Subtitle:  FBI Agent Aldrich spent a great deal of time with the people whom Bill and Hillary hired.  Many of his observations of these people make sense only if you realize that Bill and Hillary are powerful, Illuminist witches. The old saying, "Birds of a feather flock together" holds true here.

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In 1933, a funny looking man with a moustache swayed enough Germans so that he was first elected, and then allowed to rise, to the post of absolute dictatorship -- Adolf Hitler.  But, he was the most popular man in Germany, and remained so until just before Germany collapsed under allied firepower in 1945.  At the very beginning, in 1933, certain White Magic Occultists recognized that Hitler was demonically possessed, and that he was a practitioner of the Black Magick Arts. Their vigorous attempts to warn people completely fell on deaf ears.  Nobody believed him, and many of those who refused to believe, died in Hitler's Holocaust.  If only more people had believed the warnings that Hitler had a dark, black, demonic side. 

Now, in 1998, we are issuing the same type of warnings about Bill and Hillary Clinton.  Listen carefully to our proofs.

Throughout this series of articles on Bill and Hillary Clinton, we have reported on many odd, even weird, things that they have done that just don't make sense to the normal person.  For example, in NEWS1224 , we reported that Hillary had chosen ornaments for her First Lady Blue Room Christmas Tree that could only be described as "pornographic"; certainly, this tree was decorated as untraditional as anyone could have ever imagined.  The normal American would find this event so totally weird that they would just shrug their shoulders, mutter something under their breath, and try to forget about it. But, someone who was involved in the occult world would understand Hillary's actions completely.  Hillary was sending a strong and clear signal to anyone in the occult that she was one of them, and that the White House was firmly under the control of the Illuminists.  But, this is the value of the Cutting Edge Ministries, as we know the occult very well, and we have advisors that are experts in this field.  Thus, we can spot events that would be dismissed by the average person, and correctly peg its true significance.

In this article, we want to focus on the kind of people that Bill and Hillary hired to run their White House.  In any organization, the hired staff reflects the predominate values and attitudes of the big boss, as he or she will hire people with whom he or she will be most comfortable.  In essence, the collective type of people who are hired generally are the same as the person who hired them.  Therefore, we can determine much about Hillary and Bill by examining the people whom they hired. 

In this series, we are quoting observations made by former FBI Agent, Gary Aldrich, who was assigned to the FBI office within the White House, to conduct background investigations on employees, both old and new.  Aldrich had been brought to the White House in this capacity by the Bush Administration and was held over by the Clinton Administration.  Since FBI agents are the most highly trained investigators in the world, these personal observations by Aldrich carry the weight of evidence that would stand up in court.

Let us now examine these pertinent observations, remembering that they strongly prove that Bill and Hillary are powerful, practicing witches.  The quotes from Aldrich will be in black, any observations by Former Illuminist Witch, Doc Marquis, will be in red, and any statement from the Cutting Edge will be in blue.

1)  "The Clintons are not as they appear to be ..." [p. xiv] Aldrich defines our problem perfectly, while at the same time, warning us to be on our guard.  Of course, Jesus Christ told us in Matthew 24, that the End of the Age was going to be typified by unparalleled deception.  To make sure we got the message, Jesus repeated this warning three times in Matthew 24.  To date, the Clinton Administration has perfected the art of the bold lie, and has been richly rewarded by being elected twice and by having incredibly high poll numbers.

"Another permanent staffer tried to explain to him that Hillary was not like any normal first lady preceding her."  No kidding, Hillary is the first Illuminist witch to ever be First Lady.  She is also the only First Lady to outrank her husband in the occult.  Read NEWS1224 for full details.

2)  "Truth is whatever you want it to be." [p. xv] White House Chief of Staff, Craig Livingstone, speaking to FBI agent, Dennis Sculimbrene. 'The truth, Dennis? Don't you know that truth is relative? Your testimony was your version of the truth. Truth is whatever you want it to be.' " [p. 134] This is the philosophical basis of the entire Clinton White House, and was certainly shared by the people whom the Clintons hired.  Since they believed there is no absolute truth, the FBI was continuously frustrated in its efforts to conduct a normal background check.  This idea that truth is not absolute, is the basis for Communism, the New Age Movement, our current Public School system, and Satanism.  Listen to Anton LaVey, writing in his book, "The Satanic Bible".  "No moral dogma must be taken for granted -- no standard of measurement deified. There is nothing inherently sacred ..." [p. 31]  Once you examine the Clinton Administration through the prism of this Satanic quote, you are well on your way to knowing the truth about Bill and Hillary.

