Subtitle:  No matter how you might personally feel about the Gun Control issue, you should realize that every dictatorship ever in world history moved to remove guns and other weapons from the people! Since the New World Order is going to be the most repressive dictatorship in world history, we are not surprised to see their spokesmen so adamant about removing guns from all private citizens.

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United States of America Constitution, Amendment #2, passed 1791.  "

Amendment II

"A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

Our forefathers had lived a lifetime fighting the oppression of the British monarchy.  Furthermore, they were all very familiar with the history of British repression in the previous 200 years.  As they considered a way in which to guarantee future Americans their continued freedoms, they felt they could pass no better Constitutional guarantee than the Right To Bear Arms .  They felt that, if Americans could own guns and own as many guns as they desired, this collective gun ownership would be a huge stumbling block in the path of any leader desiring to set up a dictatorship. 

Therefore, they carefully constructed the clearest,  most unambiguous statement possible in the English language.  In phrase #1, they stated the reason for this amendment:  "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state".  This militia mentioned here is not the standing army of the Federal Government, but a National Guard type of informal militia.  The Founders of the United States strongly believed that the common citizen needed to be able to own and to bear arms in his own defense.  The second phrase naturally follows the logic of the first:  "the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." 

No fancy arguments, or any legalese, can hide the plain intent of our Founding Fathers in owning weapons.  Notice that our Founding Fathers used the word, "infringed" here.  This is an interesting choice of words, because it is far more limiting than the word, 'outlawed'.  Not only is the Federal Government forbidden to outlaw the ownership of guns, they cannot even pass laws that "infringe" upon this right!  In this regard, the laws requiring potential owners to register their guns, and to pass any laws requiring a background check before being able to buy a gun, are probably illegal.  In fact, all these laws requiring registration are intended to do is to inform the Federal Government which of the law-abiding citizens own guns, so they will know which houses to target during the planned take-over of all guns.

Thus, ever since World War I, the judges being approved have been well trained in the movement toward the New World Order, so that they would overlook such Constitutional obstacles. Thus the power of the Judicial Branch of government is thrown behind the global government.  Today, the anti-gun lobby is more entrenched and more organized than ever before. They also have the most political power and propaganda expertise of any previous anti-gun movement in this century.


As we begin our study, be aware that every single dictatorship in the history of the world disarmed the common people.  Further, such dictatorships forbade the creation of a common citizen's militia, realizing such a para-military force could be a formidable fighting force that could prevent severe repression.  Since the advent of modern weaponry, Twentieth Century dictators have seized all guns and have forbade the purchase of new guns.  Whether you are talking about the Leftist Communist dictatorships, or the Right-wing Nazi dictatorship of Adolf Hitler, these tyrants seized guns and forbade the purchase of new ones. 

Dictators know they cannot survive a well-armed citizenry .  The New World Order will be history's most repressive dictatorship; they know they cannot even get it established if the people own guns, and they know they cannot carry out their most severe plans of population control and elimination if people own guns.  For the longest time, I felt that the modern weaponry of today rendered this Second Amendment obsolete.  I no longer feel this way.  Now, I realize that even a well-armed modern military force faces an almost impossible task of uprooting several tens of millions of patriots armed with over one hundred million weapons.  Such a task would mean fighting house to house, door to door, and would result in the casualties of too many millions of soldiers of the New World Order United Nations forces.

Therefore, the assault on weapon ownership must take place on a more indirect and subtle level.  Individual Americans must be brought to the point where they want guns taken from fellow American citizens.  If the majority of Americans could be brought to the point where they would demand their fellow Americans turn over their weapons to authorities, that would be much better.  Today, we see just such a fight. 

First, we shall talk about the direct assault on the ownership of weapons and secondly, we shall talk about the indirect propaganda battle being waged for the hearts and minds of the majority of Americans who do not own any guns.


