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This is David Bay, Director of Old Paths Ministries.

And this is the Cutting Edge, a radio program dedicated to warning and informing God's people. We are committed to the study and exposition of the inerrant, inspired and authoritative Word of God. The views expressed belong to us, and are not necessarily shared by this station.

The moral bankruptcy of our society is well-documented.

But, few people understand why we have become morally bankrupt. However, when we look at society through the eyes of God, through the Bible, we can easily see why we are facing the unprecedented troubles today. This study of America through the eyes of God is what we will always try to do here; stay with us for some eye- opening truths.

Many American Christians can instinctively feel that a noose is being drawn around us, and is being pulled tighter and tighter. Many friends and associates have repeatedly expressed their soul felt opinion that the Holy Spirit is telling them the End of the Age is near. However, one might be inclined to dismiss such opinion on the basis that these people want the end to come so they can be free of this "Veil of Tears" which so accurately describes this world. But, last week, an incident occurred which does not fall into this type scenario. As I was taking my daughter to the doctor's office last week, I happened to see a Christian friend whom I haven't seen for several years. She had always refused to even consider the possibility that the New Age Movement might be the political and spiritual organization of Anti-Christ. She had made a conscious decision to simply ignore the entire matter. But, she was troubled last week, because she had noticed that Born-Again, Fundamentalist Christians were being depicted in the news in the same light as the Jews were being depicted in Germany by Adolf Hitler prior to the beginning of the Holocaust. She had taken the matter to the Lord in prayer, and clearly felt that the end might be very near, after all. Of course, I commended her on her insight and her change of mind on this matter; but, the critically important factor about this lady's change of mind was that it had to have come from the Holy Spirit, since she had been so adamantly opposed to even the idea that the End of the Age might be near. She also changed her mind solely on the basis of this one observation because she had not read any material from any source that might have changed her mind.

She is correct in her perception that the noose is being drawn systematically tighter around the Christian, and that it does parallel the Nazi propaganda campaign against the Jew. Let us now look quickly at the pertinent historic facts concerning Hitler's governmental campaign against the Jews.

From 1933-1938, Hitler and his government officials systematically tightened a propaganda noose around the entire Jewish population, preparing both the Jews and the non-Jewish Germans for the planned holocaust. As soon as Hitler assumed power in 1933, he began to officially blame the Jews for every problem afflicting Germany at the time, and there were many:

Hitler promised to end this "persecution" of the German majority by the "greedy" Jewish minority by reestablishing the ancient Nordic, Aryan kingdom. This promise neatly tied in with a German resurgence in longing for the "glory days" of the old Nordic life, a romantic revival which had started in the last decade of the 1900's. Hitler craftily exploited these natural romantic Germanic myths. But, Hitler continually complained that these nasty Jews were single-handedly preventing the Germans from reestablishing their romantic kingdom. Oh, if only the Jews were to be made to disappear, heaven on earth -- a true utopia -- could suddenly appear.

Thus, when the moment came for the Nazis to publicly begin rounding up the Jews, very few Germans felt strongly enough about this illegal roundup to protest. Most of them felt that something had to be done about the Jews to prevent them from hurting the German nation any further. In this insidious process, Hitler and his officials, were extremely successful in redefining the role of the Jews in the life of Germany. The Jew had been made to appear as a cancer growing in the heart of the German nation rather than as a minority group contributing mightily to Germany's success over the centuries, and contributing much in both the present and the future.

Today, the same process is occurring daily in our news; however, this time, the group being targeted for the redefining is not the Jew, but the Christian. But, it is not just the Christian being redefined, it is the fundamental, Born-Again Christian. The issues being used in this process of redefinition are different, but the result may turn out the same. If Satan has his way, the result will certainly be identical. What does the Bible say about the fate of God's people at the hand of Anti-Christ?

