Clinton supporters claim that whatever Clinton did with Monica Lewinsky, and even his lying about it, does not impede him from "doing his job". We will show otherwise.

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Many Clinton sujpporters have argued that we should not continue with Starr's investigation of President Clinton, because Clinton is doing a great job as President, and because his sexual escapades do not keep him from performing well in office. We will demonstrate that this is not true, and we will show further that Clinton's grasp of foreign affairs and of military necessities leave America wide open to an attack from Russia. Then, we shall show that Biblical prophecy just may speak of nuclear annihilation of the United States.

First, let us demonstrate to you that President Clinton's sexual escapades have already potentially opened the window of opportunity necessary for a foregin power armed with sophisticated nuclear weapons to successfully attack us.

Several weeks ago, on one of the Sunday talk show programs, I casually watched a lawyer working for the Republican National Committee being interviewed about Starr's investigation of Clinton. He stated that Starr wanted to speak to Secret Service agents for a very good, and concrete, reason. In the Fall of 1997, the White House Chief of Staff decided he urgently needed to speak to the President. However, he could not find him anywhere. Therefore, he asked the Secret Service agent on duty to help him find the President. They began a thorough search of all the rooms of the White House. They found him, in the of one of the small side rooms in the White House. Monica was performing oral sex on the President.

How long was the President unavailable, at a time when the White House Chief of Staff felt he had an emergency on his hands? Clinton was unavailable for about 15 minutes. What would have been the result if the emergency which was driving the White House Chief of Staff to find the President had been a drove of Russian missiles raining down from over the North Pole? A 15 minute delay by the United States President in beginning to deal with this kind of situation could have allowed us to be destroyed by nuclear attack.

Further, if an enemy could possibly realize that the American President is leaving the window of opportunity open by his sexual proclivities, they might very well attempt to stage just that type of situation so they can take advantage of it by staging an attack at that moment. Suppose the Russians were able to place one of their female agents very close to the President, in a sexual relationship. This agent could then signal when she and the President were abourt to engage in a sexual encounter, thus allowing the Russians to initiate an attack, knowing the President would be tied up for a while. For that matter, such a Russian agent could actually kill the President so as to deaya even more any kind of an American response.

If you are tempted to believe this kind of scenario could not possibly happen, think again. In his book, "The Dark Side of Camelot", Hirschner relates the concerns that the Secret Service had for President Kennedy, as he was allowing women to come to him for sexual encounters without being properly investigated and cleared. The Secret Service was very, very worried that an enemy of the United States might be able to place a female agent in a sexual situation with President Kennedy.

But, you argue, the Cold War is over and we have nothing to fear from Russia anymore. Have you forgotten that Russia still has a very sophisticated nuclear weapons capability that is still targeted on American cities and military targets? (If you believe that fictional story about Russia targeting her missiles away from American targets and into the ocean, you have a real problem that needs to be addressed by professional counsel. Even if this story were true, military and computer experts will tell you that all targeting could be changed in a matter of a few minutes).

Not only is Russia still an enemy of the United States, her leader, Boris Yeltsin still considers the United States to be his enemy. Do not forget that, in February, 1998, Yeltsin warned that any U.S. action against Iraq would provoke nuclear war! Even after given several opportunities to backtrack, Yeltsin remained firm in his insistence that any action by the United States against Iraq would provoke nuclear war.

In 1995, Yeltsin nearly pushed the button on his "black box" that would have launched all Russian nuclear weapons. He was looking at radar screens showing a missile coming from Northern Europe that seemed to be coming right for Moscow. Russian military commanders felt this missile was probably an American missile that had been launched by a Trident submarine in Northern waters. Yeltsin decided to wait just a few more minutes. In that time frame, Russian computers had tracked the missile and had determined that it was headed for orbit, not for Moscow. The missile turned out to be a weather satellite being placed into orbit by a civilian missile launced from the Netherlands.

Still, this episode proves that Yeltsin considers the United States to be his enemy.

