We PROVE that Freemasonry is occultic, Satanic, from their own writings! We will show you what one Freemasonry Publishing House recommends that their members read and study. We will also prove from this recommended reading list that Freemasonry admits that it comes from the Satanic Knights Templars!

The Bible says "Evil companionships corrupt", and our culture has the saying, "Birds of a feather flock together". Truly, you will be shocked when you discover the types of books Freemasons read and study.

Part 3 of 3.

The New World Order is coming! Are you ready? Once you understand what this New World Order really is, and how it is being gradually implemented, you will be able to see it progressing in your daily news!!

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Kessinger Publishing, P.O. Box 160, Kila, MT, 59920, U.S.A. publishes a comprehensive list of Freemasonry materials and recommended reading list, which anyone can order. We have been on their mailing list for some time now, and will reprint a selection of the books they recommend that Freemasons read. Once you read this, you will understand the truth that Freemasonry is: 1) NOT Christian, as much of what they teach their members is forbidden occultism. We will note for you, on a case by case basis, what the Bible has to say about the specific occultic practice being taught. 2) Satanic, occultic, to the core. Truly, Albert Pike was not kidding when he stated, "...Masonry is identical with the Ancient Mysteries," (Albert Pike, "Morals and Dogma", p. 624, Teaching of the 28th Degree) The "Ancient Mysteries" is the collective name given to all the Satanic religions of antiquity, against which God warned, which He absolutely forbade, and against which He finally delivered crushing, annihilating blows. These Ancient Mysteries practiced divination, Nature worship, consulting mediums, human sacrifice, consulting the Zodiac, temple prostitution and actually worshipping through sex [called Tantric Arts today]. You will see all these practices being offered to Freemasons in this Kessinger Publishing House mail order listing. We will also show you symbols which Kessinger has published [unless otherwise noted] which will further solidify this truth in your heart and mind.

As you read this terrible listing of books, let Albert Pike's words, above, resonate throughout your whole being, mind, spirit, and emotion: "Masonry is identical with the Ancient Mysteries".


Therefore, when Kessinger Freemasonry Publishing House lists Ancient Mysteries books, it is because Freemasonry teaches and practices them, also!!!! Let this truth resonate through your whole being. Do you understand the necessity for Freemasonry to be so very, very secret for all these centuries?!

From these subheadings on the front page of this mail order catalog from Kessinger Publishing, you can see that Freemasonry is Satanic, occultic. But, just to make sure you get the point, we are going to list many of the books which Kessinger recommends to the Freemason to read and to study. You will clearly see the Truth about Freemasonry when you read these book listings. As you read this selected listing of the many books recommended to Freemasons, you are looking at a cross section of a Masonic "library"! Every one of these books have been selected by Kessinger Masonry publishing house for Freemason Brothers to read.

We understand that this listing is going to be overwhelming, but that it because it truly IS overwhelming. We want you to be so overwhelmed by the obvious and repeated occultism of which Freemasonry is comprised, that you will not be tempted to think that we just "misunderstood" Freemasonry, or that these authors were just trying to "expose" these terrible practices. Freemasonry is IDENTICAL with all the Mysteries religions, just as Albert Pike stated. Therefore, they study these Ancient Mysteries so they can practice them, also. The next time you are tempted to think that Freemasonry does not take seriously these Ancient Mysteries, go to a cemetary in which Freemasons are buried, and look at the prevalence of obelisks on the tombstones!! These recommended book listings ARE overwhelming; they run 200+ pages on the Internet, and their mail order catalogs, with small font, run 30 pages long. Freemasons are serious about learning the occult so they can become good practitioners of the occult!

Even if you do not know much about the occult, you realize that the practices which God forbade in the Bible, as listed above, are found on this Masonic recommended reading list time after time after time. You will also find organizations that we have identified as occultic on this Masonic list.

Notice how many times you find the words, "Magic, Tarot, Karma or Karmic, Gnostic, Mystery or Mysteries, Alchemy, Astrology, Eastern Thought or Eastern Religions, Esotericism or Esoteric; Initiation; Phallic; Reincarnation; Divination; Qabalah (Kabbalah or Cabala), Evolution, Telepathy, Hypnotism." Make note every time you see one of these occultic, Satanic words; then, you can add them up afterward. Also make note every time you see one of the ancient Mysteries, such as Egypt, glorified. God hated these false religions and physically destroyed them in judgment, after He had judged them with many physical afflictions and diseases. Yet, Freemasonry glorifies these awful religions.]

We have also taken the liberty of writing NOTES in square brackets [ ] to give you further information. One final note: we do not use quotes when we list these book titles, and the contents of them, since we are taking so much of what they say verbatim. Whenever we add commentary, it will be in double square [ ] brackets. If we do use quotation marks ["] it is because we are quoting from another source.

Now, here is Part 3 of 3 of the selected listing of the books which Kessinger's is recommending to its Freemason Brethren!!

GODDARD, DWIGHT, Was Jesus Influenced by Buddhism? , A Comparative

Study of the Lives and Thoughts of Gautama and Jesus. 250 pages,

ISBN 1-56459-883-7. [NOTE: Yet another sad attempt to show that Christianity is not unique and to show that all religions are equally valid. Christianity is also "mystically reinterpreted".]

GOLDBERG, B.Z., Sacred Fire: The Story of Sex in Religion . Contents: Far Away & Long Ago, The Erotic Motive in Primitive Religion; Primitive Man in Love and Faith; In the Foundry of the Gods, The Story of the Generative Divinities; Spirit of Love in God & Man, The Erotic Worship of the Generative Divinities; Love's Hidden Ways; In the Temple of the Gods; The Worship of the Generative Divinities; A Day with Baal ; A Night with Aphrodite ; At a Dionysian Mystery; Twilight with Moloch ; The Dance of the Saktas; In the House of the Lord; The Erotic Motive in the Monotheistic Religions of Today; Love in the Synagogue; Romance in the Church; Marriage in the Mosque; Longing in the Dark; The Spirit of Revolt in Religion; The Sexual Motive in Sectarianism; Rebels in the Faith; Love the Force of Rebellion; Revolt Against Religion ; Revolt Against God ; Revolt Against Man ; God's Way in Love. 398 pages, ISBN 1-56459-502-1. [NOTE: This terrible book shows that Freemasonry worships the "Erotic Motive", they worship the "Generative Divinities"; and they fraternize with the infamous Fire God, Molech, whom God hated because he demanded human sacrifice, specifically the sacrifice of children.]

GOODWIN, S.H., Mormonism and Masonry : Mormonism is based upon Freemasonry! Read this book and discover how and why. 116 pages, ISBN 1-56459-051-8. [NOTE: If you did not know this fact before, you know it now, from a Freemason author, no less. Joseph Smith and Brigham Young were both 33 Degree Masons. You find many similarities between Freemasonry and Mormonism]

GOULD, ROBERT FREKE, The Concise History of Freemasonry . Contents: Ancient Mysteries, Essenes, Roman Colleges, Culders, Vehm-Gerichte, Steinmetzen, French Corps D'Etat, Companionage, Rosicrucians; Medieval Operative Masonry; English Laws of the Middle Ages & the Freemasons; Story of the Guild; Legend of the Craft; Early Scottish Craft; Great Division in English Masonry; Concise Notice of the Additional Degrees Usually Worked;

Freemasonry in Europe; Asia, East India Islands, Far East, Africa, West Indies, Central & South America; USA, Canada & Australaisa. 416 pages, ISBN 1-56459-470-X. [NOTE: This Masonic author gives us a quick thumbnail sketch of the history of Freemasonry. Note that it starts with the "Ancient Mysteries", all of which God judged and destroyed.]

