Suddenly, the very slippery slope down toward another Nazi type Holocaust has become very slippery, indeed. We have shown repeatedly that the New World Order system is simply Nazism reincarnated, and we have shown many specific instances in which American society is being gradually transformed into Hitler's system politically, economically, and spiritually. Now, this article shows how very close we are to Hitler's spiritual system in this country. Be prepared to be shocked!

The New World Order is coming! Are you ready? Once you understand what this New World Order really is, and how it is being gradually implemented, you will be able to see it progressing in your daily news!!

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NEWSBRIEF: "Supreme Court Asked to Sanction Mercy Killing", Editorial by Nat Hentoff, The Sun Chronicle, December 27, 1996, P. 3.

"On Jan. 8, the Supreme Court will hear arguments on the most ominous case in American legal history. At issue is whether there is a right to physician-assisted suicide. The Ninth and Second Courts of Appeals have decided that such a right exists. But they have also opened the door wide to a right of physicians to commit euthanasia. Under certain circumstances, they say, a doctor may directly administer a lethal injection to patients incapable -- by themselves of taking deadly drugs given to them by physicians to commit suicide. This is killing."

Let us stop right here, to understand the tremendously ominous paragraph we have just read. Adolf Hitler would be most proud that the systematic campaign being waged in this country on behalf of physician-assisted suicide, primarily by Dr. Jack Kevorkian, is wildly succeeding!! And, now it has taken the turn that we Radical, Fundamentalist, Bible believing, and Reactionary Extremist Christians have been predicting! Now, we are turning toward the place where someone other than the terminally ill patient can decide whether physician-assisted suicide may occur. But, before we get into this area of discussion, let us review some basic material, with which some of our readers may not be aware.

In NEWS1001, "Dr. Jack! Hitler Would Be Proud"!, we showed that public values and attitudes in America were being systematically, invisibly changed, by a process known as the Six Step Attitudinal Change Plan. This Plan works so very gradually, and invisibly, that when the person's attitude is changed to the place where New World Order leaders want them, the person who has been victimized will not ever realize they have been manipulated. In fact, they will vigorously argue that their attitudes are most definitely their own, and were reached after a lifetime of reflection! Let a take a moment to define this Six Step Attitudinal Change Plan, and see how it works regarding the issue of Human Euthanasia.


Step 1. Some practice so offensive that it can scarcely be discussed in public is advocated by a RESPECTED expert in a RESPECTED forum.

Step 2. At first, the public is shocked, then outraged.

Step 3. But, the VERY FACT that such a thing could be publicly debated becomes the SUBJECT of the debate. The focus changes, from the evil itself to the discussion of the evil. "Isn't it wonderful that we could discuss this shocking subject openly"? An open debate begins.

Step 4. In the process, sheer repetition of the shocking subject under discussion gradually dulls its effect.

Step 5. People then are no longer shocked by the subject.

Step 6. No longer outraged, people begin to argue for positions to moderate the extreme; or, they accept the premise, challenging, instead, the means to ACHIEVE it.

Now, let us apply this Six-Step Attitudinal Change Plan to Dr. Kevorkian and his relentless campaign to legalize human euthanasia in America. Kevorkian needs to change both the law and people's attitudes.

Step 1 -- The shocking subject so offensive that it can scarcely be discussed in public is, human death being deliberately caused by another human being. Since America has traditionally been guided by Judeo-Christian beliefs, Americans have always called such killing, "murder", punishable by law. But, this shocking proposal was being actively advocated by a "Respected" person, a retired pathologist. And, Dr. Kevorkian carefully shaped his advocacy by claiming a moral high ground. He was really helping (healing), not killing! And, the victims were actually pleading with Dr. Kevorkian to kill them! Since they were supposedly just wanting to die with dignity and end their insufferable pain, we Americans found it very difficult to argue against Kevorkian's human euthanasia.

Step 2 -- At first, the public was shocked and then outraged. Several years ago, when Dr. Kevorkian began his Euthanasia crusade, people seemed genuinely shocked and outraged. Only a vocal minority supported his views. The American Judicial System swung into action, charging Dr. Kevorkian with murder, even though some experts doubted whether murder laws, as written, covered a situation like this, where adults voluntarily asked Dr. Kevorkian to help them die.

