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This is David Bay, Director of Old Paths Ministries.

And this is the Cutting Edge, a radio program dedicated to warning and informing God's people. We are committed to the study and exposition of the inerrant, inspired and authoritative Word of God. The views expressed belong to us, and are not necessarily shared by this station.

As we daily move closer to the New World Order, many events are unfolding before our eyes which are consistently eroding the once firm bulwark guarding our personal freedoms. Today, we want to examine some of these instances so you can see clearly how events are being manipulated to make these changes.

However, we need first to lay a little Biblical groundwork for the discussion to follow. Turn with me to Job 1:6, "Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan came also among them. And the Lord said to Satan, 'Whence comest thou?' Then Satan answered the Lord and said, 'From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it'".

This Scripture offers incredible insight into the realm of the supernatural, especially for Satan. The Bible teaches that, when Adam sinned, the Title Deed of the World passed to Satan. He will literally rule the world and men's minds, subject only to God's power exercised to ensure that God's ultimate purposes are carried out and all His prophecies are fulfilled.

This gives Satan considerable leeway to exercise his supernatural power and his authority which he gained as a result of Adam's original sin. Thus it is that the Apostle Paul calls Satan the Lord of This World and the Prince of the Power of the Air (Ephesians 2:2). In short, Satan walks up and down upon this earth in much the same way as a man walks on his property. A landowner can do with his land as he wishes, whether he chooses to plant or to dig up, to build or to tear down, or whatever he decides he wants to do subject, of course, to obeying local, state and Federal laws regarding health and safety. Satan, also, has this tiny world under his supernatural heel, subject only to God's final authority as we have already noted.

But the point we wish to make is that Satan is given considerable leeway by God to do what he wishes in this world. In some instances, Satan works through men and women without their being aware they are being so used; in other instances, Satan works through men and women who have chosen to give themselves up to him through participation in the occult. These people know fully well they are serving Lord Satan.

In the events we are about to relate, you can easily see Satan "walking up and down upon the earth" as a human landowner would think of walking through his back yard. Part of the reason people have difficulty comprehending the drama being played out in front of their eyes is that they do not understand how very powerful Satan and his demons are, nor of the tremendous power of which they are capable. Unless God intervenes, Satan can perform his will easily.

Events of the past few weeks have combined to signal the approach of the hoofbeats of Anti-Christ, as he rides through the world in fulfillment of Revelation 6:1-2, riding through the world claiming to be Jesus Christ, and the Messiah for which every other religion of the world is awaiting. And God's prophecies in the book of Daniel tell us the signature events which will immediately precede the appearance of Anti-Christ. In Dan 7:7-8, we see the prophet's vision that the world in the Last Days will be reorganized into 10 super nation states, each one of which is ruled by a single king. These kings are symbolized by horns. Daniel sees the 10 horns being created in his vision; in other words, he sees the 170+ nations of the world being reorganized into 10 super nations. Of course, as we have repeatedly stated on this radio program, the New World Order Plan envisions the reorganization of the world into only 10 super nations. Nation #2 was Western Europe, created on December 31, 1992; Nation #5 is Eastern Europe, including Russia, an entity now made possible with the planned breakup of the former USSR. Japan and China are listed as the single nations they presently are, and the entire Third World is loosely gathered together in several major groupings. The only Super Nation under construction at this present time, and the only tough one left to create, is Nation #1, called North America. The North American Free Trade Agreement, commonly known as NAFTA, will create this super nation state.

At this point, the world will stand at the crossroads of the appearance of Anti-Christ, for Daniel then sees, in verse 8, that as soon as the 10 kings had established their new kingdom, AntiChrist arises, symbolized as a small horn coming out of the midst of the 10 kings. As soon as the New World Order national reorganization now under way is completed, their Anti-Christ will stage his appearance. We are very close.

