The greatest threat to the New World Order is the "Fundamental Bible Believing Christian"; therefore, in order to "devalue" this group, a stereotype has been created that portrays us as a very real and present danger to society. The parallels to this campaign to the campaign Hitler waged against the Jew in Germany from 1933-1938 are striking.

The New World Order is coming! Are you ready? Once you understand what this New World Order really is, and how it is being gradually implemented, you will be able to see it progressing in your daily news!!

Learn how to protect yourself, your loved ones!

Stand by for insights so startling

you will never look at the news the same way again.



NEW BRIEF: Terror In America: Officials examine letter claiming responsibility for Atlanta Blasts", The Washington Post, as carried in The Providence Journal Bulletin, Tuesday, February 25, 1997, p. A1. [Bold/Italic emphasis mine]

"The message from the 'Army of God' is being checked for links to the attacks on an abortion clinic and a nightclub in Atlanta. Federal authorities are trying to determine the authenticity of a letter purportedly from a militant group claiming responsibility for the recent bombings of an abortion clinic and nightclub popular with gay men and lesbians in Atlanta. The letter, which claims to be from a group calling itself 'Army of God', promises to fight the 'new world order' and called for 'total war' against the federal government, homosexuals, and those involved in abortion, which the letter called 'murder', federal investigators said yesterday."

"The letter also mentioned April 19, which will be the fourth anniversary of the end of the bloody federal law-enforcement confrontation with the Branch Davidians near Waco, Texas, that left scores of cult members dead."

"... Sources familiar with the probe say the letter offers some detail about the design of the devices in both the club and [abortion] clinic attacks, but added that more analysis is needed to determine whether the information could have been gleaned from press accounts. Other sources warned that information about bomb construction is widely available. However, what concerns law enforcement is that the authors of the letter discussed ways authorities would know their handiwork, suggesting there would be more attacks."

This highly speculative article about this supposed letter from a group calling itself the "Army of God" is highly significant, because it possibly carries ramifications quite huge, and certainly quite separated from the scope of the investigation into the bombings in Atlanta. Among the many possibilities of the group(s) who might carry this type of agenda, mentioned in paragraph 1, does one group in particular readily come to mind? The one group that does come to my mind is us -- the Fundamental, Born-Again Bible-believing Christian. More than any other group, we have led the fight to inform and warn God's people about what the New World Order is truly all about; more than any other group, we oppose abortion because it is 'murder'; and more than any other group, we understand the true monster that our Federal Government has become, and the Satanic monster it is about to become, once the reins of power are handed over to the Antichrist.

Furthermore, in my studies of occult material, I have been positively amazed at the vitriolic attitude which New World Order leaders display towards us. Alice Bailey, writing in her book, The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, stated in the late 1930's that fundamental Christianity was the real religious enemy, and must be neutralized before the New World Order could be achieved. Liberal Christianity has never posed any problem for the New World Order planners, since they are cooperating with this global Plan completely. However, we Fundamentalists are the problem. We must be dealt with thoroughly. To "deal" with us, Americans must come to the place where they view us as having less value than other subgroups of American society, and as posing a real threat to our society.

Sociologists have noted this phenomenon before in world history, as Adolf Hitler expertly guided an already mildly anti-Semitic German population into the position where they would support, either actively or passively, the annihilation of the "Jewish problem". Sociologists have called this process the "devaluing" of a subgroup within the larger population.

I believe this article is a rather large tip of the iceberg, in a process to "devalue" Fundamental, Right-wing, Bible-believing Christians in the eyes of the general, secular population. But, before we can ascertain the possibly New World Order significance generally, and the significance to Fundamental, Bible-believing Christians, specifically, we need to do a little research into how a society gradually comes to the point of declaring a group within its midst to be "devalued". This concept is highly significant, because groups that are systematically "devalued" are then set up for active persecution later. For this study, we will be quoting from an unpublished book, by author and Professor Wolf Wolfensberger, who is the Director of the Training Institute for Human Service Planning, at Syracuse University. The name of this book is, The New Genocide Of Handicapped And Afflicted People, written in 1987. Even though this book is unpublished, Professor Wolfensberger has agreed to make it available to The Cutting Edge Ministry. Write us or email us to order this book. The cost is only $10, plus $2 shipping and handling for shipping anywhere within the Continental United States. We consider this book, in its entirety, to be must reading for anyone who is serious about understanding the Death Culture in American society today.