3)  "Lies like this passed easily from the lips of Clinton staffers." [p. 157] Aldrich was always catching Clinton staffers in lies, but they were totally unperturbed by that fact.  Once again, no occultist will allow himself to be held to an absolute truth standard.  The Illuminati, especially, are arrogant in this regard.  Listen to New Age author, Bill Cooper, as he captures the essence of the arrogance of the Illuminati.  "The solution of today's problems requires an approach which is ruthlessly candid, with no agonizing over religious, moral, or cultural values." ["Behold A Pale Horse", p. 37].  Haven't we just discussed the manner in which the Clinton Administration is being operated?

How abut this Illuminist statement, also from Bill Cooper?  "Those who will not use their brains are no better off than those who have no brains, and so this mindless school of jelly-fish, father, mother, son and daughter, become useful beasts of burden, or trainers of the same." [p. 64]  We submit to you that this is the true attitude of Bill and Hillary Clinton, their slick advertising slogan, "we feel your pain", notwithstanding. 

4) "All definitions of words, like everything else, are relative. Definition is, to a major degree, dependent upon your partisan position." [p. 135] This redefinition of words is very common within the occult. Many common words are used to denote occult words, and hidden meanings of words.

Occultists are trained to be masters in the area of language manipulation and confusion, the better to deceive the "vulgar" and "profane" in the general cattle-type population.  I had always recognized that Communists seemed to be the world's best at redefining words, until I studied the occult.  Occultists are highly trained mentally; they learn to think forwards and backwards, memorize backwards, and recite poetry and Bible verses backwards. They are most highly trained mentally.  Again, we have seen this feature with Bill Clinton, who has been dubbed "Slick Willy" because he can think so quickly on his feet.

5)  "The White House has a completely amoral worldview." [p. xiv] -- As does the Illuminati. Remember, for them the 'ends justify the means'.  Both the Illuminati and its creation, Communism, believe that there can be no morality, as our quotes from Cooper, above, demonstrate.  Are you beginning to get the idea that there is a lot of commonality between Communism, the Illuminati, and the Clinton Administration?  They are all "birds of a feather".

6)  "There was an unusual quality to the Clinton staff that set it far apart from the Bush Administration. It was the shape of their bodies. In the Clinton Administration, the broad-shouldered, pants-wearing women and the pear-shaped, bowling-pin men blurred distinction between the sexes." [p. 30] Typical representation of the duality of the god and goddess of the occult.  Since the occult teaches "balance" in Nature, their adherents tend to try to either look like the other sex or to look like a neutral sex.  This observation is a clear proof of the occultism of Bill and Hillary.

7)  [Aldrich writing about the various types of clothing he observed being worn by the new Clinton White House staff.] "I saw jeans, T-shirts and sweatshirts; men with earrings and ponytails, and every manner of footwear except normal dress shoes. One young lady was dressed entirely in black -- black pants, black T-shirt, black shoes, even black lipstick. She was the only one I saw wearing business shoes. But they were men's shoes -- big, black wingtips." [p. 16]  Black is the color of witchcraft. Bill and Hillary must have thought nothing abnormal about this type of apparel.

8)  "Later, another friend of mine remarked how the Secret Service's attention was captured by a Clinton Advance Team member wearing a red Lenin lapel pin." [p. 10, occurred in November, 1992] Red denotes Rothschild's "red shield". From the high German language Rothschild means "red shield".  Since Communism was created by Rothschild's Illuminism, there is a great deal of commonality between Communism and Illuminism.  This red shield is just one such instance.

Can you imagine the shock of the patriotic, Secret Service agents when they saw a member of the Clinton Advance Team wearing a lapel pin that belonged to the Communist enemy? They must have thought, "is it possible that Communists were now being allowed into the White House as part of the Clinton team?"  Well, that is partly true.  As Marquis notes, above, the red Lenin lapel pin is itself an adaptation of the occultic Illuminati "red shield".  Are you beginning to get a clear picture of the true relationship between the Clintons, both Illuminist, and Communism? Read NEWS1007, "Thesis x Antithesis = Synthesis" to get the full explanation of how Communism was deliberately created out of thin air by the Illuminati.

