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Subtitle:  Since the New World Order Plan designates the Pope to be the future False Religious Prophet of Revelation 13, all people everywhere would do well to reexamine Catholic doctrine to see that the Church is already full of Satanism disguised as Christianity.

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(The following letter was sent to me by David Bay of Cutting Edge Ministries. I have italicized everything David said. My answers are written under "Former Catholics For Christ".)

Dear Becky,

I have finished reading a book by a Christian who works in delivering Satanists from their bondage, Dr. Rebecca Brown. In her chapter entitled, "The Holy Spirit Versus Spirit Guides", I was shocked as to the seeming applicability of the attributes of the Demons to the Roman Catholic Church. [Becoming A Vessel of Honor In The Master's Service, by Rebecca Brown, MD, pages 115-121] I have listed these points for you. Please read them and then get back to me. Since you are a former Catholic, I was wondering if these points really apply to the Roman Catholic Church as I think they do? And, if they do, does this material make for a good article?

Becky Sexton, Former Catholics For Christ, not only agreed, but wrote this most wonderfully revealing article. For each point, there are four (4) sections: 1) Dr. Brown's observation about the true work of the Holy Spirit; 2) Dr. Brown's observation as to how opposite demonic activity is to that of the Holy Spirit; 3) My question to Becky of Former Catholics For Christ as to whether this point about demonic activity applies to the Roman Catholic Church; 4) Becky' reply from Former Catholics For Christ. Sections 1-3 will be printed in italics, while section 4 will be regular print. Any further comments by David Bay of Cutting Edge will be in red print, and will be enclosed within brackets.

While I am aware that Rebecca Brown has great problems with her theology, she does describe Satanism very well; I have verified her description of Satanism with former Satanist, Doc Marquis.  Therefore, when I quote her material, I am doing so only on the basis of her detailed knowledge of Satanism and its practices, without supporting her theology.




HOLY SPIRIT:"The Holy Spirit values our individuality. He does not try to usurp [seize] our individual personality in any way."

DEMONS:"Demons HATE human beings! They try to usurp the individual's personality and replace it with their own."

ROMAN CATHOLICISM: In all matters pertaining to religion, the R/C Church seeks to usurp the mind and reason of the Catholic, replacing it with their own pagan doctrine. In fact, doesn't the R/C Church teach that no one can understand the Bible and other matters of doctrine, so they must TOTALLY rely upon the Church?

FORMER CATHOLICS FOR CHRIST:Yes David, the Roman Catholic church does indeed teach that only they can interpret the word of God. According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, #85:

"The task of giving an authentic interpretation of the Word of God, whether in its written form or in the form of Tradition, has been entrusted to the living teaching office of the Church alone."


Pope Pius' letter, states:

"...God has given to His Church a living Teaching Authority to elucidate and explain what is contained in the deposit of faith only obscurely and implicitly. This deposit of faith our Divine Redeemer has given for authentic interpretation NOT TO EACH OF THE FAITHFUL, NOT EVEN TO THEOLOGIANS, BUT ONLY TO THE TEACHING AUTHORITY OF THE CHURCH"(Emphasis mine).

"The Scripture indeed is a divine book but it is a dead letter, which has to be explained, and cannot exercise the action which the preacher can obtain"(Our Priesthood, 155). And again, "A dead and speechless book" (Question Box, 67). [I find it absolutely incredible that the Roman Catholic Church, supposedly established to exalt Jesus Christ, could consider the Bible a "dead and speechless book". By doing so, they call Jesus Christ a liar, because He said, 'My words shall never pass away {Matthew 24:35; Mark 13:31} David Bay, Cutting Edge]


In the book, Biblical Demonology by Merrill Unger, a very true and interesting observation was made:

"The Church of Rome has sought to establish a man-made unity instead of a Spirit-inspired one, and in the place of the infallible Word of God, substituted an infallible so-called 'church'. In thus attempting to escape the inevitable ravages of 'doctrines of demons' from without, in dethroning the Word of God, it laid the foundation for a whole new brood of 'doctrines of demons' from within, and became a well-knit and brilliantly organized system of incredible error, a very citadel for the doctrines of demons'"(178).


 HOLY SPIRIT:"The Holy Spirit wants us to be in control and responsible for our own actions. He works in us "to will and to do of his good pleasure." [Phil 2:13]

 DEMONS: "Demons want total control. They will frequently knock the person unconscious and then use them in any way they want."

 ROMAN CATHOLIC: Again, ditto above. The R/C Church demands total spiritual control, do they not? Their pagan teachings have the effect of putting the adherent into a living sleep, so they are under the total control of the Church.

FORMER CATHOLICS FOR CHRIST:Again David, you are correct. Rome wants total control even over our thoughts. I feel it best to let Rome speak for herself:

"Once he does so (joins the Catholic Church), he has no further use for his reason. He enters the Church, an edifice illumined by the superior light of revelation and faith. He can leave reason like a lantern at the door "(Explanation of Catholic Morals, Stapleton, 76; Emphasis added).

"Obey blindly , that is, without asking reasons. Be careful, then, never to examine the directions of your confessor...In a word, keep before your eyes this great rule, that in obeying your confessor you obey God. Force yourself, then, to obey him in spite of all fears. And be persuaded that if you are not obedient to him it will be impossible for you to go on well; but if you obey him you are secure. But you say, if I am damned in consequence of obeying my confessor, who will rescue me from hell? What you say is impossible"(Spouse of Christ, 554; Emphasis added).

"There is only one remedy for this evil (over scrupulous conscience), and that remedy is absolute and blind obedience to a prudent director. Choose one, consult him as often as you desire, but do not leave him for another. Then submit punctiliously [exactly] to his direction. His conscience must be yours for the time being. And if you should err in following him, God will hold him, and not you responsible"(Explanation of Catholic Morals, 24; Emphasis added).

Rome, of course, did not bother to mention Matt.15:14:

"Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch." [Bible scholars believe the 'ditch' of whom Jesus spoke here is Hell. David Bay, Cutting Edge Ministries]

Humorist, Florence King, wisely noted:

"Now, a word to Catholics who follow the dictates of their consciences instead of the dictates of the Vatican. Congratulations, you're Protestant' " (National Review, 11/27/95).


 HOLY SPIRIT: --"The Holy Spirit is gentle. When He comes into a person, He is so gentle that when you look inside yourself, you can't tell what is the Holy Spirit and what is you."

DEMONS: "Demons are harsh. Because of their desire to take over, a person can always sense a difference between the demon spirit and themselves. This is true even if they think the demon is a 'counselor' of part of their own subconscious mind."

ROMAN CATHOLICISM: Isn't the Church harsh in their exercise of control over a person?

FORMER CATHOLICS FOR CHRIST: The Spanish Inquisition is a good example of Rome's harsh control, as "inquisitors NEVER lost a single case. There is no record of an acquittal". You either believed everything they said, without question, or you died at their hands. Rome no longer has the political power to kill all those who will not comply, but she still controls them by claiming to hold the power over their souls. The Council of Trent announced over 100 anathemas to anyone who did not comply with Rome. s doctrines.,

Rome's history is filled with harsh treatment and inquisitions as admitted by her own writers:

"Armed with this elastic notion of what contradicted the faith, inquisitors arrested people for eating meat on Friday, omitting their Easter duties, reading the Bible, saying it is a sin to persecute for conscience. s sake, speaking ill of a cleric . priest or bishop. Any jibe against his Holiness was an indictable offence, even when uttered by a man in his cups. Any departure from the life of the community was proof of heresy meriting death. It is clear from this that the aim of the Inquisition was to defend not the faith but the papal system. As one victim of the inquisition concluded: . It is safer to discuss the power of God than the power of the pope. ...The ultimate injustice was being accused of thinking heresy. For the Inquisition, orthodoxy was not only speaking and acting in an unorthodox (that is, papal) manner; it was also thinking as the pontiff would have a person think. If under torture a prisoner proved he had never said or done anything heretical, he could still be punished for his inmost thoughts, his doubts, his temptations" (Vicars of Christ, Peter De Rosa, 158). [Emphasis added]

"The burning of heretics was first decreed in the eleventh century. The synod of Verona ( 1184 ) imposed on bishops the duty to search out heretics in their dioceses and to hand them over to the secular power. Other synods and the fourth Lateran Council (1215), under Pope Innocent III, repeated and enforced this decree, especially the synod of Tolouse (1229) which established inquisitors in every parish (one priest and two laymen-O.C.L.). Every one was bound to denounce heretics, the names of witnesses were kept secret; after 1243, when Innocent IV sanctioned the laws of Emperor Frederick II and of Louis IX against heretics, torture was applied in trials; the guilty persons were delivered up to the civil authorities and actually burnt at the stake . . . The present pope, Pius X (1909), has decreed the establishment in every diocese of a board of censors and of a vigilance committee whose functions are to find out and report on writings and persons tainted with the heresy of Modernism" (Catholic Encyclopedia, VII, 260 ).

Innocent III, admiringly pointed out by Rome as the greatest of all the popes, was more ruthless than any pope before or since. By his armies, crusades and inquisitions, he killed so many men that, through fear, he brought into subservience the kings of the earth. Rome's response:

"We ought not to blame Innocent III for taking severe measures because one hundred years of preaching and persuasion had utterly failed, and those disturbers were becoming stronger every year" (Question Box, 232).

"Given the ideas then, and long after, universally prevalent in regard to heresy and the measures of repression necessary to prevent infection from spreading, there is nothing exceptionally cruel or intolerant about the statute . De Haeretico Comburendo. of 1401, which provided that heretics convicted before a spiritual court, and refusing to recant, were to be handed over to the secular arm and burnt" (Catholic Encyclopedia, V, 441).

"They should have recourse to penal measures only when persuasion or reproaches have failed" (Penal Legislation in the New Code of Canon Law, 54. This is a comment on canon 2214 of the present code).

"It is the innate and proper right independently of any human authority, to chastise her delinquent subjects with penalties both spiritual and temporal" (Penal Legislation in the New Code of Canon Law, 53).

"To restrain and bring back her rebellious sons the Church uses both her spiritual power and the secular power at her command" (Catholic Encyclopedia, VII, 261).

Of course, Rome no longer enjoys those "happier times" when she ruled!

"And although in the extraordinary conditions of these times the Church usually acquiesces in certain modern liberties, not because she prefers them in themselves, but because she judges it expedient to permit them, she would in happier times exercise her own liberty" (Great Encyclical Letters of Leo X III, 158).