Step 3 -- The focus of the discussion very subtly changed. Rather than talking about the subject of human killing itself, many people began to talk about how wonderful, how mature, it was that we could even publicly talk about this sensitive issue. Thus, a huge public debate was stirred up.

Step 4 -- The sheer repetition of this huge discussion, aided by the slow process of our judicial system, provided all the dulling effect desired. People heard and read about it so much that their sensitivity toward the subject dulled.

Step 5 -- People are no longer shocked by the subject. New human euthanasia cases by Kevorkian went from Page 1 of the newspapers to page 29.

Step 6 -- No longer outraged, people first stepped forward to urge legislative action to allow physician assisted suicide in certain instances, with certain safeguards. Other people, on the other extreme, began to accept the premise that people who wanted to die, for whatever reason, could ask a doctor for help in killing themselves. But, the process continued, of moving people away from their traditional, original opposition to human euthanasia.

Dr. Kevorkian's trials have also had another effect, as well, an effect that is predictable under Step 6. Each "acquittal" of a murder charge in the legal system has had the result of placing an official Government Stamp of Approval on Dr. Kevorkian's killing. Thus, many more Americans are convinced that human euthanasia is legal and moral.

Now, note that Dr. Kevorkian is currently waging a campaign to allow individuals, who are ill, to make the decision to die at the hands of their benevolent physician executioner. This is a far cry, some people will say, from Hitler's Holocaust, where the Federal Government made the decisions for the victims as to who would die, and when. And you would be half right! Because, you see, Hitler's Holocaust did not start out with Government doctors making the decision for people as to who would die; rather, Hitler's Holocaust started about 20 years earlier, before Hitler came to power, and it began exactly as Kevorkian's campaign. Terminally ill patients argued for the right to die, at the hands of their friendly neighborhood physician.

And, German society gave these people their 'right', their wish. Only the individual person could make this decision for themselves. Then, gradually, over the next 20 years, things so gradually changed that Hitler could begin killing people enmasse without fearing that the normal German population would object. Here are the steps that changed Germany's

Individual Decision to Die, to The German Government Decision to Kill:

1) Terminally ill patients who could not communicate their desire because of coma -- Other members of the person's immediate family could make that decision of death for them. (Note: At this time, in 1934, laws were changed so that physicians who performed Human Euthanasia would be protected from committing a crime)

2) Terminally ill patients who could not communicate their desire because of coma, and did not have immediate family members to make the decision for them -- A team of doctors would meet, consider the patient's case, and then vote to either continue treating the patient or mercifully end his life. Obviously, these teams of doctors consisted only of an odd number so there could never be a tie vote.

3) Teams of doctors began to make decisions to kill patients, based upon the Nazi vision of "Life Unworthy of Life". At this point, the situation in Germany was deteriorating quickly, because now the Nazis were in power. "In an August, 1933, speech at the opening ceremony for a state medical academy in Munich, the Bavarian Commissioner of Health, Professor Walter Schultze, declared that sterilization was insufficient: pyschopaths, the mentally retarded, and other inferior persons must be isolated and killed. He noted, 'This policy has already been initiated in our concentration camps.' On all sides there took the shape the principle that the practice of extermination was part of the legitimate business of the government." How deeply did the German Government feel about getting control of deliberate deathmaking? One influential doctor, arguing in one of his position papers stated, "The rights to death [are] the key to the fitness of life. The state must own death -- must kill -- in order to keep the social organism alive and healthy."

At each step along the way, toward mass killing, the deaths were proposed with the highest sounding rhetoric possible. "... the authors [German doctors arguing for Human Euthanasia] professionalized and medicalized the entire concept. And they stressed the therapeutic goal of that concept: destroying life unworthy of life is 'purely a healing treatment and a healing work'. "

Now, you are looking at the precise mind set of the occult New World Order leadership in Nazi Germany. But, believe me, when I tell you that our leaders today have the same mindset, although theirs is protected by the best mask that modern Madison Avenue 'Spin Doctors' can concoct. We have spent considerable time and effort to show you, in our Current Articles, that the system of the New World Order is precisely the system which Adolf Hitler established, in all three areas: Political, Economic, and Spiritual. This newly developing attitude toward our terminally ill patients affords us the best look yet into the mindset of the current leadership of the New World Order. Yet, the worst is hidden from us; these leaders are not yet so terribly blatant to the American public about their ultimate plans. We can only see where this terrible course of action is going because we know what the New World Order Plan is, knowing that they plan to reduce the population of the world by two-thirds. We also know this system is Nazism in all its forms, and history has well recorded the Nazi terror. Finally, we know where we are heading here because the Bible predicts just such an terror gripping the entire world during the Great Tribulation.

