Subtitle:  Events seem poised for the annihilating battle between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs. This battle is foretold in an obscure passage in Obadiah, and represents God's judgment against the Palestinians.  The New World Order Plan parallels this Biblical passage, planning for Antichrist to arise from the smoke, death, and destruction of this war!

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BIBLE PROPHECY :  "For the day of the Lord is near upon all the nations.  As you have done, it shall be done to you, your dealing will return upon your own head.  For as you, Edom, have drunk upon the mountain of My holiness, desecrating it in the wild revelry of the destroyers, so shall all the nations drink continually, in turn, of My wrath; yes, they shall drink, talk foolishly and swallow down the full measure of punishment, and they shall be destroyed as though they had not been."

"But on Mount Zion, in Jerusalem, there shall be deliverance, for those who escape, and it shall be holy; and the house of Jacob shall possess their own former possessions.  The house of Jacob shall be a fire and the house of Joseph a flame, but the house of Esau shall be stubble; they shall kindle and burn them and consume them, and there shall be no survivor of the house of Esau, for the Lord has spoken it." [Obadiah 15-18, Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary ].

This prophecy is one of the most profound, and yet one of the most ignored, of all End Time Prophecies.  We have spent much time speaking of it, because it holds one of the most important keys in understanding the events that are soon to break upon us, and because Israel seems to be taking action that will fulfill this prophecy to the letter.  We have devoted several articles to this subject already, giving you great detail on the meaning of this prophecy.  If you have not read these articles, below, we encourage you to do so now.

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II.  Articles on New World Order Plan That Parallels This Prophecy

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Obviously, we have spent a lot of time and effort to studying this critically important End Times prophecy, simply because it offers such a key to understanding the tumultuous Daily News unfolding right in front of our eyes. Likewise, we have spent much time in understanding key New World Order documents, zeroing in on the ones that parallel Biblical prophecy.

In fact, we have written these 8 articles just so we can write this one. We consider this current article to be absolutely essential for you to understand, as we contemplate the war about to erupt, the one war planned to produce Antichrist.

Let us condense the most critical elements from these 8 articles that we need to keep in mind as we contemplate the facts we are about to present in this article.   1)  Israel is still God's Chosen Nation, brought back to life as a nation in 1948, just as God foretold repeatedly in both the Old and New Testaments; 2) God promised Israel that, when He brought her back to her land as a nation, she would receive all the land  He promised to Abraham.  Remember, God gave Abraham an eternal covenant, one that was never rescinded by Jesus Christ's spiritual Second Covenant. This promised land includes Lebanon, most of Syria, part of Iraq, and two-thirds of Jordan, as well as all of present-day Israel.  3) God pronounced judgment against all the Arab nations that are threatening Israel today:  Palestinians, Syrians, Jordanians, Egyptians, and Iraqis.  4)  After these foretold annihilating wars against overwhelming military odds, Israel will expand to take over all this former Arab land, described in paragraph 3.  5)  The New World Order Plan parallels this Biblical prophecy precisely, and most excitedly, will dramatically increase your faith as you see just how precisely Satan has developed his plan to fulfill God's prophecy; 6)  This New World Order Plan states that, out of the war described above, their New Age Christ [Antichrist] will arise! 7)  The "House of Esau" in this Obadiah passage, is the present day Palestinians!  Yassir Arafat, and the entire population of Palestinians following him, will be annihilated man, woman, and child.  "The Lord has spoken it".

When Israel was attacked in June, 1967, in the war popularly known as the "Six Day War ", she recaptured Jerusalem and the surrounding land that were populated primarily by Palestinian Arabs.  What normally happens in this situation is that the conquering army displaces the huge civilian population it has just conquered.  The main reason for this is that a huge civilian hostile force will be a constant thorn, and a constant threat, in the side of the conquering nation.  This fact is especially true in tiny Israel, whose population of less than 5 million, is under constant attack from the 260 million hostile Arabs that surround her.

