Subtitle:  Both Bill and Hillary hate the Secret Service and feel no need to be protected by them! How could a President and First Lady feel feel no need for protection, given America's numerous assassinations and attempted assassinations?  The answer will enlighten you. The reason makes sense once you understand Bill and Hillary are high-level witches.

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In 1933, a funny looking man with a moustache swayed enough Germans so that he was first elected, and then allowed to rise, to the post of absolute dictatorship -- Adolf Hitler.  But, he was the most popular man in Germany, and remained so until just before Germany collapsed under allied firepower in 1945.  At the very beginning, in 1933, certain White Magic Occultists recognized that Hitler was demonically possessed, and that he was a practitioner of the Black Magick Arts. Their vigorous attempts to warn people completely fell on deaf ears.  Nobody believed him, and many of those who refused to believe, died in Hitler's Holocaust.  If only more people had believed the warnings that Hitler had a dark, black, demonic side. 

Now, in 1998, we are issuing the same type of warnings about Bill and Hillary Clinton.  Listen carefully to our proofs.

Throughout this series of articles on Bill and Hillary Clinton, we have reported on many odd, even weird, things that they have done that just don't make sense to the normal person.  For example, in NEWS1224 , we reported that Hillary had chosen ornaments for her First Lady Blue Room Christmas Tree that could only be described as "pornographic"; certainly, this tree was decorated as untraditional as anyone could have ever imagined.  The normal American would find this event so totally weird that they would just shrug their shoulders, mutter something under their breath, and try to forget about it. But, someone who was involved in the occult world would understand Hillary's actions completely.  Hillary was sending a strong and clear signal to anyone in the occult that she was one of them, and that the White House was firmly under the control of the Illuminists.  But, this is the value of the Cutting Edge Ministries, as we know the occult very well, and we have advisors that are experts in this field.  Thus, we can spot events that would be dismissed by the average person, and correctly peg its true significance.

In this article, we shall report to you the most odd attitude and behavior by Bill and Hillary Clinton that any normal, sane person can imagine, considering the huge number of crazies in the world out there, and considering the large number of fanatical enemies America has in the world at large.  Both Bill and Hillary feel no need for Secret Service protection, and have even thought of abolishing the Service altogether! Listen to former FBI Agent Gary Aldrich report this in his book, "Unlimited Access: An FBI Agent Inside The Clinton White House".

Craig Livingstone [White House Chief of Security] related to Aldrich that he was recommending the abolition of the Secret Service !! " 'Anyway, I wrote this four-page memo, and I recommended that the Secret Service be dumped in favor of the FBI. I thought the FBI could do a better job of guarding the president' .... He wanted to get rid of the Secret Service! Why not tear down the White House fences while they were at it? The Secret Service was devoted -- and it was good. Secret Service agents were trained to throw themselves in front of the president and the first lady, take a bullet, die for them, even if the first couple detested them. I wasn't sure I'd be up for that." [p. 140-141]

    Given America's 20th Century history, this proposal is insane !  We have had several Presidents assassinated, even though the Secret Service was on the job, attempting to protect them.  We have also had several attempted assassinations, where Secret Service protection was the difference between life and death for the President.  President Reagan, for example, has always given great credit to protection by Secret Service guards.  Had the President not been vigorously shoved by the Secret Service agent at the first sound of gunshot , Reagan would have been hit right in the heart.

    Additionally, the last time I checked, we had a large number of crazies out there in foreign lands who would like to see America damaged or hurt badly.  Assassinating our President would accomplish that goal handily.  Arab extremists come to mind readily as one large and fanatical group who would like nothing better than to kill the American President.  They have the money, state backing by such countries as Syria, Iran, and Libya, and the expertise to attack and kill the President.  If they understood that Bill Clinton -- and Hillary -- do not feel the need for Secret Service protection, might they not be emboldened to attack?

    Countries like Russia and China remain firm enemies, no matter what the Press wants you to believe. China has recently threatened U.S. cities with nuclear annihilation if America continued to take Taiwan's side in their territorial dispute.  In , we reported the dire warning of a Russian defector -- a former member of the GRU Intelligence Service -- who warned that Boris Yeltsin was preparing to attack the United States!  This defector said that elite Russian troops would attempt to assassinate the President, Vice-President, and others just before Russia launched her attack.  Certainly, the President needs Secret Service protection more now than ever before, not less!

    Once again, we are indebted to Former FBI Agent, Gary Aldrich, for reporting this incredible news in his book, "Unlimited Access:  An FBI Agent Inside The Clinton White House".  Since FBI agents are the most highly trained investigators in the world, and so highly trained in the art of observation that their testimony would stand up in a court of law, we place high credence in these observations.  Listen to Gary Aldrich, speaking of the belief by the President and First Lady that they do not need Secret Service protection when they go out of the White House grounds.  In this series, we print Aldrich's quotes in black, the remarks of the former Illuminist Witch, Doc Marquis, in red, and our own observations in blue .

