Subtitle:  Shaping The U.S. Navy For A Changing World

You will be shocked to see how concerned ADM Johnson is over current trends in the U.S. Navy as it is being currently administered by President Clinton.

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1. Navy of Yesterday gives us Traditions, lessons

  1. Navy of Today -- 323 ships, 30% Forward Deployed, 49% total deployed, 460,000 sailors
  2. Today, Navy has a higher degree of integration than ever before
  3. Admiral Johnson is concerned by readiness of the non-deployed units.
  4. The minimum number of ships is planned to be 305 ships.
  1. Are 116 surface combatants enough?
  2. Are 50 attack submarines enough?
  3. Are 12 Aircraft Carrier Battle Groups enough?
  1. A minimum of 305 ships is not enough for the future. "Vision without resources is hallucination."
  2. Today's Navy is equipped with I.T. 21 -- Information Technology for the 21st Century
  3. IT has enabled forces to interface with other Naval units better and with non-Naval units much better. This interface includes email and Internet Access, [even to the point of a Virtual Navy on Internet, according to another speaker].
  4. Navy committed to Network-Centric Warfare {NCW}. NCW affects how we think about war.
  5. Navy After Next is key theme of this conference, 2010+. Several global trends:
  1. Speed of Information Flow
  2. Immense Capital Flow
  1. Brittle nature of reacting to events, Cost of delayed action is unbearable. Things and processes that slow Navy down must be eliminated.
  2. Increasing Volume of Access -- Cyberspace, real space,
  3. Asymmetric Threats have suddenly become much more of a reality than during the Cold War, when the world was bipolar, Russia vs USA. [Asymmetric enemy was later defined by another speaker as an enemy that is significantly inferior to us in capabilities, and maybe size, but may still be able to inflict significant damage through surprise attack, etc. Low technology forces may pose the greatest threat]
  4. Trends That Need to be Considered
  1. Rebalance future capabilities
  2. Reversing current downsizing. NUMBERS DO MATTER. [I heard this theme repeated so very often during this seminar by many speakers. The Navy military leadership is deathly afraid that they cannot maintain the peace and security of various areas of the world with the downsized forces they possess right now]
  3. Speed, maneuverability, and dispersed firepower are the most critical elements of a new Navy, as are mobile targeting, and adaptively.
  1. Is this possible?
  1. Not clear that the budget environment will continue to be negative. Congress seems to be convinced that more money must be spent on the Navy. President seems to agree.
  2. Value of Maritime forces will increase. [Mike, of Amazon.com spoke up in the 6/16 Q&A session after the Flag Panel Discussion to say that commercial Maritime is working on a ship that can sail at 40+ knots and can make the trip across the Atlantic in only 4 days. VADM Nanos responded that such a development would totally change the tactical situation in a war scenario, and must be considered immediately]
  3. Very powerful Enabling Technologies are on the immediate horizon. These technologies can be integrated into the Network-Centric Warfare scenario that has just been adopted by the US Navy.
  1. Navy doctrine is meant to shorten the future course of any conflict, resolving it in our favor and on our terms.
  2. Admiral Johnson simply cannot accept the Congressionally-mandated Quadrennial Defense Review that mandates continual downsizing. Johnson asked rhetorical question as to whether the Quadrennial Review process was set up simply to continue the downsizing.
  3. US Navy -- Navy and Marine Corps -- will cooperate with American Industry to upgrade our capabilities.
  4. Retention of personnel is problematic, as following statistics show:
  1. Enlisted, 1st - 3rd enlistments, are 30% below target because of several factors:
    1. Economy is strong, so men can leave and immediately earn more money
    2. Men are waiting to see how, or if, the Navy will deliver increased salaries and benefits in this coming budget. If they like what they see, retention will increase.
    3. Navy is on the bottom for fundamental resources, i.e. spare parts.
  1. Officers retention is also a big problem in following areas:
    1. Surface warfare officers
    2. Sub officers
    3. Pilots

