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This is David Bay, Director of Old Paths Ministries.

And this is the Cutting Edge, a radio program dedicated to warning and informing God's people. We are committed to the study and exposition of the inerrant, inspired and authoritative Word of God. The views expressed belong to us, and are not necessarily shared by this station.

The moral bankruptcy of our society is well-documented.

But, few people understand why we have become morally bankrupt. However, when we look at society through the eyes of God, through the Bible, we can easily see why we are facing the unprecedented troubles today. This study of America through the eyes of God is what we will always do try to here; stay with us for some eye- opening truths.

Like any good novelist, Satan is drawing the many separate strands comprising his Final Days' Kingdom together. As a person who takes a class in "Creative Writing" learns, the novelist begins his story by introducing the many characters of the story, without revealing in the least how they will tie together in the end. In fact, the author takes great pains to keep the reader in the dark as to the final relationship the characters will have to one another in the end. However, as the story winds to its conclusion, the author skillfully weaves the many strands of story together so that it becomes very apparent to the reader how each strand fits in the puzzle. In other words, the reader will realize, at the end of the story, much revelation about the various characters that were a complete mystery to him in the beginning.

Finally, a good novelist will begin to quicken the pace of the story toward the end, and will cause the events taking place between the many characters to happen in the shortest of time period. This buildup at the end of the story is known as the climax. As the reader gets close to the end of the story, he can begin to see how the many strands are beginning to weave together and he can begin to hypothesize how they will finally relate to one another.

Such is the case with the approaching New World Order. We have consistently stated that, once a person understands the elements and the goals of the New World Order, plus the relevant Biblical basis of prophecy upon which Satan's final kingdom must be built, that person can see in his daily newspaper the way in which Satan's kingdom is being built. In today's world, the final weaving together is occurring with great rapidity. World events are occurring with breakneck speed as Satan begins to build toward his climax. In point of fact, the very fact that we see a coming to climax of many different strands at once is one of the clearest indications that we are standing inside the threshold of the New World Order.

Today, we shall discuss several major strands of activity which seem to be coming to climax at the same time.

1. Israel, the returned nation

Even though God foretold that He would destroy the nation of Israel for her repeated sin against Him, He also repeatedly included Israel as one of the major players in the End of the Age. Let us quickly look at some of these Biblical examples:

* Deuteronomy 28

Verses 1-14 contain many of God's most wonderful promises, if the people of Israel would faithfully obey the commandments of God and would love Him with their whole heart. However, God warns, in verses 15 to the end of the chapter that, if the Jewish people would not obey God, He would bring a curse down upon them of historically long and severe proportions. In fact, God succinctly warned, in verses 58-66, that His punishments would involve a very long and difficult period of being deprived of their land, their nation. You may read the entire 2,500-year Jewish Dispersion in these few remarkably fulfilled verses. In the next chapter, Chapter 29, God spends considerable time discussing the coming loss of the nation. We encourage you to read these two verses, because their study, in conjunction with a study of Jewish history, will reveal to you that God's prophecies have been fulfilled, and are continuing to be fulfilled, thus building your faith.

Yet, in Chapter 30, God seems to shift gears, as He begins to talk of the day when Israel would return back to her Promised Land. As you read verses 1-10, you may see God referring to the New Covenant through Jesus Christ (verse 6) and references to the Messianic reign in the Millennium (verses 8-10). Thus, in three short verses, God goes from warning Israel that they would fall under His curse, if they did not obey His commandments, including the curse of losing their country, to promising national restoration that would restore Israel to her former glory.

But, this is not the only instance in which God foretold Israel's national destruction and national deliverance, both in the Old and the New Testaments. You can get a complete discussion of this most interesting subject by writing us and requesting the tape which we aired on December 26, 1992, entitled, "The Modern Day Miracle of Israel's Rebirth". In conclusion, Bible scholars have long insisted that the End of the Age could not begin its countdown until Israel was back in her land.

2. Israel's Covenant which would be signed by Anti-Christ (Daniel 9:27). This prophecy reads, "And he (Anti-Christ) shall confirm the covenant with many (Israel) for one week (the Great Tribulation Period of seven years.."