 HOLY SPIRIT: "The Holy Spirit is holy and pure. He brings purity into our lives. He gives us POWER to overcome sin."

DEMONS:"Demons are totally corrupt. They will ALWAYS lead a person deeper and deeper into sin. Even the demons in the New Age Movement who try to present themselves as being 'good', quickly lead the person into sin. Within the New Age Movement, the areas of sin to show quickly are sexual immorality and a desire to delve into the occult and increase contact with the spirit world."

ROMAN CATHOLICISM: Certainly, the R/C Church is morally corrupt beyond belief. Sexual sin is so prevalent within the priesthood. Finally, because of unrelenting exposure to occult teachings within Catholic doctrine, the R/C person has an increased desire to contact the spirit world, as the overwhelming response to the many apparitions throughout the world demonstrate.

FORMER CATHOLIC: Once Rome sanctioned the apparitions of "Mary", demonic activity increased immensely, leading millions of Catholics to flock to places such as Fatima, Lourdes, Guatalupe and every other possible "sighting of Mary" looking for some sign of hope. The doctrines coming from these apparitions clearly are the doctrines of devils, teaching such things as:

"We must make sacrifice for sins. Many souls are in hell because there is no one to make sacrifice for them".

This is an open attack on the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross for our sins. One apparition of Mary to "Sister" Agnus Sasagawa, of Akita, Japan, said:

"I alone am able still to save you from the calamities which approach. Those who place their confidence in me will be saved."

Rome has also led her people into seeking after "saints" that did not exist, such as "St." Christopher and "St." Bridgit.

David, you also mention the sexual sin that is so prevalent in the Roman Catholic priesthood. 1Tim.4:1 tells us that it is a Doctrine of Devils to forbid marriage. When Roman Catholicism accepted this as doctrine for themselves, they opened the door for all kinds of sexual abuse. In more than one incident throughout its vile history, the priest has used the confessional to seduce and destroy young and old women, married and single. Some have used the confessional to seek out the weakest child who then finds himself controlled and/or molested by his confessor.

"Former Archbishop Robert Sanchez said child sex-abuse cases in the Archdiocese of Santa Fe [over 140 lawsuits were filed against the archdiocese] were kept secret because he didn. t know it was a crime" (Proclaiming The Gospel, Oct./Dec.1996, 6).

I highly recommend Chiniquy's book, The Woman, The Priest and the Confessional. He exposes the atrocities done in the confessional, and their true historical roots.

"Let those who want more information on that subject read the poems of Juvenal, Propertius, and Tibellus. Let them peruse all the historians of old Rome, and they will see the perfect resemblance which exists between the priests of the Pope and those of Bacchus, in reference to the vows of celibacy, the secrets of auricular confession, celebration of the so-called . sacred mysteries. and the unmentionable moral corruption of the two systems of religion. In fact, when one reads the poems of Juvenal, he thinks he has before him the [Catholic] books of Den, Liguori, Lebreyne, Kenric" (The Priest, The Woman and The Confessional, Chiniquy, 140). [Chick Publications has republished one of the key books by former Catholic Priest, Chiniquy, written in the 1880's. This book is entitled, "50 Years In The Church of Rome", and contains much of the same information as the book quoted above. You can access the Chick Publications' page to order this book by clicking on: http://www.chick.com/catalog/books/0180.asp ]

When speaking of the immorality of the popes, Peter De Rosa, in his book, Vicars of Christ: the Dark Side of the Papacy, paints a not-so-pretty picture of their true face:

"...among the popes were a large number of married men, some of whom gave up their wives and children in exchange for the papal office. Many were sons of priests, bishops and popes; some were bastards; one was a widower, another an ex-slave; several were murderers, some unbelievers; some were hermits, some heretics, sadists and sodomites; many became popes by buying the papacy (simony), and continued their days selling holy things to rake in the money; one at least was a Satan-worshipper; some fathered illegitimate children, some were fornicators and adulterers on a grand scale; some were astonishingly old, some even more astonishingly young; some were strangled; worst of all were those who worshipped a granite God" (30).

Rome's boast that she is "holy" evaporates in the face of history. Her impure and abominable acts cannot be rivaled even by the most corrupt pagan societies.



 HOLY SPIRIT: "The Holy Spirit always uplifts and glorifies Jesus, thereby bringing humility into the life of the person He indwells."

DEMONS: "Demons hate Jesus! They glorify the person in whom they dwell, always drawing attention to the person himself instead of toward Jesus. PRIDE is the hallmark of demons and the people they inhabit."

ROMAN CATHOLICISM: They certainly have downgraded Jesus Christ in their doctrine of Mary and worship of saints. I do not know whether they instill pride in a R/C who is really trying to keep all the rules, although I do know that rule-keeping generally makes a person proud of their accomplishments.

FORMER CATHOLICS FOR CHRIST: The priesthood of Rome instills a great deal of pride in its "little Levites". Perhaps it would be best to let Rome speak for herself on this matter:

"The priest is a storm: hurricane, cyclone, tornado rolled into one. Like Christ in the temple. Like Christ before the Pharisees. Like Christ hanging on the cross...No, He is more than that. The Priest is not just the cross, he is Christ Himself" (Lone Star Catholic, "Father" Brigante, March 1, 1959).

"...glorious priests...oracles of the Eternal Word...chiefs in the celestial militia...custodians of the Keys of heaven" (The Priest, His Dignity and Obligations, "St." John Eudes, XXV).

"To the carnal eye, the priest looks like other men, but to the eye of faith, he is exalted above angels" (Faith of our Fathers, Gibbons, 442).

"God deigns to make prelates His own equals...If then, you receive a command of one who holds the place of God, you should observe it with the same diligence as if it came from God Himself" (True Spouse of Christ, Liguori, 93).

"Thus priests are gods in power. O power and dignity of the priesthood which surpasses all the powers of heaven and earth, second only to the ineffable dignity of the Mother of God" (The Priest, His Dignity and Obligations, John Eudes, 177).

"St. Gregory Nazianzen asserts that the priest is a 'God who makes gods'." (The Priest, His Dignity and Obligations, 13).

"This is what the Church asks from the bishop, viz., that he would give her other Christs. She may ask from her priests to give every day the body and blood of our Lord to her children; she cannot ask them for other Christs: the bishop alone can perform such a wonder!" (Our Priesthood, Buneau, 147) [Evidently, no one in the Roman Catholic Church even knows God's Holy Bible well enough to be scared of what they have just done. In claiming to be able to "make other Christs", they have committed enormous offence. Listen: "I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel: Which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ. But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed." [Galatians 1:6-9] When Paul uses this term, "accursed", and he repeats it twice so you will get the point, he means, "may you go to Hell". Certainly, this blasphemous doctrine that the bishop can create "other Christs" violates the integrity of the Gospel mightily. Time and time again, the Bible declares that there is only ONE Jesus Christ and ONE Gospel. [David Bay, Cutting Edge Ministries]


Pride has also caused bloody battles within different organizations of Rome, such as the Franciscans and Dominicans and Opus Dei and the Jesuits. They have all stooped to great deceit (even faking "Mary" apparitions) in order to gain support for their prideful anti-scriptural doctrines.




HOLY SPIRIT: The Holy Spirit NEVER blanks out our minds. He puts thoughts into our minds, but does NOT blank them. He wants us to 'take every thought captive' [2 Cor.10:5] and to 'will to do God's will [Phil 2:13]. He always wants us to ACTIVELY cooperate with Him. We do not have to blank our minds for the Holy Spirit to speak to us. He is so powerful that He can override our active mind at any time. THIS is the place where most Christians make mistakes and fall into deception, thinking they have to blank their minds for the Holy Spirit to operate through them or speak to them."


DEMONS: "Demons frequently blank out a person's mind. They function best when the person passively lets them take over. That's why Eastern and occult meditation ALWAYS involves relaxation techniques to blank the mind. Demons have difficulty overriding an active strong mind. They always encourage periods of mental passivity."

ROMAN CATHOLICISM: Here, I must confess I do not know whether any of this demonic activity applies to the private worship techniques of the R/C adherent. However, I wonder about the importance of a mantra, being repeatedly said, over and over again without thinking what you are saying. Occultists use this technique to achieve the blankness of mind of which Rebecca speaks here. It is very critical to achieve the separation of mind and spirit needed to implant into their minds the demonic doctrines they want to implant. I am curious as to whether their many memorized prayers, especially the "Hail Mary's" they repeatedly say, achieve the same effect as a mantra does to the occultist and to the Eastern Religions.

FORMER CATHOLIC: I never personally achieved any "state" by repetitious prayer except boredom; however, others have. If you look up the word "ecstasy" in the Catholic dictionary, you will see it comes from the Greek word "existanai" which means to "put out of place". This

"...state in which the soul is absorbed in God and the activity of the senses is suspended. It is the highest form of spiritual and mystical union with God" (The Maryknoll Catholic Dictionary, Nevins, 198). [Emphasis added; when you consult an American dictionary, you get a most interesting explanation of meaning of ecstasy: "An emotional state, associated with religious or sexual experience, or drug taking, characterized by exuberant behavior and loss of self-control". David Bay, Cutting Edge Ministries]


"Through systematic meditation, prayer, contemplation, visualization, and illumination, Loyola would go into a trance and ecstasy, he was even seen to levitate off the floor, as have many Jesuits completely under Satanic power" (The Secret History of the Jesuits, Paris).

At Garabandal, "Mary" appeared to some children. They reported going into ecstasy", where their bodies were in a trance-like state and levitated. Ignatius Loyola and "St" Francis of Assisi also achieved this state of ecstasy. "St." Thomas Aquinas was also a mystic who experienced visions, revelations and ecstasies. It. s so sad that one of his "visions" didn. t tell him that his most influential work Summa Theologica was based on forgeries.


 HOLY SPIRIT: "The Holy Spirit convicts us of our sins. BUT, His conviction is nondestructive. He always leads the person to repentance, forgiveness, redemption, and peace."

DEMONS: "Demons do one of two things. They help the person justify his sins, or they bring destructive crushing guilt with NO hope of forgiveness or redemption. Demonic guilt always brings with it the message: 'You cannot be forgiven'."


ROMAN CATHOLICISM: Once again, I am not sure of the degree of commonality with demonism in this point. When I have been to the world famous La Sallette shrine in Attleboro, I see people so crushed by their sin, they are doing damage to their body in doing penance. I am depending upon your R/C experience and knowledge on this one.

