Subtitle:  Using the proven principles of the Six Step Attitudinal Change Plan, Dr. Kevorkian performs his first direct medical killing.  This act, shown on TV, will convince millions of America that euthanasia is good, courageous, compassionate, and needs to be legal.  Hitler's Germany trod this same path 60 years ago. Without euthanasia Hitler could never have carried out his Holocaust which killed 20 million people!

The New World Order is coming! Are you ready? Once you understand what this New World Order really is, and how it is being gradually implemented, you will be able to see it progressing in your daily news!!

Learn how to protect yourself, your loved ones!

Stand by for insights so startling you will never look at the news the same way again.



NEWS BRIEF:" 'Doctor Death' challenges law with TV needle", The Sun Chronicle, Monday, November 23, 1998, p. 6.

"DETROIT (AP) -- Thomas Youk's chin rests on his chest as the drug flows into his arm.  Asked if he's awake, he doesn't respond.  Seconds later, Youk's head tilts back during two more injections, one of them meant to stop his heart.  Then Jack Kevorkian, the man giving the shots, is heard saying that the 52-year-old patient with Lou Gehrig's disease, is a "straight line". Of course, this means that Youk is dead.

"Kevorkian, who has acknowledged helping about 120 people take their own lives [Doctor-Assisted Suicide], calls Youk's death his first euthanasia.  He took the tape to '60 Minutes' to show to a national audience to challenge prosecutors to settle the debate over assisted suicide.  'They must charge me', he said.  'Because if they do not, that means they don't think it was a crime.' "

Another article quotes Kevorkian in a much more specific way.  "We need active euthanasia. There are patients who just can't do this for themselves," Kevorkian told the paper in the article published Friday. "From now on I'm doing them all that way -- it is faster, cleaner and easier." ["U.S. Television To Show Kevorkian's Euthanasia Video", by Todd Niessen, http://nt.excite.com/news/r/981120/17/news-kevorkian]

Kevorkian is being absolutely, brutally honest about his intentions.  He has not carried out another "Doctor Assisted Suicide", which is bad enough, but he has boldly gone where no American has gone before; he carried out direct medical killing!  As we shall prove, later in this article, medical killing is exactly what the Nazi German doctors did all throughout Hitler's Holocaust!  Did you know that Hitler's Holocaust was carried out by doctors?  They were aided by the military S.S., and were given critical military skills to facilitate the mass murder, but doctors ran the Nazi Holocaust!  Once the German people were conditioned to accept the normality of direct medical killing, Hitler was free to run his "Final Solution" plan, which planned for the murder of all Jews, gypsies, the retarded, the handicapped in any way, and  anyone else whom Hitler considered "Unworthy of Life". The key element was public acceptance of direct medical killing .

Kevorkian has boldly taken America to this next, and higher plane, on the trail to the coming Holocaust.  We have continuously stressed that the New World Order Plan envisions the destruction of two-thirds of all mankind, shortly after the Antichrist has arisen. 

This planned Holocaust is precisely the same type of Holocaust which Hitler carried out from 1938-1945.  In fact, the entire New World Order system is exactly the same type of system which Hitler established to rule Germany.  Consider Hitler's system:

1)  Politically -- Hitler established an Absolute Dictatorship

2)  Economically -- Hitler established Fascism, which is the economic model in which Private Industry owns the factories and the means of production, while the Government regulates the economy to determine how many different companies can produce the same thing.  Even prices are fixed, at a very high level, of course.  Private Industry retains the right to decide what should be produced and in what quantity.  Since Fascism maintains the close contact with individual demand, the system works nearly as well as our present system.  The great Japanese economic giant was created on this basis, of Fascism.  In this system, global monopolies are planned, which you can see occurring in your Daily News!

3) Spiritually -- Satanic Worship, openly carried out, with Hitler as the High Priest.  Remember those huge open-air ceremonies in which Hitler mesmerized the attendants with his rhetoric?  Those ceremonies were actual Satanic rituals, with Hitler as the High Priest.  Antichrist will do the same thing when he arises.