Now let us talk about NAFTA, upon which Congress will vote next week. The media has been filled daily these last two months about how tough of a battle NAFTA has become. Most news reports still are saying that the issue is too close to call. We beg to differ. We believe this battle scenario is simply and only acting, stage managing. Clinton has the votes in his pocket and has had them from the beginning. To illustrate this point, that Clinton has the votes in his pocket, I draw your attention to the Budget Plan earlier this year. This plan was debated from every possible angle and it looked as though the President's plan might be defeated. When the time came for the actual vote, Clinton's margin of victory was razor thin; in fact, the Senate vote was 50 votes for and 50 votes against, forcing Vice President Al Gore to cast the deciding vote in favor of the President's Plan. The President had just barely escaped by the skin of his teeth, or so it seemed on the surface; however, this entire episode was just an excellent acting performance, as Dr. Dobson of Focus On The Family so clearly pointed out the next morning. Dr. Dobson interviewed two Christian lobbyists on his show, talking about the serious political and social consequences of Clinton's tax plan. One of the lobbyists pointedly stated that the final vote outcome was a sham, an acting job. He said the President had the votes in his pocket from the beginning, and could have won with many votes to spare; however, the White House wanted to make it appear that they were struggling mightily, and they wanted to ensure that none of the Representatives or Senators up for reelection in 1994 would hurt their chances by voting for this Budget Plan. Therefore, the White House and Congressional liaison team carefully examined each Democratic race; if they determined that a vote in favor of this Budget Plan would damage the chances of their Democratic seat, that Congressman was told to vote "no". In this way, they concocted the scenario whereby the Plan passed by the slimmest of margins.

NAFTA will be passed in the same way. We are already hearing the same refrain we heard in the last two weeks of the Budget Plan, where on a daily basis, Congressmen who were opposed to the plan originally are declaring publicly that they are now going to support NAFTA. The news media announces, daily, that the President is picking up support, but is still behind. We strongly believe that NAFTA will pass by the smallest of margins. But, the President will have had the votes to pass NAFTA all along.

As we have stated, NAFTA is a good idea economically, at least as far as what we have been able to read. We know that, historically, business has been greatly stimulated every time prices and tariffs have been lowered. Therefore, it does make sense to eliminate the tariffs between Mexico, the United States, and Canada, creating the largest single economic nation on earth, some 360 million people. However, as the little general, Ross Perot, loves to point out, "the devil is in the details", and we have not seen the details. What is in the fine print? Our curiosity is greatly stimulated by the fact that the reason being put forth for Congressmen opposing NAFTA is so obviously bogus and so easily demonstrated false, you have to ask why they continue to advocate such a flimsy position. Their opposition is based upon the easily refuted contention that jobs will be lost to Mexico by the millions if NAFTA is passed. Capitalism has always looked for markets which have lower costs of manufacturing, and have always gravitated toward them. However, labor costs have always been only one cost factor in the equation. Equally important is the attitude of the worker, the existence of a proper infrastructure, and local government stability, just to name a few other factors. Mexico has almost as many negatives as positives in the total equation as to whether a particular company should move down there. But, believe me, those companies which might decide to move their operation to Mexico will make that decision quite independently from NAFTA. This accord introduces no new factors into the equation, one way or another.

Then, why does the opposition cling to such a transparently false position? I believe they do so for two critical reasons:

1. This jobs issue is extremely emotional, and will galvanize a lot of people who do not think critically.

2. Most importantly, this position will make most Americans look in the opposite direction from where they should be looking.

