Subtitle: U.S. Foreign Policy In A New Era: Themes and Trends"

Dr. Kurth delivered possibly the most important speech in this forum, as you will see once you read it.

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Dr. Wood, Dean, Center For Naval Warfare Studies, introduced Dr. Kurth. He called Dr. Kurth as the "smartest man in the world". Dr. Kurth reciprocated by calling Dr. Wood "the wisest man in the world", tongue in cheek, of course, as the result of recognizing that Dr. Kurth IS the "smartest man in the world".

  1. Themes and Trends in World Today
    1. Introductory Remarks to Set Stage For Discussion
    1. These themes and trends, while global, are being actively promoted by USA and its leaders.
    2. Opposition to these themes and trends is growing, but is unevenly developed
    3. This fact is especially true in countries such as Russia, China, and the Middle East
  1. Four Global Trends Shaping the New Information Technology (I.T.) Era
    1. Development of an I.T. economy that is global.
    2. Development of a Global Economic Economy of goods and services
    3. Development of a Post-Modern Society
    4. Decline of the traditional nation state, replaced by multi-cultural entities
  1. Consequences of These Global Trends
    1. Development of I.T. economy reinforces democracy and freedom
    2. Development of I.T. economy amplifies ideas of open society
    3. Development of I.T. Economy strengthens and promotes the global economy
    4. These trends converging makes it inevitable that democracy and freedom will be underpinnings of the emerging global economy.
  1. Open Economy -- Consequences
    1. Limits national sovereignty by removing the "driver" of sovereignty
    2. Erodes Bureaucracy that underpins national sovereignty
    3. Individuals can more easily express themselves in the I.T. Age, especially on the Internet. [A later speaker also said in this vein that the Internet specifically and Mass Media generally, gives a single person or a very small group the ability to project a message far in excess of their actual numbers.]
    4. Multi-cultural society is replacing homogenous states.
    5. Open society coupled with Internet has revived old ideologies and hatreds and divisions.
    6. Open society coupled with Internet and Mass Media has revived the extreme interest in Human Rights as an issue. This trend reached maturity in the 1990's, and is now providing justification for humanitarian intervention, as we saw in Kosovo. Kosovo was the first purely humanitarian war, a war fought for reasons other than vital National Security reasons.
    7. American Elites leaders are pushing these ideologies and trends. Common Americans are not pushing them. Thus, we see America intervening not only in Kosovo, but in Somali, Haiti, and Iraq on behalf of the Kurdish minority.
    8. Lack of support outside the Elite circle is the reason the Clinton Administration did not want to go to Congress for approval for the Kosovo war, even though current law "required" him to do so. Clinton knew that average American did not support going to war for "humanitarian" reasons, so the war was pursued without Congressional approval.
    9. American public does not accept these four (4) trends in paragraph II.
    10. Real opposition outside of the USA to these trends is springing up in countries like Russia. Russia is currently re-defining itself, returning to its historic Eurasian and Eastern Orthodoxy roots as a basis for society. Thus, they are turning away from their experiment with a purely Western Free Market economy and government and turning toward a controlled economy and government.
    11. Eastern Europe, however, is currently making satisfactory transition to the Western Free Market economy and toward Democracy.
    12. Middle East is not integrating into the Global Economy, and certainly is not going toward Democracy.
    13. The Asian economic crisis has cast doubt that the region could participate in the Global Economy in the minds of the leaders of the countries affected by the crisis. Therefore, China, Singapore, and Taiwan see Asian values as a more proper guide than Western values. They are controlling their Economies even as they participate in the Global Economy.
    14. The USA and Western Europe are well on their way to a Post-National, Post-Modern, and Post-Industrial world.
  1. Strategic Concepts of USA
    1. Balance of Power
    2. Sphere of Influence - Even though American and other Western leaders have already rejected this old Sphere of Influence concept, Russia and China are pursuing it vigorously. Globally-minded American leaders consider Spheres of Influence outmoded. Russia has encouraged countries of Eastern Orthodoxy to become nominally independent states, even though Russia wants to control their overall direction. Russia may annex these states again.

      USA is very concerned by the Balkans area, since these states are in the Russian Sphere of Influence. The Kosovo/Serbian war was a direct challenge to the Russian Sphere of Influence. A continuous US presence in the Balkans would be a continuous irritant to USA/Russian relations. Russia may thus be tempted to intervene in the Balkans against the USA.