So, Israel was going to force the Palestinian Arabs to leave; fortunately, they had a logical place to go -- Jordan.  The Palestinians had lived on both sides of the Jordan River for many centuries.  In fact, more Palestinian Arabs lived in Jordan than in Israel.  Therefore, it was logical that the displaced Palestinians would go to Jordan.  However, Jordan's King Hussein refused to allow Israel to forcibly move the Palestinian Arabs within Israel to Jordan.  Hussein took this action for two very valid reasons:  1)  His kingdom was of the minority party within Jordan, the Hashemites.  The majority of people within Jordan were the Palestinians, and they were already threatening his rule.  The last thing he needed was to have a quarter million more Palestinians living in his beleaguered  country.  In fact, a few years later, Arafat's PLO attempted to take over Jordan, causing King Hussein to throw his best military units against them.  The PLO was defeated and thrown out of Jordan.  King Hussein did not want these Palestinian Arabs in his country!  2) Arab leadership quickly consulted at the time Israel was going to force the Palestinians across the Jordan River, into Jordan.  They concluded that, not only was Hussein correct in not wanting the Palestinians in his country, but that these quarter million Palestinians would prove to be a dagger a fraction of an inch away from the heart of Israel.  These Arab leaders correctly decided that the Palestinians could be a major factor in the final struggle to destroy Israel.

Therefore, since the end of the Six Day War , Israel was confronted by a whole lot of hostile Arabs that agitated every way possible to get Israel to agree to create a Palestinian State within the borders of tiny Israel [the country known as Israel is smaller than New Jersey].  Former President Nixon was quoted as saying that Israel could never agree to a Palestinian State within her borders, for such a hostile state would be nothing more than a "dagger" poised only a fraction of an inch from Israel's vital heart.  Through the decade of the 1970's, President Nixon's statement served as the Conventional Wisdom on the issue, so much so that no one seriously contemplated forcing Israel to allow such a state.


However, in the early 1990's, former Israeli Army General, Prime Minister, Yitzchak Rabin, began to plan for just such a state.  Secret negotiations began to occur with PLO Chief, Yassir Arafat, to create a Palestinian State within Israel's borders.  Today, that state is taking shape, and will occupy almost 40% of the total land mass of Israel, once the Israeli Government carries out the final 13% withdrawal.  Also, from the beginning, Israel handed land back to the PLO, even though the PLO defiantly refused to comply with many of the agreements to which they had agreed!  While the Israelis complained mightily that the PLO was refusing to live up to their previous Oslo agreements, when push came to shove, they always gave in and handed over the land!

What on earth is going on here?  Had Yitzchak Rabin lost his mind?  Not even his harshest critics have claimed that Rabin had become insane.  Furthermore, from the beginning to the present time, the Oslo Accords have received the slender majority support of the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament, and the chief generals of the Israeli Defense Force.

Yet, according to standard military doctrine, and practices, the Oslo Accords render the defense of Israel impossible

Put another way, the Oslo Accords seem to guarantee the Arabs a victory over Israel in the next war.  Since Israel cannot afford one defeat, since she would be annihilated, how is it that her hero general, Rabin, and so many other Israeli leaders, are supporting the Oslo Accords, and continue to hand over land to the PLO? This puzzling scenario is  especially curious, because the PLO continues to defiantly proclaim that they are using the Oslo Accords as a means to gain the final annihilation of Israel.

The key to understanding what is occurring here may be in the words, above, "standard military doctrine".  Perhaps the Israeli Defense Forces are not now depending upon "standard military doctrine " for their defense of Israel from a hostile Arab PLO that has apparently become much stronger as a result of these Israeli "mistakes". 

Perhaps the best place to start this unusual discussion would be a New Age book entitled, "Blood In The Streets", by James Dale Davidson & Sir William Rees-Mogg, Warner Books, 1987.

