Subtitle:  No person can be a powerful witch unless he/she takes prodigious amounts of drugs. Therefore, if you suspect someone of being a witch, you must see a strong drug connection.  Clinton has a very, very strong and persistent drug connections, both in the Governor's Mansion and the White House!  This is further proof that the Clinton's are practicing powerful witches.

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It is virtually impossible to overestimate the importance of drugs in the progression of a person in the occult.  Simply stated, no person can "expand their consciousness properly or far enough to progress up the various degrees without taking drugs.  The types of drugs that have been used throughout the centuries by people in the occult have varied according to the drug that was available at the time and in the locality in which the occultist lived.  For example, Adolf Hitler and his Thule Society brethren used mescaline to blow their minds and "expand their consciousness".

In fact, this process of expanding one's consciousness is considered by the occultist to be a series of ascending levels, ending in a supreme state of "transcendent consciousness" ["The Spear of Destiny", by Trevor Ravenscroft, p. 71]. However, no one can fully attain to this ideal until and unless they can move their mind and soul into a state where they are totally free of all senses associated with this world.  Listen to Ravenscroft, a White Magic practitioner, describe this belief.  "This enigmatic symbolism depicts the conditionof a soul of a man ... who is still trapped in the three-dimensional 'Dustbin' of consciousness ... the soul who is not yet capable of the 'sense-free' thinking which leads to transcendent consciousness." [Ibid., p. 72]  Later, Ravenscroft said that this type of consciousness can only occur when the occultist can "cross the bridge between two worlds -- the Earthly and the Supersensible". [Ibid].  This stage in the evolution of a Satanist is called the Fourth Level or Dimension.

Hitler was able to cross this "bridge between two worlds" through the repeated use of drugs, most of which was given him by his secret mentor in the Black Arts, the occult bookseller, Ernst Pretzsche [Ibid., p. 76-77]  Historians now know that Hitler was lost on numerous occasions while he was tripping out of this world and into the "Supersensible", and that his staff and the German Generals had to cover for him.  But, Hitler and his generals did not have to contend with a world full of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons that can annihilate entire countries!

Do not be deceived; no one can fully achieve this occultic ideal known as "transcendent consciousness"  if they do not use drugs, repeatedly, in conjunction with mantras, rituals, and other occultic arts.  This is one of the reasons we see such a degree of drug usage in America since the Vietnam War.  During the late 1960's through today, Americans have systematically rejected the Christian Foundation on which this nation was originally founded, replacing it with a Satanic Values Foundation [See Seminar 1 for full details].  The indoctrination into the various degrees of Satanism was amply provided by Rock Music, TV and movies, and the New Age Movement.

Today, America stands at the brink of the appearance of Antichrist with a strong proportion of its population fully ready to accept him and his values.  Today, tens of millions of Americans, mostly middle class, are constant users of drugs.  This fact is one of the most revealing indications that America, as a nation, can now be thought of as being an occultic nation.

To reiterate, drug usage is so indispensablein a person achieving the "transcendent consciousness"  they so badly desire, that, if you suspect someone of being a practicing witch, you must have a strong demonstrable link to drugs .  This brings us back to Bill Clinton.  My daddy always liked to say that, "where you have smoke you have fire", and he was absolutely right.  The drug cloud that surrounds Bill Clinton is both pervasive and persuasive  Let us examine that record now.


Let us turn first to the excellent book by national journalist, David Bresnahan, "Cover Up:  The Art and Science of Political Deception", as he speaks about Clinton in Arkansas in the early 1980's.  Bill Clinton lost his seat as Governor in 1980, but gained it back in 1982.  Bresnahan talks about the importance of this two-year period to both Bill and Hillary.