Increase pay will help, and changing the Operation Tempo will also help

  1. Recruiting
    1. Missed goal by 6800 people last year, causing stress in manning on sea deployments.
    2. This year, things have changed. In the downsizing, Navy shortsightedly closed down 600 recruiting stations. They have replaced the most important 150 sites. Advertising was doubled, and now Navy is making its recruiting numbers.
  1. There is a large technological gap between US Navy and the navies of our coalition partners. We are making progress in talking to one another and interfacing technologically. We are also conducting regular combined exercises that also teach our allies our doctrine of warfare, which they can use when operating with us, even if they do not use such doctrine internally.
  2. Problem with EA6B Prowler -- only 123 exist. Over half were deployed in Serbian war. Only 1/2 can be flown right now. This weapon is so good that replacement process must be accelerated.
  3. Johnson views with concern the current mindset of the American leadership and the Mass Media that casualties will not be tolerated. We seem to have developed the mindset that wars can and should be, fought without any casualties.
  4. Questions in Q&A Session Following Johnson's remarks:
  1. Is there a plan to put women on attack subs and in Forward Deployment forces? Johnson said, "NO" in short term, but possibly in Long Term.
  2. Are we vulnerable in supply of Cruise Missiles? Are we at risk? Johnson said that US Navy has "plenty" of cruise missiles to defend ourselves. We are taking action to replenish supply [Admiral did not mention the three-year lag time in getting cruise missiles off the assembly line once we began to produce them]. Admiral Johnson did say that we are low on precision-guided munitions and must immediately replenish the supply. He did not mention the lag time required.
  3. Is there a number of Carrier Battle Groups that would be sufficient to meet our requirements, in the Admiral's mind? Admiral Johnson replied that 15 Carrier Battle Groups is the number with whom he is comfortable. Currently, we are down to only 12 Carrier Battle Groups. We need 15 groups to maintain full coverage simultaneously in the Orient, Arabia, and Atlantic.
  4. However, the Navy Air Wings are a greater crisis than the number of Carrier Battle Groups. [Notice Johnson used the word, "crisis".
  5. Two War Concept -- Navy to be able to fight two regionalized wars simultaneously
  6. Question: How is the size of the Navy determined? Johnson's answer: sizing is built around the day-to-day responsibilities, not around the two-war concept. Johnson then added that we do not have the forces to attend to two simultaneous major conflicts .
  7. What about Ballistic Missile Defense? Johnson answered that the Navy does need a theater Ballistic Missile Defense. The Aegis Cruiser will be equipped to be the missile defense of the fleet.
  8. Johnson said that the Navy is absolutely committed to the Carrier Platform and to submarines.

David Bay, Director



Admiral Johnson's remarks are shocking to those of us who understand the historical role of the U.S. Navy since World War II.  Every President since FDR has committed the entire U.S. military to be able to fight 2 major wars simultaneously, plus an additional regional conflict.  This commitment has been consistently called the 2 1/2 war concept.  The U.S. Navy has always been committed to successfully fighting 2 1/2 simultaneous wars.

Johnson's admission that we can no longer meet those commitments is shocking news, indeed, and very troubling.  Since the New World Order Plan envisions 2 1/2 simultaneous wars, plus terrorist attacks, plus an oil embargo, plus economic meltdown, in order to scare people to death so they will accept Antichrist when he arises, the news that the U.S. Navy can no longer fight 2 1/2 simultaneous wars means that we are very close to this scenario to produce Antichrist.  Obviously, our leaders must ensure that the U.S. military cannot successfully fight these simultaneous wars, or the planned conflicts will not scare Americans to death, so we will accept Antichrist.

In other words, for this Plan to succeed, the American military must be emasculated.  The very fact that it has now been so emasculated may mean that we are on the verge of the planned simultaneous conflicts, especially since we see so many other signs of the End of the Age already in place.

Where are the simultaneous conflicts planned?

1.  Middle East -- Between Israel and her Arab neighbors.  This conflict will turn nuclear, and possibly biological and chemical.  Despite overwhelming odds, the Bible says Israel will be victorious, annihilating several Arab states.  The New World Order Plan envisions this scenario also.  This war is Major War #1.

2.  Korean Peninsula -- North Korea is planned to attack South Korea, using nuclear weapons.  Recently, almost all of North Korea's 1 million man army has been moved to the DMZ.  This war is Major War #2.

3.  China will attack Taiwan.  The U.S. Navy will not be able to stop them.  We will be heavily involved in both the Middle East, keeping the shipping lanes open for oil, and in Korea.  This is War # 1/2.

Since the planned wars to produce Antichrist are now all poised for conflict, the deliberate draw-down of our forces makes perverted sense. When Americans are told that our military cannot win in these conflicts, Americans will truly panic.  Such panic is considered absolutely essential if the people will accept Antichrist when he arises.

Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

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