Let us now hear from Professor Wolfensberger, as he discusses how a society can systematically devalue some of its citizens [Note: the word, 'deviant' is used interchangeably with 'devalued'].

"I propose as a major premise that nothing comes out of nothing, and specifically, that large-scale killing does not occur in an historical vacuum. If a society kills some of its members, then certain developments must have occurred previously so as to dispose that society to such an action. Similarly, if certain developments have regularly brought other societies in the past to the step of killing their own members, then the arrival of such developments in a specific society suggests that killing either will also break out in it, or has already broken out, but is still hidden." [Page 1]

Professor Wolfensberger has outlined an aggressive agenda in this Introduction, quite outside the scope of this article. However, we shall list the main elements of his discussion.

Wolfensberger then defines a most important term in this study, "deathmaking". Deathmaking is meant to "refer to any actions or pattern of actions, which either directly or indirectly bring about, or hasten, the death of a person or group. Deathmaking includes actions ranging all the way from explicit, overt, and direct killing of another person, to very concealed and indirect killing that may take a long time to accomplish and may be very difficult to trace ..." [Page 1] Obviously, any deathmaking action that takes a long time to occur, and is very difficult to trace, is also easily deniable. I believe the White House uses the term, "believable denial". Thus, a secular population, which believes nothing in the Bible, and is interested only in "pocketbook" issues, will be easily lied to whenever and wherever any accusations are made concerning Deathmaking activities.

Professor Wolfensberger then proposes to discuss three main theses:

1. "The values of many societies, including, and perhaps especially, developed Westernized countries, are or have become such as to sanction extensive and systematic killing of certain disadvantaged and/or devalued classes of people."

2. "In fact, killing of devalued people has already begun in such a systematic fashion as to warrant the use of a term such as 'genocidal' or 'Holocaust II' to describe it."

3. "In developed Western societies, systematized killing of devalued people has been either so disguised that most people are not conscious of it, or so 'detoxified' (prettified) that people have lost their abhorrence of it." [Selah, as the Psalmist says]

"I submit that it is high time to cast off the web of disguise and deception that surrounds current genocidal practices, to proclaim the truth, and to oppose the forces of deathmaking." [Page 2]

Certainly, we all can easily think of at least two examples of Thesis #3, above, where the Deathmaking has been so 'detoxified' that people have lost their abhorrence of it, can't we? Abortion became 'detoxified' when people adopted the concept that the pre-born baby is only a 'fetus', or is a 'tissue mass'. Then, the process was complete when the 'murder' of the pre-born baby was redefined as a 'woman's choice', or a 'woman's right to choose'. Now, we are seeing this process of redefinition occurring in the debate over adult euthanasia. America is currently devaluing certain of its citizens, and Deathmaking is already occurring. In the examples in this paragraph, above, the Deathmaking is occurring to two groups that are basically powerless, the pre-born and the elderly, or the terminally ill.

But, the big picture of Deathmaking includes other groups that are not totally powerless, but who are also not part of "Mainstream" American society.

Now, back to Professor Wolfensberger:

"When one looks across history and across societies, one finds that all societies set boundaries around themselves. People who are viewed as falling inside these boundaries are defined as members, and those who fall outside are defined as not being members, or as ineligible to become or remain members. At the least, they are defined as not being full or worthy members." [Page 3]

It is always a cause for alarm when some subgroups within a society are suddenly subjected to systematic exclusion -- beginning only with a person's thinking -- when they had been previously accepted fully. Thus, I view with alarm, the process I see in American society today that is encouraging subgroups within America to display their uniqueness, most prominently within the Black community. Martin Luther King envisioned a color-blind society, where the color of one's skin meant nothing. In other words, Dr. King envisioned the time when the Blacks in America were so completely integrated into our society that skin color distinctions totally disappeared. But, the vision Blacks are given today is to preserve, strengthen, and display Black distinctiveness. I warn everyone who cares to listen, that this is the first step of 'devaluation' of a subgroup. Once the Black leadership accepted the premise that they should not integrate within American society, as have every other immigrant group, they unwittingly set the Blacks up for systematic devaluation.

