmament, why didn't the historical actions of the nations of the world since World War II result in disarmament? More specifically, the result was exactly the opposite. Nations armed to historically high levels, including nuclear weapons. Why did we not disarm, if this was the goal?" Good questions. There were two reasons this occurred.

1. The political leaders of the New World Order understood that their subjects were very deeply indoctrinated in the foundational concepts of the Old World Order. In this order, people depended upon their government to protect them against their enemies. People knew enough about the Bible to understand that man's basic nature was evil and murderous so they depended upon their government to defend them. In the Twentieth Century, this protection included weapons of great power, complexity, and expense. Individual citizens, armed with rifles, could no longer be depended upon to adequately defend against an outside enemy. Therefore, the original concept of our Founding Fathers of a Citizen Militia gave way to dependence upon a permanent army. The decision was made to arm to a very high level so that people would understand that they could begin the "process" of disarmament without endangering security.

Then, once the process of disarmament has begun, and most people agree it is a good and lofty goal, our leaders may begin to disarm to the point of giving up our sovereignty, knowing the average citizen will not realize we have passed over the danger line. Certainly, we have seen this occur. After building both Western and Communist armed forces to a frighteningly high level, we began the process of negotiating disarmament. The point was never to actually reach disarmament; the objective was always to convince Americans that disarmament was a very lofty objective and to extremely frustrate us over the lack of progress.

2. The second reason our leaders chose to arm us to the teeth in the short term was to perpetuate the fear of war. New World Order leaders have always taught that fear of war is very effective in convincing people to give up some of their freedoms in exchange for protection. While our day-to-day freedoms have not yet been eliminated, they have been eliminated on paper, waiting only the correct series of planned crises. Beginning with the Administration of President Eisenhower, our Congress has enacted laws, and our various Presidents have issued Presidential directives, which, if ever enacted, would take away all our freedoms. The pretext under which these laws and directives were created was potential severe crises, both international and national.

But, back to the subject of disarmament. While the United States and the Soviet Union were conducting disarmament talks that accomplished nothing, both sides were arming themselves to unprecedented levels. But, everyone seemed to agree that disarmament was a worthy goal, while being simultaneously disturbed by the potential destruction of atomic weaponry. Mass media repeatedly stressed this frightening scenario by running story after story and movie after movie about the possible destruction of the planet. Soon, groups began to arise advocating peace at any price, the "Better Red Than Dead" group. While most Americans rejected that argument, the general consensus did move leftward, to the idea that the threat to world peace was weaponry. Citizens by the tens of millions forgot Biblical teaching that the problem with the world was the inherent evil of man. These same citizens also forgot the lesson of history that men were killing each other by the millions well before the invention of our Twentieth Century weapons systems. Today, the vast majority of people believe that man is inherently good, that he is corrupted into war and killing by weapons of mass destruction.

Therefore, the theoretical foundation for complete disarmament is laid in the minds of the people. If you want peace, simply get rid of weapons. The same logic is being applied by those New World Order leaders who want to strip individual Americans of guns. These advocates are saying that the problem of crime is the existence of guns. We can eliminate crime by getting rid of guns. Ironically, many of the same people who understand the fallacy of this argument as it applies domestically with handguns and rifles do not understand the same fallacy internationally with military weaponry.

So, by the late 1980's, the theoretical groundwork had been laid in the minds of the vast majority of Americans that peace could be achieved by getting rid of the weapons. President Reagan had achieved the goal of building our military to an unprecedented level, so most Americans felt that Russia would never deliberately attack. Now, the final step to complete disarmament had to be taken: America had to lose her enemy, that Russian enemy which had precipitated our immense military buildup. Suddenly, our well-armed, professionally-led, and unified enemy disappeared in a matter of months.

Immediately, some Congressmen arose to demand America take advantage of this "peace dividend" by cutting the defense budget. Almost no one stood up to ask some historically tough questions about this dissolution of the Soviet Empire.

Very quickly, American and Russian negotiators reached agreements on disarmament which had defied solution hundreds of times before. Entire weapons systems were supposedly negotiated out of existence, and the peoples of the media and the world applauded mightily. No one ever stopped to think that we were dealing with a nation which had broken every agreement they had ever signed; nor did anyone learn the lessons of the Iraqi Scuds, namely that our vaunted military intelligence did not know how many Scuds Iraq owned, nor could we find them to destroy them. Iraq is a small country that is very flat with considerable desert terrain. Yet, we could not find and destroy their obsolete Scuds. The obvious lesson to be learned is that, if we could not locate a missile system in Iraq, how could we be confident we could locate all the missiles in that largest country on earth, the Soviet Union?

However, our leaders ignored this lesson as they continued to reach military disarmament agreements. Are they stupid? No. They are reaching these disarmament agreements simply because both the American and the Russian sides are equally committed to the same goal of a New World Order. They are simply following a script. Remember Jesus' words in Revelation 17:17, "God hath put it into their hearts...to agree, and give their kingdom unto the Beast..." For years, American and Russian leaders have considered themselves to be co-laborers in this quest. This insanity of reaching disarmament agreements with the Russians which can be neither verified nor enforced is full proof of this spirit of cooperation between American and Russian leaders.

The goal of complete disarmament has now reached a new stage. We are now at the stage in the Plan that the greatest military disarmament in history will occur from within, by our own elected officials. We will be effecting these cuts under the assumption that the Russian military threat has disappeared. The fact is that all the weapons which were facing us when Gorbachev was the ultimate dictator of a unified Soviet Union are still facing us today, all 20,000+ nuclear warheads. I think you can see the outline beginning to form of God's judgment against the United States.

Obviously, the leaders of an internal American disarmament will have to be men who hold very definite ideas of the Russian threat. These leaders cannot be the typically conservative, traditional leaders in whom we Americans have always placed our life and death confidence.