 FORMER CATHOLICS FOR CHRIST: David, there have been many incidences where priests has refused to forgive someone, or refused to perform a sacrament. My sister's first child was born out of wedlock. The priest forbade the child to be baptized because she was not married. My sister was hysterical, being taught that if a baby died before it was baptized, that it would spend all eternity in limbo, never permitted to see God. She finally was able to find a monk who baptized her daughter for $50.00. My sister paid the price required to "save" her daughter.

From a personal point of view, let me just say that going to confession and asking a woman to reveal her most secret "bad thoughts" is so degrading that most woman do not comply. By not complying, guilt and fear sets in. I know many Roman Catholics who disagree with Rome, but refuse to tell them how they feel, so they live in guilt and fear, for it is a mortal sin to withhold a true confession. A good example of this "withholding" information is when Rome condemned contraceptives. Many Catholics continued to use them, while refusing to confess it as sin. This produced more hypocritical confessions, and of course, more guilt and fear. Since a Catholic is not permitted to believe he/she is saved (the "sin of presumption"), they never experience that blessed assurance of salvation and therefore can never really know they are forgiven of their sins. So they go to confession and Rome tells them to say a few "Hail Mary. s" and a couple of "Our Father. s" to do penance for their sins, but the guilt remains. This did not lead us to repentance, but kept us in bondage.

"...that through death he might destroy him that had the power of death, that is, the devil; And deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage." (Heb 2:14-15)


HOLY SPIRIT: "The Holy Spirit will NEVER give us any communication that contradicts God's Word."

DEMONS: "Demons will twist and turn God's Word and take it out of context to justify sin."

 ROMAN CATHOLICISM: The Church twists and turns God's Word horribly and uses it to justify their own pagan doctrines.

FORMER CATHOLICS FOR CHRIST: The following quote is from footnotes of Catholic translation, New American Bible, Revised New Testament, Matthew 22:11,13 is a good example of the twisting of scripture to support their pagan doctrine of salvation:

"A wedding garment: the repentance, change of heart and mind, that is the condition for entrance into the kingdom (3:2, 4:17) must be continued in a life of good deeds (7:21-23). Wailing and grinding of teeth: the Christian who lacks the wedding garment of good deeds will suffer the same fate as those Jews who have rejected Jesus."

One cannot earn salvation by good works. (Eph.2:8-9), but good works are the result of salvation. (Titus 3:5-8).

Rome also twists Matthew 16:18 to support the pagan title "Pontiff Maximus".

"And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church& ."

Rome also uses Matt.18:23-35 and 1 Cor.11:15 to justify Purgatory, an obvious pagan doctrine, but admits:

"We would appeal to these general principles of Scripture, rather than to particular texts often alleged in proof of Purgatory. We doubt if they contain an explicit and direct reference to it" (Catholic Encyclopedia, 704). [Hmm, if Catholic theologians admit that no Scripture contains a direct reference to Purgatory, one has to wonder why Roman Catholics continue to teach this false doctrine!? Perhaps the reasons are two-fold: 1) Purgatory enriches the coffers of Catholicism greatly; 2) Most Pagan religions teach Purgatory in one way or another. Since Roman Catholicism is demonstrably Pagan in a lot of other areas, we should expect them to teach Purgatory also. David Bay, Cutting Edge Ministries]

Rome also teaches that the baptism of babies washes away "original sin" and attempts to parallel it with the circumcision of babies in the Old Testament.

Devils, parading as Mary and Jesus, have communicated hundreds of messages that not only contradict God. s word, but justify praying to Mary for salvation!. "Jesus" told Gladys Quiroga De Motta of Argentina (1986):

"If this generation does not listen to My Mother, it will perish. I ask everyone to listen to her...I tell My children: To deny the Mother is to deny the Son...Pray to Mary, for the prayer to this Mother will bear plentiful fruit. May this be known and meditated on. Read: 1Tim.4:4."

 Here we have "Jesus" instructing them to misapply Timothy as justification for prayers being addressed to "Mary". Rome also twists the words of our Lord Jesus at the last supper to justify following the pagan religions before her. Jesus NEVER held up the bread and said that it contained the blood necessary to make it actually His flesh that was being eaten. But the pagan societies before Jesus was even born, did teach that the flesh of the Deity was to be eaten!

"In nearly all the Mysteries an agape, or sacramental meal, preceeded initiation. At Eleusis the sacrifice to Demeter and Kore was followed by a banquet on the flesh of the victims ... In the Mysteries of Mithra . bread and a cup of water are offered in the rites of initiation accompanied by certain explanations,. to which Pliny refers in magicis cenis initiaverat. Extant symbola attest the sacramental meal in the cult of the Great Mother. The inscription of Andania and one from Messenia . prove the same for Demeter. , while for the Samothracian Mysteries an inscription from Tomi relates that the priest . shall break and offer the food and pour out the cup to the mystae.. But in what sense did the participant of the sacramental meal become...of the god? Was he conceived as feeding on the god by eating his totem or sacrifice, that is, by the entry of the deity into the believer in a magical fashion? & there was a firm belief, in the earlier stages of religion, of such participation in the god by eating him in a sacramental meal cannot be questioned. In the Thracian- Dionysiac Mysteries, e.g., the celebrants by such a meal obtain a share in the divine life of the god, and so are called by his name, Saboa, Sabazioa. And in the Dionysus-Zagreus cult the communicants rushed madly upon the sacrificial animal, tore it to pieces and ate it raw, believing that the god was resident in the offering. Cumont believes that the original significance of the eating of a sacred animal in the Phrygian cults was that . IT WAS BELIVED THAT THUS THERE TOOK PLACE AN IDENTIFICATION WITH THE GOD HIMSELF, TOGETHER WITH A PARTICIPATION IN HIS SUBSTANCE AND QUALITIES,. and that in certain mystic meals of the Syrian cult the priests and the initiates, by eating the fish sacred to Atargatis, considered themselves to be devouring the life of the deity" (The Mystery Religions, Angus,129-130).


 HOLY SPIRIT: "We can NEVER control the Holy Spirit! He functions when and how HE pleases . We are the servants. He is Master. We cannot control when the Holy Spirit speaks to us, gives us a glimpse of the spirit world, makes us aware of God's presence, heals, or gives us discernment. The Holy Spirit never does the same thing twice. he refuses to allow us to depend on any routine or ritual.

 DEMONS: "Demon spirits dupe the people they indwell into thinking they can control them. They will come whenever the person calls, heal when the person wants, etc. They love rituals and routines. They enable a person to see the spirit world more and more. The demonic counterfeits of the gifts of the Holy Spirit are usually under the control of the person, i.e., he can heal, prophesy, have 'words of knowledge', etc., when he wants."

ROMAN CATHOLICISM: The Church dwells upon ritual and routine, especially in their prepared prayers. Does the R/C adherent believe they have any control over Mary or Jesus or the saints to whom they pray?

FORMER CATHOLICS FOR CHRIST: Just as paganism uses ritual to drive away demons, Rome boastfully admits using bells, incense, holy water, candles, etc. for the same purposes. Bill Schnoeblen. s book, Wicca, Satan. s Little White Lie makes an interesting observation between paganism. s use of ritual to control demons and Catholicism. s use of ritual to control God:

1. Both teach "salvation" through ritual acts and good works.

2. Both have a god and a goddess (Mary) figure in their pantheon. [As we noted in Seminar 1, "America's Control of the New World Order", witches trumpet the fact that the Virgin Mary is nothing more nor less than the latest Pagan Mother Earth worship! The Armageddon Script, by New Age leader, Peter Lemesurier, p. 246. David Bay, Cutting Edge Ministries]

3. Both have a slain and risen god who dies and is reborn in a seasonal cycle of ritual dramas. [Isn't it interesting that Catholicism continually slays Jesus Christ and then resurrects Him in their Mass, just as Witchcraft does with their deities? David Bay, Cutting Edge Ministries]


4. Both have magic or thaumaturgy (Transubstantiation in the Mass) as central elements in their theology. [Isn't it highly interesting that Witchcraft teaches Transubstantiation? Since Witchcraft has existed at least 3,000 years before Catholicism, no one can argue who copied whom? David Bay, Cutting Edge Ministries]

 5. Both make extensive use of incense, statues, candles and ceremonial robes in their devotion.

6. Both believe in a kind of second chance after death (Purgatory). [We have already made this point, above. David Bay]

 7. Both believe the rituals of the living can affect the dead. [God expressly forbids praying for or to the dead - Read Deuteronomy 18:10. David Bay, Cutting Edge Ministries]

 8. Both believe in rituals of pain and mortification for purification. [When I see people deliberately hurting themselves at the Catholic shrine, La Salette, in Attleboro, Massachusetts, so they can be purified of their sins, I can only cringe at the absolute Paganism of this practice. David Bay]

 In the book Externals of the Catholic Church, page 156, we read:

"It is interesting to note how often our Church has availed herself of practices which were in common use among pagans...Thus it is true, in a sense, that some Catholic rites and ceremonies are a reproduction of those pagan creeds; but they are the taking of what was best from paganism, the keeping of symbolical practices which express the religious instinct that is common to all races and times". {Emphasis added} [God NEVER, EVER, allowed His people to borrow the "BEST from Paganism"! He always commanded that all aspects of the Paganism practiced be absolutely destroyed, some of it by fire. God took the spiritual disease of Paganism so seriously, He commanded, in some instances, that every man, woman, child, baby, and animal, be destroyed before the Israelites be allowed to occupy the land. For an official of the Roman Catholic Church to admit they take doctrines and practices from Paganism, but trying to excuse it, demonstrates how un-Christian and how Pagan, Catholicism truly is. David Bay, Cutting Edge Ministries]

In that same book, page 289 Msgr. Sullivan gives the prayer said at the "blessing of the candles":

"...that at the sound of this bell their faith and devotion may be increased, that the snares of the Evil One may be ineffectual, that the elements may be calmed, that the air may be healthful, and that demons may flee when they hear the sweet tones of the bell."

In that same book, he admits, "Bells were used by ancient Egyptians in the worship of Osiris", but attributes the introduction of them to Moses, "who was educated in the priestly class of Egypt, introduced them into Judaism". There is no scriptural evidence to back up Sullivan. s statement here. Not only does he use rituals to "drive away devils", but just as the pagans used ritual to obtain favor from their gods, Rome also uses her ritual to obtain favors from her "God".