 In the early part of the book, the authors discuss the great superiority the British forces in the 19th Century enjoyed over local Indian and Chinese forces.  Listen to their discussion of this military superiority:

"Megapolitics literally means 'politics in the largest sense.  It is the study of raw power ... the largest of these variables [that affect megapolitics] is shifting technology ... With new technology, it can become relatively cheap to deploy force, very costly for anyone to resist, or vice versa.  For months or years, or decades, or however long it takes for other groups to copy or defeat the advantage, those at a disadvantage will be like the 98-pound weakling confronting a barrel-chested bully.  They will bow to power.  Or be forced to bow.  And the world will change to reflect the new megapolitical reality.  Maps will be rewritten."  [p. 11-12]

"Weapons technology is the major megapolitical force that determines the power equation ...Peace can be interrupted at any time by power ... [In the 19th Century, Great Britain ruled the Western world] ... What made the British accomplishments possible was raw power.  For most of the nineteenth century, the British Empire exercised smashing power.  Overwhelmingly, irresistible power.  Power that gave London an almost magical ability to impose its influence and settle disputes at the far s of the globe."

"Not just at Omdurman, but in one remote place after another in Africa and Asia, British forces overwhelmed their opponents at trivial costs.  In one battle near Zimbabwe in 1893, 50 British South African police fought 5,000 Ndebele warriors, killing more than 3,000 in an hour and a half.  As an African survivor of such a massacre said: 'The whites did not seize their enemy as we do by the body, but thundered from afar ... Death raged everywhere -- like death vomited forth from the tempest'."

"Earlier in the century, the Celestial Dynasty in China was brought low by British gunboats and a few marines.  Without any apparent difficulty, the 'barbarians from the sea' swept in and mauled Chinese forces in a war lasting from 1839-1842.  The expense to Britain for defeating the most populous nation in the world was trivial, one-tenth of one percent of the gross national product ... The abracadabra in British military success was technological superiority .  Weapons in the hands of British forces were far deadlier than those available to fighters in traditional societies of Asia and Africa. This made it very cheap for the British to project power at great distances, very costly for local peoples to resist." [Ibid., p. 35-37]

Now that we have laid the correct philosophical and historical background for our current discussion, let us fast-forward 100 years, to 1991, as the United States' led U.N. forces prepared to take on Saddam Hussein of Iraq.  On paper, the Iraqi Armed forces were truly formidable.  We saw statistics that showed they had a numerical superiority in some areas, like tanks, and their soldiers were "battle-hardened" veterans of the war against Iran.  Further, we were told, these Iraqi soldiers were fighting for homes and families, and on their familiar desert terrain.  Some estimates of American dead were in the range of 50,000 dead, the immortal prediction of T.V. Anchor, Sam Donaldson.

Yet, American losses were miniscule, while Iraqi losses ranged well over 100,000 men.  We annihilated entire Iraqi Army units with very little loss of life.  Indeed, it seemed that we killed as many Americans through "friendly fire" accidents than the Iraqi Army killed.

How could this be?  Someone forgot to mention to Saddam Hussein that, while he had amassed a tremendous army, his army was obsolete!  When President Ronald Reagan initiated his now famous military buildup of the early 1980's, most people did not realize, until the results of the Gulf War were tabulated, that not only had America built a rather large modern army, we had literally achieved a "Quantum Leap" in technology.  Indeed, this technological leap had rendered Hussein's Army as ineffective against the American Army as were the African and Chinese warriors, described above, against the British.  Hussein faced a combination of cruise missiles, Stealth Bombers, smart bombs of all kinds, B-52 bombers loaded with huge bombs, M-1 tanks that proved superior to anything the Iraqis even conceived -- not to mention fight against -- and helicopters that were armed with the most potent array of missile and automatic weapons imaginable.


Additionally, evidence has just come to light that his forces faced a most unusual new weapon of mass destruction.

Once we describe this new weapon to you, you will understand its implication for this article on the Oslo Accords, with our unusual premise that this plan is a deliberate trap for the Palestinian Arabs. We are indebted to a New Age author and scientist, Jerry Smith, for this latest information.  In his book, "HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy", Smith speaks at length about this new weapon of almost unimaginable terror and destruction, the Extremely Low Frequency [E.L.F.] weapon.

"You could release a burst of radiation over a target as deadly as a nuclear bomb.  There would be no explosion, no damage to buildings and equipment.  Yet, every living thing within the area exposed would be dead or dying." [p. 9]

"What could a nation, or a conspiracy, do with a weapon that can 'fry' men's minds?" [p. 10]

HAARP weapons technology is so potent that it has possibly rendered "nuclear weapons impotent and obsolete". [Ibid.]