And, in the New World Order Plan, Blacks are targeted for extinction.

Furthermore, I have long strongly told my Black friends that the Welfare System has been the most carefully created trap in American history, with Blacks as their primary target. From the beginning of the Welfare State, in 1965 under President Lyndon Johnson

many Americans were angry that their hard-earned money was increasingly taken out as taxes, only to be given away to people who did not work, and who apparently did not want to work. Then, over the past three decades, hardworking Americans have been treated to more and more scenes of abuse of the Welfare System, abuse of the housing provided, and abuse of entire neighborhoods. Black neighborhoods in many American cities today look worse than any ghetto that any Jew was forced into by the Nazis.

Many Americans are further angered when they are told that the reason Welfare has not worked is because it is their fault! The answer is to give more money, and to encourage the Blacks to rebel against American society, and to display their Afro-American culture. Cultural uniqueness invites separation, and separation is the first step toward devaluation. The Irish, Italians, Japanese, and Chinese have all been fully integrated within American society, so much so that they lose their original identity. They do not demand to be treated as something special, and while many Chinese have lived together in many large cities, they speak English and want to fully participate in American society. This inclusiveness erases the possibility of someday, under some circumstances, being cast into a devalued situation. Blacks are courting disaster, as they are insisting upon being unique, on exhibiting their African culture, and just acting differently. See paragraph (a through d), below. Such action puts them in the position where they can be cast into a devalued group, just as the Jews were in Germany under Hitler. And, to think that Blacks are being now encouraged to exhibit their cultural differences by their future executioners!

Blacks in today's society should be as worried about being cast into a devalued classification as we Fundamentalist Christians are. The fact is, that the New World Order Plan envisions the total annihilation of both groups. Black Americans are being negatively stereotyped in the minds of the average secular American citizen, as are we Fundamentalist Christians. As much as I detest this Plan, carried out since 1965, I must admire the brilliance of it.

Listen carefully again to Professor Wolfensberger.

" People are particularly likely to be defined out of a society, or as marginal/devalued members, if, (1) they are viewed as non-human, which essentially really means subhuman, or (2) they are believed to constitute a serious (real or potential) threat to the identity, welfare, or even survival of the collectivity, and especially of its more valued members."

"People may be seen as falling into the above two categories for a variety of reasons. Some common ones are:

(a) "They are perceived as not looking or acting in a way that is congruent with the perceiver's image and expectations of how human beings should look and act"

(b) "They are perceived as subhuman for other reasons, e.g., because of a cultural stereotype" [Note: This is the danger to the Blacks, who insist upon aggressively asserting their cultural differences. They are setting themselves up to become 'devalued'. When you couple this fact with the terrible scenes of devastation and famine that are continuously coming out of Africa, then you set the scene for many people to conclude that Africans are inherently incapable of feeding themselves, not to mention governing themselves. If too many Americans reach the conclusion that Blacks can survive, or prosper, only because of the support of Whites, then Blacks are in real danger of being thought of a subhuman, or devalued. When you add the perception many whites have that Blacks are involved disproportionately in drugs and violent crime in our cities, and that Blacks will not convict their heroes of a violent crime, and that all Black city neighborhoods are disasters, you have all the earmarks and all the makings, of subgroup devaluation within our society]

(c) "They are perceived as willfully antisocial, perhaps of a cultural stereotype" [Refer to our discussion, above, in subparagraph 'b'. Also, do not be deceived as to the power of a stereotype; they are deadly].

