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This is David Bay, Director of Old Paths Ministries.

And this is the Cutting Edge, a radio program dedicated to warning and informing God's people. We are committed to the study and exposition of the inerrant, inspired and authoritative Word of God. The views expressed belong to us, and are not necessarily shared by this station.

The moral bankruptcy of our society is well-documented. But, few people understand why we have become morally bankrupt. However, when we look at society through the Biblical eyes of God, we can easily see why we are facing the unprecedented troubles of today. This study of America through the eyes of God is what we will always try to do here; stay with us for some eye-opening truths.

American Conservative, Fundamental Christians continue to be absolutely amazed at President Bill Clinton. As we reported in last week's program, President Clinton is beginning to kick the doors wide open that had been opened partially by others in the past, utilizing the principles of the Six-Step Attitudinal Change Plan. These closed doors had always protected traditional American, Godly values against attack. An excellent example of this is abortion. Clinton is now taking steps that will open the door into abortion so wide there will no longer be any effective constraints against the killing of the unborn. There are so many areas in which this action is happening, it clearly blows your mind, and it should make all of us understand that we are daily witnessing the destruction of the greatest civilization in history, bit by bit, stone by stone.

Today, we want to examine one other way in which this destruction of our civilization is now occurring from within by President Clinton. We have consistently shown in our seminar and in past radio programs that the Illuminati created Communism to be the Anti-Thesis force which would do battle with the Western Thesis so that a new system of government, called the Synthesis or New World Order, could be established. Toward this end, Pike's vision of 1870, which we reported last week, of three world wars being necessary to establish the New World Order, becomes suddenly very relevant. Pike declared that the First World War would overthrow the Czarist Russian Government, replacing it with Communism, and that the Second World War would establish Communism as a world power. History records that this is precisely what has occurred. Of course, this revelation means that the entire Cold War struggle with the Soviet Union was a sham; it was nothing more than our leaders, in cooperation with the Soviets, reading from a script, acting out a part from a plan which has been supernaturally created.

Before we go any further, we need to address the question as to whether this shocking thesis is possible, especially since the American educational system and the Media have consistently ridiculed the concept of a conspiratorial history. We have been consistently told that history is, simply and only, a series of accidental events.

Let us begin with the Biblical view of the End of the Age. In the book of Revelation, Jesus reveals that God will cause the leaders of the final 10- Nation Confederacy to commonly purpose in their minds to create a plan which would fulfill God's prophecies completely. In chapter 17:12-13, Jesus states, "And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings...[which] receive power as kings one hour with the beast. These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast..." Clearly, the only way in which human leaders from different countries and cultures could possibly carry out a policy in agreement is if they created a plan first and then consistently acted over many decades in order to bring this plan into fruition. And in verse 17, Jesus further states, "For God hath put in their hearts to fulfill his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled."

This prophecy clearly fits the definition of "conspiracy", because the plans of the leaders of the End of the Age to deliver their authority and their kingdoms to the Anti-Christ would be considered treason under any person's definition. Webster's Dictionary defines "conspiracy" as "A planning and acting together secretly, especially for an unlawful or harmful purpose, such as murder or treason." Obviously, these leaders would have to act in secret to be able to deliver their nations and their peoples over to the Anti-Christ, and just as obviously, these actions constitute treason to their existing governments.

In Proverbs 16:33, God states "The lot is cast into the lap, but the whole disposing thereof is of the Lord." This obtuse statement could more clearly be translated, ""The lot is cast into the lap, but the decision is wholly of the Lord-- even the events [that seem accidental] are really ordered by Him." This Scripture would seemingly rule out the popular concept that history is nothing more than a series of unrelated, accidental events. Of course, this is exactly what the conspirators want the masses of the people to believe, because such a belief would free them to continue their conspiratorial activities under the noses of their subjects, without any fear of discovery.

