by Mac Dominick

As the sun fractured the eastern horizon of the plains of Babel, the sky ignited into a myriad of color. The Great Hunter stood in awe watching the shimmering rays of light as they danced across the colossal structure. The instructions had been explicit, the plans had been executed perfectly to the most minute detail, and now the magnificent tower that would serve as catalyst to the culture and technology of the distant past was nearing completion. This was not simply a work of stone and mortar. It was far more significant that just its physical appearance. This was something esoterically spiritual and deeply religious. The religion it represented, the "Ancient Mysteries", contained beliefs and doctrines of an earlier age; an age when men and evil angelic beings exercised every passion of their imagination. Nimrod basked in the warmth of the sun and the pure euphoria of personal achievement, but this very day God Himself would thwart his ambitious plans of a world empire.

The construction would stop. The dreams of Nimrod would be shattered, but even with his subsequent death and dismemberment, the Ancient Mysteries would live on. With the help of the widow and her son (Semiramis and Tammuz), the Ancient Wisdom would be carefully preserved in the Babylonian Mystery Religion. (1) As the followers of Nimrod scattered across the face of the earth, the Ancient Mysteries accompanied them from Egypt to China. With the passing of time, the Ancient Wisdom was guarded by the "elite wise persons" of Babylon, Medo-Persia, Pergamos, and Rome. It found a home in Eastern Religions, the Jewish Kabalah, and in Western Gnosticism. (2)

After the turn of the Third Century AD, the power of the Church of Rome began to rise. However, this directly developed into a schism among the keepers of the Mysteries. When Constantine endorsed Christianity, the Roman Catholic Church embraced many of the doctrines of the Babylonian Mystery Religions. "This resulted in something far different from that which Jesus and His disciples taught. The teachings of the Roman Church became a sophisticated pagan philosophy tinged with the teachings of a transcendent, all-powerful God." (3) The Church adopted the worship of the mother and child, infant baptism, confession to a priest, and many other aspects of the Babylonian Mystery Religion. The Church did not, however, embrace the occult aspects of the Mystery Religions. These remained with the Mystery Schools of the East, Kabalists, and Gnostics until the time of the crusades. The occult aspects of the Ancient Wisdom surfaced publicly in France with the rise of the Merovingian Dynasty and the legends of "Parcival and the Quest for the Holy Grail". The schism exploded into a major conflict when the Knights Templar (The Order of the Temple) returned from the crusades as the wealthiest men on earth.

The Knights Templar and the Prieure’ de Sion (The Order of Zion) became the cultural elite that fully embraced the occult aspects of the Ancient Mysteries. This put them on a collision course with the Church of Rome and her allies. The Prieure’ de Sion went underground and became an elite "secret society", while the Knights Templar were viciously attacked by King Philippe IV and Pope Clement V. On October 13th, 1307, Philippe ordered the arrest of all Knights Templar. However, the prior evening, an unknown number of Knights Templar sailed from France with eighteen galleys loaded with the legendary Templar Treasure. (4) At least a portion of the Templars sailed to Scotland, and organizing with the Scots Guard, Rosicrucians, Invisible College, and Royal Society (all occult groups) formed the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. (5) The Freemasons appropriated the Templars as antecedents, as well as authorizing custody of their arcane secrets. (6) As a result, the Scottish Rite is "magically oriented, emphasizing a sacred social and political hierarchy, a divine order, and an underlying cosmic plan." (7) This is the very essence of the Ancient Mysteries of Nimrod.

Meanwhile, the power of the Church of Rome continued to increase. The Church and Freemasonry were sworn enemies, and the public occult influence of Freemasonry began to wane. About 1750, however, there arose a new generation of mystical knights. They were the arm of Freemasonry, which called themselves Jacobins. (8) The Jacobin cries of "Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity" led the first major accomplishment of illuminized Freemasonry, The French Revolution. The Jacobins named a rebellious ex-Jesuit, Adam Weishaupht, "Grand Patriot". (9) Weishaupht embraced the occult mysteries and organized The Order of the Illuminati in 1776. By 1778 he infiltrated Masonry as a fully-initiated Master Mason. He then inducted the influential European elite of Masonry into the Illuminati—600 men by 1783. (10) On the other side of the Atlantic, mystical Masons were under siege by the occult Illuminists. The Illuminists saw America as the 13th step in evolution, and America’s spiritual destiny as accomplishing world union in the spirit of liberty, equality, and fraternity. (11) By 1789 the mystical Masonry of the New World succumbed to the occult one-world vision of the Weishaupht Illuminati, the guardians of the Ancient Mysteries of Nimrod.

