Subtitle: We are to determine the Size, Shape, and Operations of the US Navy in the 21st Century. Ask two questions today:

  1. What will the world look like in 2010+?
  2. What should the world look like in 2010+?

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Identify three (3) key issues pertaining to the world of 2010

Recommend three (3) public policy steps that should be taken as we move toward 2010

I was in Seminar 45, chaired by Commander David Smith. Smith was part of the Naval War College Think Tank, called Naval Systems Defense Analysis.

As part of his opening monologue, Cmdr Smith made this startling statement:

"Having a monopoly on military violence is a good thing".

I immediately challenged this statement by raising my hand and saying, "This is true only if you have leadership that is continuously benign and benevolent. If the leadership of a force that has a monopoly on military violence turns evil, then what you will have is a global military dictatorship that has a monopoly on military violence."

Only one person on the panel agreed with me, at least overtly.

The startling aspect of this statement is that it undoubtedly reflects Pentagon thinking. Of course, this type of thinking is precisely in accord with the New World Order Plan that foresees that the global Government of Antichrist -- the United Nations -- has just such a "monopoly on military violence".

But, this U.S. Naval Commander did not see it this way. He thought it was a splendid idea. While he was shocked at my response, and never did answer it, he also never did refute my conclusions.

David Bay, Director

Cutting Edge Ministries, Inc.



U.S. Navy Commander David Smith uttered the most important words of the entire Forum.  He stated, very matter-of-fctly, that the world would be better off if it had only one major military force, a force that would be so overwhelmingly powerful that it would have "a monopoly on military violence".

This is the New World Order Plan in a nutshell, folks!  The Kingdom of Antichrist cannot function unless it has the following characteristics:

1.  One-World Government [A monopoly on government]

2.  One-World Economy [A monopoly on economic decisions]

3.  One-World Religion [A monopoly on religious beliefs and expression]

4.  One-World Military [A monopoly on military violence]

Therefore, I was highly shocked when I heard Commander Smith enunciate this view as it is very consistent with the New World Order Plan.  Commander Smith would not have enunciated this view unless it were the prevailing Pentagon viewpoint.  The Pentagon would not be enunciating this view unless its civilian leaders -- both the President and the Congress -- shared it.

Finally, Commander Smith and all others who share this viewpoint, are fatally assuming that the leadership of such a monopoly on military force will always be benevolent and wise.  They simply cannot conceive that maybe, just maybe, an evil genius might rise to take control of this monopolistic military force, establishing the world's first global Absolute Dictatorship!

Of course, the Bible foretells just this kind of scenario.  Just the idea that this concept came from the lips of such a high-ranking U.S. Navy Commander demonstrates that the planned consummation of the New World Order Plan is very close.

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