The article we are to share with you demonstrates conclusively that the entire "conflict" between Communism and the West is a sham, continues to be a sham, and will soon lead to a grand union of all nations into the New World Order of Antichrist.

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NEWS BRIEF: "Privatized Warfare: Angola's Reds are getting some professional help", by Anthony C. LoBaido, The New American, September 4, 1995, p. 21-30.

"Executive Outcomes' mercenary army invades Angola on behalf of oil, diamonds, and Communism ... At the center of his [Eeben Barlow] amazing story is Barlow's highly successful private corporate army, Executive Outcomes (EO), which is on the verge of securing victory in the nation of Angola for the Marxist MPLA over the anti-Communist UNITA forces of Jonas Savimbi."

Let us stop right here to absorb what we have just learned. Since most Americans do not pay a whole lot of attention to what is going on in Africa, and never have paid much attention, most undoubtedly do not know any of the characters mentioned in this paragraph. Therefore, let us take a moment to learn of these groups:

1) MPLA -- The Communist fighting forces operating in Angola. Backed for years by Cuba and her benefactor, the Soviet Union, MPLA has been fighting a war with the Anti-Communist forces to win Angola, and all of Middle to Southern Africa for Communism. [These are the Bad Guys] At one time, Cuba had over 50,000 troops fighting in Angola, and Russia had committed heavily in arms, several billions of dollars worth! Further, the Gulf and Chevron oil companies were paying MPLA to "protect" their oil fields from attack, an arrangement that is going on today!

In 1985, and again in 1987, South African Defense Forces intervened to attack MPLA, and thoroughly defeated them. Most of the Cuban and Russians left and Moscow re-thought its position on Southern Africa. Of course, at this time South Africa was led by Anti-Communist whites and was a staunch ally of the U.S. and Israel.

However, as the U.S. "negotiated" the end to Angolan hostilities, she agreed that the Communist MPLA would be the ruling party. UNITA vowed continued resistance.

2) FNLA -- This was a smaller Communist fighting force, but it had a most brutal leader, Holden Roberto. While the U.S. was giving some aid to the Anti-Communists, the CIA was giving much more to this FNLA!

3) UNITA -- Led by Jonas Savimbi, the UNITA proved itself to be a very credible fighting force. Savimbi is a professing Christian, and he allows complete religious freedom in the areas of Angola under his control. He has survived numerous cutoffs in aid from the West, and many diplomatic deals that attempted to stab him in the back.

But, now let us return to the subject of Eeben Barlow and his mercenary army, Executive Outcomes. Barlow was a member of the South African "Foreign Legion", #32 Battalion and SADF Reconnaissance Regiments.

These soldiers were considered to be some of the finest military fighters in the world. Their success on the battlefield was one of the major factors in South Africa maintaining such a dominant military advantage against its many enemies. Remember, South Africa was governed by the much maligned White Apartheid government, considered by many to be the epitome of White oppression of the Black. The South African military had to be the finest in the world to fend off these enemies. And, Barlow was one of their elite soldiers.

In 1989, Barlow struck out on his own, with a vision: he and a small core of former elite South African soldiers formed Executive Outcomes (E.O.), designed to become the world's largest and most sophisticated private army. E.O. is now equipped with Soviet MIG fighter jets, Puma and East Bloc helicopters, state-of-the-art artillery, tanks, and miscellaneous armaments. Barlow has trained and developed a fighting group of at least 500 military men, which train and perhaps lead, the Communist MPLA forces. MPLA furnishes E.O. with an annual budget of $45 million! Further, Barlow has been serving under the Communist leader, Nelson Mandela, ever since he took the reins of power in South Africa. It is quite clear: Barlow is now serving the very Communists he was fighting against just a very short time ago!! And, they are making him very, very rich.

Let us stop here to analyze what we have just learned. Eeben Barlow was originally trained by the South African forces as an elite commando, and he apparently was one of the best at what he did. This position means that Barlow was an Anti-Communist! It also means that he fought Communist forces while with the South African military.

You would think that, once a person is Anti-Communist, and is a highly trained and motivated elite fighter against Communism, that his convictions would be so strong against Communism that he would never cooperate with them, or fight with them against Anti-Communists!

Yet, here we have just this kind of cooperation! As the writing began to appear on the wall, showing men like Barlow that White South Africa was going to voluntarily give up her sovereignty and accept majority Black Rule, a crazy thing happened! E.O. was formed, with hundreds of former South African elite commandos joining forces with the Communists in Angola! How can this be? Is this shocking event isolated, or is it broader in scope? Is there something here about this situation about which we do not understand, but which Barlow and his friends obviously do understand?