Hitler proved that this model of governing does work.  It made Germany prosperous, and the economy worked just fine.  We have consistently pointed out that the current New Age Movement, which is the spiritual movement driving the people of the world today into the New World Order, is nothing more than Nazism personified. [See NEWS1004, "Nazism and New Age Compared", and NEWS1005, "Industrial Policy Is Fascism" for full details].  One of the nasty little "secrets" is that President Clinton has continuously driven America ever deeper into the Fascism model.  When you hear that the Government is going to "cooperate" with private industry, you are looking squarely into the face of Fascism.  Our history books have been rewritten since World War II that falsely tells our students that Fascism is a political term unique to Nazi Germany, Italy, and Imperial Japan.  Most people believe Fascism is a term which describes political repression from Far Right forces.  Nothing could be further from the truth; Fascism is an economic term.

One of the parallel paths America is traveling, that Hitler's Germany traveled from 1933, is this killing of people who were considered to be "unworthy of life", or who considered themselves to be living lives devoid of "Quality of Life".  Both these terms are straight out of Hitler's Germany.  America, wake up, we are travelling the same road as Germany traveled, both pre-Hitler and post-Hitler!  America, wake up, we are being conditioned to accept euthanasia as noble, courageous, and needed, just as Hitler conditioned the Germans to accept euthanasia.  Remember Bresnahan's discovery in his book, "Cover Up", that President Clinton admires the political acumen of Adolf Hitler!  Once again, we are brought back to another parallel with Hitler.

Immediately after Adolf Hitler was defeated, and the enormity of his Holocaust became known, secular historians began the agonizing process of asking how such a monstrous man could take power in Germany, and how the people of Germany could willingly, enthusiastically serve him, especially in the Satanic S.S., and in the regular armed forces?  How could the Christian Germany of Martin Luther have become the Satanic Germany of Adolf Hitler?  Many books were written that probed this very deep subject, but none better than Robert Jay Lifton, in his book, "The Nazi Doctors:  Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide", Basic Books, New York, 1986.  Let us examine his treatise as to how Germany could have carried out this monstrous mass murder.  We shall print his findings in black ink and the Cutting Edge comments in blue; we will put any emphasis we want to make, in red ink.  You are about to see America in a light never before seen.  Buckle your seat belts.

Preparation of Conditioning of the German People to Accept Euthanasia

The first fact that Lifton wants to communicate is that, when he conducted interviews of German military men of all rank, of doctors, and of others who had aided Hitler in his Holocaust, he could find no one whom he considered to be abnormal, or demonic!  Listen to his words:  "I went on to tell this survivor, of the ordinariness of most Nazi doctors I had interviewed.  Neither brilliant nor stupid, neither inherently evil nor particularly ethnically sensitive, they were by no means the demonic figures -- sadistic, fanatic, lusting to kill -- people have often thought them to be.  What my survivor friend was struggling with -- what I have struggled with throughout this study -- is the disturbing psychological truth that participation  in mass murder need not require emotions as extreme or demonic as would seem appropriate for such a malignant project. or to put the matter another way, ordinary people can commit demonic acts ." [p. 4-5].

Therefore, the first misconception which I want to dispel from your mind is that a Hitler-type Holocaust could never happen in America.  After all, nothing like this has ever happened in our history as a nation; but, then, Germany had never before seen a Hitler, nor had her people ever participated enthusiastically in the mass murder of 20 million innocent men, women, and children.  Secondly,  Americans have always been known as a compassionate people, deeply rooted in the Christian ethic of caring for the downtrodden, the unfortunate, and the incurably ill, until God took them home; however, once again, Germany shared an even longer tradition of the Christianity of Martin Luther.  Folks, Americans will participate willingly and enthusiastically in this coming Holocaust, as we shall continue to demonstrate.  The signs that we already are killing certain classes of people are all around us, if we would only open our eyes and look!  We shall look at this aspect at the very end of this article.

