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Clinton's "Community Service" Requirements Parallels Hitler's "New Social Consciousness" Required Programs Which Paved The Way For Totalitarianism


"President Clinton's philosophy may be enigmatic at times, but his core ideals were on display at a commencement address at Pennsylvania State University on May 10. He urged all public schools to make community service mandatory by requiring high school students to volunteer for a certain number of hours in order to earn their diplomas ... Mandatory service is just another instance of public schools intruding into family decisions." {"Mandatory Volunteers", Opinion Column by Scott G. Bullock, Lawyer for the Institute for Justice, The Providence Journal Bulletin, 5/20/96, p. 12}.

When we say that the present New World Order, as espoused by Republican and Democratic politicians alike, is precisely the totalitarianism of Hitler's Third Reich, we shock many people, who then want proof. In brief, both the New World Order, espoused by that title, by Hitler, and today's New World Order, have identical goals.

What did Hitler establish? He established a country that was:

  1. Politically -- Total Dictatorship
  2. Economically -- Fascism, whereby the Means of Production (Factories) and Sources of Production {Mines} are owned by private investors, but the Federal Government limits competition in every field of endeavor, and controls how much of any item is produced. In other words, the Federal Government works hand in hand with private companies.
  3. Spiritually -- The Dictator, above, is also the Spiritual leader. He functions as the "High Priest" of the Occultic Mysteries Religion. Hitler was an avowed worshipper of Satan, and he re-established the old, secret Satanic Mysteries to public worship. Likewise, the coming New World Order has precisely this goal in mind, with their Antichrist Superman fulfilling that role.

We are not quite at this point yet, but the necessary groundwork is quickly being laid, and it is shockingly following the same path as Hitler and Mussolini followed from 1933-1938, as they prepared their countries for the World War that would establish their New World Order. President's Bush and Clinton have followed these Fascist steps rather carefully, as they prepare the United States for this coming system.

Consider the above news article. On the surface, one would be hard pressed to complain too loudly against the concept of "Volunteering". After all, Americans have traditionally been known for their altruism, which was constantly expressed in volunteering for many, many positions within their communities, too many to list. During the mid-1980's, when budget cutting was being carried out, President Reagan issued a call for Americans to volunteer, to take up the slack left by the eliminated funding. Americans enthusiastically responded.

However, there is a HUGE difference between an individual deciding to volunteer for something, and having the Federal Government forcing that decision on him. The former decision is an exercise in freedom; the latter decision is dictatorship. This is the path on which we are traveling and it is a slippery slope indeed. But, this path was also trod before, by Hitler and Mussolini from 1933-38. Let us examine that path. Prepare to be shocked.

When Adolf Hitler came to power in 1933, he inherited a demoralized Germany that was struggling mightily economically and politically. The Treaty of Versailles, which ended World War I, had devastated Germany economically, rendering her money nearly worthless and her economy badly stalled. Germans also were suffering a tragic loss of national esteem. Hitler stepped to the podium immediately, and laid out a plan for reconstruction. Germany, he asserted, would be powerful and prosperous again.

A major part of this reconstruction project was his plan to appeal to the tremendous patriotism which he knew to be deep within the hearts of his fellow Germans. Hitler called for a "new social conscience" to spring forth like a mighty stream of water from his people. Suddenly, the propaganda flood gates opened wide, directing a barrage of propaganda and pressure toward "helping one another" and "caring". At the beginning, this pressure was voluntary, depending upon the age old concept of "peer pressure", as Germans who immediately sprang forth to participate began to urge their family and friends to also participate. German industry and business leaders also immediately stepped forward, with plans of their own that would support the program Hitler had enunciated. Employees of a textile plant, for example, "volunteered" to work extra hours and donate the proceeds to victims of accidents. Other workers volunteered to donate 1% of their salaries to this national effort. This program of encouraging Germans to volunteer proved very successful.

By 1935, Hitler plunged Germany to the next step. Hitler issued a law that stated that a person who wished to attend a college or university had to be partaking in this "volunteering" program. Suddenly, all the rules had changed. Now, the Federal Government was dictating that German citizens had to "volunteer". That huge line between individual freedom and dictatorship was crossed easily, with nary a German that saw what was happening to them. Hitler was much encouraged at how easy Germans accepted his forced volunteering, so encouraged that he began to implement other steps to move Germany into Fascist dictatorship. The great majority of Germans had no idea as to what happened to them, and they were not to find out for three more years. The day after Hitler forced the volunteering looked as normal as any other day. If someone had stepped forward to try to educate the public as to what had just happened to them, and what the consequences would be, no one would have believed him. He would have been laughed off the podium. Such is the condition of America today, as we move inexorably toward this identical Fascist government, the government called NAFTA. In 1939, when Hitler began World War II, Germans were extremely happy with their country. Things had not been so rosy in decades. German industry was back to work, the economy had been stabilized, and Germans could feel good about themselves. But, unparalleled disaster lurked just around the . Even a "radical" person who had read Hitler's Plan in Mein Kampf, who had listened to his speeches, and who could see where Hitler was leading, could not have predicted the scope of the disaster that lay ahead. Truth was going to prove to be stranger and stronger than even the wildest imagination could have foreseen. Such is the case today. Are you ready?