9)  "Young or old, man or woman -- too many people in the Clinton White House couldn't control their tempers [demons] or their tongues ... [one particular staffer] was frequently sloppy, often arrogant, always disagreeable, and had a reputation for being very inconsiderate. Like so many in the Clinton, including the president, and sadly, the first lady, this staffer was not able to express his thoughts, or make a point, without the use of obscene language and rage. The rage was more important to me from an investigative standpoint. There were reports that he had fits of raging fury when crossed. He used violent, coarse language as a 'sledge hammer' to bully people ... Because he held a high-level position, it was necessary to interview senior staff ..." [p. 29] This terribly negative mannerism is typical of Illuminati actions and mentality. "I am better than you and will prove it". When God said, "there is no peace for the wicked", He was not only right on target, but He was doubly or triply correct when it comes to a person deeply into the occult.  An occultist who has achieved a significant level is as filled with demonic rage as you can possibly ever imagine.  That type of occultist is literally filled with hatred straight from Hell.

Aldrich opened each chapter with a quote entitled, "Rules For Radicals" and then quoted something on that point from "George Washington's Rules of Civility And Decent Behavior".  Whether he meant to, or not, Aldrich opened one of the chapters with a quote from "Rules For Radicals" that perfectly captures the attitude of the Illuminati.  Remember when you are reading this quote, that the radical is expressing his contempt for an Industrial Civilization as we have today in America.  Once you have read this quote, you might want to read our article, NEWS1186, "Our Present Civilization Has To Die".  Now, here is Aldrich's quote that perfectly illustrated the white-hot hatred Illuminists have for our way of life.

Rules For Radicals -- "Our rebels have contemptuously rejected the values and way of life of the middle class. They have stigmatized it as materialistic, decadent, bourgeois, degenerate, imperialistic, warmongering, brutalized, and corrupt." [p. 162; Emphasis added] [True Illuminati mentality]

Bill Cooper gives us a few more examples of the true Illuminist mentality.  As you read these examples, just remember that, in their heart of hearts, Bill and Hillary feel this way toward us. We will be quoting from "Behold A Pale Horse". All quotes from Bill Cooper will be in black.

"Keep the public busy, busy, busy, with no time to think; back on the farm with the other animals." [p. 57] I bet you did not know you were considered just farm animals by the Clintons, did you?

""Keep the public undisciplined, and ignorant of basic system principles on the one hand, while keeping them confused, disorganized, and distracted with matters of no real importance on the other hand." [Ibid.]  Now you know why our Public School system is planned to fail.  Whenever you hear Clinton or any politician droning on about "supporting our public school system" you will now know to vote for the other guy in the race.

"The general rule is that there is profit in confusion; the more confusion, the more profit.  Therefore, the best approach is to create problems and then offer the solutions." [Ibid]  Isn't that exactly what we have seen occurring with Education?  The Public School system has been planned to fail in stages from the early 1930's to now.  Every time a report is issued that documents such a decline, the Liberals step in, right on cue, and demand more money, or decreased class sizes, or more teachers.  Then, the press jumps in and makes such a big deal out of this supposed "solution" that anyone who really has their head on straight enough to oppose such "solutions" are branded as reactionary and opposed to the "welfare" of the student!  And, the dumbed-down public buys into this nonsense, and supports the very person(s) who are engineering their demise in the first place!  Is it "take-over time" yet?  Are the American people ready to "harvest"?

Do you want to know how close the Illuminati feels the American public is to takeover time?  New Age author, Cooper, captures Illuminist thinking perfectly on this issue.  Listen:  1)  "When the government is able to collect tax and seize private property without just compensation, it is an indication the the public is ripe for surrender and is consenting to enslavement and legal encroachment.  A good and easily quantified indicator of harvest time is the number of public citizens who pay income tax despite an obvious lack of reciprocal or honest service from the government." [Ibid., p. 58]

I submit to you that the Illuminati is convinced the American people are ready for "harvest time", as they view elections in which the biggest liar almost always wins, and in which the people accept words instead of deeds, and then make no effort to keep their elected officials accountable after the outrageous elections.  Truly, the American people are like sheep, ready to be led up the ramp into the slaughter truck by the Judas Goat! At this point, the New World Order will have arrived, lead by the Antichrist himself.