Therefore, one of the signs of the approaching Time of Anti-Christ is an unprecedented persecution of Christians. Since Christians have been persecuted, and even slaughtered, in every age, this persecution must be very different; it must involve unprecedented numbers and intensity, because God will literally step aside to allow Satan to do with us what he wants, for 3 1/2 years. And, God in His Goodness, has even told us why He will allow this unprecedented persecution to occur. In Daniel 11:35, God reveals that this will be a time of testing of His saints, to refine, to purify, and to make those among God's people as spiritually pure as white snow. Since Christians have historically been held in high esteem, there obviously must occur a concentrated campaign to discredit them in the eyes of the unsaved population. This campaign will begin and end with a thorough and successful period of redefining the role which the Christian has filled, and will fill, in society. Satan will undoubtedly utilize his proven tactics of redefinition which were so successful against the hated Jew in Germany.

Before we get into the specifics as to how this redefining is occurring, let us briefly examine the requirements for this redefinition. Since the ultimate goal is to forcibly eradicate the Born-Again, Fundamental Christian group from society, the public must be convinced that this group poses a deadly peril to the continued life and health of the nation. Furthermore, since this process must be virtually invisible while it is being implemented, each step along the way must be very slow and deliberate, with each step appearing to be fully justified. There were several distinct steps thus taken in Hitler's Germany, and believe me, they are occurring in America today. We will simply list them at this point, and then come back with full explanation.

  1. Step #1 is to simply ridicule the group under attack. No attempt is made, at this point, to suggest that this group poses any threat to society; rather, people are encouraged to view the individuals of this group, and especially its leaders, as being ridiculous and laughable.
  2. Step #2 is to begin to point out ways in which at least certain members of this group possess qualities which are detrimental to society. These undesirable qualities may be greed, pride, or certain perversions. At this step, no attempt is made to try to associate everyone in this group with these qualities.
  3. Step #3 is to show that certain larger subgroups are also a menace to society and should be dealt with promptly and strongly. At this point, individual leaders may be arrested, tried, and sent to prison in highly publicized trials.
  4. Step #4 is to paint the entire group as a menace to society, such a strong menace as to require immediate and drastic action against every person

We are witnessing the beginning of Step #4, as we shall show in a few moments. Let us begin with a brief discussion of each of these first three steps in America, showing you how and approximately when each of these steps was undertaken.

  1. Step #1, the ridiculing of fundamental, born-again Christians, began to occur in the mid-1960's. TV and movies began to depict Christians and Christian clergy in a most ridiculous way. This ridicule lasted from the mid-1960's to the mid-1980's. Please also remember that most unsaved people do not differentiate between Protestants and Roman Catholics; therefore, any ridicule or dishonor heaped on the one spilled over to the other.
  2. Step #2 began in the mid-1980's when certain clergy, such as the Bakers, were shown to be nothing more than greedy hypocrites. There were also hints at sexual perversion. Of course, TV Evangelist Jimmy Swaggert was also shown to be a hypocrite involved in sexual activities. In this time period, numerous instances involving sexually perverted Roman Catholic priests abusing young boys came to light. Again, since most of the unsaved public lump Roman Catholics with Fundamental Born-Again Christians, we were viewed in the same light, with much suspicion.
  3. Step #3, where certain larger subgroups began to be viewed as a menace to society, began in the late 1970's, as the public began to be aware of radical, wacked-out religious cults, who brainwashed their followers to the point where they would follow their leaders to death. The greatest example of this type of cult is Jim Jones' cult which died en masse in Guyana. Jim Jones claimed to be a fundamental Born-Again Christian. Much of the public became very aware and concerned about this type of cult. Certain groups even sprang up to train parents how to "deprogram" any of their loved ones who had been "captured" by one of these dangerous Christian cults.

At this same time period, the media began to call the murderous Arab terrorists who were attacking innocent women and children throughout the world, "Fundamentalists". Some Christian leaders complained about this obvious attempt to paint us with the same brush as Arab terrorists, but to no avail. The American public has now been conditioned for 20 years to believe that Christian Fundamentalists and Arab Fundamentalists are roughly the same: Mentally unhinged, bent toward violence, dangerous, and destabilizing to society.

