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This is David Bay, Director of Old Paths Ministries.

And this is the Cutting Edge, a radio program dedicated to warning and informing God's people. We are committed to the study and exposition of the inerrant, inspired and authoritative Word of God. The views expressed belong to us, and are not necessarily shared by this station.

The moral bankruptcy of our society is well-documented.

But, few people understand why we have become morally bankrupt. However, when we look at society through the eyes of God, through the Bible, we can easily see why we are facing the unprecedented troubles today. This study of America through the eyes of God is what we will always do try to here; stay with us for some eye- opening truths.

Now that 1993 is safely behind us, it seems appropriate to spend one program reviewing some of the most important events of which the year was comprised. Make no mistake about it, folks, the year, 1993, was the most important year in advancing the New World Order than any other single year since I have been studying this advancing cancer. But, I really was not too surprised, because I knew that occultists meticulously plan the timing of their events so that added "force" will be with them.

The single most important factor to be understood about 1993, from an occultist's point of view, is that, when the numbers comprising the year are added together, they equal 22. This number is considered to be one of the primary numbers in the realm of the occult. This number has two meanings to the occultist:

1. Since the number 22 is a double intensification of the primary number, 11, the meaning of number 11 is doubled. The number, 11, to the occultist, denotes disorder; therefore, the number, 22, will represent tremendous disorder, even disaster. As we shall see in a few moments, this is an apt description of many of the events of 1993.

2. The number, 22, when considered by itself rather than as an intensification of the number, 11, denotes "Light", spiritual light. Certainly, this meaning fits in well with the coming of The Christ, the Biblical Anti-Christ, because he is supposed to be the ultimate spiritual light ever to shine on mankind.

As we review the year, 1993, in this regard, we will be constantly keeping these meanings of the number, 22, in mind. However, God also ascribes great meaning to numbers. As Bible scholars will readily tell you, God is extremely consistent in His use of numbers. In fact, the occultic belief in the power inherent in numbers is simply, and only, a poor counterfeit of God's consistency in His use of numbers. As the Reverend John MacArthur is fond of saying, "Satan has never had an original idea in his life; he just counterfeits God".

The number, 22, is also of great potential import for the nation, Israel, because the Hebrew language contains 22 letters. Therefore, we should expect events of importance to occur in Israel, or relating to Israel, in the year, 1993. The impetus for important events occurring in this year for Israel, would thus come from both sides:

So let us begin our review of pertinent events in the world during the year, 1993, just concluded. We shall be looking for those events which seem to build Satan's edifice called the New World Order, and for those events which fulfill Bible prophecy or which seem to set the stage for fulfillment.

Let us begin with the nation, Israel. Three events of momentous import occurred in 1993 which both advance the Plan of the New World Order and which may have set the stage for the fulfillment of the prophecy in Daniel 9:27a. We shall list these three events first, and then examine each of them in turn.

1. In late May, Israel officially ratified a most important document they have entitled, "The Jerusalem Covenant". This document sets forth a national agenda and trumpets to the world the intentions of the Jewish nation in the coming centuries. We might think of it as an equivalent to our Declaration of Independence. The most important feature of this proclamation, to the Jew, is the statement that Jerusalem will forever remain the indivisible capitol of the nation, Israel. This bold statement flies directly in the face of the plans of the New World Order Plan, called "The New Jerusalem Covenant Project". This plan envisions that Jerusalem will become the capitol city of the three major religions of the world which claim it as holy to their religion: Judaism, Christianity, and Muslim. However, the Jews are most adamant that this will never occur.

The most important element of this official "Jerusalem Covenant" which Israel ratified in late May, is that it establishes a national covenant which some international leader can "confirm". Let us look for a moment at the exact wording of this Scripture of Prophecy, Daniel 9:27a, "And he [Anti-Christ] shall confirm the covenant with many [the nation of Israel] for one week [seven years]..." Bible scholars consider this prophecy to be one of the most important in the entire Bible, because it gives us a very specific starting point for the beginning of the Great Tribulation. Notice the word, "confirm". This word, in the original language, means to "strengthen" something which already exists. This prophecy does not say that the Anti-Christ will write a national covenant with Israel; rather, it says that he will strengthen a covenant which already exists.

This is precisely what has happened here!! Israel has produced a national covenant which the coming New World Order Christ can strengthen. In other words, the strong implication here is that the world will be having some type of strong controversy regarding Israel generally, and by implication, possibly Jerusalem. God foretells a controversy over Jerusalem in Zechariah 12:2-3, where He says, "And in that day I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about...and in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people..." We certainly see this burdensome stone regarding Jerusalem today. The New World Order Plan calls for Jerusalem to become an internationalized city, officially proclaimed the home to Judaism, Christianity, and the Muslim; however, this defiant Israel, just 5 million people standing against the entire world, is standing firm in its insistence that Israel will remain Jewish and only Jewish. Thus, the stage is set for the controversy to continue, until Anti-Christ arises. He then can proclaim his support for Israel's position, thus "strengthening" their national covenant. The Jews will be excited and will be more than happy to believe this man is their long-awaited Messiah. However, the New World Order leaders will be snickering in their hearts, for they will know that this public "support" is a ruse designed to destroy Israel. They plan to completely eradicate Israel, after they have lulled her to sleep with the promises of Anti-Christ.

