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"Child Abuse Experts Get Tough", The Sun Chronicle, Attleboro, Massachusetts, Friday, May 31, 1996, p. 4. Dateline: Providence, Rhode Island.

"Child abuse experts, seeking to prevent more deaths of children [are] puzzled over when abused children should be taken away from their families. 'It is our strong belief that we do not maintain the family at any cost,' said Child Advocate Laureen D'Ambra in releasing the report of a task force she convened after the deaths of four children in the first four months last year. The panel of eight experts said caseworkers for the Department of Children, Youth, and Families should consider patterns of abuse or neglect -- rather than looking at an isolated incident -- in deciding whether to separate a child from abusive adults."

Truly, one of the horrors of American society today is that children, our most helpless and precious citizens, are being physically abused at a rate unheard of in previous generations. "In 1992 there were 850,000 substantiated cases of child abuse or neglect, while the homicide rate for teens more than doubled between 1970-1992."(1) These are statistics so great that they simply numb the senses. For us Christians, who believe that every human being is made in the image of God, and therefore, are deserving of special loving care and nurture, this situation in America concerning the abuse of children is especially heinous. How can mothers and fathers neglect, beat, and kill their own children, their own flesh? Yet, they are, by the millions, and America is reeling because of these atrocities.

But, Child Abuse is nothing more nor less heinous than Americans killing babies within the womb, 1.5 million times per year! What is happening here? Why is this happening? How have we gotten to this point? And, what can America do, what can we individual Americans do, to prevent this situation from continuing?

"How have we gotten to this point?" is the question we need to ask first. Prior to World War II, Christian Values permeated society. Our laws were based upon Biblical values and principles, as were most judge's interpretations of the law and of our Constitution. Christian Churches were far more Fundamental and Bible believing than they are today, to the point where even people who were not born again subscribed to most of Christian values for living. Even many of Solomon's proverbs found in the Book of Proverbs were known to Americans, and to American businessmen and political leaders.

The result was that Americans loved their children much more unselfishly than they do today. We loved them unconditionally, valuing each child for his or her worth based upon the Bible's high view of man as having been created in the image of God. We have also believed Jesus' Words, when He warned, "whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea." (Matthew 18:6) Then, if verse 10, Jesus states solemnly that His Father in Heaven takes special interest in every child as he or she is growing up, "Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, That in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven." (Matthew 18:10)

Christian have historically loved children whether they were beautiful or ugly, well or sick, smart or retarded. Why? Because believed that God controlled our lives, and that if He saw fit to give us a child that is less than perfect, then we simply submitted to His Perfect Will, and loved that child. History abounds with the moving stories of families that have been deeply, richly blessed because they unconditionally loved less than perfect children! The Holy Spirit of God also lived within us so that we could pour out an endless supply of His Unconditional Love! And, many unsaved American people demonstrated this type of Love to an astonishing degree, which is surprising, since this type love demands that the individual give up much of their "rights", give up much of the "normal" enjoyment they expected before they discovered they were going to have a less than perfect child.

What is happening here? And, why is it happening?

But, we are living in the last days' of Time, where God has foretold that people would change dramatically. The Apostle Paul states, ominously, "This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy. Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away." (2 Timothy 3:1-5)

Wow!! Doesn't this sound like today's newspapers? Now, couple this prophetic verse with the one where Jesus foretells that "... because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold." (Matthew 24:12, the great Last Days' Signs Chapter). The meaning you have is that, in the Last Days, as the peoples of the world are changing to the values that would cause them to worship the Antichrist, the love that society normally has for Jesus Christ and His Values, will erode dramatically. How dramatically? Jesus lamented, in Luke 18:8, " ... when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?" Now, that is some erosion of Faith, considering that the victory of the Church of Jesus Christ over Pagan Rome was so great that every aspect of society changed also. Finally, consider the Biblical view of the natural man, in Jeremiah 17:9, "The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?" Man is naturally wicked, and his first crime against another human was murder, when Cain slew his brother, Able!