In other words, there are probably details which most Americans would oppose if they knew about them. But, if the noisy debate over this accord is made over a bogus issue, the media would be able to never report the fine print details. We do not know precisely what these details are, but we can wager an educated guess. Since NAFTA creates Nation # 1 in the New World Order Plan to reorganize the world, we can educate the guess that it contains some very important secret issues:

  1. NAFTA probably contains provisions which further erode our national sovereignty. This accord probably sets up the mechanics and time table for the creation of a super NAFTA government and governmental infrastructure.
  2. NAFTA probably contains provisions for our American dollar to be superseded by, and replaced, by a new NAFTA dollar. This move would simply be a precursor to the plan to eliminate all individual currencies, replacing them with one global currency.
  3. NAFTA probably sets up a judiciary which replaces the individual Justice System now existing in each country.
  4. NAFTA probably sets new standards in the fields of education, finance, and others, based upon values other than traditional American values.
  5. Finally, NAFTA probably does all this based upon a constitution that is not our original constitution. Remember, their plan is not to attack our existing constitution head-on, but to erode it piece by piece, very gradually and slyly.

When NAFTA passes, be prepared to hear Congress vote that our system of government is now based upon a NAFTA constitution. NAFTA government officials will be drawn from all three countries, and will be even less responsive to the voters.

But, of course, the real story about NAFTA is that it creates Nation # 1 in the New World Order Plan to reorganize the entire world into 10 Super Nation States, thus fulfilling Biblical prophecy to the letter. Once the United Nations meets to vote to establish the Third World groupings the Plan will be complete; the world will be organized into 10, not 170+. The next step, according to both prophecy and the New World Order Plan, is for Anti-Christ to arise. We are very close, which probably explains the news reports that negotiators involved in both the PLO Peace Plan and NAFTA feel they are under an intense pressure to complete their work NOW. It seems important to them to complete these events in the year 1993. And, when NAFTA is established, our personal freedoms will be eroded further, to the point where we have to begin to worry that they will be eliminated altogether.

Keep one factor clearly in your mind: the planned collapse of Communism was designed simply to make it possible for the nations of the world to be merged into the global United Nations Government. Peoples of the world, but especially Americans, would never agree to disarm their national military forces, and to surrender their sovereignty, as long as they felt threatened by immensely powerful Communist military forces. Remember the legendary story of the Trojan Horse? After battling the forces of the city of Troy for 10 years, and laying siege to the city, Greek forces concluded they were never going to be able to overcome Troy by conventional means. So, they announced to the city that they were going to withdraw their forces, declaring Troy to be the winner. They announced that they would like to give Troy a huge monument as a symbol of Troy's determination and military skill. This monument was a huge horse, hollowed out so that a few soldiers could hide inside. Troy gleefully accepted the horse, and wheeled it inside the city gates. In full view of the Troy forces inside the city walls, Greek forces began to withdraw, ostensibly back to their homes. Troy citizens immediately decided to celebrate, as soldiers joined with civilians. Late in the night, the few soldiers inside the Trojan Horse came out of the horse, killed the few guards left on the city wall and the gate. They then opened the gates to allow the Greek army, which had crept back into position under the cover of darkness, to pour through the city gates to attack and destroy the army of Troy. I can just hear many Troy citizens exclaim as they were being thrust through by a sword, "But, I thought we were the winners!"

Just as the Trojan Horse was a deliberately staged ruse so is the supposed collapse of Communism. Communism, created as the Anti-Thesis to the Western Capitalist Thesis, had to disappear if the world was to proceed into the new Synthesis system, the New World Order. Western nations conceived this plan in the early 1800's, and American leaders have consistently carried out the precepts of this plan. This is what Gorbachev meant when he said that the issue of the day is not whether Socialism failed or that Communism collapsed; rather, the key issue is that there is a new system coming. He stated this most clearly in an interview with Time Magazine, dated May 25, 1992, in the article entitled, "A Chat With The Gorbachev's", p. 51. Our leaders have consistently laid the trap for the entire world to fall into, a trap called the New World Order. However, God will have the last laugh as He consistently declares in His Scripture that "when these men (sinners) set a trap for others, they are lying in wait for their own blood; they set an ambush for their own lives". (Proverbs 1:18). God reiterates this premise in the Psalms in Ecclesiastes, and in Job. The planners for the New World Order, led by Americans, have set a trap of immense blood into which the peoples of the world are to fall. Little do they realize they will fall into their own trap. If you want to understand how this trap will be sprung on these wicked leaders, read Revelation 6-19. The world is very close to these events.