" The two years between his loss in 1980 and his return to power in 1982 may very well have been the most significant two years in the history of this nation.  It was during that time that Bill and Hillary Clinton sold their souls to the Devil himself.  During those two years, Clinton went back to the powerbrokers, primarily Tyson [Tyson  Chicken] and Stephens, and told them what a fool he had been.  He told them he now realized his mistakes and would get it right, telling them that he was young, arrogant, and had made a mistake.  Clinton asked then, 'What do I have to do for you if I get re-elected and then become president?' " [p. 30]

"Deals were made then that have led this nation on a path to ruin.  Clinton repaired his associations and this time made the alliances and the pacts that would lead to his run for the presidency ... 'He went to the Tysons and the Stephens with his hat in his hand', recounts Nichols, who was fired by Clinton and has since been on a personal vendetta against him in his effort to get even. 'These people were worldclass, not just Arkansas, rich.  Clinton made sure they realized that he would do absolutely anything they wanted.  Anything'."

"During those two years, Clinton was often seen with known drug dealer, Dan Lasater ... 'I first noticed him in the early '80's just after Clinton lost the governorship', described Larry.  'It was then that you'd see Lasater pop up. He was a pretty hard runner.  Everybody knew he was big into the drugs.  He would have parties where that stuff would just flow.' " [page 39]

Thus, we have the beginnings of the link between Bill Clinton and drugs.  If you were like me, I never bought the lie Clinton tried to foist upon the American people in 1992, when he said that while he smoked, he never inhaled!  My gut instincts told me then that Clinton had used plenty of drugs when he was in college, and might even be using them yet today. After all, Clinton was admittedly part of the anti-Vietnam War protestor crowd, and we who lived through that era know them for the dope-smoking crowd they were! But, we will have more on that subject a little later on.

One thing you must understand is that nobody is saying that Clinton was running drugs.  Nobody has a shred of proof that Clinton ever was actively involved in bringing in drugs from overseas.  Let us allow Larry Nichols state this fact.  " 'Never have I ever said Bill Clinton was laundering one bucket of dope ... He hasn't laundered one penny of money.  Not Bill Clinton.  What I can prove is that, not only did he know Lasater and the others were doing it, but he also blocked investigations to stop people from stopping them from doing it.' " [p. 44]  In other words, Governor Clinton was acting as a "facilitator", or a "protector" of the real drug running operation!  In fact, Governor Clinton worked to get a Federal drug conviction of his patron, Dan Lasater, reduced to an Arkansas State conviction.  Once Lasater's conviction became a State charge, Governor Clinton immediately and boldly gave him a full pardon! [Ibid.]  Clinton served as a protector and facilitator of the Arkansas drug trade while Governor; does that give you any hint as to what he might do as President of the United States?

But there is still more to this story of Governor Clinton!

Several government investigators have also testified that they were pursuing Lasater, Seal and others in their drug running, and even were able to obtain an arrest warrant.  However, just before they were going to serve their arrest warrants they were ordered to not proceed!  "Bill Clinton on several occasions not only looked the other way regarding Lasater and Seal, but we have state police who were working narcotics at the time that testified to Congressman Jim Leach and his people that they had orders and a warrant to arrest Seal.  They were called off by Col. Tommy Goodwin and told to leave him alone, to cancel the warrants.  When they double checked, Goodwin told them Clinton ordered them to stand down."  [Bresnahan, Ibid., p. 42]

When an elected official uses the power and prestige of his office to block investigators from arresting a person for alleged drug trafficking, it is a very serious breach of the law.  That governor should be tried and convicted and sent away for a very long time.  However, Bill Clinton is a very powerful and protected individual, so he was not arrested and tried. Instead, he prospered!


Clinton became even more aggressive and bold.  He went before the Arkansas legislature to propose the creation of a new agency, the Arkansas Development Finance Authority (AFDA), for the express purpose of facilitating loans needed to stimulate development within the state.  Incredibly, the legislature approved Clinton's request that the money flow in and out of the AFDA be kept secret , and that the AFDA be allowed to conduct its own audits !  Obviously, this set the stage for one of the largest flows of dirty money imaginable.  Let us return back to Bresnahan as he records this money flow.