But, there is much more Scripture that depicts the flow of history as conspiratorial. In Isaiah 14:12-19, God reveals the original sin of Lucifer and also reveals that Lucifer is using human leaders to carry out his rebellion against God's plan. Lucifer, whom God renamed Satan after his conspiratorial rebellion, works through human leaders to attempt to subvert God's Plan by instituting a Satanic Plan. We see this worked out most clearly in Daniel 10:1-13, we see that Daniel had been praying for three weeks for an answer to prayer concerning greater understanding of the future of Israel. When the angel appeared to Daniel, he said to him (verse 12-13) that God had given him the answer to Daniel's prayer on the first day that Daniel had prayed, but that he (the angel) had been prevented in coming immediately because he had been held back temporarily by the "prince of the kingdom of Persia". This supernatural battle was so strong that he had to ask Michael, Israel's national guardian angel, for assistance. Then, after the angel had given Daniel the prophecy, he stated in verse 20 that he had to "return to fight with the hostile prince of Persia, and when I have gone, notice, the hostile prince of Greece will come".

This passage clearly reveals Satan and his demons are trying to supernaturally control the nations of the world, but God's angels are fighting to sustain His Plan. This supernatural struggle will continue until the end of time, and we see the ultimate struggle in the book of Revelation.

Now, let us return to the revelations of Satan to his followers since 1776, for Satan has boldly stated his Plan to his human leaders, and they have boldly printed this Plan in their books, which they printed and distributed within their secret societies. Since the New Age Movement went public in 1975, many of these books have been distributed and sold in New Age bookstores. Apparently, New Age leaders felt that born-again Christians would ever darken the door of a New Age bookstore, would never buy and read their books. Therefore, they have boldly printed their Plan. We provide pertinent excerpts below.

The demon identified as "Master D.K.", writing through Alice Bailey in that most important blueprint for achieving the New World Order, "The Externalisation of the Hierarchy", stated boldly that a supernatural Plan exists and is being carried out. Writing in September, 1940, on page 278, Master D.K. states, "The power here to be evoked out of the human soul, in this hour of need, is the ability to know the Plan and to work for its furtherance..." Then, writing in June, 1949, Master D.K. boldly states, on page 670, "The one thing which humanity needs today is the realisation that there IS a Plan which is definitely working out through all world happenings, and that all that has happened lately, is assuredly in line with that Plan. Necessarily also, if such a Plan exists, it presupposes Those Who are responsible for the originating of the Plan and for its successful carrying forward." In other words, the demon, Master D.K., has just revealed a secret that is entirely in accord with Biblical revelation on this subject, that history is progressing according to a Plan, and that human leaders are trying to implement this Plan in this stage of history. Then, Master D.K. drops this bombshell a few pages later, on page 677, "Disciples...have been training for nearly one hundred fifty years to do this work..." This incredibly bold statement simultaneously reveals that Satan has truly been active for a great many years to bring about this Plan, and that the beginning of this End of the Age Plan was approximately 1800 since 150 years before Master D.K. penned this words in 1949 is 1799. The official beginning of the current drive to the New World Order was 1776.

Master D.K. has just revealed that a Satanic Plan exists to take over the world for the "Hierarchy" of the Planet and for its leader, Lucifer. And he has just revealed that human leaders are working mightily to achieve this supernatural Plan. But, on pages 448-449, Master D.K. reveals three specific leaders who were currently attempting to implement this Plan. He specifically is talking about the summit at Yalta, undertaken toward the end of World War II, and attended by British Prime Minister Churchill, American President Franklin Roosevelt, and Russian Communist leader, Josef Stalin. Master D.K. calls these three leaders the "Yalta triangle of workers", who "met with goodwill to all and endeavored to lay the ground for coming world happenings".