(d) "They are perceived as burdensome and demanding to a disproportionate degree becoming significant obstacles to other people's pursuit of their own goals" [Note: this is one of the real physical dangers inherent in a society where its citizens are deeply into the pursuit of personal pleasure and/or Materialism. Such people react very negatively whenever they perceive that their very comfortable lifestyle might be upset by such people, as we have been describing, the devalued people.]

(e) "They are perceived as constituting a serious threat to the status quo" (Page 5)

[Note: This is the primary perceived threat that we Fundamentalist Christians supposedly pose to the safety, security, and well-being of American society today]

Please note that, throughout his listing of points a-e, above, Professor Wolfensberger consistently used the word, "perceived". This is a critical understanding, because perceptions can be very hazy, very imprecise, thoughts about something or someone. Perceptions many times are very wrong, but very real to the person who holds them. Devaluation of a subgroup within a society is always in the "eye of the beholder". Devaluation is never based upon provable fact. And, this hazy, misguided, and wrong view of a group who is in the process of being devalued, leads inevitably to stereotypes. Stereotypes kill. The stereotypes of the Jew were that they were subhuman, like rats, that they were clever manipulators of money and wealth, that they were only interested in achieving power and wealth, even at the expense of others. Finally, Jews were painted with the extremely broad brush of propaganda, where their continued existence was a real threat to the German State. At this point, Hitler was ready to begin his Holocaust.

Professor Wolfensberger then explains that it is not enough to just redefine a certain subgroup of people as deviant or devalued in the minds of the majority population; to energize this vague perception about the devalued group, a crisis must occur, [either planned or unplanned]. This crisis demands resolution, demands a release of tension. Tension can be released if the devalued group is blamed for causing the crisis. "This permits simple, easy explanations of what these stresses are about (e.g., the Jews are at fault), and then legitimizes the punishment of these perceived troublemakers. This process of scapegoating (one could call it human sacrifice) can greatly release tension in society -- at least among those who do the scapegoating." (Page 8)

I submit to you that the clergy in general have been vilified in movies and on TV for a long, long time now, dating back to black-and-white TV in the late 1930's. Too many times, the clergyman was represented as a shady character, a hypocrite, one who was not really worthy to be trusted. Lately, clergy has been represented as one who is deviant in his secret heart of hearts. This view of clergy has been greatly aided by all the news stories of homosexual abuses of young boys by Roman Catholic priests, and by the scandal of Jim Baker and other tele-evangelists. Remember one thing: secular people have not traditionally perceived that there was ten cents worth of difference between Roman Catholics and Protestants. The scandals of Roman Catholicism have rubbed off on us, too.

But, in the past two decades, certain forces within our society have been busily creating a new distinction: those who literally believe their Bibles, specifically prophecy, and most specifically, the Book of Revelation. This distinctiveness now points directly at us Fundamental, Bible-believing Born-Again Christians. Certainly, Roman Catholics do not believe their Bibles literally, nor do they study prophecy.

When did the national news media begin calling Arab terrorists "Fundamentalists"? To the best of my recollection, this redefinition began to occur in the mid-1970's. Many Arabs protested this redefinition, because they asserted that neither the Koran nor the Prophet Mohammed, taught the wanton killing of innocent civilians. Many Arab leaders went public with their assertion that Arab terrorists could not be considered "fundamental'. But, of course, these protests did not stop the media from continuing to apply this term to Arab terrorists. By now, 20 years later, Americans have probably heard the word, "fundamental" applied to terrorists more than 10,000 times! And, we know that Americans hate terrorism, and greatly fear that it will spread here.

Now, consider that we Christians call ourselves "fundamentalist", and with good reason: we are. We fundamentally believe the Bible literally, and we teach the whole of Scripture, not just parts that have been taught out of context. But, when the average secular American hears "fundamentalist" applied to us, he automatically associates it with those nasty, low-down cowards, the Arab terrorists. In the minds of secular Americans, we Fundamental Christians have become devalued, and possibly, feared.

