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This is David Bay, Director of Old Paths Ministries.

And this is the Cutting Edge, a radio program dedicated to warning and informing God's people. We are committed to the study and exposition of the inerrant, inspired and authoritative Word of God. The views expressed belong to us, and are not necessarily shared by this station.

The moral bankruptcy of our society is well-documented.

But, few people understand why we have become morally bankrupt. However, when we look at society through the eyes of God, through the Bible, we can easily see why we are facing the unprecedented troubles today. This study of America through the eyes of God is what wewill always try to do here; stay with us for some eye- opening truths.

At the beginning of every radio program, we make the clear statement that, once you understand the precepts upon which this program is based, you will never look at the news the same way again. This concept is never more clearly demonstrated than in the daily news concerning the United Nations. Each and every day now brings new information that shows the many ways in which the United Nations is being strengthened, with the clear intent of making it the One-World Government of the Anti-Christ, an all-powerful totalitarian dictatorship capable of ruling over every existing government on earth, including the United States.

Before we get into the specifics which demonstrate this strengthening, let us go back in history to March, 1945, to that most important of occultic books, "The Externalisation of the Hierarchy", by Alice Bailey (actually by her demon automatically writing through her, Master D.K.). This book has been used by the leaders of the drive to the New World Order as a detailed map as to how to effect the societal, religious, and political changes so necessary for this new order to be established.

In March, 1945, Master D.K. had great and swelling praise for the upcoming conference in San Francisco, which was to officially establish the United Nations. Master D.K. firmly states that the United Nations project was being guided from on high, by the spiritual Masters, the Hierarchy. And who is the supreme leader of the Hierarchy? He is none other than Sanat Kummara, identified by Master D.K. as the "Lord of the World". Of course, Sanat is simply a translocation of the name, Satan, whom the Bible calls identifies as "The Lord of this World". On page 476, Master D.K. says, "So the Hierarchy took its stand upon the side of the United Nations...men and leaders were carefully chosen and picked disciples were placed in positions of power and authority. The leaders of the United Nations and of their armies...are able to work -- consciously or unconsciously -- under the inspiration of the Hierarchy... On account of this...Christ became automatically the Leader of these Forces."

Who is this "Christ" who has become the Leader of the Forces of the United Nations? He is none other than The Christ, the Biblical Anti-Christ. In earlier parts of the book, Master D.K. amply demonstrated the occultic nature of the United Nations. He states that the conference to establish the United Nations will be held in San Francisco at a most auspicious time for the occult, during the time of the Wesak, the Full Moon of the Buddha, which occurs in May and June. History records that the conference to establish the United Nations was, indeed, held from April to June, 1945.

The purpose of the United Nations was to "establish peace", a goal about which we can find little to quarrel. However, the Bible teaches that, since man is inherently very evil, the only time in which this world will experience peace is when it is being ruled by Jesus Christ. Therefore, we can look at this claim that the United Nations will bring about a global peace with extreme skepticism. And, this skepticism is fully justified, as we can see on page 497, after Master D.K. has waxed eloquently on the supreme worth of the United Nations. Calling the United Nations the "saving force", Master D.K. then says, "This 'saving force' is the energy which science has released into the world for the destruction...of those who continue...to defy the Forces of Light working through the United Nations." Did you understand the importance of this last sentence? Master D.K. has just stated that the purpose of the United Nations is to "destroy" any nation which will continue to defy its will and its plan. Thus, the peace of which they speak so eloquently is really the peace of the grave for anyone who will refuse to abide by its values and its goals.

But, then, Master D.K. reveals on page 548 precisely how "The Lord Of This World" will destroy these nations and/or groups of people who "continue to defy" the United Nations. He states, "The atomic bomb...belongs to the United Nations for use...when aggressive action on the part of any nation rears its ugly head." Wow!! The United Nations plans to wage nuclear war against any nation which refuses to accede to the plans of Anti-Christ. Thus, you can easily see how the prophecy of Revelation 6:2-3, of the Red Horse of War, will be fulfilled. Christian, do not be deceived, the hour of the destruction of the United States in nuclear warfare draws closer with every step our leaders are taking which build up the power and authority of the United Nations, and which simultaneously weaken our own.

