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Subtitle: Careful analysis of the news seems to indicate that the current round of fighting may not lead to all-out war in the short run, but to a Palestinian State, with or without Arafat. Steps 3 and 4 of the New Jerusalem Covenant may be the goal.

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"The impetus toward this type of settlement is made possible only because of a general fear of war. This fear of war must be maintained until the desired political and religious changes have been instituted." [Bill Lambert, New England Director of the House of Theosophy, "Possible and Probable Events of the Future", Members Only Seminar, August 18, 1991, reported in NEWS1052; Emphasis added]

Lambert had just returned from serving 3 full years as a member of the Illuminist planning council called the New Jerusalem Covenant Project; major decisions had just been made regarding the plan for Jerusalem and its role in staging the appearance of the New Age Masonic Christ [Biblical Antichrist] and he wanted to share this exciting news with his members. I was sneaked into this momentous meeting by John, a former member, recently Born Again.

Lambert presented five steps to the successful staging of Antichrist; the first two stages have already been fulfilled [NEWS1395 Step One and NEWS1406 chronicles start of Step 2, Arafat's Intifada].

Step 3 is the internationalization of Jerusalem, the building of a combination worship center,and apparently, the creation of a Palestinian State. Step 4 is the announcement by the Pope that all world's religions are now one, and Step 5 is the staged appearance of Antichrist himself. I find it highly instructive that Lambert's statement, above about a "fear of war" being so necessary to achieve their goals was verbalized right after he had described Stage 3!

In other words, a general fear of war is to be maintained until Step 3 is created and the Pope announces that all world's religions are now one [Step 4]. Then, the interval between Step 4 and Step 5 [Antichrist appears] will witness the planned World War III of Albert Pike's demonic vision [NEWS1056] that will produce Antichrist! This planned world war will be the Last Birth Pangs of Matthew 24 that will "give birth" to Antichrist [NEWS1408].


Despite the rhetoric of fears and warnings of all-out regional war, the Israeli Defense Force is not really acting like it is engaged in all-out war, and Arafat is built up, even defended, by leaders as diverse as Egyptian President Mubarak and President Bush! I sense that this entire scenario of events will culminate in Step 3 being realized, accompanied by a Palestinian State.

Let us first review key articles that seem to speak of all-out war.

NEWS BRIEF: "Sharon: Israel 'At War' With Terror", Washington Post, March 31, 2002.

"JERUSALEM –– Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said Sunday that his country "is at war" and would strike relentlessly at Palestinian militants ... Sharon said Yasser Arafat was "the enemy of Israel and the free world in general," and was directing a campaign of terrorism against the Jewish state. 'We cannot compromise with those who are ready ... to die only to kill innocent civilians,' Sharon said in a five-minute speech. 'This terrorism is used, directed and initiated by one man: Yasser Arafat.' Sharon said Arafat is a danger to stability in the Middle East."

Observers took this message to tantamount to a declaration of war against Arafat. In a war, the supreme leader of the nation with whom you are at war may be targeted for either seizure or elimination, particularly if he resides within your own country! At the very least, ruthless military pressure is immediately applied; that this has not been the case will be seen in our next segment, when we discuss articles that deal with the "Fear of War" goal.

NEWS BRIEF: "Middle East Is On The Brink", by David Dolan, Special Jerusalem Report.

"The Middle East is trembling this Saturday, seemingly perched on the edge of a major volcanic-style eruption. Warning tremors are growing in both volume and intensity ... the United Nations Security Council has held an emergency midnight session. It was an extremely surreal scene ... With Yasser Arafat holed up in his partially destroyed compound in Ramallah, just north of Jerusalem, Palestinian forces fired mortars into the southern Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo. This prompted Israeli troops this morning to move back into the nearby Arab town of Beit Jala. Meanwhile a large-scale Israeli call-up of military reserves continues. Officially some 20,000 men are being mobilized, but sources tell me they believe the numbers are actually larger.

"The most disturbing thing that I have seen so far today is Egyptian state-run television, which is carried by Israel’s main cable TV outlets. This supposedly American ally, possessing a formal peace treaty with Israel, has been broadcasting strong anti-Israel propaganda. Violent scenes of the Palestinian uprising—featuring Arabs being shot by Israeli soldiers and burning Israeli flags—are being interspersed with Muslim scriptures and pictures of Egyptian Hosni Mubarak meeting with Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. Songs accompanying the violent footage decry Israel’s control over Jerusalem, and especially over the Temple Mount.

"Even more ominously, Cairo’s official station has broadcast scenes of earlier Arab-Israeli wars. Pictures of Gamal Nasser leading Egyptian forces to battle against Israel have been screened. Some scenes have featured pictures of Egypt’s large American-supplied missile force."