"The Church has blessings for persons, places, and things...Anybody may ask a priest to bless him. Houses and places of business, fields and crops may be blessed. Devotional articles, such as medals, rosaries, crucifixes, images and holy pictures may be blessed...All these blessings and objects blessed are sacramentals. WE USE THEM TO OBTAIN FAVORS FROM GOD" (My Catholic Faith, Louis LaRavoire Morrow, 382). [Once again, Catholics demonstrate their absolute Biblical ignorance. In Ephesians 1:3, we learn that God has already "blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ." Since we have already been blessed to the maximum through Jesus Christ, then nothing we can do or say, nor any ritual performed, can bless us any more. God has already -- past tense -- loved us enough to bless us completely through Jesus Christ. But, then, in the next verse, we see that God loved mankind enough to begin this blessing from Eternity Past. Listen verse 4: "According as he hath chosen us in him before the foundation of the world & " Folks, only Pagans, only Satan worshippers, believe in a god that has to be appeased, and has to be begged for blessing! David Bay, Cutting Edge Ministries]

 A Catholic praying to Mary feels pretty secure that their prayers will be answered because Mary controls Jesus (Catholics would say "has influence over") & "He can refuse me nothing". According to the apparition of Mary by visionary Catherine Laboure, Rome was commanded by "Mary" to make the following image of her with the serpent under her feet and a "promise" for those who wore this medal. The following image is still very popular in Roman Catholicism.

Catholic author, Omar Englebert, in his book, Catherine Laboure and the Modern Apparitions of Our Lady, page 237, we read:

"This is a truth upon which she [Mary] most often insists: . I am the mistress of my Son. s heart; He loves me so much that He can refuse me nothing.. So she said at Pellevoisin. And at La Salette she declared; . Ah, if you knew what it costs me to withhold his [Jesus] avenging arm.. It is costly; she must sometimes plead, but in the end she always prevails. Her prayers are infallible because there is no saint in heaven she prays as she does and because He to whom she prays is her Son." [This lie defames the Lord Jesus Christ more than just about any other of which I can think! To say that Mary can persuade Jesus to not punish someone is to simultaneously admit that the person is guilty, and admitting that Jesus' decision is imperfect. If His original decision to punish were perfect, then Mary would have no say in the matter, and most definitely could not persuade Him otherwise. So, this teaching that Mary acts to prevent Jesus' punishment is saying that Jesus Christ is imperfect. If Jesus is imperfect, He is not the God of the Bible, because Absolute Perfection is one of His many attributes. James 1:25; Deuteronomy 32:4; Psalms 18:30.

But, Pagan gods are not perfect, and can make mistakes. If you looked closely enough in pagan literature, I bet you would find a Mother Goddess who is acting as an intermediary to prevent her vengeful son from destroying mankind. David Bay, Cutting Edge Ministries]

But it is not just scapulars, rosaries and crucifixes that Rome uses to "protect" them from devils.

"Many Catholic writers attribute a magical power to the "seven sacraments" and 125 sacramentals (The Sacramentals, Lambing, 35) to protect them from all the forces of nature which are believed to be under the control of evil spirits, in truly pagan character, for barbarous people do not attribute earthquakes, cycIones, floods, drought, famine, lightning etc., to the understandable working of natural law. So also with accidents, such as fire, shipwreck, drowning etc. They rarely see any relation between sanitation and health, but their charms, enchantments, amulets etc., are used against disease" (Catholicism Against Itself, Lambert, 142).

Dr. Bill Jackson of C.E.C. (Christians Evangelizing Catholics) website (http://www.angelfire.com/ky/dodone/HolyWater.html), did an excellent job of explaining the pagan use of holy water to control demons.

"Msgr. Sullivan teaches that this is one of the Roman Catholic rites that was a reproduction of pagan worship (Externals of the Catholic Church, 226). Justin Martyr, who died about 163 A.D., wrote, . The pagans, on entering their temples, sprinkle themselves with water.. It is a very important sacramental of the Roman Catholic Church. A tradition says St. Matthew used it. In a letter (admitted to be spurious) Pope Alexander mentions Holy Water. Its actual use is probably from the 4th century. Holy Water is made from a union of salt and water, both of which have been exorcised. It is used a great deal in liturgical functions: Mass, Matrimony, Extreme Unction and services for the dead. Private use of Holy Water is encouraged. By making the Sign of the Cross with Holy Water, having contrition and saying, "In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost" a person gains indulgence of 300 days. (Time values for indulgences are no longer used.)

From Holy Water, Benedictine Convent of Perpetual Adoration, Imp. Charles Helmsing (1962), . Its blessing consists of exorcisms, prayers and the mingling of salt with water. The purpose of the exorcisms is to banish the evil spirit and destroy his influence.. . The prayer with which the salt is blessed implores God that it may be the means of salvation to souls; that it may preserve from bodily harm; and that it may sanctify everything with which it comes in contact.. . The prayer used in blessing the water implores God that it may drive away demons; that it may cure diseases; and that it may free houses and their inhabitants from all evil, particularly from epidemics.." {Emphasis added} [Holy Water may be a "means of salvation to souls"? What blasphemy! Only the sacrifice of Jesus Christ can achieve the "salvation to souls"! David Bay, Cutting Edge Ministries]

"Theologians teach that holy water, when used with the proper intention and disposition confers actual graces, remits venial sins, restrains the power of Satan, defends against temptations, secures temporal blessings and obtains relief for the souls in purgatory.. . A simpler form (of blessing) is to make the sign of the Cross in silence on the child's forehead and sprinkle him or her with holy water. Give this blessing after morning and evening prayers, before the child leaves home for school, church, etc.. & . The devil hates Holy Water because of its power over him. He cannot long abide in a place or near a person that is often sprinkled with this blessed water.. " [Pity the pour Catholic parent that confers this Satanic curse upon their children every day. Truly, no institution on earth more deceives its people in the ways of Satanism, using the blessed name of Jesus Christ, than the Roman Catholic Church! It is no wonder that the Illuminati has given the position of False Prophet under the coming Kingdom of Antichrist -- New World Order -- to the Catholic Pope!


 HOLY SPIRIT: "The Holy Spirit demands that we walk in faith -- NOT by sight OR emotions. Therefore, He does not frequently or routinely give us visions or prompt us to respond with dramatic emotional outbursts. The Holy Spirit does not satisfy carnal desires for emotional rewards. Because we must walk by faith and not by sight, the Holy Spirit RARELY lets us see the spirit world, and certainly not on a routine basis, or when we want to." [Folks, re-read this many times, as it is critical to you properly understanding spiritual maturity]

 DEMONS: "Demons love to manipulate human emotions. They control MANY by giving them emotional 'highs' or rewards. Demons also love to give humans emotional extremes. Demons FREQUENTLY help people see the spirit world, thus decreasing their need for faith. People with demon spirit guides frequently have visions and super-natural experiences."

 ROMAN CATHOLICISM: Again, the R/C frequently depends upon either their own supernatural experience, or upon the testimony of ones who claims to have had a super-natural experience. Walking only by faith seems to be denied. Catholics seem to be depending upon emotional highs or rewards. This point seems to be very rich in possible comparisons of R/C to demonism. But, it will take a former insider like yourself to fully plumb the depths of this point.

FORMER CATHOLICS FOR CHRIST: First of all, let me start by saying the whole Catholic mass is surrounded by the promise of the supernatural abilities of a priest to change a simple piece of bread into God, so the average Catholic is already preconditioned to look for some "sign". The ex-cathedra statement (the supposition that the pope speaks in place of the Holy Ghost) of the infallibility of the pope was also based on supernatural visions of the epileptic pope Pius IX, who "was morbidly eager to believe his court prelates. stories about visions and prophecies". His vision of Mary convinced him that she was his ally in this preposterous, anti-scriptural doctrine of infallibility, yet the pope did not consider even once that Peter, out of fear, had erred concerning doctrine and had to be rebuked by Paul. Roman Catholics have their bleeding statues, weeping statues, stigmatics, thousands of visionaries, and the most fantastic fairy tale stories about saints that did not even exist. The hundreds of apparitions of Mary, conveying messages totally contrary to the word of God, are riddled with stories of supernatural miracles "proving that it must be God". Let me give you an example of a "miracle".

"The sinner entered, adored the cross, and wept. She returned to the picture: . O Lady. she said, . I am ready; where shall I return to do penance? . Go. said the Virgin, . beyond the Jordan, and thou wilt find the place of thy repose. " (Glories of Mary, 98-99).

"The nobleman went to the church, and on seeing the figure of Mary he felt himself, as it were, invited by her to cast himself at her feet and trust. He hastens to do so, kisses her feet, and Mary, from the statue, extended her hand for him to kiss" (Glories of Mary, 232).

"Not long after his return to Assisi, whilst Francis was praying before an ancient crucifix in the forsaken wayside chapel of St. Damian. s below the town, he heard a voice saying: . Go Francis, and repair my house, which as you see is falling into ruin. " (Catholic Ency., VI, 22).

"The great servant of God, Brother Bernard of Corlien, a Capuchin, did not know how to read, and his fellow religious wished to teach him. He went to ask for advice from the crucifix, and Jesus answered him from the cross: . What necessity for books or reading! I am your book . a book in which you can always read the love I have borne you. " (Devotion of the Holy Rosary, 96).

"Father Bernardine de Bustis relates that a hawk darted upon a bird which had been taught to say Ave Maria...the bird said Ave Maria, and the hawk fell dead. By this Our Lord wishes to show us, that if an irrational bird was saved from destruction by invoking Mary, how much more surely will he be prevented from falling into the power of an evil spirit, who is mindful to invoke Mary in his temptations" (Glories of Mary, 96).

I think Catholics walk by "faith in their miracles", not by faith in God or His word.

"For they being ignorant of God's righteousness, and going about to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God." (Rom.10:3)


 HOLY SPIRIT: "We can grieve the Holy Spirit by disobeying Him. When we disobey Him, He withdraws and does not function in our lives. The Holy Spirit NEVER goes against our free will. God doesn't want puppets or robots."

 DEMONS: "Demons bring quick punishment to anyone disobeying them. They are quick to take over and control, ALWAYS trying to usurp the person's free will. Demons love puppets and robots."

 ROMAN CATHOLICISM: It seems to me that the Church wants puppets and robots. Historically, the Church has always reacted vigorously and physically, and quickly, against "heretics", which is anyone who disagreed with Rome. The blood on their hands of Protestants and practitioners of any religion other than R/C is evidence of this. Jesus Christ never taught that His Church was to kill people who disagreed with Him; only the pagans do that, and Rome has done it in abundance. As the Pope becomes the False Prophet, supporting Antichrist, he will spill blood again.