Historian E.B. Ashton defined Fascism as "a means of regulating the people's function of serving the state". Italy's dictator, Mussolini, defined Fascism a little differently. His oft repeated principle was "Everything for the State, nothing outside the State, nothing above the State." In Fascism, the State is supreme, ruling over the wishes of the individual. In fact, the whole concept behind this is based on the idea that private interests are always subordinate to the public interest, and that community well being takes precedence over the individual. Our entire Public School System is today teaching our children this most fundamental Fascist principle. Your child is learning this frightening concept, so that someday soon, they will be able to enthusiastically support the newest New World Order dictatorship.

Now, let us examine the specific programs which our Federal Government has already established to create this forced volunteering program. Remember, none of these laws have been fully enforced, but the key is to get them written into law first, and then begin to enforce them at the most opportune time.

  1. In 1990, President George Bush delivered a speech in which he declared that "from now, any definition of a successful life must include serving others". Immediately, ten national service bills were introduced in Congress. The bill that was actually passed, on November 16, 1990, was called the National and Community Service Act of 1990. This bill provided for mild instances of requiring volunteerism, and was accompanied by the most enticing words imaginable. No one understood the road America has just embarked upon.
  2. Also in 1990, Congress and President bush created another bureau, the Commission on National and Community Service, which creates good deeds such as busing children to clean up parks. Further, educational grants targeted for older youth were integrated into college curricula. America embarked upon the Fascist ideas without its citizens being aware of what had just happened.

And, it happened under a Republican President. Please understand that this drive to the New World Order is a bipartisan effort, as it has been almost continuously since it started in 1776. Both Republican and Democratic politicians are equally committed to this Plan, the rhetoric to the contrary notwithstanding.

3. In February, 1993, the National Commission on Responsibility for Financing Post-secondary Education issued a report which proposed eliminating the present confusing system of Federal college grants, loans, and requirements, replacing them with a single annual loan of $14,000. These "loans" would be paid back after graduation, either with personal funds or through community service jobs. President Clinton immediately backed the proposal. While this program has not been fully implemented, the first set in the Six Step Attitudinal Change Plan has been taken: An offensive or radical idea has been proposed by a respected person speaking from a respected forum. Now, the debate needed to dull people's objections has begun. Soon, Americans will have no trouble accepting this concept that each individual "owes" the Federal Government their time, money, and talents. Dictatorship will not be far behind. (For more information about the Six Step Attitudinal Change Plan, see NEWS1001 or Radio Programs CE1002 and CE1007).

Some people can see what is happening, and can write about, though not enough to stem the coming tide. Martin Anderson, a senior fellow at the Hoover Institute, wrote in the 11/29/93 issue of The Boston Globe, "All the people I know who are driving for a form of national service primarily want it to be compulsory. They realize that's a terrible problem politically, so they're not willing to say it. It is endangerment of freedom and the potential for indoctrination that skeptics do not like in the national service concept. However benign the program, some think it will not succeed on any meaningful scale unless it is compulsory."

4. In March, 1993, President Clinton announced that the number of college student loans that would be brought under this compulsory service payback plan would be dropped from 2,500,000 to just 25,000 loans. Why did he scale his plan back? He simply realized that, if he were to immediately change all 2,500,000 loans to a compulsory service payback rather than a dollar and cents payback, the cost would be $315 billion over 7 years. In order to prevent his budgets from this kind of "busting", Clinton decided to "begin small". But, the numbers aren't as important as beginning the process of convincing Americans that the Federal Government could force them to work.

We are proceeding quickly down Hitler's National Socialist (Nazi) path. And, almost no one understands. This parallel path we are on will lead us to the same Fascist Government that Hitler achieved in Germany prior to the beginning of World War II. As we conclude this article, please allow us to list some other instances where America is following the same path Hitler trod, a path which resulted in his absolute dictatorship.

As these changes were being made, Nazi propaganda constantly churned out the Party line that these changes were going to be most beneficial to all German citizens. Nazi politicians constantly worked the masses of people, wasting no opportunity to show how much they "cared" for Germans. Politicians visited the poor, the downtrodden, the street people, to demonstrate their "concern" over their plight. And, of course, they proposed these massive changes, described above, as the answer to the problems. You see, no one "felt your pain" like these Nazi politicians, and the citizenry absolutely ate it up.

If you are a thoughtful American citizen, you understand, by now, that our Federal Government has implemented many of Hitler's programs. Hitler successfully used these programs to move Germany into Fascism rather than Free Enterprise, and build her strength to where he could begin World War II, a first step toward establishing his New World Order. America is at the same point as Germany was in the mid-1930's. Our terror is just ahead.

This New World Order Plan is primarily spiritual; to understand the many similarities between Hitler's Occult beliefs and the New Age Occult beliefs, read NEWS1004. Then, you will understand that the spiritual underpinnings between these two systems are nearly identical, thus making a repetition of Hitler's plans virtually inevitable. But, as we have stated so many times, we Christians who read, and literally believe, the Bible, have been waiting and watching for just this type of system to arise, because prophecy foretells it.

Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use this knowledge many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

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