Adolf Hitler personally set the tone and the direction his Holocaust was to take.  Listen to Hitler's innocuous words:  "If the right to fight for one's health is no longer present, the right to live in this world of struggle ends." [Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, 1925, p. 257.]  This is exactly what Kevorkian is arguing; he is fighting for one's health and one's control over their own death!  What Hitler did not mention is that he was planning to swing the immense power and resources of the Federal Government behind this "right to fight for one's health".  But, the seemingly innocuous, innocent words of Hitler are chilling, because we know exactly what he had in mind, for in Mein Kampf, he detailed his plans to murder masses of people, including the Jews.  Hitler's innocuous words served as the first salvo to carry out the Holocaust!

Further Conditioning To Kill

"Prior to Auschwitz and the other death camps, the Nazis established a policy of direct medical killing: that is, killing arranged within medical channels, by means of medical decisions, and carried out by doctors and their assistants. The Nazis called this program ‘euthanasia’ … for them, this term camouflaged mass murder …" [Lifton, p. 21]  Did you understand what Lifton has just told us?  Before Hitler proceeded to mass murder, Germany began the Holocaust by direct medical killing, which they called euthanasia .  In the two decades before Hitler came to power in 1933, German doctors and nurses were silently killing their patients by misusing medical treatment.  Why were these German doctors killing these patients?  Because they had come to believe that a point can be reached in a person's life when they no longer have a "Quality of Life", or conversely, that many people were simply living lives "Unworthy of Life". This latter group were the incurably ill, the retarded, the handicapped.  When Hitler took power, he inherited the services of these doctors and nurses, and he simply redirected their efforts into his State killing plans.

This is precisely where Kevorkian is taking us today!  Long before Dr. Death began "assisted suicides", American doctors and nurses were killing the unborn in the procedure called Abortion.  But, listen to Lifton again as he describes the real beginning of the Nazi euthanasia program.  "It seemed easier -- perhaps more 'natural' and at least less 'unnatural' -- to begin with the very young: first, newborns." [Lifton, p. 51]  The German Holocaust began with Abortion!  How many years has America been legally killing through Abortion?  It seems like we have been legalling killing unborn babies for 25 years now!  We are as ready for the really difficult killing, and the killling in really large numbers, as were the Germans when Hitler came to power.

Then, Lifton continues to show us the steps taken by the German medical profession that led directly to the gas ovens just a short time later.  "… for the incurably sick and insane, 'euthanasia' was the most 'merciful treatment' and an 'obligation' … That obligation was always central." [p. 30] Hitler began at the point where the most sick, and the most miserable, were paraded before the public to convince them that euthanasia would be far better for such people.  Kevorkian and others today are also parading forth the most miserable, and the most sick, people, like Thomas Youk, like all his previous 120+ victims of "assisted suicide".  Millions of Americans are likewise being steadily convinced that euthanasia is right, normal, courageous, and needed in American society today.  In fact, the most disturbing, and effective, part of Kevorkian's video, came when Youk's mother, wife, and two brothers, all stated that Kevorkian was performing a noble, courageous, necessary function in American society today.  Conditioning, Conditioning, Conditioning, Conditioning!

But, you say, how could medical doctors participate in this type of killing, when they had taken the Hippocratic Oath?  Did you know that Hitler stressed his belief that this type of killing uniquely fulfilled the Hippocratic Oath, like no other generation of doctors in history?  Listen to Lifton:  "Inevitably, the Nazi medical ideal went back to Hippocrates and related itself to the Hippocratic oath. The claim was that medicine had been despiritualized … There was a need to return to the ethics and high moral status of an earlier generation … Heinrich Himmler himself embraced Hippocrates as a model for SS physicians." [p. 32]

"The Nazi embrace of Hippocratic principles … had an internal logic: the sense of recasting the medical profession -- and the entire German nation -- in the service of larger healing." [p. 32]  Inevitably, the healing medical profession was changed into a killing profession, but doctors saw this change as good not bad.  Why?

