Subtitle:  In a continued effort to answer the ridiculous question as to "WHY?" can children murder children in a school, we again examine movie titles on Blockbuster Internet site.  We will demonstrate that the hardness and absolute lack of human emotion and attitudes were taught well in these movies. We shall examine horror movies beginning with "B" so you can see how an entire army is being prepared for Antichrist. Wait until you see the numbers of movies with "Blood" in their titles!

The New World Order is coming! Are you ready? Once you understand what this New World Order really is, and how it is being gradually implemented, you will be able to see it progressing in your daily news!!

Learn how to protect yourself, your loved ones!

Stand by for insights so startling you will never look at the news the same way again.



NEWS BRIEF: "See More Evil:  Growing Up In Today's America, Young People Experience A Culture That Is Bathed In Blood and Violence", by Kevin Merida and Richard Leiby, The Washington Post, reprinted in The Providence Sunday Journal, Sunday, May 2, 1999, p. B1-5.

The subtitle, "Bathed in Blood and Violence" caught my eye, as I was looking for appropriate current material that would support an article on the terribly empty shells far too many young adults and teens today have instead of souls.  When we reviewed the lyrics of some of the songs of KMFDM [favorite rock and rap group of the Trench Coat Mafia, NEWS1274], we discovered that these lyrics are literally telling us that they have empty souls, hurting souls, and souls that know neither peace nor fulfillment.  Rather, these souls were so empty they hated anything and everything, and were ready to strike out given the opportunity and/or the orders to strike out on behalf of a larger "cause".  Do not be deceived:  when Antichrist arises, he will know that his agenda includes the deliberate murder of 4 billion people, for  which he will need a huge army comprised of young men who are empty shells, who have been desensitized and dehumanized, for it is precisely these kind of soldiers that will pull the trigger on behalf of the "larger cause" he will hold up in front of them.

This coming holocaust is THE real story behind these five school shootings of the past two years, including Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado.  Now, let us quickly examine this article as the basis for our examination of the horror movie titles beginning with the letter "B".

"In what used to be the dark s of our culture, there is a prime-time cartoon with a neo-Nazi character, movies that leave teenagers gutted like game, fashion designers peddling black leather masks and doomsday visions."

Let us stop right there, because these secular writers, Kevin Merida and Richard Leiby of the Washington Post, have captured the essence of the effect that movies and computer games are having on our young adults and teens.  Listen to their write-up again; they said that violent movies are leaving "teenagers gutted like game".  In previous articles on the subject of school shootings, we noted again and again that these teens' hearts and souls were empty, by their own admission.  Now, this choice of words in this article perfectly describes what has happened to huge numbers of our teens and young adults.  Their souls, hearts, and emotions have been  "gutted like game".  Soon, when the extremely charismatic Antichrist arises, he will be able to hold forth a Satanic vision that will strongly appeal to the "gutted" hearts and emotions of tens of millions of teens.  He will have no trouble giving them a "vision" to which they can commit their lives.  THIS  is the true story behind Columbine High School, and the other four school shootings in the past two years.

Now, let us return to our feature story.

"It's all in the open now, widely available.  Even celebrated.  On countless PC's, killing is a sport.  And there's Marilyn Manson, a popular singer who named himself after a mass murderer, and proclaims he is the Antichrist."  In Seminar 1, in the late 1980's, we predicted this very phenomenon, because of the working out of the Six Step Attitudinal Change Plan [See NEWS1055 to see how this insidious plan to change values and attitudes works without people being aware!  You can see both how this Plan has worked in Rock Music and how it is being used all through our society].

"Film, television, music, dress, technology, games:  they've become one giant playground filled with accessible evil, darker than ever before."  We find it at least refreshing that secular writers can see the very phenomenon about which we Christians have been warning for at least three decades now, without success.  And, while these writers probably do not see that the end of this road on which American culture is heading is Antichrist and his kingdom, they have at least chosen Marilyn Manson, aka, Antichrist, as the theme of their story.

"After any tragedy involving children, the commentators strive to decode the killers, hoping to find cultural signifiers to somehow explain the carnage.  Fifteen dead in a prosperous suburban high school?  A clique dubbed the Trenchcoat Mafia connected?  The reach for explanation is irresistible.  Some will consult Manson's lyrics, or the video The Basketball Diaries, or the new comic book The Trenchcoat Brigade.  Did anyone notice that the friend of the Colorado killers, as he was led away on the day of the massacre, wore a black South Park T-shirt featuring the cartoon character, Kenney, who is bloodily dispatched in every episode?"


"And yet any such search for clues may overlook the bigger picture:  for young people, the culture at large is bathed in blood and violence -- a Grand Guignol in which the more extreme the message, the more over-the-top gruesomeness, the better. Consider:  many of the major movies released on video this month have violent themes.  Among them:  Apt Pupil (a high school kid obsessed with Nazism); American History X (a skinhead's rise and fall); and I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (teen slasher sequel)."  I guess these two authors are not aware of the newest video movie, Idle Hands, in which a demon-possessed disembodied hand begins killing kids at a high school prom.  We reported on this movie in NEWS1279.

