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The Exodus 2000 Project claims to have an answer to the crisis in education that today faces the Christian church in America. Led by E. Ray Moore, Jr.,Th. M., this grassroots movement is gaining widespread support for the proposition that this crisis has reached gargantuan proportions. Moore, an Army Reserve Chaplin and veteran of the Gulf War, is a graduate of Grace Theological Seminary and is currently President of Frontline Ministries, Columbia, SC. Moore and the others supporting the project believe the government should have no responsibility in the education of Christian children, and to commit Christian children to the care of agents of the state is akin to committing lambs to the care of wolves. The "Exodus 2000 Project" is dedicated to the proposition that Bible-based Christian education is the only alternative for the Christian community. Those administering the project also believe the time has come for a coordinated commitment by the national Christian leadership, pastors, and the larger Christian community to support an effort to withdraw Christian children from the government school system and place them in existing Christian schools and Christian home schools.

The war for the minds of children has been raging between government educators and Christian parents for almost 30 years. The strategy of the educational bureaucracy has been to concoct one scheme after another to better prepare students to become more competitive in the "emerging global economy". This in turn has led to bitterly fought battles on many fronts, and hotly contested issues to determine the direction of public education. The most obvious of these battles is over campus security. This battle is waged daily over arrests stemming from possession of weapons, drugs, and general acts of violence. There are then the academic battles over "whole language", "cooperative learning", "ebonics", and declining SAT scores. Moral decay and social issues on the school campus have led to sex education, condom distribution, and the latest panaceas of government educators. "character education" and "school to work". While many of these have religious implications, there exist direct frontal assaults of religious issues. These include pantheism taught through "confluent education" and other new age-based pedagogies, the surging paganism of environmental and Native American Studies, and (lest we forget) the atheistic notion that evolution is a fact. When "Outcome Education" (OBE) is added into the mix, it becomes readily apparent the war is not fought over true educational issues, but the war is fought for the very heart and soul of the next generation.

While these issues are the manifestation of the of the battles Christians must fight, the roots of the problem go much deeper. To trace these roots, one must begin with the "Father of Progressive Education", John Dewey. He and his "progressive educators" envisioned a school system of social engineering, changing attitudes, and changing values. In the May 1949 issue of Progressive Educator magazine, Kenneth Benne declared:

"& . Teachers and school administrators should come to see themselves as social engineers. They must equip themselves as change agents." (1)
This change was necessary because the public school system was originally established and based on Judeo-Christian values, and Dewey and his associates were secular humanists. (Secular humanist and atheist are synonymous terms.) The war has been waged in the classroom; as explained by John Dunphy:
"I am convinced that the battle for human kind's future must be waged and won in the public school classroom by teachers who correctly perceive their role as prosely- tizers of a new faith& ..( The war is) between the rotting corpse of Christianity& ..and the future faith of humanism ...(and) humanism will emerge triumphant." (2)
The government schools are now claiming victory. Alex Molnar wrote in Educational Leadership magazine:
"To be sure, the American public school system embodies a humanistic tradition in which truth is not regarded as revealed and absolute..& THEY ARE SECULAR HUMANIST INSTITUTIONS." (emphasis added) (3)

Could Ray Moore be right? Should a Christian entrust his children to an institution that admits to this? But wait& ..this gets worse.

An often overlooked and forgotten pedagogy within the governmental educational system is the one that has and is doing more damage than any other. Its influence can potentially far outweigh that of any previously mentioned. It has been and is currently being funded and promoted in state education budgets. This methodology was established in the early 1950s by educational psychologist Benjamin Bloom in his book, Bloom. s Taxonomy. This serious threat to the future generation of Christians is "

Critical Thinking" (also known as "Thinking Skills" or "Higher Order Thinking Skills")."Critical Thinking" involves the establishment of discernment or wisdom based on one. s worldview. The methodology of Bloom. s Taxonomy is simply the evaluating of a situation based on one. s acquired knowledge base. The problem develops for Christian parents when a child is taught to evaluate situations based on a world view other than that of the Judeo-Christian worldview. Since government educators have readily admitted the US Public School System is a secular humanist institution (not to mention the intrusion of pantheism in the 80s and paganism in the 90s), the students are obviously taught to critically analyze everything based on a secular humanistic, pantheistic, or paganistic world view. By making critical analysis based on these worldviews, the Christian student will soon find himself at odds with the beliefs and values taught by his parents. As he embraces the "Wisdom of this World" he will turn his back on the God of his parents. Could this be the reason that a 1991 Gallop Poll indicated that 70% of professing Christian public school students no longer attend church two short years after graduating ? (4) Are you willing to take this chance with your child? Could it be time to remove your child from the government brainwash?