GRAVES, KERSEY, Bible of Bibles : Or Twenty-seven Divine Revelations Containing a Description of Twenty-seven Bibles, and an Exposition of Two-thousand Biblical Errors in Science, History, Morals, Religion, and General Events. Written in 1863. Partial Contents: Leading Positions of this Work; Relationship of the Old and New Testaments; Why this Work was Written; All Bibles Useful in Their Place; Twenty-Seven Bibles Described: Hindu, Egyptian,

Persian, Chinese, Mohammedan, Jew, Christian; General Analogies of bibles; Numerous Absurdities in the Story of the Deluge ; Ten Commandments, Ten Foolish Bible Stories ; Bible Prophecies not Fulfilled ; Bible Miracles; Bible Contradictions ; Obscene Language of the Bible; Bible Errors-New Testament ; Divine Revelation Impossible and Unnecessary ; Original Sin and Fall of Man not True ; Repentance; An Angry God; Special Providences an Erroneous Doctrine; Faith and Belief; A Personal God Impossible ; Evil, Natural and Moral, Explained; Rational View of Sin and its Consequences; Bible at War with Eighteen Sciences; Bible as a Moral Necessity; What Shall We Do to be Saved? True Religion Defined; Sects, Schisms, and Skeptics in Christian

Countries; The Christians' God; Idolatrous Veneration for bibles; What Shall We Substitute for the Bible? Religious Reconstruction; or, the Moral Necessity for a Religious Reform. 442 pages, ISBN 1-56459-295-2. [NOTE: Freemasonry stands condemned for its blatant attack on the Holy Bible, which they profess to honor!! Freemasonry cannot ever, ever, ever call itself Christian when it believes this about the Bible!! Jesus valued the Bible so much He stated, "Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled." {Matthew 5:18} Read the contents of this book carefully, asking the Holy Spirit to cause its abominations to slowly sink thoroughly into your mind! THIS is Freemasonry!!!]

GRAVES, KERSEY, Biography of Satan : Or, a historical exposition of the devil and his fiery dominions disclosing the oriental origin of the belief in a devil and future endless punishment. Christianity has historically perverted the mystical truth to enslave mankind through fear . Are you ready to be set free? Contents: Evils and Demoralizing Effects of the Doctrine of End-less

Punishment; Ancient Traditions Respecting the Origin of Evil and the Devil; Wicked Devil and Endless Hell nottaught in Jewish Scriptures ; Explanation of Words Devil and Hell in Old Testament; God (and not the Devil) the Author of Evil According to the bible; God and the Devil Originally Twin-Brothers , and known by the same Titles; Origin of the Terms, "Kingdom of Heaven," "Gates of Hell," etc.; Hell first Instituted in the Skies; "The Bottomless Pit"; Lake of Fire and Brimstone; Where is Hell; Man's Evil Thoughts being Prompted by Devil; Christian's Devil; Punitive Terms of the Bible of Oriental Origin; Doctrine of After-Death Punishment Proved to be of Hea-then and Priestly Origin; Explanation of Hell, Hades, Tartarus, Infernus,

Gehenna, and Tophet. 164 pages, ISBN 1-56459-329-0. [NOTE: Again, Freemasonry loses its ability to call itself Christian once you understand what they believe and teach concerning key doctrines. They actually believe that God and the Devil were originally twin brothers!! They actually do debunk Jesus' clear teaching on this matter. They evidently have not actually read the Old Testament, if they teach that eternal punishment is not taught in Jewish Scriptures. But, again, Christianity is reinterpreted].

GRAVES, KERSEY, World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors or Christianity before Christ. New, startling, and extraordinary revelations in religious history, which disclose the oriental origin of all the doctrines, principles, precepts, and miracles of the Christian New Testament and furnishing a key for unlocking many of its sacred mysteries, besides comprising the history of 16 heathen crucified gods . Partial Contents: Rival claims of the Saviors, Messianic Prophecies; Prophecies by the Figure of a Serpent; Miraculous and immaculate Conception of the Gods; Virgin Mothers and Virgin-born Gods; Stars Point out the Time and the Saviors' Birthplace; Angels, Shepherds, and Magi Visit the Infant Saviors; Twenty-fifth of December the Birthday of the Gods; Saviors of Royal Descent, but Humble Birth; Christ's Genealogy; Saviors Exhibit Early Proofs of Divinity; Saviors' Kingdoms not of the World; Saviors are Real Personages; Sixteen Saviors Crucified ; Aphanasia, or Darkness, at the Crucifixion; Descent Into Hell; Resurrection; Reappearance and Ascension; Atonement: Its Oriental or Heathen Origin; Holy Ghost of Oriental Origin; Divine "Word" of Oriental Origin; The Trinity; Absolution; Origin of Baptism by Water, Fire, Blood, and the Holy Ghost; Sacrament or Eucharist of Heathen Origin; Anointing with Oil; How Men , Including Jesus Christ , Came to be Worshiped as Gods ; Sacred Cycles Explaining the advent of the Gods; Christianity Derived from Heathen and Oriental Systems; Three Hundred and forty-six Striking Analogies between Christ and Chrishna; Appolonius, Osiris, and Magus as Gods; Three Pillars of the Christian Faith; Philosophical Absurdities of the Doctrine of the Divine Incarnation ; A Historical View of the divinity of Jesus Christ; Scriptural View of Christ's Divinity; Precepts and practical Life of Jesus Christ; Christ as a Spiritual Medium ; Conversion, Repentance, and "Getting Religion" of Heathen Origin; Moral Lessons of Religious History. 438 pages, ISBN 1-56459-288-X. [NOTE: Freemasonry identifies itself with Antichrist by teaching that Jesus Christ was a "Spiritual Medium "!! This teaching qualifies for the Biblical Unforgiveable Sin, because it teaches that the reason Jesus could do all the miracles He did was because He was acting with the power of Satan -- Mark 3:22-30. But, also, this book seeks to debunk the special place in world history which Jesus claimed for Himself, persuading Masons that Jesus and His Christianity are just like the Ancient Mystery Religions. While it is true that Satan counterfeited the Virgin Birth and the Crucifixtion about 1,000 years before Jesus Christ, that fact does not invalidate Jesus Christ. I have always been taught that they presence of a counterfeit presupposes the existence of the original, and the true! Satan knew God's Plan of Salvation since the Garden of Eden, and carefully counterfeited it over 1,000 years before Jesus Christ was born. But, again, Freemasonry loses its ability to call itself Christian with this kind of teaching being propagated amonst the Brethren!!]

GRUMBINE, J.C.F., Melchizedek or the Secret Doctrine of the Bible (1919) . Contents: History manifests what the Law occultly reveals; Who is Melchizedek? Biblical history, his office & his order; Secret doctrines of the order, its myths, mysteries, symbolisms, canons, philosophy; Secret doctrine on four planes of expression & manifestation; Christ psychology & Christian mysticism; The key, how applied, divine realization & illumination; What is new thought & who is the new thoughter. 94 pages, ISBN 1-56459- 910-8. [NOTE: This sounds like the author is attempting to show that Blavatsky's "Secret Doctrine" is found in the Bible, all the way back to Melchizedek. But, at the very least, we can see that the book "mystically reinterprets" Scripture.]

HARA, HASHNU O., Mental Alchemy or the Wonders of Thought-Force (1909). Contents: A New Outlook on Mental Science; The Philosophy of Mental Science; Faith and Other Good Things; How Thought and Body are Related; Mental Healing; Spiritual Healing; Hypnotism and Suggestive Healing; Personal Magnetism. 128 pages, ISBN 1-56459-748-2.

HARRIS, RAY BAKER, Bibliography of the Writings of Albert Pike . Albert Pike was the foremost Master of Masonic wisdom. Study this man. Read his writings. Contents: Foreword; Introduction; Albert Pike; A Sketch of His Life; Biography; Language; Law; Military; Newspapers; Political; Eco-nomic; Poetry; Miscellaneous; Manuscripts; Masonic; Addresses and Reports, Obituaries; Official Letters and Notices; Cerneau Controversy; Ritualistic and

Ceremonial. 120 pages, ISBN 1-56459-448-3. [NOTE: This book is included so you will know the extreme reverance which Masonry has for Albert Pike. Do not allow any Mason to try to convince you that Pike has been discredited by modern Masonry, or that another man 'ghost wrote" Pike's books]

HARTMANN, FRANZ, Among the Gnomes: An Occult Tale of Adventure in the Untersberg , Hartmann was a famous occultist who understood the "inner secret workings" of nature. Although we believe this book to be allegorical, it well represents the forces a spiritual initiate is likely to meet and must master. Contents: Introduction; In the Dragon's Den; Within

the Untersberg; Among the Gnomes; Lucifer ; Digging for Light; War. Fun and enlightening reading. Also good for children. 278 pages, ISBN 1-56459-330-4.

