In the book of Revelation, we see that God foretells the time, at the very end of the Great Tribulation, where China will march to Israel. Along the way, this huge Chinese force annihilates one-third of mankind. Close examination reveals this could be India.

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NEWS BRIEF: "India Conducts Three Nuclear Tests", By Ashok Sharma, Associated Press Writer, Monday, May 11, 1998,

"NEW DELHI, India (AP) -- India set off three underground nuclear blasts Monday and announced it was capable of making nuclear weapons, enraging its neighbor and rival, Pakistan, and defying a worldwide campaign to contain the spread of nuclear arms."

"India's 1-month-old government, led by the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party, surprised allies and enemies alike with the nation's first nuclear tests in 24 years."

"Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee summoned reporters to his home to reveal that India had conducted three underground nuclear tests in the desert 330 miles southwest of New Delhi. No radiation was released into the atmosphere, he insisted, adding that scientists tested a fission device, a low-yield device and a thermonuclear device."

"India did not comment on the size of the explosion. The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology said its earthquake-measuring devices put the magnitude at 5.2, which it said would be equal to about 10 kilotons of TNT. The U.S. atomic bomb that devastated Hiroshima, Japan, was the equivalent of about 15 kilotons. Pakistan, also believed to have nuclear capability, immediately pledged to make its defenses ``impregnable against any Indian threat, be it nuclear or conventional.''

Prior to these Indian nuclear tests, many people have been able to delude themselves into thinking that the global Nuclear Test Ban Treaty actually meant that no more nations could develop the nuclear capability. Indeed, the only reason that the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty even became a reality was because the nations that have nuclear capability had tested enough so that they could create very accurate computer simulations based upon the real data they had collected during their tests. In other words, these nations no longer needed to conduct actual tests.

Nations like India and Pakistan, however, do not have the data from actual nuclear detonations, so they must test if they are to develop their own nuclear arsenal. One of the real revelations we all should derive from these Indian tests is that any global treaty like the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty is just a piece of paper, since no legal enforcement provisions exist. In other words, we have no Supra-National government, like the United Nations, that can force a sovereign nation to take, or to refrain, from taking, certain actions. We should take solace in this fact, because the New World Order Plan envisions that the United Nations will one day become this global government that can force all nations to do just what she wants them to do, no more and no less. Of course, the only scenario under which this would work is if the United Nations were under the absolute dictatorial grasp of an absolute dictator, the Antichrist.

Historically, India has always faced two implacable foes: Pakistan and China.

Since this is the case, we must ask ourselves a simple question: against which of these two enemies was India aiming with this nuclear test?

Since both Pakistan and China reacted angrily to India's tests, we cannot ascertain simply from their reaction as to whom India was aiming the message of her nuclear tests. An obvious answer to this question is "both Pakistan and China". While this answer may be partly right, I think India was concerned enough only with China to run the risk of taking the one action they knew would enrage the International Community. Remember, India has always been a nation that has constantly needed the help of the international community in one way or another, usually in the form of agricultural assistance or in medical supplies. Only a fear of China would have driven India to the point of conducting the nuclear tests, which India's leaders know would likely result in sanctions against her.

We believe India has particular reason to fear China enough to send this strong message to China at this moment in history. China has long had nuclear capability, the rudiments of which she probably obtained from the Russians before the Sino-Soviet split in the 1970's. However, China has never possessed reliable, and accurate, missiles by which she can deliver her nuclear warheads.

However, President Clinton has recently taken action, via Presidential Executive Order, that has allowed American companies to provide China with very sophisticated missile guidance technology. Suddenly, all nations in the Chinese-Indian theatre are at risk. Suddenly, India undoubtedly became very concerned, and very convinced that she had better send a strong message to China that she would be able to adequately defend herself against any Chinese attack.

In NEWS1166, "CLINTON ENABLES CHINA TO BUILD UP THEIR NUCLEAR ARSENAL, THUS SETTING STAGE FOR CHINA TO FULFILL BIBLICAL PROPHECY IN BOOK OF REVELATION", we reveal much of the depth of the story of this article. In fact, this article is simply an addition to NEWS1166, so we encourage you to read this article now, so you can more easily understand what we are saying here.

I feel there is no doubt but that the Army of the Kings of the East, numbering 200 million men, is the Chinese Army. As you read the detailed description of this army in Revelation 9:17-19, you will see how believable it is that this army is Chinese. Furthermore, we have also reported that the Chinese military has just completed a very broad new road from Middle China to the border of Afghanistan. This will be the extent of this road, since the terrain from Afghanistan to Israel is as flat as any tank commander would wish it to be. The road, as constructed, however, does traverse the most daunting mountain terrain in the world, literally at the top of the world.