In this report, the most ominous news is the report that Egyptian state-controlled television has suddenly shifted to a theme of war, even to the point of showing past glories of the Egyptian forces marching off to do battle with Israel. This change was most certainly authorized by President Mubarak and, therefore, may represent a new shift in official Egyptian thinking and planning.

NEWS BRIEF: "Unusual Troop Movements In Arab Countries As Israel Prepares All-Out Attack On Palestinians", by DEBKAfile, 29 March 2002.

""Israel’s extended military offensive against Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat’s Ramallah stronghold, launched Friday morning, March 29, quickly took on a wider regional context. By afternoon, DEBKAfile’s military sources began to pick up signs of unusual military movements in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Egypt."

Certainly, Israel's Palestinian Offensive may result in the entire Middle East region exploding in the flames of war. Numerous warnings to this effect have literally poured out of the mouths of many Arab and Western leaders since the 9/11 attacks.

NEWS BRIEF: "Israeli Planes Go On Nuclear Standby Status", by Gordon Thomas, Globe-Intel, March 29, 2002.

"Two Israeli fighter-bomber squadrons equipped with battlefield tactical nuclear weapons have been placed on 'cock-pit standby. They are based at an airfield in Galilee – minutes only flying time from Syria.

"The Golan Heights which borders Syria has also been sown with neutron-type bombs. Designed at Israel’s nuclear facility in the Negev desert, the bombs are designed to 'kill soldiers and leave the infrastructure intact,' was how one Israeli Defence Forces source described the weapons. This escalation of military preparations follows an urgent report from Mossad chief Efraim Halevy to prime minister, Ariel Sharon, of 'credible intelligence that both Syria and Iraq – who have held lengthy private talks at the Beirut 'summit' this weekend – may be preparing to intervene in the dangerously-out-of-control situation in the West Bank and Gaza."

Now, this is a serious development, indeed. Israel feels so threatened by Syria and Egypt at this stage in the war that she has taken the action of arming some of her airplanes with nuclear warheads, and having them stand by at the end of the runway with their engines running with their pilots anxiously at the controls. Further, if Israel has armed her neutron mines that have been buried in the ground at key locations along the Golan Heights this also seems to be another escalation in this war.

NEWS BRIEF: "Israel Warns Syria Over Lebanon", BBC News, 31 March 2002.

"Israel has said its air strikes on suspected Hezbollah targets in southern Lebanon were a warning signal to Syria.
Defence Minister Binyamin Ben Eliezer said the guerrillas could not have launched recent attacks on Israel without the knowledge and approval of Syria, which has a large military contingent in the country."

These Hezbollah attacks on targets in Northern Israel threaten to plunge the region into the much dreaded wider war.

NEWS BRIEF: "Israel Calls Up Reserves", Washington Post, March 28, 2002.

"JERUSALEM –– Israel's Cabinet early Friday decided to totally isolate Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, and agreed to call up troop reserves to deal with an increase in Palestinian terror attacks ... Cabinet Minister Raanan Cohen said, 'We are mobilizing reserves to deal with terrorism'."

Since Israel requires 72 hours (3 full days) to fully mobilize reserves, and since such mobilization is so expensive and burdensome on the Israeli economy, it is a major event when she mobilizes large numbers of reserves. When Israel mobilized these 20,000 reservists, she was really telling the world that she felt she needed them on duty by April 1.


Now, let us review articles that seem to indicate that a goal short of all-out war is intended.

NEWS BRIEF: Soap Opera Continues: Arafat Allowed Access To Outside World, "Troops Keep Arafat Confined: U.N. Urges Israeli Withdrawal", by James Bennett, The New York Times, carried by Yahoo News, March 30, 2002.

"JERUSALEM, March 30 Israeli forces tightened their grip around Yasir Arafat today, sealing the Palestinian leader into three rooms of his compound in the West Bank city of Ramallah, Palestinian officials said, even as the United Nations' Security Council with United States backing called on Israel to withdraw ... Mr. Arafat was able to hear the Hebrew of his captors through the wall of his office, Palestinian officials said, as he nursed a dying cellphone battery that sustained his remaining link to the outside world. Shimon Peres, the Israeli foreign minister, said that Israel would not harm or expel Mr. Arafat, and that it was restoring electricity, water and telephone service to his compound."

Now, this is very strange way in which to "wage war" against the enemy of your people! War is brutal business, and is intended to so kill and maim your enemy that he no longer poses a danger to your nation! Sharon has used this kind of tough-guy rhetoric, but is falling far short of following through with tough-guy actions.