Wow!! In one fell swoop, Master D.K. has just told us two critical things:

  1. World history is planned generally, and the events following World War II, such as the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the Cold War, were planned at Yalta. This revelation confirms the identical assertion by Christian author, A. Ralph Epperson, in his book "The Unseen Hand" on page 311.
  2. Master D.K. has also told us that the leaders of the Western nations were acting in coordination with Communist leaders. The leaders of both Western Democracies and Communist Dictatorships have always viewed themselves as secret compatriots in the cause of global government, officially known as the New World Order.

Finally, Master D.K. states that the human leadership who are directing the drive to the New World Order, are "working under spiritual direction as much as any religious leader..."!! Every American President since Woodrow Wilson has been spiritually directed to take specific actions to achieve the New World Order. This includes George Bush, with his obvious ties to the Satanic Skull and Bones Society, and President Clinton. As we have repeatedly stated, two former practicing Satanists have informed us that they believe both Bill and Hillary Clinton are practicing Satanists, based upon telltale signs of how they act, how they talk, and the persons with whom they have been associated.

Now, let us return to our original subject, that of more specific actions which President Clinton has recently taken which could result in the destruction of our society from within, and which show the intimate link between Communism and Western democratic leaders. President Clinton has filled some of his key leadership posts with people from the Communist Front Group, the "Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), which is headquartered in Washington, D.C. Since the late 1960's, The FBI has consistently identified IPS as a Communist Front Group which was striving to overthrow the United States Government by violent means, if necessary. (Newswatch Magazine, April, 1993, quoting sources gained from documentation gained by the Freedom of Information Act, p. 10-32). Furthermore, Dr. Steven Powell, in his book, "Covert Cadre -- Inside The Institute For Policy Studies", p. 26 and 393, states that "leaders at IPS have long yearned to 'move the Democratic party's debate internally to the left by creating an invisible (IPS) presence in the party'". This covert plan to infiltrate the Democratic Party and move its policies to the left would clearly explain how and why the Democratic Party has become so radically leftist, beginning with George McGovern in 1972. This also explains why the Democratic Party lost all elections except one between 1972-1992. However, IPS was accomplishing their goal to socialize America even though they were losing the Presidential elections, because they were operating under the Six-Step Attitudinal Change Plan. While they were losing elections, they were conditioning Americans to the concepts of socialist policies; furthermore they were buying time in which our schools could continue to turn out young voters who had been conditioned in school to look favorably upon socialism and to despise Capitalism. And of course, IPS was making headway because they had learned to continue to elect socialist Congressmen and Senators. In this effort, IPS has been greatly aided and abetted by those Republican Party members, including every President, who were secretly committed to the Illuminist's vision of a New World Order, and who looked upon Communists as compatriots in this struggle. But make no mistake about the fact that the Communist Front Group, IPS, has infiltrated the Democratic Party with men and women who are foundationally committed to overthrowing our system of government by any means possible, including violence.

Shockingly, President Clinton has drawn several members of IPS to be his advisors, both official and unofficial. Let us now look at some of these men and women, drawn from this Communist group, IPS:

* Derek Shearer -- "Just prior to his election, Bill Clinton appointed IPS man Derek Sherer as his top economic advisor." (Newswatch Magazine, April, 1993, p. 10). According to a 1988 article in the quarterly, Policy Review, Derek Shearer "is committed to socialism in America and sides with the Soviet Union on almost every important foreign policy issue". Shearer met Bill Clinton at Oxford in 1969, the same year in which Clinton met with the KGB for 5 weeks in Moscow for training, the substance of which has not been explained and probably never will be. Shearer is part of a team of informal, unpaid, economic advisors to Clinton, and has been one of the architects of Clinton's "Rebuild America" plan." (San Francisco Examiner, July 17, 1992). We have already pointed out that Clinton's Rebuild America plan is precisely the manner in which Adolf Hitler and Mussolini moved Germany and Italy, respectively, into Fascism.