To grasp the full implication of where America is in this process of Medicalized Killing, let us return now to our story. In the first section, we read that American Lower Courts, the Ninth and the Second Circuit Courts of Appeals, have decided that physicians do, indeed, have a right to kill. Remember how important it was in Germany for the physicians to have the law changed so that any killing they may perform might not be against German law?

We continue with our story: "But, said the courts below, either solution [the patients killing themselves or doctors administering the fatal dose] is a humane right for terminally ill patients who want to end their suffering." (Notice the euphemistic word, humane, typical of all would-be tyrants before they get absolute power).

"More pervasively dangerous -- and the Supreme Court's decision can potentially affect everyone over time -- is the range of this approach to medical 'care'. Dr. Nancy Dickey -- a family physician in Richardson, Texas, and board chairwoman of the American Medical Association -- points out that if the court rules for physician-assisted suicide, 'a huge number of patients' will be at risk. Among them are 'patients who have less access to good pain treatment and palliative care .. The groups at highest risk are the elderly, the poor, the less educated and women.'" [Doesn't this sound like a litany of the 'other inferior persons' quoted above, in the quote from the 'good Doctor" in Nazi Germany in 1934?]

"Dr. Dickey, moreover, told American Medical News that singling out a group as having lives 'not worth living' can lead tomorrow to no longer protecting patients who are not terminally ill. 'Just chronically ill. Maybe just expensively chronically ill.' " [One of my friends recently had a series of heart and circulation surgeries. He went into this surgery greatly at risk during this surgery because he was 40 pounds overweight, and diabetic. His one surgery turned into 7 surgeries, and his two weeks in Intensive Care turned into 12 weeks! The total cost of the surgeries and hospital care is still not completely in, but it already is over $350,000!! Fortunately, my friend had insurance from his job, and his wife had even better insurance, and will have to pay almost nothing once these two insurances finish paying.

But, believe me, this scenario will not be allowed in the coming New World Order. My friend will be declared as 'living life unworthy of life', and 'Nature' will be allowed to take its natural course. In other words, surgery will be ruled out because of his chronic underlying conditions, and he would be allowed to die. In our HMO system today, we are already seeing a tiny bit of this mentality. Remember, Hitler instituted the HMO system in Germany from 1933-1935, as he prepared Germany to go into his New World Order. His HMO system proved very successful in replacing the system of private medicine that existed then in Germany, and helped mightily in moving Germany into the Socialism of the New World Order.

So, at least some people can see the dangers lurking behind this facade. Today, we are witnessing Dr. Kevorkian assisting 'terminally ill' people commit suicide; tomorrow, we will see many Dr. Kevorkians 'assisting' chronically ill people. But, this fine family doctor continues with her fears about the direction this new system of physician assisted suicide will finally take. "Also at risk, in time, will be the severely disabled because there are no absolute limits once the state decides who shall die for their own good. And an new cadre of specialists will be trained to administer euthanasia to what the Third Reich used to call 'useless eaters'. " [Wow! At least one person in America, with access to the newspaper media, knows that we are slipping down this Nazi slippery slope. Now back to our article]

"A number of people with disabilities, some of them severe, have formed a group, Not Dead Yet, to combat the surge toward legalizing assisted suicide and euthanasia. 'We hear the death train coming. We will not board that train willingly'. Not Dead Yet has also filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court on these cases." I am fascinated to realize that, many times, the most helpless and vulnerable persons in society can sense the death knell coming, even while the more 'normal' people continue to deny it the most vociferously. I wonder if these fine folk who are "hearing the death train coming" as a result of this issue, have been reading our material? Do they understand the true impact of this issue because we have convinced them that this coming New World Order is nothing more nor less than reincarnated Nazism, in all its forms? I sincerely doubt it; no, their focus is far narrower than that. They can feel the true impact of this issue upon them, because they feel vulnerable, they understand modern history, and they can feel that it is about to be repeated. My hat is off to the people of the Not Dead Yet group.