HARTMANN, FRANZ, Life of Jehoshua the Prophet of Nazareth, An Occult Study and a Key to the Bible Containing the History of an Initiate . "The only object of the following pages is to aid in dispelling the mists which for many centuries have been gathering around the person of the supposed founder of Christianity, and which have prevented mankind from obtaining a clear view of the true Redeemer, who is not to be found in history nor in external forms, but who can only be found within the interior temple of the soul by him in whom his presence becomes manifest." Contents: True History of Christ (An Allegory); Jehovah; Nazareth; Egypt; The Mysterious Brotherhood; The Higher Degrees; The Wisdom Religion; The Temptation; The Sermon Upon the Mount; Doctrines of the Christ Spirit; Herodias; Jerusalem; The Great Renunciation; The Temple; The Hero; the Final Initiation; The Church. 206 pages, ISBN 1-56459-184-0. [NOTE: Another attempt to "Mystically Reinterpret" Scripture]

HARTMANN, FRANZ, Magic, White and Black . The Science of Finite and Infinite Life Containing Practical Hints for Students of Occultism. "Magic means that divine art of exercise of spiritual power by which the awakened spirit in man may control the living elements." It was not my object, in composing this book to write merely a code of ethics,...but to assist the student in studying the elements of which his own soul is composed, and to learn to know his own psychical organism." "In this Spirit of God in man rest all of man's divine and magical powers . To call the attention of the readers to the divine powers existing within themselves, thus to lead them to a

knowledge of their own higher nature, to aid them in entering a higher life and finally to state what the greatest mystics of the East and West have taught in regard to the nature and the development of these powers, has been the aim of the Author." 292 pages, ISBN 1-56459-132-8. [NOTE: This book boldly teaches that each man can become a god, that the godhead dwells within each person, and to discover this "truth" would be a magical experience. Can you see the Satanism totally permeating Freemasonry?]

HARTMANN, FRANZ, Occult Science in Medicine . Because of their profound occult knowledge, mystic physicians have always treated both the cause (physical) and symptoms (psychic) of diseases. Contents: Introduction; The Constitution of Man; The Four Pillars of Medicine; The Five Causes of Disease; The Five Classes of Physicians; and The Medicine of the Future. Valuable reading for medical practitioners and anyone interested in holistic

healing. 100 pages, ISBN 1-56459-355-X.

HARTMANN, FRANZ, The Principles of Astrological Geomancy: The Art of Divining by Punctuation According to Cornelius Agrippa and Others (1889) , Geomancy teaches the rules by which certain truths are spiritually perceived by the soul and brought within the understanding

of the external mind by the use of concentration and punctuation. Geomancy has been used for centuries to enable the seeker to obtain answers to all of life's questions, ie., life, death, health, wealth, romance, etc. Contents: Astrology; The Seven Planets; Conjunctions; Twelve Signs of the Zodiac; Symbols of Geomancy; Preparation for the Practice of Geomancy; Instructions; Astrological Geomancy; Signification of Geomantic Symbols according to their Positions; Example; Astronomical Geomancy; Example; Conclusion. 132 pages, ISBN 1-56459-397-5.

HAZELRIGG, JOHN, Metaphysical Astrology (1900) . Contents: The Rationale of Astrology; Inductive Astrology; Astrological Symbolism; Eclipses; and Nature's Analogies. 74 pages, ISBN 1-56459-885-3.

HECKETHORN, CHARLES WILLIAM, Secret Societies of All Ages and Countries . A massive study of secret organizations which provides both historical and ritualistic information on groups of all kinds: occult, religious, political, anarchist, etc. About one-third of volume two is dedicated to Freemasonry, its rites and rituals, which it examines in some detail. A pleasure to read and an essential reference work, Highly recommended. Embracing the Mysteries of Ancient India, China, Japan, Egypt, Mexico, Peru, Greece, and Scandinavia; The Cabalists, Early Christians, Heretics, Assassins, Thugs, Templars, the Vehm and Inquisition, Mystics, Rosicrucians, Illuminati , Freemasons , Skopzi, Camorristi, Carbonari, Nihilists and Other Sects.

Partial Contents: Ancient Mysteries; Magi, Mithraics; Gnostics; Essenes; Christian Initiations; Apocalypse; Lodge of Wisdom; Assassins; Druses; Dervishes; Mexican and Peruvian Mysteries; Druids; Scandinavian Mysteries; The Cabbala; Sons of the Widow; Mystics; Alchymists; Jacob Bohme; Emanuel Swedenborg; Martinism; Rosicrucians; Asiatic Brethren; Heretics; Chivalry; Templars; Judiciary; Holy Vehm; Inquisition; Illuminati; Anti-Social Societies; Thugs; Chauffeurs,

or Burners; Garduna; Camorra; Mala Vita; Mafia; Beggars, Tramps, and Thieves; Jesuits ; Skopzi. 724 pages, ISBN 1-56459-296-0. [NOTE: What a Hall of Infamy!! This book ties the Illuminati, Freemasonry, and the Jesuits into one volume, just as it should be! This book also proves that Freemasonry originated in the Ancient Satanic Mysteries, just as Albert Pike bragged]

HENRY, ALFRED H., Ex Oriente Lux: Lecture Outlines for those Seeking Initiation into the Hidden House of Masonry (1924), "The Lectures which follow are for Students; not simply Masonic Students, but students of any school which insist upon freedom of thought, clear vision,

and unselfish service. Contents: Discrimination; The Fraternity; The Chain of Union, Prayer, Service; What is Man; First Affirmation; Experience; Continuity; Spiritual Knowledge; Reincarnation; the Hidden Church of the Rosy Cross; Principle of Mind; Principle of Correspondences; Coming together of East and West; New Birth of Western Science; Vibration and the Unit of Consciousness; Polarity; and Transmutation; Rhythm; Causation; Gender; The

Attitude of the Enterer. 266 pages, ISBN 1-56459-549-8.

HEYDON, JOHN, The English Physician's Guide or a Holy Guide (1662),"Leading the Way to know all things, Past, Present and to Come, to Resolve all manner of Questions, ...." Contents: ... Chemical Dictionary or an explanation of the words and terms of Art which are used in the Holy Guide; Of God, Art, and Nature; The Holy Guide, .... Of the Wonderful Secrets of Numbers: Rosicrucian Prophecy, Happiness, Unification of Art and Nature, Long Life, of Nature and Health, Youth, Riches, Virtue, Wisdom, Changing Bodies, Medicines, Preparation of Gold; The Nature of Soul of Man; The Rosicrucian way of Health; Witchcraft; The Way to Pleasure and Happiness; The Rosy Cross Uncovered; The Rosicrucian's Prayer; Index. To our knowledge, this is the first ever reprint of this most essential Rosicrucian work on Alchemy, Chemistry, Magic, Regeneration, Kabbalism Numerology, Prophecy, Astrology, and Spiritual development. Unavailable for hundreds of years, this extremely scarce and illuminating book can now be your guide to the deepest Rosicrucian philosophy. In two volumes. 950 pages, ISBN 1-56459-351-7. [NOTE: This book teaches witchcraft]