4. Step #4 began to occur last year, during and after the Presidential Campaign, as many columnists began to decry the influence which Fundamentalist Born-Again Christians supposedly had over the Republican Party in general and over President Bush specifically. On December 12, we reported on the most obvious attempt at this type of smear campaign -- a political cartoon which depicted Born-Again Fundamentalist Christians as filthy rats. These Christian "rats" were dragging the G.O.P. elephant into a "Fundamentalist" Christian Mission to get saved, with the elephant swearing under his breath. This cartoon is historically significant, because one of Hilter's most effective depiction of the Jews was that they were rats. One propaganda movie, called the "The Eternal Jew", was so powerful that one author exclaimed it could even make an Anti-Semite out of a Jew. This film purportedly traced the wanderings of the Jewish people from the Middle East toward Europe over the previous four thousand years. Repeatedly, the Jews were shown on the screen as being rats, as possessing the same type of characteristics and carrying the same type of danger to man. This portrayal of the "Eternal Jew" as a rat was so effective that Hitler and his henchmen were able to pursue their program of genocide much more aggressively and openly. After all, if the Germans believed the Jews were not human, that they were rats, everyone knows how to deal with rats. You kill them; you kill all of them if possible; and you kill them with no remorse.

As intense as this propaganda campaign has become, the Fundamental Christian groups are under fierce attack from yet another quarter. And, here again, we are witnessing a parallel with Hitler's Germany. As Hitler was beginning his rule, he used a violent group called the Brown Shirts most effectively as a battering ram against the German society. The leadership, and many members, were avowed homosexuals. They acted on Hitler's behalf in a manner similar to that of the radical homosexual group, Act-Up, today. Their behavior and antics contributed mightily to the change in German society which Hitler sought. Hitler used this homosexual group to effect a great change in German society.

We are witnessing a similar pattern today in America.

For the last 6 years approximately, the American homosexual lobby has been successfully depicting anyone who disagreed with their lifestyle, especially Fundamentalist Christians, as "homophobes", filled with "hate". This allegation of hate has been so successfully applied that many state legislatures are now passing or attempting to pass, laws which make it a "Hate Crime" to disagree that homosexuality is morally wrong. These laws go right up to the point of punishing someone for their beliefs and thoughts. Even though the Supreme Court recently has ruled specifically that no one can be persecuted for thoughts, American society is on the brink of doing just that. All it would take for this situation to change would be some sort of immense crisis. And, just as Hitler's own men set the fire to the Reichstag, blaming the Communists, so it is more than probable that the forthcoming crisis would be planned and carried out by New World Order provocateurs. Only this time, the Fundamentalist Christians would be blamed.

Another incident in the completion of Step #4 occurred this year in Waco, Texas, where David Koresh and his Branch Davidians were surrounded and ultimately killed. Koresh was depicted as a man who believed in many of the same points of Biblical doctrine and prophecy as Fundamentalist Christians.

This may be the opening salvo in the completion of the final step toward declaring to the general public that Fundamental Christianity, as a group, is as dangerous to the national entity as was David Koresh.

Let us review the characteristics of David Koresh, as outlined by the media.

Thus it was that David Koresh was so extremely violent and dangerous that it took concerted military effort to end the confrontation. The public did not protest too much when this incident ended with the nearly complete eradication of everyone at the Davidian compound. The Federal Government showed how to deal with these type people; you surround them attack them, and kill them. Do you see how this thread of propaganda ends at the same place as does the propaganda concerning the rats? Both propaganda tactics end with the complete physical eradication of the problem group.

Now, you ask, "What does this have to do with us"?

Christian author, Bill Cooper, author of the book, "Behold A Pale Horse", which we have quoted on this program, asserted last week on his weekly radio program, that the Clinton Administration was working on devising a new set of guidelines by which a dangerous, David Koresh-type cult might be identified more quickly and easily. The U.S. Attorney General, Janet Reno, was working with a group called "Cult Awareness" to draw up these identifying characteristics. Cooper identified this group as being Illuminist, which would mean that they would share the goal of establishing the New World Order. Remember our earlier statement that government provocateurs could trigger the events which would allow the government to seize control? This type of plan would require the participation, even leadership, of the Federal Government.