Now, take these ideas of this paragraph and apply them to Paul's prophecies, quoted in the previous paragraph, and you will understand why so many individual Americans are abusing their children. Paul says people living in the Last Days are going to be:

T.V., movies, video movies, electronic games, comic books, and Rock Music have combined to steadily desensitize the children of the last three generations, to the point where so many of them have rock hard hearts, hearts that are filled with self love and violence, rather than the tender love of Jesus Christ. Such a thing has happened once before, in Germany in the first three decades of this century. Children filled their minds so completely with the occultism inherent in the old Germanic, Nordic legends, that they became terribly desensitized, and filled with violence. So many millions of young Germans were this type of person, that Hitler found more than enough men who would willingly slaughter Jews, Gypsies, and those "living lives unworthy of life", i.e., the handicapped, the insane, the retarded, the elderly. Daniel Jonah Goldhagen has documented this terrible condition in his new book, "Hitler's Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans And The Holocaust". If you want to see what lies in store for America in the time just ahead, read this book. You see, just as the crowds cried out, in support for David, against King Saul, "Saul has killed his thousands; David has killed his tens of thousands", so it is with the coming Antichrist and Hitler. Hitler may have killed his millions; Antichrist will kill his hundreds of millions!

The objective of our New World Order leaders is to so terribly desensitized young men and women, but especially men, that they will be more than willing to carry out the global Plan of genocide! As I look out at America today, seeing the inner city gangs, the high school gangs, and the child murderers with absolutely no conscience, I believe we are very close to this situation in America today.

What can we do about it? A nation lives or dies according to its faithfulness to Jesus Christ. America has been historically great, and powerful, and wealthy, because we have based our way of life and our Government, upon Christian principles. We are in the process today of losing all of this, simply because the vast majority of our people have deliberately rejected Jesus Christ in their own lives, and have then turned around to attack those of us who still love Him, and who want to maintain historic Christianity. The situation is extremely serious, because God warned, in Jeremiah 13:17, "But if they will not obey, I will utterly pluck up and destroy that nation, saith the LORD." God will utterly pluck up and destroy any nation who does not obey His commandments and He will judge more harshly the nation that has turned against the greatest spiritual light.

Therefore, America is in dire danger of the most harsh Godly Judgment. What can we do?

  1. Rededicate you heart and life to Jesus Christ
  2. Begin to pray daily, praying specific prayer list prayers. Begin to surround your immediate family with God's Hedge of Protection through your prayers.
  3. Surround your spiritual leaders in a similar manner
  4. Pray for national revival, because no revival has ever begun without prayer. Remember, no man can come to God in repentance unless the Holy Spirit draws him.
  5. Study your Bible well, not only so you can claim the Promises for yourself and your loved ones, not only so you may teach your children, but because the time is drawing close that your Bible will be taken from you.
  6. Aggressively reach out to those people in your immediate Sphere of Influence, to win them to Jesus Christ.
  7. Find a local Fundamental, Bible believing Church, to which you can give yourself in service. Remember, Jesus died for His Church.

If American Christians can unite in this effort, I believe there is hope that we can change our society again, turning her back to her Christian roots. Prayer, especially dedicated prayer, changes things. God's arm has not grown short that it cannot deliver, nor has it grown weak.

Having said all this about Child Abuse in America today, I fell driven to issue a warning to Christian parents, shouting it as loudly and as clearly as I can. Because America today is being led by leaders who want to move us into the Kingdom of the New Age Christ, the Antichrist, the Family is under attack as never before. Satan has always hated the institution of the Family, because it was ordained by God, in the Garden of Eden! Satanists regularly fast and pray for the destruction of the Family.

Therefore, we have witnessed the most thorough dismantling of the Family in American history. Inflation, kicked off by President Johnson's "Guns and Butter" economic policy beginning in 1965, has forced tens of millions of mothers to go to work in the marketplace, thus taking them out of homes. Many tens of millions more children have been thrust into child care facilities that cannot love them like their parents, some of whom actually abuse the children under their care. Harried mothers and fathers have had to rely on electronic baby-sitters, i.e., TV, movies, and videos. True to the Plan, a growing percentage of the programs on these types of media are anti-Christian, molding the minds and hearts of our youngsters so they can accept the values of the coming New World Order.

Now, two generations after this has started, mothers and fathers are far away from God, far into self-love, lacking patience and understanding so necessary to raise children. So many mothers and fathers today lack normal human affection. Thus, the leaders of the New World Order knew, back in World War II, when this part of the Plan began, that people would change in this manner. They knew that people would start to abuse, and kill their children in ever increasing numbers.