    1)  Craig Livingstone related to Aldrich that he was recommending the abolition of the Secret Service!! " 'Anyway, I wrote this four-page memo, and I recommended that the Secret Service be dumped in favor of the FBI. I thought the FBI could do a better job of guarding the president ....'  He wanted to get rid of the Secret Service! Why not tear down the White House fences while they were at it? The Secret Service was devoted -- and it was good. Secret Service agents were trained to throw themselves in front of the president and the first lady, take a bullet, die for them, even if the first couple detested them. I wasn't sure I'd be up for that." [p. 140-141]

    Aldrich's reaction to this incredible statement by Craig Livingstone was exactly what any normal American would have felt had he or she been told that the White House wanted to abolish the Secret Service.  Aldrich felt somewhat betrayed on behalf of the agents in Secret Service, because Bill and Hillary evidently did not care one whit for their dedication and professionalism.  We will demonstrate, however, that Bill and Hillary would have had no compunction against tearing the White House fences down!  They simply felt very secure personally.  The reasons for this will become apparent later on.

    2)  "Hillary had ordered her Secret Service protective detail to 'stay the f--k away from me.!' And to keep at least ten yards of distance between her and them at all times. He also told me that she had a clear dislike for the agents, bordering on hatred." [p. 90] Most people will be very shocked that Hillary has a really bad, profane mouth.  However, in previous articles, we have reported Aldrich's observation that the First Lady had a profane mouth that seemed to not be in motion without spewing forth profanities; Hillary seemed " not able to express thoughts, or make a point, without the use of obscene language and rage." [p. 29]  Now, let us see another instance where Hillary REALLY let the Secret Service agents guarding her have it, even though they were doing nothing unusual, nothing they had not done routinely for other first ladies of past presidents.

    "... Hillary Clinton is as bad as the president. She has told her Secret Service Protective Detail agents in public to 'Stay the f--k back, stay the f--k away from me! Don't come within ten yards of me, or else'. When the agents have tried to explain to the first lady that they cannot effectively guard her if they must remain so far away, her reply is, 'Just f--king do as I say, okay?' The first lady has even bragged publicly, in her newspaper column, about evading the Secret Service to go on a joy ride. This behavior may help explain why the Clinton Administration appears to regard the Secret Service as the 'enemy', in the same way that drug dealers are always on the lookout for 'narcs'." [p. 139]

    This paragraph teaches us three things about Hillary's attitude towards Secret Service agents and their efforts to protect her.  1)  Bill's attitude toward the Secret Service was just the same as Hillary's attitude; 2) Even after the agents told Hillary that she could be in physical danger if she made the agents stay back ten yards from her, she emphatically told them to stay away, using profane language to express her desire.  Thus, we can conclude that, even though Hillary was aware of the concern the agents had for her physical safety, she still was not afraid,  3)  When Hillary was in Little Rock, Arkansas, to give a speech, she cleverly eluded the Secret Service by jumping into a car and going for a "joy ride", even though they were jumping out of their skin in consternation that the First Lady had gotten away from them and was without protection.  Hillary thought the whole incident was so funny, she bragged about eluding her protectors a little later in her own column.  I wonder if Hillary or anyone else in the White House was worried about Hillary's theft of an automobile!  Had you, or I, or any citizen for that matter, had gone for a "joy ride" in another person's vehicle without their knowledge, you or I would have been jailed immediately!  This incident is just another instance where Bill and Hillary feel that no law applies to them.

    Now, let us examine the times in which Bill Clinton has expressed no desire to be protected by the Secret Service.  Aldrich again gives us the specifics.

    "Every time one of the members of the First Family countermands efforts to guard him or her, an agent prepares a memo noting the events.  The memo goes into a Secret Service file so that the agents, and the agency, are covered.  It's called, 'CYA' .... file." [p. 139]  From this observation, we can see that the Secret Service had worried about the fact that neither Bill or Hillary would let them protect them, to the point where they had quit worrying.  Instead, they informed all agents to just prepare a specific report and enter that report into a file.  Thus, if the President or First Lady ever were hurt or killed, the Secret Service could show they had done everything they could do, and were ordered away.  If the Secret Service were concerned, why weren't the President and First Lady?  We will let Doc Marquis answer this question in a few moments, but now, let us hear of another incident where Bill Clinton sneaked out of the White House regularly in the darkness of night, deliberately eluding the Secret Service.

