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This is David Bay, Director of Old Paths Ministries.

And this is the Cutting Edge, a radio program dedicated to warning and informing God's people. We are committed to the study and exposition of the inerrant, inspired and authoritative Word of God. The views expressed belong to us, and are not necessarily shared by this station.

The moral bankruptcy of our society is well-documented.

But, few people understand why we have become morally bankrupt. However, when we look at society through the eyes of God, through the Bible, we can easily see why we are facing the unprecedented troubles today. This study of America through the eyes of God is what wewill always try to do here; stay with us for some eye- opening truths.

Several weeks ago, we reported that the Plan for the final implementation of the New World Order called for urban terror to begin occurring simultaneously in many cities throughout the United States. This urban terror would then provide the pretext for the Federal Government to declare Martial Law, suspend the Constitution, and impose the total dictatorship called for in this new system. The American people have been thoroughly conditioned to this concept in the last two decades. First, several authors have introduced best-selling novels that contain the plot of urban terror unleashed against American cities. Some novels like Tom Clancy's "Sum Of All Fears", have featured this scenario as their main plot, and some movies and TV shows have also featured urban terror against American cities.

At this point, I think it helpful if we checked the basic plan for American society in the Plan for the New World Order, if for no other reason than to make it plain to everyone that the leaders to this new system do not have our best interests at heart.

First, Elizabeth van Buren, writing in 1981, in her book, "Secrets of the Illuminati", asserts that the Guiding Spirits of Illuminists in the 1700's were teaching that the new North American continent should be established as a "New Atlantis". Of course, occultists have long believed that a very advanced occultic island kingdom named Atlantis existed in the Mediterranean approximately 12,000 years ago. Citizens of this kingdom were highly advanced in occultic sciences, being able to psychically communicate, to psychically travel through space and time, and to heal themselves psychically. As a sign of this advanced occultic ability, they had a physical "Third Eye" located between their two regular eyes. However, this "wonderful" kingdom was destroyed so cataclysmic that the entire island sunk to the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, with only a few survivors called Aryans, some of which migrated to the German area of Europe and some to Tibet. Occultists believe that Atlantis was destroyed through a misuse of highly advanced technology ("The New Age Dictionary", Japan Publications, 1990, p. 13). The ultimate goal of occultic groups in the past 2,000 years has been to restore this wonderful occultic world of Atlantis. In the late 1700's, the Guiding Spirits of key Illuminist leaders began telling them that the North American continent, later to be called the United States of America, was to be established as a new Atlantis, a land of unparalleled freedoms politically, spiritually, and economically. However, these Guiding Spirits warned that this new Atlantis would not be the final kingdom; rather, it would be the interim step to the final and perfected, New Atlantis. At the right moment in world history, this new Atlantis, the United States of America, was to be destroyed so that the final, higher system called the New World Order, under the Christ, could be established.

Now, let us pick up the teaching of the demon Master Djwhal Khul, otherwise known as Master D.K., automatically writing through Alice Bailey, in "The Externalisation of the Hierarchy". Writing in September, 1939, Master D.K. began teaching about the "great law of Rebirth, [which is] the controlling and major law in all the processes of manifestation". In other words, this Law of Rebirth was believed to apply equally to human beings and to nations. Master D.K. continued, "...the object of this constantly recurring process is to bring an increasingly perfect form.. For the first time...the human family is in a position to note for itself the processes of the rebirth of a civilization..." Of course, September, 1939, was the time in which that New Age Disciple, Adolf Hitler, was plunging the world into the Second Phase of the Great War which Master D.K. firmly taught was necessary to establish the New World Order. What you must also understand at this point is that, before a civilization can be "reborn" in its new, higher spiritual form, the old civilization must die. It must be destroyed, like the occultic Phoenix Eagle, which would periodically die, only to rise anew out of its own ashes.

In other words, Master D.K. is teaching that our old, current civilization must die. He is quite plain in this regard from pages 112-115, ending with the words, "...for the progress of the soul of the individual, and the soul of humanity, death is inevitable, good, and necessary." All Illuminated occultists, including President Clinton and Vice-President Gore, believe that the present American system must die, must be destroyed, so that the new, final "perfect" system under The Christ, may rise out of the ashes. Our present system is politically free, economically Free Enterprise, and spiritually Judeo-Christian. All these aspects must die. They believe this with all their hearts. And, make no mistake about it, the final implementation of the New World Order calls for deliberately staged urban terror, carried out by terrorists simultaneously in several American cities. This terror will provide President Clinton with the justification to impose military martial law, suspend our Constitution, and begin the roundup of dissident groups.