" "There's no question in my mind that film and society interrelate', says Douglas Brode, a film professor at Syracuse University. 'And not just film, but music, video games, all of it.  There is a connection.  It may be tangential, it may be tight.  Nobody knows for sure.' " We applaud this film professor from Syracuse University for being bold enough to state the absolute truth:  people -- especially young people -- ARE influenced by their culture, because their culture is the fish bowl in which they are swimming!   A person simply mirrors his culture, unless he operates by a different set of religious internal standards, like Christianity.  But, if that is the case, that person(s) is usually persecuted by the culture simply because they are different.  We can also assure this bold professor that the Bible states that the connection between what a person takes into his mind IS most definitely a tight connection [See Philippians 4:8]

"Does the culture simply reflect the dark, decadent times in which we live?  Or is society this way because the cultural proprietors have run amuck?"  This is a very good question.  For three decades now, we Christian leaders have had one eye on Biblical End Times prophecy, and another eye on our society.  We could see world events occurring that fulfill Bible prophecy; we could see wicked leaders in our Presidency, our Congress, and our Judges, making decisions that steadily moved America toward the darkness of Antichrist and his kingdom.  Events such as these school shootings are simply the latest in the trend toward the dark Satanism which Antichrist will demand of his subjects.  We getting very, very close.



Now, let us examine one of the most prolific avenues of conditioning in the past three decades, horror movies.  For the sake of time, we shall only examine those movies starting with the letter 'B'.  Notice the number of movies which have the word, "Blood" in the title.  Satan loves the spilling of human blood, and his followers revel in the drinking of human blood.  Certainly, if the army of Antichrist is going to spill the blood of 4 billion people.  Notice the number of films that revel in Satanic abuse and disfigurement of the body, from dismemberment to decapitation.  The killers at Columbine High School reportedly spent a good deal of time and effort in disfiguring the bodies of their victims.  Cannibalism is one of the major themes, also.

Brotherhood of Satan -- "Plot: A witches coven takes over a small out-of-the-way town. They must be stopped from performing their satanic rituals before they can transport their evil spirits into innocent children to create another generation of satanic worshippers." 1971. Given the nature of this movie, can anyone doubt that we are not training entire generations of young people to obediently follow Antichrist? Jacket cover shows demented adult brandishing a huge sword in front of a young girl no more than 7 years old!

Baby -- "Plot: A man known only as 'Baby' is kept in a crib well after he is full-grown. When his mommy is unable to maintain her complete control over him, he's soon on a diaper-clad killing spree." Released 1973. Incest and murder are the main themes.

Babysitter -- "Plot: A seemingly charming babysitter becomes a family favorite, only to bring them to the brink of total destruction." Released 1980. Murder o young children is the theme.

Back From Hell -- "Plot: After reneging on his promise to yield his soul to the Prince of Darkness, Hollywood golden boy Jack Peterson suffers a curse wherein anyone who looks into his eyes is compelled to kill him. Concomitantly, Jack realizes that the mounting waves of senseless murders committed by a cult of mysterious hooded killers is emblematic of Satan's conquest of the Earth. He joins forces with a priest to take back the globe from Beelzebub." Released 1997.

Bad Dreams -- "Plot: Cynthia is a former member of the spiritual community Unity Fields, and the sole survivor of a mass suicide-by-fire ordered by their madman leader. Her past was a nightmare. And now, after awakening from a 13-year coma, it looks like it's back - even more nightmarish than before." Released 1988.

Bad Moon -- "Plot: While in the wilds of Nepal, a photojournalist and his girlfriend are attacked by a hideous subhuman beast who kills her and wounds him. Soon after, the journalist's recuperation is impaired by the growing knowledge that he is being transformed into a beast as well." Released 1996. Jacket cover is an image of a werewolf with the moon as one of his eyes.

Bad Seed -- "Plot: A mother slowly comes to the incredible conclusion that her 8-year-old daughter is responsible for a string of brutal murders in this lurid inspiration for 1994's "The Good Son." Academy Award Nominations: 4, including Best Actress--Nancy Kelly." Released 1956. A young child who is demonically possessed is the theme of this movie. And, we wonder shy "young children" can become maniacal murderers?

Bangers -- "Plot: An adult entertainer is terrorized and brutalized by an evil scientist and his diabolical creations." Released 1998. Combination of sex and violence.

Baron Blood, Lisa and the Devil -- No plot was given for this movie, but the title is bad enough.

Barracuda -- "Plot: Dumped chemicals turn voracious barracudas into man-eaters." Released 1978. Emphasis is eating human flesh.

Basket Case -- "Plot: A man carries his deformed Siamese twin brother around in a basket after being surgically separated by a cold-hearted doctor. This doctor will pay." Released 1981.

Basket Case 2 -- "Plot: Duane and his deformed brother are accepted into a family of "special individuals." When a snooping tabloid reporter and a sleazy photographer threaten to endanger their welfare, Duane and his brother defend their privacy - with a vengeance." Released 1990.

Bat People -- "Plot: Soon after being bitten by a bat, a young doctor experiences strange seizures and terrifying nightmares. It isn't long before he's suspects himself in a series of grisly murders." Released 1974.

Bay of Blood -- "Plot: The inspiration for the making of 'Friday the 13th', this gripping feature is about four vacationing young people who are terrorized by a maniac. AKA 'Last House on the Left, Pt. 2,' 'Twitch of the Death Nerve' and 'Carnage.' Released 1971.  Notice the emphasis upon huge amounts of human blood.

Beast Must Die -- "Plot: A rich sportsman invites eight guests to his house with the knowledge that one of them is a werewolf. The film features a special guess-who sequence at the end." Released 1974.

Beast of the Yellow Night -- "Plot: A hopeless degenerate makes a pact with the Devil which transforms him from a rapist-murderer into an ugly beast that cannot be stopped by anyone. Roger Corman produced." Released 1971. Jacket looks truly Satanic, straight from Hell.