Most fundamental Biblical scholars agree that this passage contains the key starting date of the Great Tribulation Period. When a man arises with great seemingly supernatural signs and wonders, claiming to be the Jewish Messiah, he will sign a covenant with Israel and will guarantee her peace and safety. The date of this signing will be the first day of the Great Tribulation Period. Every person in the world at that time could then know that the coming of Jesus Christ will be in seven Jewish years, to the exact day.

While Biblical scholars agree on this fundamental meaning to this passage, there is some disagreement on the phrase, "he shall confirm the covenant". The majority of scholars believe that the Anti-Christ will originate and then persuade Israel to sign, this covenant. However, some scholars feel it possible that the Anti-Christ may not originate the signed covenant, but will merely add his weight of supposed authority to a covenant which already exists. The key to this debate is the Hebraic word for "covenant", which is "gabar". The Strong's Concordance Number for this word is # 01396, which is defined as, " be prevail insolently, to exceed, confirm, be great...prevail, put to more strength, strengthen..."

Certainly, the meaning, "to prevail insolently" fits the Biblical description of Anti-Christ. Daniel 7:20, 8:23, 11:36, Ezekiel 28:6, and Revelation 13:13-14, all testify to the supreme wickedness and insolent nature of Anti-Christ. Butr, as we examine Strong's definition of the Hebrew word above, which is translated, "confirm", we see that it may mean to "put to more strength, strengthen", thus leaving open the possibility that Anti-Christ may simply add the weight of his authority to a covenant which already exists. If this latter interpretation is correct, then we may have some very exciting news to report. On May 19, 1993, this year, the nation of Israel formally ratified a document which they called, "The Covenant of Jerusalem". (Prophecy In The News, July, 1993, Volume 13, Number 7, p. 1).

This covenant was actually first unveiled a year earlier, on May 31, 1992, where leaders announced that it would be sent to Jewish leaders and organizations throughout the world for their signatures, and then returned to Israel in May, 1993, for final signatures and formal ratification.

Jewish leaders chose May, 1992, as the time to introduce this new national covenant, because it was the 25th Anniversary of the unification of Jerusalem. At the formal ceremony on May 19, 1993, "cabinet ministers, MK's, and IDF, and police brass were among the 1,500 attending the signing of the Covenant of Jerusalem." Seventy Jewish leaders from around the world signed this national document; of course, the number seventy is highly significant in the Bible. The Council of Seventy dates back to the days of Moses, and in Jesus' day, we see that the seventy elders of Israel were called the Sanhedrin.

The authors of this national covenant deliberately chose Old Testament symbols and types when they were creating this document, thus showing that Israel is returning to their Biblical spiritual roots. This document "has seven clauses, commemorating the seven gates of Jerusalem in the days of Ezra..and the seven gates of the Temple...The document also has 40 notes..." Of course, we know that the number 40 is highly significant as the number for preparation, or of getting ready. The purpose of this new national covenant is to announce "the national and indivisible character of Israel's capitol", Jerusalem. (Ibid, p. 2). This concept that Jerusalem is the eternal capitol of national Israel flies directly in the face of the Arab position that Jerusalem is their capitol. It further boldly contradicts the many writings of the New World Order that Jerusalem is to be an International City, the home of the Muslims, Jews, and Christians.

This covenant also affirms the existence of national Israel. Of course, since 1948, the Arabs have always insisted that Israel has no right to exist and must be totally destroyed. Perhaps it is no accident of history that the historic treaty between Israel and the PLO, signed on September 13, 1993, did not occur until after worldwide Jewry had united behind this accord and had officially ratified it.

For the first time since God brought Israel back from the graveyard of nations in May, 1948, a national covenant for Israel has been written, signed, and ratified. For the first time in history, a national covenant now exists to which the Anti-Christ could affix his signature. This thread of history may now be in place.

