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This is David Bay, Director of Old Paths Ministries.

And this is the Cutting Edge, a radio program dedicated to warning and informing God's people. We are committed to the study and exposition of the inerrant, inspired and authoritative Word of God. The views expressed belong to us, and are not necessarily shared by this station.

The moral bankruptcy of our society is well-documented.

But, few people understand why we have become morally bankrupt. However, when we look at society through the eyes of God, through the Bible, we can easily see why we are facing the unprecedented troubles today. This study of America through the eyes of God is what wewill always do try to here; stay with us for some eye- opening truths.

This program is a unique one today, because we feel compelled to issue an extremely urgent warning to all Christian parents in our listening audience in terms and with tones that are very strident. If any of our children were standing on a train track with a train bearing down upon them, we parents would act immediately and with a demeanor that cares not one wit about decorum. If we had to offend the sensibilities of either our threatened child or of any bystander in order to save our child, we would do so without hesitation or apology. However, most parents do not seem to possess the same mind set about those spiritual and/or psychological train tracks upon which our children might be standing. Many parents seem timid about going to the defense of our children in this increasingly anti-Christian world. Many parents even spend much time and energy trying to deny that a spiritual train is bearing down upon their child. And, by the time I am finished with this program, you will agree that a spiritual train is, indeed, bearing down upon your child in his/her public school.

Today, we have been made aware of the encroachment of anti-Christian, occultic teachings within Attleboro High School. If this type teaching can occur at Attleboro, it can occur anywhere. Our children are innocently standing on the train track. Stand by for the details.

The title of this week's program is, "Understanding Dark Secrets -- Protect Your Children".

We selected this text simply because God prophecies in Daniel 8:23-25, that the Anti-Christ will possess great power through his understanding and practice of the occult arts, or witchcraft. Let us now look at the Scripture.

"And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up. And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power...And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand..."

The phrase in verse 23, that Anti-Christ shall "understand dark sentences" means that he shall fully understand the "Dark Secrets" of the practice of the occult. Later, in verse 25, God makes this understanding even more clear, when He prophecies, "...he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand..." This word, "craft", clearly refers to the practice of the occult, through the "craft" of witchcraft. In other words, Anti-Christ will be an adept in witchcraft, and will be able to use this Satanic power mightily as he deceives the peoples of the world into worshipping him. Indeed, this is precisely what God had in mind when he foretold, in verse 24, that the power of Anti-Christ would be mighty, but it would not be his own power. Rather, his power will be entirely that of Satan. We see this theme again in Revelation 13:1-4, where the Beast, who is Anti-Christ, is empowered by the dragon, who is Satan.

But, in this passage in Revelation, we see one other very important factor. We see that the entire populations of the nations of the earth will be totally deceived by the signs and wonders of the Beast and will worship the Dragon through the Beast. For the peoples of the earth to worship Anti-Christ as he leads them in active witchcraft, these people must have reached the point where they feel comfortable with the principles and the outward manifestations of the occult in their own personal lives. Make no mistake about the fact that, at this prophesied future point in history, when Anti-Christ leads the world in the worship of Satan, the manifestations of witchcraft will be clearly obvious. This phenomenon has already occurred during this Twentieth Century. When Adolf Hitler, whom many believe was the type of the final Anti-Christ, led tens of thousands of Germans in the pageantry in the soccer stadiums, he was doing far more than just speaking to them. He was actively leading them in the practice of Satanic witchcraft. Thus it was that lead them in occult chants and that he concluded his ceremony with a huge bonfire ceremony. Hitler was practicing witchcraft. The Germans in these stadiums felt comfortable with this display of occultism because they had already been conditioned to the occult through their avid interest in the ancient Nordic legends, which are full of witchcraft.

