Subtitle:  Foundation urges all nuclear capable countries to take action now to avoid a nuclear attack brought about by the failure of defense computers that are not fully "Y2K Compatible".  Pentagon is said to be woefully behind in its efforts to upgrade to avoid disaster.

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NEWS BRIEF:  "MILLENNIUM Bug Poses Nuclear Weapons Risk", DRUDGE REPORT, Thu Nov 12 1998, 17:59:48.

"The British American Security Information Council on Thursday is warning all world military powers to de-activate their weapons, to avoid possible 'massive and hugely perilous systems failures' brought on by the so-called Millennium bug. The group singles out the United States, bluntly describing the Pentagon's efforts to meet the fast-approaching deadline as 'a mess'  -- with what it calls 'severe and recurring problems across the spectrum'."

We discussed this Y2K computer problem in NEWS1172.  In this article, we presented both sides of this problem and then reached our conclusion.  If you have not read this article, we suggest you do not read any further here until you have read it.  Our bottom line conclusion is that there is no earthly reason this disaster should occur.  Software programs, exist that can fix 100,000,000 lines of code within a matter of hours; hardware that was manufactured prior to 1980 needs to be replaced, but prices in the past year, especially, have never been less expensive.  Therefore, if any government agency or any business is not "Y2K Compliant" before disaster strikes, it is because that agency or business did not wish to be compliant .

The public began to be aware of this problem a little over a year ago.  But, you have to know that agencies like the CIA, Pentagon, and others had to have been aware of it for decades.  Therefore, when they come up "short" in getting "Y2K Compliant", it is because they did not want to become compliant.  Now, you ask, why would they wish to not become "Y2K Compliant"?  We have noted that New World Order Plans call for a series of planned disasters and crises in order to achieve the necessary panic among the peoples of the Western World generally, and Americans particularly, so they would allow their existing governments to be dissolved, their rights taken away, and so that Antichrist will be accepted. [Read NEWS1172 for a list of these many planned crises].

Therefore, Y2K just becomes another catalyst for another set of crises.  I know this view goes against the Conventional Wisdom, but then, most of our articles buck the Conventional Wisdom.  The standard reasoning on a lot of issues are designed to confuse rather than to make clear, to indoctrinate rather than educate, and to prepare everyone for the coming Great One, Antichrist.  The Russian people knew from experience, that the Communist Government spoke through the news outlets, so they adopted the attitude that they would believe the opposite of what their news outlets were telling them.  This is precisely the type of attitude we need to take.  Whenever you hear the Mass Media trumpeting an issue to death, you can know for certain they are trying to get you to believe in something that will make the establishment of the New World Order more likely to occur. 

Y2K is no exception.  Now, let us examine the details of this Y2K "nuclear disaster".

This supposed nuclear disaster might occur in the following areas if the Y2K MILLENNIUM Bug disables government and defense computers.

1)  Computers which are in charge of maintenance might notice that no maintenance had been done for 100 years, so they would shut down all our weapons systems.  Therefore, no nuclear weapon would target, prepare to fire, or actually fire.  Therefore, we might be open to all sorts of attack from an enemy whose weapons systems were Y2K Compliant, or who even had a few independent systems compliant.

2)  All our satellites might shut down automatically for the same maintenance problem noted above.  Our defense depends heavily upon satellites for a number of reasons.  a)  To precisely target our missiles to their target; b)  To maintain a watch on our potential enemies to see if they are moving troops, tanks, or entire armies.  Satellites also monitor all missile firings to ensure that none of them are aimed at the United States.  We would be fairly blind without satellites; c) Satellites figure heavily in our system of communications.  Without satellites, the Pentagon and the White House might not be able to communicate with submarines or aircraft to order a counter strike.  Conceivably, America could be under attack, with cities burning, and no submarine commander even be aware of the attack, much less able to receive communications that the President had ordered a counterstrike.

3)  All our early warning radar might either shut down completely, or start showing bogus attacks.  Hopefully, they would shut down completely, since that would be the safest course in the short run.  However, if an enemy knew that we were without our early warning radar, they might attack with nuclear weapons in order to take advantage of our problems and launch an attack.

What was the "solution" to this "problem"?  "The council would like to see world powers 'separate warheads from their delivery vehicle  when the clocks flip 2000' -- a move that would dramatically increase the amount of time needed to launch an attack."

This move would certainly make it more difficult to launch an attack, and that may make sense from the warped 'Conventional Wisdom' point of view.  However, such a move might prove to be a disaster militarily.  In this era, when missiles and aircraft can zip around the world so quickly and so silently, the enemy might be tempted to launch an attack simply because they have learned we have removed our missile warheads, and that it would take hours to move them back on to our missiles. 