By itself, this mental association will not result in the active persecution and/or killing of Fundamental Christians. Professor Wolfensberger details the "Value Directions In Our Modern Society That Facilitate/Contribute To Deathmaking". These factors are listed below, and as you read them, you will be able to see how accurately we are describing America today. As you read these factors, you have to marvel that the observations were made by a professor who has made no claims of which I am aware of being Fundamental and/or Bible-believing. You would think these observations are coming from a Fundamentalist Preacher.

Value Directions In Our Modern Society That Facilitate/Contribute To Deathmaking

"1. Perhaps the overarching direction of the development of the modern world can be summarized as 'materialism'. This involves several components.

"a. A turning away from the world of the spirit and from metaphysical belief systems, a rejection of beliefs in any spirit world, and therefore, rejection of beliefs in any divinity and/or any divine will or law that is external to human beings.

"b. Largely as a result of the above, rejection of the Jewish and Christian faiths, and therefore, of their moralities, which include an awe for the mystery of life and a respect for its sacredness.

"c. An increased preoccupation with the material universe, with material objects, and especially with material technological processes.

"d. A belief of religious proportion in a mythical entity called 'progress' which is viewed as a human product consisting mostly of scientific and technical developments which support industrialization, which in turn, is perceived as subsequently yielding an increase in material wealth, possessions, comfort, convenience, health, welfare, happiness, etc."

"2. The rejection of a metaphysics results in a very logical idolization of the human, and an exaltation of the individual, human, to the ultimate measure and measurer of all things ..."

"a. An idolization of human intellect, will, power, and its products

"b. An unbridled individualism and selfishness that resists the legitimacy, acceptance or imposition of external moral standards, that turns back onto itself in an indulgence of one's own will, and that seeks removal of all restraints on self, comfort, and convenience. In a universe conceived entirely on the materialistic level, morality consists of no more than agreements which people can reach among each other as to what they will

do, and what they will and will not permit ... a moral convention is merely a matter for personal consideration, but involves no binding obligation. Since morality consists purely of a social contract, each person can consider the moral issue at stake and, if a person disagrees with it, s/he can decide either to opt out of the social contract or to attempt to change that contract.

"c. An attitude of entitlement to whatever one wants, resulting from both this unbridled individualism and from a break in the historic linkage between labor, primary production and livelihood.

"d. A belief, of quasi-religious proportions, that affliction, suffering, and hardship are evil and that they can, must, and will be eliminated, and by human efforts.

"e. Combines with the attitude of entitlement, this leads to a belief that one is entitled to freedom from affliction and suffering -- and indeed, even from hardship and inconvenience."

"3. These developments also imply a surrender to what one can call hedonism, i.e., indulgence in sensory pleasure, exaggerated and uninhibited aspirations for comfort, etc. In extreme form, this can lead to unbridled sexual excesses, pornography, gluttony, surrender to drugs, etc." (Pages 25-26)

Don't you agree that this expose' could have been written by a Fundamentalist preacher? Professor Wolfensberger has not only hit the nail on the head here, he has also sounded the warning signal to all who will listen that this society is about to turn ugly against any and, perhaps, all of its devalued citizens.

Professor Wolfensberger has also agreed with many Fundamentalist pastors, who have been saying, over many years, that 'Materialism' is a religion, with self as its idol. But, the professor has also shown us how this 'Materialistic' worship of self can turn a society into one which willfully kills its devalued citizens. All devalued citizens in America should consider themselves to be at risk for persecution, first, and death, later.

Fundamentalist Christians should have uniformly received a wake-up call in April, 1993, when the Federal Government sent paramilitary forces against the Branch Davidian Cult at Waco, Texas. For the first time in American history, our government used deadly, overwhelming military force against a motley group of civilians that included men, women, and children. Americans repeatedly saw TV film of the final raid. They saw M-1 tanks and other heavy military equipment used against the Branch Dividian compound. Yet, the outcry was not overwhelming, and it never came from that class of citizen to whom the Federal Government has always played, i.e., Middle Class, Secular America. That class did not rise up in horror and revulsion at the slaughter of over 80 men, women, and children. The Clinton Administration remained in power, and was reelected just four years later.

