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Item Name: Holy Bible: Sure Word of Prophecy - DVD by Pastor Hoggard
Category: Hoggard DVD's & Books
Item Number: PRM-02-DVD/pc
Price: $14.99
Sale Price: $4.99
Occultic manifestations are occurring in Christian Churches throughout the land - and the Bible foretold them all! Pastor Hoggard shows how prophecy foretold that these types of Satanic activities would infest the church at the End of the Age

Practices well known in occult circles are being practiced in churches with the people thinking the Holy Spirit is causing it, not ever realizing that a demonic spirit is deceiving them greatly!

Satan is sweeping churches throughout the world with his full infernal spirit, fulfilling Bible prophecy

This Bible study will surprise you as to its accuracy in foretelling the events of the End of the Age now unfolding uniquely right now, in front of our very eyes!

Pastor Hoggard has also produced: 1) Secret of Solomon's Key Revealed; 2) Biblical Secrets Revealed; 3) New Age - Rick Warren And The Great Prophesied Falling Away

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