But, this soap opera continues:

"As night fell, Mr. Arafat managed a candlelit interview in his ruined headquarters with Reuters television, which has a bureau in Ramallah with a Palestinian crew. 'I appeal to the international community to stop this aggression against our people, this military escalation, this killing,' Mr. Arafat pleaded in English."

Arafat does not mention the death, bloodshed, and sheer terror his infamous suicide bombers have meted out on innocent Israeli citizens for the past 25 years; he does not mention that it was he who rejected the Camp David Accords extended to him by President Clinton and Israeli Prime Minister Barak in Summer, 2000. Arafat does not mention that these accords would have virtually given him a Palestinian State, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Oh, no, he pleads that it is he and his people who are being brutalized. But, the really astonishing fact is that the Israelis are allowing him international television and telephone access at the very time their armed forces are "making war" against Arafat! This scenario reminds me greatly of the time the planned dissolution of the U.S.S.R. was occurring, back about 10 year ago, when the Russian top generals were executing their feeble and futile "plot" to overthrow Gorbachev. From my days in U.S. Army Intelligence, I can tell you that, before a general will launch a war, or a coup, he will carefully identify his enemies and draw up a detailed plan to eliminate or neutralize these enemies; this action will occur before the general fires the first shot in his coup!

But, this typical military planning and preemptive action did not occur! Instead, Russian Army armored units marched up to the mansion and could go no further because they lacked ammunition! Yeltsin was allowed complete access to the outside world from his "besieged" office -- telephones, faxes, emails, and even television. At the end, Yeltsin was allowed to climb on a tank to deliver a rousing speech, and he lived to tell about it! He was even promoted for it! If the Russian generals are this inept, we have nothing to fear from them!

Not only was this scenario scripted, but it was very bad theater. In the same manner, this current soap opera smacks of the same type of theater, but I must admit it looks a whole lot more convincing than the Communist "coup" against Gorby.

Let us now return to this particular article, for a quote that is relevant to our next quote.

"... Yasir Abed Rabbo, the Palestinian minister of information ... added that the move now required forceful action by President Bush. 'It needs one serious push from Bush, in order to make it really news and not just another message,' he said. 'This administration is fond of sending us visions and sending the Israelis green lights. Visions, we are fed up with them.' Mr. Bush said last year that he envisioned a state of Palestine, but Palestinian officials have repeatedly said the Bush administration has not done enough to turn that vision into reality."

Now, we are getting close to the heart of the matter: the creation of a Palestinian State. Remember Lambert's thesis, stated just a little differently for the sake of emphasis: to establish Step 3 of the New Jerusalem Covenant, the nation and the region must march right up to the brink of all-out war, in order to force all parties to accept a "solution" that would normally be rejected by both parties.

Establishing a Palestinian State with Arafat as its leader is especially problematic, since Arafat was viewed by Presidents Nixon through Reagan as a terrorist leader, not a serious leader of a nation. As such, American officials refused to formally meet with Arafat, until December 13, 1988, just weeks before President Reagan passed the reigns of power to President-elect Bush. On this day of infamy, Secretary of State George Schultz shocked the world and dismayed the Israelis by announcing a major shift in U.S. official policy. Schultz announced that the U.S. would begin meeting with Arafat on an official -- albeit low -- level, in order to try to bring peace to the region!

Then, in 1993, the American and Israeli leadership created the deceptive Oslo Peace Accords, a plan we have warned all along was really a death trap for the Palestinian people that would fulfill Obadiah 15-18 [Read NEWS1422]. However, in order to implement this death trap plan, they needed a national Palestinian leader with whom to "negotiate". Yassar Arafat was the logical choice; however, he was in real trouble in early 1993. He had backed Saddam Hussein of Iraq in the Gulf War of 1990-1, and was considered a pariah in the "moderate" Arab world. Both Saudi Arabia and Kuwait had cut their funding of him, while Egypt and Jordan hated and distrusted him greatly. After years of struggle with his brand of terrorism, Israel was about to see Arafat go down to stay.

However, Israel and the United States seemingly snatch defeat from the jaws of victory as they pulled Arafat up off the mat, called him a leader, and set him on center stage so they could have someone with which to "negotiate" the Oslo Peace Accords!