They came to believe that killing was healing!  Once again, listen to Lifton:  "The keynote of the Nazi policy was transformation … a change in the attitude of each and every doctor, and a spiritual and mental regeneration of the entire medical profession." [p. 33]  Of course, this "spiritual and mental regeneration" was Satanic, but very few doctors ever realized that fact!  Satan had them by their throat, and they did not realize it.




"In Nazi mass murder, we can say that a barrier was removed, a boundary crossed: that boundary between violent imagery and periodic killing of victims … on the one hand, and systematic genocide in Auschwitz and elsewhere on the other. My argument in this study is that the medicalization of killing – the imagery of killing in the name of healing – was crucial to that terrible step. At the heart of the Nazi enterprise, then, is the destruction of the boundary between healing and killing." [p. 14]  Of course, Kevorkian is attempting to destroy the boundary in this country between healing and killing.

"… the regime's continuing relationship to healing practitioners and their massive numbers of clients contributed to its aura as a 'healing movement'. " [p. 41]

When you listen closely to Kevorkian, you can hear him believe that his euthanasia constitutes a "healing" because the individual who is incurably ill, and his family, are spared months and maybe years of agonizing pain leading up to death.  Once their loved one has "died with dignity", they can have "closure" and begin their "healing" process.  Kevorkian looks at American society as a whole, just as Hitler looked at Germany as a whole, and envisions the time, the money, and the agony, that would be spared nationally if euthanasia were carried out nationally!


"The occasion for initiating the actual killing of children, and the entire 'euthanasia project' was the petition for the 'mercy killing' of an infant … This 'test case' was pivotal for the two killing programs -- of children and of adults." [p. 50]  "Test cases" seem to have a magical quality in the psychology of human beings.  Once Hitler saw that the German public accepted the logic of killing in this test case, he was emboldened to begin it on a larger, and more open, scale.  Once again, Kevorkian is fulfilling this "test case" psychology.  He is challenging the authorities to arrest, charge him with murder, and try him.  In this highly charged political debate, and with Mass Media behind him, Kevorkian believes he can again be acquitted!  Such acquittal, on a national stage, would give a legal foundation for direct medical killing.

The Nazis set up a process to "guarantee" the rights of the person to be euthanized. They "advocated a carefully controlled juridical process, with applications for killing evaluation by a three-person panel (a general physician, a psychiatrist, and a lawyer). A patient who had given his consent to be killed would have the right to withdraw that consent at any time, but there was also an emphasis on the legal protection of physicians involved in the killing process … Such a policy of killing was compassionate and consistent with medical ethics; he pointed to situations in which doctors were obliged to destroy life (such as killing a live baby at the moment of birth, or interrupting a pregnancy to save the mother)." [p. 47]

When I read this paragraph, above, my hair curled up all around my neckline!  America is filled today with a cry to "guarantee the rights" of many classifications of individuals!  Hitler set up a facade of a three-person panel who would have the best interests of the victim at heart, supposedly; however, historians now know that this panel was set up to falsely assure the average German that nothing evil was going to happen to their loved one.  Further, notice that Hitler pointed to the situations already existing in German society, where doctors had become killers:  abortion, especially to save the life of the Mother!  When politicians began this mantra in the late 1960's and early 1970's, no one realized they were hearing the voice of Adolf Hitler from his grave!!  Folks, do not be deceived:  in as many ways as you want to count, the coming New World Order is revived Nazism!  We are looking at a slightly different face, but the words and the arguments, and the sequential steps are identical to Hitler's Nazism.