The Industrial Revolution changed everything. Men did not act or think the same, and materialism became the order of the day. Due to this influence, Secular Humanism reared its head in the early 20th Century. Those who held to the occultism and gnosticism of the past were branded as fanatics or lunatics. Occultism once again went back into the closet. However, many of the closets belonged to the very rich and very powerful. Illuminism was alive and well, albeit hidden from the critical eyes of the general public. Freemasonry thus became a benevolent, fraternal organization out of necessity. As a result, the rank and file of the lower degrees of Masonry to this day have no clue as to the purpose of the society or the intentions of the controlling elite.

The unrest of the 1960s and the rise of the "Drug Culture" molded the beginnings of another public re-emergence of occultism. The New Age Movement of the 70s and 80s successfully mainstreamed many occult beliefs. This new renaissance of the occult has perfectly positioned Freemasonry to play a vital role in the 4400-year-old dream of Nimrod, a one-world, occult kingdom. Freemasonry currently serves as the conduit between the political organizations of the global elite (Club of Rome, Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergers, CFR, etc.) and the occult groups of the Theosophical network (Theosophical Society, Rosicrucians, Lucis Trust, World Goodwill, etc.). These groups recognize the position of Freemasonry as an occult religious organization with the ability to bridge the gap between religion and politics. (12) Many of the rank and file of Freemasonry continue to insist that Freemasonry is not a religion. However, their own writings contradict these assertions. Albert Pike, Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite (1860), recorded:

"Every lodge is a temple of religion, and its teaching
instruction in religion." (13)
To what religion was Pike making reference? His own words offer all the clarification needed:

"Masonry is the successor to the Mysteries." (14)

Many modern Masons have tried to distance themselves from Pike and his gnostic (highly occultic) work, MORALS AND DOGMA. They insist that his teachings are not that of Masonry, but merely his personal beliefs. They further insist that modern, benevolent Masonry should not be judged by writings over 100 years old. This line of reasoning is very confusing to those who recognize the Legend of Hiram Abiff is supposedly almost 3000 years old. Are not the claims of Masonry said to have originated at the time of Solomon? Are all claims and teachings prior to the 20th Century now null and void? Does this also negate the 32 degrees of the Scottish Rite designed by Pike? Furthermore, as recently as 1989, Scottish Rite Grand Commander, C. Fred Kleinknecht wrote:

"…The apex of our teachings has been the rituals of MORALS AND DOGMA, written over a century ago…" (15)

Pike is not the only spokesman for the truth of Freemasonry. Alice Bailey, the one-time leading spokesperson for the Theosophical Society and a member of Co-Masonry with her husband, Foster, declared:

"The Masonic Movement is the custodian of the law,
the holder of the Mysteries, and the seat of initiation
… a far more occult organization than can be
realized … intended to be the training school for coming
advanced occultists." (16)

Alice Bailey summarized the entire history of Freemasonry. She makes no secret of the fact that illuminized Freemasonry is the present day guardian of the Ancient Wisdom of Nimrod. Though none should now even think of arguing this point, the description of the 32nd Degree of the Scottish Rite reads as follows:

"The occult science of the Ancient Magi was concealed under the
shadows of the Ancient Mysteries: it was imperfectly revealed or
rather disfigured by the Gnostics; it is guessed at under the obscurities
that cover the pretended crimes of the Templars; and it is found enveloped
in enigmas that seem impenetrable, in the Rites of Highest Masonry." (17)

Here the guardianship of the Ancient Mysteries has been traced from the Magi of Medo-Persia, to Western Gnosticism, to the Knights Templar, and finally to the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

The "Ancient Mysteries" are still very mysterious. Much of what they contain will not be revealed until the appointed time. However, there is some level of understanding available not only to the initiates, but also to those who seek diligently for the truth. Gregson records that there is great gain for those initiates:

"To Babylon were brought all of the priests and teachers
of Egypt, Palestine, Zoroaster, Mithra, Greece, and masters
from all parts of the world. Kings sought to be initiated into
the rites of the Mysteries." (18)