Now, recall the repeated statements by former President George Bush, to Congress during the time of the Gulf Crisis concerning the role of the United Nations? He stated, on several occasions, that the attack by Iraq against Kuwait threatened the New World Order, and that this attack gave the opportunity for the United Nations to begin to fulfill the plans for which it was originally organized. Now that you understand, from Master D.K., that the original purpose of the UN is to destroy, with nuclear weapons, the nations which dare defy UN rule, does this statement of Bush take on new meaning? The hour is very late, indeed.

What is the Plan of the United Nations? Simply stated, this Plan is to reorganize the world into 10 Super-Nation states, with a functioning United Nations at its head. Then, a Man will arise, The Christ, possibly calling himself Maitreya The Christ. He will claim to be the Ascended Christ Consciousness which came upon Buddha, Jesus, and Mohammed, each in their time frame. However, Maitreya will claim that he is superior to each of these instances of Christ Consciousness because he is now a Seventh Level Adept whereas the Christ Consciousness which came upon Jesus was only a Fourth Level. Peoples of the world will accept Maitreya's claim, primarily because he is able to demonstrate tremendous physical and spiritual signs and wonders. Immediately after Maitreya arises, he will immediately begin the process of consolidating his power and influence. Each of the 10 Leaders of the Super Nations will initially give him their support, but Master D.K. sees potential trouble, of war if any leader decides to defy the plan. On page 548, Master D.K. foresees that the weapons which The Christ will use in this battle will be nuclear.

Of course, we know that the Bible foretells, in Daniel 7:19-26, of precisely this scenario. The prophet sees the End of the Age, and he sees the world being reorganized into 10 Nations, each of which is led by a king. After the 10 Kings are established, Daniel sees another king arising, which we know to be Anti-Christ. Immediately after he arises, war breaks out. Anti-Christ completely destroys three of the 10 Super Nations. At this point, the world will be experiencing the scourge of the Red Horse of War in Revelation 6:2-3.

The outlines of the actual fulfillment of this scenario are becoming more clear with each passing day. If the United Nations is the government of Maitreya the Christ, it must begin to assume the functions and the power of any government. The function of any government is to exercise authority throughout the borders of its kingdom and over all its subjects. This authority is backed by the power of military and paramilitary forces (Police forces). Thus, it follows that the United Nations must receive its own permanent military force. But, beyond this, the military power of the United Nations must grow to the point where it is so much greater than that of any other nation that no nation would dare defy it. Thus, we should expect that, as the military power of the United Nations grows, the rest of the nations of the world will be disarming. We have already repeatedly shown you how the Plan of the New World Order calls for complete disarmament of the nations of the world. On page 191 of "The Externalisation Of The Hierarchy", written in April, 1940, Master D.K. reveals, "In the preparatory period for the new world order there will be a steady and regulated disarmament. It will not be optional."

Thus, we should expect to see two simultaneously occurring actions in our daily newspapers which achieve this goal.

  1. Action Number One would be the disarming of the nations. Since World War II, the United States and the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics have held literally thousands of conferences on disarmament. These many conferences yielded very little progress. However, we reported last year that, with the contrived breakup of the USSR, we would likely see the greatest internal disarmament in history. This internal disarmament is occurring rapidly, beginning under former President Bush, and being accelerated by President Clinton. Many units are being disbanded, and their equipment being stored for possible future use in a process the military calls "mothballing". Many military bases are being targeted for closure. Thus, our equipment and bases, most of which are State-of-the-Art, is being stored, or is it? This brings us to the next logical step in making the United Nations military the most powerful in the world.
  2. Step Number Two is to create a powerful, State-Of-The-Art United Nation's military fighting force. There are only two ways in which this buildup can occur. First, the United Nations could embark upon an ambitious manufacturing campaign. The nations of the world which have current weaponry certainly possess the facilities which could manufacture such equipment for the United Nations. However, this plan of action has three very serious drawbacks.

