Subtitle:  Nationwide, Trench Coat Mafia members are heavily into Satanism and a revival of Nazism.  Once again, we are presented with the horrible truth that our children are so heavily into forms of Satanism that we are seeing a truly radical Satanic fringe that is willing to take Satan's core beliefs to the extreme.  This is an extremely powerful "Sign of the End Times" we cannot ignore.

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NEWS BRIEF:  " 'Outcasts' were deeply into death:  Students say the members of the 'Trench Coat Mafia' were a target of derision for at least four years", by Marc Fisher, The Washington Post, reported in The Providence Journal, Massachusetts Edition, Wednesday, April 21, 1999, p. A-1, 13.

"The shooters who turned Columbine High School into an unspeakable landscape of carnage yesterday were members of a small clique of outcasts who always wore black trench coats and spent their entire adolescence deep inside the morose subculture of Gothic fantasy, their fellow students said."

Wait a minute!  These murderers were members of a Gothic [read Satanic, Medieval] cult who wore trench coats?  I checked the news stories of a past shooting, in Thurston High School, Springfield, Oregon, on May 21, 1998.  Listen to the newspaper account of this school murder: "Witnesses said the 15-year-old suspect, dressed in a trench coat, ran through the cafeteria firing his rifle from the hip."  This guy was wearing a trench coat, too!  My Christian Webmaster, related that he and his daughter saw a couple of guys wearing trench coats standing outside a Fundamentalist Revival in South Carolina, about 10 years ago.  They were pacing up and down as they stood outside the tent, listening to the message.  The local school children told him these guys were Satanists, and they always wore the trench coat.

Therefore, these murderers in Littleton, Colorado, were members of the same Satanic cult, and the trench coat was one of their major calling cards.  We will devote more time and space to this cult in another article, but now let us return to this story.

" 'They're basically outcasts, Gothic people', said Peter Maher , a junior who had a confrontation last July 4 with the shooters and several of their fellow members of the 'Trench Coat Mafia', the black-clad teens' name for their clique. 'They're into anarchy.  They're white supremacists and they're into Nostradamus stuff and Doomsday.' "  Once again, people who are into the occult seem to always hate non-whites, and they have read much of the occult parallel to Bible prophecy, notably from Nostradamus.  The other major parallel is that these occultists generally worship Adolf Hitler and Nazism, since the coming New World Order of The New Age Christ is simply revived Nazism.

"Several students said the shooters ... were deeply into death -- talking, reading, and dreaming about it."  As I said in the previous article, people worshipping Satan are deeply obsessed with death and Hell.  They view physical death as the doorway into which they can enter Hell and be with Lord Satan for eternity.  They believe they will wield great power and experience great pleasure in Hell for eternity.  Before you think this obsession with death and Hell is too great of a stretch, remind yourself how often you have prayed that Jesus Christ take you to Heaven, out of this terrible world, and into His presence for eternity?!  Most fervent Christians have prayed this type of prayer at one time or another in their lives.  People who worship Lord Satan possess the same type of desire to be with him for eternity!  They WANT death, and they seek it.  When those two teens were finished with their murdering, they gladly turned their guns to their own heads, so they could instantly go to Satan and get their reward!  You must understand this about Satanists, or you will never comprehend what is occurring in our society today.

If you will not believe me, then believe Anton LaVey, writing in his best-selling book, The Satanic Bible .  "Since man's natural instincts lead him to sin, all men are sinners; and all sinners go to hell.  If everyone goes to hell, then you will meet all your friends there." [p. 47] 

Now, let us return to this article.

"Black trench coats are a consistent theme in the Gothic subculture that has attracted many teenagers to the poetry, music, and costumes of a scene that ranges from benign fantasy to violent reality.  Inspired by fantasy games such as Dungeons and Dragons , Gothic has become a fascination of many American high schoolers, some of whom simply dress and paint their fingernails black while others immerse themselves in a pseudo-medieval world of dark images ... trench coats serve as a symbol for everything from Hitler and the Nazis to mass murder to suicidal fantasies.  Yesterday was Hitler's birthday, an occasion for demonstrations, mock funerals, and other macabre commemorations among Neo-Nazis and parts of the Gothic scene." [The Providence Journal, Ibid.]