Look at what Barlow and E.O. are doing in MPLA:

1) They are leading the MPLA Communist forces against the determined Anti-Communist UNITA. Remember, Savimba is a professing Christian.

2) They are working with multi-national corporations such as the giant Gulf-Chevron Oil, Texaco, and the De Beers diamond cartel! These corporations are spending a whole lot of money to these mercenary forces to protect their oil fields and mines.

3) These multinational corporations are heavily supporting the Communist MPLA government!!

Once again, we have the spectacle of privately owned companies feeling very comfortable in sidling up to the bar with their most hated enemy, the Communists! How can the Captains of Capitalism feel free to cooperate with an enemy that still follows its fundamental doctrine to destroy Capitalism?

When I was in the eighth grade, I became very interested in history and current politics. By the time I was a sophomore in high school, I became aware of an historical oddity that drove me crazy the more I thought about it: I discovered that the Western nations had consistently bailed out the Soviet Union, when it would have collapsed had we not intervened with cash and credits! How could we be helping our implacable enemy, especially one that now was armed with the ultimate weapon, the atomic bomb? I learned, specifically, that we funneled our cash and credits primarily through private companies, like Armand Hammer's Occidental Oil.

This enigma never made any sense until I began to study the New World Order Plan and its Hegelian doctrine. We spend much of Seminar #2 [America Determines The Flow Of History] detailing the answer, so I will not go into too much detail here, especially since time and space do not allow me to do so.

However, let me briefly tell you why Capitalist companies of the West have enthusiastically supported Communism whenever they have the opportunity. In fact, this situation goes a lot deeper than just this question, above; you need to understand, also, that key Western Capitalist leaders are as committed to the coming New World Order than are key political leaders. Therefore, this whole question really concerns the coming Kingdom of Antichrist. Let us, then, begin our discussion with a look at Scripture.

"For the love of money is the root of all evil:" [1 Timothy 6:10] Since the Kingdom of Antichrist is prophesied to be the largest, most powerful evil the world has ever seen, should we not expect that the people who have conspired to bring him to power might be motivated by the greatest greed for wealth the world has ever seen? Indeed, this is the case. You see, in this coming New World Order, the Capitalists of today -- fighting with each other in competition within our global marketplace -- will become the Fascists of tomorrow, who will not have to worry one iota about competition!

Let us explain, beginning with a discussion of economic terms. There are three types of economies in the world: Capitalism, Communism, and Fascism.

* Capitalism is that type of economy in which private individuals own the Means of Production, i.e., the factories and the mines. The companies founded by these private individuals then compete openly with one another in the Marketplace. No one tells the owners what to produce, or how much to produce, or how much to charge. Competition is the primary determinant of prices, and careful attention to the needs and wants of the people within this type of economy determines how much is produced. Capitalism may have its faults, but it has produced the highest standard of living in history for her citizens.

* Communism is that type of economy in which the State owns the Means of Production. Companies are told what to produce, when to produce it, and how much they can charge. This type of control is supposedly enacted in the interests of the "people", to ensure that they are treated "fairly". However, history has shown that Communism never works; rather, it delivers the most wretched conditions on earth for its citizens.

* Fascism is the economic system of Nazi Germany, National Socialist Italy, and Imperial Japan. Today, only Japan retains this system. In Fascism, private individuals retain control over the Means of Production, thereby ensuring that the key element which makes Capitalism work so well is kept in place. However, the Government intervenes to control how much is produced of any item, how many competitors can be making the same item, and how much they can charge. Therefore, the potential for the most profit lies within the Fascist economy! The experiment with Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan proved that Fascism does work. We have seen that the proper coordination between Government and Capitalism does work.

The economy planned for the New World Order is Fascist; therefore, the private Captains of Western Industry are the most anxious for this new system to begin, so they can begin to reap the rewards of dramatically increased profits.

Thus, one part of our question, above, is answered: one of the major reasons that Western Capitalists support Communism is that they want to go into the next coming economic system, the Fascism of the New World Order. But wait a minute, you say, what does the existence of Communism have to do with the Fascism of the New World Order? What kind of a link could there possibly be between these two systems? The answer will shock you to your core, and will change forever what you believe about the events of history.

First, let me give you a formula, not unlike a mathematical formula:


In other words, when THESIS battles ANTITHESIS, without one side destroying each other, a new system will be produced which is neither THESIS nor ANTITHESIS, but will be SYNTHESIS!

In our formula, Thesis is the Capitalist economies of the West, while Antithesis is the Communist economies of the East, and Synthesis is the Fascist economy of the New World Order.