(1). This would be a very expensive undertaking. To raise the necessary monies to accomplish this buildup would require the United Nations to levy a tax on its member states. The development of the United Nations as the supreme governmental authority in the world has not progressed far enough for this type of action.

(2). Manufacturing new weapons would take many years to accomplish. The Plan for the New World Order seems to be progressing toward a rapid conclusion. I do not believe the leaders toward this new order want to wait this long.

(3). A rapid military manufacturing campaign would leave current massive stocks of State-Of-The-Art military equipment in the hands of the very governments that are going to be expected to submit to the supreme authority of the United Nations. Therefore, it seems only logical that this rapid buildup of the military capability of the United Nations would occur through massive transfers of current military units and weaponry from the sovereign nations which currently own them to the United Nations. These twin actions would simultaneously strengthen the United Nations and weaken the individual sovereign nations of the world. We are seeing these twin actions occurring daily today, and we need to examine them in some depth.

First, American military units are being disbanded, and military personnel are being released. Most of us know from firsthand experience of relatives and/or friends being released. We also read of similar disbanding and releasing of personnel in the former USSR, and in NATO countries.

Secondly, we can see that some military units from all these countries are being reassigned to the United Nations. We have seen pictures of Russian soldiers putting on the blue helmets of the United Nations and sewing blue patches on their uniforms. We have heard news reports of some American soldiers in Europe also donning blue helmets and uniform patches. We also see instances where American units are operating side-by-side with units from other countries, all under UN command. We have also seen instances in which United Nation's forces have been outgunned by the forces which oppose them. To rectify this situation, we have seen how forces currently under the command of their sovereign nation have been temporarily placed under the command of the United Nations. We were startled last week when the combined UN force in Somalia suddenly attacked the headquarters of the rebel general with overwhelming firepower. The world is not used to UN forces using such power; rather, we are used to seeing impotent UN "peacekeeping" forces possessing no power and meekly retreating under enemy pressure. This strong UN attack was surprising, yet indicative of the fact that the process to bring the UN into superpower strength has entered a new phase.

This is only the beginning of the planned transfer of weaponry and the personnel trained to effectively operate them, to the United Nations. Leaders of the drive to the New World Order are undoubtedly watching carefully to see if the American public reacts negatively to these beginning transfers of military units and weaponry. If these leaders do not see significant negative reaction, they will increase both the scope and the speed of such transfers.

At this point, we need to adopt the assumption which the people of the Soviet Union adopted toward their own Communist Government. They came to assume that what they observed occurring represented only a small fraction of the activity which was really occurring. And, they came to assume the opposite of what they were being told.

If these two assumptions are true in this instance, and I believe them to be, we can probably safely assume two things:

  1. The current visible transfers of men and their weapons to United Nations control represent only a small fraction of the transfers which are really taking place. I was startled last Fall, when it was announced that President Bush had transferred operational control over Fort Dix, located in New Jersey, to the United Nations.
  2. The reasoning as to why the limited transfers which we are allowed to see is not the true reason behind such transfers. When Adolf Hitler was putting the structure into place which would allow him to wage world war and to carry out his Holocaust, he ascribed great and lofty goals to each step, thus assuring that he deceived his German subjects until it was too late for anyone to stop him. Rest assured, dear brethren, we are being deceived in precisely the same way today. Thus, when former President Bush stated that he was turning over Fort Dix to the United Nations so they could use it as a training facility, we can safely understand that the UN will use it for far more important and sinister purposes than just training. Nothing would prohibit the UN from using Fort Dix as a site to station battle-ready troops, probably a full division, which could immediately strike out to capture strategic targets in the area, such as New York City and the entire populous area of New Jersey.