Such a move presupposes that man is inherently good, and that we have less to fear from the inherent evil of men than we do from the military defenses themselves.  You see, the Liberals, like Vice President Al Gore, and other New Agers just like him, believe that the threat to world peace are the weapons.  They cannot see that the weapons exist because, and only because, man is inherently evil .  Oh, no, they say, man is inherently good, and he has created nuclear weapons only because he "misunderstands" his enemy.  Liberals have been trying since World War II to get America to unilaterally disarm. believing that, if we take that first step, the Russians and Chinese would be so grateful they will begin to disarm as well.  And, presto magic, the world will be at peace!  While this attitude may strike you as naive and stupid, and the kind of thinking that can get us all killed, I can assure you that this is the way New Age Liberals think.  This kind of thinking is precisely what House Majority Leader Jim Wright meant when he said, "Just give peace a chance".

In Seminar 2, we go to great lengths to prove that Freemasonry is the leader of the New World Order Plan to produce Antichrist, and that they have enlisted the support of every major leader in the world, especially in the 20th Century.  Not only have they enlisted the support of Communist leaders, Freemasonry actually created Communism in the first place in order to move the world into the New World Order.  If you disbelieve this statement, we urge you to read NEWS1007, "Thesis x Antithesis = Synthesis", and then order Seminar 2, where we go into a detailed presentation that takes almost 7 hours to prove our point. 

Once you understand this truth, you will better understand "little" segments of history --

a)  like why we gave Eastern Europe to Russia when we were under no pressure to do so;

b) like why Western Powers regularly bailed out a failing Soviet Communist Russia, when it would have been to our distinct advantage to let our most implacable enemy fall; and

c) like we have regularly "allowed" sophisticated technology that enabled their defenses to stay current with ours time and time again. This treasonous "sale" of sophisticated missile guidance systems to the Chinese authorized by Clinton is just the latest in a long line of state-of-the-art technologies transferred or sold to our Communist "enemies" [actually our secret allies in establishing the New World Order Plan] by several Administrations.

Herein lies the key to understanding how we may ultimately be destroyed, just as God foretells in Revelation 18 [Read CE1038, "America May Be Economic Babylon of Revelation 18" for full details].  Once I became convinced that America is the economy about which Revelation 18 is written, I then struggled with the concept as to how any enemy, like the Russians, could penetrate our defenses to destroy us while escaping annihilation themselves.  You see, that is the key, is it not?  Any enemy that would destroy us must be able to launch their attack with reasonable assurance that they could somehow prevent our annihilating retaliation. 

I ultimately concluded that such a scenario would be plausible because of the following factors:

1)  American leaders are not American patriots; they are internationalists who have long ago bought into the New World Order Plan which states that the peoples of the world would be better off if all existing independent, sovereign governments were abolished, and replaced by a global United Nations government under the leadership of an absolute dictator.  Such a belief presupposes that the absolute dictator of this global government would continuously be a leader that had the people's best  interests at heart.  If an Adolf Hitler ever came to control this new global government, the peoples of the world would be far worse off than they have ever been.

2)  American leaders have bought the lie that man is inherently good.  In fact, almost all religions of the world teach this lie, except for Judeo-Christianity. However, Jewish Mysticism has taken such hold in this world that even Jews believe this lie with all their heart.  But, not only is this belief a lie, it can get you killed, and it most definitely get an entire nation killed. You see, when you believe man is inherently good, you will be more likely to let your guard down against a possible attack.  Furthermore, remember that American leaders understand the reality of the fact [as we report in NEWS1007] that Communism was created by the Illuminati, and has served as the secret good, loyal soldier in the campaign to achieve the New World Order.  Therefore, American leaders will have their minds doubly blinded to the possibility that Communist leaders would ever, ever attack us.  Why should we be worried?  Communist leaders are inherently good men, AND they have been loyal soldiers in the New World Order Plan. [Yes, President Clinton believes this lie, too, with all his heart]

No American leader would be worried about the Russians or the Chinese attacking us under any circumstance.  If the Plan calls for all nuclear-capable nations to declare that the Y2K problem has shut down their weapons systems, American leaders will not doubt that Russia and China will comply with the Plan. In fact, they will trust in their inner hearts that Russia and China will comply with the Plan without incident.