2. The second major event to occur in 1993 concerning Israel occurred in September, and the dates involved with this event contains a most occult signature. On September 13, Israel signed a peace accord with the PLO, in which Israel agreed to give limited sovereignty to the Palestinians in exchange for a recognition on their part that Israel has a right to exist, and to live at peace with her neighbors. Israeli Prime Minister Rabin and PLO Chairman Yasir Arafat were pictured shaking hands after the accord had been officially signed, with President Clinton standing behind. The occult signature stamped on this accord is the prominence of the number 13. To the occultist, the number 13 is one of the most important numbers. It means "Depravity and Rebellion", and it has become the most important symbol of Satan's depravity and rebellion against God's commands and His organization of the world, both of which the New World Order plans to overthrow. This accord contains three [3] instances of the number 13. The number 3 is the number denoting "Divine Completeness" of the Satanic Trinity, so it is noteworthy that the accord contains three instances of 13.

This accord has to rank as one of the most significant, and incredible, events in world history. To an impartial observer unfamiliar with the New World Order Plan, and with Biblical prophecy, this accord would never have happened, for several important reasons:

  1. Israel was under no significant military pressure to reach such an accord. One of the results of the Persian Gulf War was that America provided highly sophisticated arms to Israel, giving her an unprecedented military edge over her Arab enemies.
  2. The PLO and Yasir Arafat were nearly defunct. They had backed the losing side in the Persian Gulf War, namely Iraq's Saddam Hussein. This ill-conceived support had resulted in the cutoff of funds from all the moderate Arab nations, such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, who had traditionally kept the PLO functioning. Finally, the PLO had lost tremendous support from the rank-and-file Palestinian Arabs living in the very area affected by this accord. These Palestinian Arabs felt that the PLO was too soft and too poorly led to ever defeat Israel, so they had turned to the more radical groups supported and led by Iran.

When Israel suddenly reached this agreement with the PLO, they literally brought back this organization, and its leader, Arafat, from the nearly dead. Many observers, both inside and outside Israel, are scratching their heads trying to figure out why Rabin would resurrect a nearly dead enemy. Since no one has ever accused the ex-General and War Hero, Rabin, of being stupid, most people feel there is a hidden agenda behind Rabin's actions. We agree. We will wait to explain this further until after we have discussed the third reason why this accord with the PLO makes no sense, on the surface at least.

3. Israeli leadership, especially Israeli Intelligence is fully aware of the PLO plan, conceived in 1972, whereby the PLO had decided the Arabs could never defeat Israel on the battlefield. Therefore, they decided to switch tactics. They would attempt to destroy Israel by peace. They would bring tremendous pressure on Israel to allow the Palestinians a homeland within Israel, insisting on borders that would nearly cut Israel in two. Remember, the current nation of Israel is very small, about the size of New Jersey. The PLO Plan calls for their new nation to be carved out in such a way as to render Israel militarily indefensible. A relatively small Arab Army could conceivably completely interdict the tiny area of land which would then separate northern Israel from southern Israel, thus allowing Arab armies to divide and conquer.

This was the PLO plan, and Israel is well aware of it. Then, why did Rabin approach Arafat when his organization was in its death throes, and propose to him this accord, which nearly gives him exactly what he wanted all along? Rabin must be pursuing a hidden agenda with this accord. The only question is, what is his hidden agenda? There are two schools of thought, one by some Orthodox Jewish leaders within Israel, and the other by David Bay.

Thus, I believe it possible that Israeli leaders, led by the military, shifted gears. Knowing the plan of the PLO to use a peace accord as a ruse to destroy Israel, the Jewish leadership decided to let the Arabs think they have achieved their goal. When the Arabs decide to attack, their plan will undoubtedly involve the armies of Jordan and Syria. The Israeli army will then launch one of their famous preemptive military strikes, but this time, using their own nuclear weapons to totally destroy Syria and Jordan. This scenario would then fulfill some very somber end-time prophecies:

This incredible prophecy contains several provisions:

  1. A fire builds up in the House of Jacob and the House of Joseph. The Houses of Jacob and Joseph is the nation of Israel. This fire will not destroy Israel, but will come up within her.
  2. This fire within Israel then suddenly explodes out of Israel and consumes the House of Esau so completely that God likens it to becoming stubble. In fact, God specifically tells us that total destruction of the Arab nations surrounding Israel is His Plan. In Obadiah 18b, quoted above, God specifically states that there shall be no survivor of the House of Esau. This is total destruction, the kind we would expect from a nuclear attack.