Therefore, the primary goal of the governmental education system is now to develop GLOBAL CITIZENS. Are you still not convinced? The John Goodlad School of Teacher Training is located at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC. Dr. Goodlad has gained notoriety in educational circles as an authority in many areas. He is best known for his complaint in 1970:

"Most youth still hold the same values as their parents, and if we don't resocialize, our system will decay." (6)

More recently, in the Preface to SCHOOLING FOR A GLOBAL AGE, 1980, he made this recommendation:

"Parents and the general public must be reached also (taught a global perspective - Ed.). Otherwise, children and youth enrolled in globally oriented programs may find themselves in conflict with values assumed in the home. And then the educational institution frequently comes under scrutiny and must pull back." (7)

If you are still skeptical, please examine the photograph. This banner was photographed while attached to a building on the campus of South Carolina State University. When inquiries were made to the administration, they responded that this was the official slogan of the Class of . 98, and the class members alone developed the slogan. Where did they come up with this nonsense? Could the remote possibility exist that these ideas came from the ideas communicated to them in the government public school system?

Bible-believing Christians should be very aware of the implications of the coming world government. We know from the study of God. s Word that the next world government (The New World Order) will be ruled by Satan possessing a man. the Antichrist. Do you want your children prepared for citizenship under such a government? Do you want your children developing the attitudes and values conducive to citizenship in such a regime? Do you believe God will hold you accountable for the education of your children in such a manner?

Evidently, Christians are not yet convinced these issues are a major cause for concern. Over 80% of Christians still send their children to the government schools. Yet, the Bible is very clear that the parents are responsible to "train up a child in the way he should go" (Prov.22:6). Nowhere does the Bible tell us to have our children indoctrinated in the wisdom of this world. the Bible teaches the opposite. Are we fulfilling the requirements of the "Great Commission" to teach all nations if we allow our own children to be indoctrinated in secular humanism, pantheism, and paganism? Yet, many of us have our very good reasons (or excuses):

  1. Our children do not need a Christian Education. We make sure our children are in church three times a week.------Yes, a total of 4-5 hours at the most. The government has them 8 hours a day.
  2. We make sure our children are taught right from wrong at home.------Yes, but the methods of government change agents are deceptive and pointed at defeating the efforts of parents to instill Biblical values. (see the Goodlad quotation)
  3. Our school is different. My child has Christian teachers and/or administrators.------Many Christian teachers are innocently teaching these philosophies. Many Christian teachers and administrators are blinded to the truth by the desire to get ahead and advance their own careers. Many teachers have no choice but to teach the given curriculum.
  4. I want my child to learn to be a witness, so I send him where he can reach the lost.------Did God command the children of Israel to send their children to the Philistines to be a witness? Did Abraham and Sarah send Isaac to the Canaanite school to be a witness? Yes, our children should learn to be effective witnesses. However, if we are losing 70% from exposure to the governmental system, can. t they learn to witness in the neighborhood? Frankly, the responsibility of missionary in the government school lies with the Christian teacher/administrator. The Christian teacher/ administrator is the only hope for the system, and these must be the missionaries to reach the lost souls in the system. However, the day may soon come that they are forced to make a choice between their faith and their career.
  5. The school is an integral part of the local community. We must support the local community in order to be respected as citizens, reach out to others, and grow our churches.------Which should be greater, your loyalty to the community or your burden for your own children? Better yet, which should be greater, loyalty to community or obedience to the Word of God? Does God honor disobedience?
  6. I cannot afford to send my child to Christian school.------While many options exist here, there are certainly those who simply do not have the money for private Christian school. The local church needs to get behind Christian Education and offer scholarships to those in need. Home schooling is also a valid option in the case of a lack of funds. If both parents work, approach grandparents or other relatives for home schooling. In many cases, however, the inability to afford Christian education for the child is simply a refusal to sacrifice an affluent lifestyle in order to be obedient to God. Dr. David Jeremiah said it best:

"I will live in a tent before I send my children to a public school." (8)

In conclusion, the lessons must be learned from the Word of God. Recorded in Judges 2:10-11 are these words:

"And also all that generation were gathered in to their fathers:and there arose another generation after them which knew not the Lord, nor yet the works that He had done for Israel. And the children of Israel did evil in the sight of the Lord, and served Baalim."

Why did this happen? This happened because the previous generation disobeyed God. s command in Deuteronomy 6:6-7:

" And these words which I command you this day, shall be in thine heart: And thou shalt teach them diligentlyto thy children& ."


Yes, Ray Moore is correct. It is too late to reform the system. New government methods and strategies dictate that action must be taken now. ALL Christians should immediately remove their children from the government schools. If this warning is ignored, will the next generation become as the one in Judges 2? Who will answer to God for a lost generation? Who will answer to God for your children?

It is simply a matter of obedience.

If you would like more information on the " Exodus 2000 Project", please contact Ray Moore at (803) 787-6978 .


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