As we move into our next topic, we need to take you back to the information, quoted above, from the New Age Dictionary, concerning the mythical kingdom of Atlantis. This wonderfully advanced occultic kingdom "self-destructed through misuse of high technology". Does this ring a bell concerning our current civilization, which has seen an unprecedented rise in technology since World War I? It should ring all sorts of alarm bells, because the Guiding Spirits of current occultic leaders are telling them that Western Civilization is on a parallel technological path with the old Atlantis. The shocking fact is that the leaders of the drive to the New World Order fear, and hate, our current high technology. They feel that this high technology poses a grave threat to society, and that, unless they can systematically control this perceived inevitable destruction of society, the high technology will destroy it with far more serious consequences. They literally believe they are doing mankind a favor by carefully planning and controlling the destruction of our society, so that high technology will not later destroy everything anyway, with far greater loss of human life, and possibly, with the total destruction of our planet. Therefore, when their plans call for destruction of certain nations through nuclear war, and for the killing of two-thirds of mankind, they view themselves as "benevolent", because they are preventing the total destruction of the planet, and with it, all human life.

With this understanding, let us look at some of the ways in which our society has been conditioned to fear, and even dislike our current civilization:

  1. Have you noticed that just about everything we enjoy eating or drinking has, at one time or another, been declared by some high-sounding "scientific" study to be dangerous to our health. Thus, we have long been told of the dangers of high cholesterol in our diet. We have been told that we should stop eating eggs and beef, that chicken and/or a vegetarian diet are better for us. Then, when Americans refused to buy into this conditioning, we began to have reports of beef being contaminated, and that the conditions of beef herds and of beef slaughter houses are so bad as to constitute a public health hazard. The usually small element of truth in all this conditioning makes the lie even more believable.
  2. We have been told that coffee and tea are bad for our health.
  3. We have been told that Americans are consuming too much sugar and fat and that we should be eating more vegetables and fruit. Yet, when our Free Enterprise agricultural economy begins to produce more of this type of food, we hear that farmers are ruining the soil and waters of America by using too much pesticide and fertilizer. The answer that is put forward as a solution is "Natural Farming", where no pesticides and fertilizers are used. However, no one bothers to publicize the research which shows that "Natural Farming" can only produce one-third to one-half the food that conventional farming now produces. Isn't it interesting that this is precisely the same percentage of reduction in world population that is planned?
  4. We have been warned of the dangers of disease in our flocks of chickens.
  5. We have been warned of the dangers of pollution in our supply of fish.

These are just a few examples of the many, many things that have been purported to be so dangerous to our health that we need to completely change our lifestyle. What they are really after is a complete change in our civilization. Understand one other aspect to all this conditioning: As I have studied occultic groups which have existed since the Babylonian and Egyptian Mysteries, one of the common threads of all the occultic groups is an extremely strong belief in vegetarian diets and "natural foods". The Jewish expose' of Hitler's Holocaust, "The Nazi Doctors", reported that, from the late 1920's to the beginning of World War II in 1939, one of the most prominent societal phenomenon was the sudden emergence of Health Food stores. Natural foods and natural ways of growing them were suddenly very much in vogue. We are a parallel path in America today, aren't we?

Since New Agers are so suspicious and so fearful of our current high technology, it naturally follows that they would want to completely change our economy. Thus, they have been very busy in the last two decades decrying the supposed dangers of our technological economy. Some examples:

  1. Nuclear power has been savaged by the media and by pseudoscientific organizations, even though not one accident has occurred in Western civilization which has resulted in loss of life. Only the accident in the Russian Ukraine has resulted in loss of life and serious contamination of the environment.
  2. Air pollution has been seized as one area of great opportunity to force governmental control over a wide range of our economy and to continually drive home the point about the fatal danger which high technology poses. Current laws mandating limits on air and water emissions cost our economy many billions of dollars and many thousands of live annually and has forced many smaller businesses into bankruptcy. Again, the kernel of truth in all this furor makes the entire charade more believable.
  3. Automobiles have been painted as one of the most criminal of all the polluters. As a result, governmental control has been extended deeply within the manufacturing process, costing consumers many thousands of additional dollars in purchasing a new automobile, and many thousands more in maintaining these expensive environmental controls. This furor reached a new level when Vice-President Al Gore stated, in his book, "Earth In The Balance", that the impact of automobiles "is posing a mortal threat to the security of every nation that is more deadly than that of any military enemy we are...likely to confront". Since the most deadly threat facing the world today is the atomic bomb that the UN plans on using against any nation which dares defy its rule, what Al Gore is saying here is that the automobile poses a greater mortal danger than even nuclear weapons. Thus, the stage is being set for the elimination of all automobiles, after many years of trying to regulate them to death.