HIGGINS, FRANK C., Ancient Freemasonry: An Introduction to Masonic

Archeology, Contents: Freemasonry the Parent of all Religions; Legends of Masonry; Mysteries of Freemasonry; Mysteries of the Knights Templar; Hidden Source of Freemasonry and its Rituals; Science of Ancient Masonry; Freemasonry's Sacred Cities; Astronomy's part in Freemasonry; Symbols of Freemasonry Charms and amulets; Light on the Ancient Mysteries

of Initiation; Freemasonry Solves the Mysteries of the Pyramids; Women in Freemasonry; Masonic Tradition of Adam and Eve; King Solomon a Wizard; Sampson and Initiation, plus much more! Esoteric and stimulating. 464 pages, ISBN 1-56459-339-8,.29.95. [NOTE: Did you catch that subtitle -- "Freemasonry the Parent of all Religions"? This subtitle says it all, does it not?!! Of course it does! Freemasonry is the culmination of all the ancient Mysteries, all of them occult, all of them Satanic, and all of them physically destroyed by God. But, Freemasonry has revived them all, to unite the world into a global religion of Antichrist! Now, the Truth is finally out, and it came "in their own words." Notice also that they have reinterpreted Scripture Mystically so that King Solomon became a wizard, and Sampson became an Initiate of the Mysteries]

HIGGINS, FRANK C., The Cross of the Magi: An Unveiling of the Greatest of all the Ancient Mysteries, Contents: The Great Solar Myth; The Geometric Genesis; Magian Mathematics; The Celestial Square; The Cross and the Magi; Crosses and Swastikas; What the Swastika really is. 56 pages, ISBN 1-56459-335-5. [NOTE: Again, we see the Swastika mentioned, further tying Freemasonry into Nazism]

HIGGINS, GODFREY, Celtic Druids, or, An Attempt to show, that The Druids

were the Priests of Oriental Colonies Who Emigrated from India; and were the Introducers of the First or Cadmean System of Letters, and the Builders of Stonehenge, of Carnac, and of Other Cyclopean Works, in Asia and Europe. Complete with many informative prints and maps. Partial Contents: Necessity of Etymology; Alphabets; Changes in Language; Druids acquainted with Letters; Irish, Greek, and Hebrew Letters the same; Hiero-glyphics; Ciphering invented before Letters; Virgil a Druid; Genesis; Persia, India, and China, the Depositaries, not the Inventors of Science; Who the Celtae were; Affinity between the Latin, Sanscrit, and Celtic; Term Barbarian;

Arrival of Phoenician Colonies in Ireland; Origin of Irish Fables; Derivation of the word Britain; Hero Gods; Derivation of the words: Albion, Druid, Vates and Bards; Britain known to Aristotle; Road to Britain lost, like that to America and Australia; magnetic Needle; Ancient Oracles founded by Celtae; Druids probably Pythagoreans; Cross common to Greeks, Egyptians, and Indians; Monograms of Christ; Druids admitted the Creation of Matter; Festivals removed

by the precession of the Equinoxes; Druid Festival of Christmas; Mother of the Gods; Baal; Gods of India and Ireland the same; Chaldees of the Jews; St. Patrick; A single Plain Stone the Origin of Idolatry; Rocking-Stones or Logan Stones; Circular Temples, Stonehenge and Abury; Stonehenge not a Roman, Saxon, or Danish Work; Ancient Superstitions respecting Numbers; Observations on Hebrew Chronology; Hierarchy of the Druids; Druids Assertors of their Country's Liberty; Immortality of the Soul and Metempsychosis; Druids had an excellent System of Morals; Mistletoe and other Sacred Plants; Institution of Priesthoods an Evil. 498 pages, ISBN

1-56459-346-0. [NOTE: The Druids had an excellent system of Morals? Listen to Christian authors Phillips and Robie describe the Druids -- in Britain, France, Germany, and the Celtic countries -- in their book, "Halloween and Satanism". "In order to please Samhain [October 31], the Druids held cruel fire rites. Prisoners of war, criminals, or animals were burned alive in odd-shaped baskets. By observing the way they died, the Druids saw omens of the future, good or bad ..." So, even though the Druids sacrificed human beings, Freemasonry believes they had "an excellent system of morals? Does that tell you volumes about the Satanism of Freemasonry? The Druids also worshipped the spirits in trees, and many of our Halloween customs, such as wearing masks and "Trick or Treat" came from the Druids. As many Ancient religions, the Druids placed a great emphasis upon celebrating the Dead. Freemasonry identifies itself with this kind of organization!!]

HIGGINS, GODFREY, ESQ., Anacalypsis: An Attempt to Draw Aside the Veil of the Saitic Isis; or an Inquiry into the Origin of Languages, Nations and Religions, "Godfrey Higgins was convinced that a high civilization had flourished prior to all historical records. He believed that there had existed then a most ancient and universal religion from which all later creeds and doctrines sprang." His research lasted over 20 years. "He attempted to establish the existence of a prehistoric universal religion and to trace its development into contemporary times. He believed this religion possessed accurate knowledge of universal and cosmic phenomena and held neither priesthood nor institution as intermediary in man's communion with the Divine." This highly sought after book is extremely rare. Two volumes. Partial Contents: Probable Origin of Numbers and Letters; Etymology and its Use; Origin of the Adoration of the Bull, Phallic and Vernal

Festivals; Age of the World; First God of the Ancients, The Sun, Metempsychosis, Moral Evil, Buddha, Genesis; The Sun the first object of Adoration of all Nations; Two Ancient Ethiopias, Great Black Nation in Asia, Hindoos and Egyptians similar; Ancient Persians, First Books of Genesis, Disingenuous conduct in the Translators of the Bible, Abraham acknowledged

more than one God; Jewish Trinity; Ancient Jewish Cabala, Sephiroths and Emanations; Melchizedek, Zoroaster, Zendavesta, All ancient Religions astrological; Character of the Old Testament; Orphic and Mithraitic Trinity, Mithra, Opinions of Herodotus, Porphyry, Strabo, Julian, Times of Pythagoras and Zoroaster, The Vedas describe the Persian Religion; The word OM; The Christian Trinity, Its Origin, Philo's Trinity of the Jews; Life of Cristna; Crucifixion

of Cristna, Immaculate Conception, from the History of Pythagoras; Buddha the Sun in Taurus, as Cristna was the Sun in Aries, Names and Meaning of the word Buddha; Isaiah's Prophecy known to the Egyptians and the Celts of Gaul, Mystical meaning of the Letter M, Oriental Astronomical Systems; Cross the meaning of it, Monograms of Christ and Osiris, Lama of

Tibet, Indra crucified, Jesuits' Account of Tibet; Hercules and Samson the same; Baal, Etymology of the world Bal; Yajna or Passover; Secret Doctrines, Bull-headed and Ram -headed Gods; Disputed Chapters of Matthew and Luke; Flood of Noah, Text of Genesis, Origin of the Delta of Egypt; Adoration of the Virgin and Child; Ionians, Argonauts, Linga and Yoni; The

Lotus; The Loadstone, Helen Athena; Ship of Egypt and Greece; Aphrodite and Diana, Thales; Cassandra, Babylonian Mythos, Constantine and Helena, Astrology; Rome, Jewish Pentateuch; Judaism shown by Eusebius to be older than Abraham, Hellenism; Mount of Solomon, Mount of the Cabala, Mount Olympus; Religions of Afghans and Rajpouts; Arabians of India; Jews hate

the Female Principle, Jews and Egyptians, Observations on the Jews; Origin of the Sanscrit; Amazons; Cyclopes, all Ancient History Fable or Aenigma, Freemasons in Mundore; Serpent of Genesis; Observations on Homer, the Iliad, and the AEneid; Fish Avatar, Fish Acrostic; Observations on Templars, Chair of St. Peter, Gospel of St. Joachim, Masons; Freemasons of York and India. 1432 pages, ISBN 1-56459-273-1. [NOTE: The contents of this book are MOST REVEALING, and we hope you will study them very carefully. This is the essence of Freemasonry: One the one hand, it seeks to unite all the Ancient Satanic Mysteries into their religion; on the other hand, it seeks to thoroughly discredit Judeo/Christianity from its position of being a UNIQUE religion of the One True God of the Bible. At every opportunity, Freemasonry attacks God's many pronouncements that His religion of the Holy Bible is the only valid religion in the world!! Freemasonry loses its ability to call itself Christian, "in their own words".]