The major effect of the Oslo Accords is that it encourages the Palestinian Arabs to concentrate their population in a very specific part of Israel.  Further, population disparities between Jews and Arabs within the newly-created Arab jurisdiction are huge, in favor of the Arab.  For example, in Hebron, recently turned over to the PLO, Arab population is about 140,000, but the Jewish population is less than 700!  If you click to a map constructed by the Israeli TV and radion station, Arutz-7, you can see this concentration for yourself. [See the Arutz-7 Disaster Map, http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/Senate/5942/]

Consider some of the pertinent statistics which Arutz-7 provides in conjunction with this map.

1)  "A Palestinian State (dark gray areas on the center of our map) will emerge in the heart of Eretz Israel. The PLO National Covenant (declaration of principles) still calls for the eradication of the Jewish State, so it will be technically in a state of war with Israel."  Since the PLO has never officially ended the declaration in her charter that Israel is to be annihilated, this new Palestinian State is truly at war with Israel.  The Arabs are seemingly achieving at the "negotiating" table what they could never achieve on the battlefield.

2) "The width of the Coastal Plain, Israel’s most populated area, will be reduced to an average of 15 kilometers. The firing range of a Katyusha rocket is 25 kilometers.Standard military doctrine holds that it would be militarily impossible to defend a nation that has been cut down to a width of only 15 kilometers.  To allow such a development means that any strong Arab force, backed by tanks and other tracked vehicles, plus an overwhelming number of soldiers, could easily cut Israel into two pieces.  This development would usually lead to the absolute destruction of such a nation.  Since this doctrine is so widely held among military professionals the world over, we must conclude that the Israeli Army General [Rabin] who conceived this plan is not depending upon standard military doctrine to defend Israel in this next, and inevitable, war with the Arabs.

3)  "Jewish Communities:  More than twenty Jewish communities will become isolated ghettos lost in territory fully controlled by the 'Palestinian Police'."  As we stated, above, these Jewish communities are badly outnumbered by the Arabs [Hebron, Arabs outnumber the Jews 200 to 1; to put it another way, the Arabs comprise 99.5% of the population].  It would seem to me that, if the Israelis are planning to annihiliate the Arab population, they would need to find an excuse to evacuate these small Jewish communities from the newly created PLO State.  Thus, we encourage you to watch the news coming out of Israel very carefully, watching for any plan to evacuate the few Jewish citizens that are living in this newly created Arab state.  Such an evacuation would probably be the immediate prelude to an Israeli preemptive strike.

We believe the Oslo Accords are the largest, and most sophisticated, trap ever laid for an entire population of people.  We believe that, after Israel has encouraged the Palestinians to congregate together in a relatively tight geographical area, and after she has evacuated her very small population, Israel will attack using ultra-modern weapons of mass destruction. 


Israel could use the neutron bomb as she has already threatened to do if attacked or provoked.  This may be the weapon they use, since this prophecy in Obadiah 15-18 speaks of a fire building up in Israel and exploding outward to totally consume the House of Esau [Palestinian Arabs].  The neutron bomb is basically a nuclear explosion, and does emit some fire, even though its main destruction comes from the eruption of enormous amounts of radiation that kill every living thing in its path.  The only question I have is whether a neutron explosion could be so precisely targeted that it would not "overspray" the area, killing many Jews beyond the border. Even if the neutron bomb were aimed East toward Jordan, it seems that a lot of Israelis would be killed in the white area between the Palestinian area and the Jordan River.

Israel could use the HAARP, E.L.F. weapons to irradiate the area, killing every living thing by frying the brains of all people within three minutes [Jerry Smith, p. 27].  It seems to me likely that such a weapon would be far more easy to control overspraying.  In early December, 1998, I emailed Jerry Smith to ask him whether this scenario would be possible with HAARP weaponry, and I attached the link to this Disaster Map.  On 12/16/98, he emailed me back, saying, "You asked: 'Could HAARP technology be used in this type of situation to destroy man, woman, and child in this area?'  In a word, YES.  Compelling evidence has come forward that HAARP-like electromagnetic weapons were deployed in the Gulf War.  We will probably see them used again in the next few weeks.[speaking of the American and British attack on Iraq in December, 1998]".