Do we have such a government now in power, one that is so committed to the New World Order that its officials would knowingly participate in such activity? Unfortunately, we do. We already know the extreme leftward leaning of Janet Reno and Bill Clinton. We could easily believe that they would work with an Illuminist group.

Author Bill Cooper lists several characteristics which dangerous Koresh-type cults share, according to this Illuminist organization, "Cult Awareness". Cooper was quite adamant that "Cult Awareness" was working with Reno's office to adopt these characteristics as the official policy of the United States Government. The characteristics of a dangerous Koresh-type cult are:

  1. They teach that their children must be home schooled. This draws the net very far around hundreds of thousands Born-Again Christians.
  2. They believe in the literal Rapture of the Church. This draws the net even further, around many millions of believers.
  3. They believe in the literal interpretation of the book of Revelation. Do you see how the net continues to expand wider and wider?
  4. They believe that the world is living in the End of the Age.

There you have the best example possible of how the net is consistently expanded, point after point, to include the great majority of Born-Again Christian believers in America today. These four characteristics are designed so they systematically include most Christians. And, this redefinition of dangerous cults fits perfectly with Step #4 of the campaign to redefine a particular group in the mind of the public.

But, there may be more to this story, yet. We have quoted Christian author, Doc Marque, on several occasions. Doc was a practicing Satanist for over 20 years prior to his conversion to Jesus Christ; and, several years prior to being saved, Doc was initiated into the Illuminati, and intensely trained. Because of this association, Doc has many invaluable insights into this evolving plan for the New World Order.

After the fiasco in Waco, Texas, Doc called me up. He was very concerned because he felt it highly probable that David Koresh was an Illuminist who had carried out a suicide mission. Doc related to me that he had been told, when he was still an Illuminist/Satanist, that the cult leader, Jim Jones, had been an Illuminist. We have already stated that Jones' actions in Guyana was the first salvo in the battle to raise the consciousness of Americans as to the dangers of radical "Christian" groups. Before you scoff too loudly, stop to think that these two leaders misrepresented much of what we believe, and did so in such a way as to discredit all of us who genuinely believe. A more thorough job of discrediting many of the beliefs of the Fundamentalist, Born Again Christians could not have been accomplished, even if the entire scenario had been deliberately scripted. And therein lies the critically important possibility that these two events were deliberately scripted by men who were totally sold out to Lord Satan.

Remember the concluding paragraphs to that infamous New World Order book, "The Armageddon Script" by the occultic author, Peter Lemesurier. "It was the function of Jesus the Nazarene in his day, and will be the purpose, too, of the New David whose task it is to set the whole new, prophetic process in motion. Upon him and his associates much will therefore depend."

"Their script is now written, subject only to last-minute editing and stage-directions. The stage itself, albeit as yet in darkness, is almost ready. Down in the pit the subterranean orchestra is already tuning up. The last-minute, walk-on parts are even now being filled. Most of the main actors...have already taken up their roles. Soon it will be time for them to come on stage, ready for the curtain to rise."

"The time for action will have come."

Peter Lemesurier penned these highly significant words in 1981. Rest assured, Satan has written his plot to take over the world for Anti-Christ and to establish his New World Order. And, God seems to be allowing all this to occur, undoubtedly because it is His time to bring all things human to its prophesied conclusion.

The world is Satan's stage. The outcome is sure. Only the precise timing remains a mystery. But, Christian, are you ready? Are you waiting for the Master's return with a pure heart and an eager anticipation? Are you actively living each day taking the most of every opportunity to share Jesus Christ with the unsaved peoples of this world? Are you taking the names of unsaved Loved Ones, friends, and acquaintances to the throne of God, to intercede for their salvation?

If you are not, you are sinning, because we are told repeatedly to do these things, becoming all the more active "as we see the time approaching". And it is approaching, like an oncoming freight train.

Turn now, to Jesus Christ, while the day is still called, "Today".

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