The friendship between Clinton and Shearer is close. Newswatch Magazine reports that "Shearer's sister, Brooke, is Hillary's traveling companion". Shearer's vision for America is that we dismantle our free enterprise system, replacing it with a system in which businesses would be controlled by government planners. This system, of course, is not pure Communism, but Fascism, the planned system of the New World Order.

Interestingly, Newswatch Magazine, April, 1993, reports that one of Derek Shearer's compatriots at IPS is none other than Jeremy Rifkin. Rifkin is one of the most prominent New Age leaders, and has been writing and lecturing for many years on the spiritual and political nature of the New World Order. According to Christian author, Constance Cumbey, in her book, "Planned Deception", Rifkin has been interviewed on Pat Robertson's 700 Club on several occasions. This is one of the most positive and clear links between Communism and the New World Order leadership, and just simply confirms our position on this linkage.

Finally, Newswatch Magazine reports that, ever since her days at Yale, Hillary Rodham Clinton has been very active in IPS activities. Hillary was serving on the board of editors of the quarterly publication, "Yale Review of Law and Social Action", a decidedly leftist paper. Hillary was markedly against the Vietnam War, and this paper of which she was editor repeatedly urged active, and violent protests against the United States Government and the Vietnam War.

From 1987-1988, Hillary served as Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors on the New World Foundation. This organization consistently has supported both Communist and New World Order goals with its time and money. Some of the organizations which received money during this period are:

  1. The Committee in Support of the People of El Salvador, a Marxist guerrilla group.
  2. The National Lawyer's Guild, which the FBI has identified as being Communist.
  3. William Kunstler's Center For Constitutional Studies. Kunstler was one of the most active leaders of the anti-Vietnam War movement, advocating the violent overthrow of the United States and its system of Constitutional Democracy.
  4. The Christic Institute is a leftist group which "specializes in coordinating lawsuits aimed at paralyzing and bankrupting American patriots who are active in anti-Communist endeavors..." (Newswatch, April, 1993, p. 29).

Anyone can see, therefore, that both Bill and Hillary Clinton heavily support Communism and Communist causes. Our leaders have always been indirectly supportive of Communism, believing that the only way to achieve the New World Order is to have a mighty struggle over many decades between the Western Thesis of Capitalism and the Eastern Anti-Thesis of Communism. At the proper time in world history, Anti-Thesis would disappear and the world would enter into the Synthesis system, the Fascist New World Order. We must be at this "proper" time. We certainly have witnessed the planned disappearance of Communism, and now we are witnessing the Ascension to power of an American Presidency with open, direct ties with Communism. We cannot escape the reality that this first Presidency with direct Communist ties did not surface until after Communism officially disappeared. Only after the American public had been encouraged to relax their guard against the Communist menace did we see the emergence of a Presidency with direct Communist ties. It is also frightening to note that the appointment of officials with direct Communist ties, as we have noted above, corresponds to classic Leninist doctrine about how to infiltrate a government and take it over. Loyal Communist officials must be infiltrated to certain key posts before a Communist takeover is possible. These key posts are:

Thus, we can clearly see that, more than ever before, America is poised to a classic internal coup which would seize control over all elements of society, most probably under the guise of a national emergency. However, to reiterate one more time, our threat is not from official Communism; our threat comes from the planned Fascism of the Satanic New World Order. And we should be very concerned, because while the murderous plans of the writings of the New World Order are still just plans on pieces of paper, history is full of the murderous nature of Communism. Since we are now under a President with direct links to Communism and since some of his officials have direct links to Communism, the reality of the murderous aftermath of a Communist-style takeover cannot be ignored. Let us examine some of the historic record of the immediate aftermath of a Communist takeover.