We have had nothing but a string of terror and bloodshed since. Every time a negotiated "peace" seems at hand, Arafat launches yet another string of terror attacks. Today, Arafat stands with a sorry record of violence, terrorism, and the blood of innocents on his hands. Let us quickly review some of the Terrorist Records commanded by Arafat and his sorry band of men:


1. Largest number of hostages held at one time - 300
2. Largest number of aircraft highjacked - 4
3. Largest number of people shot in an airport
4. Largest ransom ever collected -- $5 million
5. Largest variety of targets
a. 40 Civilian Aircraft
b. 5 passenger ships
c. 30 embassies
d. Innumerable fuel depots and factories
[Source: Dave Hunt's video, "Israel, Islam, and Armageddon"]

May we add one more "terrorist record" owned by Arafat and his boys? They are the only terrorists to invade an Olympics and shoot 11 world-class athletes to death! In the 1972 Olympics, Palestinian gunmen directed by Arafat broke into the Olympic Village to take Jewish athletes hostage, and then proceeded to murder 11 of them.

During the 1990's, Palestinian leader Arafat agreed to no fewer than 50 Ceasefires, only to deliberately break every single one of them!

This is the well-known, public, and well-documented terrorist record of Yassar Arafat. In the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, Bush Administration officials breathed "fire-and-brimstone" verbal attacks against all terrorist worldwide. Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz was most explicit, saying America would prosecute terrorists around the world and would "end states" who sponsored terrorist or whose society encouraged and "spawned" them [Read NEWS1542 for full details].

When I heard this threat, I thought immediately of Arafat's Palestinian Authority. From Cradle to Grave, Arafat's educational system and mass media teaches hatred for the Jew and the glories of martyrdom for anyone who dies in the struggle to annihilate Israel and all her inhabitants. Yassir Arafat could literally be the "poster child" for Bush's War on Global Terror!

Yet, Arafat remains remarkably alive and well on Planet Earth. Bush does not call for the end to the Arafat's Palestinian Authority, even though Arafat represents the very essence of terror against which Bush rails. However, Bush made a statement yesterday that, on the surface, represents sheer hypocrisy. Further examination reveals the probable secret agenda. Let us review Bush's statement:

NEWS BRIEF: "Bush: Suicide Bombings Are Terror", by Sharon Theimer, Washington Post, April 1, 2002.

"WASHINGTON –– President Bush appealed Monday for Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat to order a halt to the suicide bomb attacks in Israel and the West Bank. 'Suicide bombings in the name of religion is simple terror,' Bush said.

But the president stopped short of applying to Arafat his oft-repeated own statements that those who harbor terrorists are terrorists. He said the Palestinian leader is excepted [sic] because of his past efforts to negotiate peace."

I am sure the President meant "exempted" rather than "excepted". In other words, Bush is excusing Arafat from his terrorism because of "his past efforts to negotiate peace"! What nonsense!! What "peace" has Arafat ever negotiated? Which one of the over 50 "ceasefires" has Arafat not broken?

Yassir Arafat began killing Jews in the name of Allah in the mid-1960's when the Russian KGB blackmailed him to become head of the infant PLO which the KGB was then establishing [NEWS1429]; Arafat's latest terrorist outrage occurred over the Passover celebration, when PLO attacks killed almost 50 innocents and wounded several hundred!

What on earth is going on here? Have our national leaders lost their minds, or their will? Have Israeli leaders lost their minds or their national will to live? How can our president call Arafat a man who is exempt from the decreed death penalty for terror just because he has broken the most number of "peace accords" in history?

When common sense makes no sense, we are to seek another sense. We are to suspect a hidden agenda. Indeed, a hidden agenda does exist, and God exposed me to it on August 18, 1991, when I was sneaked into the House of Theosophy meeting to hear details of the newly created plan entitled, "The New Jerusalem Covenant". As we have stated earlier in this article, steps 1 and 2 of this plan have already been implemented, while the current "fear of war" scenario currently playing out in our Daily News is setting the stage for the implementation of Stage 3, the international control of Jerusalem, the creation of a combination worship center, and a Palestinian State.


Through the din, the destruction, and the rhetoric of this current Israeli "war" on Arafat and his Palestinian Authority, powerful voices have been heard calling for a Palestinian State to be created. Listen:

NEWS BRIEF: "Annan warns of worst to come in Mideast conflict", by Robert Holloway, AFP, April 2, 2002, carried by The Age, theage.com.au

"UNITED NATIONS, April 1 AFP ... The deputy Russian ambassador to the UN, Gennady Gatilov, who chaired the meeting with Annan, told reporters council members had reiterated their call for a ceasefire. ' They also strongly demand that the parties adhere strictly to Security Council resolutions 1397 and 1402,' Gatilov said.