HILL, J.H., Astral Worship, Contents: Geocentric System of Nature; Sacred Numbers, 7 and 12; Twelve Thousand year Cycle; Ancient Triad; God Sol; Ancient Cosmogony; Fall and Redemption of Man; Incarnations of God Sol; Fable of the Twelve Labors; Solar Worship; Zodiacal Symbols of Solar Worship; Signs of the Cross; Future Rewards and Punishments; Ancient Christianity; The Prophecies; Roman or Modern Christianity; Freemasonry and Druidism; The Sabbath; Pious Frauds, Personifications of the Divisions of Time. 128 pages, ISBN 1-56459-952-3. [NOTE: "In their own words", Freemasonry is Druidism.]

HILLARD, KATHARINE, An Abridgment of H.P. Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine, A Synthesis of Science, Religion & Philosophy. Dedicated to HPB, Teacher & Friend. "The Editor of this abridgement has long felt the need of a shorter, simpler version of the Secret Doctrine. The wealth of material gave rise to endless digressions wherein the thread of the subject is often lost for whole chapters. Fifteen years' study has enabled the Editor to trace the thread of the argument far more clearly than at first, and have cut out obsolete science. All Sanskrit terms have been put into English, and the triune constitution of man (body, soul & spirit) adopted wherever possible instead of the more complicated seven-fold division. There has been nothing added to the text, except a few notes & 1 or 2 diagrams, all marked "Ed." Part 1 Cosmogenesis; Part 2 Anthropogenesis. 586 pages, ISBN 1- 56459-654-0. {NOTE: Freemasonry damns itself for its love of the "Secret Doctrine" which classifies people according to their Evolutionary Progress, thus setting the least progressed up for elimination. Hitler based his Holocaust upon this terrible Satanic doctrine, but Freemasonry loves it well enough to make a simpler, more readable, version available for their members!]

HOLMES, PHOEBE MARIE, My Visit to the Sun (1933), , This is not a fantastic tale but rather, the actual mystical experiences of the author. Contents: The Celestial City in the Sun; The Philosophy of Heaven; The Second Coming of the Lord. 132 pages, ISBN 1-56459-953-1. [NOTE: It is now quite clear that Freemasonry worships the Sun!!]

HOWARD, MAUDE LESSEUER, Myriam and the Mystic Brotherhood, (1924), An occult novel, this book reveals lessons of occultism that shows how the Neophyte's work under the guidance of the Masters. These men live to extreme old age and have become proficient in occult laws. Even death does not stop the Great Work. Fascinating reading! 372 pages, ISBN


HUGO, T.W., Morals and Dogma Index, This digest of the contents of Bro. Albert Pike's monumental work, Morals and Dogma is the best source for finding references, passages, and specific topics. Even if you have a copy of Morals and Dogma with an index in the back of it, this index will allow you to have both books open at once to more easily accomplish your research. 221 pages, ISBN 1-56459-474-2. [NOTE: Kessinger's sent this index to me when they shipped the "Morals and Dogma" book I had ordered. This index is a lot like Strong's Bible Concordance and is very helpful in quickly finding key passages that reveal the truth about Freemasonry]

INGE, W. R., Christian Mysticism, Contents: General Characteristics of Mysticism; Mystical element in the Bible; Christian Platonism and Speculative Mysticism; Practical and Devotional Mysticism; Nature Mysticism and Symbolism; Mystical Theology; Greek Mysteries and Christian Mysticism; Doctrine of Deification; Mystical Interpretation of the Song of Solomon. 394

pages, ISBN 1-56459-552-8. [NOTE: Whatever resemblance Freemasonry has to Christianity, it is a Mystical Christianity, with all the key doctrines, "Mystically Reinterpreted".]

INMAN, THOMAS, Ancient Faiths and Modern (1876), A Dissertation upon Worships, Legends and Divinities in Central and Western Asia, Europe, and Elsewhere, before the Christian Era Showing Their Relation to Religious Customs as they now Exist. Partial Contents: A Recapitulation; Prejudice of Perverted Facts; Can Civilization Grow out of Barbarism; Christianity and Buddhism; Priority of Buddhism to Christianity; Estimation of the Bible; The

Medo-Persians and Parsees; Supernatural Generation; Angels; Facts; Faith and Reason; Honest; Appendix; Index. 544 pages, ISBN 1-56459-411-4. [NOTE: Freemasonry again shows its true colors when it believes and teaches "Priority of Buddhism to Christianity". Jesus is thus made a liar when He pronounces that He is the only way to eternal salvation and to Heaven.]

JEHL, FRANCIS, Menlo Park Reminiscences Vols. I, II, III, "No more important contribution to the story of pioneer electrical develoment could have been made than the intimate day-by-day details that Mr. Jehl set down in book form, at the suggestion of Mr. Henry Ford." Edison referred to Jehl as "one of my old associates and fellow-workers." "With the restoration of the original Menlo Park laboratory in Greenfield Village, Dearborn, the memories of those Menlo Park days have been recalled and placed on record in these 'Reminiscences.' These books complete Mr. Jehl's intimate and true story of Edison at the greatest period of his career, those years at Menlo Park whose brilliant exploits gave to the world the Edison universally honored today. The 'Reminiscences' also include a list of the men who assisted in that great work at Menlo Park. With hundreds of rare photographs, this 3 volume set is historically fascinating, scientifically stimulating, and meta-physically enlightening as you read how Edison conceived the idea of inven-tions and how he brought them into material existence. 1156 pages, ISBN

0-922802-15-7. [NOTE: Yes, it is true that both Ford and Edison were Freemasons. Why is this the case? We cover this complicated subject in Seminar 1, "America's Leadership Of The New World Order. You will be fascinated and shocked!]

JENNINGS, HARGRAVE, Phallicism: Celestial & Terrestrial; Heathen & Phallicism: Christian & Heathen; Its Connection with the Rosicrucians & the Gnostics & Christian. Its foundation in Buddhism, Partial Contents: Definitions; History of the Phallic symbol-structures; Classes of the Phalli; Celestial or Theosophical doctrine of the unsexual transcendental Phallicism; Mysteries of Phallus; its idealized Gnostic, Rosicrucian or Christian renderings; Rites & ceremonies; Hebrew Phallicism; Rosicrucian & Gnostic meanings of the obelisks; Priapic illustrations; Transcendental ideas of the Rosicrucians; their Cabalistic philosophy as to the occult interchange of Nature & Magic; Mystic anatomy of the Rosicrucian philosophers; Gnostics & their beliefs; Indian Religions. 322 pages, ISBN 1-56459-648-6. [NOTE: Don't the pagans love their worship of sex?]

JINARAJADASA, C., How We Remember our Past Lives, Contents: How We Remember Our Past Lives; The Vision of the Spirit; The Law of Renunciation; The Hidden Work of Nature. 106 pages, ISBN 1-56459-610-9. [NOTE: Today's fascination with Reincarnation and the "discovery" of one's supposed past lives, is not a new phenomenon, is it? Freemasonry was obsessed with this pagan practice long, long ago.]

JOHNSTON, E.R., Masonry Defined, A Liberal Masonic Education that Every

Mason Should Have. Compiled from the Writings of Albert G. Mackey and Many Other Eminent Authorities. Revised and Enlarged. This is a rare book and highly sought after by the serious Masonic student. "The average Mason, after taking his degrees in Masonry, immediately asks himself what it all means. Few Masons have, or will take, the time to make an exhaustive

study of Masonry. It is to this class of busy Masons this work will make an especial appeal. We have culled from the writings of many eminent Masonic scholars the 'meat' of the subject, and present it in such form that the busy Mason can get what he wants without the necessity of extensive reading or study. No Mason can acquire in a few days or months, or even years, all

there is in Masonry. Everything in Masonry has a beautiful meaning if rightly understood, and everything done in the ritual work is meant to teach a distinct moral lesson. Masonry would die out in five years if it had to depend upon about 85% of the membership. It is the small minority really interested Masons have kept and are keeping the order alive

today." 950 pages, ISBN 1-56459-379-7. [NOTE: We concur: about 85% of all men who are Masons never understand the terrible truth of that which Freemasonry truly worships. Usually, persons who are promoted above the 26th Degree understand the Satanic nature of Freemasonry.]