This road runs just north of India, within miles as a matter of fact. {See article, NEWS1114 for full details of this road, including a detailed map}

Indian officials, both military and civilian, have anxiously watched the Chinese construct this unbelievable road that comes within a few miles of their territory. Doubtless they understand that this very difficult, very expensive, road is being constructed to be used! They understand that, one day soon, a very large Chinese Army might just be travelling down this road. Would you expect these Indian leaders to feel just a little bit threatened? For centuries, the high Himalayian Mountains have served as a natural barrier to Chinese penetration; however, this road has just solved that problem. This new road alone is a great threat to India, from China.

In the past decade, Indian leaders have seen the Chinese Government change the economy from pure Communism to pragmatic Fascism. Remember the definition of Fascism -- it is the economic situation whereby private industry and individuals control the Means of Production {factories, mines, oil wells}, but the Government intervenes to decide how many competitors can be allowed to produce the same type of product. The government also decides the cost of each item, or at least within a narrow range. Fascism works almost as well as Capitalism, and a whole lot better than Communism, because it leaves the critical decisions as to how much of any item to produce in the hands of the private sector. At least, under Fascism, the demands of the Marketplace stimulate the production of goods and services. Remember, the New World Order Plan envisions the entire world being under a Fascist Economy. This type of economy worked well under Adolf Hitler's Germany, under Mussolini's Italy, and Emperor Hirohito's Japan. Furthermore, the Japanese Economy since World War II has been Fascist, and everyone has been constantly in awe of the wealth and good times it has produced.

In the past decade, Indian leaders have watched the Chinese Fascist Economy produce a wealth that is unbelievable, both in terms of the speed with which the economy produced wealth and the amount of wealth that was produced. The Chinese Military was the natural recipient of a great deal of this new wealth. The Chinese Military began to transform their armed forces, replacing obsolete equipment with State of the Art. China has bought entire weapons systems from all sources: American, European, Russian, and even Israeli. Then, Bill Clinton provided a very critical element in this modernization of Chinese Armed Forces when he allowed American companies to sell China State of the Art missile guidance systems!

Further, our news in the past few years has told us of the instances where the Clinton Administration has sold nuclear reactors and specific nuclear technology to China. It seems as though America is going out of her way to equip the Chinese with the kind of military that could conceivably kill one-third of mankind.

If you were an Indian military leader, you would be very concerned, also. Now, the Chinese Army that can come down that very broad, very modern highway can be equipped with the latest in military hardware and firepower. Now, the description of this invading army from the East, as we described in NEWS1166 becomes even more applicable. We encourage you to read it again.

India might also be aware that the New World Order Plan envisions a Chinese invasion of the Middle East "toward the end of the period" {"The Armageddon Script", by Peter Lemesurier}. Be sure of this one fact: India conducted these nuclear tests because she feels very, very threatened by the Chinese. This feeling of vulnerability can be seen in the statement of one of India's leaders immediately after the tests had been conducted.

"Despite the angry reactions, Indian officials were clearly in a celebratory mood, handing out sweets to reporters at a news conference.

``We have taken economic repercussions into account. We will not face any problems,' said Brajesh Mishra, an aide to the prime minister. ``These tests have established that India has a proven capability for a weaponized nuclear program.' ''

``I hope the U.S. would understand that the tests were meant for the security of the people of India,'' he added". Did you understand this last sentence? Indian officials were sending a very strong signal that, if a Chinese Army began marching a few miles of the Indian border and equipped with nuclear warheads, India would be able to respond in kind. Or, at least, she would be able to threaten to respond in kind.

The Chinese reacted with predictable outrage.

"BEIJING (AP) -- China accused India on Thursday of using nuclear tests as part of a strategy to dominate South Asia while trying to paint Beijing as a threat to regional stability. `Defying world opinion, the Indian government undermines international efforts to prohibit testing, attempts to seek hegemony over South Asia and provokes a nuclear arms race in South Asia,' said a statement released by the Foreign Ministry."

"India has `slandered China by claiming it constitutes a nuclear threat,' the statement said. ``This is groundless.' ''

When China does begin her move to invade the Middle East, in fulfillment of these prophecies in Revelation, India will very definitely feel threatened. India almost certainly would begin to react by calling up her military reserves and moving military units to the northern border. As Chinese forces reach the area in force, hostilities would likely break out. As China attacks Indian forces with their new arsenal, India is likely to discover she is not only fighting a battle with a force that is numbered only as China could muster, but that it is also as technologically advanced as only American and European militaries could produce. That combination will result in China obliterating the Indian armed forces.

Then, we do not have to exercise our imaginations very hard to imagine the scenario whereby the Chinese will then systematically use their nuclear forces to systematically destroy the entire nation of India. Since this Judgment occurs near the end of the Great Tribulation, approximately one-half the world's population has already died from various causes. Thus, by this time, the 6 billion people of the world have been reduced to only 3 billion. One-third of this figure is 1 billion people, roughly the population of India!


India may have unwittingly signed her own death warrant when she carried out these nuclear tests. Only time will tell, but I believe this is what will happen when China moves her armed forces into the Middle East, to invade Israel, to surround Jerusalem, and to invite the Lord Jesus Christ to return to save His Chosen People. We have just witnessed the setting of the stage for prophecy fulfillment!

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