As incredible as these prophecies are in foretelling the sudden destruction of the Arab lands surrounding Israel, there is more:

* In Isaiah 17:1, God unquestionably delivers a promise of physical judgment for Damascus, the capitol city of Syria. Beginning with His traditional method of pronouncing a physical judgment, God says, "The burden of Damascus"; literally translated, this reads, "The mournful, inspired prediction -- a burden to be lifted up -- concerning Damascus..." God is definitely pronouncing a very physical destruction of Damascus. The significance of this prophecy can only be appreciated when you understand that Damascus is known by historians as the longest continuously occupied city in the world. Damascus has never been destroyed in her 3,000 year history. Therefore, this promise of physical judgment is definitely in this city's future.

Then, God tells us what kind of physical destruction He has in mind for Damascus. He says, "Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap." This literally means, "Damascus will cease to be a city, and will become a heap of ruins". This total destruction is the type which one would expect from an atomic attack. Normally, when a city is militarily conquered, she does not become a heap of ruins. The city might become substantially destroyed, but generally not the kind of destruction experienced when a city is militarily conquered.

However, conspicuously absent from this list of nations participating in this invasion of Israel are the very nations listed above, against whom God has delivered the pronouncement of physical judgment: Syria, Jordan, Lebanon. Even Egypt is absent, probably because of the judgment pronounced on her in Isaiah 19.

This Scripture will be totally fulfilled, just as God has foretold. I believe it will be fulfilled with atomic weaponry. I believe that Rabin, that old General War Hero, and his active military commanders, have set and baited the trap for the Arab countries of Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan. Knowing their intention to attack from the newly created Palestinian nation within Israel, the Israeli military leadership may have decided to preemptively attack once they detect military buildup, and they will use nuclear warfare. The world can criticize very little if Israel can document a planned attack. This, I believe, may be the real reason that Rabin decided to resurrect a nearly dead PLO and give Arafat every thing he had wanted. Israel has set the trap.

3. The third important event involving Israel in 1993 occurred on December 30, when Israel and the Roman Catholic Vatican signed a preliminary agreement that will lead to the recognition of Israel as a sovereign state. Since 1948, the Vatican has steadfastly refused to recognize Israel. This event is enormously important because the New World Order Plan ties the recognition of Israel by the Vatican to the plan to officially create the New World Order Religion, with the Pope as its official leader.

On August 18, 1991, I attended a seminar in Boston at the official House of Theosophy. The Theosophical Society is extremely occultic. Satan has mightily used this movement to announce much of his plan to establish the New World Order. Members are taught to establish contact with their "Guiding Spirits", which is demonic possession. This Theosophical Society established their printing company in the early 1920's, naming it originally "Lucifer Publishing Company". After a few years, they decided that Lucifer Publishing was a little too obvious, so they renamed it "Lucis Publishing Company".

Over the years, the Theosophical Society has produced many books which boldly lay out the plan for the New World Order, and most of these books are avowedly written using the "Automatic Writing" method, where a possessing demon writes directly though the human author. We quote very often from just such a book entitled, "The Externalisation of the Hierarchy", by Alice Bailey, who was the global leader from the early 1900's to the 1950's. But Bailey admits she did not write this book; rather, the "Master D.K." wrote it through her.

The Theosophical Society knows what is occurring in the Plan for the New World Order because its leaders participated heavily in the creation of it. Therefore, I was most interested when I learned that the current leader of the New England House of Theosophy, Bill Lambert, was holding a public seminar entitled, "Possible and Probable Events in the Future". Lambert spent almost a decade as a member of the New World Order planning council called, "The New Jerusalem Covenant Project". As I stated before, Lambert boldly proclaimed a plan to finally create the New World Order Religion through a special global conference to be held in Jerusalem. The Roman Catholic Pope will convene this Ecumenical Spiritual Conference and will announce that, from this moment on, all world's religions are one, and will be called the New World Order Religion.

Lambert said this special conference would be held in the Spring time, probably in April. Therefore, the signing of this initial treaty on December 30, 1993, is perfect for the staging of a Spring time conference. Therefore, the stage may be set for this very important New World Order conference, which would create the new Satanic religion, and which would crown the Roman Catholic Pope as the False Prophet.

Also interestingly, Lambert stated that someone would be leading a special global conference of Economic and Political interests at the same time as the special spiritual conference in Jerusalem. Even though he refused to say who might lead that conference, I nominate the Anti-Christ. The Bible states that the only leader with the same leadership stature as the False Prophet is the Anti-Christ. In the beginning half of the Tribulation, the False Prophet will be the sole spiritual leader of the kingdom of Anti-Christ, and the Anti-Christ will lead the Economic and Political spheres of his kingdom. I believe the stage is now perfectly set for just such an occurrence.

Once the New World Order Religion is set into place, the stage is then set for the persecution of Christianity to begin to occur, but that is the subject of another program.

Since our time is totally, gone, we will continue our look next week of the events in 1993 which significantly advanced the world to the New World Order. Be sure to tune in next week.

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