JONES, LLOYD KENYON, The Eighteen Absent Years of Jesus Christ, Contents: The Improbable Journey into Tibet; The Family of Jesus; The Family at Nazareth; Jesus, the Worker in Wood; The Bond of Mother Love; Christ's Power of Healing; The Education of Jesus; The Necessity of Preparedness; To Those Who Follow in the Way He Led; Conclusion. 92 pages, ISBN 1-56459-879-9. [NOTE: A most obvious "Mystical Reinterpretation of Scritpure. Remember, this terrible practice of mystically reinterpreting Scripture results in the "Unpardonable Sin" for the person who believes in it and verbalizes it!]

JOSEPH, ISYA, Devil Worship: The Sacred Books and Traditions of Devil Worship: The Sacred Books and Traditions of the Yezidiz (1919), Contents: The Origin of the Manuscript; The Translation of the Arabic Text; In the Name of the Most compassionate God; The Articles of Faith; The Religious Origin of the Yezidis; The Yezidis Myth; The Christian Tradition; The Dogmatic View of Mohammedan Scholars; The Essential Elements in Yezidism; Other Deities and Festivals; Sacraments, Religious Observances and Secerdotal system; Their Customs; List of the Yezidi Tribes; Persecution; Bibliography; Index. 220 pages, ISBN 1-56459-695-8.

JUDSON, ABBY A., The Bridge Between Two Worlds (1894), This book is for all souls who desire, by harmonizing their physical body and their psychical body with universal nature, and their soul with the higher intelligences, to thus come into closer connection with the purer realms of the spirit world. 218 pages, ISBN 1-56459-951-5. [NOTE: If this mumbo jumbo sounds suspciously like standard New Age mumbo jumbo of today, it should, because Freemasonry is the headwaters of the New Age Movement!]

KEELER, BRONSON C., A Short History of the Bible Being a Popular Account of the Formation and Development of the Canon (1881), Contents: Introductory; The Hebrew Canon; the New Testament and Early Controversies; The Books at First not Considered Inspired; Were the Fathers Competent; The Fathers Quoted as Scripture Books Which are now Called

Apocryphal; The Heretics; The Christian Canon. 136 pages, ISBN 1-56459-696-6. [NOTE: Another example of the Mystical Reinterpretation of Scripture]

KHEI, A Brief Course in Mediumship, Rosicrucian viewpoint on intercommunication

between the physical and spiritual worlds. 80 pages, ISBN 1-56459-697-4. [NOTE: Freemasonry teaches Mediumship, even though God FORBIDS it].

KINGSFORD, ANNA, The Perfect Way in Diet: A Treatise Advocating The Perfect Way in Diet: A Treatise Advocating a Return to the Natural and Ancient Food of our Race (1906), Subjects covered: Anatomy & Physiology; Natural Habits; Chemistry; Stimulating Effects of Flesh Food; Alcoholism; Social considerations, etc. 134 pages, ISBN 1-56459-947-7. [NOTE: Vegetarianism is one of the common points between all pagan religions of all ages. Is it because God Himself told man to "kill and eat"? We believe so. Vegetarianism is rebellion against the teaching of God. Hitler and his Satan worshipping Black Magick practitioners, were vegetarians, as are ardent New Agers today. Americans are being conditioned to become vegetarians by all the scare stories coming out about unsanitary conditions in our slaughter houses, and by all the news stories about how unhealthy meat is in your diet.]

KINGSFORD, ANNA BONUS; MAITLAND, EDWARD, The Perfect Way; or the Finding of Christ, Revised and Enlarged Edition. This is the most quoted book in Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine. Lecture 1, "The purpose of this book is to supply the existing need of a perfect system of thought and life by one founded in the nature of existence. This not a new invention, but a recovery of the original system which was the basis of all religions. Its recovery due to the same means by which it was originally received, namely, the Intuition, which represents the knowledges acquired by the Soul in its past existences. Lecture 2, The Soul; and the Substance of Existence;

Lecture 3, The Various Orders of Spirits; and How to Discern them; Lecture 4, The Atonement; Lecture 5, The Nature and Constitution of the Ego; Lecture 6, The Fall; Lecture 7, The Fall No. 2; Lecture 8, The Redemption; Lecture 9, God as the Lord; or, The Divine Image; Concerning the Interpretation of Scripture; Concerning the Hereafter; On Prophesying; Concerning the Nature of Sin; Concerning the Great Work and the share of Christ Jesus Therein; The Time of the End; Higher Alchemy; Revelation; The One Life; The Mysteries; Hymn to the Planet-God; Hymn of Aphrodite; Hymn to Hermes; Secret of Satan. 436 pages, ISBN 1-56459-254-5.

KINGSFORD, S.M., Psychical Research for the Plain Man (1920), Contents: Telepathy; Clairvoyance; Crystal Gazing; Mediums; Trance Mediums; Automatic Writing; Premonitions and Death Warnings; Hallucinations; Haunted Localities; Poltergeists. 278 pages, ISBN 1-56459-774-1. [NOTE: This one volume contains all the Satanic practices which Freemasonry teaches!!]

KINGSLAND, WILLIAM, The Esoteric Basis of Christianity: or Theosophy and Christian Doctrine, "That which is called the Christian Religion existed among the ancients, and never did not exist, from the beginning of the human race until Christ came in the flesh, at which time the true religion which already existed began to be called Christianity." Augustine. 246 pages, ISBN 1-56459-358-4. [NOTE: Another attempt to debunk the uniqueness of Jesus Christ]

KUHN, ALVIN BOYD, Easter: The Birthday of the Gods: "For since by man came death, by man came also the resurrection of the dead." Easter celebrates an event that is yet to be, not an event of the past. This is the best book we have discovered that reveals the mystical significance of Easter and how this process holds special meaning for you. 64 pages, ISBN 1-

56459-367-3. [NOTE: Mystical reinterpretation of Scripture. Notice the misquotation of Scripture, 1 Corinthians 15:21-22. Here, they quote verse 21, but leave out the completion of the Truth, verse 22, which reads, "For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive." By not quoting verse 22, the entire meaning of this passage changes, making possible a Mystical Reinterpretation.]

KUHN, ALVIN BOYD, Prayer and Healing, "Behind the universe with its multitude of suns and worlds and underlying all the cosmic activities, guiding the evolution of life itself, is a Power, Force or Mind which is recognized as First Cause. This Supreme Being is spoken of as God. Yet theology teaches that if one will pray, entreat, solicit or beg to this God vigorously enough and with sufficient faith, He may be persuaded to grant one's requests, irrespective of their merits. Dr. Kuhn makes it clear that the assumption that prayers are heard and answered by a Cosmic Divine Power is entirely groundless and should be abandoned for a saner hypothesis. He provides us a clue to such hypothesis." 44 pages, ISBN 1-56459-327-4. [NOTE: Now, Freemasonry tries to debunk prayer]

KUHN, ALVIN BOYD, Sex As Symbol: The Ancient Light in Modern Psychology, "The prominence of phallic symbols in high ancient religious systems has never before been understood, much less sanely expounded and vindicated as something transcending gross sensualism. It is not too much to assert that in this work sex is given its truly lofty place and rated at its exalted character for the first time in religious literature. For not only is sex revealed as the truest key-symbol of the supreme significance of hu-man life itself, but it is brilliantly analyzed as to its place and function in the individual human's program of evolution, his sanity, balance, mental health and happiness. If it is possible for one book to lift sex from low and base regard to a veritable pinnacle of purity and nobility in the light of its true character, this book will do it." ... 346 pages, ISBN 1-56459-179-4. [NOTE: Like all pagans, Freemasonry truly worships SEX]

KUHN, ALVIN BOYD, The Root of all Religion, This is an important work by one of the most gifted minds ever to put mystical precepts to the pen. Here, Kuhn explores the true nature of the one religion and why it is important to understand its natural and intended effects on humanity and why the institutions that endeavor to corrupt its message will inevitably fail. 38

pages, ISBN 1-56459-376-2. [NOTE: Freemasonry has long tried to pave the way for the One World Religion of Antichrist]

LEADBEATER, C.W., Christian Creed, Its Origin and Signification. "There are many students who have been, and indeed still are, earnest Christians; and though their faith has gradually broadened out into unorthodoxy, they have retained a strong affection for the forms and ceremonials of the religion into which they were born. It is a pleasure to them to hear the recitation of the ancient prayers and creeds. I have thought that it might be of interest to such students to have some slight account of the real meaning and origin of those very remarkable basic formulae of the Church which are called the Creeds, so that when they hear them or join in their recital the ideas brought into their minds thereby may be the grander and nobler ones

originally connected with them, rather than the misleading materialism of modern misapprehension." Contents: Earlier Creeds; Their Origin; Descent into Matter; Exposition of the Creeds; Athanasian Creed. 182 pages, ISBN 1-56459-238-3. [NOTE: Leadbeater is recognized as one of the most important Masonic leaders of all time. Therefore, it is highly significant that he writes this book as an attempt to further lead astray those Freemason members who still "hold to" their traditional Christianity.]

