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This is David Bay, Director of Old Paths Ministries.

And this is the Cutting Edge, a radio program dedicated to warning and informing God's people. We are committed to the study and exposition of the inerrant, inspired and authoritative Word of God. The views expressed belong to us, and are not necessarily shared by this station.

The moral bankruptcy of our society is well-documented.

But, few people understand why we have become morally bankrupt. However, when we look at society through the eyes of God, through the Bible, we can easily see why we are facing the unprecedented troubles today. This study of America through the eyes of God is what we will always do try to here; stay with us for some eye- opening truths.

Events these past few weeks have combined to indicate most strongly that this world is steaming full-speed ahead toward the New World Order. Once we share these developments with you, you will agree that we must be getting very close to the time when Jesus Christ, that Worthy Lamb of God, will open the First Seal of Revelation 6, allowing Anti-Christ to ride forth as the false conqueror he will prove to be.

Since Gorbachev resigned as President of the Soviet of Socialist Republics, we have skeptically maintained that he never really stepped down from all that personal power that he had accumulated. After all, we can find no historic precedent for any absolute dictator abdicating his enormous power for as slight a stress as Gorbachev was experiencing when he "resigned". Absolute dictators hold on to their precious power, even in the face of absolute ruin and death, just as Adolf Hitler did in World War II.

And do not be deceived into thinking Gorbachev was not an absolute dictator. From 1986-1989, newspapers and magazines reported continuously that Gorbachev had amassed more power than had even Josef Stalin. Also make no mistake that Gorbachev was, and is, a dictator without conscience. Gorbachev was the one who authorized Soviet Armed Forces in Afghanistan to spread small cluster bombs from the air. These cluster bombs were designed to look like toys so Afghan children would pick them up, only to have them explode in their hands. The objective was not to kill these children, but to maim them, under the premise that Afghan society would experience more of a drain taking care of maimed children than they would just burying them. Despite media image to the contrary, Mikhail Gorbachev is a very ruthless man.

We have always maintained the possibility that Gorbachev was not finished with politics. One day, he would come back in some capacity that would be at least as large as the one he "voluntarily" abdicated. In fact, we believed two things about Gorbachev:

1. He was always wielding power behind the scenes. His power was invisible to any outside observer, but powerful. 2. He would come back to a more powerful position within the scheme of the New World Order. One possibility is that Gorbachev would return as the leader of Nation # 5 in the New World Order Plan to reorganize the world's nations into 10 Super Nations. Nation Number 5 is entitled, "Eastern Europe, including Russia". Since this Plan was published in 1972, we have found it interesting that the Plan specified the individual province, Russia, rather than the "Soviet Union" of which Russia was then a part. Now, however, with the breakup of the Soviet Union, the stage is set for the actual creation of this Super Nation. Now, a leader could arise who would have the stature to be named leader of Super Nation # 5. Remember, each leader of these 10 Super Nations would be equal, on paper at least.

Also, remember that the leader of Nation # 5 would be the only other world leader to control a huge nuclear arsenal, other than the President of the North American Nation, i.e., the President of the United States. Therefore, the leader of Nation # 5 must be a man whom the rest of the world respects tremendously. Gorbachev seems to be the man primed for this position. And, when Gorbachev assumes this position, Boris Yeltsin might not have to step down from his position as President of Russia.

However, you say, there is no indication that Gorbachev is planning to return to politics. Until Sunday, October 10 you would have been entirely correct in that assumption. But in the Sunday Boston Globe, October 10, on page 31, I read an article entitled, "Gorbachev Says He May Reenter Politics". As I read this article, I could feel the political earth beneath my feet tremble and shake. The final act in this global play designed to deceive the peoples of the world into accepting the New World Order may be entering its final phase. Listen to the article:

"Mikhail Gorbachev, the last Soviet President, is considering a political comeback. [He told reporters], 'If the situation in Russia becomes such that I have to put aside everything to deal with Russian affairs to save the country, I will do it....I think we are on the brink of such a situation..."

However, we will be very surprised if he returns as only the President of Russia, but as President of Super Nation # 5. When this Super Nation is created, and its President announced, we will have witnessed an historic event of fulfillment of Biblical prophesy. Watch for it.