The Merovingian Kings were priest-kings. These held not only political power but also religious power. (19) Many of the religious aspects of the Mysteries can be seen not only in the rituals of Freemasonry, but also in the extra-Biblical teachings of the Church of Rome. This was the primary point of contention between Catholicism and Masonry. Both are struggling for world domination. The Church has the advantage in the religious arena with established teachings. Today’s society is still not ready for the blatant occultism of the Illuminist. Freemasonry has the political advantage. Most world leaders are members of at least one Illuminati group. There is some conjecture that the Church and Freemasonry are getting closer. The background of Pope John Paul II implies that even he may be an Illuminati plant. In his younger years, he was an ardent student of Theosophy, and his embrace of the Marian apparitions certainly tends to lean from the mystical to the occult. (20)

The political aspects of the Ancient Mysteries can be clearly seen in an early 20th Century document, THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION. Though many claimed a Jewish conspiracy as to the origin of this document, it was most likely composed by the Prieure’ de Sion. The basic points are as follows:

  1. Blueprint for world domination
  2. Advent of a Masonic Kingdom
  3. A king of the blood of Sion,…of the Dynastic roots of David
  4. The King of the Jews will be the real Pope.
  5. The world ruler will be the patriarch of an international church.
  6. Only the king and 3 who stand to sponsor him will know what’s going on. (21)

For the reader who is acquainted with Bible Prophecy, there is a sudden revelation. If THE PROTOCOLS OF ZION are the product of an Illuminist secret society, all of history from Nimrod has suddenly been tied together. Here is the summary:

  1. Nimrod sought to restore the pre-flood system by a world government, led by a priest-king, empowered directly by Lucifer.
  2. When God spoiled Nimrod’s plan, Lucifer’s strategy was to set up a system of false religions which would hold in store these powerful Ancient Mysteries until the time that he (Lucifer) could succeed in establishing such a kingdom.
  3. These Mysteries have been guarded since that time by a select elite group. There have been periods of history that have publicly accepted the darker (occult) side of the mysteries and periods when the occult has been suppressed.
  4. The Bible records that a future world kingdom will arise led by the Beast (Antichrist), who will declare himself God. This world kingdom will be accompanied by a one-world church until such time it is no more useful to the Beast. The Beast will also declare himself to be the Messiah of the Jews and rightful heir to the throne of David.
  5. It is very possible the 3 who stand to sponsor the king will be the 3"kingdoms" subdued by the Beast as prophesied in Dan. 7:24.
  6. The Beast will reveal the secrets of the Ancient Mysteries, which have been so faithfully guarded by his servants for millennia as proof of his position to fully establish his kingdom.

The Ancient Mystery Religions did not worship the God of the Bible. Nimrod was the servant of Lucifer, and the resulting religious system was Luciferic. In spite of all objections to the contrary, the overwhelming proof reveals that Freemasonry does not honor the God of Scripture, but some other god. As a matter of fact, the teachings of Freemasonry are 180 degrees away from the Bible. (22) There are some obvious examples:

  1. The Masonic Temple always has the entrance in the west and the altar in the east. In the Bible we are told the entrance of the Garden of Eden was in the east. While this may seem to be coincidental, the entrance to the Tabernacle was in the east with the Holy of Holies in the west. Solomon’s Temple (and subsequent Jewish Temples) had their entrances in the east and the Holy of Holies in the west. To enter the Garden of Eden and go to the Tree of Life, one was traveling from east to west. To enter the Tabernacle or the Temple to approach God, the priest traveled from east to west. Freemasonry is 180 degrees reversed. (23) As a matter of fact, one of the signs of Masonry is the statement; "I have been traveling in the east." (24) This seems much more significant when one considers the supposed origins of Masonry with Solomon. If God gave Solomon explicit instructions for the construction of the Temple, why would he design the Masonic Temple in reverse? This reverse image is very prevalent in the occult. The occult teachings seem to always be the negative image of the positive of God’s Word .
  2. There are also certain oaths in Masonry that are very suspect. For example, as a Mason you must swear to conceal the crimes of other Masons. This equates to telling a lie and calling it moral. (25) The Bible records in Revelation 21, "…all liars shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone forever." How can one ascribe to the Holy Scriptures and rationalize behavior opposite to its teaching?
  3. Freemasonry teaches the doctrine of Universality. Simply put, this is the brotherhood of all men under the fatherhood of God. THIS IS NOT IN THE BIBLE. FURTHERMORE, THIS DOCTRINE IS DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED TO THE TEACHINGS OF SCRIPTURE. The Bible records that when Adam turned from God and fell into sin, his sinful nature was passed to all of his descendents. A birth, of sorts took place at this point. Due to the fact that God cannot and will not tolerate sin, the lineage of all of mankind was then adopted by the originator of sin, Lucifer. As a result, all men are "born in sin" under the fatherhood of Lucifer. Jesus made this clear in John 8:44 when he told the Pharisees, "Ye are of your father, the Devil….". The only way a man can now become a child of God is to turn from himself, confess his sin and lost condition to God, repent of that sin, and trust by faith the cleansing blood of Jesus Christ for reconciliation to God. ONLY THOSE WHO HAVE ACCEPTED JESUS CHRIST AS THEIR SAVIOR ARE THE SONS OF GOD!! Manly Hall revealed the opposite position of Freemasonry when he wrote:

"To the altar of Freemasonry all men bring their most

votive offerings. Around it all men, whether they have

received their teachings from Confucius, Zoroaster,

Moses, Mohammed, or the founder of the Christian

Religion (note he does not name the name of Jesus –ed.),

just as long as they believe in the universality of the

of the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man

…. meet upon a common level." (26)

Another Freemason, Albert Mackey, records:

"Now as Masons we divide not between these

(Ashteroth, Vishnu, Dagon, Baal) but take all

in as our Brethren, and the One God as our

Heavenly Father, revealed to us as such in

The Light of Masonry." (27)

Mackey here not only reiterates the heresy of Universality, but also raises a more serious question: What "god" is this that allows acceptance of the followers of Baal and these other pagan deities as brethren? This is certainly not the God of the Bible. (Incidentally, the god Baal was a Canaanite corruption of the Babylonian god Bacchus, who was directly derived from Tammuz, the son of the widow of Nimrod.) (28) God, in the Old Testament commanded Israel to completely annihilate the followers of Baal. The prophet Elijah must have been tragically mistaken when he ordered the massacre of 450 prophets of Baal on Mt. Carmel. After all, according to Albert Mackey, these were Elijah’s brethren. (29)

What conclusion then can be drawn from the 180-degree reversal of Scripture? THE GOD OF THE BIBLE IS NOT THE GOD OF FREEMASONRY! The god of Freemasonry must then be the god of the Ancient Mysteries. In all aspects of the occult, from The Mysteries of Babylon, to the Quest for the Holy Grail, to Hinduism, to Wicca, to the New Age Movement, and yes, in the writings of Freemasonry: God is described as an impersonal force which manifests itself in all of nature, in the spirit world, and in man himself. This is none other than the strategy of Lucifer from the time of the Garden of Eden. There in the Garden Lucifer told Eve, "ye shall be as gods…" (Genesis 3:5).

The day will come when all of the Ancient Mysteries will be revealed to all those dwelling on the earth. In the Legend of Hiram Abiff, that day will be marked by his resurrection to rule the world. According to the Bible, Hiram Abiff will most certainly rule. He will come as Hiram Abiff to the Mason, Messiah ben David to the Jew, Crishna to the Hindu, Imam Mahdi to the Moslem, Sosiosch to the Zoroastrian; but in the Word of God, he is called the Beast (Antichrist). He will bring peace and safety to a tumultuous world for 3½ years. He will be worshipped as the priest-king by all of mankind. He will reveal the Ancient Mysteries as his credentials. However, his reign of peace shall be short. He will be exposed to many at a time of Great Tribulation. He will then come face to face with the KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS. The true heir to the throne of David will then cast the Beast alive in the Lake of Fire where he will be tormented day and night forever. The long awaited Masonic Kingdom will fall, and Jesus Christ will reign over all the earth. "…and… of His government and peace there shall be no end." (30)

Yes Virginia, you may have been told a lie concerning Santa Claus, but Freemasonry is (as you have now been told) an occult religion, guarding the Ancient Mysteries of the coming Luciferic World Kingdom.


Dear Friend,

Cutting Edge Ministries does not hate Masons. In the articles posted and the mail received, we have been given a burden by God to convey the truth to those who are ensnared by this deceptively occult organization. We truly love and care for you. Please compare the workings and teachings of the Lodge to the only standard for truth—the Word of God. If you are honest with yourself and God, you will see the deception that is making many accomplices to the preparation for Antichrist. Please seek the truth of God in your life today.

Furthermore, if you have never trusted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, please turn to Him today. You can find Scriptural instructions on "How Can I Be Saved" on our salvation page.

May the Holy Spirit guide you as you seek the truth of God in His Word.

Sincerely yours,

Mac Dominick

Cutting Edge Ministries


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