It is most important that the population of each of the nations of the world be preconditioned to witchcraft before Anti-Christ appears. This preconditioning has already occurred in most of the nations of the world through their practice of false religions, which are full of disguised occultism. Hinduism, Buddhism, the Japanese religions, and the old American Indian religion are just some examples of the occultic preconditioning which has already occurred among most of the peoples of the world. However, the guiding spirits of New World Order leaders were most concerned about America, because of our long-standing Christian heritage. As long as a significant segment of our population retained our Christian heritage, it would be very difficult to deceive us when Anti-Christ appeared. Enough Americans would recognize the Satanism of Anti-Christ that they could alert the rest of the population.

Clearly, a lengthy process of Paganizing the American people had to occur. The logical place to begin this Pagan conditioning was through our youth. This process began in the mid-1960's utilizing Rock Music. As we show in our seminar, Rock Music is the perfect medium by which young people can learn all the key elements of Satanism. Once this music puts its listener into an altered state of consciousness, the words of the song can penetrate clearly and solidly into the subconscious brain. The themes of Rock Music are clearly Satanic as we show in our seminar. Briefly, they teach:

  1. Rebellion against all constituted authority, beginning with Parents.
  2. Indulgence in drugs, sex of any type, alcohol
  3. Mindless pursuit of physical pleasure
  4. Violence, envy, and greed are major themes of Rock

These values, by the way, are listed in Anton LaVey's "Satanic Bible" as the predominate values of Satanism. Millions of American teens have been preconditioned to Satanism through Rock Music, for the past 25 years. Now we have the situation where the first generation of conditioned teens now have teenage children who are being even more thoroughly conditioned.

Now, add in the conditioning to the values of Satanism that all avenues of the Mass Media are pumping into the hearts and minds of people daily, and you can begin to see how far down the road America has traveled toward the full and complete preconditioning in Satanism. Have you ever noticed how many horror and slasher films and videos are now being promoted daily? These films are blatant Satanism, even to the point of retaining Anton laVey's consulting services when the film was being created.

In fact, we are so far down this conditioning road that it is now time to begin the last stage: Teaching hard-core Satanism in our public schools, reaching over 95% of our youth. And, why should we be surprised? We have been throwing the One True God out of our public schools since the early 1960's. Now that our schools have been purged of God for three decades, it is now time to introduce the religion of Anti-Christ, pure Satanism. However, this introduction, at least in its early stage, must be disguised, so that most teachers and school administrators will be deceived as to the true nature of this teaching. Thus, this teaching of Satanism has been introduced into our schools under the guise of psychology. Teachers and administrators believe this new type of "teaching technique" is simply good psychology. Since we more thoroughly understand how the human mind thinks and learns today, most educators fall prey to the lie that these "new" techniques are simply designed to better teach the student. When you attempt to warn them of the occult nature of this mind-control technique, they object, because this is a new psychological technique that they learned under the auspices of the American Educational System. They are thoroughly deceived. Even when you can get one of them to agree that this technique might have its basis in the occult, they wrongly believe they can separate the "benign" aspects from the malignant.

But, make no mistake about the fact that this "new" technique is very ancient witchcraft. All this background brings us to the situation at Attleboro High School, where students are now being indoctrinated in the occult technique called, "Creative Visualization" or "Guided Imagery". This mental imaging technique is one of the most important parts of virtually all non-Christian religions in the world today, and in the Pagan ancient civilizations in history. Let me relate the incident at Attleboro High School for you, because as I do so, you will thoroughly learn about this occultic mind control and mind influencing technique.

The High School English teacher, Mrs. Hebert, told her class that they were going to participate in a process she called, "Mental Imaging". She instructed the class that each student would have to pay close attention and follow her instructions carefully. She then began to take her students along the path of mental preparation for Creative Visualization, or Guided Imagery.