Thus, our formula, above, is really:


This "formula" is also known by historians as the Hegelian Doctrine, named after the German Philosopher, Hegel, who lived and worked in the early 1800's. Hegel began to espouse the idea that "Conflict brings about change, and Controlled Conflict brings about controlled change". This concept is really what the above formula states!

Consider the dilemma of the leaders of the Masters of the Illuminati, from 1776-1820's, when Hegel first espoused this formula. They had their Thesis in Western Europe and the United States. Since all societies are comprised of the same three elements -- Politics, Economy, and Religion, let us examine each of these types of societies in this manner:

1. THESIS -- Western Europe and the United States

Politically -- Monarchy and/or Democracy

Economically -- Free Enterprise

Spiritually -- Christian, which strongly espouses One Creator God

2. SYNTHESIS -- The Entire World -- New World Order

Politically -- Absolute Dictatorship -- the benevolent dictatorship of the Antichrist

Economically -- Fascism

Spiritually -- Reinstatement of the Ancient Mysteries, i.e. open Satan worship

In 1776, the leaders of the New World Order had their Thesis and they knew that their goal was Synthesis, as described above. But, they had no firm doctrine espoused as to how to get from their "Point A" to "Point B".

Hegel changed all that, with his doctrine of Controlled Conflict. However, once the leaders of the New World Order had this formula, and believed in it strongly, they still had a major problem: no Antithesis existed! There was no system in the world that was precisely the opposite of the Thesis; furthermore, if an Antithesis did exist, it would have to be a very large and powerful country, to be a credible opponent to the Thesis, for only such a Controlled Conflict scenario could fulfill Hegel's formula.

Thus, the occult leaders of the New World Order, now led by Freemasonry, set about to deliberately create such an Antithesis system! From 1846-1848, twelve (12) members of French Freemasonry collaborated to create the exact opposite of the Thesis then in place. ("The Broken Cross: Hidden Hand In the Vatican", by Piers Compton, Channel Islands, p.16)

Let us consider the ANTITHESIS they created, remembering it must be the exact opposite to the system of THEIS:

1. Politically -- Absolute Dictatorship is the exact opposite of Democracy

2. Economically -- State ownership of the Means of Production and central control of the entire economy is the exact opposite of the privately owned Free Enterprise [later to become Capitalism].

3. Spiritually -- Atheism, the belief in no God, is the exact opposite of the Christian belief in God.

Thus, Communism is the exact opposite of the Thesis system!! When the Communist Manifesto was issued in 1848, the precise Antithesis to the Thesis existed, on paper. Now, the only remaining goal to be fulfilled was to overthrow some government and establish Communism as the government of a large and potentially powerful government; once this was accomplished, then the stage would be set for a protracted struggle between Thesis and Antithesis that would produce the Synthesis, New World Order.

At the critical time in history, Satan intervened to give some supernatural guidance. In 1870, Freemason leader, Albert Pike, published a demonic vision he had received, a vision which pointedly told Pike how the New World Order was to be established. Listen to a brief synopsis of this vision.[" Secrets of the Illuminati", by former Illuminist Satanist, Doc Marquis]:

The secret Pike plan to control the world foresaw the need for three world wars.

I. The First World War was designed to enable the Czarist Government in Russia to be finally and completely overthrown. The new Russian government was foreseen to be atheistic and militaristic. Further, Pike specified that this new Russian Government was to be Communistic.

History records that this First World War did, indeed, occur just as listed, above. The Western powers in Europe, in conjunction with the United States, financed Lenin's expedition into Russia, they financed his government consistently, and we have financed Russian Communism at least once per decade since then. ["Chart Of The World Revolution", by Nesta Webster, Constable & Co., London, 1921, folding leaflet in the very back of the book, "World Revolution"]

II. The Second World War was foreseen to originate between Great Britain and Germany. However, one of the planned results of this war was to strengthen the new Communist Russian government, so that it could weaken and destroy other governments and religions.

History again records that the Second World War did, indeed, accomplish this objective. The war started when Germany invaded Poland, causing Great Britain to declare war on Germany.

Certainly, the Pike vision of the Second World War building Russian Communism into a super power was fulfilled to a startling degree. When World War II ended, Russia possessed many modern factories and an Industrial Base.

Now, the stage was set for the Cold War, a long struggle between the Thesis [U.S. and Europe] and the Antithesis [Soviet Union and Eastern Europe]. During this protracted struggle, we fought several major wars, and thousands of small wars, and endured several instances where it seemed as though nuclear war would incinerate the entire world.

