Subtitle:  Just as the script calls for an embattled President to go to "war" to save his presidency, Clinton orders a "massive" attack on Iraq just hours before the House of Representatives was scheduled to begin debate on the Impeachment.  The objective is to so discourage Americans about our government we will accept a new one -- Part 1 of 2

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"U.S. Attacks Iraq", 12/16/98, http://www.msnbc.com/news/210451.asp, MSNBC STAFF AND WIRE REPORTS

"BAGHDAD, Iraq, Dec. 17 — U.S. warships launched more than 200 cruise missile at Iraqi targets early Thursday morning, Pentagon officials told NBC News, as the the United States and Britain began an air campaign meant to punish Baghdad for its defiance of United Nations disarmament agreements. Shortly afterward, President Bill Clinton said he had acted only after exhausting all other options "for the safety of people everywhere."

"PRESIDENT CLINTON, in a speech televised worldwide, said his attack order came with the unanimous support of his national security advisers. Having called off similar air strikes at the last moment last month, said Iraq had he had ordered a "strong, sustained series of air strikes. 'Iraq has abused its final chance,' Clinton said. "

Of course, President Clinton can count upon "unanimous consent" from his Cabinet officials, since they all work for him.  Further, since every one of them proved their loyalty to the President by not resigning in righteous indignation over the fact that he lied to them about the Lewinsky affair, and then sat idly by while they all went before cameras to repeat his lie.  If they are that loyal, they would certainly give Clinton "unanimous consent".

"Defense Secretary William Cohen said the missile and bombing strikes will likely continue for several days. He also ordered a major reinforcement of the American military units already in the Gulf. They include advanced F-117 Stealth fighters, tactical fighter and fighter bomber wings and some ground forces. A second aircraft carrier task force, led by the USS Carl Vinson, is due in the Gulf to join the USS Enterprise this weekend."


"The decision to launch the attack followed a fierce debate among Clinton’s advisers, who knew such a move on the eve of Clinton’s possible impeachment would raise charges he was using the military to divert attention from his domestic troubles.  Clinton dismissed that notion, and indeed said argued that his decision to go ahead despite those questions was an indication of Washington’s resolve not to allow Iraq to violation international agreements. The president, said he chose to attack quickly for several reasons. He said the U.S. did not want to give Iraq an opportunity to disperse 'high value' targets ahead of an attack. He also said he was concerned about the approaching onset of Ramadan, the month-long Muslim holy month which begins on Friday. 'For us to initiate military action during Ramadan would be profoundly offensive to the Muslim world. ... That’s something we wanted to avoid without giving Iraq a month’s head start in preparing; for air strikes, Clinton said."

How ridiculous Clinton is when he states that he needed to launch airstrikes now, so that Hussein would not have the opportunity to "disperse" the targets we wanted to hit.  Does anyone doubt that Hussein ordered the U.N. inspectors out a couple days ago before he dispersed his facilities?  In fact, the former U.N. inspector team leader, an American, Scott Ritter, has already stated that our intelligence as to where Hussein has his facilities is obsolete already.  During the time, in October, when the President was threatening air strikes and moving American forces into the region, Hussein had plenty of time to move his facilities; in the brief time that U.N. inspectors were allowed back into Iraq, they had precious little time to rediscover Hussein's facilities.

Therefore, American missiles and bombs are going to be causing a lot of damage to facilities that no longer contain any of the facilities that we think they contain.  Therefore, a lot of lives are going to be wasted, and a lot of money expended, in order to give Clinton the Wag The Dog scenario he thinks he needs to avoid impeachment.  Whether or not this strategy works will be determined within hours but at least this is Clinton's strategy.

We are truly indebted to House Minority Leader, Dick Gephardt, for officially linking the Iraqi bombing to the Impeachment Proceedings!  In a speech yesterday (12/17/98), to a rally opposed to the Impeachment Proceedings, Gephardt gave us this confirmation that the strategy of the President was to avoid impeachment by bombing Iraq.  Listen to what he said:

"We strongly object to this matter coming up ... any day in which our young men and women in the military are in harm's way."

There you have the official confirmation that President Clinton's strategy was to attack Iraq so that the House of Representatives would not vote for impeachment.  During the actual debate, on 12/18/98, virtually every Democrat Congressman that spoke used this tactic as a defense of the President.  Virtually every one of them rose to the podium to say that we should not be having this impeachment debate while our military young men and women were in combat!  Thus, their very words indicted Clinton, by showing beyond a shadow of a doubt that Clinton had ordered the attack as a means of forcing the House of Representatives to delay the impeachment proceeding, until the next House is seated in January.

As of this writing, the debate is continuing and will probably pass, anyway, as enough Congressmen will be able to see through the transparent and shameless attempt to use war as a means to avoid impeachment.  However, if the impeachment falls a few votes shy of passing, you can probably bet that enough Congressmen were influenced to vote against impeachment because we have troops in action in Iraq.