Mrs. Hebert instructed her students:

  1. Clear your mind of absolutely everything -- every active thought, every stray thought. The objective at this point is to take the normal active mind God created and make it into a passive blank TV screen.
  2. The students were then told to create a picture from the stories she was going to tell them, using all of their senses, including intuitiveness and gut feeling. This process is called "Creative Visualization". Even though Mrs Hebert had told the students they were to visualize pictures according to the stories she was about to tell them, she specifically told the students to "Visualize World Peace". This is an absolute giveaway that Mrs. Hebert is New Age, and that this visualization process is New Age. Since the mid-1970's, proponents of the New World Order have been constantly "visualizing world peace". While no one is against world peace, these proponents are dangerously practicing ancient occult practices, because they believe that a person can create their own reality by the power of their mind. And, if enough people are attempting to create the same reality, that reality will be created. Thus, tens of millions of Neo-Pagan people all over the world have been holding "Harmonic Convergence" for world peace. They believe that, if enough people worldwide are attempting to create world peace through the power of their minds, utilizing the occult method of Creative Visualization, world peace will be created.
  3. Students then were told that they were to completely abandon their minds and their person to the story Mrs. Hebert was about to tell them. She said that no one was to exercise any personal judgment about what they were to see or to hear.

At this point, any parent, either Christian or non-Christian, should be up in arms, because every parent spends considerable time and effort to educate their children to think for themselves and reach their own conclusions about situations in life based upon the values and judgments the parent has taught them. However, Mrs. Hebert is attempting to circumvent this entire system of value-based mental defenses. If a child takes this step, cooperating with the teacher, that child has just turned off their active, conscious mind, and has just opened themselves wide open to subliminal, or hypnotic, suggestion.

4. Mrs. Hebert then told her students how to breathe in a certain manner. Controlled, rhythmic breathing is absolutely essential to successfully carrying out of this Creative Visualization process. This type breathing adds to the effect of turning off the active mind so that the person's mental defenses are deactivated.

5. Mrs. Hebert then took her students through a physical exercise apparently designed to limber their bodies muscles. We see this type of limbering up in occult exercises like Yoga. Again, the effect is to add to the effect of putting the mind into a mild hypnotic state.

6. At this point, Mrs. Hebert told the students to mentally leave the Twentieth Century behind and travel back in time with her to an ancient time. Again, this is standard New Age thinking. They believe in time travel, made popular in many a science fiction novel. They believe that time and events are continually occurring on different time and space levels. They believe that a person can join an historic event in the process of happening through the proper usage of Creative Visualization.

7. Then, Mrs. Hebert turned out the lights in the room and lit four candles. The number four is so critical in the practice of the occult, simply because they believe the number represents the four elements in creation: Earth, Air Water, and Fire. Using precisely four candles creates more power for the event. On a practical level, lighting candles in a darkened room creates a situation of poor lighting, and more importantly, of shadows. This contributes mightily to the planned hypnosis, to the process of turning off the active, conscious mind. But, more importantly, the shadows thrown off by the lighted candles keeps the mood, or the hypnosis, alive during the entire process.

At this point, the students who are actively participating with Mrs. Hebert are in a passive subconscious state of mind. Their conscious mind has been turned off; their mental defenses have also been turned off. At this point, every value and attitude which the student has been taught throughout their life by parents, other teachers, and by church leaders, is turned off. The defenses of the conscious mind are programmed according to these taught values and attitudes. Therefore, when these values and attitudes are turned off, the child is helplessly open to any new value or attitude that now may be placed in their opened subconscious mind. Remember, too, that a person's subconscious mind does not have a defense mechanism; it will completely accept anything and everything to which it is exposed. When a person awakens, he/she will not be quite the same. Their underlying values and attitudes will be slightly altered. If they participate in many of these mind altering Creative Visualizations over a period of time, they will likely change their fundamental way of looking at every situation in the world around them.