However, neither side destroyed the other, setting the stage for the world to finally move into the New World Order. Thus, in the late 1980's the Soviet Union, led by Gorbachev, began the planned demise of Antithesis so the world could move into the Synthesis system, the New World Order. The values and attitudes of the masses of peoples had been sufficiently changed, so that, if the threat of Antithesis were removed, the world could move into the New World Order.

Only one event needed to happen for the Superman [Antichrist] to arise: the Third World War envisioned by :Pike's Guiding Spirit.

III. The Third World War was foreseen to be between Judaism and Islam. This prophecy is incredible in many ways, beginning with the understanding that this prophecy of a third world war occurred in 1870, a time when Israel did not exist as a nation, and when no one except Fundamentalist, Bible-believing Christians believed it would ever exist again.

Thus, you can see that Communism has been a willing partner all along, cooperating fully with the leaders of the Thesis [the West] in order to produce the New World Order. Once this New Order is established, the economies of the entire world will change to Fascism; then, the global government will limit the number of companies which are producing the same type of item, and the quantities that can be produced. The government will also set a very high, and profitable, retail which shall make the private industrialists very, very rich!

Now, you know why Capitalists have found it so easy to cooperate with their "enemy", Communism, even to the point of underwriting this inherently unstable system will trillions of dollars since the Russian Revolution of 1917!

Let us return to our discussion of Eeben Barlow and his fellow "Anti-Communists", who now are fighting on the behalf of Communist Angola, and against the true Anti-Communist UNITA, and who today is fighting for Nelson Mandela's Communist government of South Africa. In the past two years, Barlow went on to fight in Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka and Paupa

New Gineau (just north of Australia)...and became very, very rich and profitable. In fact, Christians in each of these countries are under tremendous persecution, because the effective professional fighting units that had previously been protecting them under the old regimes are now being loosed against them by the new Communist masters of Barlow and his Executive Outcomes!

How could this happen? How could a committed Anti-Communist, Barlow, suddenly turn to serve the very enemy, Communism, that he had been fighting?

I propose that Mr. Barlow, and his troops, fully understand the dynamic we have just described to you; they understand that the issue is, has always been, and will always be, money. Since the planned "demise" of the Soviet Union, we have seen many examples of how very easy it has been for Communists to switch sides [Gorbachev] and for Anti-Communists to switch to Communists [Barlow].

The face of white self determination, nationalism and Christianity has changed to a new kind of white supremacy -- the occult new world order. To achieve it, South Africa, South Korea, Isreal, New Zealand, Australia must be sacrificed. Their religion and the racial integrity of their land has to be erased to the global Babylon can be initiated. This "change" simply now reflects the deep, Black Magick occultism that has always existed in the New World Order Plan; we are just now seeing it, because the time has come to eradicate all Fundamental Christians. Also, remember, the Plan also calls for a radical change some time after Antichrist consolidates his power; once he puts down all opposition to him, he will "cleanse" the Earth of all undesirables, of those people who are "unworthy of life". The only peoples who will be allowed to live will be the Chinese and White Europeans! At this point, the population of the world will be down to its goal of 2 billion.

We are at the very end of this entire planned charade, a horror story that rivals anything that Steven King ever produced! Unfortunately, this horror story act will not end with everyone going home from the theater in one piece. This horror story will result in the appearance of the New Age Christ [Anti-Christ] and then the fulfillment of the entire Book of Revelation, Daniel, and all the Major Prophets. God will use the hatred and sinfulness that is inherent within every person as the main source of judgment against all the sinful people in the world.

Unfortunately, the world stands at the brink of disaster. You might think of it as the world standing at the brink of Friday [the day of Jesus' death on the cross]; however, take heart, for your Redeemer draweth nigh, and when He does, the world will experience the glorious Sunday of Resurrection!

Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but have been very lukewarm in your spiritual walk with Him, you need to immediately ask Him for forgiveness and for renewal. He will instantly forgive you, and fill your heart with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Then, you need to begin a daily walk of prayer and personal Bible Study.

If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as Savior, but have come to realize His reality and the approaching End of the Age, and want to accept His FREE Gift of Eternal Life, you can also do so now, in the privacy of your home. Once you accept Him as Savior, you are spiritually Born Again, and are as assured of Heaven as if you were already there. Then, you can rest assured that the Kingdom of Antichrist will not touch you spiritually. If you would like to become Born Again, turn to our Salvation Page now.

We hope you have been blessed by this ministry, which seeks to educate and warn people, so that they can see the coming New World Order -- Kingdom of Antichrist -- in their daily news.

God bless you.

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