The Beast Within -- "Plot: Like many adolescents, a Mississippi teenager finds his body and his appetites growing beyond human proportions -- only this time, it's a horror movie." Released 1982. Lyrics of the Rock & Rap band, KMFDM, depict a continuous inner turmoil that sounds like this description.

The Beautiful, Bloody, and Bare -- "Plot: An artist in New York's Greenwich Village loses his cool and hacks his nude models to death." Released 1969.

Begotten -- "Plot: An acclaimed and controversial film that is a visual poem about metaphysics, Creation, the Death of God and the birth of nature. Has been compared to David Lynch's 'Eraserhead'. Released 1991. This sounds like a perfect way to convince a rebellious teen that there is no God and no Judgment and no Absolute Right or Wrong.

Being -- "Plot: The Being is a genetic freak which lurks in a disposal dump, and attacks all in its wake. The hideous creature leaves no survivors as it travels about on a rampage of terror, mutilating and decapitating every human it encounters." Released 1983. Decapitation has long been a fascination with Satan. This fact is the reason he will use decapitation during the Great Tribulation Period to martyr Christians. This fact is the reason the Illuminati used decapitation as a method of education during the French Revolution.

Believers -- "Plot: Set in New York City, this drama revolves around a police psychologist fighting to save his family from the evil workings of an ancient religion, while he also attempts to solve a series of ritualistic child murders." Released 1987. Do you notice the numbers of times where the plot has revolved around an "ancient religion"? This is conditioning to get people conditioned to the most serious revival of all ancient religions, the Satanism of Antichrist.

Berserker -- "Plot: Six college students on a vacation stumble across an ancient Nordic legend come to life. The Berserker, a bloodthirsty, Viking warrior whose only diet is human flesh, returns to the present day to stalk and kill." Once again, eating human flesh is a main part of the story plot. Remember that Adolf Hitler built his entire occult dream on the old Nordic legends.  Indeed, all of German culture 100 years before Hitler was prepared for his murderous onslaught by falling in love with the old Nordic legends, all of whom are deeply Satanic.

Beverly Hills Vamp -- "Plot: Madame Cassandra, a Beverly Hills vampire, has a coven of similarly inclined and uninhibited girls. When her mansion is visited by three naive filmmakers, two fall prey to the girl's charms. The one who escapes, returns to rescue his friends, who are now not so willing to leave." The plot revolves around Satanism and sex. Released 1988.

Beware! Children At Play -- "Plot: The mind-numbing, blood-spattered tale of a group of children who terrorize a small town after being recruited into a cannibalistic cult." Why should we wonder how our young children could become hardened sadistic killers when we allow movies like this one to be rented and shown? Satanism and eating human flesh are common themes. Released 1996.

Beyond Darkness -- "Plot: An unsuspecting family moves into a new home only to discover it was built over the grave of twenty witches who were burned at the stake." Released 1992.

Beyond the Door 1 -- "Plot: A young married woman becomes the pregnant bearer of the seed of Satan. As the evil within her grows she is subjected to a terrible and demonic metamorphosis." This is the first of several movies conditioning people to the coming Antichrist. The concept of Antichrist being born of a woman who has been impregnated by the "seed of Satan" is an occult counterfeit to the conception of Jesus Christ. Released 1975.

Beyond the Door 2 -- "Plot: Shortly after moving in, the occupants of a country home notice an evil spirit in the house which causes them to undergo hideous transformations." Released 1979.

Beyond the Door 3 -- "Plot: A shy co-ed travels from home and discovers a chilling land of unholy rituals and black magic. Drawn deep into the dark countryside, she and her classmates find themselves at the center of a deadly, centuries-old rite and trapped deep beneath the evil spell of the Prince of Darkness." Released 1991. This movie sounds like actual Satanic ritual being shown. If this is true, a person watching could easily become possessed, particularly if that person has already participated in occultism in other ways prior to watching this movie.

Beyond Dream's Door -- "Plot: Ben is an all-American college student who has been repressing his terrifying dreams since childhood. Suddenly he loses control and his dreams turn into living nightmares where he must fight a deadly dream girl in a house filled with the living dead." Released 1988. The jacket cover shows a demonic face in a mirror where a normal young man is looking into the mirror. A mirror is thought to be a gateway into contacting the spirit world.

Beyond Evil -- "Plot: A honeymooning couple move into a spacious colonial mansion, and soon find that it is haunted by a vengeful ghost. The evil spirit causes a series of near and fatal accidents." Released 1980. The jacket cover shows a red demon with horns screaming.

Beyond the Silhouette -- Plot: Public defender, Samantha Stewart, must confront her own repressed sexual fantasies as she attempts to uncover the senseless murder of a friend and client." Released 1990. A combination of sex and violence is always a deadly combination for a young man, as it hardens him to normal compassion and love for a woman, a wife.

Big Hurt -- "Plot: A hard-line investigative reporter is up against a secret government agency involved in mind-altering experiments and torture. The Waldon Club is the key to his investigation which begins with a bizarre double suicide, mysterious experiments and a series of strange murders." Released 1987.

Bite of Love -- "Plot: A world-weary aristocratic vampire, having resorted to depleting blood banks instead of stalking victims, finds himself forced into a battle for supremacy with a fellow blood-sucker--an ailing Triad boss rejuvenated by vampire blood injections." Released 1990.

