In several past articles, we have hypothesized that, if Israel is to fulfill God's prophecies of devastating wars in the "Latter Days" judgments against the Arabs, she would have to use either the atomic or neutron bomb, or both. This report on the personal attitudes of Israelis, shows that the more educated Jews are expecting their government will use these types of weapons!

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NOTE FROM THE DIRECTOR: It is not often that a person whom I personally know, and someone whom I have known for many years, is the source of the material for this article. Yet, in this instance, that is precisely my source. While I do not wish to mention his name, this friend is a born again Christian high school teacher in this area, and one of the true "salts" of the Earth.

His daughter is attending a prestigious Jewish university in the Boston area, a freshman this year. This friend has long been acquainted with the specifics of the plan to produce the New World Order, and has called on many occasions simply to discuss the latest developments, especially about the developments about which I would never write because they are too speculative.

This friend took his daughter by surprise last December (1997), when she was at home from college for the Holidays. I will let him describe their conversation, in his own words.

"I Talked with Sally yesterday. She is in a dorm at Brandeis with 600 students. 300 of the 600 are from Israel, 200 of the remaining are orthodox, 50 of the remaining are reform. The rest are non-Jewish."

"I asked her to ask her friends 'When will Israel nuke the left bank?' She jumped out of her chair, and said: 'That's all they talk about!!!!' She also said that they meet at night to sing the national battle song and that this activity has increased in the past months. She said, that some of them will not be happy until all of the Arabs are dead."

Wow, this is really news, directly from students who have just come back from Israel to attend Brandeis just a few short months ago! My friend's daughter is living in a most interesting environment in her college dormitory. Of the 600 students, 550 of them are Jewish, and only 50 are Gentile! His precious daughter, who knows very little about Jewish customs, or history, is suddenly thrown into both customs and history, in a big way.

But, not only that, these students are a state of mind that can only be described as "war expectant". In the past several months, I have noticed that the pages of both the International Jerusalem Post and The Jewish Press have been unusually filled with expectations and preparations for war. Israel has consistently been warning its Arab enemies that she will use every weapon in her arsenal to defend herself. Then, in NEWS1123, we reported that Israel threatened Iraq with the Neutron Bomb if she were attacked by Iraqi Biological or Chemical weapons. This threat is so totally shocking it can only be described as "out of this world"! Israel has never, ever, admitted to even possessing nuclear weapons of any kind, much less something so exotic as the Neutron Bomb. Yet, here Israel is threatening to use a weapon she has repeatedly refused to admit she even possessed.

Please read NEWS1123, "Israel Threatens Neutron Bomb", so you can thoroughly understand how this HOT news is hot simply because it seems the only way in which God's judgment against the Palestinian Jews (House of Esau), found in Obadiah 15-18, could possibly be carried out! This news article is clearly a Faith Building article. You can see how God's prophecies, such as this one, committed to writing over 2,500 years ago, are coming true today! God is truly Omniscient, He truly does exist outside our time and space, and He truly can see the End from the Beginning before any of it happens, just as the Bible teaches!

Now, back to our little article. What I find so exciting is to hear that many Jewish citizens are expecting their government to do just what it threatened to do, i.e., use nuclear weapons, of which the Neutron Bomb really is, to defeat the Arabs. But, God's prophecy in Obadiah 18 is so specific as to startle anyone who carefully reads it. This prophecy states that "... the House of Esau shall be stubble, they shall kindle and burn them and consume them, and there shall no survivor of the house of Esau, for the Lord has spoken it." (King James Version, Amplified Parallel Bible )

This type of judgment, my friends, is total annihilation! And, it looks as though the intentions of the Israeli government has filtered down to the street level, to many of the Jewish citizens. These students are also seething with hatred toward the Jews, wishing that they were all dead! I submit to you that this is a totally foreign concept to the Jew, at least since Israel became a nation again in 1948. Since the Jews have been the most persecuted minority in the history of Western Civilization during the past 2,000 years, and especially since they were the targets of Hitler's annihilation campaign from 1938-1945, the Jews have been the most lenient and tolerant people on earth. Their attitude toward the Arab has always been, "Can't we just get along?"