I bring your attention to the words in the above paragraphs, "Gothic has become a fascination of many American high schoolers".  As we contended in the previous article, this mass murder is much more worrisome than the Mass Media and other Liberals would have you think.  This tragedy represents just the radical fringe of a much larger segment of our young population who is deeply into the occult.  Historians now know that Hitler could not have carried out either his world war to attain all the power in the world, or his Holocaust, which killed 18 million people, including 6 million Jews, had he not many millions of young German soldiers willing to pull the trigger for him.  Yet, prior to the onset of World War II, no one recognized these millions of German soldiers for the true threat they represented.  Every one just thought of them as normal, decent German young men; but, Hitler knew these men would pull the trigger for him, because he knew they had been prepared in their formative years to love the occult! 

We are in the same situation in America today!  Rock Music, fantasy games, violent and occult cartoons and magazines, and violent and sexually laden movies and TV shows, have similarly prepared American youth to "pull the trigger" for the Adolf Hitler type of leader almost ready to explode on the global stage, i.e., Antichrist!  This is the real story of this tragedy and one you will never hear in the Mainstream Press.

Now, let us return to this newspaper article.

"Several students described the Trench Coat Mafia in similar terms: They wore their trench coats every day, no matter the weather, even in class.  Under the coats, they dressed in black from head to toe -- military berets, T-shirts, jeans, combat boots ... Pollack and other students described the Trench Coat Mafia as a group of perhaps 6 to 10 other students who were constantly being ribbed by the school's athletes and other, more popular cliques.  'The athletes and stuff and really popular [with the rest of the student body] ... they'd make fun of the Trench Coat Mafia.  They'd say, 'White trash', and 'Why don't you comb your hair'?"

People who do not know the tenets of Satanism wrongly discount the element of revenge and vengeance by the Satanist.  Once again, listen to Anton LaVey, writing in his Satanic Bible .  "The seven deadly sins of the Christian Church are:  greed, pride, envy, anger, gluttony, lust, and sloth.  Satanism advocates indulging in each of these 'sins', as they all lead to physical mental, or emotional gratification ... The strongest instinct in every living thing is self-preservation, which brings us to the last of the seven deadly sins -- anger.  Is it not our instinct for self-preservation that is aroused when someone harms us, when we become angry enough to protect ourselves from further attack?  A Satanist practices the motto, 'If a man smite thee on one cheek, smash him on the other!'  Let no wrong go unredressed.  Be as a lion in the path -- be dangerous, even in defeat!" [p. 46-47; emphasis was in the original]

In my imagination, I can see this philosophy driving these murderous shooters to kill in Columbine High School, can't you?  They were talked down to by many people, especially the athlete jocks.  Most of the student body avoided them like the plague.  I can imagine that the girls especially avoided them, making it hard for these guys to get dates. Thus, you have the story coming out that these shooters targeted jocks and girls, and people of color, whom all Satanists hate!  This shooting was simply and only the outward manifestation of the Satanist, as described above by The Satanic Bible, to "smash him on the cheek" who first wronged you!

Further, as they were killing within the high school, they knew overwhelming police and paramilitary forces were being readied against them outside.  But, true to the Satanic premise of being as "a lion in the path", and being "dangerous, even in defeat", they murdered, and they booby-trapped the place and some of the dead bodies so as delay the SWAT teams coming against them, until they had accomplished their Satanic goals.  Then, with all the carnage around them, they lifted their guns to their own heads, to join Lord Satan in Hell, for an eternity of pleasure and power!

Now, let us examine some other quotes from The Satanic Bible on this subject of wreaking revenge on their enemies.

"Satanism advocates practicing a modified form of the Golden Rule.  Our interpretation of this rule is: 'Do unto others as they do unto you'; because if you 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you', and they, in turn, treat you badly, it goes against human nature to continue to treat them with consideration.  You should do unto others as you would have them do unto you, but if your courtesy is not returned, they should be treated with the wrath they deserve ." [p. 51; Emphasis added]

The Satanic Bible continues:

"During white magical ceremonies, the practitioners stand within a pentagram to protect themselves from the 'evil' forces which they call upon for help.  To the Satanist, it seems a bit two-faced to call on these forces for help, while at the same time protecting yourself from the very powers you have asked for assistance.  The Satanist realizes that only by putting himself in league with these forces can he fully and unhypocritically utilize the Power of Darkness to his best advantage." [p. 52; emphasis added]. 

Notice LaVey's assertion that the true Satanist puts himself in league with the Power of Darkness!  Not only is this understanding essential for you to truly comprehend the tragedy unfolding in Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, but it is essential for you to understand the true scope of world events swirling about you.  All members of the Illuminati have put themselves "in league with the Power of Darkness".  President Bill Clinton has put himself in league with the Power of Darkness long, long ago.  In NEWS1257, we demonstrated that Clinton had deliberately gone to Haiti to put himself in league with the Satanic gods of Voodoo in order to ensure his re-election and his exoneration from all the legal investigations being leveled at him.  In fact, we have devoted an entire series entitled "Clinton's Fatal Leadership", to which you can easily gain access by clicking on the link on the left-hand side of our Home Page entitled, Clinton's Scandals". These articles will demonstrate the many ways in which we know that Clinton has brought himself into league with the Power of Darkness, exactly in line with Biblical End of the Age prophecies!