On July 8, 1998, a startling article was written by Barry Schweld, Associated Press. The article was entitled, "Defector Warns of Russian Plans", and should dispel any misunderstanding you might harbor about current Russian attitudes toward America.

"WASHINGTON (AP) -- A former Soviet agent says Russia's military intelligence is gathering information on President Clinton, key congressional and military leaers and members of the Cabinet for assassination squads. Elite [Russian] troops are training in the United States, and in the event of war, 'would try to assassinate as many American leaders as possible, as well as their families', Stanislav Lunev, a former colonel in the Russian military intelligence service, asserts in a book published Wednesday."

"They would also blow up power stations, telephone switching systems and dams and [even] target secret landing sites for Air Force One."

"The use of tactical nuclear weapons would be likely ... Lunev said special agents were entering the United States as foreign tourists on fake passports, and that elite troops were locating sites to deposit small nuclear devices, known as 'suitcase bombs' in the Shenandoah Valley outside Washington and the Hudson Valley of New York."

This geographical description of where these 'suitcase bombs' have been placed sounds like Washington, D.C., and its bedroom communities are targeted, as well as New York City and Baltimore, Maryland.

Listen again to Lunev as he speaks about the supposed end of the Cold War.

"I wish America to take much more care about this country's national security because the Cold War is not finished. There is not military confrontation between the two blocs, but the Cold War is still in play and going on in much more dangerous ways."

"Insisting that Russia was preparing for war with the United States, the former intelligence officer said, 'Russian pilots are training for action against NATO and the U.S. military. Russia still considers the United States and NATO the main potential military adversaries.'"

Now that you know how Russia truly views America, let us consider that Clinton has already acted in a way that will give Russia even more advantage in lauching a nuclear attack without fear of retaliation.

The United States has long held the position that, in this era of extremely rapid speeds of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM), we would launch a counter strike upon confirmation of a missile attack, while the missiles were still in the air. While this may seem like a risky strategy, and one filled with danger, it has kept the Russians from attempting a missile attack. Why? The Russians are not even tempted to take the first step of thinking they could destroy the United States without suffering annihilation herself. Any strategist will tell you that the safest strategy is one that keeps your enemy from even contemplating the possiblity of successful warfare against you.

"Don't Even Think About It" has been the message to the Russians for over 30 years

now. No one can argue that this strategy has not been effective, especially since we have taken many technological steps to ensure that our radar is not giving a false message. Safeguards other than radar to confirm the fact that missiles are in the air have been in place so we could safely maintain this quick response strategy.

Now, President Clinton quietly issued Presidential Decision Directive 60 (PDD), which dramatically changed the way in which the United States will respond to a foreign non-conventional, even nucelar, threat. ["Miscalculated Ambiguity: U.S. Policy On The Use And Threat of Use, Of Nuclear Weapons", Disarmament Diplomacy, February, 1998, by Stephen I. Schwartz, Director].

This PDD made it quite plain that President Clinton reserved the right to attack certain "rogue" states, such as North Korea or Iran, who threatened United States interests or who used non-conventional weapons of mass destruction. This PDD, issued in November, 1997, was possibly responsible for Russian President Yeltsin threatening nuclear war against the United States if we attacked Iraq. This enunciated strategy to use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear states seems very risky to me, and much more likely to produce a shooting war that would pit the United States and Russia against one another. After all, such "rogue" states as Iran are not led by totally rational men. Muslims seem particularly to relish a "holy war" in which they are martyred.

But, President Clinton also spelled out a dramatic change in this PDD 60 that scares me even more. Clinton ordered American commanders to not launch upon confirmation that missiles are heading for us. Listen to the words of Robert Bell, Senior Director For Defense Policy and Arms Control At the National Security Council.

"Bell pointed out that while the United States has always had the 'technical capability' to implement a policy of launch on warning, it has chosen not to do so. 'Our policy is to confirm that we are under nuclear attack with actual detonations before retaliating,' he said." ["Clinton Issues New Guidelines On U.S. Nuclear Weapons Doctrine", by Craig Cerniello, Arms Control Today, Nov/Dec, 1997].