Since this is the next step in this process of Kevorkian conditioning to convince us that direct medical killing is a necessity in an "enlightened society", as Dr. Death stated it, we need to point out that, at the right moment in the Nazi German conditioning program, Hitler's Federal Government stepped in.  Lifton explains:  "On all sides there took shape the principle that the practice of extermination was part of the legitimate business of government ." [p. 48]  After all, the government licensed the doctors, and provided much of the funds to train them.  Further, only the government could provide the necessary resources to carry out this "compassionate" medical killing program on a nationwide basis.  Therefore, great debate and discussion ensued at the government level, and through government owned and sponsored media outlets, that insisted that the government should be involved.


In 1935 and 1937, Nazi films were introduced that conditioned the German people to accept euthanasia as healthy, and desirable, and courageous. But, in 1941, the time had come to deliver the knockout blow in the battle for the minds of the average German citizen. The film was called, I Accuse, and "was unique in that it dealt specifically with medically killing and, in fact, emerged from a suggestion by Karl Brandt, the early medical leader of that project, that a film be made to persuade the German public to accept the idea of 'euthanasia'. A related purpose was to test public opinion about whether there was sufficient support to legalize the program and bring it out into the open. The film was based on the novel Mission and Conscience I Accuse was clearly a falsification of the actual Nazi policy: the Nazis murdered mental patients against their will; the film depicts a physician giving a lethal injection to his incurable ill wife in response to her desperate plea that he do so to relieve her of her terrible pain and suffering. Indeed, a sympathetic member of the jury before whom the physician is eventually tried states categorically that 'the most important precondition is always that the patient wants it' . The film's real message is more or less subliminal -- a reference, in the midst of ostensibly thoughtful discussion, that an exeption to that voluntary principle should be made for the mentally ill, where the state 'must take over the responsibility.' " [p. 49]

"But I Accuse is of respectable artistic quality; and after viewing portions of it, I could understand why doctors I interviewed still felt its impact and remembered the extensive discussion it stimulated among their colleagues and fellow students about the morality of a doctor's aiding incurable patients to achieve the death they long for." [Ibid]  This thought process by the German doctors existed immediately prior to Hitler's full and final slaughter; but, without this opinion being shared by many of the existing German doctors, Hitler would not have been able to carry out his plans for Holocaust.

"These doctor's response was confirmed by a research report prepared by the SS Security Service (or SD) which stated that the film had aroused 'great interest' throughout the Reich and had been 'favorably received and discussed', and that the majority of the German population accepted its argument in principle, with some reservations concerning possible abuse and questions of consent. These reservations could generally be overcome by the 'convening of a medical committee in the presence of the family doctor' for declaring a patient incurable: that is, by keeping the procedure medicalized . Doctors polled also had a 'mostly positive response'. Doubts were raised, especially by older physicians, concerning accuracy of diagnoses and other medical arrangements; but the investigators had the impression that the medical profession was ready to take on or at least go along with such a project. The project that doctors and others saw themselves approving, however, was essentially voluntary dying with careful medical supervision and built-in arrangements to prevent any possible abuse." [Ibid] As we now know, these doctors were completely, 100% wrong!

Let history show that the greatest of all possible abuses were secretly occurring before this film was ever conceived, that secret abuses were continuing even during the "national debate" period, and that the highest abuses occurred uninterrupted through May, 1945, though in a much more public manner. When the war was finally over, Hitler had killed almost 20 million people through this "euthanasia"; in fact, the numbers are so huge that historians began calling this euthanasia by the name, holocaust.

When I read that "60 Minutes" was going to air a video showing Dr. Kevorkian directly killing an incurably ill person, I came straight out of my chair, because I remembered this important part of Nazi history.  I remembered these three films, aired in 1935, 1937, and 1941, which turned the public opinion tide, convincing most Germans that euthanasia was a necessity in their German "enlightened society"; Germans were further finally convinced that the Federal Government had a role to play in active euthanasia.  Like most Americans today, Germans just could not conceive that their government officials did not have their best interests at heart!  The battle for the minds and souls of the German people was over, and Hitler had won.  Immediately, he instituted the most radical of his "Final Solution" mass murder plans.  Remember, Hitler did not kill only Jews; he killed 6 million Jews, and 12 million "others".  These "others" included the incurably ill, the retarded, the insane, the unborn, the very elderly, and at the very last, Christians.


