We have reported that a United Nations treaty is on record prohibiting any nation from using Weather Weapons against any other nation. Now, we will review articles that have appeared in the last 20 years boldly declaring that Weather Weapons do exist and do work. [Part 2 of 3]

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NEWS BRIEF: "United States and Other World Powers Should Outlaw Tampering With Weather for Use as War Weapon", Editorial by Senator Claiborne Pell, D-Rhode Island, The Providence Journal Bulletin, 1975.

"The U.S. and other world powers should sign a treaty to outlaw the tampering with weather as an instrument of war. It may seem farfetched to think of using weather as a weapon -- but I'm convinced that the U.S. did, in fact, use rainmaking techniques as a weapon of war in Southeast Asia."

Let us stop right here and now and digest just what Senator Claiborne Pell has told us. He said that the United States used Weather as a Weapon during the Vietnam War. We fought the Vietnam War from 1965-74 in a large capacity. Using Weather Weapons in the early 1970's would fit the time frame with which we are familiar. In NEWS1196, "UN Treaty Proves Weather Control Is Real", we reported that the UN treaty was signed on 10 October 1976. Pell is arguing in this editorial in 1975 that the US should sign this treaty.

Now, let us hear some more from Senator Pell.

"We need a treaty now to prevent such actions -- before the military leaders of the world start directing storms, manipulating climates, and inducing earthquakes against their enemies. The basic idea of environmental warfare is simple -- if a nation can learn to trigger natural events it can inflict terrible damage on an enemy through rainfall, flooding, tidal waves, earthquakes, and even climate changes that could devastate an enemy nation's agriculture." [NOTE: IN NEWS1196, "UN Treaty Proves Weather Control Is Real", the treaty forbids destroying the 'biota' of a nation. The 'biota' is the entire ecosystem of a region, just what Pell is speaking of here!]

In one single paragraph, Senator Pell has confirmed our earlier article, NEWS1196, "UN Treaty Proves Weather Control Is Real". In this article, we studied what the treaty outlaws and then extrapolated what the technology could do. Our extrapolations were right on target! Weather Weapons do exist and they work!

Now, back to Senator Pell.

"It may seem a great leap of imagination to ... such science-fiction ideas as unleashing earthquakes, melting the polar ice cap, changing the course of warm ocean currents, or modifying the weather of an adversary's farm belt. But, in military technology, today's science fiction is tomorrow's strategic reality. Apart from the sheer horror of the prospect of unbridled environmental warfare, there is, I believe, another compelling reason to ban such action. We know, or should know, by now, that no nation can maintain for long a monopoly on new warfare technology. If we can develop weather warfare techniques, so can and will other major powers. Experience has taught us that the weapons that make us feel secure today will make us feel very insecure, indeed, when our adversaries possess the same capabilities. Now is the time to act -- so we never have to worry about countries directing storms at each other."

This Editorial by Senator Claiborne Pell is non-technical confirmation that Weather Control Weaponry does exist, and that the United States is the leader in developing it. Or, at least, we were the leader in 1975, when Pell penned this concerned article. Pell's warnings exactly parallel the technologies about which we wrote in NEWS1196.

In summary, Pell said Weather Weapons could cause the following disasters:

Now that we have heard such shocking news from Senator Pell, let us examine some other news that might further demonstrate this Weather Warfare capability.

NEWS BRIEF: The June 5, 1977, New York Times described the great earthquake which destroyed Tangshan, China on July 28, 1976, and killed over 650,000 people.

"Just before the first tremor at 3:42 am, the sky lit up like daylight. The multi-hued lights, mainly white and red, were seen up to 200 miles away. Leaves on many trees were burned to a crisp and growing vegetables were scorched on one side, as if by a fireball."