I clearly remember the impeachment process of President Nixon.  Not only did the Democrat Leadership extend the inquiry to a far wider circle than ever before, and not only did they drag the process out many, many months more than they had originally announced they would, but they shameless worried in public that Nixon would use the powers of his Presidency to create a spectacular "crisis" somewhere in the world that would rally the people around him. Of course, President Nixon did not actually create a crisis, and there is absolutely no evidence that he even contemplated it; he was far too much a man to put American lives and honor on the line just to stay President.  When Clinton was asked about whether his military action against Iraq was "Wag the Dog", he simply replied, "I don't think the American people would ever think any President would do something like that".  He did not deny that he ordered our troops into action to stave off impeachment, he just said no one would think that of any President.  I heard on talk radio yesterday (12/18), that Charles Krauthamer replied in his column, that maybe we would not think "any" President would take this kind of action, but what about "this" President?

There can be no doubt but that President Clinton was invoking the "Wag The Dog" movie scenario when he ordered American forces to begin attacking Iraq, less than 12 hours before the House of Representatives was scheduled to begin debate.  In fact, as I have stated, above, the rhetoric of the Democrat Congressmen validated this concept; no, it is much stronger than that -- their rhetoric proved that Clinton sent our troops into battle to stave off impeachment!

In this movie a President rapes a young girl, referred to as a 'firefly', who was wearing a red beret eerily reminiscent of Monica Lewinsky. To make matters worse, the rape is being made public only about two weeks before the President's reelection. To spin the story, and distract Americans from the sex scandal, the White House Chief of Staff contacts a media expert played by Robert DeNiro.

After hearing the sordid details of the rape, this media expert then sets in motion a cover story about a strategic nuclear bomber that does not exist, and a totally fake war. This combined story is designed to move the story of the rape from the front page to the deep inside section of the daily newspapers. Further, the media expert knows a war will cause the American people to rally behind the President, simply because he is leading Americans in a war, a cause which history has always shown produces high Presidential ratings, whomever he might be.

The media expert then immediately flies to Hollywood, where he enlists the aid of a major producer to create news footage of this fake war on a studio set. The picture they create is of a young girl running for her life in a bombed-out village. She is carrying a fake white cat as she is running, and she is looking very scared, by the way.

Once the fake news footage is polished, reviewed by both the producer and the media expert, it is uplinked to satellites used by the major news agencies, and is beamed to American households as news. One of the most fascinating parts of this movie was the repeated handling of the President's Press Secretary as he was holding his daily press briefings. This media expert could call someone in the White House during the press briefing to tell the Press Secretary to make some announcement. The Press Secretary would then hear the announcement he was to make through earphones set inside his ear, and would then make that announcement. The media expert even transmitted a message to the Press Secretary using a pay phone in the middle of rural Iowa, next to a cornfield! 

As the handling of this fake war continued, the popularity of the President soared, until he was reelected by over 80% of the popular vote! We see many scenes throughout the movie and especially at the end, where the media expert and the Hollywood director are congratulating themselves on a job of manipulation well done. Not once does anyone stop to think about the morality of what they are doing; rather, they just set about to act without morals to stop the deserved destruction of a President who had committed rape.

Think of the various aspects of this amorality, or immorality, if you please:

1) The creation of the fake war is the highest level of lying to the American people that is humanly possible.

2) The victim, an underage teen, deserved Justice, but got nothing. Where are the Women's Rights Advocates on this issue, and for that matter, where are they are in the Monica Lewinsky scandal? Rather than demanding Justice for Lewinsky, as you would expect them to do, given their past rhetoric, they are supporting Clinton! In fact, the hypocrisy of the Radical Feminists on this issue is so blatant it should wake up all Americans to the phony nature of all feminists. The National Organization of Women, plus all like organizations, deserve the trash heap of history because of their defense of Clinton, and their rejection of all the women who have been his victims.

3) The President is rewarded for his sexual predatory nature. Rather than being defeated for reelection and then being tried for rape, the President is rewarded with another term in office. It is also interesting to remember that Anton LaVey stated in his Satanic Bible, that all men involved in Satanism are "sexual predators".

4) Neither the media expert nor the Hollywood producer are ever shown displaying any sensitivity of the morality of this issue. In fact, they are so unconcerned about the morality of the issue that you are left with the feeling that morality has no place in this type of situation. In fact, most media experts and Hollywood producers, and stars for that matter, are constantly scorning the Biblical morality across the entire spectrum.

Finally, this movie demonstrates how like sheep the American people truly have become. We can be led and misled by the high technology of our news organizations, and by the experts who know how to manipulate the news. This scenario is so critically important to the successful staging of the Antichrist as to be almost scary. People will have to be led and misled by the "lying signs and wonders" which will accompany the appearance of Antichrist. People will enthusiastically believe the most ludicrous things, both secular and religious, about Antichrist, simply because they "saw" it on TV, or in the air above them as scenes are made to flash across the sky [but that is the subject of another article]. If the Illuminati wish to satisfy themselves that the American people are ready to be manipulated and mislead, they need no further proof than this movie, Wag the Dog.