 Let me introduce you to Dr. Wolf Wolfensberger, who is the Director of the Syracuse University Division of Special Education and Rehabilitation, Training Institute for Human Service Planning, Leadership, and Change Agentry.  Dr. Wolfensberger became increasingly upset over the trend toward death in our beloved American society.  Beginning in the early 1970's, Dr. Wolfensberger saw the bold and pervasive advance of death-making symbols in American Arts and Entertainment, particularly in the Rock Industry.  Dr. Wolfensberger realized the historical precedent that, when you begin to see such pervasisve symbols of death in the Art and Entertainment sections of a society, that society has probably already begun its own holocaust!  Of course, for the first couple of decades, such death-making would be carried out as secretly, as silently, as did the Germans prior to Hitler, and as did Hitler prior to 1941.

As a result, Dr. Wolfensberger wrote his book, "The New Genocide of Handicapped and Afflicted People", a book so controversial he has not been able to get it printed.  You may order this book manuscript through The Cutting Edge by either calling us at 800-451-8211 or by emailing us at customerservice@cuttingedge.org.  The cost of this book is $10, plus shipping and handling of $3.00 within the Continental United States.  This book has a message for today that needs to get out!

After reviewing the fact that American society has already taken the same steps as described by Lifton in his book, "The Nazi Doctors", Dr. Wolfensberger noted that, not only have American doctors been killing patients deemed "unworthy of life" for quite some time now, these doctors are killing them in huge numbers.  Listen to Dr. Wolfensberger: "Once one succeeds in defining certain people as non-human (such as the unborn child, the handicapped newborn, the elderly person, the person who is comatose or very handicapped), then killing them becomes permissable ... it is legal to kill, and therefore, also moral." [p. 47]  Now, we can see that American society has come almost as far as had Hitler's Germany in legalizing killing. We have already legalized Abortion and Near Term Abortion.  Soon, the President will be on TV announcing that Euthanasia is now legal, or maybe a court will make that ruling.

Dr. Wolfensberger then concludes that disgused deathmaking is occurring in hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics in numbers that will shock you.  He estimates that our society is killing in the following ways and in the following estimated numbers.

1)  Contraception that are implants cause the fertilized egg to be sloughed off by the woman's body because it cannot attach itself to the uterus.  "Conceivably, a woman could be having 100 such abortions in her lifetime, usually without knowing it."  The numbers of this type of the killing of a "devalued" member of society cannot be pinpointed, but is probably in the tens of millions. [p. 69]

2)  Abortions account for approximately 1.5 million deaths of devalued babies within the womb. [Ibid.]

3)  Infanticide, especially Partial Birth Abortions, account for over 10,000 deaths per year! [Ibid.]

4)  Discarding embryos produced "in vitro" is another form of death-making.  We do not have concrete numbers of the deaths per year, but know that it continues to skyrocket as experimentation of human cloning continues, as well as certain types of medical research. [Ibid.]

5)  "If we combine abortion and infanticide, we can easily see how they have replaced earlier eugenic policies of contraception, sterilization, segregation, and confinement, and that we have entered into a new, massive, but undeclared eugenic program designed to dramatically control and reduce segments of our unwanted population. We can only expect yet further increases in this policy, in that 300 hereditary disorders are already identifiable before or during pregnancy; research is progressing where almost all fetal abnormalities may be detected in utero, and thus more and more unborn children will be apt to be aborted." [Ibid.]