And this process of change is completely invisible to the person affected and to their loved ones, until the time has arrived when their complete world view has changed. Then, the people around them will scratch their heads and say, "I do not understand Johnny. I do not understand how he could have so completely changed". This is the insidious process by which children can lose their Christian faith. This conditioning process has been an essential part of the practice of the occult for several thousand years. There is no question that the process works, because it has held entire populations of India and China captive for hundreds of centuries. The question is not whether the process works but rather if it is allowed by God, whether it contributes to the glory of Jesus Christ, and whether it builds up the body of believers. The answer to all three of these questions is a resounding "NO"!!! Satan uses this process to bring people into bondage to him, even those people who have been trained in Christianity. Creative Visualization turns off the Christian defenses of the active, conscious mind, allowing unChristian, Satanic values and attitudes to be subtly substituted.

Now that Mrs. Hebert had her children in the proper "Altered State of Consciousness", she read them two stories. Remember, in Step 3, Mrs. Hebert stated that she wanted each student to completely abandon their mind and their person to the what she was about to say. What story does Mrs. Hebert then tell the students? Does she tell them a "Value-Neutral" story, about a Homecoming football game, for example? Oh, no. Mrs. Hebert tells the students two stories each of which is filled with Pagan religious activities. Before we relate these stories to you, we need to first tell you of the mental vividness with which the students will receive the details of these stories. When a person is in this altered state of consciousness, their subconscious mind is the only part of the brain receiving this audio stimuli, i.e., the words of Mrs. Hebert as she tells the story. Each participating student will mentally receive the words and the images the words create, with a mental vividness that is unparalleled, even supernatural. Further, their emotions will be stimulated to heights they could never have conceived, nor have previously experienced. This is as close to being on a drug trip as you can imagine. This kind of mental stimulation could quickly become addictive.

Finally, each student will vividly be a participant in the story. They will feel the emotions of every participant in the story; they will feel their pain, their happiness, their sorrow, to the point where the beliefs and the attitudes of the story characters becomes the beliefs and the attitude of the person participating in this mind-altering exercise.

With this background, let us now examine the stories that Mrs. Hebert told her class. As I said before, she did not tell stories that were values-neutral; rather, she told stories that were vividly filled with Satanic religious rituals and witches.

Mrs. Hebert told two stories, one of ancient cavemen and one of the indigenous American Indian tribes of North America. When I questioned her about the purpose of these stories, she stated that her objective in telling these two stories was to educate her students about the different cultures in history, not to teach religion. As I tell you of some of the events in these stories, you can judge for yourself whether Mrs. Hebert was merely educating about different historical cultures, or whether she was teaching religion. Remember, these students of hers are now in an altered state of consciousness. Their normal defenses are shut down, and they are feeling emotions, learning strange religious dogma, and are thinking thoughts that are not only very strange to them, but are also invisibly eroding their religious values and attitudes.

Mrs. Hebert's stories were very similar in some respects. For example, the Caveman story's central character was a healer, a mystical man who filled the role of Shaman, who is nothing more nor less than a witch. The American Indian story's central character was the Medicine Man, another mystical man who filled the role of witch within the tribe. In actual Satanism, the role of witch is absolutely critical. He serves many of the same functions as does a Senior Pastor of a Christian Church. He has the responsibility to teach his tribe the religious doctrines and rituals of his Pagan religion. He has the responsibility to help control the social order of his tribe. He preaches, he teaches, he exhorts, his tribe, all under the mystical power of Satan, and all for the glory of Satan, although no Shaman ever knew his lord and master by that name.

As Mrs. Hebert related these most vivid stories, the children were exposed to some very mysterious and frightening, things. They saw:

The stories related how animals must feel as they are being killed for food. Do they feel pain, the story asks the students? Do some of these animal's spirits leave the body of the animal voluntarily, or do some fight to try to stay? With the students in a heightened state of emotion, this type of emotional manipulation becomes highly significant. Perhaps for the first time in their lives, some students may actually begin to view animal spirits as being the same as human spirits, just as the occult has always taught. Perhaps God isn't to be believed when He says that human spirits and animal spirits are not created equal. This is one very large instance in which a student's previous religious training on a particular subject may begin to invisibly erode.