When I read that E.L.F. weapons had been tested 8 years ago, in the 1991 Gulf War, I felt my breath taken away!  If E.L.F. weapons were tested 8 long years ago, they have been greatly refined since then.  That means they are probably deployed now on large Army trucks, or on Army wheeled vehicles.  This means that a single line of trucks equipped with E.L.F. weapons could stop an army of 100,000 men in its tracks, even if the hostile force was armed with tanks and heavy artillery!  Technology has taken such a huge "Quantum Leap" forward, that we are now back into the scenario as in 1893 with the British forces fighting Ndebele warriors at Omdurman, Africa.  History seems likely to be repeating itself, but why should we be surprised?  Once the principle is learned, that technology can and has leapfrogged so that numerically inferior forces can annihilate huge numbers of opposing armies with little or no losses themselves, then all leaders have to do is to both seek such technological superiority, and to recognize it once it occurs. 


Today, such weapons technology shift has occurred, and the Arabs are the next sacrificial victim of the New World Order Plan.

We have reported this Satanic image before, depicting the forces and organizations leading the world into the New World Order.  However, the major factor of which we want to remind you is the Satanist's belief that enormous numbers of human sacrifice are going to be necessary to establish this global system of Antichrist.  War is certainly one way in which huge numbers of human sacrifice could be offered up very quickly.  White Magic practitioner, Trevor Ravenscroft, in his major expose' of the Black Magick Satanism of Adolf Hitler, wrote that Hitler would go into a religious ecstacy over news of enormous German and Russian casualties.  Why was Hitler so pleased?  He was pleased because he considered these casualties proper human sacrifices to his god, Woden.

In this light, please ponder carefully the prodigious amount of blood sacrifices pouring down over the entire world, and on to the altar, as the world marches steadily toward the coming Kingdom of Antichrist, the New World Order.  We also would remind you of three facts:

1) Biblical prophecy foretells a two-thirds reduction in the population of the world during the 7-year reign of Antichrist, in the Book of Revelation.  Further, in chapter 6, we see the Antichrist riding onto the scene of the world, riding a white horse.  He quickly receives the unification of the entire world.  Then, the very next horse riding out of Heaven is the Red Horse of War.  He rides forth to "take the peace from the earth", and he slaughters with a "huge" sword.  2)  New World Order Plans parallel this Scripture perfectly.  This Plan envisions the slaughter of two-thirds of the world's population, with the one billion Arabs first on the hit list.  This planned war between Israel and her immediate Arab neighbors will begin the slaughter of Arabs and will produce Antichrist.  Certainly, Israel is going to wield a "huge" sword when she uses either the neutron bomb or E.L.F. weapons, or both, on the Arabs.  Maybe someone should inform the Arab leadership that the Jews of this world, and certainly the current leadership of Israel, comprise a good part of the leadership of the Illuminati.  In fact, we did inform the Arab leadership, nearly two years ago, in NEWS2107, entitled, "Arabs Beware! You Have Embarked On Mission Impossible!"  However, we are under no illusions that any Arab leader has ever read this warning, or has believed it. 

The Arabs are going to be slaughtered, man woman, and child, just as God's prophecy foretells.  At long last, God is going to exercise Judgment upon the Arabs for their 4,000 years of persecution and hatred of the Jews.

3)  God's Plan during the entire 7-year Tribulation Period is to cleanse the earth of all sin and sinners, to prepare for the appearance of Jesus Christ, as He returns at Armageddon to destroy Antichrist and False Prophet. Then, Jesus Christ can prepare for the beginning of His Milennial Reign.  This time of God's Judgment that will cleanse all sinners from the earth will be terrible beyond words, as God stands back to allow man's exceedingly sinful nature to take over, resulting in unbelievable wars of agression upon all the peoples of the world.