LEADBEATER, C.W., Life After Death and How Theosophy Unveils It, With an additional chapter on "Thoughts Are Things," by Annie Besant. Chapters: Is there any Certain Knowledge; The True Facts; Purgatory; The Heaven-World; Many Mansions; Our Friends in Heaven; Guardian Angels; Human Workers in the Unseen; Helping the Dead. 86 pages, ISBN 1-56459-156-5. [NOTE: Can there be any question any longer, about the fact that shows like "Touched By An Angel" depict the Freemason God?]

LEADBEATER, C.W., The Astral Plane: Its Scenery, Inhabitants & Phenomena, Partial Contents: Scenery: seven subdivisions, degrees of materiality, characteristics of astral vision, the aura, etheric double, records of astral light; Inhabitants: human, the adept or chela, psychically developed person, black magician, the dead, ordinary person after death, the shell, the suicide, victim of sudden death, black magician after death; Nature Spirits; Elementals formed consciously; Phenomena: churchyard ghosts; apparitions of the dying, haunted localities, bell ringing, fairies, communicating entities, clairvoyance, precipitation of letters, transmutation, repercussion. 106 pages, ISBN 1-56459-674-5. [NOTE: The world of Freemasonry is pure, unadulterated Satanism]

LEADBEATER, C. W., Vegetarianism and Occultism, Contents: We Want the Best; More Nutriment; Less Disease; More Natural to Man; Greater Strength; Less Animal Passion; Economy; The Degradation of the Slaughterman; Occult Reasons; Impure Vehicles; Man's Duty Toward Nature; Ghastly Unseen Results; The Better Time to Come. 40 pages, ISBN 1-56459-

490-4. [NOTE: As I stated before, vegetarianism is one of the most common threads among pagan groups of every age]

LEVI, ELIPHAS, Paradoxes of the Highest Science , In which the most advanced truths of occultism are for the first time revealed (in order to reconcile the future developments of science and philosophy with the eternal religion). Religion is magic, sanctioned by authority; Liberty is obedience to the Law; Love is the realization of the impossible; Knowledge is the ignorance or negation of Evil; Reason is God; The imagination realizes what it invents; The Will accomplishes everything which it does not desire. Synthetic Recapitulation, Magic The Unalterable Principles; and The Great Secret. 186 pages, ISBN 1-56459-020-8.

LEWIS, JOSEPH, Bible Unmasked, Contents: Abram & Sarai; Isaac & Rebekah; Incest, or Lot & His Daughters; Jacob, Leah & Rachel; Rape of Dinah; Joseph & Potiphar's Wife; Judah & Tamar; 19th Chapter of Judges; King David & His Wives; Rape of Tamar; Story of Ruth; King Solomon & His Songs; Book of Esther, New Testament; Virgin Birth; Elizabeth, Mary & the Angel Gabriel; Jesus & the Sinner, Creed of Science. 246 pages, ISBN 1-56459-540-4. [NOTE: Still trying to discredit the Bible]

LODGE, SIR OLIVER, Raymond or Life and Death: With Examples of the Evidence for Survival of Memory and Affection after Death, This is a remarkable work about Sir Oliver Lodge's son, Raymond who was killed in WWI and how Lodge was able to communicate with his son after death. It will impart much hope and solace to anyone who has had a loved

one pass over to the Great Beyond. 434 pages, ISBN 1-56459-632-X. [NOTE: Freemasonry teaches Communication with the Dead, absolutely forbidden in Scripture!!]

MORRELL, JAMES RUSSELL LOWELL, Spiritism and the Beginnings of Christianity, Useful information about Apollonius of Tyana, Buddha, and other Illumined Ones who set the Stage for Christianity. 96 pages, ISBN 1-56459-680-X. [NOTE: Trying to debunk Christianity and its uniqueness as the Only Way to Heaven and God as the only True God]

MORRIS, CHARLES, Aryan Sun-Myths the Origin of Religion (1899), "All Indo-Germanic nations have worshipped crucified Saviors and overwhelming proof was obtained that the sun-myths of the ancient Aryans were the origin of the religion in all of the countries which were peopled by the Ary-ans." 190 pages, ISBN 1-56459-893-4. [NOTE: Trying to debunk the crucifiction of Jesus as unique in world history. Also, note the many references to Aryan in these writings. Do not be deceived: Freemasonry is Nazism]

MULFORD, PRENTICE, Thoughts Are Things, Contents: Material mind vs. the spiritual mind; Who are our relations? Thought currents; One way to cultivate courage; Look forward; God in the trees; Some laws of health & beauty; Museum & menagerie horrors; The god in yourself; Healing & renewing force of spring; Immortality in the flesh; Attraction of aspiration; Acces-sion

of new thought. 178 pages, ISBN 1-56459-673-7. [NOTE: Freemasonry believes that the power of the mind can create reality, things! But, all pagans believe this lie. Also, note the "god in yourself" lie now popular in the New Age Movement]

NOMAD, ALI, Cosmic Consciousness: The Man-God Whom We Await (1913), Contents: The New Birth; Man's Relation to God and to His Fellow Men; Areas of Consciousness; Self-Ness and Selflessness; Instances of Illumination and its After Effects; Examples of Cosmic Consciousness, Who Have Founded New Systems of Religion; Moses; Gautama; Jesus; Paul; Mohammed; Swedenborg; Modern Examples; Illumination as Expressed in the Poetical Temperament; methods of Attainment. 316 pages, ISBN 1-56459-896-9. [NOTE: We are as close to an admission by Freemasonry that they are awaiting the appearance of the "Man-God", Antichrist, as you are ever likely to get!! Remember, Antichrist will say that the "Christ Consciousness which came upon Mohammed, Jesus, Buddha, all in their specific time and place, is now upon him, as well. Thus, he is the Incarnation of all these past Avatars, or World Teachers, in his one person.]

NORRIS, HENRY HADLEY, Principles of the Jesuits, Developed in a Collection of Extracts from their Own Authors to which are Prefixed a Brief Account of the Origin of the Order and a Sketch of its Institute. Murder, deceit, intrigue, political chicanery, bribery, and any other means are all totally accepted, used, and openly practiced by the Jesuits. This book exposes them for what they are and what they do in the name of God! Discover for yourself the noxious influence of the spiritual tyranny and deception that has plagued the world for centuries and has caused the torture, imprisonment, and murders of countless people. Read about their unscrupulous means in their own words! 300 pages, ISBN 1-56459-292-8. [NOTE: Even though Freemasonry and the Roman Catholic Church are today cooperating in the coming New World Order, and even though the Pope has been selected as the top religious leader in the New World Order Religion, Freemasons and other Illuminists, hate the Roman Catholic Church! Alice Bailey even threatens the Catholic Church with nuclear annihilation in her 'The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, p. 548. This hate relationship brings to mind the Biblical prophecy, in Rev 17:16, speaking of the False Prophet and his leadership of the global religion of Antichrist. "And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire." The "whore" is the False Prophet and the "Ten Horns" are the political leadership allied with Antichrist. As soon as the New World Order is established, with Antichrist and False Prophet deceiving the people, I belive the False Prophet will attempt to overthrow the Antichrist. This coup will fail and result in the total annihilation of the Roman Catholic Church. Interestingly, Catholic author, Malachi Martin, reveals in the book, "The Keys to This Blood", that the Virgin Mary has promised Pope John Paul II that she will give him total control over the New World Order via a global "Marion Vision" after the New World Order is established!! Stay tuned: things are going to get mighty interesting, mighty fast!!]