During the Presidential campaign, we learned that Bill Clinton had been participating in the Rhodes postgraduate program in England. This participation should have raised immediate concerns because founder, Cecil B. Rhodes, was one of the first proponents of the New World Order. Rhodes' graduates are embued with a global vision based upon the Godless philosophy, "Humanism". But, then, we learned Bill was also a vociferous opponent of America's involvement in Vietnam. During his college years, Clinton lead many demonstrations in England against the Vietnam war. His antiwar leadership was visible enough that he attracted the attention of the Russian KGB, which was looking for Americans to recruit. Bill Clinton was recruited by the KGB and spent several weeks in Moscow in late 1969, at a time in history when a person could go to Moscow only if he was specifically approved by the KGB. Why was Clinton at the KGB? What was he learning? What world view did he possess when he returned to the United States? These questions have never been adequately answered by anyone, but they have great potential significance today.

Then, consider Les Aspin as Secretary of Defense.

Aspin has been in Congress over 20 years, and he has never met a military appropriation he liked. He has been one of the most consistent and vociferous opponents to the military. Asking him to take the reigns of the Pentagon is like asking a hungry fox to become the guard at the door to the chicken coop.

Consider Ron Dellums as the Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, traditionally one of the most powerful and important posts in our entire government. Dellums is an 11-term Congressman from the Berkeley area of California, a region long known for its Communist sympathies. Dellums has consistently supported radical leftist, even Communist, causes, a few of which we list below:

  1. Supported the Black Panther revolutionary group, even though over 300 Black Panthers had been arrested for killing policemen, robbery, and rape, and even though the organization had publicly called for the assassination of President Nixon.
  2. In November, 1970, Dellums addressed a World Conference held in Stockholm, Sweden, under the auspices of the known Communist Front Group, the World Peace Council.
  3. In January, 1971, Dellums organized a "war crimes" exhibit in an annex of his congressional office, calling for a Nuremburg-style wartime trials of American military officers fighting in the Vietnam War. He never contemplated bringing any Communist officers before this tribunal, even though their torture and murder of civilians was legend. As a means to emphasize his cause, Dellums publicly repudiated the medals which he had been awarded while serving in the US Marines Corps.
  4. In 1975, Dellums addressed a Berkeley symposium, stating, "We should totally dismantle every intelligence agency in this country piece by piece, brick by brick, nail by nail."
  5. During Memorial Day, 1977, Dellums visited Cuba at the invitation of Castro. Dellums called Castro a "brilliant man with a visionary look at the world." In August, the leftist publication Mother Jones gloated that "for the first time in more than a century a dues-paying socialist is also a member of the US Congress": Ron Dellums.
  6. In 1982, Dellums attempted to forestall an American attack on Grenada by assuring Congress that the huge airport being constructed on the island by Cubans and Russians was not for military purposes, a charge later proven to be false when American troops seized large quantities of letters and documents from the Communist Government of Grenada. These papers showed that Dellums had been in constant contact with this Communist government.
  7. Dellums has consistently voted against military bills, such as the MX missile, the Pershing missile, cruise missiles, the B-1 Bomber, nuclear powered aircraft carriers, the neutron warhead, Trident II submarine launched missile, and the Strategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars Program).

Dellums is one of very few public officials who has always supported Communism, always opposed military programs designed to protect America, and has displayed unbelievable commitment to pacifism. But, now, Dellums is the powerful Chairman of the Armed Services Committee. He is serving in this capacity at the same time as the equally leftist Les Aspin is Defense Secretary, and the same time Bill Clinton is President. Now, the question as to what Clinton was learning during those five weeks in Moscow in 1969, when he was the personal guest of the Communist KGB, takes on new significance, does it not?

The disarmament campaign of which the demon, Master D.K. spoke in 1939 has now reached the critical point where the world's greatest superpower, the United States, is going to embark upon an internal and unilateral disarmament. We will be disarming on the pretext that the world is now a safer place because the Soviet threat has "disappeared". Our leaders will conveniently ignore the twin realities that not one piece of the former Soviet military nuclear arsenal has been dismantled, and that only five 100-megaton warheads would be required to completely devastate this country.

But, there is also one more possibility. As President, Clinton could simply disarm us by disabling the codes by which all our missiles are to be fired. He could do this secretly, using the offices of the Defense Secretary. And do not count on the Joint Chiefs of Staff. No man gets appointed to this position unless he has long been an inside supporter of the New World Order.

During the campaign, many valid concerns were raised about the extreme inexperience of Bill Clinton; however, the most significant concern is that he is so truly committed secretly to New World Order doctrine that he disarms America well before Russia disarms, thereby opening the door for Russian attack. While this is speculation, something like this must occur for the Second Horse of the Apocalypse, the Red Horse of War, to ride and "cause men to slaughter one another". Any attack must neutralize all our complex and overlapping defenses, thus assuring Russian leaders that they can attack without fearing nuclear devastation.

Finally, we have repeatedly shown many ways in which America is on a parallel path with Israel in the days of the Major Prophets, a time just before God delivered His final military judgment using King Nebuchadnezzer of Babylon. God's final step in preparing Israel for her massive military defeat was to cause her leadership to change. God took away Israel's experienced leaders and gave her leaders so inexperienced that God called them "children". In Isaiah 3:1-5, God warned He would take every bit of support and defense from Israel, including their mighty men of war, the prudent, and the ncient. This reference to the "ancient" means that God would take away every man whose wisdom was sufficient to steer Israel on the correct national course so as to avert national disaster. giving them leaders so inexperienced as to be considered "children".

We seem to be at this point now. If we are, the world is closer to the point in time when the Red Horse of War rides forth out of Heaven than we might believe.

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