Finally, lest you have bad feelings against the Israelites for their planned annihilation of the Arabs, you need to remember some basic facts: 

1)  The Jewish Zionist Congress began the movement back to the ancient land of Israel in 1896.  From then until 1948, the Jews worldwide contributed huge sums of money so that they could legitimately buy the land from the Arabs.  In fact, much of the land was bought at prices that were exorbitant at the time, far above what the land was worth.  Arab land holders chortled at how they were putting things over the hated Jew by selling him nearly worthless land for a lot of money.  This chortling continued until the Arabs realized that their continual selling of land in Israel to the Jews was resulting in a nation being reborn after 2,000 years!  Then, the Arab chortling gave way to anger and opposition, culminating in a massive invasion on May 16, 1948, one day after Israel proclaimed her statehood. When the Arab tells you that the Jews stole their land, they are lying to you big time! 

2)  All the Jews wanted was to live at peace in their ancient land.  They wanted everyone, Arab and Jew alike, to prosper under peace and security.  Instead, the Arab quickly resorted to bloodshed and terror every day of every year since 1948.  The Jews are tired of being attacked by superior forces, winning the war, and then losing the peace!  In other words, when Israel won each war the Arab forced upon her, the only thing they won was a temporary "peace", a temporary respite until the next Arab attack.  These respites were filled with terror against innocent civilian targets, as the Arabs coldly calculated that they might be able to make life so unimaginably terrible that the average Jewish citizen might decide to emigrate back out of Isreal.  If enough Jews made that decision, Israel would collapse from within. 

3) At the early part of the 1990's, Israeli Defense strategists concluded that, by the end of the decade, the Arabs would have nuclear bombs.  The tiny nation of Israel would be finished, period, end of paragraph.  Therefore, IDF generals decided that the next war would be the last, and they would have no choice but to annihilate their Arab enemies, since 4,000 years of history has shown that Arab will never accept the existence of Jews.

Today, Jewish leadership has concluded they have no choice but to annihilate their Arab neighbors so there will never be another Arab attack, this time with nuclear weapons.  If your loved ones were similarly threatened, you would fee the same way, also.

Thus, the Oslo Accords were conceived as a means to draw the Palestinian Arabs together into one tight geographical area, in a plan so blatantly wrong for Israel that the Arabs would be tempted to attack once the entire plan was in place.  On many occasions in the past 20 years, I have read statements from several American presidents, from Reagan to Clinton, that the United States is committed to maintaining the "qualitative edge " in weapons technology for Israel over her Arab enemies. Most people had no idea that this commitment meant giving Israel "leading edge" technology; when "Quantum Leaps" in technology were made, Israel got the weapons, in some cases before American forces got them.  Not only does Israel have the neutron bomb, even though President Carter officially "cancelled" the project, she has E.L.F. weapons, as well.  We stand at the cusp, that old fork in the road, when history is going to be made, to God's infinite glory.

Out of this annihilating war, Israel will be presented her counterfeit Messiah, and the world will be presented Antichrist all in the same person.  We are very close.  Keep an eye out for this event, folks.  If you hear that any evacuations of Jewish citizens are occurring, under any guise, email me immediately and let me know.  This war is then likely to occur very soon.

Jesus Christ is coming back, just as He promised.  But, the world has to endure the Rapture of the Church and the appearance of Antichrist first. 

Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but have been very lukewarm in your spiritual walk with Him, you need to immediately ask Him for forgiveness and for renewal. He will instantly forgive you, and fill your heart with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Then, you need to begin a daily walk of prayer and personal Bible Study.

If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as Savior, but have come to realize His reality and the approaching End of the Age, and want to accept His FREE Gift of Eternal Life, you can also do so now, in the privacy of your home. Once you accept Him as Savior, you are spiritually Born Again, and are as assured of Heaven as if you were already there. Then, you can rest assured that the Kingdom of Antichrist will not touch you spiritually.

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We hope you have been blessed by this ministry, which seeks to educate and warn people, so that they can see the coming New World Order -- Kingdom of Antichrist -- in their daily news.

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God bless you.

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