FORMER CATHOLICS FOR CHRIST: One writer estimated that Rome was guilty of the blood of 50-60 million people, but others have estimated it much higher. One thing for sure, Roman Catholicism. s attitude is that she rules over all things.

"There is no king now upon any throne who sets forth his pretensions in more imperious tones than Pope Pius IX.; yet, they crouch at his feet as submissively as the slave at the feet at his task-master. When he insists-as other popes have done before him-that God has given him . full power over the whole world, both in ecclesiastical and civil affairs, and that to maintain the contrary is impious and heretical& .. " (The Papacy And The Civil Power (1876), R.W.Thompson)

"...since the decree of papal infallibility...this means the pope, who represents and absorbs all the authority of the Church...says: . She [Roman Catholicism] is, under God, the supreme judge of both laws, which for her are but one law and hence she takes cognizance, in her tribunals, of the breaches of the natural law as well as of the revealed, and has the right to take cognizance by nations as well as of its breaches by individuals, by the prince as well as the subject, for it is the supreme law for both. The state is, therefore, only an inferior court, bound to receive the law from the Supreme Court, and liable to have its decrees reversed on appeal." [Since the Pope has always believed that he has the #1, Absolute Authority over all political rulers, I find the sequence of events in the Book of Revelation very interesting. As Antichrist arises -- Revelation 13:1-10 -- we see that he takes absolute control over all the peoples of the earth; he is the #1 man, and his post is Political. Then, in 13:11-18, we see the False Prophet arise, whom we now know will be the Catholic Pope. He is the #2 man, serving Antichrist. This is quite a departure from the Pope's historical belief in his supremacy over all political rulers.

Then, in Revelation 17:16, we see that Antichrist and his rulership of the 10 Super Rulers suddenly turn on the False Prophet, utterly destroying him with fire. Why would they suddenly turn on him, destroying him after he had served him so well? I believe the Pope has just tried to overthrow the political leadership, taking all control for himself. After all, that is exactly what the Virgin Mary promised Pope John Paul II that she would do -- The Keys to this Blood, Malachi Martin. Thus, this historic belief by the Popes that they do control all things, both political and spiritual, will be the thing that causes the Antichrist to totally destroy the Roman Catholic Church. David Bay, Cutting Edge Ministries]

 "The Roman Catholic religion assumes, as its point of departure, that it is instituted, not to be taken care of by the people, but to take care of the people; not to be governed by them, but to govern them;" and from this stand-point of deadly hostility to the institutions under which he was born, and which allowed him the liberty he was so unpatriotically abusing, it was but a single step to such bold and audacious avowals as the following: "The people need governing, and must be governed.... They must have A MASTER.... The religion which is to answer our purpose must be above the people, and able to COMMAND THEM.... The first lesson to the child is, obey; the first and last lesson to the people, individually and collectively, is, OBEY; and there is no obedience where there is no authority to enjoin it.... The Roman Catholic religion, then, is necessary to sustain popular liberty, because popular liberty can be sustained only by a religion free from popular control, above the people, speaking from above and able to command them; and such a religion is the Roman Catholic.... In this sense, we wish THIS COUNTRY TO COME UNDER THE POPE OF ROME. As the visible head of the Church, the spiritual authority which Almighty God has instituted to teach and govern the nations, we assert his supremacy, and tell our countrymen that we would have them submit to him. They may flare up at this as much as they please, and write as many alarming and abusive editorials as they choose, or can find time and space to do-they will not move us, or relieve themselves from the obligation Almighty God has placed them under of obeying the authority of the Catholic Church, pope and all." [The #1 message that former priest, Chiniquy, wanted to impart to Americans in his book, "50 Years In The Church of Rome", is that the Roman Catholic Church was out to enslave America just as thoroughly as it enslaved Europe and Britain for over 1,000 years. David Bay]

 Will Rome spill blood again? I believe so David. In The Western Watchmen, Dec.24, 1908 the Catholics are quoted as saying:

"Protestantism -- we would draw it and quarter it.[?] We would impale it and hang it up for the crows to eat. We would tear it with pincers and fire it with hot irons. We would fill it with molten lead and sink it in a thousand fathoms of hell fire."

"The Feb.20, 1994, Denver Post reported that 'an estimated 15,000 people...have been expelled, sometimes at the point of a gun, from their homes and lands because of the religion they practice[?]....The 'expulsados' are evangelicals and other protestants...who were thrown out of their communities by local authorities that are Catholics. One missionary who visited Chiapas State, was told of dozens of brutal attacks on non-Catholics. One woman's house was torched and she was shot in the face with a shotgun when she tried to rescue her children. She escaped through a cornfield to another Christian's house that took her three hours on foot to a hospital. Her children were found later either dead in the fire or mutilated by machete blows. When she recovered, she was forced to join a slum camp with thousands of other Christians whose homes had also been confiscated by their Roman Catholic attackers" (Battle Cry, July/August, 1994, 2-4).

"Stunned by the staggering growth of evangelical . sects. in Brazil, leaders of the Roman Catholic church have threatened to launch a . holy war. against Protestants unless they stop leading people from the Catholic fold ... At the 31st National Conference of the Bishops of Brazil...Bishop Sinesio Bohn called evangelicals a serious threat to the Vatican. s influence in his country. . We will declare a holy war; don. t doubt it,. he announced, . the Catholic Church has a ponderous structure, but when we move, we. ll smash anyone beneath us.. According to Bohn, an all-out holy war can. t be avoided unless the 13 largest Protestant churches and denominations sign a treaty ... that would require Protestants to stop all evangelism efforts in Brazil. In exchange, he said Catholics would agree to stop all persecution directed toward Protestants" (Charisma, May 1994).



HOLY SPIRIT: "The Holy Spirit loves us and brings us into eternal life in the presence of God."

 DEMONS: "Demons hate us and lead people into eternal destruction separated from God forever in Hell."

 ROMAN CATHOLICISM: There is no salvation in the Roman Catholicism doctrine.

FORMER CATHOLICS FOR CHRIST: Rome teaches that it is the "sin of presumption" to believe you are saved. The whole system is based on working for your salvation even though the word of God says salvation is "not of works lest any man should boast" (Eph.2:8-9). II Corinthians 11:3 says:

"But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtlety, so your minds should be corrupted from the SIMPLICITY that is IN CHRIST."

 When the "keeper of the prison" asked Paul and Silas, " What must I do to be saved?", Paul answered, "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ". In a prayer card from Mother of the Savior Seminary, Blackwood, NJ, we get a list of 60 things you MUST DO to be saved:

"Things necessary for salvation: Believing in God; Hoping in God; Loving God; Being sorry for offending God; Adoring God; Aspiring after God; Thanking God; Calling upon God; Being led, restrained, comforted and defended by God; Consecrating all thoughts, words, actions and sufferings to God; Referring all actions to God's Glory; Suffering whatever God appoints; Desiring God's will; Having understanding enlightened, will inflamed, body purified and soul sanctified; Expiating offences, overcoming temptations, subduing passions, acquiring virtues; Loving God's goodness, hating my faults, loving my neighbor, having contempt for the world; Being submissive to superiors, courteous to inferiors, faithful to friends, and charitable to enemies; Overcoming sensuality, avarice, anger and tepidity; Being prudent, courageous, patient and humble; Being attentive at prayer; temperate at meals; diligent in employment, constant in resolutions; Having a pure conscience, being modest, letting conversation be edifying, and deportment regular; Laboring to overcome nature, working with God's Grace, keeping His commandments and working out my salvation; Seeing the nothingness of this world, the greatness of heaven, the shortness of time and the length of eternity; Preparing for death, fearing God's judgments, thereby to escape hell and in the end obtain salvation." [Wow! That is quite a list; yet, I did not read the name of Jesus Christ anywhere in that list. The Bible says that believing in God only for salvation will not save us, for even the demons believe in God -- James 2:19. Jesus Himself said that salvation is only through Him -- John 3:18; 20:31; 14:6. David Bay, Cutting Edge Ministries]


 HOLY SPIRIT: "Jesus loved us enough to die for, and shed His OWN blood for us, paying the price for our purification from sins Himself."

 DEMONS: "Demons never shed any of THEIR blood for them, teaching the people that they must do this for their purification so that Satan and the demons can 'bless' them. Or, in the case of Christians, demons bring about all sorts of self-imposed punishment and/or rigid legalistic rules so that 'God' can bless them." [Emphasis added]

 ROMAN CATHOLICISM: Catholic adherents are infamous for their self-imposed punishments in penance designed to get 'God' to bless them.

FORMER CATHOLICS FOR CHRIST: In The Secret History of the Jesuits, by Paris, we read of the harsh treatment Jesuits inflicted upon themselves:

"To beat or flagellate ourselves, and offer each blow as a sacrifice to God through Mary, to carve with a knife the holy name of Mary on our chest: to cover ourselves decently at night so as not to offend the chaste gaze of Mary; to tell the Virgin you would be willing to offer her your place in heaven if she didn. t have her own; to wish you had never been born or go to hell if Mary had not been born; to never eat an apple, as Mary had been kept from the mistake of tasting of it" (61).

They teach the people that they should do sacrifices to make reparation for sins themselves. The harsher the punishment inflicted on the sinner, the more blessed the individual, according to Catholic doctrine. This opened the door for some very bizarre self-inflicted abuse by so-called "saints" that is, without a doubt, demonic. In Otis Von Corvin. s book, The Mirror of the Clergy, (a book long on the Vatican. s hit list) he elaborates on the kind of harshness the saints of Rome voluntarily submitted themselves to:

"There were some who had their hands tied behind their backs, apparently driven by a demonic spirit, thinking themselves unworthy to look up to heaven. Others were sitting in heaps of ashes hitting their heads against the ground over and over. Still others cried and wept as if in grief. Some others chastised themselves for not being able to shed more tears. Many refused to nourish their bodies, and when given food they only took a few bites and threw the rest away, triggered by a sense of unworthiness, or they refused to drink but a few drops at a time. Many clad themselves in filthy rags that stank and were full of lice, and often they had self-inflicted wounds. In many cases they spit blood because they had chastened themselves mercilessly. Some of them, who were about to die begged not to be buried, but be left to decay like animals. One of these misled souls lived in a cage, never to see the light of day again. Others dug themselves into the hot desert sand right up to their necks. The "holy Eusebius" carried 260 pounds of iron chain and weights at all times. Again, others made vows not to speak to another person as long as they lived, or hopped around on one leg for many years, or they ate grass like an ox. St. Barnabas had a sharp stone embedded in his foot and was suffering excruciating pain, yet he would not allow anyone to remove the stone. Some slept on beds of thorns. Some tried to go along without sleep at all. Simeon, the son of an Egyptian shepherd, ate only on Sundays. Before the meal, he would tie a rope around his waist so tight, that he developed ulcers on his skin that stank so bad that no one wanted to come near him. He came under the illusion that his sufferings were not yet enough, so he came up with an idea to torment his flesh even more. He would go to worship the goddess of the Syrian, Kebele, and stood on top of a 10 foot high pole for several years. The greater the madness, the higher the poles, and at the peak of it he stood on top of a 30 foot pole for close to 30 years. How he managed not to fall off when sleep overcame him is not documented. He managed to fast for 40 days at one time, but because of physical weakness, someone had to tie him with a chain to a pole that was extended from his pole."