10)  [Aldrich is speaking to McLarty, White House Counsel about a person working in the White House, who is one of Bill's closest associates. He is the person described in Paragraph 8, above]. "Mr. McLarty, there is the issue of emotional control, sir. This man works in close proximity to the president, and he can't seem to moderate his anger. He can't seem to control his emotions. [Indicative of demon possession] That doesn't necessarily mean he's dangerous, but loss of emotional control, fits of rage, may be warning signs of a bigger problem. Sometimes rage can be attributed to emotional disturbance, and sometimes rage is an indication of illegal drug use. Cocaine, for example, can cause fits of rage in many people. Do you understand now why I would ask these questions, sir?" [p. 31]

[Aldrich continues: "... I guess what I am trying to say, sir, is that they [the women] probably resent being forced to listen to his out-of-control screaming, his explosive temper, his vulgarity, his disrespectful attitude to religion, and his obscene references to biological, scatological, and sexual acts, and perversions, all of which seem to be an important part of this man's vocabulary." [p. 32]

"Indicative of demon possession; demons of "lust", "anger" C.F. "Seven Master Principalities of Hell". Read NEWS1050, "Satan's Divisions of Hell", for a more complete understanding of what Marquis is talking about in his statement here.

I find this type of behavior most disgusting for two important reasons.  First, no one should treat another human being this way.  This type of behavior simply steps way out of bounds of civil behavior of a civilized society.  Secondly, this type of behavior is totally opposite of the "caring", "compassionate" nature of Bill and Hillary which Madison Avenue advertising has carefully sold to the American people.  How many votes would people lose if they understood that this type of behavior is the TRUE Bill and Hillary, and the entire herd that rode in with them?

11) [Aldrich writing about violations of the normal White House dress code by the interns and staffers working there]. "The first serious violation occurred when a well-endowed young lady had trouble keeping her breasts from tumbling out of her blouse. She had become something of a legend around the White House ... the second dress-code violation was observed by none other than Hillary Rodham Clinton. It seemed that while crossing the West Executive Drive parking area on her way to the OEOB, the first lady caught sight of a young lady's bare behind. The young lady, wearing a very short skirt, and nothing underneath, had bent over ... the young lady turned to the first lady and smiled." [p. 37]

[Sexual flaunting indicates a witch is into "sexual magick". This is an open invitation that they want to be used by men.

[Aldrich describes the scene where workmen were called to the White House property to do carpentry work. To complete their work, they had to go downstairs in the basement. They saw two men having sex on the table in one of the offices! Homosexuality in the White House! [p. 38-9] In another incident, a female staffer witnessed two women in a shower used for jogging, having lesbian sex!

[During the early 1970's, "homosexual Sex Magick was allowed into the Illuminati] "Sexual Magick" is defined as the occult belief that powerful magick forces are unleashed during the moment of climax of a couple, whether they are heterosexual, homosexual, or lesbian.  During the time of casting spells, for example, the witch would have some couple or many couples, have sex to release that powerful magick force at the time of sexual climax. You should have, by now,  come to an  understanding that occultists are fairly caught up in sexual lust; in fact, they consider such emphasis on sexual lust to be  sign of deeper occultism being achieved!  Here, sexual flaunting was totally permissible within the walls of the Clinton's White House.

In conclusion, we can see that White House staffers, almost all of them hired by Hillary, reflected the same type of Illuminati occultism as we have already noted with Bill and Hillary.  Since the Clintons permitted such behavior, and hired people who were committed to such a lifestyle, we can correctly conclude that this type of occult behavior further identifies the Clintons as being occultic.  In fact, Aldrich continually recounted the many occasions where the FBI report was totally ignored, keeping people on their White House jobs who would have been dismissed by any other Administration.  Aldrich could never understand why the Clintons, and their senior staffers, continually fought the FBI and Secret Service, frustrating them at every possible turn.  Now, you know why.  I wonder if Aldrich will ever recognize the Satanism behind all this anti-law behavior?

At the very least, you can completely dismiss Bill's assertions to ministers that he is a Christian, or that he is seeking "forgiveness"!

Once again, we reiterate that all facts point to the reality that the Clintons are powerful, practicing Illuminist witches.  But, why should we be surprised, since all prophetic signs point to a soon appearance of Antichrist?  Since Antichrist is prophesied to be a powerful, practicing witch of the highest degree typical of that practiced by Adolf Hitler, we should not be surprised to learn that the American Presidency is now in the hands of just such an occultist. 

    Truly, the End of the Age is here!  Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

    If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but have been very lukewarm in your spiritual walk with Him, you need to immediately ask Him for forgiveness and for renewal. He will instantly forgive you, and fill your heart with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Then, you need to begin a daily walk of prayer and personal Bible Study.

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