Black Cat -- "Plot: An English clairvoyant's cat stalks victims at night; He doesn't mind since the cat helps him communicate with the dead." Released 1981. This movie is typical conditioning to accept standard Satanism, i.e., clairvoyance and Necromancy, both forbidden in the Bible.

Black Christmas -- "Plot: A demented killer stalks the halls of a sorority house during the Yuletide season. The Christmas spirit vanishes as the number of slaughtered coeds mounts." Released 1975. The death toll from all these demonic horror movies is mounting terribly. Now do you understand a little better how young minds can be turned into demonic mush?

Black Devil Doll From Hell -- "Plot: Helen Black, a prim and deeply religious woman, buys a strange doll in a curio shop. The shop's owner tells her that the doll has been purchased four different times, and each time it has found its way back to the shop." Released 1985.

Black Magic -- "Plot: Alex Gage is haunted by his dead cousin Ross, who reappears late at night when Alex is trying to sleep. His ex-girlfriend befriends Alex and places him under an ancient spell, gathering the forces of voodoo against him, as she plots to swindle his family's inheritance." Released 1991.

Black Magic With Buddha -- "Plot: A priest of the black arts prepares to unleash the powers of demons." Released 1983. This plot sounds like it was written in Hell.

Black Magic Woman -- "Plot: An art merchant and his girlfriend find their happy life turned upside down by a sexy femme fatale named Cassandra who seems to exert a supernatural will." Released 1991. Jacket cover depicts deadly violence and sex.

Blackout -- "Plot: A woman and her three children are brutally murdered - and her husband mysteriously disappears. The police chief who handled the case remains obsessed with tracking down the killer. An anonymous tip points him in the direction of a totally disfigured amnesiac." Released 1985.

Black Panther -- "Plot: The exploitative story of a psychopathic killer who kidnapped and murdered a young British heiress. Based on a true story." Released 1977. The jacket cover depicts a sexy young woman being tortured with a black hooded face in the background.

Black Pit of Dr. M -- "Plot: After his execution for murder, a mad doctor returns from the dead to menace his ex-colleague's daughter." Released 1958.

Black Room -- "Plot: A brother and sister who share a home in the Hollywood Hills lure unsuspecting people into their house with the promise of sexual favors. Once inside, the thrill seekers meet with violent deaths." Released 1982. Once again, the plot combines illicit sex with violent death. The jacket cover depicts spirits in the background.

Black Roses -- "Plot: When the sleepy town of Mill Basin is invaded by a sleazy band of hard rockers the town's normal mid-western kids begin to turn bad, in fact they begin to turn into monsters." Released 1988. Give this plot credit: it treats hard rock music as the devil's tunes it truly is. The jacket cover is as deeply Satanic as I have ever seen, as it depicts some sort of werewolf from Hell. Deeply disturbing.

Black Sunday -- "Plot: A seminal horror film about a witch and her servant who come back from the grave to complete a grim curse. The Sinister Cinema version features extra footage." Released 1960.

Black Sunday/Black Sabbath -- "Plot: "Sunday" - on the one day each century that Satan roams the Earth a witch swears vengeance against the family that killed her hundreds of years ago. "Sabbath" - three tales of terror hosted by Boris Karloff." Released 1963.
Black Voodoo -- "Plot: This blaxploitation version of "The Exorcist" emphasizes the erotic allure of a demon-possessed young woman in a small town." Released 1977. This plots has typical themes of demonic possession and illicit sex, a deadly combination for young teens.

Bleeders -- "Plot: Banished to a remote rocky island in the Atlantic lives a clan of hideous deformed creatures. They stalk the catacombs beneath the rocky shores, emerging to satisfy their thirst for human blood and taste for corpses. One man shares their mutated birthright, another man holds their death warrant. Both of them converge to face these revolting goblin-like monsters in a clash of blood where only one species can survive." Released 1997. The jacket cover shows the most frighteningly hideous creatures imaginable.

Blind Date -- "Plot: After being accidentally blinded, a man has a tiny computer implanted in his skull which enables him to 'see' the identity of a vicious killer who wantonly murdered a number of beautiful models." Released 1983. This theme of implants in the brain is beginning to look like conditioning for the implant called The Mark of the Beast.

Bloodbath -- "Plot: In a small coastal village, religious cults protect their own with sacrificial slaughter. There, a degenerate American and his expatriate friends are pursued and psychically terrorized by locals for their indulgence in drugs and sex."

Bloodbath at the House of Death -- "Plot: What's going on at Headstone Manor? In this spoof of every horror fan's favorite films, a sinister man and his bumbling cohorts combat a team of mad scientists who are investigating the ghostly goings-on at the mysterious mansion. You'll scream with laughter." Released 1985. When a person can laugh at Satanic crime and influence, that person is truly desensitized and callous.

Blood Beast Terror -- "Plot: An entomologist whose daughter happens to be a giant moth moves with her to a quiet village where he can begin work on an insect mate for her. His family problems worsen when his winged daughter starts killing people and drinking their blood." Released 1969. I find drinking blood to be a common theme in many of these movies.

Blood Couple -- "Plot: The honeymoon is over for Ganja and Hess Green when they are infected with a vampiric blood parasite that forces them to venture out in the dark of night to commit unspeakable acts of horror." Released 1973

Blood Cult -- "Plot: The members of a violent satanic cult murder college students and collect their body parts. They use the dismembered limbs to create a horrible monstrosity for their ceremonies." Released 1985. Once again, if actual Satanic rituals are shown, demons could easily possess people watching this movie, especially if they have been dabbling in the occult beforehand.