    3. Deterrence
    4. ----
  1. Chinese Sphere of Influence
    1. Korea, Taiwan, East and South China Sea
    2. Current Chinese Leaders want this old sphere of influence reestablished
    3. Taiwan is part of formal China. Hong Kong going back to Mainland Chinese control is seen as a prototype of Taiwan returning to China.
    4. USA should protect China from attacking Taiwan but Taiwan should refrain from a unilateral declaration of independence.
    5. Taiwan needs to stay functioning as an independent economy while officially staying as a part of the Chinese Sphere of Influence. This fine line will take the utmost in diplomacy but can and should be done.
    6. South China Sea -- US Navy needs to maintain open sea lanes, thus preventing Chinese and Japanese arms race.
    7. Korea is another source of potential conflict. North Korea may be dissolved into the South just as East Germany was dissolved into West Germany.
    8. China is a threat in the future. We need to guide Chinese power to support the world order. [Emphasis added]
    9. USA needs to maintain overwhelming military. If America continues to be over-stretched, we have trouble brewing.
    10. Needs 15 Naval Carrier Battle Groups, 2 of them permanently stationed in the China Seas and two more in the Middle East.

At this point, Dr. Kurth took Questions and Answers. I asked the following question: "Dr. Kurth, let me propose a scenario. Suppose that, in two weeks from now, the Middle East blows up into a major war between Israel and her Arab neighbors, drawing the US Navy into the Middle East to keep shipping and oil lanes open. Suppose that, two weeks after that, North Korea invaded South Korea using nuclear weapons. The US Navy would be drawn into that region. Then, suppose that, two weeks later, China attacked Taiwan. Could we prevent China from attacking and conquering Taiwan?"

Dr. Kurth look down at the podium for a few brief seconds and then said, "Yesterday, Admiral Johnson stated that the US Navy needed 15 Carrier Battle Groups to fulfill its global mission. If we had those 15 Carrier Battle Groups, we could defend Taiwan under the scenario you have just drawn up."

I wrote in my notes that, with only 12 Carrier Battle Groups, we could not defend Taiwan if the US Navy were tied up in other simultaneous conflicts prior to and parallel to, China attacking Taiwan.

David Bay, Director

Cutting Edge Ministries, Inc.



Dr. Kurth gave the most revealing of all the speeches.  We will only hit some of the highlights as we do not want to take away from our more in-depth articles later.  Dr. Kurth made the following relevant points:

1.  The global trends that are sweeping the world are being promoted and pushed by the United States.  This assertion is perfectly in line with one of our most fundamental points of our entire web site, i.e., that the United States has been, is now, and will continue, to lead the world into the New World Order.

2.  Dr. Kurth notes that opposition to these global trends has developed from China and Russia.  On the surface, this assertion would seem to contradict our teaching that the drive to the New World Order is being supported by all the major countries and their leaders.  However, Dr. Kurth has placed his finger squarely on a deeper part of Scripture and prophecy without realizing it!

3.  Dr. Kurth notes that traditional national sovereignty is under attack and is badly eroding.  This erosion of nationalism and love of country is one of the major goals of the New World Order for many years.

4.  Dr. Kurth noted that a group he calls, the "Elites" are pushing this globalism trend and that the average American is lagging far behind in accepting this trend.  In fact, many Americans flatly oppose globalism.  I found it shocking that an insider like Dr. Kurth would call the ruling group in America the "Elites".  Of course, he thought he was speaking to a group of like-minded "Elites".

5.  Dr. Kurth reinforced the validity of the concept of Sphere of Influence, a concept that has held sway in Western politics since German Premier Bismarck in the latter 19th Century.  After noting that the Elites in the West hate this concept and consider it outmoded, both the Chinese and Russians are pursuing it fully.

6.  Dr. Kurth seemed to cede much of the Orient to the Chinese Sphere of Influence.  He noted Chinese demand for the return of Taiwan, but said that such an event could be thwarted with "skilled diplomacy".  He did not say that the New World Order Plan envisioned returning Taiwan to China, but he did note that, presently, the U.S. Navy could not protect Taiwan if it was enmeshed in more than one conflict elsewhere.

7.  Dr. Kurth kept using the term, 'in the fullness of time" in referring to Russia and China.  What this term means is that each nation is destined to achieve certain things in the "fullness of time".  It may take a great long time for this Manifest Destiny to be achieved, but, ultimately, that nation will achieve the destiny it was supposed to achieve.  This concept is thoroughly New Age, spoken of in most cases as "Karma".  Both nations and people have their Karma assigned them in this current life from actions taken in past lives.  The Bible speaks in one place of a "fullness of time", in Galatians 4:4; however, God here is speaking of the coming of Jesus Christ, Messiah, Who came in God's "fullness of time", a term that describes God's Omnipotence in being able to intervene unilaterally in the affairs of man.  Karma is a totally opposite view, and it was this view ascribed to by Dr. Kurth.

8.  Dr. Kurth, at times, almost seemed Conservative as he noted America's current military weakness, and sounding the alarm that this condition could cause great turmoil in the world.  However, he knows the New World Order Plan that calls for deliberate weakness that will allow the planned conflicts to occur.  He may be planting the seed of alarm now, that will blossom into full blown panic shortly once the planned conflicts begin.

As Dr. Kurth spoke of the New World Order, also in the current term, I got a great sense that the planned appearance of Antichrist is very, very close.


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