"So you see their highest aim was to trample nature under foot. The God-given sex drive was considered very unchristian-like and was condemned and battled against. Many young men and women went out into the desert to quench their sex drive by tormenting their bodies, not realizing that through this torment the flesh was even more aroused than before. Many made short process of the root of evil by cutting it off. Amongst them was Origen, a Christian theologian and teacher, and many followed in his foot steps, with the majority being priests and lay people, which led to the point where a law had to be implemented to stop this madness. These, and many other stories were told of those who went out away from civilization. It is hard to understand why completely "normal people" would suddenly have the urge to wander away from the simple gospel of JESUS CHRIST and become part of a mystical lifestyle that has every sign of demonic tendency, yet millions followed them to do likewise." [How I wish that these poor, mislead Catholics had taken St. Paul's statement to heart: "I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtlety, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ." 2 Cor 11:3. Notice that Paul implicitly stated that Satan gets people away from "the simplicity that is in Christ". He does this by creating the very confusing, and complicated, religion of the Pagans, none of which is so complicated and confusing that the Modern Day Paganism, Roman Catholicism. David Bay, Cutting Edge Ministries]



 HOLY SPIRIT: "Jesus paid the price for our sins ONCE and for all [1 Peter 3:18]"

 DEMONS: Demons always demand more and more sacrifices. They are NEVER satisfied."

 ROMAN CATHOLICISM: Is this the reason R/C's "sacrifice" Jesus Christ over and over again through the Mass? This seems powerful proof that R/C is disguised demonism and paganism. They seem never satisfied with the amount of symbolic Savior's blood they shed in the Mass. While we are speaking of the Mass, there are two things I wish to bring up for your reaction. Doc Marquis, former Satanist Illuminist, boldly stated that R/C is disguised Satanism. He also said that the Mass, when said in Latin, evokes powerful demons; he said that the priests who really knew the 'score' were very upset when Mass began to be said in a language other than Latin. Doc predicted that, soon, the Mass would begin to be said in Latin again, as we approach the appearance of Antichrist. Secondly, in Fox's Book of the Martyrs, I noticed a peculiar occurrence: the average population of R/C seemed to be susceptible to being provoked en-masse, at which point they would fall upon the Protestants and murder them in public. It seems as though several of the most heinous murderous rampages against Protestants occurred after Mass had been said. Is there something within the Mass, maybe tied in with Doc's assertion above, that allows mental programming of the individual adherent, particularly after they had gone to Mass for years and years and years of their life?

FORMER CATHOLICS FOR CHRIST: I believe when anyone mocks the finished work of Jesus on the cross for our sins, (as in the following quote) they open the door for demons.

"The priest brings Christ down from heaven, and renders Him present on our altar as the eternal Victim for the sins of man - NOT ONCE BUT A THOUSAND TIMES! The priest speaks and lo! Christ, the eternal and omnipotent God, bows his head in humble obedience to the priest's command" (The Faith of Millions, by John O'Brien).

One of the great changes that came about after Vatican II was the "Novus Ordo" (New Order) or "New Mass". Despite the decree Quo Primum by Pope Pius V on July 19, 1570 which stated:

"We determine and order that NEVER shall anything be added to, omitted from, or CHANGED in this Missal...We specifically warn all persons in authority, of whatever .dignity or rank... NEVER to use or permit any ceremonies or Mass prayers other than the ones contained in this Missal ordered by the Sacred Council of Trent...We herewith declare that it is in virtue of our Apostolic Authority that we decree and determine that this our present order and decree is to last IN PERPETUITY AND CAN NEVER BE LEGALLY REVOKED OR AMENDED AT A FUTURE DATE...And if anyone would nevertheless ever dare to attempt any action contrary to this order of ours, given for all times, let him know that he has incurred the wrath of Almighty God and of the Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul" (The Dawning Of The New Age New World Order, Cutty, 148) (Emphasis mine).

They changed! The mystery surrounding the Latin Mass for some reason appeared "more holy", and I. m not sure why. I just remember that it had a devastating effect on many Catholic believers who became disillusioned by the lack of mysticism. There remains great division in Catholic circles over this and there is a move to return to the Latin Mass, so it would not be a surprise. The Black Mass is the Latin Mass backwards. What does that mean? It is recognized by authorities that backward-masking can be detected by the subconscious mind. Interesting that the backward masking of the Satanic Mass is the Catholic Mass forward! Need I say more?


 HOLY SPIRIT: "The Holy Spirit gives the desire to read the Bible."

 DEMONS: "Demons try to keep people from reading the Bible."

 ROMAN CATHOLICISM: Infamous for its attacks on people reading the Bible for themselves. This parallel is striking in proving that R/C is disguised Satanism, don't you think?

FORMER CATHOLICS FOR CHRIST: Yes David, I agree totally. Rome is notorious for forbidding her people to read their Bibles, and if by some chance they should, then they are warned not to interpret them. Rome, however, interprets her behavior a little a bit differently:

"It is said that we deprive the Faithful of the word of God, which is the soul's daily bread. We may answer this falsehood by stating that while, indeed the Scripture is our soul's daily bread, Mother Church proportions it to our needs. Just as parents do not give the whole loaf to their children, or a knife with which to cut it lest they injure themselves, so it is the duty of the Church, of the priest or the preacher, to distribute this spiritual bread of the word of God to the people in portions suited to their requirements. It is said that the word of God is the light of the world. Well, indeed do we admit this truth. But we do not place a lighted candle in a child's hands, lest he burn himself" (The Priest, His Dignity and Obligations, "St." John Eubes, 99).

"From all of which it must be abundantly clear that the Bible alone is not a safe and competent guide because it is not now and has never been accessible to all, because it is not clear and intelligible to all, and because it does not contain ALL THE TRUTH of the Christian religion" (Finding Christ's Church, John A. O'Brien, p. 20). [How surprised this priest will be when Jesus reminds him at the White Throne Judgment of His words to His disciples. "Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth:" -- John 16:13. Once again Catholic doctrine calls Jesus Christ a liar! -- David Bay]

 "More than this, parts of the Bible are evidently unsuited to the very young or to the ignorant, and hence Clement XI condemned the proposition that the reading of Scripture is for all. These principles are fixed and invariable but the discipline of the Church with regard to the reading of the Bible in the vulgar tongue (language of the people) has varied with varying circumstances" (Catholic Dictionary, Addis & Arnold, 82).

"Through Luther, although Calvin seems to have been the first to announce Monobiblicism clearly, the Bible became the arm of the Protestant revolt. A DUMB AND DIFFICULT book was substituted for the living voice of the Church, in order that each one should be able to make for himself the religion which suited his feelings. And the Bible opened before every literate man and woman to interpret for themselves was the attractive bait used to win adherents" (Catholic Commentary, 11). [Wonderful. Now Catholicism calls the Holy Bible a "dumb and difficult book". Could Satan be any more pleased by this official denunciation of God's Word? -- David Bay, Cutting Edge Ministries]

 "But nothing was further from the minds of the writers, and of the Apostles generally, then that these writings be gathered together and made into a book, which would be accepted as a complete statement of the doctrine of Christianity. Any one of them would have been shocked had he known that his letters would in time be made use of by heretics in an attempt of usurping the place of the authoritative teacher, the Church of Jesus Christ. That compositions intended to meet certain local circumstances should be accepted everywhere as an infallible guide in faith and morals independent of any authority to interpret them, is distinctly wrong" (Our Faith In The Facts, Donovan, 348). [Jesus Christ Himself told His disciples that the Holy Spirit would come to bring Jesus' message to the world -- John 16:7-16. David Bay, Cutting Edge Ministries]

 "Yet it does happen that some devout Christians experience a certain disappointment when they open the Bible. They expect to find uplifting and heartwarming phrases and are faced instead with dry lists of ritual observances, fierce imprecations of some of the prophets and the enigmatic sentences of the Apocalypse -- if not the matrimonial adventures of the Kings. It must be admitted that the Bible in no way resembles a manual of devotion; apart from the Gospels and Sapiential books, it has little to offer the believer nourished on the Imitation or even the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola" (Henri Daniel-Rops, 20th Century Encyclopedia, Vol. 60, 112-113). [Psst, Mr. Henri Daniel-Rops, St. Ignatius of Loyola was a pagan mystic, not truly a born-again Christian. For this reason, Hitler patterned his Satanic SS after the Jesuits as founded by "St" Ignatius of Loyola. David Bay, Cutting Edge Ministries]

 "...if the sacred books are permitted everywhere...in the vernacular, there will by reason of the boldness of men arise there from more harm than good" (Council of Trent, recorded in Decrees of the Council of Trent, Schroeder, 273-278).


 HOLY SPIRIT: "The Holy Spirit helps us to understand the Scriptures."

 DEMONS: "Demons bring confusion. They block a person from understanding the scriptures."

 ROMAN CATHOLICISM: Roman Catholicism attempts to keep the person mightily confused about the Scriptures, and then try to keep them for reading the Bible for themselves. As I read their doctrines, I am amazed at how confusing they are.


"And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication: And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH."

Babylon means "city of confusion". This perfectly describes Roman Catholicism, for indeed her doctrines are confusing! Example: Purgatory:

"Roman Catholicism teaches that when we sin we steal from God. If we were to steal from a man we would not only ask his forgiveness but also pay him back, so when we tell God we're sorry we are forgiven the eternal punishment, but we still have to pay God back. This is called the temporal punishment. The eternal punishment, absolved in Confession, is Hell. The temporal punishment may be satisfied by good works, almsgiving, saying indulgenced prayers and bearing our Cross. Temporal punishment not fully paid on earth is completed in purgatory" (Externals of the Catholic Church, Msgr. Sullivan, 376).