From February 28 to April 19, 1993, Americans received a crash course in the devaluation of a group of people about whom they had never heard anything before. The Branch Dividians were devalued for a lot of reasons, tried in the court of Public Opinion, but their major flaws were only a few:

1) They were religious Fundamentalists -- wackos -- who literally believed in the Book of Revelation. In fact, toward the end of the "standoff" Federal Authorities announced that David Koresch had informed them he would not communicate with them any more until he had finished his "study" of the Book of Revelation.

2) They were armed heavily, and therefore, a threat to society. In fact, much of the rhetoric suggested that the Branch Davidians were typical of anyone who owned guns.

3) They were supposedly practicing bigamy, which is illegal

4) David Koresch was supposedly guilty of child abuse, as he allegedly had sex with underage girls. Since Koresch was never given the privilege of a criminal trial, we will never know the complete truth. Maybe he was guilty of such crimes, and maybe he wasn't, but we will never know for sure.

Now, the Federal Government knows that it can, with enough justification, move aggressively and with military forces, against a group of Fundamentalists and not have to fear from the majority of its population. Now, the key is to create other scenarios in the minds of the average secular, materialistic American citizen that reinforce, and build up, this stereotype. Toward this end, I offer the following possibilities:

1) Countless abortion protests, especially those which turn ugly, reinforce the stereotype in the minds of secular Americans that we Christians are a threat to society. After all, we are protesting something which is legal in America, and the secular American has already rejected, in his/her own life, the very moral code which has prompted our protests! {Talking about 'murder' here, folks]

2) Abortion murders and bombings also reinforce this stereotype. When John Salvi was arrested for killing people in the abortion clinics in the Boston area, I wondered aloud how long it would be until we Fundamentalists were blamed for it. In less than 24 hours, we heard that the police had arrested Salvi for the murders, based upon a "lucky" find at one of the clinics. This "lucky" find was a sack of ammunition that Salvi had "accidently" dropped, and in this sack was a receipt for the ammunition that contained Salvi's name, address, and phone number. Now, I find that more than a little suspicious. Even a deranged man would have double and triple checked to ensure that he carried nothing on his person that could tie him in with this killing. Yet, here he had left his name and address at the scene.

3) The bombing of the Federal Courthouse in Oklahoma City caused a huge ripple in American society, as we were all revolted at this spectacle of an entire building being blown up, killing men and women, and children in a Day Care facility. Again, I wondered how long it would be before one of the groups being devalued in American society today was fingered. Very soon, it became apparent that gun-toting, Constitutional Fundamentalists were the target.

I ask the following questions about the "facts" in this case:

(a) If you had just bombed the facility, and were trying to escape, would you take the actions that Timothy McVey took? He:

* Drove a decrepit car that had no license plate or valid registration, thus ensuring that any police officer would be attracted to the car,

to check out the vehicle.

* Drove at a high rate of speed, i.e., speeding, thus attracting the attention of a policeman. Surely, if you or I had been driving that car, we would have made sure we were going at least 5 miles per hour below the speed limit.

* Wore a shoulder pistol holster without wearing a coat, thus ensuring that the police officer would see it well before he got too close to the car, and would approach warily, fully on-guard, and expecting that he was approaching a guilty man, guilty of something anyway.

* Had the pistol on the seat,in full view of the officer standing just outside the car.

Of course, later on, we learned that McVey was part of a sinister militia group that advocated gun ownership, that somehow was very powerful, and very much a threat to American society. People who advocate gun ownership are part of a Devalued Group and are targeted for extinction, since no Absolute Dictatorship can tolerate angry citizens who are heavily armed. Throughout history, including Twentieth Century history, one of the first actions of any newly instituted dictatorship, has been the forced elimination of all guns in the hands of the citizenry. The trick in America today is to force such an elimination of guns in the hands of private citizenry without causing the secular, Middle Class American citizen to get too upset, or without causing many in our Army, who will be doing the disarming and killing, to defect.