American freedoms took another hit this week from the House passage of the so-called Brady Bill, a gun control measure which would require a five-day waiting period before a person who had purchased a handgun would be able to take it home. Before we tell you how this bill is another New World Order Trojan Horse, let us reassure you that we are as horrified as most about the carnage in our streets. One of God's indictments against Israel just before He sent in King Nebuchadnezzer of Babylon to be His Sword Of Judgment, was that Israel's streets had become filled with blood. (Ezekiel 9:9). Surely, America has followed a parallel path with Israel in flooding our streets with the blood of the slain. In Israel, the weapon of choice was the sword or the knife; in America, where the technology is different, the weapon of choice is the gun. The Bible does not record that the Israeli Government in Ezekiel's day was attempting to push through a crime bill that included a ban on weapons, or a five-day waiting period after buying one. Only America is attempting to accomplish this. Why? Because we are heading into a New World Order dictatorship where the people will not be allowed to own guns. In fact, the planners of this new world system recognized a long time ago that a populace armed to the teeth with weaponry and jealous about their freedoms could very well prevent the establishment of the New World Order.

So, let the record be established that we are deeply appalled by the daily carnage which fills our land. We recognize it as a major symptom of the spiritual vacuum afflicting this country today. The only answer is a revival of historic proportions, with people turning back to Jesus Christ in such numbers as to completely turn this country around. The anti-gun control slogan is correct, "Guns don't kill people; people kill people". History is full of examples proving this slogan true.

History is also full of examples where dictatorships cannot survive when the people own considerable weaponry. In fact, the first action a dictatorship will take, upon seizing control, is to seize weapons owned by the people. But, this New World Order is planned to be history's first dictatorship which was allowed by the people under false pretenses. Now, let us explain the deception of the Brady Bill, and its further implications.

The Brady Bill is being passed with the highest flying rhetoric possible, as its proponents graphically decry the violence and bloodshed brought on by people with handguns. This bill will require two things, both dangerous to our freedoms:

  1. A five-day waiting period after the gun is purchased before the citizen can take the gun home. During this five-day period, authorities will be notified that you want to purchase a handgun. They will immediately begin a check on your background to see if you are a convicted felon, in which case you will not be allowed to take possession of your gun and will be refunded your money. On the surface, this provision seems entirely reasonable; but, it is a Trojan Horse. People assume that the definition of a convicted felon will remain the same tomorrow as it is today. Today, most people agree with the felony laws in our country, i.e., murder, robbery, aggravated assault. Most people would agree that anyone with these type convictions should not be allowed to own weapons. However, suppose Congress were to suddenly pass a law making it a felony to belong to a certain organization, such as the Communist Party, or the Neo-Nazis, or maybe the Assemblies of God and the Baptist Churches. Then, these people would not be allowed to buy guns. Do you see our point? Once the machinery is in place to deny certain people the ability to buy guns under certain circumstances, the door has been opened just enough to allow the government to change the definition as to what constitutes a crime.
  2. The most insidious provision of the Brady Bill is that a nationwide computer system will be set up which will systematically record the name, address, telephone number, and other personal data of everyone buying a weapon. In this way, government officials will know precisely the location of every gun purchased after this bill was passed, an absolute requirement if they plan to seize them one day. However, once people have been conditioned to allow forced registration of weapons under the provision of new purchases, they will be more accepting of forced registration of all guns. The few people who will understand the insidious nature of such a forced registration will refuse to participate, will be arrested, with some fighting back. The public will have been so conditioned by this time, that they will accept the government view that such people who refuse to register their guns are "radical nuts". Thus there will be no massive public outcry which would jeopardize the plans to move America into the dictatorship of the New World Order.