Since 1917, Communism has killed over 200 million people throughout the world. Remember, Communism is simply a precursor system to the New World Order, and a kissing cousin to it. Why does Communism kill so many people? When I tell you, you will be mightily shocked, because you will realize that our schools and our media have been conditioning us for many years to believe this lie. Communism kills so many people because one of its foundational beliefs is that man is inherently good, not evil, as the Bible teaches. Does this sound familiar to you? Of course, it does, as this has been the teaching of schools and the media for many decades. I bet you did not know this was a Communist/ Illuminist belief, did you? A corollary to this belief in the inherent goodness of man is the belief that all the evil in the world is the result of man's inherent goodness being corrupted. And what corrupts this inherent goodness? Is it man's sin against God? No, it cannot be, because Communism/ Illuminism recognizes neither sin nor God. No, man is corrupted through his environment, through the situation in which man must live every day of his life. Therefore, no man is really responsible for the evil in his life, because he has no control over those environmental corrupters. The list of environmental corrupters is not large, but it is very significant. Communism/Illuminism lists several societal institutions which corrupt man's original, and inherent good nature. These institutions must be abolished totally and quickly. They are:

  1. The Family
  2. Christianity and Judaism
  3. Private Property and Inheritance
  4. Democratic Government
  5. Patriotism

At this point, you must understand that all these above mentioned institutions are directed by men and women who hold to these belief systems. Therefore, if the Plan is to abolish these societal institutions which are corrupting the population, you must abolish the people who are carrying these institutions forward. How do you abolish people? By murdering them wholesale.

Only once all the people who hold to these societal institutions are murdered can society begin to rebuild according to the new precepts of Illuminism and Communism. Obviously, for the Christian-based Family to be destroyed, all parents and their children above the age of 7 or 8 years of age must be killed. For Christianity to be destroyed, all pastors must be killed, as well as anyone who was once a member. But, beyond that, entire families must be radically destroyed to ensure that the "cleansing" is complete enough so that the new society will not be corrupted by the influence of any survivors of the old system.

This is why Communism has historically killed so many people. This is why the Illuminati has planned to destroy up to two-thirds of the world's population immediately after they take control.

But, why should we Christians be surprised? The New World Order is the Kingdom of Anti-Christ. And the Bible clearly says that his kingdom will produce a slaughter that is unparalleled in human history. It is no accident that the Twentieth Century has seen a slaughter of people unparalleled thus far, because it is during this century that the Illuminati has directed its final drive to the goal of the New World Order.

Since we know that the Illuminati is directing a plan to produce Anti-Christ, we can predict the general outlines of the holocaust, and how it will be carried out.

  1. Since the Second Horse riding from Heaven is the Red Horse of War, and since he is carrying a "huge" sword, we can confidently predict that nuclear war will break out, consuming some of the nations of the world.
  2. Since Revelation 20:4 predicts that the internal persecution of God's believers which will result in their martyrdom is beheading, we can fairly safely predict that this beheading will occur through the guillotine.
  3. Since the Illuminati knows that they will have to kill millions of Christians, Jews, patriots, and professionals, we can safely assume that, just before the onset of the killing, the army or paramilitary units will have to create huge camps which can hold the millions targeted for destruction.

In conclusion, this is not the time for any Christian to panic. Rather, this is the time to do precisely what our Lord Jesus Christ told us to do when we see the prophesied "signs of the times" occurring. In Luke 21:36, after Jesus had given the signs by which His followers would know that the End of the Age was very near, and that the tribulation would be global, He ordered His followers, "Watch ye therefore, and pray always , that ye may be counted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass..." Jesus was using very strong language here when He was warning us to "Watch". This passage really means, "Keep awake...and watch at all times, being discreet, attentive and ready". We are to be active for witnessing to others about Jesus Christ and to encourage others to understand the lateness of the hour. And, above all, we are to purify ourselves through the blood of Jesus Christ, for it is only through forgiveness of sins through His blood that anyone can be worthy. Thank God for this provision, and for the fact that Jesus' forgiveness instantly makes us worthy.

Are your sins forgiven through Jesus Christ's shed blood? If not, you have every reason to be dreadfully fearful; for you, the Hell of the Tribulation Period is just around the .

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