The "temporal punishment" of purgatory (i.e. burning lake of fire or as one Catholic apologist said "day at summer school" where "Buddha and Mohammed walk on a beach") leaves one slightly ignorant on exactly how much suffering is required or sufficient to "purify", yet they send out literature saying such things as:

"If they. re in Purgatory, they. re all looking to YOU to intercede for them for the alleviation of their sufferings. They need our prayers and indulgences...They can no longer help themselves...It just breaks our hearts to think how some Catholics neglect the suffering souls of their family and friends in Purgatory today...." (Apostolate for Family Consecration, Oct.7, 1996) [Hear that sound? It is coin clinking in the offering tray of a Catholic priest who can now be "persuaded" to pray for a dead loved one. If you cannot see the pagan origin of this false teaching, you are truly spiritually blind. All the pagans carried out this practice. -- David Bay, Cutting Edge Ministries]

 When the priests ask you to pay for a Mass to be said for your loved ones who are supposedly suffering in purgatory, you. d feel horrible if you did not comply. My own dad often gave money for Masses to be said for his dad. But, as the church is raking in the money for these "suffering souls", she neglects to remind the paying customer that she cannot assure them that it will in any way help their loved ones!

"I would say that the Catholic Church claims no jurisdiction over souls in the other world, and professes absolute ignorance regarding God. s particular application of the infinite merits of the passion and death of His Son to the souls in purgatory. All Masses and prayers for the dead are applied . by way of sufferage. - that is our dependence on God. s secret mercy and will, who in His infinite justice may apply to another soul altogether the Masses said for a certain individual" (Question Box, 1913 Edition, 460-461; Emphasis added).

This same nonsense and confusion surrounds the doctrine on indulgences. They used to promise us 300 days out of purgatory if we said a certain prayer. Worse than that, during the crusades they promised penary (full) indulgence for killing "heretics"!

"The period of the crusade marks a turning point in the history of indulgences, for they were given more and more freely from that time onward ... For example at the council of Siena, in 1425, a plenary indulgence was offered to those who took arms against the Hussites; while wars against the Waldenes, Albigenses, Moors, and Turks were stimulated by the same means" (Catholic Dictionary, 442).

Indulgences insult our Lord Jesus Christ by offering a counterfeit substitute for His eternal and perfect satisfaction rendered by His obedience and death which satisfies the justice of God.

Another example of Rome. s confusion is Limbo.

"LIMBO is from the Latin word limbus meaning a fringe or border and is the name given to that place on the borders of hell in which the just who died in a state of grace before Christ were detained until our Lord's Resurrection from the dead. Such souls were friends of God but, because the Redemption had not yet taken place, they were still suffering the effects of Original Sin. Heaven not being open to them they were detained in Limbo as not deserving the torments of hell, since they were not guilty of personal sin; [Rom.3:23; 5:12] but they had to experience a temporary loss of God. It was into this part of hell that the soul of Christ descended while his body was in the grave after his death. This is the usual interpretation given to I Peter 3:I8-19: . being put to death indeed in the flesh, but enlivened in the spirit, in which also coming he preached to those spirits that were in prison.. This limbo is sometimes called the limbo of the Fathers, that is, the Fathers of the Jewish people, men like Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, who were detained here. This is to distinguish it from the limbo of children, the place where children go who die without baptism. The existence of the limbo of infants has NEVER BEEN DEFINED BY THE CHURCH, BUT IT IS A CONCLUSION THAT WE ARE LED TO from a consideration of the fact that baptism is necessary for entrance into heaven, while we are reluctant to believe that God will punish those who have never been guilty of personal sin...The inhabitants of this limbo are in a somewhat different position from those who were in the Limbo of the Fathers, for they are in a state of purely natural happiness and know nothing of heaven which is closed to them for ever, whereas the Fathers knew they would attain heaven some day." (Catholic People. s Encyclopedia, 1966, Vol.2, 627-28) [I cannot imagine a more damnable lie to tell bereaved parents than this, that their infant child is in eternal limbo because it was not baptised before death. No Catholic can ever point to one Scripture that says baptism is necessary for entrance into Heaven! -- David Bay, Cutting Edge Ministries]


 HOLY SPIRIT: "The Holy Spirit draws us to pray."

DEMONS: "Demons hinder all true prayer."

ROMAN CATHOLICISM: Emphasis on mantra type prayers "hinder all true prayer". The R/C prayer is a pagan prayer, and God will not hear it. This parallel is again very striking in the way in which it demonstrates that R/C is disguised Satanism.

FORMER CATHOLICS COR CHRIST:Many of the prayers said in the Catholic Church are addressed to Mary, saints or angels which are not omnipresent, and therefore cannot hear your prayers. Even the angel that was sent to Daniel was detained and could not get there for 21 days. If the angel were omnipresent, he could have been there with Daniel at the same time as fighting angelic beings. Only God is omnipresent and able to hear all prayers. By granting a human being the same attributes that pertain to God alone, Rome insults his Creator and lies against the scriptures that clearly state no one is equal with God. (see Isa.40:25; 46:5) Rome also claims that all gracesflow through Mary. This means that no sacrament Rome does is without "Mary. s" spirit present to dispense the graces. This is indeed pagan in its purest form. All the pagan religions before Roman Catholicism worshipped, prayed and offered sacrifices to a "Queen of Heaven" (see Jeremiah 7 and 44). Msgr. John Sullivan, in The Externals of the Catholic Church (page 257) admits:

"Repetition in prayer is a very ancient custom. This usually leads to a resolution to say a certain number of prayers daily; and then the utility of having some counting device suggests itself at once. Hence comes the string of beads that we call a Rosary. The use of some means of counting prayers is not restricted to Catholics. The Buddhist of India has his long strong of beads which he uses to measure his eternal repetitions of the praises of Buddha." [I find it refreshing, indeed, to hear a Roman Catholic official admit that Rome's practices are un-Christian and pre-Christian. David Bay, Cutting Edge Ministries]



HOLY SPIRIT:"The Holy Spirit is NOT a show-off."

DEMONS:"Demons LOVE to make a show."

 ROMAN CATHOLICISM: Is there any other religion in the world that creates such a show in their services as R/C?

FORMER CATHOLICS FOR CHRIST:Roman Catholicism is the mother of pomp with her processions, candles, incense, idols, Babylon-type garments, etc. copied from their pagan predecessors.

In describing the pagan practices of Egypt and Rome, Hislop, in his book The Two Babylons, says:

"The Pope has not merely a chair to sit in; but he has a chair to be carried in, in pomp and state, on men's shoulders, when he pays a visit to St. Peter's, or any of the churches of Rome. Thus does an eyewitness describe such a pageant on the Lord's Day, in the head-quarters of Papal idolatry. The drums were heard beating without. The guns of the soldiers run on the stone pavement of the house of God, as, at the bidding of their officer, they grounded, shouldered, and presented arms. How unlike the Sabbath - how unlike religion, how unlike the suitable preparation to receive a minister of the meek and lowly Jesus! Now, moving slowly up, between the two armed lines of soldiers, appeared a long procession of ecclesiastics, bishops, canons, and cardinals, preceding the Roman pontiff, who was borne on a gilded chair, clad in vestments resplendent as the sun. His bearers were twelve men clad in crimson, being immediately preceded by several persons carrying a cross, his mitre, his triple crown, and other insignia of his office. As he was borne along on the shoulders of men, amid the gaping crowds, his head was shaded or canopied by two immense fans, made of peacocks' feathers, which were borne by two attendants..

"Thus it is with the Sovereign Pontiff of Rome at this day; only that, frequently, over and above being shaded by the fan, which is just the . Mystic fan of Bacchus,. his chair of state is also covered with a regular canopy. Now, look back through the vista of three thousand years, and see how the . Sovereign Pontiff of Egypt' used to pay a visit to the temple of his god. . Having reached the precincts of the temple. says Wilkinson, . the guards and royal attendants elected to be the representatives of the whole army entered the courts...Military bands played the favourite airs of the country; and the numerous standards of the different regiments, the banners floating on the wind, the bright lustre of arms, the immense concourse of people, and the imposing majesty of the lofty towers of the propylaea, decked with their bright-coloured flags, streaming above the cornice, presented a scene seldom, we may say, equalled on any occasion, in any country. The most striking feature of this pompous ceremony was the brilliant cortege of the monarch, who was either borne in his chair of state by the principal officers of state, under a rich canopy, or walked on foot, overshadowed with rich flabella and fans of waving plumes.. We give, as a woodcut, from Wilkinson (Fig. 47), the central portion of one of his plates devoted to such an Egyptian procession, that the reader ma see with his own eyes how exactly the Pagan agrees with the well-known account of the Papal ceremonial." (213-14) [I believe Hislop also pointed out that the Pagans have always recognized that men and women are most influenced by what they see with their physical eyes; therefore, the Pagans have always created the most showy of rituals and "church" services. Contrast that pompous type ritual with the simple early church services seen in the first church of the New Testament, and you can see the "simplicity that is Christ" -- 2 Corinthians 11:3. David Bay, Cutting Edge Ministries]


 HOLY SPIRIT: "The Holy Spirit is a spirit of truth. He NEVER lies."

DEMONS:"All demons are liars, so are the people they indwell."

ROMAN CATHOLICISM: All their pagan doctrines are lies. This seems another good parallel to demonstrate that R/C is disguised demonism.

FORMER CATHOLICS FOR CHRIST:As the scriptures say:

"I have not written unto you because ye know not the truth, but because ye know it, and that no lie is of the truth."(1 John 2:21)

Rome is founded on forgeries and lies. In 1 Timothy 4:2, Paul speaks of false teachers, who lead men away from the faith that they will speak "lies in hypocrisy", of the "lying wonders" (2 Thess.2:9) of the man of sin. The surprising thing concerning Roman Catholic writers is their lack of reticence in applying that sort of characterization to the Catholic Church by using practically every synonym for forgery and lying in the language, to describe their own literature. I have noted a few different expressions, all of which have this general meaning. Keep in mind that the following quotes are all from Catholic writers describing their own history.

"Forgery quite a trade with Catholics"(Cath. Ency., VII, 136; V, 780; XII, 768; XIV, 378.

"Spurious"(Catholic Dictionary, 43, 522; Catholic Ency., VII, 644, 645; IX, 234-5; XV, 485).

"Fraud" (De Montor, I, 197).

"Legal fiction"(Inquisition, 128-130).

"Fable"(Short History, 82; Cath. Ency., VII, 539).

"Fictitious" (Cath. Ency., I, 636).

"False"(Catholic Dictionary, 105).

"Highly debatable"(Cath. Ency., IX, 743.