    "... there are times when the president, the leader of the free world, is missing -- that is, cannot be located by staff -- for hours at a time.  Previous presidents have, of course, maintained an unbreakable link twenty-four hours a day between themselves and their key advisers, especially at the Defense Department.  But, today, late at night, when calls are placed to the president, he sometimes cannot be found.  There is a message system, and messages are left.  But in a crisis, messages won't be enough."  [p. 137]

    No kidding!!  If a foreign power that possesses nuclear weapons were to launch an attack, only the President of the United States can authorize a response.  Past Presidents have been trailed by a military office with the Black Box of nuclear response codes and communication gear, wherever the President might go.  And, Americans expect their President to act in this very responsible way, because our very lives hang in the balance. Even though the Vice President is authorized to act in the President's absence or incapacity, precious time could be lost while people are trying to find the President.  When nuclear missiles are coming in over the North Pole, or from somewhere else, precious minutes lost would probably be decisive. In fact, past presidents have always understood that we must remain so vigilent that every one of our enemies would not even be tempted to try an attack.  Here, President Clinton is inviting one of our enemies to think about launching an attack, timed to take advantage of one of the times Bill is "unavailable".

    Where was Bill Clinton going during these times when no one could find him?  Listen to Aldrich explain.

    "The Secret Service should know where the president is at all times.  But this is no longer the case, I have been informed, because the first lady booted them out of the Residence.  Moreover, she does not always know where the president is, because the Clintons sleep in separate bedrooms.  All of this raises the question of, 'If the president cannot be found, where is he?' "

    "One answer has been give me by another source, a highly educated, well-trained, experienced investigator who is conducting his own investigation into the Clintons.  It appears that the president is a frequent late-night visitor to the Marriott Hotel in downtown Washington, which has an underground parking garage with an elevator that allows guests to go to their rooms without passing through the lobby. The president does not have a room in his name, and the guest who rents the room is known only to the management, even though some information indicates this individual is female, and may be a celebrity."

    "The president's driver is believed to be Bruce Lindsey, a high-level White House staffer and longtime friend of the president.  The car is parked near the elevator. The driver waits in the car until the president returns, often hours later.  The car usually arrives after midnight and sometimes leaves early in the morning, sometimes as 4:00 A.M."

    "I asked my informant about the president's Secret Servie protection on these trips. And I should state here that if I had been informed that the president was protected, this testimony would take on lesser importance.  But, to my dismay, I was informed that the president's midnight travels are unaccompanied by any security agents -- even at a distance." [p. 138-9] Now you know that it does matter what a person is doing in the "privacy of their bedroom", and with someone who is "consenual".  Don't let any one pull that lie on you again!

    Thus, we can see that both Bill and Hillary feel absolutely no need for Secret Service protection, and regularly act to thwart it.  How can this be, especially in this high-risk era of many bitter enemies and incredibly dangerous assassins from so many different crazy groups?  Any normal person would simply not comprehend how Bill and Hillary could feel no need whatsoever for protection.

    Let Doc Marquis give the answer, from his perspective as a former Illuminist Witch.  "She is more powerful than Bill. She's a 4th, level witch, he's a 3rd. Such disdain of authority is common among 3rd to 6th level witches in the Illuminati. They believe their personal demons will protect them at all times. They also do not want the Secret Service observing anything they may be doing that is of an occult nature. Occultic behavior is either illegal or terrifyingly immoral, and certainly considered disgusting by anyone not in the ocult."

    Once you look at the Clinton's behavior in disdaining or outright refusing Secret Service protection, through the prism that they are powerful practicing Illuminist witches, their attitude makes a lot of sense.   A person advances through the various levels of Illuminist witchcraft primarily by receiving into their souls and bodies more demons, and more powerful, demons.  Thus, such a demon-possessed witch would have complete confidence in their powerful indwelling demons to protect them from any harm!  Now, we understand why Bill and Hillary Clinton feel so strongly that they do not need any protection from the Secret Service, or anybody else, for that matter.

    This phenomenon is one of the most powerful indications that Bill and Hillary are powerful Illuminist witches.  This is the second "smoking gun" evidence.  This is the self-explanatory evidence for which we have been seeking.  No person in their right minds would believe they need no Secret Service protection; but, an Illuminist witch would believe precisely in this manner. For the other "smoking gun", read NEWS1224, Hillary's choice of occult symbols for her Christmas Tree.  Read NEWS1215, to see that Bill Clinton is the ruler of NAFTA, one of the 10 Super Nations of the New World Order Plan; such a position means that Bill Clinton is the same spiritual type as Antichrist, who will be the most powerful Illuminist Witch possible, a 6th Level witch!


    Thus, once again, we are confronted by the fact that evidence strongly shows that Bill and Hillary are the first Illuminist Witches to ever control the American Presidency.  Surely, the other Illuminist person is waiting in the wings to stage his appearance -- Antichrist.  We are truly at the End of the Age.

    Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

    If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but have been very lukewarm in your spiritual walk with Him, you need to immediately ask Him for forgiveness and for renewal. He will instantly forgive you, and fill your heart with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Then, you need to begin a daily walk of prayer and personal Bible Study.

    If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as Savior, but have come to realize His reality and the approaching End of the Age, and want to accept His FREE Gift of Eternal Life, you can also do so now, in the privacy of your home. Once you accept Him as Savior, you are spiritually Born Again, and are as assured of Heaven as if you were already there. Then, you can rest assured that the Kingdom of Antichrist will not touch you spiritually.

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