The list could go on and on, but you get the point. Whenever you hear of some supposed danger which is threatening to completely destroy us, understand that you are probably listening to a conditioning ploy designed to make us so frightened that we will allow our leaders to systematically dismantle our current civilization.

At this point, we want to address another way in which we are being conditioned to believe that our civilization is about to destroy the earth. We have been told, since 1975 approximately, that the earth is suffering from terrible global environmental threats that can potentially destroy the planet on which we live. What are these threats? Global Warming, Global Cooling, Ozone Depletion, worldwide Pollution, wastage of water, and massive cutting of trees around the world. We are not going to attempt to scientifically address each of these areas, except to state the obvious, that scientists are deeply divided over these issues. For every scientist which decries this supposed threat there is at least one which denies that it is happening or is happening to the degree which will cause disaster. We want only to point out that this extreme new environmental alarm is occurring at the same time that the world is entering the New World Order, and that the environmental groups so concerned are also supportive of the New World Order goals.

Therefore, we need to examine the writings of these goals to see if we can see any global plan which might shed some light of understanding on these issues. Indeed, we do. In the late 1700's, a detailed treatise was issued as to how the New World Order could be instituted. This treatise systematically looked at all aspects of society, and brilliantly set forth a plan to change each aspect so that the New World Order could be established. This treatise was entitled "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion", and it was brilliantly written as though it had been conceived by those hated Jews throughout the world. However, this treatise was written by Gentile occultic leaders of secret societies which were advocating the New World Order. Protocol Number 13 ends with these chilling words, "When we come into our kingdom our orators will expound great problems which have turned humanity upside down in order to bring it at the end under our beneficent rule." The kingdom referred to in this sentence is the New World Order. Further the only problems which could threaten humanity are global problems. Therefore, the Plan for the New World Order calls for orators to suddenly begin expounding such global problems which seemingly have "turned humanity upside down". What have these problems turned out to be? Global Warming, Global Cooling, Ozone Depletion, massive cutting of rain forests that supposedly threaten life on the entire planet. And, what is the solution offered to save everyone? Just as the authors of this Protocol envisioned, the solution is to trust a global government to step in and force every nation to submit to its global authority. And this brings us back to the planned loss of individual national sovereignty to the United Nations.

Thus, with this background of understanding, you can better understand the drama which unfolded last week in the Pacific Northwest, where President Clinton unveil his plan to "balance" environmental demands against logging industry demands. We are reaching the end of this issue after two decades of arguing. First, let us examine the pertinent News Brief from last week: The Providence Journal, dated July 2, 1993, featured the Lead Page article on this subject entitled, "Clinton Moves To Cut Logging". The article reported, "President Clinton, seeking a delicate balance among the demands of ecology, economics, and politics, moved yesterday to reduce timber cutting on federal lands in the Pacific Northwest. To protect the region's wildlife and old growth forests, the administration plan will allow for average timber harvests over the next decade of 1.2 billion board feet per year. That is about half the level of the past two years, and only a third of the rate between 1980-1992, when annual harvests swelled as high as 5.2 billion board feet."

There are several things we need to understand about this incredible article.

  1. Clinton was not attempting to seek a delicate balance between rabid environmentalists and the timber industry. This was simply his ploy. During his Presidential Campaign, Clinton repeatedly urged dramatic reductions in timber harvesting. To underscore his position, Clinton named rabid environmentalist, Al Gore, as his running mate. Then, once he was in office, Clinton traveled with Gore to the Pacific Northwest, to chair a high profile meeting between rabid environmentalists and timber executives. The stage had been carefully set, and each actor on the New World Order side had been carefully scripted. Al Gore championed the cause of New Age Environmentalists who wanted the entire timber industry shut down. Timber executives could naturally be counted upon to provide spirited opposition, which they certainly did. Deliberately positioned in the "middle" was President Clinton, who supposedly was concerned about both sides of the issue. This was play-acting, as the die was cast against the Timber Industry from the beginning. This meeting was simply a charade for public consumption. Clinton knew before the meeting ever started what he was going to do, and it fits precisely with the Six-Step Attitudinal Change Plan. Clinton the door kicker simply performed his duty as called for by Step #6, to open the door just a little bit further; then, a few years later, the door will be opened all the way, where all timber harvests will be forbidden.
  2. I was living in Portland, Oregon, from 1964-1984, and I remember well how and when this entire episode began. In the late 1960's, supposed "experts" began to publicly express concern that the timber industry was clear cutting massive acreage of forest without replanting, thus endangering many species of wildlife. Thus, the first step of the Six-Step Attitudinal Change Plan was activated, that of Respected Experts, speaking from a respected platform, advocating a position formerly considered to be ridiculous. In this case, these supposed experts were advocating the complete shutdown of the timber industry. At first, the Timber Industry tried to ignore these claims which they considered to be so ridiculous that they figured the normal person in the street would realize that they were ridiculous.