3. The signing of the peace accord between Israel and the PLO represents the third major thread now being brought to climax at this time. Several Scriptures in the Major and Minor Prophets indicate that, at the time of the End of the Age, Israel will falsely believe she is living in peace and safety. We see this prophecy in Daniel 8:23-25, just to name one. All prophecies about the false peace of Israel clearly state that this false sense of security and peace will be generated by the deception of Anti-Christ. Therefore, we do not believe that this accord just signed between Israel and the PLO is the fulfillment of these prophecies, simply because this accord was reached between Israel's leaders and the leaders of the PLO, with no "supernatural" involvement of the Anti-Christ. Then, you may ask, "what is the prophetic significance of this peace accord"? We believe this accord represents the best effort that human leaders on both sides of the conflict can achieve. We have already seen the outpouring of euphoria worldwide following the White House signing of this accord; therefore, we understand that the peoples of the world hold exceedingly high expectations for this peace accord. Therefore, when this peace accord suddenly breaks apart and massive war ensues, the worldwide reaction will be the greatest disappointment imaginable, thus setting the stage for the appearance of Anti-Christ. When this supposedly supernaturally wise person appears during this great Arab-Israeli war, the peoples of the world will accept his claim to being the only possible permanent solution to this conflict. At this point, Israel will receive the peace treaty, directly from Anti-Christ, that will make them falsely believe that they have finally achieved peace. This accord between Israel and the PLO sets the stage for one of the greatest disappointments in world history, thus allowing the peace treaty to be implemented between Israel and Anti-Christ that does fulfill Biblical prophecy.

4. The fourth major thread of world developments which seems to be coming to fruition in the same time frame as the developments concerning Israel is that the world is in the latter stages of a planned reorganization of nations. Since the Tower of Babel, God's plan for the nations of the world is that they should be separated into many individual nations rather than in one huge nation-state. Today, there are over 160 nations within the United Nations.

But, the Bible clearly states that, in the Great Tribulation, the world will be organized into 10 nations, each of which will be lead by a king, or ruler. We see this prophecy in both the Old and New Testaments. In Daniel 2, we see that the final control over the entire known world will be controlled by a confederation of 10 nations, symbolized by the 10 toes. In Daniel 7, God gives Daniel another dream concerning the Gentile nations of world history, with the final organization being symbolized by 10 horns. In Revelation 17:12-17, Jesus Christ reveals to the Apostle John that the End Time national structure will be 10 horns, or 10 rulers, each of which will receive power for a very short time, along with the Beast. However, verse 17 reveals a very interesting piece of information concerning these 10 rulers. Jesus says, "For God hath put in their hearts to fulfill His will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the Beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled." In other words, God will cause the leaders of this movement to conceive of a plan specifically designed to organize the world for the Beast (Anti-Christ) and then to immediately transfer their new power and authority to him. This is precisely the New World Order Plan! We are witnessing the reorganization of the world from its historic disorganization of many, many nations, into an organization of 10 Super-Nation states. We have reported on this before, but for the benefit of our new listeners, we will report it again. In 1974, a New Age book entitled, "Mankind At The Turning Point", produced a plan to reorganize the world into 10 Super-Nation states.

  1. North America
  2. Western Europe
  3. Japan
  4. Australia, South Africa, and the rest of the market economy of the developed world.
  5. Eastern Europe, including Russia
  6. Latin America
  7. North Africa and the Middle East
  8. Tropical Africa
  9. South and Southeast Asia
  10. China
(Eduard Pestel, Mankind At The Turning Point, Reader's Digest Press, 1974).

Make no mistake about the fact that the current move to ratify the NAFTA accords is part of this 10-Nation Reorganization plan; further, make no mistake about the fact that, unless this plan does not correspond to God's timetable, it will succeed. Certainly, one is startled to understand that this plan is constructed according to God's prophecies.

5. The fifth major thread which is coming to fruition at this time is the rush toward a One-World Religion.

6. The sixth major thread coming to climax in this time frame is the ever-accelerating move to a One-World Economy. Part of the published New World Order Plan for this economy is to hold a worldwide Luciferic Initiation shortly after Maitreya makes his appearance. The Plan calls for this Initiation to contain two parts which are of extreme interest to us:

Of course, both these elements of the Plan fulfill Biblical prophecy, principally in Revelation 13. And, also not surprisingly, the penalty for anyone who refuses to swear allegiance to Maitreya the Anti-Christ or who refuses to take the mark is death by execution. Again, Biblical prophecy is fulfilled.

7. The seventh major thread coming to its climax today is the eroding of the Old World Order society. Today, we see society beginning to collapse into anarchy. The symptoms of such a collapse are many:

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