NEWS BRIEF:  "Courting Trouble?  As Lawsuits Loom, Gun Industry Threat Finds Makers, Sellers Are Split On Issues and Tactics", by Paul M. Barrett, Staff Writer, The Wall Street Journal, Wednesday, December 9, 1998, p. A1.

"As the gun industry faces an extraordinary legal attack by cities around the country, recent history suggests that it might be time to circle the wagons.  Threatened with a similar volley of lawsuits by states, tobacco companies for the most part banded together.  Instead, the makers and sellers of firearms are in danger of splintering over a host of issues -- including the basic question of legal strategy."

"The direction gun companies choose over the coming months could affect the outcome of the new wave of litigation, which began in late October, when New Orleans became the first city to sue the industry, seeking millions of dollars to cover the public cost of responding to shootings.  If, as expected, dozens of mayors join the battle, the strain and cost of litigation could cripple smaller companies."

From the beginning of the battle over tobacco, I felt that the cities and states that were suing the entire Tobacco Industry were really on shaky ground.  Statistics abound which demonstrate conclusively that about 80% of the total cost of medical care in a person's life occurs in the last few years of their life.  Therefore, an addiction to smoking, which kills people about a decade earlier than they would otherwise have died, is really saving the states an enormous sum of money!  Indeed, tobacco companies won case after case after case in  the 1980's by employing this argument.  Remember, also, that cigarettes are, and have always been, a legal substance!  We are not talking about illegal drugs here; we are talking about legal cigarettes, pipes, and cigars.

However, beginning in 1993, judges began to rule that such an argument could not even be presented to a jury, even though it was absolutely true.  Thus hobbled, the tobacco industry began to lose cases, and quickly came to terms with their accusers, in order to prevent tens of thousands of individual lawsuits that would bankrupt them.  This tactic by the judges came at a time in American history when it had become fashionable to avoid the consequences of one's acts. Therefore, loved ones of the smokers who had died gruesome deaths could feel justified in turning around and blaming Corporate Tobacco.  Such people could easily overlook the standard, bold warning that has been printed on each package of cigarettes for several decades, and they could overlook the fact that their loved one had ignored the many warnings of various U.S. Surgeon Generals that cigarettes cause cancer of many forms and kills prematurely.

However, now that the Tobacco Industry has been forced to come to terms with their unjust accusers, I am not surprised to see that the advocates of Gun Control are already announcing plans to come after the Gun Industry with the same tactic of lawsuits.  Since it takes such great amounts of money to fight lawsuits, even when you win the case, the Gun Industry might find itself being bankrupted by the battle.

I wonder now if the Tobacco battle using lawsuits as the weapon of choice might have been just the necessary first stage in the Plan to take our guns away.  At first, you might think it too odd that the road to Gun Control might have deliberately been routed through Tobacco lawsuits; however, when you really think about it, you can see that such a battle against an undeniably unpopular industry as Tobacco has set the precedents necessary to battle the Gun Industry using the same proven tactic.  Certainly, the Gun Industry is not as well-heeled as the Tobacco Industry.  They do not generate the amount of annual sales or profits.  This legal tactic might work in driving American gun manufacturers out of business.

Now, let us talk about the Propaganda War being waged against the Gun Control Industry.  As with most propaganda, the anti-Gun propaganda is full of double-speak, outright lies, and many distortions of the truth.  For this part of our article, we turn once again to The Wall Street Journal.


NEWS BRIEF:  "Gun Control Advocates Purvey Deadly Myths", by John R. Lott, Jr., The Wall Street Journal, Wednesday, November 11, 1998, page A22 Editorial.

"Gun control became a defining issue in several of last week's elections.  Those candidates opposing new regulations were painted as uncaring thugs indifferent to people's deaths.  Meanwhile, New Orleans Mayor Marc Morial last month filed suit against 15 gun makers, demanding that they reimburse the city and pay punitive damages for all the city's health care expenses and police salaries that arise from gun violence.  Other cities seem certain to follow, and that is only part of the litigation threatening to engulf gun makers.  To these plaintiffs, the solution to crime is simple and obvious:  eliminate guns."