I am one of those "conspiracy theorists" who sees the tremendous similarities between the movie Wag the Dog and this current situation with President Clinton.

However, I do not believe that "life is imitating art" here. I believe that the key movers and shakers of Hollywood are a very deep part of this New World Order Plan, just as New World Order author, Peter Lemesurier, says they are in his monumental book, "Armageddon Script". Lemesurier clearly states, with some detail provided, that the movie industry, in alliance with raw occult power, will deceive the American people into supporting, and worshipping, Antichrist [Lemesurier admits the Christ will be Antichrist].

Lemesurier even ends his book with the statement, "The stage is now set. The actors are already in place .... Soon, the time will come when the curtain will rise, for action."

I believe that the movie, "Wag the Dog", was created and released such a short time ago, so that this premise is freshly placed in the minds of the Americans who watched it, which is probably most of us by now, given the publicity given it by the attack on the aspirin factory in the Sudan in August. 

In other words, the movie was deliberately created to cause great numbers of people to lose confidence in President Clinton at the very critical time when he was trying to survive his own sex and perjury scandal.

Now, you ask, why would Hollywood producers, whom you just said supported President Clinton, act to deliberately discredit him in the eyes of the American people? They would take this kind of action because they are part of the New World Order Plan. Spielberg, for example, created Star Wars, which was the first serious attempt to indoctrinate the American people into all the key aspects of the New Age. In fact, Star Wars came out very shortly after the New Age Movement came out of the closet in 1975.

If you doubt that a scandal is planned for this moment in American history, when Antichrist is about to arise, and when the Plan calls for the destruction of our Constitutional Government, think again. Listen carefully to that part of the Plan, as found in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. This infamous document was the first public, organized plan to achieve the New World Order ever written. Historians think the Protocols is nearly 100 years old.

Listen to them speak of the time immediately following their assumption of dictatorial power. "We shall create an intensified centralisation of government in order to grip in our hands all the forces of the community ... These laws will withdraw, one by one, all the indulgences and liberties which have been permitted ... Our kingdom will be distinguished by a despotism of such magnificent proportions as to be at any moment and in every place in a position to wipe out any who oppose us by deed or word."

The next time you hear President Clinton extolling the virtues of the United Nations, or the "international rule by law" [a euphemism for New World Order], remember they boldly plan to take our freedoms away and to create the greatest, and most effective, dictatorship the world has ever seen!

But, now see the allusion the Plan gives to the deliberate staging of scandals designed to so weary the people they will accept even a dictatorial government! "Then, at every possible opportunity, we shall publish articles in which we shall make comparisons between our beneficent rule and those of past ages. The blessings of tranquility, though it be a tranquility forcibly brought about by centuries of agitation, will throw into higher relief the benefits to which we shall point."

"The errors of [previous] governments' ill be depicted by us in the most vivid hues. We shall implant such an abhorrence of [the previous governments] that the peoples will prefer tranquility in a state of serfdom to those rights of vaunted freedom which have tortured humanity ..."

"Useless changes of forms of governments in which we instigated the [people] when we were undermining their state structure, will have so wearied the peoples by that time that they will prefer to suffer anything under us rather than run the risk of enduring again all the agitations and miseries they have gone through."

Wow! Did you get those words, "undermining their state structure"? This is precisely the Plan of the New World Order! They have undermined our nation in terms of government that doesn't work, a faith that is not Christian, and an economy based upon speculation, in order to destroy our nation so they can bring about their global United Nations dictatorship under their Antichrist.

But, one of the ways in which they plan to undermine our faith in our institutions of government is through many, many scandals, such as the one facing President Clinton today. The scandals are planned! They have been planned for many decades.

Thus, it is not a stretch of the imagination to think that the Plan might include a movie called Wag the Dog which would so parallel the President's actions 6 months later, that Americans turn even more cynical toward the President and the office he holds.

At this point, you might say, 'but David, the people might turn against Clinton, without losing confidence in the Office of the President". You are right. However, at what point does the scandal and the shame of President Clinton rub off to tarnish the very office of the President itself?

I believe this line is being crossed today, in front of our very eyes! I have heard statements like that which I have listed below which serve to take the shame of President Clinton's sexual predatory nature and use it like manure to spread it on the reputation of past Presidents. If we believe this lie, Americans will become discouraged on the very Office of the President, and of the very Government of which it is a part.

In the next article, we shall deal with what we believe is the next step in this campaign to discourage enough Americans toward our current system of government  that we will allow it to be dismantled, and destroyed.  In fact, when these planned crises begin to hit, and our government suspends the Constitution in order to "deal with" the crisis, most Americans will stand up and applaud.  This is the Plan.

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