Since our last two generations of young people have been inordinately hungry for money and possessions, I was not surprised to read the next paragraph in this fascinating story. In the scenario in Germany, from 1920-1938, as German society moved from opposing human euthanasia to widespread killing, one of the final steps, taken in 1934 was to empower the next of kin to make the decision for life or death for that family member who could not effectively communicate on his or her own. The concept is that next of kin love their relatives so much that, for them to make the decision, would be almost like the person himself making that decision. But, is that necessarily so? Unhappily not. Let us return to our story.

"Contrary to the claims of some advocates of assisted suicide, a majority of those favoring that solution are not the people in fear of being permanently hooked to machines in the last stages of their lives. According to the Oct. 26 [1996] issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine, researchers at Duke University surveyed hundreds of frail, elderly patients and their families. Only 34 percent of the patients were in favor of the legalizing assisted suicide, but 56 percent of their younger, healthy relatives wanted assisted suicide legalized,"

Do I sense the presence here of greed for monetary and property settlements from the soon-to-be deceased? Only 34% of those elderly, frail patients approved of assisted suicide being legalized, which means a whopping 66% opposed it! Yet, their younger, healthier next of kin, who would probably stand to gain financially from the death of their elderly 'loved one', support making assisted suicide legal by a strong 56%! It seems that, in many families, the elderly, chronically ill, or terminally ill, might have next of kin vultures waiting in the hospital room, rather than a group of loving, caring, supporting family.

Now, for a little bit of good news, or so it seems. This newspaper article reports that many physicians in America today oppose making physician assisted suicide legal. "If the Supreme Court makes assisted suicide and euthanasia a constitutional right, it will have ignored, among other things, a telling statement in an amicus brief by the American Medical Association and 45 other medical groups. It would be 'particularly ironic' if the first 'treatment' to which patients had a constitutional right 'was physician-assisted suicide.'"

While I am gratified that so much weight of the American Medical establishment is apparently against assisted suicide, I feel I cannot take too much comfort in it, because just this situation existed in Germany in the early 1930's. "Binding and Hoche [German medical authors] turned out to be the prophets of direct medical killing. While there are subsequent papers and discussions by German psychiatrists of the Hoche-Binding thesis, it is probably fair to say that, during the years prior to the Nazi assumption of power, their thesis was by no means a majority view in German psychiatry and medicine." This is an incredible revelation, and it reveals much of the nature of the situation facing America and the rest of the world today, as we are sliding into Nazism. The Nazi medical vision prevailed, even in the teeth of the opposition of the majority of German doctors. Why? Because Satan was actively in control, and God did not specifically step in to stop him! Satan is the Lord of this World (Ephesians 2:2), and he is supernatural. Unless Omnipotent God steps in to stop him in his plan, Satan will succeed. He will succeed in turning the hearts and minds of unsaved, but generally good and decent folk, to his way of thinking, doing so in time for his truly evil cooperating human leaders to do what Satan wants them to do. Unless God specifically intervenes in this issue, physician assisted suicide will become the law of the land.

Now, as we return to our story, we find the next statement of the 'ethics' of this situation very interesting and enlightening. "In the New York Times, bioethicist Arthur Caplan adds to the irony. 'To have the right to die before you have the right to treatment seems a little bit backward. We may end up saying, 'We've got assisted suicide -- we don't have to worry about fixing up the pathetic nursing home system for the frail, old, and disabled. They can kill themselves if they don't like it.'" The fact is, that since the early 1980's, our nursing home system has deteriorated mightily. And, consistently, nursing home workers have been arrested for 'euthanising' their patients, those who were so far gone there was no 'quality of life' left for them anymore. Or, their insurance had run out, so the time had come for them to 'exit'.

Did you know that Hitler also intentionally deteriorated the health care system from 1933-1938, as he prepared Germany to enter into his New World Order? "Mental hospitals became an important center for the developing 'euthanasia' consciousness. From 1934, these hospitals were encouraged to neglect their patients; each year funds were reduced and state inspections of standards were either made perfunctory or suspended altogether." [Wait a minute! This is happening in America today, with nursing home facilities! President Reagan began the process by cutting Federal Funding for nursing homes and funding has been cut ever since. And, we keep hearing horror stories about terrible things happening in the health care system, even though 'inspections' are supposedly current]

Finally, German authorities turned to the new medium, the cinema, or motion picture, to complete the movement of public opinion toward approval of human euthanasia. Three major films were produced and shown widely through Germany.