"Unlikely tale...myth...not authentic...Fable...not history"(Explanation of Catholic Morals, 115-116).

"Exaggeration",(Question Box, 520, 521).

"Pure works of imagination...pious fancy...editorial manipulations...unreliable" (Cath. Ency., IX, 743).

"Historically untenable" (Cath. Ency., IX, 224).

"Falsely attributed" (Cath. Ency, XIV, 666).

"Full of errors" (Cath. Ency., IX, 224).

"Doubtful Value"(Externals of the Catholic Church, 131).

"Whitewash" (Question Box, 176; Catholic World, Oct. 1925).

"Unauthentic"(Cath. Ency., IX, 225; De Montor, I, 36).

"Utterly False" (Cath. Dict., 338).

"Far-fetched...superstition" (Lives And Times Of The Roman Pontiffs, I, 197).

"Legend"(Cath. Dict., 9).

"Quasi-historical testimonies" (Cath. Ency., VII, 326, 341, 342).

"Manipulations...Purports to be"(Cath. Ency., I, 36).

"Compiler Supposes" (Cath. Ency, I, 72).

"Substituting False Documents"(Cath. Ency., VI, 136).

"Tampering with Genuine Ones" (Cath. Ency., VI, 136).

"Very Good Poetry, Very Poor History"(Catholic World, Oct. 1925).

"Pretended to be"(Cath. Dict., 41, 42).

"Little or no historical value" (Cath. Dict., 9-10).

Rome. s list of forgeries is endless. One of the most famous is the Donation of Constantine. Pope Stephen III took this fabrication "probably concocted by a Lateran priest" to Pepin, king of the Franks, to persuade him to use his armies to protect the Roman church. The Donation was supposedly a gift from Constantine ("in the name of the Senate and the entire Roman people") to pope Sylvester and all "his successors". The Donation stated:

"Inasmuch as our imperial power is earthly, we have decreed that it shall venerated and honour his most holy Roman Church and that the sacred See of Blessed Peter shall be gloriously exalted even above our Empire and earthly throne. He shall rule over the four principal Sees -- Antioch, Alexandria, Constantinople and Jerusalem -- as over all churches of God in all the world ... Finally, lo, we convey to Sylvester, universal Pope, both our palace and likewise all provinces and palaces and districts of the city of Rome and Italy and of the regions of the west"(Vicars of Christ, De Rosa, 41).

Pepin fell for the deception, and secured Rome as the headquarters for the Catholic hierarchy. The Donation continued to be influential and Rome used it whenever it was convenient. It wasn. t until 1440 A.D. that it was taken apart line by line by a papal aide named Lorenzo Valla. He proved it to be a fraud in a hundred irrefutable ways. It was not written in classical Latin "but in a later bastardized form". Sylvester was not "pope" at that time, Miltiades was, and the text refers to Constantinople whereas Constantine. s city in the East still retained its original name of Byzantium. Rome suppressed the information and it was not until 1517 that Valla. s book was published. Even after the world saw the fraudulent workings of Rome, she still did not concede but went on asserting the Donation was authentic for centuries. Now she admits it is a fraud. She has no choice!


 HOLY SPIRIT: "The Holy Spirit demands that we actively use our minds to learn. He is never willing to serve as an information bank independent from our minds."

DEMONS:"Demon spirit guides are quite willing to serve as an information bank so that the person they indwell does not need to actually learn the information with their minds."

ROMAN CATHOLICISM: Roman Catholicism insists that the priests serve as the "spiritual information banks" for their parishioners, do they not?

FORMER CATHOLICS FOR CHRIST: Yes David, like I said before, Rome fears men reading for themselves and learning. The Council of Trent (as recorded in Decrees of the Council of Trent, Schroeder) states:

"...if the sacred books are permitted everywhere...in the vernacular, there will, by reason of the boldness of men, arise there from, more harm than good"(273-278).

It is Rome. s stand that God uses the teaching magesterium alone to interpret the word of God.


 HOLY SPIRIT:"The Holy Spirit is NOT a fortune teller. Neither does he give us divination ability [Matt 6:34].

 DEMONS: "One of the most common deceptions of demon spirit guides is to give the person many false 'words of knowledge' which is really simple divination. Demons also give many individual 'prophecies' which is really fortune telling. Prophecy in the Scriptures is usually for the whole body of Christ, rarely for individuals, and certainly not on a frequent basis."

 ROMAN CATHOLICISM:It seems to me that the apparitions phenomenon has given rise to much divination. Each apparition also gives false 'words of knowledge' or 'words of prophecy' which is nothing more than divination or attempts at such.

 FORMER CATHOLICS FOR CHRIST: Yes, "Mary" has appeared and given many false words of knowledge, but she also has given some true prophecies. Deut.13:1-3 says:

"If there arise among you a prophet, or a dreamer of dreams, and giveth thee a sign or a wonder, And the sign or the wonder come to pass, whereof he spake unto thee, saying, Let us go after other gods, which thou hast not known, and let us serve them; Thou shalt not hearken unto the words of that prophet, or that dreamer of dreams: for the LORD your God proveth you, to know whether ye love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul." [This Scripture proves that demons have limited foreknowledge.  Sometimes God allows them to give accurate 'words of prophecy' for the express purpose of testing people to see if they will adhere to God's warning here.  David Bay, Cutting Edge Ministries]

 Although "Mary" foretold future events, she also asked that devotion to her heart be established.

"The second part of the secret concerned devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. In the words the Blessed Mother spoke to Lucia: 'God wishes to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart. If what I say to you is done, many souls will be saved and there will be peace. The war is going to end; but if people do not stop offending God, a worse war will break out during the pontificate of Pius XI. When you see a night illumined by an unknown light, know that this is the great sign given to you by God that He is about to punish the world for its crimes, by means of war, famine, and persecution of the Church and of the Holy Father.' Let it be noted that the Second World War began during the reign of Pius XI, just as Mary had predicted. In addition, on the night of January 26, 1938, strange and spectacular lights were reported in the skies in many parts of Europe. The war followed shortly after" (Visions of Mary, Eicher, 214).

Do you agree that Rebecca Brown, former Satanist, has given us some unique insight into the fact that Roman Catholicism is nothing more than disguised Satanism? Please advise, as I am anxious to begin a series of articles on this subject. It seems to me that your background of Roman Catholicism would be able to provide much in-depth information about most of all these points. This type of article(s) could be a powerful catalyst in convincing many individual Catholics to come out of this powerfully evil and deceptive system.

May God Richly Bless You,

David Bay, Director

Cutting Edge Ministry, Inc.

FORMER CATHOLICS FOR CHRIST:Yes David, I agree totally with you. It would make a great article. Hopefully, individual Catholics who read this will take a second look at their own religion and who really holds power of Rome. But if they won. t look listen, for fear that we are biased, then perhaps they should look at their own Catholic leaders who have also warned others of the Luciferic connection.

"Catholic scholar Dr. Malachi Martin, formerly a Jesuit professor at Georgetown University and a confidant of Vatican insiders, flatly declared in a recent New York City interview: . Yes, it. s true, Lucifer is enthroned in the Catholic Church. " (Flashpoint, Texe Marr, July 1997).

When confronted about Satanists in Rome, Dr. Malachi Martin replied:

"Anybody who is acquainted with the state of affairs in the Vatican in the last 35 years is well aware that the prince of darkness had and still has his surrogates in the court of St. Peter in Rome."

Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo also stunned an international audience of bishops, priests, nuns, and laity in Rome by exposing Satanic worship by the Catholic hierarchy. As far back as 1976, Pope Paul VI shocked a papal audience by confiding:

"The smoke of Satan has entered the very sanctuary of St. Peter. s Cathedral"(Flashpoint, Marrs, July 1997).

Peter De Rosa, in his book Vicars of Christ: the Dark Side of the Papacy, speaking of Pope John XII, states:

"He had invented sins, they said, not known since the beginning of the world, including sleeping with his mother. In front of the high altar of the mother church of Christendom, he even toasted the Devil"(51).

Otto of Saxony, emperor of in St. Peter. s in 961, wrote a letter to Pope John XII that read:

"Everyone, clergy as well as laity, accuses you, Holiness, of homicide, perjury, sacrilege, incest with your relatives, including two of your sisters, and with having, like a pagan, invoked Jupiter, Venus and other demons" (51).

Roman Catholicism and Demonism indeed have the same spirit. There is no pagan religion or society that has done more damage to the word "truth" as she has. She is the very seat of Satan, and demonism pales in comparison to her atrocities. We can only pray that God have mercy on those who are blinded by the god of this world, that they may come to the glorious gospel of grace.

"Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light."(Matt.11:28-30)

Because of Calvary,

Rebecca A. Sexton (a former Catholic)


I thank you, Becky Sexton, for contributing much knowledge to this most important subject. Since the New World Order Plan has given the Roman Catholic Pontiff the seat for which he has most ardently sought, the top religious position in the coming New World Order, it is time to recognize the position for what it is, i.e., the Biblical False Prophet of Revelation 13:11-18. This position is the Seat of Satan. The False [Religious] Prophet will seem to the world as Christian [Revelation 13:11, but his heart will be deeply Satanic. Since the rise of Protestantism, scholars have been consistent with their warnings that the False Prophet system is Roman Catholicism. In today's world, these warnings have come true. We encourage you to read the seminar notes of the House of Theosophy Seminar of August 16, 1991, where the New England Director of the House of Theosophy declared that the post of top religious leader of the New World Order had been given to the Roman Catholic Pope [NEWS1052]. In this seminar, the Director also stated that, when the Antichrist arose, the Pope would be a "proper receptor" of him.

You can be deceived no longer. Roman Catholicism is disguised Satanism. Turn away now, as your eternal soul is at stake.

David Bay, Cutting Edge Ministries

Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but have been very lukewarm in your spiritual walk with Him, you need to immediately ask Him for forgiveness and for renewal. He will instantly forgive you, and fill your heart with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Then, you need to begin a daily walk of prayer and personal Bible Study.

If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as Savior, but have come to realize His reality and the approaching End of the Age, and want to accept His FREE Gift of Eternal Life, you can also do so now, in the privacy of your home. Once you accept Him as Savior, you are spiritually Born Again, and are as assured of Heaven as if you were already there. Then, you can rest assured that the Kingdom of Antichrist will not touch you spiritually.

If you would like to become Born Again, turn to our Salvation Pagenow.

We hope you have been blessed by this ministry, which seeks to educate and warn people, so that they can see the coming New World Order -- Kingdom of Antichrist -- in their daily news.

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God bless you.

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