Blood Diner -- "Plot: The Namtut brothers run the most popular restaurant in town. But their delicious recipes contain nothing less than the victims of their after-hours sorcery. Possessed by the spirit of their demonic uncle Anwar, the brothers are attempting to resurrect the ancient and deadly Sheeter, goddess of blood and lust." Released 1987. Can it get any worse than this?

Blood and Donuts -- "Plot: When a vampire awakens after a 27-year hibernation, he scours the local graveyard for fresh blood. Coming up empty-fanged, his search takes him to the local donut shop where he becomes involved in the lives of a sarcastic waitress and a not-too-bright cabbie. A comic horror tale."

Blood Evil -- "Plot: Also known as 'Nightmare of Terror,' this tale has a psychopath launching a gruesome attack on a fun-loving but incestuous clan." Released 1980.

Blood Feast -- "Plot: A wacko millionaire trains his cute kitties to dine only on human flesh. Since the local grocery store doesn't carry human 'delicacies', he is forced to murder people himself, after which he puts their dismembered parts in jars for easy feeding and clean-up." Released 1972. Eating human flesh also appears to be a common theme.

Blood For Dracula -- No plot was given, nor was the date of release. But, you can probably figure out what the story line was. Andy Warhol was the director.

Blood Frenzy -- "Plot: A high quality, made-for-video thriller about a psychologist who takes her patients into the desert for therapy. When the sun and the heat become too intense, the treatment backfires and the group begins to respond with acts of violence." Released 1987.

Blood Hook -- "Plot: Five new wave college kids decide to take a vacation at an old lodge in the deep North Woods. They arrive during the annual fishing competition which has always been known for oddball contestants. While fish are being caught, people are being reeled in--and then ground up for minnow food. All this and laughs too!" Eating human flesh is too common! Why is Satan so anxious for us to be conditioned to eat human flesh.

Blood Hunt -- "Plot: Young and attractive girls have been disappearing from the city streets. The police believe they are being abducted for Hong Kong's "white slavery market," but their fate is worse...Much worse."

Bloodlust, Subspecies II -- "Plot: The bloody battle for Michelle's soul continues as her sister Becky takes on the sadistic vampire Radu, his grotesque mummy, and the demonic subspecies. Before the struggle is over, Castle Vladislas is bathed in blood, Radu turns sister against sister, and young Becky discovers it's not only Michelle's fate that's at stake." Released 1993.

Bloodlust, Vampire of Nuremberg -- No plot is given, but you can accurately guess what it is.

Blood Mania -- "Plot: A young doctor finds himself not only the victim of blackmail but also the prisoner of a female homicidal maniac." Released 1970

Blood Massacre -- "Plot: A group of criminals on the run, hijack a lone female motorist and force her to hide them from the law... She takes them to her family's desolate rural farm. The gang abuses and tortures the family, until one by one the gang members begin to disappear. It seems this family has few values... They're cannibals." Themes are torture, murder, eating human flesh.

Bloodmoon -- "Plot: College kids are killed while having sex. Mary and Kevin are next on the campus killer's hit list. Their biology teacher meanwhile has trouble keeping his wife's coed sex drive in check. 1991. Combination of illicit sex, murder, and blood.

Blood of Dracula -- "Plot: A teenage girl is furious with her father's decision to re-marry, so he promptly packs her off to the Sherwood School for Girls. The girl's pent-up rage makes her an ideal subject for a deranged instructor's experiment which ultimately turns the beautiful girl into a blood thirsty monster." 1957. The jacket cover shows a demented She-wolf monster killing some poor man.

Blood of Dracula's Castle -- "Plot: Count Dracula needs a never-ending supply of young girls to supply him with blood. What his castle wants with the blood is still a mystery." 1969. Jacket cover shows a vampire fiend hovering over a young dead woman.

Blood of the Vampire -- "Plot: A Transylvanian doctor executed for being a vampire is brought back to life by his hunchbacked assistant." 1958.

Blood on Satan's Claw -- "Plot: Terror grips a tiny 16th century English village when an unearthed cache of deformed bones is revealed to be Satan's remains. Soon, bewitched young girls are seducing unsuspecting victims to provide new body parts for the Devil!" 1971.

Blood Orgy of the She-Devils -- "Plot: The story of a witch queen who plies her wicked trade in California. From the man who directed "The Astro-Zombies." 1973

Blood Rage -- "Plot: Ten years ago a 7-year-old was arrested for a gruesome crime and locked up in an asylum. His mother and twin brother dread his release, and sure enough new murders begin occurring in the neighborhood as soon as he is home. But which is the real killer?" 1987.

Blood Rage -- "Plot: A psychotic killer stalks the streets of New York City, preying on beautiful girls who live alone." 1979.

Blood Relations -- "Plot: Marie was dying to meet Thomas' family. But that was before she knew that his father was a brain surgeon who was out of his mind, his grandfather's last request was so lewd and that she was a dead ringer for his dead mother and then the plot sickens." 1989. Here we evidently have a combination of illicit sex, drinking blood, and murder. Is it any wonder that the shooters at Columbine High School left such prodigious amounts of blood at the scene?

Blood and Roses -- "Plot: This story of a jealous girl's obsession with her family's history of vampirism was based on Sheridan Le Fanu's 'Carmilla.' 1961. Have you noticed a huge fascination with vampires in these movies?

Blood Salvage -- "Plot: A grandfatherly looking junkman kidnaps innocent motorists, hooks them up to life support systems made of used car parts and then sells their organs to the highest bidder. A paralyzed young woman decides not to be a victim." 1990

Blood Screams -- "Plot: The blood-drenched past of an obscure Mexican village threatens to overpower visitors probing into legends of hidden gold." 1988.