OLCOTT, HENRY S., People from Other Worlds (1875), This is Olcott's experience with Spiritualism Mediums and what befell the Eddy Homestead in 1874. 498 pages, ISBN 1-56459-829-2. [NOTE: Do not be deceived: Aliens are an invention by Illuminized Freemasonry to convince people of the claims of Antichrist]

PANCHADASI, SWAMI, A Course of Advanced Lessons in Clairvoyance and Occult Powers (1916),Contents: The Astral Senses; Telepathy vs. Clairvoyance; Telepathy Explained; Scientific Telepathy; Mind-Reading and Beyond; Clairvoyant Psychometry; Clairvoyant Crystal-Gazing; Clairvoyant Reverie; Simple Clairvoyance; Clairvoyance of Distant Scenes; Clairvoyance of the Past; Clairvoyance of the Future; Second-Sight; Astral-Body Travel; Strange Astral Phenomena; Psychic Influence its Laws and Principles; Personal Psychic Influence over Others; Psychic Influence at a Distance; Laws of Psychic Attraction; Psychic and Magnetic Healing. 320 pages, ISBN 1-56459-786-5. [NOTE: This is the heart and soul of Freemasonry]

PFEIFFER, FRANZ, Works of Meister Eckhart, The most complete collection of Eckhart's writings: Sermons and Collations; Tractates; Sayings; Liber Positionum; In Collationbus; The Book of Benedictus; Bibliography. 726 pages, ISBN 1-56459-274-X. NOTE: Again we say that Freemasonry damns itself as to its true nature when it teaches the deeply Satanic doctrines of Meister Eckhart, that Black Magick Adept who trained Adolf Hitler into the deepest meanings of the occult. Freemasonry allies itself with the darkest force of Antichrist here.]

PIKE, ALBERT, Indo-Aryan Deities and Worship as Contained in the Rig-Veda, "Nothing has ever so much interested me, as this endeavour to penetrate into the adyta of the ancient Aryan thought, to discover what things, principles or phenomena our remote ancestors worshipped as Gods, what Indra, Varuna, Mitra, Aryaman, the Acvins, Vayu, Vishnu, Savitri and the others really were, in the conception of the composers of the Vedic hymns." "I found the most profound philosophic or metaphysical ideas, which those of every philosophy and religion have merely developed; and that, so far from being Barbarians or Savages, the old Aryan herdsmen and husbandmen, in the Indus country under the Himalayan Mountains, on the rivers of Bactria, and long before, on the Scythic Steppes where they originated, were men of singularly clear and acute intellects, profound thought and an infinite reverence of the beings whom they worshipped." 660 pages, ISBN 1-56459-183-2. [NOTE: The most revered Albert Pike worshipped the Aryans as well as did the best Nazi!]

PIKE, ALBERT, Magnum Opus or the Great Work, Now available after 135 years! One of the rarest and most important books ever published on the Ancient and Accepted (Scottish) Rite of Freemasonry Pike's Magnum Opus or "Great Work," being his first revision of the complete rituals of the Scottish Rite. Only 100 copies were printed than thirty are said to survive. Pike's ritualistic revisions were so impressive he was made an active member of the Supreme Council and became the most revered Sovereign Grand Commander in the history of the Rite ... The Magnum Opus contains Albert Pike's complete, original text of the Scottish

Rite degrees. Some of Pike's rituals were used by other Supreme Councils as a foundation for their own practices; while more recently the Supreme Council 33�, Southern Masonic Jurisdiction, U.S.A. has appointed a committee to revise the current Pike rituals. The Magnum Opus allows

researchers to trace the divergence to discover shifts in Masonic symbolism. An invaluable reference aid and research tool, the scarcity and cost of an original copy placed it beyond the reach of almost all Masonic biblio-philes. This affordable facsimile reprint places Masonic knowledge where it belongs the hands of those seeking Light. Although similar to the current

rituals used by the Scottish Rite, it is slightly different and more esoteric. We have also included for the first time ever, the grips and signs, and the key to the "Secret Work." Very essential and rare ... 656 pages, ISBN 1-56459-245-6. [NOTE: Pike is the "most revered Sovereign Grand Commander in the history of the Rite." Do not let any Mason tell you that Modern Freemasonry has repudiated the Luciferianism of Albert Pike, in an attempt to deflect justifiable criticism.]

PIKE, ALBERT, Masonry of Adoption: (Masonic Rituals for Women), This wonderful book includes both the complete, verbatim, rituals and secret work of a little-known Masonic work written by Albert Pike and anonymously published by him especially for women. Degrees: Adoptive Apprentice; Companion, and Mistress. This books fills an essential void of real

Masonic Initiation and Rituals for women. 244 pages, ISBN 1-56459-286-3. [NOTE: Masonry for Women is also called, "Co-Masonry". Very few people realize that women can be Masons, too, as were Annie Besant and Alice Bailey of the House of Theosophy!]

PIKE, ALBERT, Morals and Dogma, "The teachings of these Readings are not sacramental, so far as they go beyond the realm of Morality into those of other domains of Thought and Truth. The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite uses the word 'Dogma' in its true sense, of doctrine, or teaching; and is not dogmatic in the odious sense of that term. Everyone is entirely free to reject and dissent from whatsoever herein may seem to him to be untrue or unsound. It is only required of him that he shall weigh what is taught, and give it fair hearing and unprejudiced judgment. Of course, the ancient theosophic and philosophic speculations are not embodied as part of the doctrines of the Rite; but because it is of interest and profit to know what the Ancient Intellect thought upon these subjects, and because nothing so conclusively proves the radical difference between our human and the animal nature, as the capacity of the human mind to entertain such

speculations in regard to itself and the Deity." .... If you read only one book on Freemasonry, this is it! 878 pages, ISBN 1-56459-275-8. [NOTE: This book does, indeed, teach all the Mysteries, as I can easily see as I read the book. Pike makes it quite clear that Freemasonry is "identical with all the Mysteries" and that it worships Lucifer.]

We will end this reproduction of the Masonic Kessinger Publishing Co., mail order catalog of Freemason books, with Albert Pike. There are many more pages of Masonic material, but it seems to be very much the same type of worship of Nature, of the Ancient Satanic Mysteries and of the entire litany of occultic practices. I am sure that you are quite overwhelmed by the steady flow of this obviously occult material, as was I.

Surely, you can no longer believe that Freemasonry is Christianity. Surely, you know now that Freemasonry is a compilation of all the Ancient Mystery Religions, Satanic all, and all judged by God and physically destroyed. Freemasonry has resurrected them all, with the intent of uniting the world religiously under the banner of the New Age Christ, the coming World Teacher, the final Avatar, a person the Bible calls Antichrist!!

Now, you are no longer deceived!! Look up, for the End of the Age is almost here!! Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but have been very lukewarm in your spiritual walk with Him, you need to immediately ask Him for forgiveness and for renewal. He will instantly forgive you, and fill your heart with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Then, you need to begin a daily walk of prayer and personal Bible Study.

If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as Savior, but have come to realize His reality and the approaching End of the Age, and want to accept His FREE Gift of Eternal Life, you can also do so now, in the privacy of your home. Once you accept Him as Savior, you are spiritually Born Again, and are as assured of Heaven as if you were already there. Then, you can rest assured that the Kingdom of Antichrist will not touch you spiritually. If you would like to become Born Again, turn to our Salvation Page now.

We hope you have been blessed by this ministry, which seeks to educate and warn people, so that they can see the coming New World Order -- Kingdom of Antichrist -- in their daily news.

You can contact us by mail or email.

God bless you.

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