We also are watching the political battle in Washington D.C., over passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement, more popularly known as "NAFTA". NAFTA will create Super Nation # 1 in this New World Order Plan. Many people have felt that the possibility of Congress passing NAFTA was very slim, because of intense pressures against it. However, we have always maintained the opposite view, that this agreement would pass Congress, because the script has been written for that outcome. Remember when President Clinton was debating whom to nominate for the vacancy created when Supreme Court Justice White resigned? Many different names were floated to the press, especially that of a Federal Judge in Boston. This Boston judge was considered to be such a shoo-in for this position, he and his wife flew to Washington, D.C., to visit President Clinton at the White House. On the very next day, the White House announced that Ruth Bader Ginsberg was President Clinton's choice. Ginsberg's name was never part of the group of names that had been floated during the long search process. Clinton had really fooled everyone. He had zigged, he had zagged, all over the court, only to drive unexpectedly to the basket for a slam dunk.

NAFTA will be handled in precisely the same manner. With this premise firmly in our minds, let me quote from the Boston Globe, dated Monday, October 11, 1993, from a Lead Page article entitled, "Deals On Capitol Hill Key To NAFTA Chances". The author of this article compliments Clinton for pursuing such "enlightened foreign policy". Then, this reporter gets down to the business of talking about the way NAFTA support is dramatically increasing in Congress.

"...[NAFTA's] fate may ultimately lie with the deals being struck in Congress over such mundane matters as sugar beets, steel, orange juice, and rigatoni". In other words, Clinton is offering to allow Senators and Congressmen to cut deals giving special interests in their districts extra consideration if they vote for NAFTA. The article goes on to explain that, "For all the highflying rhetoric, NAFTA is, at heart, a bread-and-butter issue..."

What a surprise, that we would learn that members of Congress would hold a foreign policy hostage to very narrow special interests within their narrow districts?!! But, of course, that is precisely what has been wrong with Congress for many decades. Pandering to special interests, greed, and support for the New World Order have proven to be a most formidable obstacle to good government since the end of World War II. Why should anything change now? Besides, this scenario is the most plausible possible for the apparent shift in Congressional support for NAFTA. Since we have been told repeatedly that NAFTA was in such deep trouble with Congress that it could never pass, we must now be told a believable scenario as to how it could suddenly garner enough votes to pass. Special interest pandering is very believable to a weary American public. Briefly, this article lists several special interests to which Clinton is surrendering so he can get the votes necessary to pass NAFTA. These special interests are:

Thus, the story of how NAFTA quickly traveled the full gamut from being the most disliked program in the country to suddenly passing both sides of Congress, is sold to the American public. The article firmly states the current bottom line, "Pro-NAFTA forces are thought to be within reach of victory in the Senate, while still some 40-70 votes short -- but closing -- in the House...and they have the leverage with which to bargain...The deals have not yet reached the down-and-dirty level of public works projects and curb cuts, 'but the requests are coming in.'" In other words, to get the votes necessary to pass NAFTA, Clinton may have to agree to place more pork barrel public works projects, which are not needed, in the districts of those Senators and Congressmen who have formerly declared themselves against the treaty. Or, Clinton may have to drop plans to close certain military bases to get the votes he needs on NAFTA.

We would be getting all upset at this kind of approach to governing a great nation if it were really true. However, we know that the outcome has already been predetermined by the forces wanting to establish the New World Order. What we are seeing now is the planned scenario designed to convince the American people that NAFTA was passed only by the smallest of margins and only by the Pork Barrel method, of which we are only too familiar.

Pro-NAFTA forces are also buying national television advertisements to attempt to win over millions of Americans to the plan. In the Boston Globe, also on Sunday, October 10, an article entitled, "Companies For NAFTA Launch Ad Campaign", we are told that corporate supporters of NAFTA have launched a strong campaign for NAFTA. These ads are featuring former Chrysler Chairman Lee Iacocca as their spokesman. Iacocca strongly affirms the Clinton Administration's position that passage of NAFTA will result in creation of more high-tech, high paying jobs. Iacocca states the truth, which is that manufacturing has always sought low paying workers for labor intensive jobs, a trend that started decades before NAFTA. Iacocca says, "NAFTA had nothing to do with the jobs we've lost in the past to Japan or Taiwan or Timbuktu. They're gone. With NAFTA, US exports to Mexico are going to take off. And that means more highly paying jobs right here in the US." From a purely economic viewpoint, Iacocca is 100% correct. NAFTA makes as much sense as eliminating all trade barriers within the many states comprising our country.

NAFTA does make sense economically. Our complaint against it is that the hidden agenda behind it is to create Nation # 1 of the New World Order Reorganization Plan.