"Drug trafficking creates a major problem for those in that business.  Enormous amounts of money are generated in drug deals that need to be made to look as though it came from legitimate sources.  Money laundering is the practice of taking such money and 'cleaning it up'.  In 1985, Bill Clinton created his masterpiece.  AFDA apparently served as a means to launder drug money and provide 'free money' to Clinton's top supporters.  The best part, from Clinton's vantage point, was that it was specifically set up by the Arkansas legislature to keep all of its transactions completely secret." [Ibid]

Thus, the amount of drugs flying into and out of Arkansas, specifically in the small town of Mena, were staggering.  This drug smuggling was occurring at full speed even during the Reagan-Bush years, when the official position of the Administration was that America was at war with drugs.  From this drug connection, Bill Clinton received "free money" to use on his campaigns, on his women, and probably, on creating off-shore bank accounts that were burgeoning with cash.  At least, it makes sense that Clinton would be paid off in this latter manner.


Now that we have shown that drug trafficking swirled  all around the Clinton ArkansasGovernor's office what happened after he became President?  Once he became President, did Clinton discontinue such efforts to protect Arkansas drug traffickers? Did Clintonbegin acting on behalf of what was right for America?  Once, again, Bresnahan quotes Larry Nichols, former head of the AFDA.

" 'If you believe it [drug smuggling] went on in the mid '80's, don't you think it would be bigger than ever?' he asked me rhetorically.  'The man that facilitated the [Arkansas drug] operation was Bill Clinton.  He is now the president of the United States.  So why would anybody think that the drug problem in Mena has stopped?  The first day Clinton takes office, he shuts down and fires every prosecutor.  They weren't his loyal people, so he fired every single one of them ... the first day he takes office, he also shuts down the AWACS plane that was patrolling our southern border, picking up planes that were bringing in dope.  Now you know why, in his first day in office, Bill Clinton stopped our drug interdiction policy .  Now, you understand, he is facilitating the drugs to come in bigger than ever." [Ibid., p. 45; Emphasis added]  Nichols continues:

"I know you are deceived a bit about the drug raids you hear about periodically.  You hear, from time to time, about the biggest drug bust in history was made in such and such a place, and people say, 'Golly that doesn't make sense'.  It does [make sense] if you understand that Clinton is helping his friends to eliminate the competition ."  Nichols claims that Clinton is using the DEA and law enforcement agencies to eliminate the illegal drug competition for his friends. 'They're using our police, our government, to tend to their own drug wars ... Understand that Clinton is not the brilliant crook. It's just that he's following orders." [Ibid.]

Former FBI agent, Gary Aldrich, said much the same thing in his monumental book, "Unlimited Access: An FBI Agent Inside The Clinton White House".  Aldrich uncovered dramatic usage of drugs within the White House itself, by the staff, supposedly even by some of the top officials.  Listen to what he said.

"Maybe they [Clinton White House officials] thought they could buy an FBI agent, like they had bought a state trooper in Arkansas ... I'd come to the White House to get away from crooks and drug dealers, and now I was surrounded by a White House staff full of people who had been major drug buyers -- or maybe worse." [p. 111]

How serious was the drug problem in the Clinton White House?  Aldrich was in charge of the standard FBI policy of conducting background checks on all White House employees, beginning when they were first hired.  Additionally, Aldrich was also to keep his eyes and ears open for any breach of National Security that might be occurring within the White House, which is why he maintained a permanent office in the White House.  Aldrich estimated that, "upwards of 25 percent of their staff members had serious experience with significant illegal drugs, for example. Drug use was not just by low-level staff. It included "Cabinet-level people too," said Aldrich. [Ibid.]