We are at this point now, and ready for the final blow against Families. The final blow is being prepared right now, and is taking the form of Official Governmental "concern" over the abused children in America today. Laws are being enacted that sound so normal, so reasonable, so right. These laws will specify that government agencies, Local, State, and Federal, can and will remove children from the home if these agencies have "reason" to believe that abuse is occurring. It sounds reasonable, right? Right, it sounds reasonable.

What no one has bothered to tell you is that terms are being redefined. Abuse is being redefined to include "crimes" that are not physical. Emotional and psychological "abuse" will also be covered in these new laws, and these changes may not be in the actual law; rather, internal memos may spell out these new redefinition of terms. Remember how Communist leaders considered anyone who believed in the old, worn-out Christian religion to be insane, so they locked Christians in asylums? As we have consistently pointed out, Communism was created by the Illuminati to be the Antithesis System to battle the Thesis System of the West, so as to produce the new Synthesis System, the New World Order. Therefore, the same type of thinking we have seen Communists apply against Christians in the past 70 years is prevalent today amongst American leaders of all levels in government. They consider Christianity to be worn out, useless, and dangerous to all people in society, but especially dangerous to children.

Therefore, these leaders have redefined child "abuse" as:

My wife and I personally have experienced this type of New World Order redefinition, in 1989. We adopted two girls, sisters, ages 9 and 10, in 1985, from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The state agency charged with overseeing the Foster Care, Adoptive Care within the Commonwealth is called the Department of Social Services (DSS). In 1989, a "friend" of one of our adopted daughters called to report to DSS that our daughters were in extreme danger. DSS immediately swung into action, calling my wife and I into their offices. They angrily told us that they had "evidence" that we were abusing our adopted daughters, and that they would be sending an investigator into our home to speak with the girls.

What were the charges? I have listed them, above. We had run into a state that was controlled at that time by liberal Governor, Michael Dukakis. Remember him? He ran for President, wanting to "do for America what he had done for Massachusetts". Dukakis was a card carrying member of the pro-Communist ACLU, the American Civil Liberties Union. His appointees in DSS were all liberal advocates of New World Order concepts, and they had redefined all the terms!! My wife and I went through Hell trying to battle these people, and save our children.

Finally, I went to my congressman, complaining bitterly. His secretary intervened for me, and I was able to get DSS off my back, and out of my home! However, they refused to send me a letter telling me that I was exonerated, and they have not purged my file!

Since Christian Families are now under increasing attack, what can we do to protect our children?

The New World Order is coming, rapidly, whether you believe it or not. This new system is identical with Hitler's New World Order, so you can simply read your history books to see what kind of Satanic, bloodthirsty regime that was. Or, you can download my many articles which tell, in great detail, exactly what his regime was like in so many aspects.

The Satanic system called the 7-year Tribulation now has a name, the New World Order. It now has the objective of changing the world, and people's attitudes, so they can worship him. The Plans they are working out right now fulfill many dozens of Biblical prophecies, and many more are about to be fulfilled. The Antichrist is coming, with the heart of Satan. His False Prophet is coming, outwardly appearing as the greatest "Christian" leader in the world, but roaring like a dragon, another term for Satan. It is the False Prophet, working in conjunction with Antichrist, who will force the peoples of the world to pledge allegiance to Antichrist, forcing everyone to take the electronic Mark of the Beast as a sign of their loyalty.

And, our society now is being conditioned to accept his values. Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use this knowledge many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

If you are not born again, I encourage you to either E-Mail me so we can talk, or go to a Fundamental Bible-believing church in your area (we can help you find one), where someone can show you the blessed, and easy, Biblical way in which you are born again. Remember Jesus' Words, "You must be born again ..." (John 3:3-7).

If you have been blessed by this ministry, which seeks to educate and warn people, so that they can see the coming New World Order -- Kingdom of Antichrist -- in their daily news, then we need your support to stay on the Internet.

The sword is coming, and coming both quickly and with enormous power. But, most people, including most Christians, do not see it coming. Will you be a "Watchman On The Wall" with us? (Ezekiel 3:17-19, God's most solemn warning)

Finally, we would love to hear from you.

You can contact us by mail or email.

God bless you, and may He maintain a "Hedge of Protection" around you and your family.

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(1)"The Children's Crusade", Time Magazine, June 3, 1996, Vol. 147, No. 23, o. 32.

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