The stories vividly told how these ancient peoples said prayers and chants to the spirits of their dead comrades. Now, listener, this is one of the most blatant examples of pure Satanism possible. Throughout history, God has forbidden His people, called by His Name, to attempt to pray for or contact, the spirits of the dead. God condemns this practice most severely. This is the reason that so many occult groups throughout history attempt to contact the spirits of the dead. This is one truly dependable mark of a Pagan religion -- prayers for the spirits of the dead. Yet in these stories, the students were emotionally manipulated as they saw grieving people pray for the spirits of their dead loved ones, possibly moving these students to the point of believing it possible and even noble to carry out this abominable practice.

One especially poignant part of the stories concerned the appearance of red and green eyes coming through the scene of a large fire. I was unsure as to the possible occult significance of red and green eyes being seen through a fire, so I contacted a former Satanist priest, a man who is today a born-again Christian. He told me that the most common eye color of a demon who has been forced to manifest himself in our dimension by a witch who has performed the correct ritual and chant, is red. Green eyes are seen in this type of circumstance less often. However, the two most common colors of eyes of actual demons as they manifest themselves in our realm is red and green. These stories were depicting scenes in which demons were being called forth through the medium of fire.

As Mrs. Hebert brought the children back into reality, she made the following revealing statement, "A person's religion is his own religion. Every culture looks for answers which becomes their religion. Other religions are just different than ours". This revels her true intentions. She is equating the validity of ancient Satanic religions to Christianity. Satanism is as valid in answering life's many questions as is Christianity; it is just different.

Finally, Mrs. Hebert gave the students a sheet of paper containing 25 of the "Big Questions" of life. Most of them are purely matters of religion, as we report only the most obvious to you today:

Clearly, these are matters of religion. Therefore, I highly resent teachers secretly teaching my precious child matters of religion under any circumstance. But, I really get angry when I discover that this teacher violated a trust I had placed in her. I had sent my daughter to a high school English class, expecting her to be taught either English Literature or English composition. I did not send her to English class so her mind could be deliberately and skillfully manipulated in such a way as to mildly hypnotize her so that her religious values, beliefs, and attitudes could be subtly and invisibly manipulated.

Christian parents, listen carefully. We are in a war, and our children's eternal souls are literally standing on a rail road track.

What can we do? What must we do? We must understand that the Public School System in the United States has been thoroughly changed from the Christian Based Values System on which it was founded 220 years ago, and has been changed to a Satanic Values System. The express purpose of this new values system is to prepare children for a future role in the New World Order. We cannot forget that Karl Marx listed a Public School System as one of his 10 most important goals for a society to implement if it was to convert to Communism.

Parents, the time has come for Christian parents to take their precious children out of Public Schools. Many communities now offer private Christian schools as an excellent alternative. Many, many parents are also now beginning to home school their children, understanding that, with the proper materials now available, they can do a better job educating their children than the Public Schools are doing. Also, many concerned pastors and Christian laymen are gathering their resources together to help parents teach difficult subjects like advanced mathematics and science.

God is providing resources for concerned, enlightened Christian parents to protect their children from the onslaught of New World Order values now saturating our schools.

Parents, you must get control of your television. New World Order writers have made no bones about the fact that TV and Movies are intended to be tools that will change your children's value system! Cartoons, Movies, and TV Shows must be curtailed, even eliminated. I threw out our TV when our kids were beginning to go through their teen years, forcing them to go to reading and interaction with each other and with us. The result was spectacular! We grew together as a family, and my children moved away from adopting the values of the world. My family prospered, rather than falling apart, and so will yours.

Finally, you must bathe your family, individually by name, in daily prayer. Pray a Hedge of Protection around your family. Pray for Wisdom in leading your family through these most perilous of times. And, Fathers, you must assume the leadership role in this most serious matter. God has given to the Fathers and Husbands the ultimate responsibility in providing spiritual leadership, and He will call you to account on Rewards Day.

God is good, and will protect His Elect during these days leading into the New World Order. Have faith, be vigilant, be aware, and live with daily joy.

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