I personally believe New World Order Planners will wait until Antichrist appears before they will demand that all private citizens turn in all their guns. They believe, as do Fundamentalist Christians, that about the time of the appearance of Antichrist, tens of millions of Born Again people will be "snapped to another dimension". Certainly, many of those Raptured Christians will also be gun owners, eliminating the need to physically take their guns away. Secondly, the remainder of the population will be so overawed by the miracles and perceived power of Antichrist that, if he were to demand that guns be turned over to authorities, many Americans will do so. These actions will have greatly reduced the number of people from whom guns will have to be taken, by force.

I have several more questions about the bombing in Oklahoma City.

* Did anyone else notice that many of the supporting beams seemed to be hanging outward, as if the blast that tore the building apart had come from within?

* Did anyone else question whether this kind of devastation could have occurred from a rental truck parked in the parking lot? Of course, we Americans have been conditioned by the many scenes of just such devastation in Arab countries, caused by just such a bomb, so the average secular, materialist American believed. But, American construction codes are much more strict than those in Arab countries.

* Did anyone else wonder why proper bomb experts were not allowed to thoroughly examine the wrecked building? Rather, the building was imploded rather soon after the bombing.

Of course, I am all wrong about my doubts, I am sure, because every American knows that, while their Government might be incompetent and greedy, it still has the best interests of all Americans at heart.??? And, we all know that our Government authorities have never lied to us!!?? Just the thought of the possibility that our government might have deliberately blown their own building skyhigh, for any reason, is so terrifying to the average American as to cause most people to immediately reject such an idea.

Now, we come to the three bombings in Atlanta, Georgia. The first occurred during the Olympics, in 1996. The second occurred just weeks ago at an abortion clinic causing certain activist Feminists to immediately blame anti-abortionists. The third occurred last week at a nightclub that catered to gay and lesbian customers. The police have declared that similarities exist between the three, that make them think one group might have carried out all bombings. Police sources have declared that they might have a "serial bomber" loose in Atlanta. Finally, the letter sounded gave a name for the group claiming responsibility for the last two bombings that sound suspiciously like the name of an Arab group -- 'Army of God'. And, this Arabic-type group espouses some of the "fundamental" objectives of right-wing, Fundamental, Christian groups.

The time to wake up is now. This campaign to completely discredit Fundamental Right-wing, Bible-believing, Born Again Christians is now in full swing. One day, possibly soon, we will be facing a crisis that exceeds all crises, that may involve international, as well as national, forces. Once the American people are sufficiently panicked, the Government can do almost anything it wants to do, like:

* Suspend our Constitutional Government, "temporarily" of course

* Arrest any and all "suspected" terrorists, and/or any other person or group which might pose a threat to society during this crisis. This group may include us Fundamental Christians.

* Impose draconian laws to "help restore order"

* Disarm American citizens

Of course, this final crises might be the ones which are also designed to produce Antichrist. If this is true, then we might very quickly see all of these things occurring at once. But, of this you may be sure, the Time of the End is drawing near. Remember, also that God has foretold that the forces of Antichrist will have the ability to completely destroy God's Holy People [Daniel 7:21; 8:24; 11:33-35; 12:7b; Revelation 6:9-11; 12:11; 14:12-13].

Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but have been very lukewarm in your spiritual walk with Him, you need to immediately ask Him for forgiveness and for renewal. He will instantly forgive you, and fill your heart with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Then, you need to begin a daily walk of prayer and personal Bible Study.

If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as Savior, but have come to realize His reality and the approaching End of the Age, and want to accept His FREE Gift of Eternal Life, you can also do so now, in the privacy of your home. Once you accept Him as Savior, you are spiritually Born Again, and are as assured of Heaven as if you were already there. Then, you can rest assured that the Kingdom of Antichrist will not touch you spiritually. If you would like to become Born Again, turn to our Salvation Page now.
Finally, we would love to hear from you. You can write us at:

God bless you.

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