Let us stop at this moment to review what we know to be absolute fact:

  1. The supernatural demon, Master D.K. states quite boldly that the purpose of the United Nations is to rule the world as an absolute dictatorship, once the world enters into the New World Order. This situation dictates that individual national sovereignty is ended. No nation could carry out any action on its own initiative any longer.
  2. Master D.K. boldly warns that the UN will destroy any nation with nuclear weapons which dares defy its will.
  3. President Bush and other leaders of both Western and Communist nations, began to declare, in August, 1990, that the world had entered the New World Order. Immediately, these leaders began to refuse to carry out actions on their own initiative, insisting that they could act only upon UN authority.
  4. Since August, 1990, the UN has been strengthened both politically and militarily, to the point where the public has seen very limited transfers of men and weaponry to UN control.

Therefore, we are very safe ground to believe that the rest of the plan to equip the UN with enough military muscle which would allow it to dictate to every nation on earth, is now occurring. Further, we are on very safe ground in understanding that the pace of this transfer will quicken dramatically, because the limited transfers which have been made public have not elicited any cries of protest or alarm from the American public.

Thus, we note with interest reports of massive transfers of military units complete with their entire inventories of weaponry from American control to UN control. These reports have come from two Christian newsletters, the Christian Intelligence Alert, dated June 23, 1993, and the Monetary and Economic Review, dated March, 1993. Both newsletters report that selected American forces have been transferred to a United Nations force with the cryptic title, "FINCEN". This acronym stands for "Financial Crime and Enforcement".

The Monetary and Economic Review reports that FINCEN is officially a law enforcement arm of the United Nations. Personnel from the FBI, the CIA, and the ATF have been transferred to FINCEN jurisdiction. Thus, we would expect that law enforcement supplies would flow to FINCEN so it could fulfill whatever role envisioned for it. Everyone in America should be startled to realize that the United Nations now has the official capability to act in a law enforcement capacity within the sovereign borders of the United States.

However, we are completely shocked by the next disclosure by the Monetary and Economic Review. "In November, 1990, President Bush signed an executive order that transferred one-third of our strategic reserve aircraft over to FINCEN...They were painted black and have no markings..." I was shocked at this disclosure, because I have recently seen black helicopters with no markings, but never gave it a second thought. The idea that the United Nations now has State-Of-The-Art aircraft and that they are operating them on American territory, sends chills down my spine. But, why should I feel this way? I know this is the Plan. I guess the greatest reason I am shocked is the disclosure that "strategic" aircraft had been reassigned to the UN. Strategic always denotes nuclear weapons. Therefore, Bush transferred nuclear weapons capability to the UN? Surely, there is no justification for any police force any- where possessing nuclear weapons, unless you understand the Plan for the New World Order. Suddenly, the Red Horse of War in Revelation 6 and the nuclear destruction of Economic Babylon in Revelation 18 become much more plausible.

As much as we would like to fault President Bush for his willing cooperation in this Plan to hand over American sovereignty and freedoms to the Satanic United Nations, we should understand that every President since Franklin D. Roosevelt has equally participated in this Plan. Specifically, however, we know that Bush's action is simply the logical outgrowth of the New World Order Plan. However, one of the concrete steps toward this Satanic kingdom was laid in place by none other than our "Camelot President", John Kennedy. President Kennedy's enunciation, in 1961, was reported by State Department Publication #7277. Kennedy's Plan was titled, "Freedom From War: The U.S. Program For General and Complete Disarmament In A Peaceful World". President Kennedy foresaw the need for this disarmament to fall into distinct steps:

  1. "The UN peace force shall be established and progressively strengthened..." We have been in this first stage since approximately 1988.
  2. In the next stage, "progressive, controlled disarmament would proceed to a point where no state (including the US) would have the military power to challenge the progressively strengthened UN force".