Blood Shack -- "Plot: When an actress inherits a ranch, she discovers a sword-wielding demon lives in a shack out back where several murders have occurred. A.K.A. "The Chopper." 1971

Blood Sisters -- "Plot: Seven girls are forced to stay in a haunted brothel as part of their initiation into a sorority. What begins as a harmless prank turns into a night of terror as the girls must confront the undead." 1989. The jacket cover depicts Satanism and sex.

Blood Song -- "Plot: Leaving a bloodily murdered attendant in his wake, a deranged patient escapes from a mental institution, fleeing into the night with his only possession - a carved wooden flute. A woman sees him burying his latest victim and now he's after her." 1982.

Blood Splattered Bride -- "Plot: Honeymooners are hounded by a bloodthirsty killer roaming the corridors of the deserted mansion where they are staying. But it was such a deal!" 1969. The jacket cover shows a bride, dressed in her white gown, aiming a very large, very sharp knife into a man lying below her.

Blood Spell -- "Plot: An evil force inhabiting the body of a boy causes him to murder his classmates one by one." 1987. When a young boy in school murders his classmates in a movie, it is just 'entertainment'. When he does it in reality, people have the audacity to ask, 'Why'?

Bloodstalkers -- "Plot: Two couples headed for a restful vacation in the Florida Everglades encounter sheer, screaming horror in the form of crazed swamp dwellers and a hulking monstrosity with a taste for blood." 1978. Jacket cover shows a young woman lying with a huge axe through her bare chest.

Bloodstone Subspecies II -- "Plot: Evil vampire Radu is back and this time he's hungry for love. With the help of his ghoulish mother and the demonic subspecies, Radu relentlessly pursues his amour Michelle with all the lust, blood and horror he can summon." 1993. Jacket cover shows combination of sex and Satanism.

Bloodsuckers -- "Plot: While on vacation in Greece, a college professor falls under the spell of a lascivious female vampire who is the leader of a coven of perverted socialites. When his friends come to his rescue, they too become enmeshed in a web of unholy terror." 1971

Bloodsuckers From Outer Space -- "Plot: After a strange alien presence arrives in a quiet rural community, normally law-abiding farmers are transformed into ruthless bloodsucking monsters." 1983

Bloodsucking Freaks -- "Plot: In this "comic" bloodbath, a ballet star is kidnapped by the director of a New York sadomasochistic theater. The demented stage manager then proceeds to commit a series of horribly gruesome acts. Not for the squeamish, obviously, even among hardened cult cinema buffs." 1982. Notice that the author of this write-up on the plot acknowledges that such movies harden its viewers. Jacket cover shows a horribly bloody, mutilated head towering over very frightened people.

Bloodsucking Pharoahs In Egypt -- "Plot: Two deadbeat detectives are tracking down a chainsaw-wielding killer who is terrorizing Pittsburgh. A series of clues leads them to little Egypt, where they confront a bizarre collection of homicidal zanies, eccentric kooks, and tempting beauties." 1991

Blood Thirst -- "Plot: A monstrous woman stays young through ritualistic killings." 1965. If this movie actually depicts Satanic rituals, a person could become demonically possessed by watching it.

Blood Tide -- "Plot: While searching for his lost sister, a man and his wife are mysteriously drawn to a remote Greek island where an ancient monster is waiting to eat them." 1982. Once again, eating human flesh is the paramount theme.

Blood Ties -- "Plot: Vampires have adjusted to modern life and high society. They have learned how to control their nocturnal appetites, but when someone begins hunting them down they quickly remember their killer instincts. 1993
Blood Voyage -- "Plot: What is meant to be a pleasure cruise becomes an unending nightmare as murder follows murder on a tiny ship. With tension mounting, passengers and the crew turn on each other in a desperate attempt to identify the killer." 1977

Bloody Beast -- "Plot: Lurid Category III shocker about a serial killer obsessed with punishing women who nurse babies in public. A female undercover cop charged with baiting the killer soon finds herself locked in an escalating battle of wits with her quarry." 1994

Bloody Birthday -- "Plot: Three unusually ill-mannered children plot to commit a series of gruesome family murders before they reach the ripe age of ten. AKA 'Creeps.' 1981. Once again, when we see children murdering people in movies, especially family members, we consider it to be "entertainment". But when children actually murder people, we stupidly ask, "Why?"

Bloody Friday -- "Plot: A Hong Kong homicide cop plays cat-and-mouse with a brutal serial killer who butchers prostitutes every Friday night." 1996. Combination violence, sex, and murder.

Bloody New Years -- "Plot: Angry corpses besiege an abandoned hotel where some uninvited guests are in for a wild New Year's Eve." 1987

Bloody Pit Of Horror -- "Plot: A group of models stumble into an apparently abandoned castle only to be tormented by a madman." Beautiful women, sex, and torture are key elements of this movie. 1965

Bloody Vampire -- "Plot: A lurid, gothic vampire tale heavy on atmosphere." 1962

Bluebeard -- "Plot: The story of an incurable murderer who falls in love with an American dancer. His new wife soon realizes that something is amiss when she discovers the bodies of seven women in her husband's refrigerated vault." 1972

Blue Sunshine -- "Plot: A young man unwittingly commits a series of brutal murders as the result of a drug experiment he was involved in during his college years." 1977

Boardinghouse -- "Plot: The same week that Hoffman House was opened for boarders, something unspeakable moved in with the new residents. If the rent doesn't kill them, it will." 1983

Body Bags -- "Plot: An open, three-course buffet of blood-soaked tidbits from two of America's most horrifying directors." 1993. Blood-soaked films are soaking the minds of its viewers.