However, after almost a decade of repeating this lie so often that many people began to believe it, the Timber Industry counterattacked with a media blitz. They showed that they were extensively replanting, and they literally dared these environmental groups to show any massive acreage which had been left clear. The Timber Industry also demonstrated the inherent weakness in this argument, i.e., that the Timber Industry would be out of business within a few decades if they cut forests without replanting.

Suddenly, a light went on in the minds of the average person on the street, as they understood this simple and profound argument. Not only were the New World Order environmentalists stunned, they found themselves in massive retreat. They hurriedly devised a new strategy: They began to claim that what species depended upon for their survival were "Old Growth" forests. Wild animals and birds simply could not live in new forests, or forests in which the mix of trees had changed. Of course, this claim is nearly as dumb as the first claim, but not quite so dumb that people could not be made to believe it. Probably the key to carrying this forward was that public school curricula was changed to include tremendous emphasis on the environment, all of which carried this deadly mixture of a little truth and a lot of lies.

3. The last thing to understand about this Presidential decision to cut logging is that this decision is very radical. There is nothing moderate in this decision Clinton's public posturing to the contrary. The radicals have achieved precisely what they wanted to achieve. Very shortly, some government official will shut the industry down completely. The economic ripples of this shutdown will be enormous, as this economy depends heavily upon wood products, from our homes to our pencils, to many of our crafts. The list seems endless. Millions of jobs would be lost when both the Automotive Industry and the Timber Industry are shut down. Literally, the American economy will not recover. We shall literally slide backwards to an economy so primitive that it would not depend upon these products to any significant degree.

But, why should we be surprised? This has been the plan all along. Welcome to the agricultural, backward Fascist economy of the New World Order, where there are only two classes of people:

  1. The dictatorial elite, wielding absolute power using very sophisticated, very technological control over the second class, the
  2. Slaves, living in absolute submission to their masters in an economy that is extremely simple.

This plan is so close to implementation that the leaders of the New World Order have actually carried out a trial run of the changeover they plan to implement globally. The Communist Pol Pot of Cambodia was not really Communist, but was Illuminist New World Order. He did to his population precisely what the Plan calls for globally:


Such is the New World Order. Are you spiritually ready? Look up, dear Christian, for your redemption draweth nigh.

As we end this program, we want to touch briefly on the subject of Public Education in America today. Everyone agrees that it is a mess, but no one can seemingly get a handle on what we can do about it. No one has properly conceived a plan which actually improves the quality of education; rather, every proposed plan of the last 20 years has simply made the situation worse. We suggest that we can easily understand why we are in this mess by simply going back to some of the New World Order writings and discovering the Plan for education.

"C.F. Potter, author of `Humanism, A New Religion' (1930), said `Education is thus a most powerful ally of Humanism, and every American public school is a school of Humanism. But, we have much more. Potter correctly identified the problem facing the proponents of the New World Order: The American school system in the 1930's was producing students who could properly read, comprehend what they had read, and reach the correct conclusions. In other words, they could not be lead like sheep. The answer was to achieve the takeover of the American school system as envisioned above, and to systematically dumb education down. This goal has been brilliantly achieved. Students today cannot properly read, write, or do simple arithmetic. Today, most students are so totally immersed in daily pursuit of pleasure that they can be lead like sheep to the New World Order slaughter.

The plan for American public schools concerning individual morality and the concept of individual responsibility has also been achieved. Since the 1930's American students have been led to reject all Christian ethics in any part of their lives. The result has been disastrous: Sexual activity is now so commonplace that the mere acceptance of a date carries the assumption of sex. The result is the highest level of disease ever, the highest level of teen pregnancy and abortion ever, and the lowest level of individual responsibility ever. Thus, our last two generations of teens have been very well prepared to enter the New World Order, where they will be nothing more than helpless slaves to the Masters of the World.

Do not be deceived, Christian. The Plan for the New World Order has been so brilliantly conceived and so well executed since the late 1700's that one can only conclude that the Bible was right. At the end of the age, God was going to allow Satan limited time to overthrow God's existing order and to establish his own New World Order.

The rider of the White Horse, Revelation 6:1, is about to ride forth. Look up, your redemption draweth nigh.

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