Bresnahan also writes for the Internet news service called WorldNetDaily.com.  He wrote an article posted on the Internet on September 22, 1998, entitled, "Drug Use Probed In The White House".  While most of his allegations stemmed from Former FBI agent, Gary Aldrich, Bresnahan also quotes sources from the Office of the Independent Council, Kenneth Starr, about a shocking discovery they made when the FBI thoroughly examined the blue cocktail dress belonging to Monica Lewinsky.  This dress was the one which contained semen from Bill Clinton. 

This dress contained more than just semen.  "Several sources have reported independently of each other that Monica Lewinsky's dress not only had evidence of a sexual encounter with Bill Clinton, but also traces of cocaine. There was a significant amount of cocaine residue, said one source close to the FBI. Another source with ties to the White House Secret Service confirmed the allegations and was astonished the Starr report does not mention more about the dress." [Ibid.]

Can you imagine that, not only were Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky having sexual relations in the White House office area, they were also doing cocaine together!?  This revelation is the most shocking possible, because it means that the President was out of commission for a considerable period of time while he was on his cocaine high!  Folks, from my term in the Army Intelligence Service during the Vietnam War, I can tell you that this kind of Presidential irresponsibility is the most serious breach of National Security possible .  If enemy activity, like a serious international incident in which the Russians had fully mobilized their nuclear forces, the President would not be available to make a decision as to how to respond!

How would you feel if the President, who alone has the power over nuclear weapons and hourly has our very lives in his hands, has achieved the highest in the practice of the occult?  In the very first part of this article, we described what constitutes this highest level, but let us remind you what is entails.  Quoting Trevor Ravenscroft White Magic Practitioner, writing in his monumental book, "The Spear of Destiny", we learn what this highest level of witchcraft truly is.  "They can move their mind and soul into a state where they are totally free of all senses associated with this world".  How safe does it make you feel to know that your Commander In Chief might have entered into a state where his mind and soul is "totally free of all senses associated with this world"?  Truly, America is in the greatest danger ever in our history, as we are facing enemies that are still armed with nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons, and possessing the frame of mind that war with us is inevitable. [See NEWS1216 , where a Russian Intelligence defector warns that Yeltsin is even now planning to strike the United States!]


But, we have an even more direct and creditable source that tells us of drug use within the White House, and even in the Oval Office.  Bresnahan notes, "As heads are still spinning over sex, perjury, abuse of power and security scandals in the White House, trained dogs brought in by the Secret Service detected drug use in and around the Oval Office, sources tell WorldNetDaily." [September 22, 1998, "Drug Use Probed In White House"].

 I spoke to Mr. Bresnahan directly on this issue, as it seemed to be absolutely so incredible as to strain credulity.  Mr. Bresnahan explained that dogs were not brought into the White House specifically to sniff out drugs; rather, they were routinely brought in to sniff out bombs or incendiarydevices.  Suddenly, as they were sniffing the Oval Office, these trained dogs began to give the signal that they had discovered drugs!  These dogs are trained to give one type of signal if they detect bomb material and another type of signal if they detect drugs.  These dogs were giving the unmistakablesignal for drugs!  They were then taken throughout the White House, except for the Residence, and they discovered traces of drugs all over the White House.


We have already noted that there are numerous times when President Clinton disappears for hours on end, where nobody can find him.  Secret Service does not know where he is, his Chief of Staff does not know where he is, and even Hillary does not know where he is, for hours on end.  Gary Aldrich reported in his book, "Unlimited Access" that President Clinton would regularlysneak out of the White House in the back of a White House limousine and be driven to a Marriott Hotel in downtown Washington, D.C. This hotel was chosen because it had an elevator that came all the way down to the lower garage level, thus bypassing the lobby.  The President was rumored to be regularly seeing a woman at this hotel, Aldrich reports.  Clinton would be unavailable for up to 5 hours at each of these trysts.  Thus, America is wide open to enemy attack during one of these trysts!  If an enemy could neutralize the Vice-President and Speaker of the House, they could conceivably attack us and destroy us without fearing retaliation. The ramifications of this plausible scenario are frightening beyond belief, and both Democrat and Republican Congressmen know it.  Then, it makes you wonder how it is that they could be defending him, saying that this "sex thing" does not "rise to the level of an impeachable offense"?!  Our National Security has never been so deliberately imperiled!