Now, let us return to The Satanic Bible to see how much of a part vengeance plays in the psychic makeup of the Satanist.

"An indication of the cowardice of 'magicians' of the right-hand path [White Magic] is the practice of calling upon a particular demon ... to do his bidding.  The assumption is that the demon, being only a flunky of the devil, is easier to control.  Occult lore states that only the most formidably 'protected' or insanely foolhardy sorcerer would try to call forth the Devil himself.  The Satanist does not furtively call upon these 'lesser' devils, but brazenly invokes those who people that infernal army of long-standing outrage -- the Devils themselves!" [p. 57, emphasis in the original]

When these Trench Coat Mafia members plotted this school attack, and when they carried it out, did they brazenly invoke and call upon the Devils themselves to aid them?  Doubt it not!  Is this entire tragic episode beginning to make sense?  No one who does not understand the existence, power, and doctrines of Satanism can ever comprehend events swirling around us, both in Littleton, Colorado, and around the world.

The Satanic Bible continues:

"... the Satanist believes you should love strongly and completely those who deserve your love, but never turn the other cheek to your enemy.  Love is one of the most intense emotions felt by man; another is hate ... Repressed hatred can lead to many physical and emotional ailments.  By learning to release your hatred towards those who deserve it, you cleanse yourself of these malignant emotions and need not take your pent-out hatred out on your loved ones." [p. 64] Folks, this is exactly what these two members of the Satanic cult -- Trench Coat Mafia -- were doing!  They were "releasing" their "hatred towards those who deserve it"!

"Just because the Satanist admits he is capable of both love and hate, he is considered hateful.  On the contrary, because he is able to give vent to his hatred through ritualized expression, he is far more capable of love -- the deepest kind of love.  By honestly recognizing and admitting to both the hate and the love he feels, there is no confusing one emotion with the other.. Without being able to experience one of these emotions, you cannot fully experiencing the other." [p. 65; Emphasis in the original]  The Bible teaches that we are to control hatred, both in emotions and in the mind, through the power of the Holy Spirit.  Nowhere does the Bible teach us that we are to give full vent to our hatreds!  This teaching is pure Satanism.

"Satanism encourages its followers to indulge in their natural desires." [p. 81]  The Bible correctly states that the heart of a man is so inherently evil no one can know its depth.  Listen to the manner in which the Bible describes the natural heart of mankind.

"And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart." [Genesis 6:5] 

"The heart is deceitful above all things, and it is exceedingly perverse and corrupt and severely, mortally sick!  Who can know it [perceive, understand, be acquainted with his own heart and mind?" [Jeremiah 17:9, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary ]  You see, the great danger in current psychology is to teach that no absolute truth exists, so that every person must do what they think is right for them!  This thinking is, first, a revival of the thinking that man utilized 4,000 years ago, and led directly to God's physical annihilation of mankind.  1). "The way of a fool is right in his own eyes" [Proverbs 12:15]  2).  "There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death." [Proverbs 14:12]

Secondly, this kind of thinking is the standard New Age line today, replacing the old Biblical definition of right and wrong.  Who is to say that these two murderers were not following the "right" as they perceived it in their own minds?  When you remember that the first sin recorded after Adam and Eve's expulsion from the Garden of Eden was Cain's murder of his brother, Abel, it can truly be said that murder resides in the heart and inner mind of every individual.  When a person is encouraged to give full vent to his murderous anger, a tragedy like this one is inevitable!  When people today are placing blame for this kind of tragedy, they must look within themselves, to their own anti-Christian values and attitudes, for the primary cause.

Now, The Satanic Bible turns to the subject of human sacrifice.  It does NOT deny that human sacrifice occurs, but simply states whom the victim must be.  The selection of the title for this chapter is most revealing:  "ON THE CHOICE OF A HUMAN SACRIFICE".  Thus, the title tells us that Satanists do perform human sacrifices, and that they carefully "choose" their victims.  When you read this paragraph, please keep this tragedy in Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, firmly entrenched in your mind.