Wonderful! Now, we have allowed the Russians the opportunity to even think about the possibility of being able to strike us without being annihilated in return. If we wait until we confirm actual nuclear detonations on our soil, we may be so annihilated that we cannot respond. This first Russian attack may be so massive and so precise that our hardened land-based missiles may be destroyed.

We know that we have created a nuclear weapon that will bury itself 50 feet into the surface of the ground before exploding, so that hardened underground bunkers can be destroyed. What if the Russians have such a weapon and can knock out our NORAD (North American Air Defense Command) headquarters in Colorado?

What if Russian commanders include in their initial massive assault high altitude nuclear warheads designed to explode above North America and knock out all communications? While we hopefully have devised communications that would survive such an attack, we cannot take for granted that we can communicate if the Russians were to detonate a huge bomb for the express purpose of destroying our capability of communicating so we can launch a counter attack.

Furthermore, please remember the warning of the Russian defector, who warned that American leaders and their families would be assassinated prior to launching the first srike. When we think of assassinations, we think of gunmen shooting the victims. But, in this case, the Russians may simply use some of their 'suitcase bombs' to obliterate the White House and another to obliterate the Congress, and another to obliterate the Pentagon. If they could kill all the American leaders who could authorize a counterstrike, they may feel they have eliminated the possibility of a counterstrike from occurring.

At this point, you are probably saying that, if even if the Russians could knock out all our land-based missiles, we would still be able to launch missiles from our submarine fleet. You are right, but maybe not as right as you think you are. We have learned that Paul Warnke, our very Liberal Chief Arms Negotiator, has put forth a written proposal to President Clinton that he take all MIRV [Multiple Independently-Targeted Re-entry Vehicles] missiles off our submarines! Listen:

"START II implementation will eliminate all land-based MIRVs. From every point of view, the most natural, and politically most acceptable, way to eliminate additional large numbers of deployed ballistic missile warheads is to de-MIRV in START III the U.S. and Russian submarine forces by replacing all but one warhead per missile with dummies." ["De-MIRVing Submarines Cuts The Nuclear Gordan Knot",, Volume 51, Number 1, January/February, 1998].

We encourage you to read this document fully, so you can see for yourselves that its conclusions are based on several factors about mankind generally and the Russians specifically that are just not true!

1) The authors of this document assume that man is inherently good. We know the Bible teaching that man is inherently evil, so evil that no one can really know the depths of degradation and evil that is possible in the hearts of man [Jeremiah 17:9].

2) Because the authors of this proposal assume the Russians are inherently good, they seek to "assure" them that the United States does not have a First-Strike Capability.

3) Once we have thus "assurred" the Russians, we can then relax in the knowledge that the only thing that could start a nuclear war is either miscalculation or the take-over of the Russian government by men who are not rational.

4) This document never, ever, not once, contemplates that Yeltsin and his Russian commanders might just start a war because they are evil and want to annihilate us!

5) The final assumption that fatally flaws this disarmament proposal is that the authors assume that the Russians will comply with the terms just because they have signed a piece of paper in which they promised to comply. The Russian Communists have willfully broken every agreement they have ever signed, so why should we now trust them in this most critical of areas? Of course, you know America would comply.

You and I recognize this a fuzzy-headed thinking, but this is typical thinking among Liberal, Humanist Americans. Now you understand why it is critically important for our survival for us to continually elect Conservative, tough-thinking Presidents and Congressmen, who cannot have the old wool pulled over their eyes.

The critical nature of all these changes is that we are delberately moving away from our former posture which ensured that the Russians would be detered by an overwhelming combination of armed forces and the political will necessary to use such armed forces. As we eliminate this combination, we will not know when we have crossed the line where the Russians feel they can attack without suffering annihilation in return.

At this point, those of us who know our Bibles can shed a little light on this situation, and the light we shed is painfully blunt. Please bear with us as we shed this Biblical light on the current situation.