Some investigators believe these electrical effects were associated with electromagnetic plasma and ball lightning and the strange array of flashes that result from Tesla-style technology and /or HAARP-like transmissions. Was this brilliant flash of colored light what Tesla was talking about in 1935 when he mentioned "all kinds of unique effects"? Was this earthquake just a test of the system, conducted on the unsuspecting people of China? It certainly does not appear that it was a natural earthquake. Indeed, many scientists have reported seeing unusual lightening flashes and balls of light, usually blue, that either precedes or accompanies many of the recent weather disasters.

Given the political game being played out in today's world, this monstrous earthquake, killing 650,000 people, might have been a warning by the United States to China that we control technology that can literally annihilate their nation. China would have immediately understood that we could kill their nation without stepping foot on their soil. China would have immediately realized they had no weapon that could counter this Weather Weapon. This kind of action would have the sort of "Real-politick" of which Kessinger and Bismarck would have been proud.

We will be discussing Tesla in greater detail in other, more technical journals. However, suffice it to say that Tesla was a greater inventor than anyone in American history, including Thomas Edison. Tesla developed technologies of sending Low Frequency waves through earth and in other experiments. Tesla bragged about being able to use his technology to "split the earth in half" and in producing a "death beam" of unimaginable magnitude. This current technology is heavily based upon Tesla's work and his patents.

Briefly, this Weather Weapon is all about energy. Just as any storm expends unbelievable amounts of electrical energy, so scientists have discovered that, by sending enormous amounts of electrical energy into the atmosphere, they can control the weather, even directing it to where they want it to go. But, we will be discussing this aspect in more technical detail later.

 NEWS BRIEF: "Pentagon & Kremlin Are Playing With Our Weather And Giving Us Storms and Floods", by L. Ponte, Pentagon Researcher, Star Magazine, July, 1982. "Ponte claims the Soviets have made advances in bending the all-important jet stream that sweeps across Siberia to set global wind patterns. By using explosive devices in the jet stream, scientists are trying to make it dip and rise in a wave that could replace the frigid Siberian winters with milder air from the south."

"Researchers believe the jet stream can be set in a constant wave. 'It can even be fine-tuned to wipe out a wheat crop in the Midwest or any other part of the world', Ponte says. 'With that power, Siberia could blossom and the rest of the world could dry up. The tinkering they've done is very serious,' Ponte and we can't rule it out, for causing the record cold winter last year.' The Soviets are also considering using nuclear devices to blow up a river bottom to change its course. 'Changing the flow could help thaw out the Arctic Ocean', Ponte says. 'And thawing the icecaps could cause flooding worldwide and alter weather patterns.' "

Doesn't this article capture much of the capability about which we have been writing in this series of articles on Weather Warfare? Consider the various types of weather phenomenon mentioned in this article, above:

    1. Controlling the Jet Stream -- some reports indicate that the Jet Stream has, indeed, been changed. We read one report -- that we have since lost -- that said the Jet Stream was lowering, to the point where it might soon be blowing on the surface. Since the Jet Stream travels several hundreds of miles per hour, life on the surface would be impossible if the Jet Stream got that low. But, if you wanted to force people out of the cities and into the countryside, and if you wanted to change the Industrial Civilization, this would be one great weapon! If any of you hear of any storms blowing 200 miles per hour or more, send that article to me!
    2. Changing course of rivers
    3. Thawing icecaps -- Hardly a week goes by that we are not hearing of melting ice caps and glaciers. Yet, here we see that Weather Warfare can do just that. As we get into the technical aspect of how this Weather Warfare is carried out, we need to understand simply that scientists are shooting tens of millions of watts of power into the atmosphere. In other words, they are deliberately warming the atmosphere, and then turning around and warning us of "Global Warming"!
    4. Altering Weather Patterns -- Again, we have seen daily reports of the unprecedented weather in this country and abroad. Some major TV networks are making our very unusual, unprecedented weather a nightly feature on their news. Now, we know that scientists from both Russia and America can create and direct the weather. Does that make them liable for the devastation and death that has resulted from much of our "unprecedented" weather? It should make them liable, but we know nothing will happen because our Government is never going to admit they control the weather.
    5. Worldwide Flooding -- We have certainly seen much flooding in the United States since 1993. However, much of the world has also seen highly devastating floods. Third World countries have been very hard hit.