"Contrary to all established magical theory, the release of this force is not effected in the actual spilling of blood, but in the death throes of the living creature!  This discharge of bio-electrical energy is the very same phenomenon which occurs during any profound heightening of the emotions, such as: sexual orgasm, blind anger, mortal terror, consuming grief, etc ... The use of a human sacrifice in a Satanic ritual does not imply that the sacrifice is slaughtered to 'appease the gods' ... The only time a Satanist would perform a human sacrifice would be if it were to serve a two-fold purpose; that being to release the magician's wrath in the throwing of a curse, and more importantly, to dispose of a totally obnoxious and deserving individual." [p. 87-88]

There you have it, my friend, the REAL reason these two young shooters murdered all these people!  They were getting rid of "totally obnoxious and deserving" people!  Witnesses have reported that they sought out certain people whom they hated, most notably athletic jocks, people of color, and girls.  These were the people who had looked down upon members of the Trench Coat Mafia, and who had verbalized that opinion.  To make sure we get the message on whom the Satanist will look to sacrifice, The Satanic Bible reiterates the criteria.

"The question arises, 'Who, then, would be considered a fit and proper human sacrifice, and how is one qualified to pass judgment on such a person'?  The answer is brutally simple.  Anyone who has unjustly wronged you -- one who has 'gone out of his way' to hurt you -- to deliberately cause trouble and hardship for you or those dear to you.  In short, a person asking to be cursed by their very actions.  When a person, by his reprehensible behavior, practically cries out to be destroyed, it is truly your moral obligation to indulge them their wish ... They are weak, insecure, and on extremely shaky ground when you throw your curse, and they make ideal human sacrifices ... Therefore, you have every right to symbolically destroy them, and if your curse provokes their actual annihilation, rejoice that you have been instrumental in ridding the world of a pest." [p. 89-90]

Notice the awful words used to justify the physical murder of victims:  1)  "Fit and proper human sacrifice"; 2) "cursed by their very actions'; 3) "practically cries out to be destroyed"; 4) "It is truly your moral obligation to indulge them their wish"; 5)  "You have every right to destroy them"; 6) "Rejoice".

Now we have the full truth of the reason these practicing Satanists annihilated so many lives:  they were acting under obligation to rid the world of a pest.  Whenever you hear someone pining away as to the "reason" for this tragedy, you now have the truth.  How you choose to tell them is your own decision.

The world stands at the precipice of the appearance of the Antichrist [New Age Christ].  He will be accompanied by all occult, Satanic power, and will be performing all sorts of signs and miracles in order to deceive the world into declaring him to be God and worshipping him as such.  Bible prophecy states that the reign of Antichrist will begin with rosy promises of finally achieving "Peace and Safety", but will quickly deteriorate into the greatest Holocaust the world has ever seen, as two-thirds of the current population of the world will die. 

In order to achieve this Holocaust, Satan needs millions of young men who will be willing to pull the trigger for Antichrist.  While Antichrist will get some of his leaders from members of Satanic cults, he will get his rank and file from the average teenager in schools today.  Some day soon, some of the teens who survived this horror, will be pulling the trigger for Antichrist?  Why?  Because their values and attitudes are in the same vein as those of the overt Satanist in the Trench Coat Mafia.  Their lives are also ruled by the fundamental Satanic maxim of teaching indulgence in all manner of the flesh -- sex, gluttony, anger, pride, envy, greed, and laziness.  After all, these are the values of TV shows and movies today, not to mention computer games and role playing games.

This tragedy shows that enough teens are afflicted with the disease of Satanic values that a fanatic fringe has developed that carries these values out to their extreme.  I am not terrified of these few teens that would actually murder in this way; rather, I am terrified of the huge numbers of teens who are similarly infected with Satanic values, but not now to the degree of the Trench Coat Mafia.  When you look at the pictures of the teens that escaped the school, as they are hugging their friends and family, notice the numbers of times you see pierced faces, tattoos, weird haircuts and hair colors, skimpy clothes, and other evidences of non-Christian values.  These are the teens who will be tapped by Antichrist tomorrow.

Finally, Alice Bailey and other occult writers love to say that, when Antichrist arises, he will "restore the practice of the Mysteries to outer expression".  This obscure passage literally means that, when Antichrist arises, he will restore Satanism to public worship.  You will be able to go to a Church of Satan just as openly as we go to a Baptist church today.  The time this event will actually occur is rapidly approaching.

Time is truly short.  All evidences are piling up that these truly are the End of the Age.  These murders -- human sacrifices getting rid of people who were "pests" -- is just one more graphic example of an End of the Age prophecy unfolding before our very eyes, and in our Daily News.  Remember, if the appearance of Antichrist is this close, the Rapture of the Church is even closer.

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