We can see the progression of restrictions even today. In Florida, the State Legislature has just passed a bill prohibiting teenagers from having guns. The most shocking provision is that police may simply seize guns from teens with no provocation. In other words, a teen needs not to have committed any crime. If police can get away with this type of unconstitutional activity today for this group of the population, they will be coming against the fully adult, law-abiding citizen tomorrow.

3. The third insidious part of this Brady Bill is not so hidden; in fact, it is right there for anyone to see. Remember the Six-Step Attitudinal Change Plan, where the original objective is to just unlock and open the door to a formerly forbidden activity just a crack, with the plan to return again and again to the issue later on, to systematically open the door further? It is not too long, under this plan, before the once closed door is standing wide open. This drive to tight gun control is being pursued according to the precepts of the Six-Step Attitudinal Change Plan. However, the backers of gun control are not going to wait months or years before acting to open the door open still further. They are acting now, and may try to force their more radical plans into the Brady Bill, trying to take advantage of the public momentum generated by this bill. In the Senate, where debate is now beginning on the Brady Bill, Senator Patrick Moynihan is proposing to tax ammunition to the point where it cannot be purchased in any quantity which might be threatening to a dictatorial government. Moynihan notes that, when a person buys a gun, he is buying something which will normally last for decades. In fact, he states that Americans own a 100-year supply of guns. However, he also notes that the average supply of ammunition is only four years, about the maximum it can be, since ammunition deteriorates rapidly. Since guns are useless without ammunition, he is proposing a high tax on its purchase. This is simply gun control without so naming it. Typically, he zeros in on the ammunition which sounds the most dangerous to generate enough public support to pass the law. He zeros in on "Cop Killer" and hollow tip ammunition as the ones he would impose a high tax against, suggested to be as high as 10,000 per cent. President Clinton then immediately proposes an even more radical concept -- to ban outright the manufacture of such ammunition. The hour is becoming very late.

4. The last provision which is very dangerous is the provision which would prohibit anyone from owning a gun if he/she is deemed "mentally incompetent" (Boston Globe, 11/11/93, page 17, box entitled, "Brady Bill Highlights".)

This is an extremely slippery slope. Today, psychiatrists cannot even agree amongst themselves as to what constitutes "mental incompetence". If today the definition is extremely nebulous, what about tomorrow? If the definition today is nebulous, then we are at great danger of a dramatic redefinition tomorrow.

Since we have proven on many occasions that Communism is simply a cousin to the planned New World Order, we should examine the way in which they utilized this concept of "Mental Incompetence" to beat back their enemies. Communism defined anyone who disagreed with their world view as being "Mentally Incompetent". They named their political prisons "Mental Institutions" and assigned "doctors" and "psychiatrists" to these prisons to "act" out the part. Millions of people have been incarcerated in such places since the beginning of Communism in 1917. Most of the so-called mentally incompetent were religious people, such as the Anabaptists. New World Order writings make it very plain that anyone who will not agree with the wonderful Lord Maitreya must be deranged, must be mentally incompetent. Thus, it will be extremely easy to declare anyone mentally incompetent whose background suggests they would be opposed to the values of the New World Order. A member of a fundamental, Bible believing church, or of a patriotic organization, would certainly qualify as mentally incompetent. Deny them a gun. Bring out the paddy wagons.

In conclusion, Americans have been slowly conditioned for many years to accept the loss of their freedoms through such Trojan Horse legislation as NAFTA and gun control. We are apparently at the end of the conditioning process, and are about to enter into the actual planned enslavement called the New World Order by occultists and the Great Tribulation by born-again Christians. If you do not know Jesus Christ as your Savior, or if you are living a hypocritical life, you must come to Him today in complete surrender and honesty. Soon, the trap door will shut tight behind us all and the time to make a decision for Jesus will be past. Your eternity is at stake. Act now.

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