Subtitle: "The New Equation of National Power:  U.S. Interests and Policy In The Network Centric Age"

When I heard that Dr. Joseph Nye was a Rhodes' Scholar, I was highly interested in what he had to say, since Rhodes' Scholars have been thoroughly trained in New World Order and how to achieve it.

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Dr. Woods introduced Joseph Nye, and said that he was a Rhodes Scholar.

Nature of the New World was being expounded by Nye since the 1960's. How America thinks of its national interest in the Information age, post-Cold War Era, is what Nye has been expounding for three decades.


I. National Interest Building Blocks of Foreign Policy. Reasons to use military force:

  1. Prevent attacks on U.S. by weapons of mass destruction
  2. Prevent hostile countries from advancing their borders by conquest
  3. Prevent hostile powers on our borders
  4. Prevent hostile powers on the Seas, esp if they threatened our access to sea lanes.
  5. Ensure survival of our allies
  6. Preserve economic and strategic interests
  1. What is Nature of Distribution of Power In This Information Age? 3 Dimensions
    1. Top Board -- Military
    2. Middle board -- Economic Power -- Multi-polar
    3. Bottom Board -- Transnational corporations -- Dispersing Power

We must be able to play on all 3 levels of this chessboard simultaneously

  1. Types of Power
    1. Hard Power -- Economic and Military
    2. Soft Power -- Values, attitudes

Both types of power are vital, but Soft Power is becoming more important

Cyberspace is diffusing power and influence, enabling many non-Government persons and forces to wield influence. Soft Power cannot exist without Hard Power.

Free-flow of broadcast news flows focuses certain problems so that it shortens the time process to debate issues. Activist groups on the Internet also play a role in this process.

Internet has not produced Global Village [singular] but has produced many Global Villages [plural] with many of the hatreds and prejudices of old times. The Internet is also wearing down traditional values and attitudes. [NOTE: this fact is one of the most important factors in bringing the world to the point of One-world Government and Religion.]

  1. Three Types of National Interests by Region
    1. A-List Interests -- Europe, Japan, Former Soviet Union
    2. B-List Interests -- Korea -----------
    3. C-List Interests -- Third World like Somalia, Bosnia, Kosovo

It is highly interesting that C-List issues have dominated Foreign Policy in the past decade.

  1. Understanding American Power
    1. Power difficult to apply
    2. America will be attracted to dangerous people and nations, being tempted to intervene as we did in Kosovo/Serbia
  1. Must Give Top Priority to Aspects That Would Devastate Our Well-being if Not Attended to. These aspects are:
    1. Maintaining Balance of Power
    2. Maintaining Open Economic System
    3. Maintaining Open Transportation, especially at Sea
  1. US Naval Forward Deployment
    1. Europe -- 100,000
    2. Asia -- 100,000
    3. Middle East -- 20,000

America is a Preponderant Power, but not a Dominant Power

  1. Erosion of National Sovereignty Now Occurring -- Key Events Lately
    1. Attacking Serbia and bombing Kosovo
    2. International Court finding Milosevic a war criminal

We cannot have a "blind promotion of interests".

During the Information Age, humanitarian issues predominate because pictures are so powerful. History is "path-dependent". Once you are on a path, you're committed to it.

Intervention must focus on "A-List" issues, and some "B-List".

  1. United Nations In Context of Role
    1. UN is flawed
    2. World and USA is better off with it than without it
    3. UN useful in maintaining international order
    4. What we did in Kosovo violated UN Charter
    5. But, our peacekeeping efforts now are in accordance with UN Charter

David Bay, Director

Cutting Edge Ministries, Inc.



Dr. Nye's comments were interesting because they drew from both Old School and New School thinking.  For example, when Dr. Nye talked about the reasons America would resort to military force, he was speaking from the old Eisenhower - Reagan - Bush era.  However, when Dr. Nye is speaking about Kosovo and the implications from this conflict, he is drawing from the New School of President Bill Clinton.

Nye's assertion that recent events point to an erosion in traditional national sovereignty, he is espousing the New School thinking of the New World Order.  Actually, the only thing new about this concept is that it is so close people like Dr. Nye can openly talk about it.  New Age thinkers back to the beginning of this century have espoused the elimination of national sovereignty, but have been afraid to speak of it openly because they knew the American people were not ready for it.  The reaction President Woodrow Wilson received when he openly proposed the League of Nations proved this point very well.

However, the world is close enough to the implementation of the New World Order Plan to finally destroy the old nation-state that people like Nye can openly talk about it.  Remember, the Kingdom of Antichrist cannot be established until the traditional sovereign nation-state is abolished.  Nye's comments, and recent events, demonstrate that national sovereignty is nearly at an end.

Truly, the Kingdom of Antichrist is closer than most people think.

Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

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