1) The Inheritance -- 1935 -- was presented as studiously 'scientific', as it presented the medical and social consequences of negative hereditary factors. 2) The Victim of the Past -- 1937 -- contrasted young, athletic German girls with 'regressed occupants of backwards', it spoke of 'Jewish' mental patients and the 'frightening transgression' of the Jews in violation of the law of natural selection. And, speaking of introducing a subject so despicable that it can scarcely be spoken of in public, by a 'respected' expert from a 'respected' forum, as the first step in the Six Step Attitudinal Change Plan calls for, this shocking movie was introduced by Gerhard Wagner at a Berlin film showcase and was show widely throughout Germany ..." 3) The third film was called, 'I Accuse' -- 1941 --probably the most influential of the three movies. The main character in this film was a 'loving' physician giving his wife a fatal dose of medicine, because she was in great pain with her incurable disease. Several years ago, as I recall, an elderly husband killed his elderly wife with a pistol, because she was suffering with an incurable disease. While the husband was arrested and charged for murder, as I recall, a Grand Jury refused to indict because of the 'Extenuating Circumstances'. America is far, far down this road to the next planned Holocaust.

After these films were shown widely throughout Germany, the attitudes of the public had been dramatically changed. Suddenly, enough Germans were enough supportive of human euthanasia that Hitler felt emboldened to throw the full resources of the state into his planned Holocaust. The remainder of Lifton's book is filled with 'ordinary' Germans justifying homicidal acts in their own mind. As you read this sad material, you realize that man possesses unlimited capacity to justify almost anything, given the time in which to turn things over and over in his mind, and the pressure from the State to do so.

Demographic statistics also provide great impetus to this campaign to convince Americans to support human euthanasia. Returning to our article, "Also relevant to this grim discussion is that by the year 2000, the number of Americans who are 85 or over will have increased to 4.3 million. Depending on how the Supreme Court decides, there could then be many doctors -- less rough-hewn than Dr. Jack Kevorkian -- waiting to provide them with a gracious final exit."

The sudden increase of elderly Americans, usually defined as anyone over 65 years of age, has also placed great, great pressure on our Medical Establishment and on Social Security. For how long will the most selfish generations of Americans ever produced be willing to endure ever higher taxes [some estimates are as high as 80%], before they 'demand' that the numbers of elderly, especially the chronically sick, be dramatically reduced?

This most interesting article then concludes on a surprising note. The ACLU, which has always trumpeted to the American people its undying concern for the 'freedoms' and 'rights' of the individual, should be expected to be firmly against this physician assisted suicide issue. Right?! Wrong!! The ACLU has suddenly come out fully in favor of physician-assisted suicide! Remember, whenever an issue of really grave importance to the New World Order raises its ugly head, you can expect certain institutions and/or people to suddenly abandon long-term positions on the issue at hand. We saw this occur with NAFTA, as Democrats, Conservative Republicans, and Labor Unions all joined forces to get this most important legislation passed.

This switch by the ACLU in their position on physician-assisted suicide should tell you how important this issue is to the New World Order Plan.

This issue is one that concerned Christian Americans can, and should, weigh in heavily against. If the Supreme Court decides in favor of physician-assisted suicide, we can only fight back legislatively. At this point, you need to write or call your Congressman, Senators, and the President, expressing outrage at this situation. But, most of all, we need to pray daily against this terrible evil. Remember, the ultimate goal of the New World Order Plan is to reduce world population by two-thirds (66%) in the next few years; and, this Plan squares easily with Biblical prophecy, in which Jesus foretold, "And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened." (Matthew 24:24) Once the killing begins, it will explode out of control, so that Jesus Christ has to return when He does, or all human flesh will kill its 'fellow man'. Do not be deceived: Satan hates all human flesh, simply because we are all created in God's image. Therefore, he hates all mankind, and wants to annihilate God's highest creation.

Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

We hope you have been blessed by this ministry, which seeks to educate and warn people, so that they can see the coming New World Order -- Kingdom of Antichrist -- in their daily news.

Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your savior? Do you know that you have eternal life? You can accept Christ and be born again right now, right where you are! If you want to know that you have eternal life and be forgiven of all your sins please read this.

We hope you have been blessed by this ministry, which seeks to educate and warn people, so that they can see the coming New World Order -- Kingdom of Antichrist -- in their daily news.

Finally, we would love to hear from you. You can write us at:

God bless you.

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