"America may be obsessed with guns, but much of what passes as fact simply isn't true.  The news media focuses on tragic outcomes, while ignoring tragic events that were avoided.  Rarely do we hear about the more than two million [2,000,000] times each year that people use guns defensively -- including cases in which public shootings are stopped before they happen .  Dramatic stories of mothers using guns to prevent their children from being kidnapped by car-jackers seldom even make the local news."

The opposite side of tragic outcome cases are not explored seriously by the Liberal Mass Media, either.  Several years ago, a deranged man stepped to the front of one of the cars of the Long Island Railroad commuter train and began shooting people inside the car, killing several and wounding many others before he shot and killed himself.  Gun Control advocates had a field day, screaming to the world that gun control laws would have prevented this maniac from killing these people.  Millions of Americans, many of them women, reacted emotionally to this charge, and agreed that gun control laws needed to be strengthened.  No one in the Media ever seriously addressed the issue that, just maybe, the one thing that might have prevented this tragedy from occurring, or from killing as many people as it did, might have been if some passenger in that car had possessed a weapon of his own.  That person then could have taken cover, pulled his or her weapon out, and returned the fire of the maniac.  This is the logical side of the argument on which this writer of The Wall Street Journal chooses to land.  We are indebted for him taking this correct angle of argument!  Listen to  Lott continue his expose'. [In this section, any highlighting of text is from the Cutting Edge].

"Myths about guns can threaten people's safety, by frightening them and preventing them from using the most effective means to defend themselves.  Here are five of the most prevalent myths :

1.  "When one is attacked, passive behavior is the safest approach.  The Department of Justice's National Crime Victimization Survey reports that the probability of serious injury from an attack is 2.5 times greater for women offering no resistance than for women resisting with a gun.  Men also benefit from using a gun, but the benefits are smaller:  Offering no resistance is 1.4 times more likely to result in serious injury than resisting with a gun.  Resistance with a gun is the safest course of action for victims to take."

2.  "Friends or relatives are the most likely killers.  This myth is usually based on two claims: that 53% of murder victims are killed either by relatives or acquaintances and that anyone could be a murderer.  With the broad definition of 'acquaintances' used in the FBI's Uniform Crime Reports, most victims are indeed classified as knowing their killer.  But what's not made clear is that 'acquaintance murder' primarily includes drug buyers killing pushers, cabdrivers killed by first-time customers, gang members killing other gang members, prostitutes killed by their clients, and so on.  Only one U.S. city, Chicago, reports a precise breakdown on the nature of 'acquaintance killings', and the statistic gives a very different impression: between 1990-1995, just 17% of murder victims were either family members, friends, neighbors, or roommates of their killers."

This deliberate misrepresentation [bald-face lying] on the part of the FBI really ticks me off!  This kind of lying in order to deceive the people is part and parcel of the campaign to enslave us all in the coming global government.  Further, we can see the FBI for the kind of organization it has become; rather than being an independently run department of the Executive Branch, fearlessly seeking the truth and protecting the American people, it has become the willing slave of the Clinton Administration, lying and deceiving right along with the President.  In fact, former FBI Agent, Gary Aldrich, complained that, under the Clinton Administration, the FBI had become simply a servant of the White House! Once Clinton had accomplished this goal, he was then able to order the FBI Director to illegally turn over those 900+ personal files to him, wantonly trampling on both the law and the rights of all Americans!  Remember, former White House Cabinet member, Chuck Colson, went to jail for possessing just one such FBI file.  In this instance, above, the FBI is cooperating with the White House and other Gun Control Advocates, creating statistics that will lie for the purpose of deceiving Americans into supporting Gun Control. 

Now that I have got that off my chest, let us finish John Lott's commentary on this point, above.  "Murderers are also not average citizens.  About 90% of adult murderers already have an adult criminal record.  Murderers are overwhelmingly young males with low IQ's who have long histories of difficulty getting along with others."