Body Beneath -- "Plot: A blasphemous reverend leads an army of 19th century ghouls who survive on the blood of innocents." 1983 Drinking blood is a common theme.

Body Count -- "Plot: Wealthy members of an eccentric family turn to murder to satisfy their seemingly insatiable greed." 1987. "Insatiable greed" for what, eating human flesh?

Body Melt -- "Plot: To test an experimental miracle drug a doctor tries it on an unsuspecting town, causing the residents to literally melt away." 1993

Body Parts -- "Plot: A deceased murderer strikes again. Horror lives when an executed con's surgically grafted body parts keep on killing." 1991

Body Puzzle -- "Plot: A serial killer seems to be seeking parts of each of his victims, leading a young women to believe she might be next." 1993

Body Snatcher -- "Plot: A 19th century doctor makes a deal with a sinister character in order to get bodies for his experiments. Complications arise when corpses become scarce.ยด1945

Body Snatchers From Hell -- "Plot: When a Japanese airliner crashes in the wilderness monsters slither into the survivors' brains and turn them into vampires. A.K.A. 'Goke'." 1968

Bog -- "Plot: A bloodthirsty bog creature awakens from its ancient slumber and when it isn't feeding on nearby townspeople it's trying to mate with an attractive young woman." 1984. Great! Now we have themes of eating human flesh and bestiality.

Boggy Creek -- "Plot: In this sequel to "The Legend of Boggy Creek," people thought the evil of the old legend had subsided, but then the sightings began trickling in. A team of researchers head off to track the swamps but soon become the hunted when the creature lashes out in retaliation. Sequel: "Return to Boggy Creek." 1989. Jacket cover has a monster on it that could only have come from Hell.

Bone Chillers Volume 1 -- "Plot: Sarah, Brian, Fitz, and Lexi stir up trouble when they resurrect a turkey and discover one of their classmates is really a werewolf. Includes "Frankenturkey" and 'Full Moon Goon'. 1997. While this movie is in the horror section, it is classified as "Kid"!

Bone Chillers Volume 2 -- "Plot: School turns out to be a scream when a new lunch lady and a substitute teacher introduce the kids to the animal kingdom--sort of. Includes 'Back to School' and 'Teacher Creature'." 1997. This movie is also rated, "Kid". Notice how much of the horror plots involve schools, teachers, and fellow classmates? Now you know one of the reasons we have such violence and murder at school.

Bone Chillers Volume 3 -- "Plot: Inanimate objects spell trouble for Fitz and the gang when a mysterious, reality-creating sketchpad and an ancient, bride-seeking mummy make their presence felt. Includes 'Art Imitates Life' and 'Mummy Dearest'. " 1997. Rated for "Kids". This time, children are being introduced to ancient forms of Satanism. "Mummy Dearest" was a very bad movie.

Bone Yard -- "Plot: A weird cult murder leads a psychic and a cynical cop to the slabs of the county morgue. The 'Boneyard' boss and a crazed coroner are fully in charge until the corpses start kicking. Terror takes control as the dead come alive with a vengeance." 1990.

Boogey Man -- "Plot: Carradine gives an effective and convincing performance in this tale of the childhood terror which haunted us all." 1980. Jacket cover shows a ghost invading a child's room through an open window, while the child is trying to hold him off by holding up a cross.

Born of Fire -- "Plot: Photographed on location in London and Turkey. The film follows a young man through a tale of the occult and the supernatural as he embarks upon a quest to discover the truth about his father's mysterious death near the volcanic mountains of Turkey." 1987.

Borrower -- "Plot: An alien killer arrives on Earth without a head. It's a race against time to find a new one." 1991.

Brain -- "Plot: As a hot new TV show's ratings continue to soar, so does the suicide and murder rate among its viewers. The show's host is conspiring with an alien brain to gain control of Earth." 1988. Jacket cover shows a beast so despicable as to defy the imagination.

Brain Damage -- "Plot: Brian is a young man who is bitten by Aylmer, a mutant parasite who devours human brains. Boy and monster become symbiotically attached, since every time Aylmer feasts on a new victim, he injects Brian with a drug-like substance that propels him into a state of euphoria." 1988. Eating human flesh is one common theme I could just as well do without. Why are so many of our young people being conditioned to eating human flesh?

 Brainiac -- "Plot: From the heyday of Mexican horror films, a monster French-kisses the brains right out of his victims with a long lizard tongue." 1961.

Brain of Blood -- "Plot: A politician has his demented brain transplanted into the body of the local village idiot (who also happens to be badly deformed). Not pleased with his new body, he launches a campaign of random vengeance." 1971

Brain That Wouldn't Die -- "Plot: A scientist keeps alive the decapitated head of his fiancee after she is injured in an auto accident. Slowly, she goes mad while he searches for another body." 1960

Bram Stoker's Dracula -- "Plot: Coppola's lurid production was more closely adapted from the original 1897 novel by Bram Stoker than many other versions. Academy Award Nominations: 4. Academy Awards: Best Costume Design, Best Sound Effects Editing, Best Makeup. 1992. Jacket cover depicts a demon head straight from the Pit of Hell. Since this movie is about Dracula, I am sure there is blood drinking and murders of very beautiful women throughout.