But, even if White House staffers could find the President, he might be so out of control on a drug high that he could not respond, or at least he could not respond well.  How would you feel if you knew that your President might just be forced to respond to an international nuclear crisis at the very time he is on a cocaine high?  Can you begin to understand how and why it is that this President might just be leading this nation on a "fatal course" with history and destiny?  This National Security disaster that Bill Clinton is creating is one of the reasons we named this series, "Clinton's Fatal Leadership".  The other reason is that, since Bill Clinton is the leader of Nation #1 in the world reorganization plan, thus fulfilling prophecy, he could very well be the President in charge when God's judgments of Revelation 18 fall [See CE1038 , "America Could Be Economic Babylon of Revelation 18" for full details].

Gary Aldrich -- the former FBI agent who wrote the expose, "Unlimited Access:  An FBI Agent Inside The Clinton White House" -- stated strongly that many members of Congress were well aware of all this activity, including drugs and lax security that could allow a foreign intelligence service to penetrate the White House and endanger National Security.  If this is true, then why is Congress allowing the debate over impeachment to speak only of sex between Monica Lewinsky?  Why are charges of drug use in the White House not part of the Impeachment Process? We can only conclude that two factors may be in play here, either singly or in concert with each other.  (1)  Clinton has enough dirt on enough Congressmen and Senators as to prevent them from coming after him like they should.  After all, that is what Filegate was all about, i.e., illegally getting the files on almost 1,000 potential Clinton opponents, both Democrat and Republican.  (2) We have stated all along that the leadership of the Republican Party is as committed to the coming global New World Order as is the leadership of the Democrats.  If the top leaders of the Republican Congressional delegation know that Clinton is planned to be the final President prior to the appearance of Antichrist, they will not move to impeach him.  Rather, they will "investigate" him and find him either innocent or guilty of a minor crime not sufficient for impeachment.  We will allow you to reach your own conclusions.


Now, let us return to our premise that Bill and Hillary Clinton are powerful practicing witches.  As I stated before, drug usage is absolutely essential for anyone participating in the occult; thus, if you suspect anyone of being an occultist, you must be able to see a strong drug link.  We see such a strong drug link to Bill Clinton as to defy believability.  If any other person in America today had such a strong and unbroken link to drug smuggling as does Bill Clinton, that person would be arrested, tried, found guilty, and sent to jail a long time ago.  The fact that this fate has not happened to Bill Clinton is yet another strong indication that he is surrounded by a very powerful aura.

In NEWS1215 , we discovered that Bill Clinton is the leader of Nation #1 in the New World Order Reorganization Plan, a plan which fulfills Bible prophecy in Daniel and Revelation.  The very fact that Clinton is this leader brands him as being an occultist of the same type as Antichrist, because the Bible clearly states that each of the 10 Super Rulers at the End of the Age will be tightly in league with Antichrist.

In NEWS1217a and NEWS1217b, we discovered that Bill Clinton was operating his office of the President and conducting his campaigns following the principles of the Satanic document, the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion .  This is another strong indication Clinton is a practicing occultist.

Now, we learn that Clinton has a strong and unbroken link to drugs.  If we could not show a strong link to drugs, we could not be sure that Clinton is a powerful practicing witch, to which former witch, Doc Marquis gave witness [See NEWS1215 for full details].

Truly, the End of the Age is upon us.  All the many prophecies which the Bible foretells about the End of the Age are being fulfilled, including the prophecies that our leader at this moment in world history -- Ruler of Nation #1 -- is a powerful practicing witch!  Truly, the End of the Age is here.

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