At this very moment, Russia or China could be planning to make at least a portion of their nuclear weaponry Y2K Compliant, so they will be fully operational when the rest of the world's systems are being deliberately shut down in accordance with the Plan.  Of course, the entire world is thrown, at the time these planned crises are exploding, into the full array of planned crises --  from war in the Middle East and Korea, to terrorism in our cities, to economic collapse, and natural disasters, all designed to successfully stage the appearance of Antichrist.  Once Antichrist is staged, and accepted by the peoples of the world, and once the leaders of the 10 Super Nations [Read NEWS1002 for full details] have transferred political power to him, then the world will be ecstatic.  They will have their superman and they will expect full peace and safety.  

American leaders will be ecstatic, as well.  The 250-year-old plan for America to lead the world into the New World Order and to its Antichrist will have been completed, successfully.  Further, the Y2K problem has shut down all the world's nuclear weapons, thus setting the stage for the completion of the goal to eliminate all weapons being held by the individual nations of the world.  Everyone will be expecting the peace and safety which has been promised.

There is only ONE problem:  God's Word will be fulfilled.  At this moment, absolute, irrevocable disaster is likely to strike. God has foretold that, once the 10 Super Nations have successfully staged Antichrist, three of them will be totally destroyed. [Daniel 7:8, 24].  Since we know that America is the leader of Nation #1 [NAFTA] and that Russia is the leader of Nation #5, [Eastern Europe and Russia], we know that NAFTA may just be one of the three super nations totally destroyed.  Further, we know that Russia will get her destruction when she attacks Antichrist headquartered in Jerusalem, as she leads an army against Israel in fulfillment of Ezekiel 38 and 39.  Many current Bible scholars have hypothesized that, for Russia to lead an attack on Israel as foretold, she must eliminate the United States first. 

Finally, we know that America is totally destroyed in Revelation 18, by fire, in one hour of one day.

Is this nuclear fire?  I believe it is.  I think it highly possible that the high-ranking Russian Intelligence defector was right [Read NEWS1216, "Clinton Changes American Response Strategy", part of the series entitled, "Clinton's Fatal Leadership"].  This defector said that Russia was currently planning to attack America, beginning with the simultaneous explosion of approximately 100 suitcase-size nuclear bombs, which have already been smuggled into the country and hidden.  If these bombs annihilated our top civilian and  military officials, plus much of our military infrastructure, then quick-strike nuclear missiles would be able to come in under the cover of radar, finishing our annihilation.  Once the suitcase nuclear bombs had been detonated, Russian submarines would be able to fire missiles just off the East and West coast, and fully annihilate our country, before our leadership could even know what had hit them.

Satan would be well-pleased, also.  His New Atlantis -- the United States of America -- who had fulfilled her occult destiny in leading the world into the Kingdom of Antichrist, would now have become the greatest single sacrifice to Lord Satan in history!  What am I talking about, you might ask?  Look at the symbol to the right. .  This is a Satanic depiction of all the forces in the last 250 years who were influential in bringing about the New World Order.  Notice all the blood flowing down from the words, "I Witch", and on to the Satanic altar, and then off the altar and out of the Satanic Hexagram Demon Trap.  Satanists depict all this blood flowing because they believe the New World Order cannot be established until, and unless, the most powerful of Black Magick Witchcraft possible has produced the most blood sacrifice possible.  This belief in human sacrifice is part of the fulfillment of Jesus' prophecy in Matthew 24, when He predicted that one of the signs that the End of the Age was approaching was "wars and rumors of wars".

We have also repeatedly stated that witches can, and have, viewed war casualties as sacrifices to Lord Satan.  We offer the report from Trevor Ravenscroft, writing in his expose' of Hitler, [The Spear of Destiny ] that high German generals were really upset by Hitler's ecstatic response to the grievous casualty  figures coming from the Russian Front.  While the German generals agonized, Hitler gleefully gloated, praising his god, Woden.  Why was Hitler's reaction gleeful?  Why did he praise Woden?  He did so because, like all Black Magick witches, Hitler viewed these war dead as sacrifices to Lord Satan through Woden, and he believed that these awful casualties, though currently grievous, would produce victory in the end, because the gods would have been satisfied. 

Likewise, when America is annihilated, Satan will gleefully accept this massive sacrifice, and will further bless the Kingdom of Antichrist.  At this point, America will move from the front side of the Satanic altar to the top of the altar itself.  We will have become the ultimate sacrifice to Lord Satan for the fulfillment of the Kingdom of Antichrist and his New World Order.  Bible prophecy will have been fulfilled.  And, the Y2K problem, manipulated to help achieve the goal of the appearance of Antichrist, will have also helped set the stage for our destruction, in judgment for all our grievous national sins.

Truly, the End of the Age is upon us.

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