1) The last step before the appearance of Antichrist is the reorganization of the nations of the world into 10 Super Nations. Immediately after the prophet Daniel sees the nations form into 10, he sees the appearance of Antichrist. We have repeatedly reported that he nations of the world were reorganized from 1992-1996, with NAFTA as nation Number One. [Read NEWS1002 for full details]

2) We know that Russia is Nation #5, "Russia and Eastern Europe", in this plan of reorganization.

3) We know the Bible foretells that, in the Latter Days, Russia will lead a combination of armies, from both south and north, against Israel [Ezekiel 38-39].

4) The Bible foretells that God will totally destroy both the Russian-led armed forces and will destroy Russia herself [Ezekiel 39:6]. Thus, we know that Russia is destroyed by the direct hand of God, not in a nuclear counterstrike from America.

5) We know that the United States is part of NAFTA, which is Nation #1 of this 10 Nation Reorganization Plan.

6) We know that, soon after the Antichrist arises, three of the ten Super Nations are totally, completely destroyed [Daniel 7:24]

7) We know that, when Russia begins to move her forces, the Bible foretells that Israel's allies will not take direct action against Russia, but will only issue a very weak diplomatic protest [Ezekiel 38:13]. Modern Bible scholars have long wondered why Russia could confidently move her forces against Israel, when they knew the United States had always defended Israel. Why would the United States allow Russia to move overwhelming forces against Israel this time? One Christian author, Dave Hunt, believes it is because the United States is no longer capable of protesting the Russian invasion, because she has seen so many of her prominent citizens Raptured. I believe Dave Hunt is only partly correct. I believe the United States will not protest or act to counteract this Russian invasion because she is no longer alive.

I believe the United States will be the first of the three super nations to be totally destroyed after Antichrist arises. The Russians have been willing partners in this global plan to bring about the New World Order [See Seminar 2 for details]. But, true to Lennist doctrine, they will attack to achieve a counter coup once the Plan has been implemented. Once Antichrist has arisen, and he has received the pledge of support from every one of the 10 leaders of the Super Nations, Russia will attack the United States with nuclear weapons, totally destroying her. Then, once that destruction has been completed, Russia will begin to move her forces against Israel.

Since the Antichrist has made his office in Jerusalem, the world will view this as an attack on Antichrist, which it truly is. Once God Almighty has totally destroyed the Russian-led forces and Russia herself, the world will give credit to Antichrist, thus making them follow him even more fully.

Further, Orthodox Jewish leaders will be looking for Antichrist to fulfill all their Messianic prophecies before they declare him to be their Messiah. To these Orthodox priests, the destruction of the hostile Russian-led forces will be fulfilment of the prophecy for which they have been awaiting, of Jerusalem being delivered by Messiah from surrounding armies [Zechariah 12].

Once these Russian-led forces are destroyed, the Orthodox leadership will declare Antichrist to be their Messiah, thus opening the way for him to "confirm the covenant" prophesied in Daniel 9:27. As the ink dries on this convenant, the 7-Year Tribulation Period will begin. Russia [Nation #5] and the United States [Nation #1], plus one other nation, will have been totally destroyed. Thus, Antichrist moves into the 7-Year Tribulation with only 7 Super Nations, not 10. But, why should we be surprised, since the Number 7 is God's number for Perfection, while the occultist reveres the Number 10 as the Number of the "Upright Man" who can stand apart from Religion!

In conclusion, we believe the United States may very well be the Economic Babylon described in such great detail in Revelation 18. Time and space fail us here to detail all the reasons for this belief, but we encourage you to read Radio Transcript, CE1038, "Economic Babylon of Revelation 18 May Be America" for full details.

If the United States is this Economic Babylon, then the following Scriptures from that chapter take on great significance in this current discussion.

Only nuclear weapons can destroy in one hour of one day, with great fire. I do not know exactly how our total destruction will occur, but I know in my heart that it will occur. Great and mighty is the Lord God Who will judge this once righteous nation!

The very fact that our current President could be making such foolish decisions that can get us all killed seems to be setting the stage for our total destruction. And, this destruction would be totally in conformance with prophecy.

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