"Resolution 1397, adopted on March 12, was the first in the council's history to refer to a Palestinian state, living side by side with Israel within secure and recognised borders. 'This historic step must not be allowed to be obscured by the events of recent days,' Annan said. 'The council has a heavy responsibility to do its part to halt the downward spiral, and I urge you to do your utmost to ensure the implementation of resolutions 1397 and 1402,' he said." [Emphasis added]

Wow! Did you catch that? The Russian Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations said yesterday that a solution to this crisis would be the implementation of Security Council Resolution 1397, the creation of a Palestinian State! Russia has just proposed the "solution" to this major fiasco unfolding in Israel, and it just so happens to be the very resolution that has been planned since at least 1991, and most likely, much earlier than that!

What a "coincidence", don't you think?

However, American public opinion must be changed and changed in a hurry, for most Conservatives thoroughly and deeply oppose the concept of rewarding the 20th Centuries' greatest terrorist with his own country. Not to worry, for a major Illuminist Conservative has quickly stepped into the breach, urging that a Palestinian State be created, and now!

NEWS BRIEF: "Palestinians are winning", by Patrick Buchanan, WorldNetDaily, April 2, 2002.

"Terrorism works, and the terrorists of yesterday often emerge as the statesmen of tomorrow. Begin and Mandela won the Nobel Peace Prize, and a third Nobel laureate is now holed up in Ramallah ... Arafat is not recruiting the terrorists. Israeli tanks and armor rampaging through the cities and refugee camps of the West Bank are doing the recruiting. As for the Palestinian Authority, the Israelis have smashed it. Arafat has nothing left to lose and would surely prefer to die a martyr's death than live as the Arab leader who capitulated to Ariel Sharon.

"Whether the Israelis admit it or not, the Palestinians are winning ... Is there no way out?

"The only hope lies in a Palestinian state." [Emphasis added]

What a provable lie! Patrick Buchannan has just revealed his true Illuminist colors. As we demonstrate in Seminar 2, "America Determines The True Flow of History", Illuminist organizations like the CFR and the Mass Media create political labels that they then pin on their people. Public Illuminist leaders then become Liberal or Conservative, Democrat or Republican. The objective is to develop your own respective spheres of influence, so that at a critical moment in the Illuminist Plan, one of these leaders can suddenly step forward to urge his followers to accept a proposal that they would ordinarily oppose.

Thus it was that President Bush, Sr., first proposed NAFTA, even though it went against every economic and trade principle of Conservative Republicans. Thus it was that Rush Limbaugh stepped into the breech in the early Clinton days to argue to his Conservative loyalists that they should support NAFTA. While Clinton gets the credit for NAFTA, Limbaugh really carried the battle.

Now, Buchanan steps forward at a critically important period, to argue for a position that Conservatives would logically oppose with every fiber of their being. He not only argues that a Palestinian State should be created, he has the moxie to tell us that such a state would actually bring peace! Listen:

"The only hope lies in a Palestinian state. A small state of their own would give Palestinians a huge stake in peace and in preventing acts of terror against Israel – i.e., national survival. Syria does not allow acts of terror on the Golan Heights, because Assad knows he has a nation to lose in any war with Israel. And, after independence, the IRA, the Irgun, the Mau Mau and the ANC terminated the terror."

Buchanan knows better. He knows that Arafat has made it quite plain that, once he gets his state, he will use it as a resource by which he can further the annihilation of the Jew. Many times, Arafat has suggested that getting his state would simply be Stage One in his final goal of the eradication of Israel.

It is highly significant that two major voices have called for the creation of the Palestinian State in the same day. The drumbeat continues, and the time for its reality draws ever closer.


The Middle East will continue to lurch toward all-out war. Bible prophecy demands it, and it will occur; however, we may see a brief period of "peace" beforehand, the major component of which is the establishment of a Palestinian State with Arafat as its leader. If this "peace" does occur, do not jump off the emotional cliff like the rest of the peoples of the world will be doing. Keep your head, and keep warning people of the warnings of the Apostle Paul:

"... when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape."

This realization of Step 3 of the New Jerusalem Covenant, plus the creation of the Palestinian State, are likely to be a brief cessation of violence and bloodshed that will give the Illuminati the time to achieve Steps 3 and 4. Once they have Jerusalem in international control, and once they have declared all world's religions to be one, the next step is to "cleanse" the Temple Mount from the pagan temple now sitting on it [Dome of the Rock] so that they can begin the process of rebuilding Solomon's Temple on it, that Masonic Temple for which the Illuminati has long bee awaiting.

Then, World War III can commence so that, out of the smoke, dust and ashes of that war, the Masonic Christ -- Antichrist -- can come striding. This is the plan, and it fulfills Bible prophecy. We draw ever closer to this ultimate goal every day. Truly, these are the End Times.

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