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Item Name: DVD - Invasion - Satan's destruction of Biblical Authority - Part 1 of the "Watchman on the Wall Series"
Category: Hoggard DVD's & Books
Item Number: PRM-04-DVD/pc
Price: $14.99
Global leaders are using tragic events to force people to give up freedoms for safety, a very persuasive tactic to bring about an Absolute Dictatorship! Events like: 1) Attacks of 9/11; 2) Threat of Nuclear War; 3) Threat of Economic Collapse; 4) Threat of more terrorist attacks 5) Scare tactics in quite a number of other areas

These scare tactics then allow our governments to take actions to destroy our freedoms. Executive Orders, Patriot Acts I and II and other anti- terrorist laws are then passed because the citizens are terrified by these scare tactics

But equally important is the Apostasy of the Christian Church, which has collapsed Biblical authority and the awareness by the people as to the accuracy of prophecy! In this era, "Seeker- senstive" churches have virtually abolished Biblical authority and awareness on the one hand, while slowly moving her people into the arms of the Vatican on the other hand

We highly recommend it! Hoggard's specific examination of Executive Orders is alone worth the price of this DVD!

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