Let us conclude this most interesting article with some of the most revealing statements he made about Weather Warfare.

    1. "Controlling the weather is vitally important because it would allow world domination without dropping a single bomb". [Hmmm, world domination. Isn't that just what the New World Order Plan is all about?]
    2. "Earthquakes can be generated with accuracy ... Doing the same thing [create earthquakes] on the ocean floor can cause quite a large tidal wave." Does anyone remember Papua New Guinea, just last week? [July, 1998]
    3. Scientists can manipulate the jet stream to "wipe out a wheat crop in the Midwest or any other place in the world". Not only do we think of the past 5 years in our breadbasket Midwest, but also Africa. Would the peaceniks who have put on concerts to raise support to send grains and foodstuffs to Africa have been so willing had they understood American scientists had created the severe and long-lasting drought devastating that continent?
    4. "The magnitude of this [weather warfare] is greater than anything we've ever seen before, and could very well be responsible for the unusual weather hardships we've had."
    5. "Awesome strides already have been made in using the power of weather for weapons", he reveals, adding, "We were making typhoons in the Vietnam conflict." Wait a minute! Wasn't this the charge Senator Claiborne Pell was making in his Editorial, above? Yes, it was! Therefore, this technology was being used effectively, possibly as early as the late-1960's. In later articles, we will educate you to the fact that, in 1993, this technology hit a far greater potential than the world has ever seen so far.

NEWS BRIEF: Did you know that a law has been on the books since the late 1960's to forbid anyone from using Weather Modification techniques unless they received specific permission from the Federal Government? You can read all about this law by going to

This law is "U.S. C. TITLE 15 -- SECTION 33 -- COMMERCE AND TRADE, Chapter 9A -- Weather Modification Activities or Attempts -- Reporting".

Again, we have to ask the question, "why is it necessary to have such a law unless you have the technology"? Is Weather Control technology so commonplace that such a law is necessary? After all, this law presupposes that people other than the Federal Government can alter or control the weather, because it forbids such activity by private individuals or companies.

The answer is, "Yes", and we turn to a most unusual place to prove that Weather Control is so common it can be carried out by people or organizations not connected to the Federal Government! Several Russian corporations are openly advertising to farmers that they have the capability to change the weather up to 200 miles for farmers, for a fee of course! ("Weather Control Video: A Report to the U.S. Senate, by Bob Fletcher)

If you research the information concerning this U.S. bill, you will discover a very interesting fact: the funding for the enforcement of this law expired in 1988. It was precisely this year that Dr. Nick Begich wrote that funding went into deep the Black Budget, extremely secret funding so that the much greater potential of a system called HAARP could be established in Alaska ["Angels Don't Play This HAARP: Advances In Tesla Technology"].

NEWS BRIEF: "Weather Modification As A Future Weapon: The Military May Have Added The Weather To Its Arsenal", by Louise A. Purrett, Science News, April 15, 1972, Vol. 101, page 255.

"Both intentionally and by accident, man has discovered ways to alter the weather ... In 1968, Gordon J.F. MacDonald, a geophysicist who is now a member of the President's Council on Environmental Quality [President Nixon], described possible military applications of weather modification in a chapter of the book, 'Unless Peace Comes'. " Louise Purrett then lists some of the devastating weather that can be produced:

    1. Heavy precipitation -- Of course, heavy precipitation causes flooding, just exactly what we have been experiencing lately, in the most fertile and productive agricultural land in the world, i.e., the American Midwest. Our own Government is using this Weather Warfare on us! Why? They want to move us into the New World Order, and change our system of Government. As we have stated so many times in the past, they are planning a severe series of crises to so panic us that we will allow our freedoms to be taken away.
    2. Drought -- Today, July, 1998, the South, especially Texas, is experiencing the kind of drought that devastates farmers, and drives them into bankruptcy. How many straight days of record heat does it take to turn fertile farmland into useless wasteland? Remember, no civilization can survive if it loses its ability to feed its people. Since this current group of leaders is New Agers who hate our Industrial Civilization, we should be very concerned about their ability to control weather!
    3. Steer Hurricanes toward targeted shores [Anyone remember Andrew?]
    4. Warm or cool the entire world's temperature -- I think it is now very clear that our scientists are causing Global Warming. Of course, such Global Warming serves the purposes of causing enough panic to allow a Global Government to be established. See NEWS1198 for more details.
    5. Punching a hole in the Ozone layer over an enemy nation. Isn't it interesting to note that this phenomenon is precisely what it being alleged by New Age leaders, especially President Clinton and Vice President Al Gore? What is their solution? To totally change our lifestyle. We will speak more to what they really mean by this in NEWS1198.
    6. Alter the Ice Caps, possibly even bringing on a new Ice Age. Therefore we know that these technology can be used to bring on either a warming or a cooling of the entire world, depending upon what the leaders want to do. It seems apparent that they have decided to warm the world.

We find a source like Gordon J.F. MacDonald, a geophysicist of the caliber needed to become head of President Nixon's EPA Council, totally believable.

In later articles, we shall provide much technical data that will allow you to further understand this most important new military capability. However, we wish to make it very clear that the current group of political leaders of the world that control all the military of all the nations also control this new military technology. These same leaders are 110% committed to bringing the world into the Kingdom of Antichrist popularly called the New World Order. These men are committed to doing whatever is needed to bring about this new order, and to successfully stage their Superman, Antichrist. America, and American leaders, is at the forefront in this effort to stage Antichrist, and establish his kingdom on earth.

Therefore, as we are discussing the technical aspects of this new technology we are calling "Weather Warfare", please understand that our national leaders will be utilizing this technology to accomplish the goals set out in New Age and New World Order literature. Let us succinctly list these goals now:

    1. Convince all peoples of the world that a Global Government is absolutely essential to "solve" all the problems facing mankind.
    2. Convince all peoples of the world that the present Industrial Civilization is not "sustainable", and must be eliminated. Obviously, people will have to be scared out of their minds by planned crises to come to this point.
    3. Move people out of cities and into the countryside. The genocide in Cambodia was the trial run for this part of the scenario.
    4. Reduce the population of the world from 6 billion people to only 2 billion in the space of a few short years. This part of the Plan will be carried out in conjunction with the plan to move people out of cities.
    5. Set aside approximately 50% of all land that will not be usable by humans, or even used by humans. This effort will follow the United Nations Biodiversity Treaty, which we covered in a previous article, NEWS1101, "Rewilding Of America Continues". Clinton's "American Heritage Rivers" project is part of this plan, as well.
    6. Successfully stage the appearance of Antichrist. We will also demonstrate that certain aspects of this Weather Warfare capability can be utilized to produce the "Lying Signs and Wonders" predicted by Biblical prophecy.


As you read all of our forthcoming articles, please keep these New World Order goals fully in your mind. You will find that you can more easily make sense of the events as they really begin to unfold. We have demonstrated that the United Nations' Treaty prohibiting Weather Warfare, and these selected articles from Mass Media sources, absolutely prove the existence of Weather Warfare from a non-technical point of view. If man can now control the basic functions of weather, we are truly at the most frightening point in world history. We are truly at the point where wicked man can now control the world's basic operating functions.

But, we also know that this new technology to control the weather and use it as warfare, will be utilized to stage Antichrist and establish his Global government, economy, and religion. Additionally, these wicked men will also use this technology to fulfill many of the End Times' prophecies found in Scripture.

We are truly at the End of the Age. Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but have been very lukewarm in your spiritual walk with Him, you need to immediately ask Him for forgiveness and for renewal. He will instantly forgive you, and fill your heart with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Then, you need to begin a daily walk of prayer and personal Bible Study.

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