This sounds like the Plan as laid out by Master D.K., does it not? Do not be deceived, dear Christian, our leaders since FDR have progressively lead America to this point, of giving up our sovereignty to the United Nations. Without our knowledge or consent, Presidents Bush and Clinton have transferred major units of American forces, both men and weaponry, to the United Nations for the purposes of "destroying" any state which "dares defy" the will of the United Nations. And, their Plan fulfills Biblical prophecy precisely.

There is one more element to this bizarre Plan. Russian Communists discovered that the wide diversity of their vast empire, which was called the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, posed a severe problem in population control. They discovered that troops were unwilling to carry out severe action against their own population. Therefore, soldiers were dispersed so they would be on duty in populations which were not native. In other words, White European Russians were assigned to patrol Arabic provinces, while nonwhite European USSR troops were assigned to European Russian provinces. I believe this may be the plan for the New World Order. I believe it possible that American troops might be shifted overseas to serve in places like Africa and Bosnia, while non-Americans would be transferred here. Is this the rationale for the pending commitment of American troops to foreign countries?

As far as foreign troops being assigned here is concerned, it would be easy to fly them in to bases here without any media or public attention. But, this would require large numbers of troops being sequestered in this country without being seen. Where might these large numbers of foreign troops be kept? For starters, how about Fort Dix in New Jersey? President Bush signed control over that facility last Fall to the United Nations. And, it would not be a surprise to me to find out that other bases targeted for closure had been filled with foreign "peacekeeping" UN troops. In this way, when the time came for "severe" measures to be taken, American boys and men would not have to be severe with their own people.

All this intrigue simply fulfills Biblical prophecy. The key elements of this scenario were laid out in our seminars from 1989-1991. In these seminars, we foretold that UN forces would gradually be strengthened so that the time would come when no power could withstand her. We further predicted that the time would come when foreign troops would serve on American soil, carrying out the mass arrests and the initial separation of the arrested population inherent in concentration camps. You see, this is the Plan for finally moving America and the world into the New World Order. The only missing ingredient was the timing.

These terrible plans are simply God's judgment in action. And, do not be deceived, America richly deserves God's judgment, more than any other nation on earth, because we have committed the sin for which God physically destroyed Israel. Like Israel, America has sinned horribly against the greatest spiritual light. No nation on earth has been so saturated with the Gospel of Jesus Christ as has America. Therefore, when America turned her back on this Gospel Truth the stage was set for God's certain physical judgment. Since we believe that the Economic Babylon destroyed by God in Revelation 18 may be the United States, we believe that the war which breaks out may be a nuclear attack. As you read of the stated effects of this prophesied attack, you can reach no other conclusion except that this attack is nuclear, as no other weapon destroys a nation in one hour. If this is the case, then the scenario outlined in our seminar in 1989 has become more viable than ever. Listen to our seminar scenario of how our destruction could occur:

"...there will be a terrible nuclear crisis between the U.S.S.R. and the U.S.A. that will be solved by the U.N.; the final nuclear disarmament that will `solve' the danger of nuclear weaponry will take place under the authority of the United Nations. Mutual nuclear disarmament is planned worldwide, with the leaders of America and Russia knowingly involved. American leaders are able to convince the great majority of American citizens that nuclear disarmament is the right course of action.

America negotiates mutual, 100% elimination of all nuclear weapons. All weapons are targeted for transfer. This could only happen as a result of a crisis in which the world was almost destroyed by war. At the peak of the crisis, American and Russian leaders meet and agree to transfer their nuclear weaponry simultaneously to the United Nations.

Remember Jesus' words in Revelation 18:8, "So shall her plagues and calamities come thick upon her in a single day...and she shall be utterly consumed--burned up with fire; for MIGHTY is the Lord God Who judges her".

Are you spiritually ready?

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