Bram Stoker's The Mummy -- "Plot: The daughter of a famous Egyptologist enlists the aid of her father's colleague to discover the cause of his mysterious coma. Little do they realize that her father's prized possession is possessed by a different entity entirely. A modern translation of Bram Stoker's tale of horror." 1997. Once again, we see the theme of demonic possession.

Bram Stoker's Shadowbuilder -- "Plot: A demon who is constructed of shadows unleashes his reckless power on the world during a solar eclipse." 1998. Isn't it wonderful to have a demon as the star of your show?

Brand Spanking New Doug: The Vampire Caper -- "Plot: Doug stirs the whole town of Bluffington into an uproar when he decides to investigate the rumors that his friend Skeeter Valentine is really a vampire." 1997. This film, which is about vampires, is rated "Kid".

Breeders -- "Plot: Carried to Earth by a meteorite, a ghastly alien strives to carry out its horrific mission: mate with college coeds and thus insure the survival of its species--and the destruction of the human race!" 1996. Bestiality reigns in this movie. The jacket cover shows an alien demonic being that would scare any woman to death. The idea of him having sex with a college coed is perfectly horrible.

Bride -- "Plot: Rock singer Sting stars as Baron Von Frankenstein. The mad doctor creates a beautiful female for his sex-starved monster." 1985. Sex and Roll & Roll: so what else is new? The jacket cover shows a young lady whose eyes depict demon possession.

Brothers In Arms -- "Plot: A sadistic band of mountainmen hunt down people to sacrifice during their religious rituals."

Buck Rogers in 25th Century, Space Vampire -- "Plot: A quarantined derelict spaceship's appearance at a local starbase heralds the appearance of a Nosferatu-like space vampire known as a Vorvon, who can only be seen by his intended victim. An eerie episode bordering on true horror. Tenth installment, aired January 3, 1980." Even Buck Rogers has been turned into a vampire.

Burial Ground -- "Plot: A group of people spending the weekend at an aristocrat's country estate are terrorized by vile, rotting corpses." 1985. Jacket cover shows a rotting corpse head that is truly out of the Pit of Hell.

Burial of the Rats -- "Plot: An adventurerer is kidnapped and taken into an all-female cult that despises men and worships rats in this campy horror ode. Based on a story by Bram ("Dracula") Stoker." 1994. This disgusting film is made even more disgusting by showing a nearly nude woman in front of a huge human skull. She apparently is also kicking a man who is lying on the ground.

Buried Alive -- "Plot: Once, Ravenscroft Hall was an asylum for the incurably insane. Now, it's a school for troubled teenage girls. Captivated by the psychiatrist's charm, a young woman joins the teaching staff, but soon discovers that something strange is going on...Something terrifying." 1990. The plot of this movie plays on every person's greatest nightmare, i.e., being buried alive.

Burning Moon -- "Plot: Splatter stories par excellence, linked by the narrative device of young Peter reading two tales of the macabre to his terrified sister." 1992. Splatter stories seem to be the favorite subject of Satanists. Is this why the murders at Columbine High School were so gruesomely splattered with blood?

Bury Me An Angel -- "Plot: Described by Budget Video as "A bloodbath of sex and violence, poetically directed by a member of the fair sex." 1971. Jacket cover shows a voluptuous woman holding a shotgun, with action scenes all around her. Why should the men always have all the fun when it comes to killing and blood splattering? Women can have such fun also!

These are not all the movies whose title began with the letter 'B', but you get the point.  Over a period of time, and over many repeated viewings of movies such as these, children can become incredibly hard-hearted, callous, beyond human emotions, and totally able to kill once they are given the order.  The huge army of Antichrist being prepared in America and around the world are used to movies like these, and to all sorts of computer games, which is our next subject for study.

Do not be deceived:  Satan is actively preparing his young army of men who will pull the trigger for him.  You are seeing prophecy being fulfilled before your very eyes.  As you listen to President and Mrs. Clinton talk prodigiously about how we can prevent these kinds of tragedies, you will hear a lot about gun control and vague talk about reducing the amount of violence in our culture.  However, you will not hear one good, sensible suggestion that would remove this filth from our society.  Every suggestion you will hear will have a double possible use, that of taking our freedoms away.  Whether Clinton talks about Gun Control, or about the V-Chip on TV's, which will allow the Government to actually listen in on your conversations, he will only propose those things which will take freedoms away.

Truly, this horror of the school shootings over the past five years simply mirrors the horror we see children putting into their minds from movies like this one.  Truly, we live in "perilous times", a time in which too many children and adults are displaying such a lack of true, natural human emotions, just as the Bible foretold [2 Timothy 3:1-4].

Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but have been very lukewarm in your spiritual walk with Him, you need to immediately ask Him for forgiveness and for renewal. He will instantly forgive you, and fill your heart with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Then, you need to begin a daily walk of prayer and personal Bible Study.

If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as Savior, but have come to realize His reality and the approaching End of the Age, and want to accept His FREE Gift of Eternal Life, you can also do so now, in the privacy of your home. Once you accept Him as Savior, you are spiritually Born Again, and are as assured of Heaven as if you were already there. Then, you can rest assured that the Kingdom of Antichrist will not touch you spiritually.

If you would like to become Born Again, turn to our Salvation Page now.

We hope you have been blessed by this ministry, which seeks to educate and warn people, so that they can see the coming New World Order -- Kingdom of Antichrist -- in their daily news.

Finally, we would love to hear from you.

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God bless you.

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