At this point, I wish to inform all people, including many immature, fuzzy-thinking Christians, who oppose the Death Penalty, that they are unwittingly playing right into the hands of those who would like to confiscate all our guns, and take away our liberties.  You see, the New World Order Plan recognizes that the main deterrent value of the Death Penalty is that it permanently removes from society those criminals who would kill again, and again, and again. 

If Americans can be convinced to abolish the Death Penalty, so hardened criminals can get out to kill again, the government propagandist can then use his propaganda machine, convincing us that the problem is gun ownership; then the government for which he works can set the stage for the ultimate confiscation of all guns.  Your planned dictatorship can go forward! 

Furthermore, remember that God stipulated the Death Penalty, for the express purpose of removing the evil from society . In fact, God is much tougher than most Americans realize, as this quick study, below, will demonstrate.

Crimes for which God decreed the DEATH penalty:

* Incest.-- Lev. 18:6-16.

* Sexual relations with an in-law. -- Lev. 18:12-16.

* Sexual relations with a neighbor's wife. -- Lev. 18:20.

* Sacrificing children in a religious ceremony. -- Lev. 18:21.

* Homosexuality. --Lev. 18:22; 20:13.

* Bestiality. -- Lev. 18:23; 20:15-16.

* Cursing father and mother. -- Exodus 20:17; Lev. 18:9.

* Anyone who is a medium and has a familiar spirit, or is a wizard. -- Lev. 20:27.

* Murder. -- Exodus 21:12.

* Anyone who kidnaps another person. -- Exodus 20:16.

We present these Scriptures  so you may comprehend how God views the Death Penalty and how He plans on punishing for these sins. Interestingly, most Americans today would not view any of these sins as being serious enough to warrant the death penalty. All Christians who are opposing the Death Penalty on the supposed basis that it is not Christian need only to remember that Jesus Christ never did remove the Moral Code of the Old Testament.  In fact, He upheld it, saying, "Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil. For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled." [Matthew 5:17-18]  Christians who are currently opposing the Death Penalty need to further understand that they are playing directly into the hands of the New World Order Plan, in addition to fighting God!

Now, let us return to the Five Deadly Myths about Guns editorial in The Wall Street Journal:

3.  "The U.S. has a high murder rate because Americans own so many guns .  There is no international evidence backing this up.  The Swiss, New Zealanders and Finns all own guns as frequently as Americans, yet in 1995 Switzerland had a murder rate 40% lower than Germany's and New Zealand had one lower than Australia's. Finland and Sweden have very different gun ownership rates but very similar murder rates.  Israel, with a higher gun ownership rate than the U.S., has a murder rate 40% below Canada's.  When one studies all countries rather than just a select few, there is no relationship between gun ownership and murder." 

"U.S. data indicates that those states that have had the largest increases in gun ownership have had the greatest drops in violent crime rates."

This statistic is the exact opposite of what our Government Propagandists have been telling us for years! They have been lying to us all along, using deliberate miscalculation techniques to produce reports that say what they want them to say.

4.  "If law-abiding citizens are allowed to carry concealed handguns, people will end up shooting each other after traffic accidents as well as accidentally shooting police officers. Millions of people currently hold concealed handgun permits, and some states have issued them for as long as 60 years.  Yet only one permit holder has ever used a concealed handgun after a traffic accident, and that case was ruled as self-defense.  The type of person willing to go through the permitting process is extremely law-abiding.  In Florida, almost 444,000 licenses were granted from 1987 to 1997, but only 84 people have lost their licenses for any violations involving firearms.  Most violations that lead to permits being revoked involve accidentally carrying a gun into restricted areas, like airports or schools.  In Virginia, not a single permit holder has committed a violent crime.  Similar encouraging results have been reported in Kentucky, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas, the only other states where information is available."