Yet, today, some of these students are filled with anger and hatred toward the Arab, and just want them dead. What a change! How could such a tremendous shift in attitude have occurred amongst the most persecuted people on earth? I submit to you that it is because they have been subjected to 5 major wars inflicted upon them by the Arabs. Jewish citizens, from leader to the average Joe, have been sickened by the fact that each victory, against great and dreaded odds, never won the peace; rather, these victories just set the stage for the next war! And, the Jews are finally sick and tired of this nonsense. They are also very worried that the Arabs would get their hands on enough Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical weapons to finally defeat the Israeli Defense Force and annihilate every Jewish man, woman, and child. After all, Arab doctrine boldly states just these goals.

Finally, I believe that the repeated Arab terrorist attacks, increasing in number, severity, and destruction since 1980, has finally achieved the opposite of what the Arabs envision they would accomplish. Rather than the Jewish people cowering in fear because of the attacks, they are outraged, and ready to strike with a nuclear fist, especially if that fist is the Neutron Bomb, which slaughters every mammal in its path without spreading killing radiation and without destroying buildings, vehicles, even trees.

Did you notice that these students are also meeting every night, to chant Israel's battle song?! Again, this fact shows how bent on war the Jewish citizen truly is. The movement toward preparing the general public for war must be just as intense as the Israeli military preparing for war. In NEWS1056 and NEWS1057, we report that the United States Senate Subcommittee on the Middle East had produced a very somber report on the coming next war between the Arabs and the Jews, a war that the Arabs are preparing for with all the resolve they can muster. However, the title of this U.S. Senate report was very interesting in their choice of words. Rather than the title reading, "The Next Arab-Israeli War", it read, "The Final Arab-Israeli War". Perhaps without understanding what they have just revealed, the writers of this report were signaling that Israel's intentions were to finally annihilate the Arabs. Of course, once they did annihilate the Arabs, then they could live in peace.

Or, so they think!

As we have repeatedly stated, none of these events are happening in a vacuum. They are occurring, or are getting ready to occur, on the global stage, where the entire world is preparing to reorganize the world into a One-World Government, Economy, and Religion. Then, once the world is so reorganized, the New Age superman, The Christ, who may be called Maitreya, will arise. In the two articles quoted in the above paragraph, we demonstrate that Freemason leader, Albert Pike, was given a demonic vision in 1870, in which his "Guiding Spirit" told him that three (3) world wars would be necessary to establish the New World Order! We take you through some history in these articles to demonstrate to you that the first two world wars did occur just as Pike's demonic vision foretold. Therefore, we can logically conclude that the third, and final, world war, out of which Antichrist will come, will occur just Pike's vision foretold, especially since the vision so closely parallels End Times prophecy.

Make no mistake about this fact: this Third World War, between Israel and her Arab neighbors, will produce Antichrist. Not only does the Bible foretell it, but New Age writing calls for it [See Peter Lemesurier, "The Armaggedon Script"].

Do you remember what Jesus foretold about the ease with which the Jews would accept the Antichrist, even though they rejected Him as the true Messiah, even though He had fulfilled every single one of the Messianic Suffering Servant prophecies in the Old Testament, all 300+ of them? In John 5:43, Jesus foretold, "I am come in my Father's name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive."

Since the last sentence of this prophecy of the coming Antichrist is so important, I have made it italic bold. Let us examine it again: " if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive."

This tells us two things: 1) The Antichrist will pretend to be the Jewish Messiah, and the Orthodox Jewish leaders of the day will be deceived into declaring him to be the Messiah! 2) At the End of the Age, we should expect the Jewish people to be in a spiritual condition that will cause them to be in a state of expectancy for him to arise. Are the Jewish people in such a state of expectancy today? Are they actively waiting for this Messiah to arise?

The answer is, yes, a million times yes. Listen to the revelation from the daughter of my friend, quoted above. She reveals that many of the Jewish students are expecting their Jewish Messiah to arise! My friend simply stated, "She also said that the ultra conservatives are expecting the

appearance of a redeemer SOON."

Wow! Events are falling into place, all in one package, just as Jesus said they must in Matthew 24! When Antichrist arises, he will produce the greatest signs and wonders the world has ever seen, in order to convince all the peoples of the world that he is Divine, and ready to lead the world into the first Peace and Safety in world history. But, he will specifically stage the fulfillment of all the Old Testament prophecies which the Jews rejected when Jesus truly fulfilled them!! However, when Antichrist stages a sham fulfillment of them, they will accept his acts! It will be just as Jesus foretold, in the Scripture quoted above. If you want to see the New World Order Plan on this issue, read Peter Lemesurier, "The Armaggedon Script".

Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

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