Watch creation of Super Nation # 1 through NAFTA, and creation of Super Nation # 5, possibly through the reemergence of Mikhail Gorbachev. When these two Super Nations are created, the stage is set for the United Nations to meet to vote into existence the other Third World groupings of nations necessary to reach the planned number of ten Super Nations. The sound of the hooves of that white horse of Anti-Christ are getting louder by the day.

Certainly, the deliberate creation of these 10 Super Nations herald the coming of Anti-Christ. However, we are also witnessing the maturing of another prophesied trend in Christianity, without which Anti-Christ could not come.

The departure of the once faithful American Christian Church from the Truth of the Bible grows more evident every week. But, why should we be surprised? If we are, indeed, living in the Last Days' of Time, we should expect to see such apostasy. In 1 Timothy 4:1-2, Paul warns us what to expect, "Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter time some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron." In the Last Days, so-called Christians will begin to renounce the complete Truth of the Gospel that their church denomination used to teach, and will begin to teach "doctrines of devils". And they will seem so sincere in their lives of lies, because they will no longer possess normal consciences. Their consciences will have been seared, as with a hot iron. We are definitely in this time today, are we not? At the same time as many other Biblical prophecies concerning the End of the Age are coming to fruition, we see the massive departure of formerly True Christian churches from the complete Truth of the Bible.

The Apostle Paul, writing under the overshadowing of the Holy Spirit, adds one most devastating End Times prophecy, in 2 Thessalonians 2:1-11, when he states that the Anti-Christ will be restrained from appearing until his own appointed time. We know this time is the End of the Age, from the context Paul provides in verse 1. Then, Paul says that Anti-Christ will only appear after the "apostasy" of the church had gone into apostasy. In other words, the Church of Jesus Christ held the key to the appearance of Anti-Christ and the onset of the End of the Age. As long as we remained strongly faithful to the complete truth of God's Word, Anti-Christ could not appear. But, as the once True Church began to fall away in its faithfulness, the door would systematically open for Anti-Christ. This is a most devastating indictment today for those church leaders who are leading their denominations away from the complete Truth of the Bible. Their disobedience is literally paving the way for Anti-Christ.

Then, in verse 11, the Apostle Paul tells us what the last step will be in this apostasy -- great delusion. After Anti-Christ arises because of the church's failure to keep the Truth, God will cause a strong delusion to come upon these people so that they will believe the lie. While the context of this verse is clearly after Anti-Christ has appeared, I wonder if God might be acting in the time period just before Anti-Christ arises to cause a strong delusion to fall upon certain individuals within the population. And who might these individuals be? The church leaders who should have known better, but, because of a rebellious spirit, still led their flocks away from the complete Truth of God. In Isaiah 6:9-10 and Matthew 13:10-16, we see the principle that, once individuals and/or nations cross that line with God where He can no longer endure their rebellious sin, God causes spiritual blindness to come upon them, so that they cannot comprehend Truth any longer. This action effectively seals their doom in judgment.

I believe that God is doing this right now in the United States of America. So many of our church leaders have rebelliously sinned for so long now that they have simultaneously opened the door for Anti-Christ and have come under God's judgment as exemplified in a sudden spiritual blindness that is startling to anyone who is truly following God. Thus, we are startled when a so-called Christian leader can advocate sex outside marriage, or homosexuality, or abortion; and the list could go on and on, but you get the point. The departure of the mainline Christian Churches from the complete Truth of God is so deep and so wide now throughout this country, that we may be very close to the time of actual persecution of that small remnant who are still holding true to the Biblical teachings.

We want now to relate a story which illustrates how very deep and wide this apostasy has become in America. In the Boston Globe, dated Sunday, October 10, 1993, an article entitled, "Offbeat Bibles Increase and Multiply" caught my eye. This article reports on the phenomenon of many different versions of Bibles that are beginning to appear on the shelves of many Christian bookstores. We have been used to many versions of the Bible in the past, some of which we have considered good and some which we have considered bad. However, we have rarely experienced the situation where we could consider a particular version to be outright blasphemous, where we would consider the authorship of the version to be systematically bad. We have reached this point in this country now. Listen to excerpts from this article:

"In the Black Bible Chronicles, King James meets the 1990's. God greets Adam with a "What's up, brother". This rendition of God's Holy Scripture is most blasphemous, as it violates God's Holy, separate nature. God is infinitely greater than His Creation, and there is no indication that He has ever given anyone, including Adam, permission to call Him "brother". Such a term implies an equal relationship. Even born-again Christians, who enjoy direct access to God's Throne in Heaven through prayer, are not given the permission to treat God casually. Even the Apostle Paul, who had actually seen Jesus Christ face-to-face, talked often of the great and terrible glory of God. In 2 Corinthians 5:11, Paul speaks of the "terror" or fear of the Lord God. In Romans 9:20, Paul says that God, as Creator, has every right to do to man what He decides is right, especially in the area of choosing on whom He will have mercy. God is still the awfully, terribly, and awe-inspiring God of the Universe. We cannot be flippant or casual with God.

Yet, this Black Bible Chronicles teaches just such a casual attitude with verse translations such as this one. And why did the author, a P.K. McCary, decide to translate this verse in this manner? "I'm just trying to reach the kids where they are, she says." The Bible has always tried to reach people where they are; all people are sinners in need of salvation in repentance through Jesus Christ. This is God's perspective. Human beings should be very careful when they decide to alter God's Word. God is a jealous God, as the Bible records on 11 separate occasions in Scripture from Exodus to Zechariah. Consider just a few of these verses where God describes Himself as being jealous.

But, there is more disturbing translation of Scripture. In this Black Bible Chronicles, Eve is called "Adam's ol' lady". How terribly demeaning toward women!! One of the major difficulties facing the Black community is that their Black men have a deep lack of respect toward the women, so much so that they feel no commitment toward the children conceived and born as a result of their sexual activities with the women whom they feel are their inferiors. They are never, ever going to change their attitude toward women if they believe that God's Word teaches that women are inferior to men. This point defines the problem with "meeting people where they are". If this is the Biblical objective, then people will never feel the need to change their attitudes and lives. In James 1:22-25, we see the Word of God being compared to a mirror (verse 25), a perfect, faultless law of liberty. James says that the man who is faithful to this law and who persists in looking into it, will become a changed man. After genuinely looking into the perfect nature of God as revealed in the Scripture, comparing what he sees with his own sinful nature, then this man or woman can see what is wrong with his or her life, and can seek forgiveness through Jesus Christ. But, if this mirror of God's nature has been changed to reflect the sinful nature of man, then no one will be moved to change their attitudes, and hence, their life. So much for the fallacy of "meeting people where they live".

This article states, "The Bible may be the best-selling book in the history of the world. It may be regarded by some as the eternal, immutable Word of God. But that hasn't saved it from being revised, rewritten, and repackaged with a vengeance by the $400-million-a-year Bible publishing business". Now we have the real reason the Bible is being rewritten so terribly -- increased sales and profits -- greed. Bible producers have identified small specialty markets that might be interested in a Bible with a particular style or flair, and they are producing it for these perceived customers.

They are treading on dangerous, Holy ground. God is very jealous and protective of things He considers uniquely His own. God considers His written Word to be uniquely part of Himself. We see this in the New Testament, where Jesus is identified as the Word of God (John 1:1-14). In verse 14 we see that the "Word became flesh and dwelt among us..." In Matthew 5:18-19, Jesus warns that not one jot or tittle - which means not one smallest letter or punctuation -- will pass away. Then, He warns anyone against breaking one of His commandments, or relaxing any of them. These publishers and editors are literally rushing in where angels dare not tread. These publishers of these new Bibles do not know enough doctrine to know they should be afraid. McCary, the editor of this Black Bible Chronicles, shows her Biblical ignorance, when she defends her translation by saying that she believes there are many paths to understanding the Bible. "We're contributing our own wisdom...We shouldn't jockey for position about who's right and who's wrong. What if we are all right"? God laughs at man's wisdom, calling it foolishness and filthy rags. How dare anyone attempt to rewrite God's Divine Word.

I would like to allow God to have the final say on this matter. He knew that men would rewrite His Word, so He warned them against it, beginning 5,000 years ago. In Deuteronomy 4:2, God warned, "You shall not add to the word which I command you, neither shall you diminish it..."

And Jesus was so jealous of His book of Revelation, that He warned, in 22:19, "And if any one cancels or takes away from the statements of the book of this prophecy...God will cancel and take away from him his share in the tree of life and in the city of holiness which are described and promised in this book."

Ms. McCary, and all others who are rewriting God's Holy Word, cease and desist, for you have no idea the kind of judgment you are building up for yourself.

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