Common sense should prevail here.  If a criminal is sizing up a potential victim, he will want one who is totally unarmed and who believes that resistance is futile and dangerous.  If the criminal believes his potential mark has a concealed handgun, he will look for another victim.  No criminal begins his dastardly deed with the expectation that he is going to be killed!  Therefore, states that allow their people to carry concealed handguns have experienced the greatest drop in violent crime.  Criminals just move to another state whose laws against handguns make their marks more likely to be unarmed.

5.  "The family gun is more likely to kill you or someone you know than to kill in self-defense."  The 1993 study yielding such numbers, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, never actually inquired as to whose gun was used in the killing.  Instead, if a household owned a gun and if a person in that household or someone he knew was shot to death while in the home, the gun in the household was blamed.  In fact, virtually all the killings in the study were committed by guns brought in by an intruder.  No more than 4% of the gun deaths in the study can be attributed to the homeowner's gun."

"Also ignored is that 98% of the time when people use a gun defensively, merely brandishing the weapon is sufficient to stop an attack.  In less than 1% of the cases is a gun even fired directly at the attacker.  How many attacks have been deterred [stopped] from ever occurring by the potential victims owning a gun?  My own research finds that more concealed handguns, and increased gun ownership generally, unambiguously deters murder, robbery, and aggravated assaults.  This is also in line with the well-known fact that criminals prefer attacking victims they consider weak ."

Once again, we see a "prestigious" organization, the New England Journal of Medicine, cooking the books, making up a deliberately flawed "study" that produced the results for which they were looking!  Liars figure !  Never before in our history has it been so necessary to read statistics with great doubt and skepticism, because never before in our history have so many organizations and government agencies been operating with the same agenda.  You simply cannot take most statistics at face value.  Truly, we are at the End of the Age, when our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, warned against unparalleled deception.  Listen:

*  "Take heed that no man deceive you." [Matthew 24:4]

*  "And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many." [Matthew 24:11]  Remember, now that the prophesied 10 super nations of Daniel and Revelation have been established, through the efforts of President Clinton, we are faced with a government that is dedicated to the appearance of the greatest false prophet of all.

* "For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect." [Matthew 24:24]  Three times, Jesus warned against unparalleled deception at the End of the Age, simply to emphasize the historically unique depth and height of the lying campaign that is going to be unleashed upon the people at the End of the Age.  We are in it, and we are being bombarded by so many lies on so many subjects, by the greatest propaganda machine in history-- the Mass Media. Too many Americans are being deceived greatly.  Of course, we have been weakened by a "dumbed down" public educational system that has refused to teach people to read well, think well, and to be discerning.  It is no wonder Karl Marx proclaimed, in his Communist Manifesto, that the public school system was one of his best tools to convert a nation to Communism without a revolution!

This Wall Street Journal editorial finishes with a great paragraph, so let us allow him to end our discussion. 

"These are only some of the myths about guns and crime that drive the public policy debate.  We must not lose sight of the ultimate question:  'Does allowing citizens to own guns, on net, save lives?'  The evidence strongly indicates that it does ." [Mr. Lott is a fellow at the University Law School.  He is author of 'More Guns, Less Crime: Understanding Crime and Gun Control Laws', University of Chicago Press, 1998]."

A huge majority of law-abiding citizens had better understand quickly and thoroughly that all this lying propaganda about guns being responsible for crime and deaths is coming from a single source:  the New World Order Plan.  The ultimate objective is to eliminate our freedoms, our private property ownership, and to subject us to the most repressive dictatorship known in history.  One of the huge obstacles standing in their way is gun ownership, to the tune of over 100,000,000 guns.  If we allow the government to take away our guns, we will be signing our own death warrants.

The very fact that we see such an emphasis upon taking away guns, coupled with all the other signs of fulfilled prophecy should convince even the greatest skeptic that the End Times are upon us.  The citizens of the United States of America are at the greatest threat of losing our liberties than at any time in our nation's history; all it would take is one sustained crisis, or the appearance of a charismatic leader on the world scene!  Americans are so weak now in discernment that they would cheer as this leader took away our liberties!  This is the Plan.

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