6)  "Psychoactive drugs ... are administered to the mentally disordered, retarded, aged, ill-behaved, or demanding people in various settings, especially in institutions, group residences, prisons, and nursing homes.  In many of these settings, almost every resident is on tranquillizers.  These drugs are not primarily therapeutic, but are a means to make it easier and cheaper to manage the clients. I estimate that at least in the U.S., these drugs cause easily above 100,000 deaths each year  ... However, one is not likely to find a single death certificate that records psychoactive drugs as the cause of death, because the drugs often lead to death from secondary and tertiary causes."  [p. 70]  Wow!  This is precisely what Lifton records that Nazi doctors were doing to their patients, to kill them without really letting anyone know how their loved one was killed! This is just another instance where American society today, right now, is in parallel with Hitler's Germany.

7)  Deaths are brought about by withholding ... basic, simple treatments and life supports from people who are elderly, moderately handicapped, terminally ill, and/or imprisioned, and who often die from minor things because they just do not get medical care, or get it too little, too late.  This is especially apt to occur if any of these people are institutionalized, poor, defenseless, or several of these.  One can estimate that over 100,000 people in the U.S. are killed in this way ... As already noted, it is no longer safe for handicapped people to go into general hospitals ." [p. 70]

"If one adds up the above estimates ... one can conclude that we are facing a conservative estimate of 200,000 deaths a year of handicapped and other devalued people whose lives have been taken, either directly or indirectly ... Thus, the term 'genocide' seems warranted and in order to give such genocide its proper historical context and recognition, it may deserve a special name, such as 'Holocaust II' .... It is staggering to contemplate that just a few of these ... forms of deathmaking in our society today make the [Hitler] Holocaust look like a bagatalle numerically.  We can assume that about six million Jews were killed in a four-year span of 1941-1945.  The United States alone kills more unborn and newly-born children than that [number] every four years, in addition to making many other afflicted people dead." [p. 71]

Thus, a respected contemporary doctor, whose specialty is handicapped and afflicted people, estimates that American society is presently killing far more people every year than even the Nazis were killing during their historically unprecedented Holocaust!  Can you see America's sins piling high, up to Heaven, in the sight of God [Revelation 18:5]

Now, Dr. Kevorkian, a retired Pathologist, is leading American society up to another level in the killing of people.  Enough people will have been convinced by his efforts these past 8 years, plus this video, that, soon, we shall be hearing from either the courts or politicians, that we need to get off his back.  We need to legalize this "mercy killing", but do so in a very controlled, narrow procedure.  And, yes, the government can "lend" its resources to aid in this "compassionate" and "humanitarian" effort.  But, understand, that under the surface, the ultimate plan, the "Global Final Solution", is being implemented.  This final implementation may not occur until after Antichrist arises and the Church is Raptured.  But, you may be sure of one thing:  when the time comes for this final stage to be enacted, the American people will welcome it with open arms! If this entire process sounds suspiciously like the Six Step Attitudinal Change Plan, you are absolutely correct.  We are in Step Six now with Dr. Kevorkian trying to kick the door wide open.  Soon, some politician, or a court judge, will complete Step Six by authorizing euthanasia in a carefully "controlled" manner, just as happened in Nazi Germany.  And, just as in Nazi Germany, this "careful control" will be a thin facade, hiding the horrendous killing being done in the name of "compassion". [Read NEWS1055 for full details as to how this Plan works]

Then, the final bloodbath of two-thirds of the people of the earth, can commence. This is the final Final Solution .

Truly, Kevorkian's efforts are a sure sign that the Satanic End of the Age is upon us.  And, it is happening in your Daily News!  Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but have been very lukewarm in your spiritual walk with Him, you need to immediately ask Him for forgiveness and for renewal. He will instantly forgive you, and fill your heart with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Then, you need to begin a daily walk of prayer and personal Bible Study.

If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as Savior, but have come to realize His reality and the approaching End of the Age, and want to accept His FREE Gift of Eternal Life, you can also do so now, in the privacy of your home. Once you accept Him as Savior, you are spiritually Born Again, and are as assured of Heaven as if you were already there. Then, you can rest assured that the Kingdom of Antichrist will not touch you spiritually.

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